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Marriages 1754 - 1837
St Martin Vintry


The Parish

The parish of St Martin Vintry is located in the south of the City of London, fronting the nearby Thames and opposite Southwark Bridge and the main roads to the south through urban Surrey. Whilst St Martin Vintry is an ancient parish of the city it was not resurrected after the Great Fire of 1666 which destroyed most properties in the area included St Martin's church. Today it is largely a commercial district with offices and business premises vastly outnumbering any residential property in the area. The centre of the parish, formed by the junction of Upper Thames Street and Southwark Bridge stands just 6 metres above the Thames, all surface drainage has been removed underground. Like most London city parishes St Martin Vintry covered no more than a couple of blocks and the parish today is merely part of St Michael Paternoster Royal which lies to its north. Never a heavily populated area it would have supported a population of close to 200 parishioners.

The Church

St Martin Vintry church was so badly damaged from the Great Fire that it was demolished, one of 32 chosen by Sir Christopher Wren's team to not be replaced. The church was originally built in the early 14th century and prospered until the fire of 1666. Today the site is covered by office blacks and business premises with little to mark its former presence. As the church was removed prior to the transcript period it must be assumed the events listed here actually occurred in St Michael Paternoster Royal merely recorded in separate registers.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 18th April 1813 - 1st September 1836 London Metropolitan Archives - Reference - P69/MTN5/A/010/MS05156 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

St James Garlickhithe
St Michael Paternoster Royal
St Michael Paternoster Royal
St James Garlickhithe
All Hallows the Great
Southwark St Saviour, Surrey
Southwark St Saviour, Surrey
Southwark St Saviour, Surrey

1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 18/04/1813 David LOVEGROVE Single   Sarah PATIENCE Single  
2 29/08/1813 Andrew LEWIS Widower   Mary WALKER Single  
3 26/10/1813 John LOCK Single   Jane DAVIES Single  
4 23/06/1814 William SHEPHERD Single   Susannah BYLES Widow  
5 15/09/1814 William George BOWYER Single   Elizabeth Henrietta DAVIS Single  
6 12/10/1814 Benjamin ROGERS Single   Elizabeth BEBB Widow  
7 15/12/1814 John LAWRENCE Widower Burnham, Buckinghamshire Catherine GULLEY Widow  
8 19/12/1814 George HOLLINGBERY Single   Sarah PATTEYMORE Single  
9 27/08/1815 William WALROND Widower   Mary DAVIES Single  
10 04/10/1815 William PRATT Widower West Walton, Norfolk Sarah BEAN Single  
11 05/05/1816 Thomas ATKIN Single   Elizabeth DARBYSHIRE Single St Luke, Middlesex
12 30/06/1816 John REIS Single   Mary Ann DEMPSEY Single  
13 04/07/1816 Thomas REEVES Single   Frances PARKER Single  
14 20/10/1816 Robert PERKINS Widower   Sarah MACKIE Single  
15 20/08/1817 John SCOTT Widower   Ann BOWSER Single Carlisle, Cumberland
16 24/08/1817 John BLACKABY Widower   Charlotte WATSON Single  
17 21/09/1817 George Edward COVERLY Single   Maria Judith FREEMAN Single  
18 21/09/1817 Edward LYNCH Single St Botolph Aldgate Frances Burridge LARHAM Widow  
19 04/12/1817 Francis PARKER Widower   Elizabeth COE Single  
20 17/04/1818 John HAMER Single   Sarah DAW Single  
21 04/05/1818 John HUNT Single   Sarah MACKELLOW Single  
22 10/08/1818 James BRIGGS Widower   Hannah BALLAMY Widow  
23 25/12/1818 Thomas COLE Single   Elizabeth Ann TODMAN Single  
24 13/06/1819 John ARDING Single   Maria KELLY Single  
25 26/09/1819 James EDWARDS Single   Ann SPENCER Single  
26 10/10/1819 Hermann ALBERS Single   Mary PATTEMORE Single  
27 10/10/1819 John HAMILTON Single St Marylebone, Middlesex Jane HOLSTEAD Single  
28 27/11/1819 Henry DAY Widower   Elizabeth Piercy CHAPMAN Widow  
29 07/01/1821 Samuel Marchant BOUVIER Widower   Mary FISHER Single  
30 25/02/1821 Moses BRISTOW Widower   Sarah NORRIS Single  
31 09/07/1821 James Hinchcliffe LUCAS Single   Rebecca OWEN Single  
32 15/08/1821 Alexander Bowen HOPKINS Single   Jane BAKER Single  
33 08/10/1821 William COLLETT Single   Elizabeth LODDER Single  
34 28/10/1821 William SHAW Single   Mary NUNNY Single  
35 25/12/1821 William BONE Single   Ann TODMAN Single  
36 09/02/1822 William BOYD Single Ireland Jane MAGNAY Single  
37 11/08/1822 Daniel KENSEY Single   Martha MOODY Single  
38 18/08/1822 Henry BROWN Single   Mary PRICE Single  
39 25/08/1822 William HITCHCOCK Single   Matilda WAYLETT Single  
40 10/12/1822 Walter Henry WYATT Single   Elizabeth LINLEY Single St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey
41 11/05/1823 William Mitchell BAYLEY Single   Mary FITCH Single  
42 10/07/1823 George Frederick PRESTON Single   Martha Fielde BUNCOMBE Single  
43 10/11/1823 Richard NEWBERRY Widower   Maria DAVIES Single  
44 16/12/1823 John Spry SLEEMAN Single   Maryet REYNOLDS Single  
45 05/06/1824 Henry LEE Widower St George Hanover Sq, Westminster, Middlesex Elizabeth JACKMAN Single  
46 13/06/1824 James FAIRCLOUGH Widower   Mary VELENDER Widow  
47 18/07/1824 Charles YARROW Single   Charlotte Eliza HUTTON Single  
48 02/10/1824 John PROUDFOOT Single   Mary Ann BOWER Single Hackney, Middlesex
49 16/10/1824 Christopher James MAGNAY Single   Caroline FLOWER Single Hendon, Middlesex
50 12/03/1825 William BELBIN Widower Poole, Dorset Elizabeth CHELLIS Widow  
51 15/05/1825 Samuel BALES Single   Mary CLIFTON Single  
52 30/05/1825 James BALL Widower   Jude BITTEN Single  
53 12/06/1825 Joseph AXTELL Single   Fanny LANDALL Single  
54 25/09/1825 Ephraim HEYWOOD Widower   Mille PERRY Single  
55 16/10/1825 Thomas HARWAR Single   Sarah ARUNDELL Single  
56 21/02/1826 Richard CROUCH Widower   Maria SELLERS Widow  
57 14/03/1826 James Dodsley PAWNEY Single Lambeth, Surrey Katherine MARTIN Single  
58 14/09/1826 James SNOOK Single   Mary Ann Eliza HUTTON Single  
59 23/12/1826 John BROWN Single   Mary WHITE Single  
60 14/01/1827 William EVANS Single   Clara MARR Single  
61 01/05/1827 Joseph Henry WARTER Single St Botolph Aldgate Elizabeth GANDELL Single  
62 07/06/1827 Peter TARBUCK Single   Elizabeth LANCE Single  
63 03/12/1827 Edward SIPLESS Single   Ann BICKERTON Single  
64 01/03/1828 Charles Godfrey William SCHUTZE Widower   Louisa MINES Single  
65 23/06/1828 Isaac SUTTON Single   Rebecca MACE Single  
66 18/08/1828 William Webber REYNOLDS Widower   Susan ALLEN Single  
67 18/01/1829 George BOWEN Single   Sarah RANDALL Single  
68 10/03/1829 Charles MANN Single   Elizabeth Mary SHEPPARD Single St Paul, Deptford, Kent
69 26/04/1829 George TALBOTT Single   Margaret SLOMAN Single  
70 31/03/1830 George Frederic ASTON Single St Luke, Middlesex Maria GANDELL Single  
71 31/08/1830 John Thomas SCOTT Single   Louisa NEEDS Single  
72 06/09/1830 John Henry ROPER Single   Elizabeth Ann SADE Single  
73 12/09/1830 Edward BEEVIS Single   Mary Ann MAYNARD Single  
74 27/10/1830 Thomas PLUMMER Single Shoreditch, Middlesex Sarah FISHER Single  
75 12/12/1830 Richard WHITEHEAD Widower   Elizabeth Mary CALVERT Single  
76 03/03/1831 Thomas SEARLE Single   Susan BUXTON Single  
77 24/04/1831 William THOMPSON Single   Sarah CHURCH Single  
78 02/07/1831 Thomas OWEN Single   Mary Ann CHURCH Single  
79 31/08/1831 Thomas HEYWOOD Widower   Mary HADDOCK Widow  
80 03/10/1831 William Blackwell BOWES Widower   Harriot ALWIN Widow  
81 18/12/1831 Joseph RIDOUT Widower   Mary EARLY Widow  
82 05/03/1832 Daniel ADCOCK Single   Bethia Selina SMITH Single  
83 26/04/1832 Robert George Augustus HILLEARY Single West Ham, Essex Ann ARCHER Single  
84 19/06/1832 Benjamin CONIGRAVE Single St Botolph Aldersgate Matilda REEVE Single  
85 30/07/1832 William HART Single   Elizabeth BLACKBURN Single  
86 29/10/1832 John Gould MATTHEWS Widower   Elizabeth SAVAGE Single  
87 06/01/1833 Cornwall FLAMSTEAD Single   Martha JOHNSON Single  
88 21/01/1833 Francis Watson COATES Single St Peter Westcheap Frances Ann TABOR Single  
89 10/02/1833 James RUSSELL Widower   Letitia BACON Widow  
90 10/03/1833 John LANG Widower   Susannah PACY Widow  
91 23/03/1833 Robert BROOKS Single St Luke, Middlesex Hannah PENNY Single  
92 21/04/1833 John WEBBER Single   Rose Ellen MAYNARD Single  
93 28/07/1833 Benjamin CORBET Single   Harriet COLLINS Single  
94 05/08/1833 Thomas MITCHELL Single   Rachel BLACKBURN Single  
95 13/10/1833 William HAMLETT Single   Lucy RICHES Widow  
96 23/02/1834 William Charles FREAKES Single   Mary GROVES Single  
97 08/09/1834 William WORDSWORTH Single   Martha BALDWIN Single  
98 01/10/1834 William PRICE Single   Sarah BAILDON Single  
99 03/11/1834 Robert Sharp HIBBERD Single   Anna Elizabeth BENNETT Single  
100 11/11/1834 Thomas POCKNELL Widower   Ann CARLEY Single St Mary Bothaw
101 08/02/1835 George TALBOT Widower   Sarah LOVELAND Single  
102 15/03/1835 Edward SIPLESS Widower   Maria HARRIS Widow  
103 12/04/1835 Thomas PARR Single   Mary Ann STEVENS Single  
104 28/06/1835 William HERSEY Widower   Elizabeth KNOWLES Single  
105 28/06/1835 John Edward FREAKES Single   Elizabeth MCEVILY Single  
106 06/09/1835 John PARKER Single   Elizabeth BURRELL Single  
107 22/02/1836 John ADCOCK Single   Jane GOODWIN Single  
108 13/05/1836 John DAVIS Single   Mary Ann BONNER Single  
109 13/05/1836 William John HAFFENDEN Single   Margaret SMITH Single  
110 01/09/1836 Richard GARRETT Widower   Mary Anne PARKER Single Bicester, Oxfordshire

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