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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Bridgham St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Bridgham lies in southern Norfolk not too far from the border with neighbouring Suffolk. Bridgham is located about 6 miles east of the market town of Thetford. Bridgham is a small and rather straggly village built along a lane which follows the northern banks of the River Thet, it sits about a mile and a half south of the busy dual-carriageway of the A11 which connects Norwich with London. Bridgham sits within the confines of Norfolk's Breckland and it's farming ability was inhibited by the poor soils, warrenries and sheep rearing were predominant but even at the time of this transcript large areas of the parish were described as being "heath and furze". The Thet drains the parish westwards, joining the Little Ouse at Thetford and making their way through the eastern edge of The Fens to reach the North Sea through The Wash and the port of King's Lynn. Bridgham is sited at just 20 metres above the sea in land that is relatively flat, local heights rise to 40 metres or so in gentle countryside. Breckland parishes are larger than many areas of Norfolk and Bridgham parish covered 2,700 acres making it large for Norfolk, the population was around 300 parishioners. In Domesday times Bridgham was held by Ely Abbey, it was small, even then, offering 6 ploughs small meadows & woodland but did possess 2 mills.

The Church

St Mary's church sits at the southwestern end of the main grouping of properties on the southern side of the lane heading for Brettenham. The church is largely in the Decorated style of the turn of 13th into early 14th century and thus older than many Norfolk churches. Nave and chancel show contrasting window tracery, the nave with Y-tracery whilst the chancel is reticulated. The curious tower is, Pevsner speculates, a replacement for a western tower which has since disappeared. For one there is no mention of Victorian restoration to the church which, therefore, has remained largely unchanged since its completion in the early 14th century. The church sits on the southern side of the lane, The Street, behind a low brick-topped flint wall with metal gates forming the entry, a small unmade parking area sits opposite. The site is open and with few obstructions to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 2nd October 1754 - 10th October 1788 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/395/2 Plain, unruled book, a continuation of the extant composite register in contravention of Hardwicke's segregation & wording requirements Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 1st December 1788 - 22nd September 1812 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/395/4 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 13th February 1813 - 5th February 1837 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/395/5 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Poor handwriting may lead to one or two misreads

East Wretham St Ethelbert
Roudham St Andrew
Eccles St Mary
Kilverstone St Andrew
East Harling St Peter & St Paul
Brettenham St Andrew

Brettenham St Andrew
West Harling All Saints

West Harling All Saints

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
02/10/1754 John EASTER Single   Susannah HOBART Single  
21/10/1754 Charles TUFFIELD Single   Emme WHITEHEAD Single  
12/01/1756 Edward TROWER Widower Roudham Elisabeth COULSEY Single Roudham
14/10/1756 Samuel LINGE Single   Sarah PALFREY Single  
11/10/1757 James COOK Single   Mary FULLER Single  
06/02/1758 James LOFTY Single Hethersett Sarah SCONCE Single  
13/10/1758 William COLEMAN Single Attleborough Alice CHESNUT Single  
07/11/1758 John CROSS Single   Bathsheba THURSTON Single  
17/02/1759 Thomas SMITH Widower   Mary WARD Widow  
16/05/1760 Isaac MACK Widower   Mary RUMBLE Single  
13/10/1760 John FENNY Single Roudham Susanna HOGG Single Roudham
08/11/1760 William ROWLING Single Gasthorpe Judith FULLERS Single  
18/11/1761 Samuel HUMPHREYS Single   Abigail UPCRAFT Single  
05/01/1762 William SCARE Single   Catharine FILBY Single  
12/07/1762 Robert DENNY Widower Roudham Mary TAYLOR Single Roudham
10/01/1763 Henry LAWRENCE Single Roudham Ann PYE Single Roudham
03/04/1763 William LOVE Single   Sarah CRACK Single  
06/10/1763 Richard BOREHAM Single   Sarah CROOKE Single  
22/10/1763 Thomas ADDISON Widower   Mary WALLER Single  
11/10/1764 David KERRIDGE Single Larling Elizabeth STEGGLE Single  
20/10/1765 George BOSWORTH Widower   Mary GERRARD Widow  
17/02/1766 Robert JACKSON Widower   Sarah CLACKSON Widow  
10/05/1766 William GOODRAM Single Eaton Lydia HILTON Single  
21/07/1766 William LOVACK Single   Esther BARRET Single  
26/10/1766 George OTTOWEL Single   Elizabeth WOODS Single  
25/12/1767 William SHAW Single   Rebeckah BALLS Single  
23/05/1768 Robert OFFORD Single Great Ellingham Mary BOLTON Single  
26/09/1768 John CARPENDER Single   Elizabeth PLAYN Single  
19/12/1768 William SHINFIELD Single   Mary ESGATE Single  
07/02/1769 Samuel SCONCE Single   Susanna ANGEL Widow  
05/10/1769 George HUMPHREY     Sarah MOTHERSOLE   Kenninghall
10/10/1769 James HALLS Single   Mary MEE Single  
12/10/1769 Samuel GOTTS Widower   Mary FORTUS Single  
24/10/1769 John STACE Single   Mary THROWER Single  
09/08/1770 Thomas MORLEY Widower Barningham, Suffolk Mary WHITEHEAD Widow  
28/08/1771 Thomas HOWLET Single   Katherine GARRED Single  
14/10/1771 Thomas HILTON Single   Ann THIRKETTLE Single  
27/07/1772 Charles VELLUM Widower   Mary DEALE Widow  
21/10/1772 William RUST Single   Elizabeth HART Single  
08/11/1773 Benjamin TUFFELL Single   Sarah PRETTY Single  
28/02/1774 James BAXTER Single   Mary ATKINS Single  
20/06/1774 Robert WARBY Single Garboldisham Sarah ALLEN Single  
08/12/1774 William SCARF Widower   Elizabeth CONSTABLE Single  
12/06/1775 Peter PALMER Single   Frances GRIMER Single Roudham
15/12/1775 Charles TUFFELL     Sarah LOVACK    
02/04/1776 Samuel MANNING Single   Elizabeth WOODS Single  
27/05/1776 William CHURCH Single Roudham Martha WALLER Widow Roudham
17/10/1776 William DAVY Single   Margaret NORTON Single  
11/12/1776 Lionel RODWELL Single East Harling Elizabeth DAVY Single  
03/11/1777 John PULY Single   Esther SMITH Single  
08/10/1778 John SIZEN Single Roudham Mary MIDON Single Roudham
26/10/1778 George HILTON Single   Fanny STUBBS Single  
22/02/1779 John CLARKE   Redgrave, Suffolk Judith PLATTARD    
23/03/1779 Read DENCH   Roudham Honour ELLIS   Roudham
08/11/1779 Francis PULY Single   Mary PARMENT Single  
20/09/1780 Thomas RUDDOCK Single   Hannah SHURTON Single  
20/09/1780 John WISEMAN Single   Susanna GOTTS Single  
11/10/1781 Joseph LEVACK     Ann JAGGARD    
29/10/1781 William PLATFORD   Roudham Esther FROST   Roudham
25/02/1783 John PARKER   Brettenham Hannah PETCH    
27/10/1783 Robert KEMP Single   Margaret SIMONS Single  
04/11/1783 William DAVEY Single   Elizabeth JEFFREYS Single  
21/08/1784 John HIPKINS   Tottington Catherine WARTON    
20/09/1784 John SIMONS Widower   Mary WELLUM Widow  
24/11/1784 William RAYNER     Mary SOFTLEY    
09/12/1784 John CATCHPOLE Single   Ann GUIAR Single  
29/05/1785 Thomas DOWNS     Elizabeth DEEKS    
04/06/1786 John SAUNDERS     Mary HALLS    
22/08/1786 James BUSSY   Roudham Susan MOSS    
12/10/1786 Robert RANS     Ann BARNES    
14/11/1786 Samuel KEMP     Sarah SHINGFIELD    
01/08/1787 John HALLECK   Roudham Elizabeth BILLYMAN    
17/09/1787 James BAXTER     Rebecca JOLLY    
07/03/1788 Adam ANDREWS Single   Mary KEMP Single  
10/10/1788 Henry GERMANY Single   Hannah BRAME Single  
1 01/12/1788 John HARVEY Widower Illington Mary DAVY Single  
2 31/03/1789 John BOYCE Widower Roudham Frances COE Widow St Peter & St Paul, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire
3 11/10/1790 Simon KEMP     Esther LOVACK Single  
4 21/10/1790 Benjamin HALSTEAD     Rebecca ABIE Single  
5 09/06/1791 William LIMMER   Old Buckenham Ann DAVY Single  
6 11/10/1791 William ALDERTON     Mary BIRCH Single  
7 13/03/1792 William BILLYMAN   Roudham Lydia GOODRAM Single  
8 22/05/1792 Martin LOYD Widower   Mary RUDD Widow  
9 12/02/1793 Philip Joseph HARRISON   Diss Maria DUNHAM Single  
10 18/03/1793 Jeremiah WADE   East Wretham Sarah CROOK   Roudham
11 03/12/1793 Henry BOWERS Single   Elizabeth WATSON Single  
12 02/11/1795 Cornelius BROWN     Elizabeth THANE    
13 08/11/1795 Solomon READ     Mary READ    
14 07/07/1796 John BROWN   Roudham Ann WRIGHT   Roudham
15 06/11/1798 John STERRY Single   Mercy RUDDOCK Single  
16 14/01/1799 William ASHLEY Single Hockham Mary NAPTHAN Single Roudham
17 22/01/1799 John WHITEROD Single   Susan REBBARD Single  
18 14/10/1799 William SKIPPER Single West Harling Hannah GERMANY Widow  
19 14/10/1799 William BELLAMY Widower Roudham Elizabeth COLLINS Single Roudham
20 21/07/1800 Henry SAUNDERS Widower   Susan SIMONS Single  
21 04/11/1800 Henry HUMPHRIES Single   Elizabeth LEFTLEY Single  
22 14/01/1801 John DOE Widower   Mary LOVACK Single  
23 09/08/1801 Simon KEMP Single   Frances LAMB Single  
24 24/11/1801 William COCKELL Single Attleborough Jane DUNHAM Single  
25 17/01/1802 David HILLS Widower St Mary, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk Mary REID Single  
26 26/07/1802 Johnathan CRICK Single Roudham Elizabeth GODDARD Single  
27 05/01/1803 Thomas BRAME     Elizabeth HUMPHREY    
29/11/1803 Robert EVES Single   Rebecca NAPKINS   Roudham
10/04/1804 Edward BILLAMAN   Roudham Mary BALMER Single  
04/06/1804 William JARMAN Widower   Mary SAYER Single  
04/06/1804 Benjamin LEFLY Widower   Sarah ANDRESS Single  
01/10/1804 William BOULTON     Anne CROOK    
11/10/1804 Thomas HOLDEN     Amy HILTON    
16/10/1804 William CAMP     Anne LEGGITT    
16/10/1804 William HILTON   St Mary, Thetford Sarah BAXTER    
30/10/1804 Roger RIVIT Single   Elizabeth CLACKSON Single  
26/12/1804 Thomas RANS Single   Judith LOADS    
18/10/1805 John WHITEHEAD Single   Anne LIVOCK    
26/10/1807 Edward HILTON     Sarah TUFFIELD    
17/12/1808 William BAKER   Roudham Sarah TUFFIELD    
11/09/1809 John SAYER     Mary SALTER    
28/07/1811 Robert MALLOWS   West Harling Elizabeth KEMP    
14/10/1811 James BOLDERS     Mary KEMP    
22/09/1812 Joseph LIVOCK     Alicia MARSH    
1 13/02/1813 Samuel WILSON Single   Elizabeth BROOKS Single  
2 01/08/1813 Thomas CORK     Elizabeth LIVOCK    
3 17/08/1813 Robert TURNER Single   Mary SYER    
4 12/10/1813 David NEWBY Single   Mary BROWN    
5 13/10/1813 John BROOK Single   Anne MASON Single  
6 30/05/1814 James CARMAN Widower   Sarah POWLEY Single  
7 20/06/1814 John LEFLY Single   Martha JESSUP Single  
8 06/01/1815 William FULLER Widower New Buckenham Sarah COOK Single  
9 03/04/1815 Thomas EVERITT   East Wretham Phoebe GREENGRASS    
10 28/09/1815 William CUTTER   Shropham Rebecca HASTED    
11 02/01/1816 John STERRY Widower   Mary SAYER Single  
12 17/06/1816 John NAISH     Elizabeth COOK    
13 05/08/1816 William SELF     Sarah BUDDOCK    
14 09/09/1816 Thomas FUNNELL Single   Mary CAMP Single  
15 01/11/1816 David SANDERS Widower   Jemima WARBY Single  
16 05/08/1817 James SYER Single   Lucy NUNN Single  
17 19/11/1817 George WRIGHT Single Aylsham Naomi READ Single  
18 13/12/1817 John HAMMOND Widower   Charlotte FOREMAN Widow Roudham
19 16/02/1818 George DEYLEY Widower   Sarah BRADLEY Widow  
20 22/05/1818 Charles MEEK Single   Sarah DENNY Single  
21 19/10/1818 John MEE Single East Wretham Sarah SPILOKE Single  
22 29/11/1818 Isaac MEEK Single   Anne HASTED Single  
23 07/06/1820 Samuel KEMP Single   Jane JENNINGS Single Rushford
24 22/07/1820 William SMITH Single East Harling Elizabeth MEEK Single  
25 13/08/1820 Thomas HOLLEA Widower   Mary NORMAN Widow  
26 28/11/1820 Robert PULL Single   Mary ROBBERTS Single  
27 03/12/1821 William GOODIN Single   Eliza BELLAMY Single  
28 20/07/1822 John FARRIA Single   Elizabeth LONG Single  
29 30/10/1822 John HILTON Single   Anne MEADOWS Single  
30 11/01/1824 Thomas GINN Single Cambridgeshire Elizabeth MARSH Widow  
31 01/08/1824 George LONG Single   Elizabeth HUMPHREYS Single  
32 24/11/1824 Thomas RANDS Single   Hannah COOPER Single  
33 21/06/1825 James CARMAN Single Roudham Lydia BILMER Single Roudham
34 27/07/1825 John HASTED Single   Elizabeth BRAME Single  
35 27/07/1825 Samuel HASTED Single   Ann BRAME Single  
36 10/10/1825 John WINNER Single   Elizabeth HUBBARD Single  
37 04/11/1825 William WHITERED Single   Maria FOWLER Single  
38 04/11/1825 Edward FOREMAN Single   Elizabeth SMITH Single  
39 24/12/1825 Edmund BULLIMAR Single   Maria LING Single Roudham
40 21/01/1826 Ellis DAVY Single   Mary MEEK Single  
41 21/01/1826 Robert HILTON Single   Bridget BROWN Single  
42 16/05/1826 Henry BALDING Single Hockwold Cum Wilton Mary MEEK Single  
43 22/07/1826 George COCKS Single East Harling Elizabeth HART Single  
44 06/03/1828 William SHAW Single   Rebecca HUBBARD Single  
45 21/11/1828 John HOLMES Single Roudham Mary HALLS Single Roudham
46 27/09/1829 Edward COOK Widower   Anne WHITEHEAD Widow  
47 18/11/1829 William ALDERTON Single   Elizabeth SHAW Single  
48 22/01/1830 Joseph COLLINS Single   Phoebe DURSLEY Single  
49 24/03/1831 John GATES Single   Susan SEAR Single  
50 03/11/1831 George HUMPHREY Single   Mary NAPTHER Single  
51 05/12/1831 William HUMPHREY Single   Elizabeth REEVES Single  
52 27/04/1832 Thomas SHINN Single   Maria WHITEROD Single  
53 04/08/1832 William BILLAMY Single Roudham Anne HOWES Single Roudham
54 13/10/1832 John DURSLEY Single   Mary GREEN Single  
55 19/01/1833 William REEVE Single West Tofts Mary Delia RIVETT Single  
56 27/05/1833 John RIVETT Single   Mary Ann WHITEHEAD Single  
57 24/09/1833 Daniel SMITH Single Diss Ann KEMP Single  
58 03/11/1833 Benjamin DAINES Single   Sarah BUSSY Single  
59 22/11/1833 George BAXTER Single   Sophia RUDD Widow Banham
60 22/11/1833 George HILTON Single   Elizabeth HASSEL Widow  
61 22/11/1833 James SHAW Single   Susan CAPES Single Wilby
62 20/02/1834 John COLE Widower Hilborough Susan READ Single  
63 09/06/1834 William LING Single   Jane ALDERTON Single  
64 05/07/1834 James LATHAM Single   Elizabeth BROWN Single  
65 28/07/1834 William HAYLOCK Single Elvedon, Suffolk Susan COLE Single  
66 01/01/1835 John PEARL Single   Sarah RUDDOCK Single  
67 27/01/1835 John SHAW Single   Caroline WARD Single  
68 26/07/1835 William BRUNDLE Single Roudham Eliza HOOKS Single Roudham
69 17/10/1835 John RUDDOCK Single   Harriet MIDDLETON Single  
70 18/10/1835 Edward LEWIS Single Roudham Elizabeth WARD   Roudham
71 05/02/1837 David PORTER Single Bradford, Yorkshire Phoebe BULLIMORE   Roudham

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