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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Antingham St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Antingham lies in northeastern Norfolk not too far from its North Sea coast. Antingham is a small and compact village lying about 3 miles northwest of the small market town of North Walsham. Antingham sits just east of the A149 road which connects North Walsham with the seaside resort of Cromer. Most of Antingham sits between the A149 and the rail line which connects Sheringham to the city of Norwich. The economy of Antingham, both at the time of this transcript and today, is dominated by arable farming. Antingham is drained by the headwaters of the River Ant, one of the Norfolk Broads major rivers, it drains initially southeast to join the Bure near Horning and eventually reach the North Sea through the port of Great Yarmouth. Antingham is sited at around 40 metres above the sea, the land hereabouts being fairly gently undulating between 25 & 50 metres above the sea. Antingham parish was of a fairly typical size for one in Norfolk's Broadland, its covered around 1,500 acres and would have supported a population of just under 300 parishioners. In Domesday times Antingham was shared between one Roger Bigot and St Benet's Abbey, the parish was able to offer 18 ploughs, small meadows & woodland and an impressive 4 mills.

The Church

St Mary's church sits almost alongside the busy A149 road but adequately hedge from it to reduce noise. The church shows an unusual continuity of build have been largely erected in the mid 14th century. The windows show a majority in the Decorated style with reticulated tracery characteristic of that period albeit the belfry windows on the western tower are just across the fashion transition into Perpendicular style. The church received a major restoration in 1864 which added the northern porch. Church Lane on which the building sits is now cut by the modern A149 but is a quiet dead-end lane as a result. St Mary's sits in a right-angled bend of that lane behind tall hedges with a metal gateway granting access to the churchyard. The churchyard is fairly open with few impediments to photography. To the south of St Mary may also be seen the remains of another church within the same churchyard, St Margaret being now in ruins.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 7th May 1755 - 13th July 1812 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/267/2 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads This register was borderline being graded to 3 due to bleedthrough but all entries were readable with care
2 12th May 1813 - 8th May 1837 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/267/3 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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Felmingham St Andrew
North Walsham St Nicholas

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 07/05/1755 Thomas POWELL Single   Alice EARL Single  
2 20/10/1756 Thomas MARIS Single   Ann CHARITY Single  
13/07/1757 Robert THURSTON Widower   Susanna NICHOLS    
19/07/1757 Samuel BACON Single   Susannah DIBEL Single  
13/10/1758 William GOLDEN Single Suffield Elizabeth HUBBARD Single  
27/11/1758 John PELLS Widower   Lydia MYALL Single  
19/10/1761 Henry THURROLD Single   Sarah GAZE    
08/02/1762 Samuel PRATT Single   Anne COLE    
26/09/1762 William OLLEY Single   Mary SALMON Single  
27/12/1762 Robert HEWITT Widower North Walsham Deborah SMITH Widow  
30/05/1763 John THOMPSON Widower   Martha IVORY Single  
14/11/1763 William HOWLET Single   Sarah PYE    
28/11/1763 John SHARPIN Single   Elizabeth PRATT Widow  
02/02/1764 Richard HOWLET Single   Elizabeth BACON Single  
11/10/1767 Samuel HELSDON Single   Ann GAZE Single  
19/06/1768 John CALLOW Single Felmingham Ann SAUL Single  
10/10/1768 John HAGGON Single Knapton Martha HOWARD Single  
06/04/1769 Thomas THORNTON Single Felmingham Martha TWIGG Single  
05/10/1769 Cubitt GRAY Single Southrepps Sarah BULLEN Single  
17/04/1770 James HELSDEN Single Suffield Sarah SAUL Single  
18/06/1770 William DYBAL Single   Elizabeth ENGLAND Widow Neatishead
24/12/1770 John TEMPLE Single   Ann CORK Single  
20/08/1771 William SECKER Single   Hannah SKIBENS Single  
10/10/1771 John STEWARD Single   Mary DYBAL Single  
05/11/1771 Bozoon Brigge STOKES Single Suffield Margaret SALMON Single  
09/11/1772 John GAZE Single   Sarah THEODORIC Single  
07/12/1772 John CORKE Single   Joice HARPER Single  
13/02/1774 Samuel MANN Single Oxnead Mary GAZE Single  
12/04/1774 Robert HOWLETT Single Bradfield Ann SHEPHERD Single  
11/06/1776 William RICHES Single   Sarah ELLIS Single  
18/07/1776 John COCK Single Suffield Mary THOMPSON Single  
10/03/1777 James COCK Widower   Elizabeth GREENACRE Widow  
11/10/1779 William THOMPSON Single East Ruston Frances GAZE Single  
03/07/1780 Robert THOMPSON Single Southrepps Elizabeth DOUGHTY Single  
04/03/1782 Jacob DUNTON Single St Lawrence, Norwich Elizabeth DYBAL Single  
26/12/1782 Daniel CULLEY Single   Elizabeth CROGGETT Single  
26/07/1783 Daniel BROWNE Single Coltishall Mary RUDDERHAM Single  
30/01/1784 Robert DYBAL Single North Walsham Elizabeth THOMPSON Single  
13/12/1784 Timothy BECK Widower   Elizabeth COCK Single  
23/03/1785 Richard BULLOCK Widower   Elizabeth RICE Single  
13/04/1785 Thomas DIX Single   Mary HOWLETT Widow  
03/03/1786 Charles LE NEVE Single Bradfield Ann OLLEY Single  
17/01/1787 William OLLEY Single   Elizabeth LE NEVE Single  
19/01/1787 Joseph CHURCH Single   Sarah JOPPSONS Single  
23/10/1787 Robert BAILEY Single   Margaret PESTIL Single  
21/02/1788 Simon GOOSE Widower   Ann CLAXON Single  
04/07/1788 Thomas SPARKE Single Eriswell, Suffolk Hannah MILLER Single  
27/07/1789 John HORNER Single   Ann HELSDEN Single  
11/11/1789 Nathaniel RICHES Single   Ann COLE Single  
02/08/1790 William PRATT Single   Elizabeth HELSDEN Single  
11/10/1790 James BAILEY Single   Judith BROOKS Single  
25/10/1790 William COLE Single   Margaret STAMP Single  
30/10/1790 William MASON Single North Walsham Ann MARIS Single  
15/08/1791 James CULLEY Single   Susannah COPEMAN Single  
02/11/1791 Samuel PRATT Single   Phillis SLAP Single  
21/02/1792 Thomas CADDY Widower Horsham St Faiths Mary DADE Single  
10/05/1792 Benjamin CULLEY Single Bradfield Sarah HELSDEN Single  
13/08/1792 John PRATT Single   Susanna COCK Single  
01/12/1793 Thomas BAYFIELD Single All Saints, Kings Lynn Mary BOND Single  
28/04/1795 James HELSDEN Single Bradfield Hannah HELSDEN Single  
09/06/1795 William HARRISON Single Sidestrand Elizabeth HELSDEN Single  
19/10/1795 John THURSTON Single   Sarah SPINK Single  
22/07/1796 Phillip POOLEY Widower Happisburgh Ann BIRD Single  
04/08/1796 Anthoney STRANSHAM Single Gillingham, Kent Mary BIDWELL Single  
07/08/1796 William GANHAM Widower   Ann LARK Single  
06/04/1797 John BROOKE Widower   Ann HURRY Single  
05/11/1798 William SPEARING Single   Mary MASH Single  
04/06/1800 William MILLER Single   Ann HUNTER Single  
30/01/1801 Richard TEMPLE Single   Margaret AMOSS Single  
29/03/1801 William DYBAL Single Buxton Sarah MASON Single  
15/06/1801 Peter BULLOCK Single Suffield Mary THORNTON Single  
12/10/1801 John SEXTON Single   Mary CUBITT Single  
09/03/1802 John TEMPLE Widower   Elizabeth SPARING Widow  
18/05/1803 Matthew DIX Single   Martha THORNTON Single  
16/08/1803 William CHILDS Single   Ann MASON Single  
14/01/1804 Philip PERKINS Single Northrepps Frances MASON Single  
26/06/1804 Robert MOWER     Catharine BANE Single  
30/09/1805 William MILLER Widower   Mary HUNTER   St Augustine, Norwich
03/11/1805 William MARSH Single   Elizabeth RICHES Single  
04/11/1805 Thomas STEWART Single   Sarah HUDSON Single  
06/04/1807 Thomas PULL Single Suffield Hannah BULLEMORE Single  
24/11/1807 John SHARPEN Widower   Anne PRAT Widow  
16/12/1807 William MIALS Single   Anne SPARING Single  
08/03/1808 Benjamin HELSDON Single Hanworth Elizabeth DOUGHTY Single  
25/07/1808 Thomas THORNTON Single   Mary Ann BOND Single  
27/02/1809 George EDWARDS Single   Hannah DUFFEL Single  
19/08/1809 Richard NEWMAN Single Gunton Jemima PRATT Single  
31/10/1809 John GOOSE Single   Mary HUNN Single  
13/07/1812 Robert WILSON Single   Mary HELSDON Single  
1 12/05/1813 Matthew BULLAMORE Single Paston Anne WISEMAN Single  
2 21/07/1813 Robert SANDLE Single   Hannah EDWARDS Widow  
3 12/10/1813 George WILLER Single North Walsham Martha SYDLE Single  
4 06/01/1814 John BARNES Single   Sarah EDWARDS Single  
5 31/05/1815 John MAYS Widower   Anne GOOSE Widow  
6 25/09/1815 Robert WILMERSON Single   Mary BIRD Single  
7 10/06/1816 Robert NORTHGATE Single   Elizabeth SANDELL Single  
8 01/10/1816 Thomas BULLIMORE Single   Sarah KERRISON Single  
9 11/11/1816 Joseph RICE Single   Mary LONG Single  
10 24/12/1816 Benjamin PRATT Single   Mary HARMER Single  
11 13/10/1817 Philip CRANEFIELD Single   Mary HEWITT Single  
12 03/11/1817 Jonas WALPOLE Widower   Elizabeth OLLEY Widow  
13 03/12/1817 Charles LE NEVE Single   Mary LE NEVE Single North Walsham
14 15/04/1818 James LARNER Single Bradfield Elizabeth HELSDON Single  
15 30/07/1818 Charles LE NEVE Single Suffield Ann SUTTON Single  
16 13/01/1819 Corbey CRANEFIELD Widower   Mary BAYFIELD Single  
17 26/07/1819 John STEWARD Widower   Mary SUMMONS Widow  
18 15/10/1819 John BELL Single   Elizabeth DURRANT Single  
19 26/06/1821 Robert COLE Single   Mary GURNHAM Single  
20 10/10/1821 Henry DUNN Widower Great Yarmouth Phillis WHITWOOD Single  
21 11/10/1821 John TUDMAN Single   Maria LACEY Single  
22 12/11/1821 Nathaniel SEAGO Single   Sarah MYALS Single  
23 04/12/1821 Edward WHITWOOD Single   Elizabeth SPEARING Single  
24 07/01/1822 Samuel PRATT Single   Sarah CLARK Single  
25 20/02/1822 Samuel PRICK Single   Susan PARISH Single  
26 14/10/1822 James BROOKS Single   Mary Ann TREADGIL Single  
27 29/12/1822 Thomas GOOSE Widower   Hannah WHITWOOD Single  
28 29/09/1823 Abraham COLEMAN   St Lawrence, Norwich Ellen CROW Single  
29 28/06/1824 John ROBERTS Single   Mary SUMMERS Single  
30 04/05/1825 Jesse YOUNGMAN Single   Maria CRANEFIELD Single  
31 16/11/1826 William MYHILLS Widower   Martha BULLEN Widow  
32 03/10/1828 John KEMP Single Colby Susan HEWITT Single  
33 10/10/1828 James WATTS Single   Judith BAILEY Single  
34 14/10/1828 James CHILDS Single   Elizabeth BUGDEN Single  
35 28/10/1828 George DANNIELS Single   Mary CUBIT Single  
36 28/10/1828 Robert MASH Single   Elizabeth RANSOM Single  
37 20/01/1829 Thomas PLUMBLY Single Gimingham Harriet HELSDON Single  
38 26/05/1829 Thomas WILKINS Single   Sarah SCOTTOW Single  
39 27/05/1829 John DRIVER Widower   Jane GRAY Widow  
40 14/10/1829 Charles CHILDS Single   Sarah BROWN Widow  
41 02/11/1829 John WHITWOOD Single   Mary RICE Widow  
42 09/11/1829 Francis SANDLE Single   Mary SUMMERS Single  
43 11/05/1830 James THURSTON Single   Elizabeth WATSON Single  
44 17/01/1831 Henry MODE Single Thursford Mary Anna REYNOLDS Single  
45 31/10/1831 Mathew DICKS Single   Elizabeth FLOWERDAY Single  
46 08/02/1832 Thomas HALL   North Walsham Hannah THORNTON    
47 06/03/1832 William SEXTON   Knapton Sarah REYNOLDS    
48 17/05/1832 Jonathan OVERTON   Suffield Betsy HEWITT    
49 02/07/1832 James DANIELS   Suffield Elizabeth CHILDS    
50 28/01/1833 David Richard FROSTICK   Ingworth Maria SENDALL    
51 11/12/1834 William BARTRAM   Narborough Sarah CARTER    
52 11/12/1834 Simon GOOSE Single   Clara FLAXMAN Single  
53 21/04/1835 Robert SILVER Single Knapton Betsy FARROW Single  
54 24/04/1835 James PRESTON Single   Marianne HARBORD Single  
55 01/05/1835 Samuel BELL Single   Phoebe GRAY Single Southrepps
56 09/11/1835 Henry THURSTON Single   Marianne HALL Single Bradfield
57 18/06/1836 James DYBALL Single   Eliza Anne DYBALL Single Felbrigg
58 01/10/1836 John CUTTING Single   Marianne RANDALL Single  
59 08/05/1837 Thomas PULL Widower   Judith BROOKS Single  

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