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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Trostrey St David


The Parish

The parish of Trostrey lies in central Monmouthshire about 2 miles north of the small market town of Usk and on the eastern banks of the River Usk/Afon Wsyg. Trsotrey sits on the B4598 road which connects Usk with Abergavenny. There is very little to Trsotrey, not even a hamlet of any size merely a scatter of farms and cottages on the slopes risinf from the river towards Trostrey Court, a small manor house. The area is primarily an agricultural one, at the time of this transcript pastoral farming would have been the dominant land use but today more arable is creeping in with the use of modern machinery. The Usk drains the parish southwards through Usk, itself, and onwards to reach the Bristol Channel through the port of Newport. Trostrey is sited across a sloping site, the lower portions beside the river are at around 30 metres above the sea whilst Tristrey Court stands at 50 metres. The valley of the usk runs through strongly undulating countryside and locally heights rise to almost 200 metres above the sea on nearby Trostrey Hill. Parishes in the less mountainous portion of Monmouthshire are rather small and Trostrey is no exception, it covered around 1,200 acres and would have supported a population of just under 200 parishioners. Like most of Wales Trostrey is not recorded in Domesday Book which did not cover this area.

The Church

St David's church sits just east of the B4598 on a narrow rising lane leading to Bettws Newydd. The church stands alone amongst fields as that lane crests the immediate climb out of the Usk valley. The church has its origins in the late 14th or early 15th centuries and is designed using the Perpendicular style fashionable at that time. Typically small, as befits the relatively small congregation, it consists of a simple combined nave & chancel topped by a western bellcote. The church uses the local Old Red Sandstone from the Permian geologic period which gives an attractive colour particularly in evening sunshine. The church stands well back from the road with a broad grassy area available for parking. Entrance is through a broad lychgate which grants entrance through the stone walled churchyard. There are virtually no obstructions to photography within.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 8th April 1755 - 9th July 1758 Gwent Archives - Ebbw Vale - Reference - D/PA/116.104 Plain, unruled book, a continuation of the extant composite register in contravention of Hardwicke's segregation & wording requirements Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 12th December 1761 - 20th June 1802 Gwent Archives - Ebbw Vale - Reference - D/PA/116.105 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 20th May 1804 - 29th July 1812 Gwent Archives - Ebbw Vale - Reference - D/PA/116.106 Plain, unruled book, a further composite register in contravention of Hardwicke's segregation & wording requirements Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
4 18th February 1816 - 17th July 1836 Gwent Archives - Ebbw Vale - Reference - D/PA/116.109 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Bettwsnewydd St Aeddan
Bettwsnewydd St Aeddan
Raglan St Cadoc
Kemeys Commander All Saints
Raglan St Cadoc
Usk St Mary
Usk St Mary
Usk St Mary
Usk St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
08/04/1755 Gilbert GRIFFITH     Mary PRITCHARD    
14/08/1756 William JENKINS     Ann MORGAN    
01/06/1757 Thomas MORGAN     Sarah ROSSER    
20/12/1757 Thomas MORGAN     Isable USK    
09/07/1758 Thomas EVANS   Bettwsnewydd Ann JENKINS    
1 12/12/1761 Evan EVANS Single   Joan MORGAN Single  
2 20/02/1762 James MORGAN Single   Sara BEVAN Single  
3 23/02/1762 William WATKINS     Mary GUNTER Single Llangeview
4 04/06/1763 William BALDWIN Single   Jane STEPHENS Single  
5 18/05/1764 William JOHN     Ann ROPER    
6 24/08/1767 William VAUGHAN   Cwmcarvan Mary BALDWYN    
7 20/05/1768 Edward PARRY     Elizabeth JONES    
8 01/12/1770 William MORGAN     Margaret HARRY    
9 26/01/1771 Richard MADDOCKS   Abergavenny Ann MATTHEWS    
13 07/07/1773 Walter MORGAN   Llanarth Mary REECE    
25/09/1775 William JONES   Bettwsnewydd Rachel WILLIAMS    
11 27/01/1777 Joshua JONES   Usk Mary POWELL    
12 10/02/1777 Thomas JONES     Mary WILLIAMS    
13 14/08/1778 John JAMES   Usk Mary WATKINS    
14 13/05/1779 John PHILLIPS   Llanover Elizabeth ARTHUR    
15 11/11/1780 Richard BEVAN Single   Mary ROBERT Single  
16 07/12/1780 Richard BALDWIN Single   Rachel RICHARDS Single  
17 27/05/1781 Thomas ROBERTS Single   Sibilah DAVID Single  
18 04/06/1781 John JONES Single Usk Mary WATKINS Single  
19 14/01/1782 William REECE     Ann HALL    
20 01/06/1782 Edward RUSSELL     Margaret WATKINS    
21 11/07/1782 Walter MORGAN Single Llanarth Mary MATTHEWS Single  
22 18/07/1782 Richard EDMONDS Widower Bettwsnewydd Elizabeth GEORGE Single  
23 21/12/1782 Benjamin PROBYN   Llangattock Nigh Usk Anne DAVIES    
24 25/04/1785 Edward EVANS     Mary EVANS    
25 28/09/1785 William RICHARD Single   Jane POWELL Single  
26 07/12/1786 John ARNOLD Single Tredunnock Elizabeth MORGAN Single  
27 16/05/1788 John PRICHARD Widower   Mary HUGHES Single  
28 30/04/1789 Thomas WILLIAMS Single Usk Rachel REES Single  
29 04/02/1790 William JONES Single   Mary WILLIAMS Single  
30 12/02/1790 Edward POWELL Single   Ann BROAD Single  
31 25/11/1790 Thomas PARROT Single   Mary MORGAN Single Llanbadock
32 27/07/1791 John PHILLIPS     Mary JONES    
33 15/08/1791 Paul MORGAN   Usk Mary ROBERT    
34 26/05/1792 Edward JONES   Llangattock Vibon Avel Luce JENKINS    
35 20/04/1793 John EDWARDS   Llandenny Anne JONES    
35 14/06/1793 Mathew POWEL     Jane PRICHARD    
36 01/06/1795 John JONES Single   Elizabeth LLOYD   Llanover
37 22/05/1796 William HASKEL     Mary VAUGHAN    
38 06/06/1796 Henry DOWLE   Llangoven Letitia WILLIAMS    
39 27/08/1796 Hercules JENKINS Single Usk Mary ARTHUR Single  
13/02/1797 Phillip WILLIAMS   Llangibby Elizabeth ROBERTS    
40 28/12/1797 David THOMAS     Susannah MORGAN    
06/05/1798 James JONES   Llantilio Crossenny Mary PUGH    
25/05/1799 Phillip JENKINS Single   Margaret MORGAN Widow  
15/02/1801 Edward JONES Single   Elizabeth BEAVAN Single  
16/05/1802 Thomas PROSSER Widower Usk Mary WILKINS Widow  
20/06/1802 John THOMAS   Tredunnock Mary WILLIAMS    
20/05/1804 Thomas PRICE   Raglan Mary EVANS    
19/05/1806 William JONES     Ann ROBERTS    
14/05/1807 Philip REECE Single Newport Jane MACNAMARA Single  
23/10/1807 William EDMUNDS Single Abergavenny Jane WILLIAMS Single  
14/05/1808 David DAVIES Single   Margaret STEPHENS Single  
04/06/1808 Thomas JENKINS Single   Ruth DAVIES Single  
11/01/1810 Thomas WILLIAMS Single Raglan Mary PRICE Single  
31/12/1810 James GRIFFITHS Single   Mary JONES Single  
24/01/1811 Isaac PRITCHARD Single Kemeys Commander Maria REES Single  
19/06/1811 William PROSSER Single Raglan Elizabeth SIBBONS Single  
31/08/1811 John MARSH Single   Margaret PHILIPS Single  
30/04/1812 Thomas DAVIES Widower Llanbadock Mary JONES Single  
29/07/1812 James DAVIES Single   Susan LEWIS Single  
1 18/02/1816 Leonard REECE Single   Ann JONES Single Bettwsnewydd
2 02/02/1817 Edward EDWARDS Single   Mary DAVIS Single  
3 27/05/1820 Philip LUFF Single   Anne MORGAN Single  
4 27/05/1820 Thomas HOWELL Single   Ann HARRIES Single  
5 30/12/1820 Thomas JONES Single   Martha JONES Single  
6 10/05/1821 Thomas ARTHUR Single Gloucestershire Anne WILLIAMS Single  
7 13/05/1821 Thomas ADAMS Single Llandenny Anne ADAMS Single  
8 04/05/1823 James JONES Single Usk Elizabeth JONES Widow  
9 21/05/1823 Richard JONES Single   Martha THOMAS Single  
10 12/02/1824 Thomas SPENCER Single Raglan Margaret HARRIS Single  
11 10/08/1824 John PRICE Widower   Rachel JAMES Single  
12 04/04/1825 James DOWLE Single Chepstow Elizabeth PRICHARD Single  
13 05/05/1825 Edward LEWIS Widower Bettwsnewydd Catharine WILLIAMS Single  
14 05/05/1825 Richard CROSS Single   Mary MORGAN Single  
15 15/05/1825 John LLOYD Single   Sarah MORGAN Single Llangattock Lingoed
16 06/06/1825 William EDWARDS Single Llangibby Margaret JONES Single  
17 14/05/1826 William HASCOL Single   Hannah GARDNER Single  
18 21/08/1826 James PRITCHARD Single   Elizabeth JONES Single  
19 07/09/1826 William DEW Single Marstow, Herefordshire Elizabeth HERBERT Single  
20 06/12/1826 Mathias GOFF Single   Pheby WILLIAMS Single  
21 03/03/1830 George NASH     Rachel MORGAN    
22 07/12/1831 John MORGAN Single Usk Mary ARTHUR Single  
23 01/04/1832 Joseph LEWIS Single   Hannah SPENCER Single  
24 07/10/1832 John MEREDITH Single   Elizabeth PRITCHARD Widow  
25 08/05/1833 Thomas THOMAS Single   Margaret PARRY Single  
26 03/07/1833 John Hillisley GLOVER Single Monmouth Alicia Paynter GLADDEN    
27 29/04/1834 William EDWARDS Widower Bettwsnewydd Margaret LEWIS Widow  
28 29/01/1835 Edwin NEW Single Overbury, Worcestershire Susan ARTHUR Single  
29 22/11/1835 Daniel GUNTER Single Llanfoist Margaret WILLIAMS Single  
30 28/12/1835 James HOPKINS Single   Rachel PHILLIPS Single  
31 17/07/1836 John JENKINS Single   Ann EDWARDS Widow  

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