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Burnham Deepdale St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Burnham Deepdale lies in the northwest of Norfolk, indeed it forms a part of Norfolk's northern North Sea coast. Burnham Deepdale lies about 2 miles northwest of the small market town of Burnham Market and sits on the A149 coastal road which connects Hunstanton with Wells next the Sea. Burnham Deepdale sits on the edges of Norfolk's extensive coastal saltmarshes, an area protected by the island of Scolt Head, incidentally "owned" by Burnham Norton and thus preventing Burnham Deepdale from having a more extensive portion of the coastline. Burnham Deepdale's economy would have been a mixture of land-based arable farming with pastures on the higher marshes together with marine-based fishing, wildfowling and shell fishing. Today the area is very much a touristy one with wildlife enthusiasts drawn by the birds and hikers following the Norfolk Coastal Trail which passes through the village. As a coastal settlement Burnham Deepdale is drained by numerous muddy creeks to the nearby North Sea. Burnham Deepdale is sited at just 4 metres above the sea, barely keeping its feet dry, land rises behind the village to the south to reach almost 70 metres on Deepdale Downs and similar areas. Like many parishes in Norfolk Burnham Deepdale covered a small area of just over 1,000 acres, it would have supported a population of around 100 parishioners. In Domesday times Burnham Deepdale was a tiny place, of a single plough, in the hands of Roger Bigot.

The Church

St Mary's church sits on the edge of the saltmarshes and to the north of the A149 in the heart of the village. The presence of a round tower is usually indicative of an early church and in this case Pevsner dates it to the pre-Conquest period making it one of Norfolk's earliest surviving churches. Also early, but late 12th century, is the northern doorway whereas the northern arcade is 14th century. Most of the fenestration dates from replacement during the 15th century and is in the Perpendicular style. Similarly a typical Victorian restoration, in this case in the 1870s, also changed much of the fabric. St Mary's piece de resistance and worth a visit in its own right, however, is internal to the church; the Norman font from the early 12th century showing the 12 labours of the months is a celebrated piece and a rare survival from that ancient time. There is a small parking area to the west of the church which sits behind a knee-height flint & brick wall with a wooden gateway granting access to a churchyard which has few obstacles for photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 18th May 1755 - 12th October 1812 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD346/4 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 23rd March 1813 - 2nd March 1837 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD346/5 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Brancaster St Mary
Burnham Norton St Margaret
Brancaster St Mary
Burnham Norton St Margaret
Brancaster St Mary
Burnham Westgate St Mary the Virgin
Burnham Ulph and Sutton All Saints
Burnham Westgate St Mary the Virgin

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 18/05/1755 Robert MILES     Jane LANGLEY    
2 04/12/1755 Edmund FRAMINGHAM     Ann LAWRENCE   Brancaster
3 17/10/1756 John SUGGETT     Mary PALMER    
4 09/05/1757 Robert MILES     Margaret ROYTHORNE    
5 17/05/1757 Edward JONES     Susanna WALKER    
6 19/02/1760 Thomas FOX Widower   Mary MILES Single  
7 30/09/1760 Robert TAYLOR Single Burnham Westgate Rebecca FRAMINGHAM Single  
8 22/09/1761 Joseph DOWDEY Single   Mary MONIMENT Single  
9 10/01/1762 Robert PICKAREL Single   Jane COMB Single  
10 20/09/1762 Thomas PORTER Single   Susan MITCHELL Single  
11 17/02/1765 John BALLARD Single   Margaret COLLS Single  
12 10/06/1765 Charles CREMER Widower Brancaster Jane MILES Widow  
13 27/06/1765 Thomas SCOTT Single   Elizabeth CRISP Single  
14 19/11/1765 Bejamin SHEALES Single   Lucy LANGLY Single  
15 10/10/1766 John RICE Single   Margaret SAVORY Single  
16 06/02/1767 William MONIMENT     Ann OVERTON    
17 04/04/1769 Thomas FOX Widower   Mary BELL Single  
18 19/05/1769 William MELTON Single   Ann SPOONER Single  
19 23/08/1770 James MILES Single   Elizabeth SHELDRAKE Single Brancaster
20 01/04/1771 William HUTCHINSON Single   Deborah MITCHELL Single  
21 10/09/1771 William OAKE Widower   Susan WATSON Single  
22 13/04/1772 John WATSON Single   Ann GREEVES Single  
23 20/04/1772 John BILLING   Burnham Ulph And Sutton Frances SHALES Single  
24 29/06/1772 Robert SHELDRAKE Single Brancaster Rose JORDAN Single  
25 22/04/1774 John MAYES Single   Ann SHEALES Single  
26 10/10/1774 William CURZON Single   Susan SMITH Single  
27 24/01/1775 William DUNTON Single   Mary SHELDRAM Single  
28 06/02/1776 Edward JONES Widower   Susan PORTER Widow  
29 31/03/1777 William MONIMENT Single Ringstead Elizabeth PARNELL Single  
30 20/10/1777 Thomas SPOONER Single   Elizabeth OAK Single  
31 28/07/1779 Edmund MONIMENT Single   Alice WARD Single  
32 01/02/1780 Abel DAWS Single   Susan OAK Single  
33 14/02/1780 Robert MILES Single   Frances OAK Single  
34 16/01/1781 Robert OAK Single   Ann MAYES Widow  
35 28/05/1782 Samuel LANE Widower   Mary WALLARD Widow Brancaster
36 26/05/1783 Samuel DIBALL Single   Ann FOX Single  
37 08/12/1783 Robert GREAVES Single   Elizabeth MAN Single  
38 04/02/1784 Robert ORSTICK Single   Margaret OAK Single  
39 27/12/1784 William BLOYE Widower   Margaret BUCK Single  
40 21/09/1785 Valentine GATES Widower Brancaster Mary DUNTON Widow  
41 17/11/1785 William TODD Single Burnham Norton Sarah WELLS Single  
42 16/09/1786 Simon CHILVERS Widower   Frances MILES Widow  
43 25/07/1787 Henry FOX Single   Amy STUDD Single  
44 01/08/1787 Daniel CHAPMAN Single   Elizabeth LANE Single  
45 16/01/1788 Langley CREMER Single   Alice MURREL Single Thornham
46 10/06/1788 Samuel MURRELL Single   Mary SHELTRAM Single  
46 28/07/1788 John CHILVIS Single   Ann BATLEY Single  
47 30/10/1788 John SPOONER Single   Susan DAWSON Widow  
48 20/11/1788 John BELL Single   Mary MURRELL Single  
49 20/08/1789 Edmund BATTERLY Single Brancaster Elizabeth RAVEN Single  
50 29/12/1789 Richard WAGG Single   Mary GATES Widow  
50 17/04/1797 Robert GREAVES Widower   Dorothy OAK Single  
51 06/01/1798 James FISH Widower   Ann WARNES Single  
52 20/06/1798 Thomas BULLOCK Single Docking Mary MELTON Single  
53 16/12/1800 James DENT Widower   Margaret RICE Widow  
54 09/11/1802 George FOX Single   Mary DAVISON Single  
55 23/11/1802 Shepherd RAWLING Single Thornham Elizabeth RICE Single  
56 26/09/1803 Thomas PURDY Single Weasenham All Saints Elizabeth OVERMAN Single  
57 29/11/1803 George JARY Single Burnham Overy Mary BELLAMY Single Brancaster
58 03/04/1804 Robert WINTERBONE Single Docking Alice MELTON Single  
59 06/11/1804 Shepherd RAWLING Widower   Sarah WEST Single  
60 21/11/1805 William HOLIDAY Single   Mary MURRELL Widow  
61 28/01/1806 Thomas MILES Widower   Ann FISH Widow  
62 02/04/1807 Thomas William FORSTER Single Brancaster Jane BELLAMY Single Brancaster
63 26/05/1807 Edward EARL Single   Mary COOK Single  
64 16/11/1807 Robert HUBBARD Single   Sarah SMITH Single  
65 07/12/1807 Robert GREAVES Widower   Elizabeth RINGWOOD Widow  
66 13/06/1809 Thomas MELTON Single   Elizabeth MUNSER Single  
67 18/12/1809 Isaac HERN Single   Phoebe CHILVERS Single  
68 12/10/1812 John SPOONER Widower   Rose FAIRCLOTH Single  
1 23/03/1813 John BARRETT Single   Sarah MELTON Single  
2 02/10/1813 William CHILVERS Single   Susan RICHES Single  
3 18/10/1813 John MITCHELL Single   Lucy MELTON Single  
4 22/10/1813 John SKERRY Single   Sarah HUDSON Single  
5 24/01/1814 Thomas HALL Widower   Frances ALLCOCK Single  
6 16/02/1814 Law SIMMS Single Brancaster Jane HUMPHREY Widow Brancaster
7 23/08/1814 Robert RAVEN Widower Brancaster Rose SPOONER Widow  
8 07/03/1816 Robert JICKLING Single   Jane GRIMES Single  
9 20/10/1816 Thomas FAIRCLOTH Single   Elizabeth SPOONER Single  
10 11/11/1817 James HURN Single Wells Next The Sea Jane MILES Single  
11 05/01/1818 James TWITE Single   Mary DENNIS Single  
12 07/01/1818 John COOK Single Brancaster Frances CHAPMAN Single  
13 08/04/1818 Hercules YAXLEY Widower   Mary DIGGINS Single  
14 11/05/1818 William SMITH Single   Elizabeth GRIMES Single  
15 22/09/1818 William PAINTER Single   Mary BATTERBY Single  
16 14/10/1822 Thomas DENNIS Single   Anne BOND Single  
17 09/11/1824 William BLIGH Single   Martha SMITH Single  
18 16/10/1826 Samuel SPOONER Widower   Margaret STRINGER Widow  
19 15/10/1827 William NEWELL Single   Mary MITCHELL Single  
20 23/11/1827 James LANGLEY   Brancaster Lucy FOX    
21 24/06/1828 Robert JICKLING Widower   Rebecca GATES Single  
22 05/02/1829 Jonas HOWARD Widower Brancaster Margaret MATSELL Widow  
23 15/02/1830 Myers CLARK Single   Mary HUBBARD Single  
24 12/10/1830 William RAVEN Single Brancaster Phoebe LARGE Single  
25 24/01/1831 John CURSON Single   Susannah TWITE Widow  
26 04/05/1831 Robert BOND Single   Susanna EVETTES Single  
27 09/11/1831 James WHITE Single Saxthorpe Mary Anne SIMMONDS Single Brancaster
28 14/05/1832 William BARNES Single   Anna PEPYS Widow  
29 04/03/1833 Edward EARL Single Brancaster Mary WARNES Single  
30 17/06/1833 Robert HUDSON Widower Brancaster Susanna GRAVER Single  
31 11/11/1833 Frederic BARNES Single Brancaster Sarah WHITING Single  
32 11/04/1835 John GRAVES Single   Mary Anne HAWES Single  
33 02/03/1837 William ALLEN Single Brancaster Mary BARNES Single  

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