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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Barford St Botolph


The Parish

The parish of Barford lies in central Norfolk about 4 miles north of the market town of Wymondham and 8 west of the city of Norwich. Barford is a small and fairly compact village sitting on and north of the B1108 which connects Norwich with Watton. Barford maintains a small presence on the B1105 with properties and businesses lining that route but most are sited on the parallel lane a quarter mile to its north. The area would have been largely agricultural at the time of this transcript with arable farming of cereals dominating, little has changed since those times. Barford sits on a low ridge above the River Yare which drains the parish eastwards to reach the North Sea through the port of Great Yarmouth. Barford is sited at around 20 metres above the sea and the land is gently undulating to about a further 20 metres higher within a few miles of the village. Barford parish was typically small as are many in Norfolk, it covered just over 1,000 acres and would have supported a population of around 400 parishioners. IN Domesday times Barford was shared 3 ways, the majority in the hands of Count Alan of Brittany with lesser portions with Ralph of Beaufour and St Benet's Abbey. The parish could offer an impressive 25 ploughs as well as small meadows and woodlands and had 4 mills with a half share in a fifth, a wealthy place indeed in those times.

The Church

St Botolph's church sits at the far northwestern edge of Barford almost a half mile from the main group of properties. The church follows the standard design of nave & chancel with a western tower. In this case it is the chancel which is the elder, Pevsner notes the lancet windows of the Early English Gothic style and places it in the 13th century. The remainder of the church is in the typical Norfolk style of the Perpendicular and, helped by documentary sources, Pevsner places that to the later 14th century. Like many churches there were Victorian restorations which largely replaced the roof and refreshed the fenestration. The church is sited just west of the lane leading to Colton and is accessed by a short spur running to the main entrance, a local flint wall surrounds the churchyard and metal gates grant access. The churchyard is fairly open with few impediments to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 7th May 1754 - 19th August 1812 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/448/4 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 26th October 1813 - 11th January 1837 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/448/5 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Barnham Broom St Peter & St Paul
Colton St Andrew
Marlingford Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Barnham Broom St Peter & St Paul
Marlingford Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Great Melton St Mary & All Saints
Carleton Forehoe St Mary
Wramplingham St Peter & St Paul
Wramplingham St Peter & St Paul

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 07/05/1754 Thomas DAVY Single   Mary COLMAN Single  
2 28/01/1755 John COGGLE Single   Mary FOX Single  
3 05/12/1755 Philip BEALS Single   Sarah RUMBAL Single  
4 07/12/1756 Thomas COLLINGHAM Widower   Alice RUD Single  
5 18/04/1757 Jonathan BOULT Widower   Anne BUNN Single  
6 09/05/1757 William SMITH Widower   Mary PARISH Single  
7 11/10/1757 William WOODS Widower   Elizabeth CARR    
8 11/10/1757 William PEASE Single Great Melton Mary ROPER Single  
9 12/12/1759 Henry HOBBARD Single Great Melton Anne BARKER Single  
10 06/01/1761 James TOMSON Single   Lydia MOUSE Single  
11 30/03/1761 Richard HOWSE Widower   Sarah CODMAN Single Wramplingham
12 06/06/1761 William SKELT Widower   Margaret TARRINGTON Widow  
12 03/08/1761 Simon TUFFE Widower   Anne WADE Widow  
13 21/12/1761 Joshua HAILS   Marlingford Mary HILLING    
14 03/01/1763 James SEAMONDS Single   Mary PEY Single  
15 17/10/1763 William COB Single Marlingford Mary SEMONDS Single  
16 02/01/1764 Daniel MARTIN Single   Susanna HOUCHIN Single  
17 05/03/1764 Robert LOFTY Single Hethersett Mary WRIGHT Single  
18 20/05/1764 Henry SMITH Single   Anne HEYHOE Single  
19 12/08/1765 Thomas SIMONDS Single   Martha DRAKE Single  
20 07/10/1765 George ELNOR Single   Elizabeth SKIPPER Widow  
21 12/10/1765 William BULLARD Single   Hanna BRIDGE Single  
22 17/10/1765 Clement HAMBLETON Single   Mary LEE Single  
23 25/11/1765 Thomas FOX Single Great Melton Mary FISH Single  
24 04/02/1766 Richard HARLEY Single Barnham Broom Mary ALLEN Single  
25 10/02/1766 John ATMORE Single Kimberley Sarah HOLDISH Single  
26 29/09/1766 Samuel COCK Single Coston Anne DUFFIELD Single  
27 16/06/1767 Robert WHISSON Single Wramplingham Elizabeth FISH Single  
28 11/10/1768 Robert BAXTER Single   Ann DAVY Single  
29 11/10/1768 John ENGLISH Single Shouldham Lydia MACHON Single  
30 16/02/1769 William SECKER Single Tivetshall St Margaret Susanna STAGG Single  
31 11/12/1769 Charles CARR Single   Elizabeth REEVE Single  
32 22/02/1770 John KNOT Widower   Mary DAVY Single  
33 03/09/1770 John COLMAN Single   Elizabeth BOND Single Barnham Broom
34 11/10/1770 Henry MEERS Single Wicklewood Alice CLARK Single  
35 23/10/1770 Edward VINCE Single   Mary MORRIS Single  
36 12/11/1770 James CHAPMAN Single   Elizabeth CURL Single  
37 17/05/1771 Philip BAILS Widower   Susanna HARVEY Single  
38 10/06/1771 Henry BIDLE Single   Elizabeth LIGHTWING Single  
39 02/07/1771 Samuel BASS Widower   Elizabeth ELNER Widow  
40 21/08/1772 David SEDNEY Single   Mary COOTE Single  
41 13/04/1773 Thomas JACKSON Single St Andrew, Norwich Mary SMITH Single  
42 03/10/1773 John GOODWIN Single   Elizabeth DRAKE Single  
43 24/05/1774 Henry EULES Single Marlingford Sarah FISH Single  
44 04/08/1775 Jonathan LOVETT Single Wramplingham Mary YALLOP Single  
45 05/10/1779 John WATSON Single   Elizabeth DARLEY Single  
46 25/11/1779 William RICHARDSON Widower   Phebe SLIGHT Single  
47 26/07/1781 John LIDDELOW Single   Mary TILLETT Single  
48 29/10/1781 John JOHNSON Single   Mary WATSON Single  
49 03/11/1782 Jeremiah FORSTER Single   Tabitha TOMPSON Single  
50 25/10/1786 Charles BALLMAN Single   Sarah BRITTON Single  
51 22/01/1787 Peter ARCHER Single   Tamison FISHER Single  
52 25/09/1787 James CHAPMAN Widower   Sarah PARKINS Widow  
53 08/01/1788 Robert Tuddenham SMITHSON Single   Elizabeth HORSTEAD Single  
54 24/04/1788 John DREWELL Single   Sarah WEST Single  
55 14/07/1788 Thomas HAMBLETON Single   Elizabeth COPEMAN Single  
56 10/11/1788 Neave BULLYTOFT Widower   Elizabeth SIMONS Single  
57 18/11/1790 John WILBEY Widower   Mary SNELLING Single  
58 10/10/1792 James HURRELL Widower   Mary FAULKS Single  
59 22/10/1792 William SLIGHT Single   Sarah HOSTED Single  
60 14/09/1793 Robert BAXTER Single   Ann LITTLEPROUD Single Southrepps
61 31/07/1794 Samuel NASH Single Hempstead By Holt Amy NASH Single  
62 06/09/1796 Robert SMITHSON Widower   Mary CLEMENTS Single  
63 18/10/1796 Robert COPLANE Single   Charlotte FISHER Single  
64 22/11/1796 Isaac JOHNSON Single Blakeney Elizabeth SLIPPER Single  
65 27/12/1796 Charles GRAND Single Honingham Elizabeth BOWLES Single  
66 26/09/1797 Edward STAFF Single   Sarah SMITHSON Single  
67 26/09/1797 Jeremiah CARR Single Wymondham Mary LEEDER Single  
68 10/10/1797 James COLEMAN Single   Sarah NEEVE Single  
69 06/11/1797 Joseph CHAPMAN Single   Amelia BENNET Single  
70 25/12/1797 Thomas HARVEY Single Honingham Diana CLAXTON Single  
71 26/12/1797 William RIX Single   Mary COLEMAN Single  
72 15/01/1798 Thomas HOSTED Widower   Sarah NORTON Single  
73 03/07/1798 William BARNSDALE Widower Hindolveston Ann HARLEY Single  
74 25/12/1798 Thomas GARLAND Single   Charlotte LOVET Single  
75 09/10/1800 William FARROW Single Wramplingham Sophia BURTON Single  
76 22/10/1801 Spooner NASH Single   Ann NASH Single  
77 02/11/1801 Robert HARVEY Single   Maria LEEDER Single  
78 11/10/1802 Thomas JOHNSON Single   Sarah MACE Single  
79 19/10/1802 William BALES Single   Mary PHOENIX Single  
80 01/11/1802 William SMITH Single   Elizabeth KITSON Single  
81 02/04/1804 John SMITHSON Single   Hannah BUNN Single Great Melton
82 23/04/1804 William BETTS Single   Hannah BAXTER Single  
83 15/01/1805 Moses GOODINGS Single   Elizabeth CURSONS Single  
84 24/10/1805 William HILLING Single   Mary SKIPPER Single  
85 28/05/1806 Peter Neal FOREMAN Single Wramplingham Elizabeth Mary WRIGHT Single  
86 29/09/1807 Robert Tuddenham SMITHSON Widower   Hannah LEPRED Single  
87 03/12/1807 Robert GAILEY Single   Susanna CLARKE Single  
88 18/09/1809 Isaac BRISTER Widower   Mary READ Single  
88 31/10/1809 Samuel MOOR Single   Sarah JONES Single  
89 16/11/1809 Isaac BURROWS Single   Elizabeth BROWN Single  
90 01/01/1810 William SHEARING Single Reymerston Hannah SHINKFIELD Single  
91 15/03/1810 John AGUS Single   Elizabeth LING Single  
92 03/11/1811 Robert NEECH Single Beccles, Suffolk Hester HINSBY Single  
93 09/01/1812 Noah CRISP Single   Rhoda CLEMENTS Single Great Melton
94 20/01/1812 Daniel MIDDLETON Single   Sarah WARNS Widow  
95 19/08/1812 Thomas SLIGHT Single   Elizabeth CLAXTON Single  
1 26/10/1813 John WENN     Mary MELTON    
2 12/12/1813 Samuel DENNY Single Barnham Broom Elizabeth HORSTED Single  
3 28/01/1814 Nathaniel PLUMTON Single   Hannah WOUR Single  
4 20/11/1815 John GOOCH   Swainsthorpe Ann HINSBEY Single  
5 21/11/1816 Richard CLARKE Single Aldborough Emma NASH Single  
6 23/01/1817 Francis MELTON Single   Elizabeth WILLEY    
7 06/05/1817 Samuel LIGHTON Single   Sarah ROSE Single  
8 08/05/1817 Henry MELTON Single   Maria CHAPMAN Single  
9 14/09/1818 Bennett CULLUM Single   Sophia ROSE Single  
10 15/09/1818 Jonathan WHISSON Single Colton Elizabeth LOFTY Single  
11 21/09/1818 John SHIPP Single Barnham Broom Eliza SLIGHT Single  
12 10/11/1818 Peter NOLLEY Widower   Sarah LAND Single  
13 16/12/1818 John Petchell NORTON Single   Maria WEBB Single  
14 22/12/1818 John MELTON Single   Kezia VINCENT Single Colton
15 29/04/1819 William NORTON Single Holt Prisca NOBLE Single  
16 12/10/1819 John CHILDS Single Carleton Forehoe Sarah SIBBET Single  
17 26/01/1820 Robert LEE Single Colton Sophia SLIGHT Single  
18 09/11/1820 John NORTON Single   Ann VINCENT Single  
19 17/01/1821 Cullum Dade LEEDER Single Marlingford Mary Ann MEEK Single  
20 25/01/1821 William MURRELL     Letitia GIRDLESTONE    
21 16/04/1821 Daniel BROOKS Single   Martha NICKLES Single  
22 29/07/1821 William WILBY Single   Elizabeth LABAN Single  
23 06/05/1822 John NORTON Single Colton Maria SPALDING Single  
24 14/10/1822 John CUTBIRD Single   Mary ALDERTON Single  
25 21/01/1823 Isaac JOHNSON Single   Sarah CLAXTON Single  
26 03/03/1823 James REEVE Single   Elizabeth DURRANT Single  
27 06/05/1823 Charles GOLDSMITH Single   Sarah FISK Single  
28 03/06/1823 James MELTON Single   Elizabeth BENNETT Single  
29 13/10/1823 Thomas WALKER Single   Judith BAYFIELD Single  
30 26/10/1824 John FOX Single   Sarah BARTRAM Widow  
31 09/11/1824 Daniel BILHAM Single   Hannah BOWDEN Single  
32 04/02/1825 Henry MURRELL Single   Sarah GIRDLESTONE Single  
33 07/02/1825 Robert HARRISON Single   Elizabeth WEBB Single  
34 17/10/1825 John HILLEN Single   Dinah STAFF Single  
35 09/01/1826 Samuel BRANFORD Single   Hannah BAXTER Single  
36 24/01/1826 John BAXTER Single   Sophia FOX Single  
37 07/08/1826 Richard WEBB Single   Hannah LIGHTON Single  
38 21/08/1826 Stephen MEARS Single   Bridgett PORRETT Single  
39 12/11/1826 Edward RUDLEDGE Single   Elizabeth HURRELL Single  
40 31/05/1827 Henry BROWNE Single Costessey Mary ARCHER Single  
41 19/08/1827 Robert HARDIMENT Single   Mary SMITH Single  
42 07/01/1828 William SMITHSON Single   Catherine MCGULLUCUDDY Single  
43 03/04/1828 William HURRELL Single   Elizabeth BALES Single  
44 06/10/1828 John SMITHSON Widower   Sarah HARVEY Single  
45 14/10/1828 John CLAXTON Single   Lydda BAXTER Single  
46 14/10/1828 John BOWDEN Single   Mary Anne SPENCER Single  
47 30/10/1828 Richardson TAYLOR Single   Letitia MELTON Single  
48 25/11/1828 John LARWOOD Single   Sarah JOHNSON Widow  
49 04/12/1828 John FOX Widower   Elizabeth LASKEY Single  
50 31/03/1829 Samuel ROSE Widower   Elizabeth KING   Wymondham
51 08/11/1829 John HURRELL Single   Pleasance HARVEY Single  
52 21/02/1830 George HARVEY Single   Isabella WARNER Single  
53 08/06/1830 Matthew HOLLEY Single Honingham Hannah GUNTON Single  
54 20/02/1831 Wright TOMPSON Single   Hannah CUDBELL Single  
55 21/03/1831 Thomas QUANTRELL Single   Sarah PHILIPS Single  
56 26/07/1831 William JACKSON Single Welborne Elizabeth PHILIPS Single  
57 06/10/1831 William STAFF Single   Anne STIBBARD Single  
58 11/03/1832 Isaac CARR Single   Mary FOX Single  
59 28/05/1832 Charles CLYTHERO Single   Sarah SLIGHT Widow  
60 12/12/1832 Thomas FOX Single   Susan HARVEY Single  
61 09/04/1833 Robert FOX Single   Sarah CARR Single  
62 22/05/1833 Robert BALES Single   Mary STAFF Single  
63 02/07/1833 David BANHAM Single   Susan CHAPMAN Single  
64 17/09/1833 Joseph FISHER Single Wramplingham Elizabeth BURTON Single  
65 29/10/1833 John DICKERSON Single   Mary Ann PARSONS Single  
66 09/02/1834 Zacheriah BOWDEN Single   Sarah BISHOP Single  
67 23/02/1834 James BUSHEL Single   Rachel BOWDEN Single  
68 23/04/1835 James BARKER Single   Charlotte RAY Single  
69 12/11/1835 John LASKEY Single   Hannah FOX Single  
70 26/11/1835 John GIRDLESTONE Single   Mary PALLENT Single  
71 20/04/1836 John DALE Widower   Charlotte BENNETT Single  
72 12/05/1836 John PALLANT Single   Hannah BRENTFORD Widow  
73 06/10/1836 John CARR Single   Eliza PILCH Single  
74 17/11/1836 William BLYTH Single   Mary KETTLE Single  
75 11/01/1837 Henry CRISP Single   Susan BALLEY   Wramplingham

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