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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Bedingham St Andrew


The Parish

The parish of Bedingham lies in southeastern Norfolk quite close to its border with neighbouring Suffolk. Bedingham is located about 4 miles northwest of the Suffolk market town of Bungay. There is very little to modern day Bedingham, a mere hamlet and a scatter of farms and cottages with no defined village at all. Bedingham is sited about a mile west of the B1332 road which connects Bungay through Brooke & Poringland to Norwich. The area, today, is intensively arable in nature and whilst the crops may have changed little has changed since the time of this transcript. Bedingham is drained by the Broome Beck which heads eastwards to join the Waveney between Bungay and Beccles and thence to the North Sea through the port of Great Yarmouth. Bedingham is sited at around 30 metres above the sea in a largely flat or gently rolling plain with local heights reaching only 10 metres higher. Bedingham parish was typically sized for Norfolk, covering just over 1,300 acres it would have supported a population of around 300 parishioners. In Domesday times Bedingham was held directly by King William with a smaller portion held by Roger Bigot, collectively the parish could offer 16 ploughs as well as meadows and woodland dotted with the recorded farm livestock.

The Church

St Andrew's church is physically closer to Woodton than to the notional centre of Bedingham, it sits on the northern side of Church Lane which runs from the B1332 towards Topcroft. St Andrew is quite an early church for Norfolk, Pevsner believes it was commenced as a Norman-style cruciform church albeit that form was amended to that showing today. The basal portion of the tower, round as characterised by its date, together with the priest's and northern aisle doorways are dated to the 12th century. Much else is from the 13th century when the church was probably remodeled, aisles were added to the nave and the chancel rebuilt from this period. Later and Perpendicular in style the octagonal top to the tower together with the clerestory were added in the 15th century. A late 19th century restoration was relatively sensitive but all of the roofs were replaced at that time. The church sits back from its lane fronted by a neatly mown verge and clipped hedges, a set of wooden gates leads to the churchyard which is roughly oblong; the placing of the church in the northeastern corner does somewhat restrict the angles available for photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 5th July 1754 - 16th November 1812 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/443/7 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 28th November 1814 - 4th November 1836 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/443/8 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Woodton All Saints
Woodton All Saints
Woodton All Saints
Topcroft St Margaret
Hedenham St Peter
Denton St Mary the Virgin
Denton St Mary the Virgin
Earsham All Saints
Earsham All Saints

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 05/07/1754 William BETTS Single Woodton Sarah FROST Single  
2 28/10/1754 Alexander REVELL Single   Susanna BANHAM Single  
3 10/12/1754 Thomas SEAGAR Single Earsham Frances EDWARDS Single  
4 13/01/1755 Robert REVELL Single   Martha CARSEY Single  
5 04/03/1755 John BANHAM Single Wacton Diana BANHAM Single  
6 20/05/1755 Robert FULLER Single   Mary WHYETT Single  
7 27/04/1756 Richard PALMER Single   Ann ROBERTS Single  
8 03/05/1756 Thomas MORRIS Single   Rachel WOOLLSTONE Single  
9 21/09/1756 Robert LORD Widower Woodton Margaret HOWLET Widow  
10 27/12/1756 John WOOLSTON Single   Sarah FRESTONE Single  
11 31/05/1757 John WRIGHT   Wramplingham Mary STANLY    
12 21/09/1758 John BALDWIN Single   Sarah DIVER Single Seething
13 25/06/1759 Isaac STRAINGE Single Woodton Susanna CARR Single  
14 11/11/1759 Henry LEGOOD Single   Mary ANDREWS Single  
15 28/01/1760 Benjamin HUNT Single Woodton Sarah BETTS Widow  
16 10/10/1760 William PUNCHER Single   Mary WRIGHT Single  
17 02/11/1761 Thomas DANFORD Single   Elizabeth WILLOUGHBY Single  
18 03/11/1761 Robert CARVER Single   Amey FARHEAD Single  
19 08/02/1762 Philip PALMER Single   Susan JOHNSON Single  
20 08/11/1762 Thomas CHIPPERFIELD Single   Elizabeth WOOLSTONE Single  
21 21/05/1763 John CUNNINGHAM Single   Mary PALMER Single  
22 15/11/1763 Samuel READ Single   Elizabeth FROST Single  
23 22/11/1763 Richard LYDDIMAN Widower   Mary GATES Single  
24 07/01/1765 Robert DAINS Single Broome Sarah PALMER Single  
25 15/09/1765 John NOBBS Single   Elizabeth KING Single  
26 14/10/1766 Charles CROWE Single   Mary WILLOUGHBY Single  
27 18/10/1766 William LARKE Single Toft Monks Elizabeth FENN Single  
28 25/03/1767 John GERVASS Single   Mary THIRSTON Single  
29 25/04/1768 Thomas DOWNING Single   Elizabeth PARSONS Single  
28 26/04/1768 Samuel RIX Single   Sarah ANDREWS Single  
29 24/09/1768 John RENDLESOME Single St Peter South Elmham, Suffolk Mary MEADOWS Single  
30 28/03/1769 John BUTTON Single Gisleham, Suffolk Mary ARMSBY Single  
31 17/07/1769 John LACEY Single   Tabitha RIX Single  
32 27/07/1769 John YOUNGMAN Widower Hedenham Mary ARMSBY Widow  
33 07/11/1769 Amos RACKHAM Single   Susan PALMER Single  
34 27/11/1769 Robert LORD Single Woodton Sarah BULLEN Single  
35 16/07/1770 James BULLEN Single   Elizabeth PAGE Single  
36 18/12/1770 Robert THROWER Single   Elizabeth SALMON Single  
37 05/04/1774 William DAY   Earsham Elizabeth PALMER    
38 17/11/1774 Robert LARTER Single Bracon Ash Susan COOK Single  
39 21/02/1775 Edward REEVE Single Yelverton Susannah BULLEN Single  
40 23/05/1775 John ROBERTS Single   Elizabeth SAYER Single  
41 11/10/1775 Joseph FOULGER Single   Mary BARBER Single  
42 20/08/1776 John QUANTRAM Single   Elisabeth PEASE Single  
43 29/10/1776 Benjamin BLOMFIELD Single   Elisabeth WALKER Single  
44 07/10/1777 William WILLIAMS Single   Elisabeth BROWN Single  
45 09/06/1778 Philip GIRLING Single   Sarah THORPE Single  
46 27/09/1778 Francis FOLGATE Single   Sarah BARCHAM Single  
47 03/08/1779 George BORRETT Widower Heckingham Elisabeth BUTTON Single  
48 17/01/1780 Richard FAIRHEAD Single   Martha LACY Single  
49 16/05/1780 John ELLIS Single   Ann WILLIAMSON Single  
50 09/08/1780 Robert HANNER Single Woodton Rose BROWNE Single  
51 03/06/1781 Edward WEBSTER Single Great Yarmouth Ann GRAY Single  
52 11/10/1781 Samuel SHAW Single   Elisabeth BIRD    
53 11/10/1781 Charles CROWFOOT Single Topcroft Elisabeth BARBER Single  
54 09/04/1782 Joseph BALDERY Single Denton Mary LEGWOOD Single  
55 07/10/1783 Jacob BUTTON Widower Earsham Elizabeth WRIGHT Single  
56 14/10/1783 John YOUNGS Single Alburgh Mary SHARMAN Single  
57 10/10/1785 Francis EVELIN Single   Susanna HUNT Single  
58 13/01/1786 William DANN Single   Charlotte SPRATT Single  
59 13/02/1787 James FAIRHEAD Single   Susanna WARNES Single Woodton
60 01/05/1787 William YARINGTON Single St Andrew, Norwich Catherine Kirkby BACON Single  
61 05/06/1787 James LEGOOD Single   Mary BULLEN Single  
62 02/10/1787 Thomas READ Widower   Sarah HOWSE Widow Holy Trinity, Bungay, Suffolk
63 06/01/1788 Peter TUCK Single   Hannah CHIPPERFIELD Single  
64 03/06/1788 Thomas BULLEN Single   Mary SMITH Single  
65 17/11/1788 Ephraim SPRATT Single Homersfield, Suffolk Martha WRIGHT Single  
66 14/07/1789 Thomas RUSSELLS Single Stoke Holy Cross Sarah MUDD Single  
67 08/10/1789 John BARBER Single   Sarah LEGOOD Single  
69 11/10/1789 William PUNCHARD Single   Susanna CROWE Single  
68 07/12/1789 William FAIRHEAD Single   Mary CROWE Single  
70 02/11/1791 Gostling STANLEY Single   Sarah BLOOM Single  
71 21/02/1792 Abraham LEGOOD Single   Susanna LORD Single  
72 18/09/1792 Robert LEGOOD Widower   Ann CUNNINGHAM Single  
73 29/11/1792 David TODD Single   Ann WRIGHT Single  
74 06/03/1793 John CUNNINGHAM Single   Elizabeth CLIPPIN Single Woodton
75 22/04/1793 Edward LEGOOD Single   Elizabeth PALMER Single  
83 06/11/1794 Robert PALMER Single   Hannah BROOK Single  
84 05/04/1796 George BALDWIN Single   Susannah SYMMONS Single  
85 07/07/1796 Thomas EVERETT Single   Ann CANN Single  
86 09/10/1796 John NOBBS Single   Susanna SMITH Single  
87 20/11/1796 Thomas FALGATE Widower   Susannah STEWARD Single  
88 11/12/1796 John PUNCHARD Single   Susannah SYMONDS Single  
76 06/11/1797 Edward YALLOP Single Woodton Mary SCOREN Single  
77 18/12/1798 John QUANTRELL Single   Elizabeth MARSHALL Single Earsham
78 26/02/1799 Thomas WISKENS Single   Sarah MARTIN Single  
79 16/04/1799 Edward WATKINS Single Henley, Suffolk Mary BIDWELL Single  
80 30/05/1799 Robert FOULGER Widower   Elizabeth YALLOP Widow  
81 25/06/1799 William JEFFRIES Single Hoxne, Suffolk Susannah HUNT Single  
82 11/10/1799 John SUMMONS Single   Mary BOUGHTON Single Shelton
89 07/07/1800 Amos FISHER Single   Mary WRIGHT Single  
90 09/10/1800 William HOUSEGO Single   Susanna GILLENS Single  
91 17/05/1802 William ANDREWS Single   Elizabeth CHIPPERFIELD Single  
92 23/06/1802 John KEET Single   Lydia BATCHELOR Single  
93 14/10/1802 Edward REEVE Single   Jane RICHES Single  
94 25/12/1802 James FAIRHEAD Single   Elizabeth BARKER Single  
95 19/04/1803 Samuel HOLLAND Single Broome Ann MAYHEW Single  
96 10/10/1803 Thomas BROWN Single   Elizabeth WILLIAMSON Single  
97 05/11/1803 Isaac YALLOP Single   Mary FOLKARD Single  
98 26/06/1804 James YALLOP Single Woodton Mary LIGHTON Single  
99 28/01/1805 William BALLS   Carlton Colville, Suffolk Elizabeth COOPER    
100 29/09/1805 James BOOTY Single   Mary BROWN Single  
101 17/05/1807 William PATRICK Single   Sarah CRICKMORE Single  
24/11/1807 James FOLKARD Single   Mary FAIRHEAD Single  
20/03/1809 William BROWN Single   Hannah SMITH Single  
29/03/1810 John JOHNSON Single   Phoebe FAIRHEAD Single  
113 01/11/1810 Samuel CLARKE Single   Phoebe CUNNINGHAM Single  
114 09/07/1811 Edward QUANTRUM Single   Hannah SHAWL Single  
115 22/10/1811 Thomas BROWN Widower   Elizabeth RIX Widow  
116 16/11/1812 John WILSON Single   Mary ELVIN Single  
1 28/11/1814 William HARVEY   Woodton Hannah BELLMAN Single  
2 16/10/1815 James LEGOOD Single   Mary FENN Single  
3 25/10/1815 Bailey BIRD Single   Mary HILL Single  
4 28/11/1815 Edward BALDRY Single   Frances PALMER Single  
5 08/02/1816 Daniel CLARKE Single   Mary BROCK Single  
6 28/03/1816 William HAWES Single Topcroft Ann QUANTREL Single  
7 23/07/1816 Robert DELF   St Mary, Bungay, Suffolk Ann HICKMAN Single  
8 14/10/1816 James CRICKMER Single   Mary BROTHERS Single  
9 05/08/1817 Peter QUANTRELL Single   Elizabeth GODFREY Single  
10 13/10/1817 Jeremiah BAYLEY Single Earsham Mary Ann GOWEN Single  
11 09/11/1817 Jonathan COOPER Single   Sarah ELWIN Single  
12 20/10/1818 John THAIN Single   Margaret WHITRED Single  
13 13/11/1818 William FOLKARD Single   Mary ALGER Single  
14 08/12/1818 Samuel QUANTRELL Single   Elizabeth GOWEN Single  
15 15/04/1819 James COWLES Single Topcroft Mary BERRY Single  
16 11/10/1819 James ELLIS Single Brooke Sarah BALLS Single  
17 14/10/1819 William LOYDE Single Kirstead Elizabeth SMITH Single  
18 12/04/1820 Henry BECKET Single Hedenham Mary GODFREY Single  
19 22/05/1820 Charles KERY Single   Mary SCARL Single  
20 20/11/1820 John JOHNSON Single   Susan ENGLISH Single  
21 20/11/1821 Michael DUNHAM Widower St Stephen, Norwich Ann CROWFOOT Single  
22 20/11/1821 Thomas BARBER Single   Mary CRAWFORD Single  
23 24/01/1822 James SYMONDS Single   Charlotte THURSTON Single  
24 17/04/1822 John BYLES Single   Ann BLOOMFIELD Single  
25 24/04/1822 William BARNEY Single   Sarah LEGOOD Single  
26 27/05/1822 Charles FAIRHEAD Single   Sarah CHETTLEBURGH Single  
27 10/06/1822 John FARRET Single   Hannah FALGATE Single  
28 19/05/1823 Robert ROSE Single   Elizabeth MARSHALL Single  
29 21/06/1824 William LOYNES Widower   Elizabeth CROWFOOT Widow  
30 11/10/1824 Samuel GARRED Single   Hannah BANHAM Single  
31 07/12/1824 Samuel SIMONDS Single   Anne CLAXING Single  
32 17/05/1825 William FLOOD Single   Elizabeth DAY Single  
33 20/02/1826 Robert REEVE Single   Mary HART Single  
34 16/05/1826 James PATRICK Single   Mary JEX Single  
35 13/07/1826 Robert HOVELL Single   Anne FALGATE Single  
36 05/09/1826 James CLARKE Single Earsham Hannah FAIRHEAD Single  
37 12/10/1826 Henry CHIPPERFIELD Single   Rhoda DUNHAM Single  
38 12/10/1826 George BALDEN Single   Maria READ Single  
39 26/12/1826 William JONES Single   Sarah CANT Single  
40 02/01/1827 William WALTON Single   Martha BROTHERS Single  
41 23/03/1827 Nicolas HUDSON Single Weybread, Suffolk Elizabeth HOBBS Single  
42 17/07/1827 Samuel FAIRHEAD Single   Susan WALLER Single  
43 12/09/1827 James PUNCHARD Single   Mary RICHES Single  
44 17/10/1827 George SPRATT Single   Mary WARD Single  
45 10/04/1828 Henry ANDREWS Widower Thorpe St Andrew Phoebe LEGOOD Single  
46 28/10/1828 James YALLOP Single   Elizabeth NUNN Single  
47 25/11/1828 John BROWN Single   Sarah QUANTRELL Single  
48 18/09/1829 Robert FOLGATE Single   Ann PEARCE Single  
49 12/10/1829 George BANHAM Single   Sarah DAY Single  
50 13/10/1829 Edward LEGOOD Single   Esther BANHAM Single  
51 07/09/1830 Nathan LARCH Single Woodton Rhoda PATTRICK Single  
52 24/11/1830 Ephraim BUTTON Single Denton Elizabeth BARBER Single  
53 02/02/1831 William CROWE Single   Elizabeth OLLEY Single  
54 11/04/1831 Richard DENNY Single Bungay, Suffolk Sarah RACKHAM Single  
55 23/11/1832 Daniel LEGOOD Single   Elizabeth SMITH    
56 02/10/1833 William LEGOOD Single   Honor CHURCH Single Bungay, Suffolk
57 23/02/1834 William GOOSE Single   Ann THORNTON Single  
58 03/06/1834 William PATRICK Single   Harriet JOHNSON Single Seething
59 08/10/1834 Matthew TOOKE Single   Charlotte REEVE Single  
60 07/12/1834 John FAIRHEAD Single   Mary WRIGHT Single  
61 16/01/1835 Edward YALLOP Single Homersfield, Suffolk Anna BRUNNING Single  
62 20/01/1835 William WEBB Single   Harriet BANHAM Single  
63 27/02/1835 John REEVE Single   Mary Ann JOHNSON    
64 24/09/1835 Robert POLL Single   Susanna QUADLING Single  
65 12/11/1835 Joseph ELVIN Single   Maria JAMES Single  
66 07/02/1836 Henry WRIGHT Single   Sarah PATRICK Single  
67 04/11/1836 Richard GREEN Single   Susan BANHAM Single  

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