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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Briningham St Maurice


The Parish

The parish of Briningham lies in central northern Norfolk about 4 miles southwest of the small market town of Holt. Briningham is a small and relatively compact village which sits on the B1150 road which connects Holt with East Dereham; much of Briningham is built along a narrow lane running southeastwards from that road and named "The Street". At the time of this transcript the economy of the village would have been dominated by arable agriculture and little has changed over the years, the village being surrounded by fields of grain, oil seed and beet. Briningham is drained by small tributaries of the River Glaven which runs the short distance to Norfolk's northern North Sea coast at Cley Next The Sea. Briningham is sited at around 7 metres above the sea in gently undulating country, local heights reach to almost 100 metres within a mile of the village. Briningham parish was fairly typically sized for this area, it covered around 1,200 acres and would have supported a population of around 250 parishioners. In Domesday times Briningham was largely held by Bishop William of Thetford with a small area in the hands of Count Alan of Brittany, the parish was also small in those days offering just 7 ploughs, small meadows and woodland but it did possess a mill.

The Church

St Maurice's church sits just to the northeast of the village centre accessed by Church Lane from The Street. The church has an early date for a Norfolk church with Pevsner tentatively giving a date circa 1300. The church is unusual in having the tower slightly offset in a southwestern position rather than the normal western end. Much of the building is built in the Decorative style with both nave and chancel showing many features of that period, however most of the windows are later and Perpendicular in style indicating a later refurbishment. The roofing was replaced during 19th century restorations. The church is accessed by a short pathway from the corner of Church Lane, the churchyard is relatively open albeit some trees encroach closely to the tower restricting some viewing angles.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 31st December 1754 - 12th October 1812 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD646/3 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Tiny handwriting for periods make reading tricky and lead to the possibility of a few misreads
2 18th January 1814 - 24th December 1836 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD646/4 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Gunthorpe St Mary
Gunthorpe St Mary
Brinton St Andrew
Brinton St Andrew
Gunthorpe St Mary
Thursford St Andrew
Brinton St Andrew
Stody St Mary
Thursford St Andrew
Swanton Novers St Edmund the Martyr
Melton Constable St Peter
Melton Constable St Peter

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 31/12/1754 Edward DROZIER     Mary RICE    
3 22/09/1755 John MASSINGHAM Single St Saviour, Norwich Mary PEGG Single  
4 15/01/1756 Benjamin BARNES   Briston Dorothy FLACKE Single  
5 26/01/1756 Thomas ROUSE Single   Ann MONEY Single  
2 14/10/1756 Thomas WHITESIDES Widower Edgefield Elisabeth GIRDLESTONE Single  
6 23/04/1760 John BASSEL Single   Ann REEVE Single  
7 19/04/1763 James FOX Single Cley Next The Sea Mary MEAD Single  
8 29/11/1763 James HOOKS Single   Mary DUGLESS Single  
9 07/02/1764 William RICHES Single   Ann HUNN Single  
10 02/10/1764 William TURNER Single   Frances GAGE Single  
11 25/06/1765 Robert BURLINGHAM Single Holt Ann MEAD Single  
12 12/06/1767 John EARLE Widower   Cicely BECKHAM Widow  
13 20/10/1767 William LAWES Single Thornage Ann STOAKES Single  
14 10/10/1768 Robert MURREL Single   Mary HUNN Single  
15 09/10/1769 Samuel KNOWLES Single Hunworth Mary ROUSE Single  
16 12/10/1770 Samuel PAINTER Single   Mary BELL Single  
17 24/12/1770 Edmund BAMBRIDGE Single Stody Frances MEAD Single  
18 01/06/1772 Francis HARLING Widower St Augustine, Norwich Barbara RICE Single  
19 08/08/1774 Kittwood HALL Single   Elizabeth HARDY Single  
20 27/09/1775 Richard COCK Single   Hannah HUNN Single  
21 09/10/1775 William BLOG Single   Susannah FINCHAM Single  
22 31/10/1775 Joshua PAGE Single Briston Elizabeth BUNTING Single  
23 21/01/1777 Thomas Waller ENGLAND Single   Sarah GRIGGS Single  
24 06/08/1777 Edward BUNTING Single   Henrietta Maria GRESHAM Single Briston
25 28/11/1777 James POINTING Single   Margaret GAY Single  
26 11/10/1780 John WITHERS Single   Martha PRESS Single  
27 11/10/1780 John HAGON Single   Mary PRESS Single  
28 19/10/1781 Thomas RAYNER Widower   Upley PERKINS Single  
29 09/06/1782 William SUTTIN Single Saxthorpe Eleanor PORTER Single  
30 02/10/1783 John HUNN Single   Mary LOCKSMITH Single  
31 27/12/1783 John BAKER Single   Sarah HARDY Single  
33 20/10/1784 William MOORE Single Swanton Novers Elizabeth ELVES Single  
34 28/02/1785 Thomas RUST Widower Hindolveston Anne RICHES Widow  
35 04/04/1785 Richard HARMAN Single Melton Constable Mary OLIVER Single  
36 09/05/1785 Robert PURDY Widower   Susanna HOOKE Single  
37 17/10/1785 John RYE Single Brisley Ann GAY Single  
38 16/12/1785 William DAGLESS Single   Elizabeth DENNIS Single  
39 06/03/1786 John WATERSON Single   Mary BUNTING Single  
40 11/10/1786 Thomas WRAGG Single   Mary COLMAN Single  
41 10/03/1788 Henry POYNTING Single   Elizabeth PURDY Single  
42 10/11/1789 James CLARK Single   Elizabeth COLMAN Single  
43 11/10/1792 George COLMAN Single   Anne BRAMBLE Single  
44 27/11/1792 Thomas SUMER Single   Elizabeth WILLIAMSON Single  
45 06/12/1792 Nicholas DAGLESS Single   Susannah FICKLING Single  
47 12/12/1795 John LOCKSMITH Single   Mary BARNES Single  
48 01/11/1796 John PLEASANCE   Gunthorpe Mary ANTHONY Single  
49 16/05/1797 John SMITH Single   Rebecca HARDY Single  
50 17/06/1797 William ANTHONY Single   Elizabeth GREENGRASS Single  
51 10/04/1798 Michael PURDY Single   Frances BULLEN Single  
52 29/11/1798 Robert LOCKSMITH Single   Elizabeth BUNTING    
53 31/03/1801 John SANDS Single Gunthorpe Elizabeth TURNER Single  
54 18/10/1802 John HOWARD Single Sharrington Anne BLOGG Single  
55 25/07/1803 John POINTING Single   Eleanor TUCK Single  
56 08/08/1803 John ELVES Widower   Mary FULLER Single  
57 16/04/1805 James CHESTER Single Gunthorpe Martha BURWICK    
58 05/11/1805 Daniel PLATTEN Single   Esther TURNER Single  
59 20/12/1805 William MOORE Single   Sarah HAGON Single  
60 28/04/1807 Thomas HAGON Single   Elizabeth MOORE Single  
61 12/10/1808 Joseph BAMBRIDGE Widower   Susannah DOUBTY Widow  
62 24/08/1809 George GOOCH Single Harpley Sarah WALLER Single  
63 10/09/1809 William BUNTING Single   Hariot BAMBRIDGE Single  
64 02/10/1810 Jonathan LANDYMORE Single Swanton Novers Bridget BRERETON Single  
65 31/01/1811 John MARIS Single Swanton Morley Bridget TURNER Widow  
66 06/02/1811 James NEAL Widower Stody Mary WAGG Widow  
67 19/03/1811 Robert MURRELL Single   Sarah WINN Single  
68 23/03/1812 Henry POINTIN Widower   Mary BUNTING Single  
69 12/10/1812 Samuel BECKET Single   Elizabeth POINTEN Single  
1 18/01/1814 William RUST Single   Ellen CLARKE Single  
2 22/02/1814 Thomas HUDSON Single Briston Susanna BAILEY Single  
3 10/01/1815 John KEELER Widower   Elen POINTER Widow  
4 17/01/1815 John England FISHER Single   Tabitha DROSIER Single  
5 08/08/1815 William COLMAN Widower   Sarah WARNES Single  
6 27/12/1815 James BUNTING Single   Emily WARNES Single  
7 19/06/1817 James MIDDLETON Single   Elizabeth DOUGHTY Single  
8 20/11/1817 William DAPLING Single   Ellen OLLY Single  
9 19/03/1819 James WAKEFIELD Single   Emily HIPPERSON Single  
10 15/02/1821 John OLIVER Single   Elizabeth OLLEY Single  
11 02/08/1821 William NEALE Single Stody Hannah BUNTING Single  
12 11/04/1822 Mark WATERSON Single Sharrington Elizabeth FULLER Single  
13 11/04/1822 John FULLER Single   Mary SMITH Single  
14 04/07/1822 William HOWMAN Single Brinton Maria HOOKE Single  
15 25/12/1823 Josiah TURNER Single   Martha OLLEY Single  
16 25/10/1825 James GIDNEY Single   Esther STROULGER Single  
17 03/11/1825 John MOORE Single   Mary MOORE Single  
18 14/05/1826 Richard DROZIER Single   Sarah MOORE Widow  
19 17/08/1826 Joseph COLMAN Single St Marylebone, Middlesex Sarah LOCKSMITH Single  
20 15/01/1828 Edward WOODGET Single   Susanna LOYNES    
21 03/08/1828 James WAKEFIELD Widower   Mary CLARKE Single  
22 16/03/1829 John DUGDALE Single   Ann WARNES Single  
24 26/01/1830 William HOWE Single   Ann BUCK Single  
25 13/04/1830 Christopher OLLEY Single   Esther BUNTING Single  
26 01/08/1830 Edmund MELTON Single   Martha POINTEN Single  
27 01/11/1830 John POINTER Single   Ann MASSINGHAM Single  
28 10/04/1831 Henry CLARK Single   Hannah REYNOLDS Single  
29 26/11/1831 Henry MOY Single   Mary Ann BUNTING Single  
30 17/01/1832 Thomas Ockly SNELLING Single St Peter Parmentergate, Norwich Esther TURNER Single  
31 11/03/1832 John WIGG Single   Dorothy LOCKSMITH Single  
32 25/07/1832 Robert BOLTER Widower Swanton Novers Judith FRIER Single  
33 09/10/1832 Marshall BUNN Single   Ann POINTEN Single  
34 18/12/1833 Timothy WINN Single   Alice WEB   Hindringham
35 20/01/1834 Robert Thurston LOYNES Single Wells Next The Sea Mary Anne BUNTING Single  
36 01/12/1834 David CATCHPOLE Single   Mary MOORE Widow  
37 18/02/1835 Porter PAYNE Single   Mary RANDELL Single  
38 04/04/1835 John BUNN Single   Lucy PARKER Single  
39 08/05/1835 William CLARK Single   Susanna WEST Single  
40 15/02/1836 Benjamin DUNTON Single Melton Constable Eliza BAILEY    
41 31/03/1836 James BRANCH   St Paul, Norwich Caroline LOCKSMITH    
42 22/04/1836 James BARWICK Single   Susan CLARK    
43 24/12/1836 James BUNTING Single   Ann SAVAGE Single  

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