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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Beeston St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Beeston lies in central Norfolk about 6 miles northwest of the market town of east Dereham. Beeston sits, in lanes, midway between the A47 (Norwich to King's Lynn) road and its smaller and parallel road the B1145 (Bawdeswell to King's Lynn) road being roughly 2 miles north of the former and south of the latter. Beeston is quite a large village but curiously dispersed, most properties can be found around a "B" shape of lanes that tilts slightly westward but there is a distinct lack of a village centre with typically church, shops and green. Beeston was almost totally a farming place, it was estimated that 3/4 of the parish acreage was set to grain with smaller pastures mainly meeting local needs. Beeston had a brief moment in the spotlight, its World War 2 airfield being part of the war effort but now set as a small light industrial estate. Beeston is drained northwestwards by a small tributary of the River Nar, this heads westwards to joining the Great Ouse to the south of King's Lynn and thence to the North Sea through The Wash. Beeston is sited at around 70 metres above the sea and sits on a broad plateau of similar height for some distance. Beeston parish was fairly typically sized for mid-Norfolk, covering just over 2,000 acres it would have supported a population of close to 650 parishioners. Beeston is not mentioned in Domesday Book.

The Church

St Mary's church sits well west of the village over 1 1/2 miles west of some of the properties within Beeston. The church is unusual for Norfolk in carrying a spire, one of only two in the county. The church is almost totally built in the Decorated style which dates its build to the early 14th century albeit Pevsner ventures the work was commenced in the prior century citing the tower arch as being 13th century in nature. A big church with nave & chancel augmented with substantial aisles to both north & south, it would have sat a much larger congregation than today. The church is also unusual in having a Decorated style clerestory, these features were designed to add more light to the interior and were usually added in the Perpendicular period. That period saw the bell-stage and spire added to the tower, it also believed that those massive arcades were added or rebuilt 50 years after the completion of the main build. As is usual a Victorian restoration made changes, the spire being rebuilt in 1873 as well as the usual refurbishments. Church Road heads westwards through vast cereal fields, lacking hedges nowadays and St Mary sits alone amongst the singing skylarks. The churchyard is set back from the road, fronted by a thick hedge with space to park at the eastern end thereof. Sadly the church is tightly enclosed by trees to east, west & south making for a challenging subject once the sun is shining.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 6th October 1754 - 3rd July 1810 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/377/7 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 23rd October 1810 - 15th October 1812 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/377/8 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 5th May 1813 - 12th March 1837 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/377/9 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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Wendling St Peter & St Paul

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 06/10/1754 John PANK     Frances WALKER    
2 28/10/1754 Henry DICKONS     Jane WALKER    
3 22/12/1755 John WALWIN Single   Anne BRIDGES Single Fulmodeston
4 27/02/1756 John BEAR     Martha NICHOLS    
5 18/05/1756 John BEAR     Anne WILSON    
6 06/07/1756 John SUTTON     Elizabeth WELLS    
7 02/11/1756 William ALLING     Mary CRISP    
8 26/05/1757 Robert DEARNS     Catherine RUDD    
9 17/10/1757 John BEETIN Single   Elizabeth BEETS Single  
10 03/11/1757 Robert MILLER     Rose SEAPY    
11 04/05/1759 John JARVIS     Mary SPENCE    
12 10/06/1761 Robert NEWELL     Frances SAPEY    
13 15/06/1761 Phillip YOULL     Elizabeth CODLIN    
14 02/12/1761 Thomas GOODMAN Single   Mary TUFFS Single  
15 13/10/1762 William BOWGEN   Great Fransham Jane HOVEL    
16 13/10/1762 Thomas WRIGHT     Sarah SUDBURY    
17 25/01/1763 Morris COOPER Single   Anne CARPENTER Single  
18 31/01/1763 William FILBY Single   Jane BOON Single  
19 01/03/1763 John FIDEHAM   Beetley Hannah GOODMAN    
20 10/08/1763 Matthew SPRAT   Swanton Morley Mary GREEN    
21 27/08/1764 Edward SEAMONS     Mary MAN    
22 20/12/1764 Jacob POWLEY     Frances ADCOCK    
23 19/03/1765 John CULLEN     Ann HOMES    
24 14/09/1765 Robert WALDEN     Mary HUNTER    
25 24/09/1765 John SMITH     Ann ROBERSON    
26 29/10/1765 Jeafery CAPPS     Elizabeth BATTERBY    
27 04/11/1765 Francis CREAMER Widower   Matthew HOLMAN    
28 11/11/1765 Benjamin WELLS     Sarah BOONING    
29 21/09/1766 Daniel LOVETT     Elizabeth ROBERTS    
30 03/11/1766 William CLAXTON     Elizabeth FREESER    
31 27/04/1767 Edmund CLAXTON Single   Mary HUNTER Single  
32 04/05/1767 James BRIDGES Single   Ellen GOODBODY Single  
33 23/08/1767 Thomas WATTS Single   Ann OAKS Single  
34 14/10/1767 Thomas BRIDGES Single   Catherine PAIN Single  
35 14/06/1768 John CORNISH Single   Sarah LARGE Single  
36 29/09/1768 Joshua HUNT   Gressenhall Mary LEACH    
37 05/04/1769 Edmund BRITTON     Martha HARMAN Single  
38 02/04/1770 Thomas RIVETT     Mary WISEMAN    
39 07/08/1770 William PEARSON Single Great Witchingham Elizabeth BRUTEN Single  
40 10/10/1770 John HAGON     Ann DORSEN    
41 02/11/1770 William BUNN Single   Mary HERRING Single  
42 13/05/1772 William BURROWS Single   Catherine WILKINSON Single  
43 08/06/1772 John CREED Single   Esther FLEWPOT Single  
44 07/12/1772 Thomas SYER Single   Buley MITCHEL Single  
45 11/10/1773 William FULLER Single   Margaret SMITH Single  
46 04/11/1773 Robert SHICKELL Single Great Fransham Ann POWLEY Single  
47 24/11/1773 Matthew SPRATT Widower   Mary JONES Single  
48 16/06/1774 Benjamin RAVEN Single Horningtoft Mary ALLISON Single  
49 20/07/1774 Robert BRIDGES Single   Ann BOCOCK Single  
50 11/10/1774 Isaac LEMON Single   Jane CODLING Single Kempstone
51 18/10/1774 Richard ATHOE Single   Susan RUDD Single  
52 20/10/1774 Anthony CURSON   Holme Hale Elizabeth ALLISON    
53 08/11/1774 Henry BRIDGES Single   Elizabeth DUNTON Single  
54 21/11/1774 Simon EADE Single Kings Lynn Mary COOPER Single  
55 13/07/1775 Robert LEEDER Single   Catharine MOORE Single  
56 07/08/1775 John TEEBLE Single Banham Susan DOBBS Single  
57 01/09/1775 John GRAVES Widower Shipdham Elizabeth SPRAGG Single  
58 02/10/1775 Dack PACK Single   Catherine FROST Single  
59 12/10/1775 John BOYDEN Single Necton Catharine COOPER Single  
60 17/10/1775 John HOWARD Single Snettisham Mary CAUDWELL Single  
61 21/10/1775 George ROWE Single   Susan CURSON Single Mileham
62 22/07/1776 Thomas WHITESIDE Single   Jane TAYLOR Single  
63 13/10/1776 Thomas MARHAM Single   Jane HOWS Single  
64 02/12/1776 Matthew PENTON Single   Mary HOWES Single  
65 26/12/1776 William SCOTNEY Widower   Sarah GIBSON Single  
66 12/08/1777 Francis SPRAG Single   Ann MONKTON Single  
67 05/10/1778 Thomas MOUTON Single   Jane RYALL Single  
68 04/11/1778 Robert DAIRNES     Anne WHITING   Necton
69 16/02/1779 Thomas CURL Widower   Ann DREWELL Single  
70 09/03/1779 William RANSOME Single   Pleasance Bedingfield DENT Single  
71 20/10/1779 William COBB Single   Catharine DAIRNES Single  
72 16/11/1779 James HAINES Single   Elizabeth CUSHING Single  
73 14/03/1780 Philip DUNTON Single Little Fransham Ann Phillis CURL Single  
74 03/08/1780 John BURTON Single   Elizabeth GARNER Single  
75 20/09/1780 Richard SMITH Single   Elizabeth MUFF Single  
76 25/09/1780 Jennison RUDD Single   Catherine POWLEY Single  
77 19/10/1780 Thomas FROST Widower   Ann CLAXTON Widow  
78 03/07/1781 Joseph BUNTING Widower   Elizabeth TAYLOR Single  
79 02/11/1781 John HEAD Single   Hannah NEAVE Single  
80 14/12/1781 William PAYNE Single   Hannah WILSON Single  
81 13/06/1782 Charles HOWARD Single   Ann CASE Single  
82 17/09/1782 Thomas GOODERSON Single   Phoebe SWINGELL Single  
83 11/10/1782 Valentine HAMMOND Single   Mary BELLEBOND Single  
84 11/10/1782 Thomas JOHNSON Single   Mary FARRAR Single  
85 04/03/1783 John RIX Single Great Dunham Sarah WILSON Single  
86 27/05/1783 William BARNS Single   Sarah HAWES Single  
87 16/07/1783 Richard CASE Single   Elizabeth TANN Single  
09/02/1784 Timothy BAKER Single   Ann YULL Single  
02/06/1785 Timothy BAKER Widower   Elizabeth DIGENS Single  
10/10/1785 Edward ASHLEY Single   Ann WRIGHT Single  
13/10/1785 Robert BARNES Single   Amy SANCTY Single  
01/11/1785 Edward MORE Single   Catherine RUDD Single  
17/04/1786 Isaac CODLING Single   Sarah SMITH Single  
04/06/1786 Thomas MOULTON Widower   Susanna BUTTERS Single  
05/09/1786 James BEAR Single   Ann TANN Single  
14/09/1786 Christopher CROME Single   Susanna WILSON Single  
16/12/1786 Thomas FROST Widower   Mary BARHAM Widow  
04/05/1787 Henry DIGGENS Single   Lucy SCOTT Single Little Fransham
20/05/1787 Thomas BOUGHEN Widower   Mary DENNIS Widow  
24/09/1787 John BEATSON Widower   Mary COULSEY Single  
09/01/1788 James CODLING Widower   Ann FROST Widow  
22/09/1788 William SUTTON Single   Lydia GATES Single  
07/10/1788 John COKER Single   Elizabeth FROST Single  
15/10/1788 Richard LARWOOD Single Hellington Sarah EASTGATE Single  
22/12/1788 William GAGE Single West Tofts Susanna WIX Single  
20/04/1789 John MIDDLETON Single East Lexham Mary WATTS Single  
07/10/1789 Samuel BATES Single   Sarah BAXTER Single  
08/11/1789 Robert WRIGHT Single   Mary SUTTON Single  
02/02/1790 William HARVEY Single   Sarah TAYLOR Single  
29/06/1790 John SEAMONS Single   Mary BOWMAN Single  
08/02/1791 Stephen WATTS Single   Frances TANN Single  
23/05/1791 Robert MELTON Single Bittering Parva Eleanor READER Single  
11/10/1791 Robert COOPER Single   Mary SMITH Single  
13/12/1791 William HAMMOND Single   Mary DIGGENS Single  
29/02/1792 Edmund CLAXTON Single   Hannah COOKER Single  
01/05/1792 James WISKER Single   Sarah HUTCHERSON Single  
20/05/1794 John HOWELL Single   Hannah TANN Single  
16/12/1794 William WATTS Single   Mary BRIDGES Single  
06/04/1795 Thomas CLARKE Single   Susannah HAWES Single  
30/06/1795 Charles SPICER Single   Jane DAY Single  
13/07/1795 Thomas ARAM Single   Jane EGGET Single  
22/07/1795 John CLAXTON Single   Frances WHITING Single  
03/08/1795 John MURRELL Widower   Elizabeth BEAVOUS Single  
19/10/1795 Richard WRIGHT Single   Mary LINN Single  
27/10/1795 Benjamin CLARKE Single   Mary FROST Single  
27/10/1795 James BURTON Single   Emma DIGGENS Single  
25/10/1796 Thomas HAMMOND Single   Ann Leveritt FULLER Single  
01/11/1796 John BEAR Widower   Susanna SHELDRACK Widow  
06/12/1796 James BRIDGES Single   Elizabeth FARRER Single  
25/02/1797 John BRIDGES Single   Frances WIX Single  
14/06/1797 William BEAR Single   Mary HAMMOND Single  
14/08/1797 William COKER Single   Susanna FULLER Single  
06/10/1797 George FROST Single   Elizabeth SPRATT Single  
09/10/1797 William TANN Single   Christian GOODERSON Widow  
01/11/1797 Robert CAPPS Single   Mary CLAXTON Single  
17/04/1798 James GOWARD Single   Susanna PETTIT Single Longham
04/10/1798 Robert TANN Single   Charlotte CURSON Single  
15/10/1798 Aron BOLDEROW Single Bittering Parva Thomasin RAYNER Single  
10/06/1799 John DACK Single   Mary ROYAL Single  
03/02/1800 John GORE Single West Bilney Elizabeth POWLEY Single  
19/10/1800 John NORTON Single Litcham Elizabeth DELF Single  
25/05/1801 Thomas FROST Single   Charlotte SPRINGLE Single  
25/10/1801 John POWLEY Single   Ann WIX Single  
21/12/1801 William BUNTING Single   Amy ANDREWS Single  
05/01/1802 James FROST Single   Charlotte TANN Single  
05/01/1802 Jonathan SPRAGS Single   Elizabeth WESTON Widow  
05/01/1802 John TANN Single   Mary JARRETT Single Thompson
20/04/1802 Daniel MOWER Single   Ann ATTOW Single  
04/10/1802 John DAIRNS Single   Mary WRIGHT Single  
11/10/1802 Robert RIX Single   Elizabeth MARGERSON Single  
31/00/1803 Henry BRIDGES Single   Ann WILSON Single  
06/01/1803 Thomas WRIGHT Single   Mary SPRATT Widow  
18/04/1803 John BRIDGES Single   Ann GREEN Single  
24/05/1803 William DURRANT Single Costessey Rebecca PRIEST Single  
25/07/1803 William Barker FOX Single   Lucy MALLOWS Single  
10/08/1803 Noah CLABYN Single St Giles, Norwich Susanna CREED Single  
28/08/1803 Richard CASE Widower   Judith HANNER Single  
10/10/1803 James BRIDGES Widower   Barbara LAND Single  
17/10/1803 William SAUNDERS Single   Sarah PETTETT Single  
05/07/1804 Edmund GARNER Widower West Bradenham Mary HAMMOND Widow  
25/07/1804 Jeneson ATTHOW Single   Ann RUDD Single  
05/10/1804 John WARNER Single Gooderstone Susanna BRIDGES Single  
22/10/1804 William MANN Single Swaffham Mary HALL Single  
10/12/1804 Thomas HUGGINS Single   Elizabeth CLAXTON Single  
26/01/1805 Edward WISCARD Single   Elizabeth HEAD Single Mileham
15/10/1805 Thomas JOHNSON Widower   Susanna DAYDON Single  
26/11/1805 John WHEALS Single   Susanna GATHERGOOD Single  
11/11/1806 William HOTCHEN Single Stanfield Ann CLAXTON Single  
20/10/1807 William WHEALS Widower   Rebecca RUDD Single  
02/02/1809 Robert BROWNE Single   Matilda WITCHINGHAM Single  
15/09/1809 Matthew WARLEY Single Wendling Sarah SAUNDERS Single  
05/12/1809 William DEARNS Single Wendling Elizabeth SADLER Widow  
24/12/1809 John WATLING Single Litcham Avice ANDREWS Single  
19/02/1810 James GUNTON Single Gaywood Elizabeth TUCK Single  
13/03/1810 Robert HARDY Single Great Dunham Margaret FULLER Single  
06/04/1810 James BRIDGES Single   Mary Ann CUBITT Single  
03/07/1810 Robert WHEALS Single   Ann DOBSON Single  
1 23/10/1810 Henry WYETT Widower   Elizabeth PIGGIN Widow  
2 23/10/1810 Christopher SANTY Single   Anne BRIDGES Single  
3 13/11/1810 Henry SYER Single   Mary MURRELL Single  
4 12/10/1811 Matthew MOORE Single   Mary WHEALS Single  
5 15/10/1811 Samuel HUDSON Single   Anne SPRINGALL Single  
6 31/03/1812 Peter FORBY Single Great Dunham Rebecca GIRLING Single  
7 01/04/1812 Noah CLAXTON Single   Frances HENDRY Single  
8 15/10/1812 John WHEALS Single   Margaret CLAXTON Widow  
1 05/05/1813 Richard ALLISON Single Wendling Sarah BRIDGES Single  
2 01/07/1813 John Thompson HILLEN Single   Mary STARLING Single Hindringham
3 05/07/1813 Thomas MARHAM Widower   Lydia CURSON Single  
4 11/11/1813 William WHEALS Single   Hannah CLAXTON Single  
5 30/12/1813 Richard ATTHOW Single   Phoebe MOULTON Single  
6 31/05/1814 James KEELY Single   Anne HARVEY Single  
7 03/08/1814 Robert BAILEY Single   Sarah SPRAGGS Single  
8 23/05/1815 Robert BEAR Single   Susanna PADGET Single Mileham
9 11/11/1815 Moses ABBEY Single   Susanna BALLS Single  
10 23/11/1815 Thomas BROWN Single   Mary SEAMAN Single  
11 15/12/1815 Francis BELL Single Litcham Elizabeth CAUSTON Single  
12 23/12/1815 Benjamin BEANE Single Hickling Sarah NUNN Single  
13 18/03/1816 Edmund CLAXTON Single   Frances HARVEY Single  
14 19/03/1816 Thomas LARGE Single   Mary DAVEY Single  
15 09/04/1816 Samuel RAWLING Single   Elizabeth BEAR Single  
16 31/12/1816 Robert DEARNS Single   Sarah SYER Single  
17 12/05/1817 William CLAXTON Single   Eleanor LADLEY Single  
18 07/10/1817 Henry BROWN Single   Ann COOPER Single  
19 09/10/1817 John CLAXTON Single   Maria BOWERS Single  
20 16/11/1817 George FROST Single   Lucy Gunn WABONE Single  
21 24/11/1817 John BEAR Single   Henrietta Amelia LEATH Single  
22 28/11/1817 John EMMERSON Single Tittleshall Mary DEARNS Single  
23 13/02/1818 Robert EDWARDS Single   Anne CROME Single  
24 07/07/1818 Thomas BROWN Widower   Susanna WHISKARD Single  
25 15/07/1818 John HOWES Single Kempstone Susanna BARNES Single  
26 26/10/1818 John WARD Single   Anne MOORE Single  
27 02/11/1818 Robert BARRETT Single   Elizabeth WATTS Single  
28 05/11/1818 Richard BARBER Single   Elizabeth CHANDLER Single  
29 19/01/1819 John Orton STANNARD Single   Anne SYER Single  
30 02/02/1819 Joseph CASE Single   Elizabeth HAGON Single  
31 24/05/1819 Thomas MOULTON Widower Litcham Lydia MARHAM Widow  
32 13/07/1819 Robert GOAT Single Mileham Martha BEAR Single  
33 26/08/1819 Samuel HILLYARD   Kings Lynn Maria TOVELL    
34 12/10/1819 William BEAR Single   Frances WHEALS Single  
35 12/10/1819 Samuel SIMMONS Single East Bilney Mary PAGE Single  
36 19/10/1819 Matthew WATTS Single   Sarah BARNES Single  
37 16/10/1820 James HEAD Single   Susanna BUTCHER Single  
38 14/11/1820 John DARSLEY Single Ashill Catherine COOPER Single  
39 05/12/1820 Robert CLAXTON Single   Maria MOULTON Single  
40 08/11/1821 Thomas FROST Single   Catherine BARNES Single  
41 15/04/1822 William BODY Single   Elizabeth PALMER Single  
42 19/07/1822 David DAWSON Single Weasenham St Peter Frances CASE Single  
43 13/10/1822 William FITT Single Mileham Mary Anne FROST Single  
44 05/11/1822 Robert FOX Single Sporle Rhoda CLAXTON Single  
45 19/05/1823 Robert SADLER Single   Sarah TAYLOR Single  
46 20/07/1823 William SANDLE Single East Dereham Anne FROST Single  
47 10/10/1823 Rudd CROME Single   Susanna DEARNS Single  
48 05/11/1823 Fuller COKER Single   Elizabeth MOORE Single  
49 14/11/1823 William GOODERSON Single   Amy SIDNEY Single  
50 22/12/1823 Henry GREEN Single   Ann COKER Single  
51 20/02/1825 William CROSS Single   Anne MOWER Single  
52 27/04/1825 John GAGE Single   Lydia SYER Single  
53 02/08/1825 John YAXLEY Single Wendling Mary FOX Single  
54 17/11/1825 James WATSON Single Little Fransham Charlotte FULLER Single  
55 16/05/1826 William HUDSON Single   Mary STIMPSON Single  
56 31/07/1826 Charles BAXTER Single   Anne BEAR Single  
57 14/11/1826 Thomas HOWARD Single   Mary STIMPSON Single  
58 23/11/1826 George WHEALS Single   Margaret COKER Single  
59 21/12/1826 Noah CLAXTON Widower   Mary Ann JARRED Single  
60 11/05/1827 William CATER Single Anmer Susanna CLAXTON Single  
61 28/07/1827 William GAGE Single   Charlotte RAYNER Single  
62 27/09/1827 Robert CLAXTON Single   Emily JEARY Single  
63 30/11/1827 William RUDD Single   Phoebe CLAXTON Single  
64 30/04/1828 John ATTHOW Single   Elizabeth FREEMAN Single  
65 20/06/1828 Frederick FRANKLING Single East Lexham Frances DUNGER Single  
66 25/01/1829 Robert RUSSELL Single East Dereham Arabella SADLER Widow  
67 14/04/1829 Charles SPICER Single   Mary CLAXTON Single  
68 19/10/1829 Ambrose WINTER Widower   Georgiana ROBERTS Single  
69 28/10/1829 William GRIGGS Single Little Fransham Kezia SOOLEY Single  
70 02/12/1829 Jonathan BEAR Widower   Ann KING Widow Sporle
71 12/11/1830 Henry MOWER Single   Charlotte CLAXTON Single  
72 04/01/1831 William HEAD Single   Amelia COKER Single  
73 06/02/1831 Robert WATLING Single   Susanna FROST Single  
74 01/07/1831 Thomas SCOTT Single Hilgay Ann WHITESIDE Single  
75 25/07/1831 William HUDSON Widower   Harriet BINHAM Single  
76 10/01/1832 Robert STIMPSON Single Little Plumstead Jane HUNTER Single  
77 11/07/1832 Henry WATTS Single Marham Elizabeth COOPER Single  
78 26/08/1832 Thomas BRIDGES Single   Mary MANN Single  
79 18/10/1832 Thomas WHEALS Single   Elizabeth BRUNTON Single  
80 25/12/1832 Henry VINCENT Single East Bilney Eliza POWLEY Single  
81 26/12/1832 William WALPOLE Single   Jane WHEALS Single  
82 03/04/1833 Charles HEAD Single   Mary WATTS Single  
83 12/07/1833 John RAYNER Single   Esther BRIDGES Single  
84 17/09/1833 John HAMMOND Single   Mary CANHAM Single  
85 20/09/1833 George GEAGE Single   Susan HUTSON Single  
86 11/10/1833 John ALLISON Single   Mary SECKER Single  
87 17/10/1833 John MOORE Single Mileham Sophia BUNN Single  
88 17/01/1834 William PARKER Widower   Margaret WHEALS Widow  
89 27/01/1834 William BOLDEROW Widower   Anne WHEALS Single  
90 22/07/1834 John MASON Single   Frances CLAXTON Single  
91 22/09/1834 William HUDSON Single   Martha CASE Single  
92 14/10/1834 Robert MOORE Single   Mary Anne MURRELL Single  
93 20/11/1834 Rudd DEARNS Single   Lydia JOHNSON Single  
94 01/05/1835 Thomas BROWNE Single   Margaret ALCOCK Single  
95 13/10/1835 Samuel BARRETT Single   Mary CANHAM Single  
96 30/03/1836 John MARGETSON Single Little Walsingham Elizabeth COOPER Single  
97 22/05/1836 William PAYNE Single   Elizabeth PAYNE Single  
98 04/10/1836 James Syer CAPPS Single   Frances WYETT Single  
99 12/10/1836 David MOY Single   Frances MANN Single East Winch
100 31/10/1836 William BUNN Single   Mary LEEDS Single Mileham
101 26/12/1836 John FROST Single   Sarah CLAXTON Single  
102 06/01/1837 George GATER Widower   Rebecca NORTON Widow Litcham
103 17/01/1837 William WYETT Single   Christiana STIMPSON Single  
104 12/03/1837 Robert BROWN Single   Elizabeth BIRD Single  

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