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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Broome St Michael


The Parish

The parish of Broome lies in the extreme southeast of Norfolk, indeed it forms, separated by the Waveney, part of the border with neighbouring Suffolk. Broom is located about 2 miles northeast of the Suffolk market town of Bungay and sits on the A143 road which parallels the Norfolk/Suffolk border connecting Diss with Great Yarmouth. Broome is a rather linear village mostly built along the old route of the A143 (the modern road now skirts the village to its south). Broome, like most parishes in Norfolk, would have been a farming community, it did, however, benefit from being on the edge of the Waveney's floodplain which brought pastoral grazing on those marshes as well as the usual arable farming regime of Norfolk. The Waveney drains the parish eastwards reaching the North Sea through the port of Great Yarmouth. Broome is sited at just 5 metres above the sea, in its valley setting it is lower than much of the land which rises gently to the north to reach local heights of just 25 metres on Spinks Hill. Broome parish was typically sized for eastern Norfolk, it covered just over 1,400 acres and would have supported a population in the region of 600 parishioners. In Domesday times Broome had three landholders, the largest share being in the hands of Bury St Edmunds Abbey, a smaller portion with Robert son of Corbucion and a tiny holding for Roger Bigot, collectively the parish could offer 11 ploughs, meadows & woodlands, more profitable assets were 2 mills and a share in a fishery.

The Church

St Michael's church sits almost a mile to the north of the main centre of property accessed by a footpath heading north from Rectory Road on Spinks Hill. Outwardly the church is a fairly typical example of a Perpendicular Norfolk church but Pevsner points out some fine details which show an earlier origin. Features of the 13th century show in the chancel where some unusual shafting and a single window show motifs of the Early English Gothic period, whilst the priest's doorway and other windows are from a century later. The church, however, was clearly significantly rebuilt in the Perpendicular style of the 15th. Documentary evidence shows the tower being built in 1431 and this date fits the style of the nave too. Like most churches a Victorian restoration took place, in this case in the 1860s resulting in today's building. From the junction of Rectory Road and Church Lane a footpath, unsurfaced but driveable lead to a parking area to the west of the church and a gravel path leads into the churchyard. Whilst trees surround the churchyard they are restricted to the edges and lead to few impediments to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 10th May 1756 - 10th November 1812 Norfolk Record Office Bishop's and Archdeacon's Transcripts on loose-leaf folios Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads Sadly the register covering 1754 to 1812 does not survive, these records were retrieved form combining the BTs and ATs which survive. Coverage is incomplete and some marriages are lost to history as a result. The usual quality issues with such records are also present and may result in one or two misreads
2 15th February 1813 - 27th February 1837 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD 303/6 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Fading and poor handwriting may result in one or two misreads

Thwaite by Loddon St Mary
Thwaite by Loddon St Mary
Kirby Cane All Saints
Ditchingham St Mary
Ellingham St Mary
Ditchingham St Mary
Mettingham All Saints, Suffolk
Mettingham All Saints, Suffolk

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
10/05/1756 Thomas PIGGOTT Single Harlow, Essex Ann MINGAY Single  
14/12/1756 John RANNACLES Single   Ann COAGLES Single  
21/02/1757 John SHALL Single   Susan SMITH Single  
02/12/1757 William MARCH Single   Mary NORMAN Single  
17/05/1758 Philip BRYANT Single   Ann HUSEN Single  
20/09/1759 Charles CHAPMAN Single St Andrew, Norwich Mary DAY Single  
07/12/1759 John YOUNGMAN Single   Harriet PUNCHARD Single South Elmham St Cross, Suffolk
21/01/1760 William HONEYWOOD Widower St Mary, Bungay, Suffolk Ann BROWN Single  
13/09/1761 James RAYNER Single   Ann ROYALL Single  
25/12/1761 Philip BLAKE Single   Susan CUNNINGHAM Single  
12/04/1762 Stephen WEEDS Widower   Thomasin BARRIT Widow  
12/10/1763 Thomas ALLINTON Single   Susanna KING Widow Langham
24/04/1764 James HUREY Single Mendham, Suffolk Susanna SQUIRE Single  
21/01/1765 Abraham LANE Single   Elizabeth BIRD Single  
18/02/1765 Robert HOLLAND Single   Elizabeth HOLLAND Single  
07/05/1765 John FOURTH Widower   Dianah D'EYE Single  
10/10/1766 John SPENCER Single Ditchingham Winifred SMITH Single  
10/08/1769 William HOGG Single   Ann BROWNE Single  
08/06/1770 Benjamin HOWARD Single Strumpshaw Rebecca BIRD Single  
26/09/1770 Thomas RAVEN Single   Ann SMITH Single  
11/12/1770 Richard ELDEN Single Thurlton Elizabeth ELDEN Single  
31/03/1771 Wilkes FOX Single   Jemima STAFF Single  
05/10/1771 Thomas PUTTOCK Single   Elizabeth UTTEN Single  
12/12/1771 John GAVEN Single   Ann SIMONDS Single  
05/03/1772 Nathaniel YALLOP Single Framingham Pigot Ann CURL Single  
22/06/1772 John HOGG Single   Elizabeth FULLER Single  
03/06/1773 John RICHES Single Earsham Hannah BOATWRIGHT Single  
27/07/1773 William HOGG Widower   Susanna GALL Single  
03/08/1773 John PAGE Widower Ellingham Mary SIMS Single  
09/08/1773 Thomas GIBBS Single   Lidia CHIPPERFIELD Single  
29/08/1773 Joseph COLLINS Single   Elizabeth GROOM Single  
10/10/1773 Noah CULLEY Single   Ann JUNIPER Single  
25/09/1774 Anthony CRISP Single Loddon Mary SNOWLING Single  
04/08/1775 Joshua CASE Single   Mary PALMER    
25/09/1775 Thomas BEATS Single   Ester KENNEY Single  
15/10/1775 Michael OWENS Single Thwaite By Loddon Mary BURGESS Single  
08/01/1776 William TODD Single Mendham, Suffolk Sarah STANNARD Single  
20/02/1776 William BOATWRIGHT Single   Mary WATSON Single  
05/06/1776 Stephen FISHER Single   Margaret BRIANTON Single  
20/11/1778 John FARRATT Single   Hannah TROWSE Single  
04/04/1779 Simon RAVEN Single   Mary LEGGET Single  
19/10/1779 Benjamin RAVEN Widower   Bridget GAY Widow  
02/11/1779 Robert BROWNE Widower   Mary SNOWLAN Widow  
11/11/1779 Philip DYKES Single Eye, Suffolk Susan FARR Single  
21/03/1780 John GARTH Single Thwaite By Loddon Elizabeth SMITH Single  
13/04/1780 William RAVEN Single   Hannah EDWARDS Single  
18/09/1780 Charles COWLES Single   Mary REEVE Single  
08/02/1781 Thomas BODHAM Single   Ann LENNY Single  
04/05/1781 John SNOWLIN Single   Sarah RAVEN Single  
18/11/1781 Benjamin COLE Single   Anne HALLCOTT Single  
08/01/1782 John DRANE Widower   Susannah DEAN Single  
08/04/1782 Robert MICKLEBOROUGH     Sarah STANNARD    
15/09/1782 William FARRETT     Sarah FOULGER    
02/12/1782 Thomas ELLIS     Mary FREESTONE    
24/12/1784 William GIBBONS Single   Susannah MICKLEBURGH Single  
08/05/1785 John GIBBONS Single   Susannah BULLMAN Single  
24/10/1785 Francis CRICKMORE Single   Mary FOULGER Single  
24/04/1786 Robert SMITH Widower   Catharine GODBOULT Single  
17/06/1788 Jonathan HUNT Single   Susannah COYLS Single  
08/12/1788 William MICKLEBURGH Single   Hannah DRANE Single  
14/01/1789 Benjamin SILVERSTONE Widower   Mary BULTITUDE Widow  
16/03/1789 James Butcher BURROUGHES Single Burlingham St Peter Christabell NEGUS Single  
14/05/1790 Daniel SUMMONS Single   Jane WATSON Single  
23/06/1790 George BIRCHAM Single Ellingham Rebecca BRIANT Single  
02/03/1792 William HUNT Single   Phoebe CLAXTON Single  
11/05/1792 John THROWER Single Holy Trinity, Bungay, Suffolk Mary HEAVERS Single  
30/10/1792 Francis SCARLET Single   Lydia KILLINGTON Single  
25/09/1794 Robert DAVY Single Holy Trinity, Bungay, Suffolk Sarah CRABTREE Single  
24/02/1795 Manning SAYER Single Thwaite By Loddon Elizabeth CRABTREE Single  
19/10/1795 Silvanus SMITH Single Melton, Suffolk Elizabeth WHITE Single  
21/10/1795 James KENNY Single Beccles, Suffolk Lydia JOHNSON Single  
26/10/1795 Daniel SMITH Single   Ann SIMONDS Single  
13/12/1796 Charles FROST Single   Lydia HANNAT Single  
13/02/1797 John FARHEAD Widower   Sarah BUTCHER Single  
27/03/1797 Matthew BANHAM Single Earsham Amy POINTER Single  
28/09/1797 Joseph CASELTON Single Thurlton Mary BISHOP Single  
25/03/1799 William GUTRIDGE Single   Elizabeth FISHER Single  
19/08/1799 John WANT Single   Charlotte DOWSON Single  
03/09/1801 William BRIANT Single   Bridget RAVEN Single  
08/09/1801 William LIGHTLING Single   Jane CUTTS Single  
05/01/1802 John LAWN Single   Sarah ALDRIDGE Single  
11/11/1802 John WESGATE Widower   Mary ALDER Widow  
06/12/1802 Samuel YOUNGS Single   Sarah FAIRHEAD Single  
11/04/1803 John HOLLAND Single   Elizabeth BRYANT Single  
16/11/1803 Charles STEWARD Single   Sarah YALLOP Single  
24/02/1804 James BARKER Single   Maria TIBNAM Single  
08/01/1805 Benjamin CHAPMAN Single   Mary WESGATE Single  
08/01/1805 Charles CHAPMAN Single   Elizabeth GRICE Single Loddon
25/07/1806 Robert DUNNETT Single Ellingham Mary CATCHPOLE Single  
19/01/1807 George CARVER Single   Susanna FARRETT Single  
13/10/1807 William COX Single Loddon Happiah JOURDAN Single  
01/01/1808 James BUCK Single   Ann CRABTREE Single  
18/01/1808 John SMITH Single   Hannah LAWN Single  
01/03/1808 William BALLS Widower Ellingham Ann BOOTS Single  
13/10/1808 John LAWN Widower   Martha CLARKE Single  
07/08/1809 Jonathan EASTAUGH Single   Mary BROWN Widow  
13/10/1810 James PAGE Single   Mary DUNNANT Single Blofield
14/10/1810 James TODD Single   Elizabeth HOLLAND Widow  
13/12/1810 Benjamin SPILLING Single   Maria NORMAN Single  
28/06/1812 James BOLTON Single   Mary MAYES Single  
14/09/1812 James HOLLAND Widower   Susanna FARRER Widow  
10/11/1812 Benjamin GRIMMER Single   Elizabeth CRICKMER Single  
1 15/02/1813 Thomas PRESS Single   Mary SMITH Single  
2 11/11/1813 Samuel SADD Single   Mary Ann EDGINGS Single  
3 12/10/1814 John TAYLOR Single   Susan BAKER Single  
4 18/10/1814 James MARGEROM Single Carlton Colville, Suffolk Susanna BUCK Single  
5 23/02/1815 James Eldon DUTSON Single   Sarah BIRCHAM Single  
6 22/07/1816 Henry SCARLE Single   Sarah DAY Single  
7 18/11/1816 William HAYES Single   Martha CHUSHINGS Widow  
8 09/12/1816 William TAYLOR Single   Elizabeth CLARK Single  
9 28/12/1816 James MAYES Single   Harriett FENN Single  
10 16/08/1817 William LARK Single   Sarah HOW Single  
11 29/12/1817 Manning CALVER Single   Phebe PERFECT Single  
12 23/03/1818 William Cooper ABLE Single   Elizabeth MICKLEBURGH Single  
13 11/07/1818 James VARVEL Single   Mary Anne SPEEN Single  
14 20/09/1819 Jonathan BATCHELDER Single Hedenham Maria BARBER Single  
15 24/12/1819 William KENT Single   Jemima MINNS Single  
16 24/12/1819 James MINNS Single   Mary RENDLESOM Single  
17 24/10/1820 Robert POUTCHER Single   Priscilla LAMBERT Single  
18 05/12/1820 William SHIRLEY Single   Elizabeth POWELL Single  
19 22/01/1821 John KING Widower   Honor GOATES Single  
20 19/03/1821 James BROCK Single Denton Mary SIMONDS Single  
21 08/07/1821 Thomas TURNER   Southwold, Suffolk Elizabeth PERFECT Single  
22 26/03/1822 Thomas UPTON Single   Mary FREEMAN Single  
23 04/06/1822 Roger WILLSON Widower   Frances ELSEGOOD Widow  
24 03/12/1823 John SMITH Widower   Hannah BEEVOR Widow  
25 29/04/1824 Henry Bush BROCK Single   Mary STARLING Single  
26 02/06/1824 John BRANTON Single   Eliza BECKET Single  
27 25/12/1824 Benjamin BURTON Single Halvergate Sarah RUNNICLES Widow  
28 02/04/1825 Benjamin GOFF Single   Susan HUKE   North Cove, Suffolk
29 14/06/1825 John Henry WANT Single   Charlotte THROWER Single  
30 12/10/1825 John BAKER Single   Rebecca CURLEY Single  
31 25/12/1826 Philip SEAMONS Single   Mary FRANCIS Single  
32 09/01/1827 James YOUNG Single Burnham Westgate Frances Letitia BRIDGMAN Single  
33 01/01/1828 William MYALL Single   Charlotte RENDLESOME Single  
34 09/06/1828 Robert SMITH Widower   Elizabeth HANNER Single  
35 26/08/1828 George BRAINTON Single   Harriet HOLLAND Single  
36 12/10/1828 James CLEMPSON Single   Anne PERFECT Single  
37 01/12/1828 William FRANCIS Single   Eliza FRANCES Single  
38 23/02/1829 Benjamin FARRANT Widower Great Yarmouth Sarah RAYNER Single  
39 14/05/1829 David MINNS Single   Mary COPPER Single  
40 20/10/1829 Samuel CALVER Single   Susan BULLOCK Single Beccles, Suffolk
41 04/11/1829 William MYALL Widower   Ann LAWN Single  
42 21/12/1829 Daniel HARVY Single   Bridget BRIANTON Widow  
43 02/02/1830 Joseph MILLS Single   Jemima PUTTOCK Single  
44 23/08/1830 Henry HUNT Single   Mary HARPER Widow Ditchingham
45 19/11/1830 John PALMER Widower   Harriet BARKER   Ellingham
46 21/11/1830 John SMITH Single   Charlotte JOHNSON Single  
47 30/11/1830 Richard BORRETT Single   Elizabeth LING Single  
48 30/10/1831 William MILLS Single   Mary Ann RUMSBY Widow  
49 14/11/1831 Samuel CARVER Single   Hannah BORRETT Single  
50 10/01/1832 John FLAXMAN Widower   Phoebe LARNER Widow  
51 23/01/1832 Samuel GUTTERIDGE Single   Kezia CUBITT Single  
52 13/10/1832 Henry MICKLEBURGH Single   Sarah DRANE Single  
53 12/05/1833 Jabez PERFECT Single   Ann REMBRANTS Single  
54 28/11/1833 Benjamin PRESS Single   Maria LARNER Single  
55 17/02/1834 Henry FISK Single   Charlotte SPILLING Single  
56 10/04/1834 William PITCHES Single Kirby Cane Hannah LARNER Single  
57 07/07/1834 George GOSLING Single Earsham Harriet LAWN Single  
58 26/01/1835 William CRAWFOOT Single   Mary MOORE Single  
59 09/02/1835 Wace Lockett MINDHAM Single St Gregory, Norwich Laura BRIDGMAN Single  
60 09/02/1835 Samuel LODGE Single   Sophia THORPE Single  
61 06/04/1835 William PLUMMER Single   Charlotte THORPE Single  
62 03/05/1835 John MILLS Single St Julian, Norwich Jane MOORE Single  
63 23/06/1835 Edward REMBLANCE Single   Rachel PERFECT Single  
64 28/07/1835 John WHITUP Single   Elizabeth BORRETT Widow  
65 16/08/1835 Henry GILLINGWATER Single   Hannah HATEN Single  
66 11/01/1836 George SADD Single   Mary Ann MICKLEBURGH Single  
67 24/05/1836 Hyam PAGE Single   Mary SCARLE Single  
68 23/10/1836 James KENT Single   Harriet WRIGHT Single  
69 30/10/1836 Horace HOLLAND Single   Mary Ann BLAKE Single  
70 27/02/1837 Samuel BRYANT Single   Mary Ann BUGGS Single  

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