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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Catfield All Saints


The Parish

The parish of Catfield lies in eastern Norfolk not too far from its eastern North Sea coast. Catfield is located roughly 8 miles southeast of the market town of North Walsham and sits immediately west of the present A149 road (this formerly ran through Catfield but is now bypassing to its east) which connects Cromer with the port of Great Yarmouth. Catfield is a fairly large village with most properties lying along the former route of the A149, the village has expanded markedly in modern times. Catfield lies in Norfolk's Broadland sitting upon a narrow neck of slightly higher ground between Barton & Hickling Broads, this position gave it a more varied farming landscape than was the case for many Norfolk parishes, historical gazetteers place the arable content at only 60% of the acreage the remainder being set to pasture, marshland and open water. Modern developments came and went from Catfield, the Midland & Great Northern Railway line between North Walsham & Great Yarmouth being now the new route of the A149. Catfield is drained by a combination of the Ant & Thurne rivers which join the Bure to the south, all make their way to the North Sea via the Yare & the port of Great Yarmouth. Catfield is sited at just 5 metres above the sea and land is below 10 metres for many a mile. Catfield parish was fairly typically sized for Norfolk, covering just under 2,400 acres it would have supported a population of close to 650 parishioners. In Domesday times Catfield was a substantial holding, shared with Roger Bigot the major partner and Count Alan of Brittany having a small share the collective assets mounted to an impressive 24 ploughs, meadows & woodland, a mill and a half share in a salthouse making for a profitable holding indeed.

The Church

All Saints' church sits slightly away from the village adjacent to the ground of the eponymous Catfield Hall, a little over a quarter mile southwest of the main part of the village. The church is a fairly typical example of a Norfolk 14th century church begun in the early part of the century in the Decorated style and completed towards the end in a Perpendicular style which superceded. The western tower is the early portion, indeed it shows lancet-style windows to its ringing chamber, a relic of the even earlier Early English Gothic motifs. The windows of the nave and chancel show an alternating pattern of Decorated & Perpendicular styles, a curious feature perhaps a product of later restorations than a confusing build time series. A series of Victorian & later restorations have followed, roofs replace of nave in 1864, chancel in 1879 & aisles in 1913 whilst the tower was restored in both 1906 & 1973. Internally a set of late 14th century wall paintings, found following removal of white-wash are worth a look. The church sits at the junction of Church Road, running from the village, with Hall Road, a gravelled entrance drive allows a single car to get off-road. The churchyard, surrounded by a typical flint & brick wall is pierced by metal gates, the churchyard, unfortunately, has a few trees close to the southern side limiting the angles available for the photographer.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
16th May 1754 - 19th November 1812
Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD531/6
Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page
Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads
2 2nd March 1813 - 19th March 1837 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD531/7 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Fading of this register may result in one or two misreads

Barton Turf St Michael & All Angels
Sutton St Michael
Hickling St Mary
Barton Turf St Michael & All Angels
Irstead St Michael
Potter Heigham St Nicholas
Irstead St Michael
Ludham St Catherine
Potter Heigham St Nicholas

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
21/01/1754 Joseph THAXTER Single Elizabeth FABB Single
05/03/1754 William RISEBOROUGH Widower Mary BELL Widow
1 16/05/1754 Robert READ Widower Hannah WILLIS Widow
2 16/07/1754 Robert SYDNEY Widower Ann BOND Single Hempstead With Eccles
3 02/09/1754 Robert GREENSMITH Single Grace AMYAS Single
4 09/10/1754 Joseph HOWES Single Susanna CUBITT Single
5 20/10/1754 Robert KEMP Single Mary HOWSEGOE Single Neatishead
6 07/12/1754 William MACE Widower Worstead Mary HOWES Single
7 06/02/1755 John CRANE Single Potter Heigham Elizabeth CHAMBERLAIN Single
8 21/04/1755 Huggin PORSON Single East Ruston Anne PALMER Single
9 13/10/1755 Richard LOWND Widower Sarah FARROW Single
10 23/02/1756 Samuel TUTTEL Single Martha BULLOCK Single
11 18/02/1757 John GRAVENALL Single Anne HOWES Single
12 21/04/1757 Robert BECKETT Single Watlington Sarah BALLS Single
13 11/01/1759 Richard BALLS Single Harriot DONNE Single
14 10/04/1759 George RASDALE Single Anne THURSTON Single
15 26/09/1759 John HOWELL Single Ludham Sarah WARD Single
16 13/11/1759 Edward SMITH Single Mary MORTAR Single
17 16/04/1760 Richard HOWSE Single Mary BENSLEY Single
18 16/09/1760 John RADE Single Clementia HOWES Single
19 14/10/1760 Robert KEMP Single Mary PAGE Single
20 18/11/1760 Daniel GEDGE Single Phillis THOMPSON Single
21 11/12/1760 Mark NEAVE Widower Elizabeth WACEY Single
22 02/06/1761 Christopher HARBORD Single Mary READ Single
23 06/07/1761 Philip HOWES Widower Sarah WARD Single
24 10/08/1761 Solomon DOVE Single Mary RICHES Single
25 31/08/1761 Robert WITHERS Single Judith KEMP Single
26 13/10/1761 William COOPER Single Rollesby Mary BLOMFIELD Single
27 14/10/1761 Robert ALEXANDER Single Lessingham Mary JEWELL Single
28 04/01/1762 Thomas BOWMAN Widower Mary SWANTON Single
29 02/02/1762 Robert PRATT Widower Norwich Elizabeth CUBITT Single
30 13/04/1762 John HOWES Single Frances TUNGATE Single
31 13/04/1762 Edward HOWES Single Elizabeth GRIMMER Single
32 21/09/1762 John LACY Single Susan MILLS Single
33 13/10/1762 Benjamin GEE Single Stalham Anne THOMPSON Single
34 15/12/1762 Richard HOWES Widower Sarah NEAVE Single
35 21/06/1763 John BUGG Single Mary HOLLAND Single
36 09/08/1763 Robert KNIGHTS Mary COBB Winterton
37 17/10/1763 Matthew WILLIS Single Anne CRISP Single
38 13/12/1763 Richard DRAPER Single Kesiah NEAVE Single
39 26/12/1763 Solomon HENNANT Widower Miriam CROW Single
40 13/02/1764 Henry GILDEN Irstead Lydia HOWES
41 23/07/1764 Thomas BAYFIELD Single Lammas Mary GODFREY Single
42 12/08/1764 Robert SIDNEY Widower Sarah CUTT Widow Ingham
43 19/08/1764 Mark NEAVE Widower Sarah HARMER Single
44 07/11/1764 John CROW Single Anne BARDWELL Single
45 08/01/1765 John LIGHTFOOT Single North Walsham Anne CUBITT Single
46 21/03/1765 John JOHNSON Widower Ludham Catherine DONNE Single
47 05/11/1765 Samuel HOLL Single Ludham Anne CROW Single
48 10/11/1765 Edmund ABIGAIL Single Sarah BYGRAVE Single
49 06/04/1766 William PESTELL Single Elizabeth HOWES Single
50 17/04/1766 Matthew NEAVE Single Martha BOYCE Single
51 13/10/1766 John PESTLE Single Mary Anne ABIGAIL Single
52 17/12/1766 Samuel BUGG Single Anne HOLLAND Single
53 20/04/1767 Thomas TROREY Single Elizabeth WARD Single
54 25/07/1767 John CROW Widower Elizabeth COLMAN Single
55 09/11/1767 Clement WATSON Single Susan HOLLAND Single
56 10/11/1767 Robert MYHILL Widower Mary CROWE Single
57 07/12/1767 Matthew GEDGE Single Susanna THOMPSON Single
58 25/12/1767 William WATSON Single Mary CANN Single
59 25/01/1769 William MYHILL Single Elizabeth WATERS Single
60 27/05/1769 Thomas STAMP Single Susan BOYCE Single
61 12/06/1769 Gamaliel FAIR Great Yarmouth Frances HOLLAND
62 26/06/1769 Benjamin CROW Single Elizabeth ROGERS Single
63 27/06/1769 Simon ROGERS Single Susanna COX Single
64 16/01/1770 Jonathan FULCHER Single Mary Bird LOWGAR Single
65 15/04/1770 John BARBER Mary BEECH
66 14/05/1770 Thomas ABIGAIL Elizabeth SMITH
67 14/06/1770 Michael CALLOW Single Hannah RASDALE Single
68 10/07/1770 William BURTON Single Martha PRESTON Single
69 11/10/1770 John WRIGHT Single Hannah SALMON Single
70 11/10/1770 James HARDEN Single Mary DYBALL Single
71 12/02/1771 Thomas LACY Widower Margaret GIBBS Single
72 18/04/1771 John MYHILL Single Sarah DURRANT Single
73 20/04/1771 John GOODING Benhall, Suffolk Elizabeth DAINES
74 05/08/1771 Daniel GEDGE Widower Mary BOYSE Single
75 06/11/1771 Joseph LOWGER Single Elizabeth KEMP Single
76 22/11/1772 Robert FOX Single Elizabeth MYHILL Single
77 18/01/1773 William THOMPSON Single Mary TRORY Single
78 22/02/1773 William WOODROW Widower North Walsham Mary HOLLAND Widow
79 20/05/1773 John CROW Single Mary WATLER Single
80 02/10/1774 Jonathan AMYAS Single Mary ADKINS Single
81 25/10/1774 William PLATEN Single Worstead Mary WARD Single
82 14/02/1775 William SKOYLES Single Filby Elizabeth PRIOR Single
83 20/03/1775 Joseph JEFFRIES Single Elizabeth CHURCH Single
84 25/06/1775 Stephen HOWES Single Mary ROGERS Single
85 10/07/1775 William KEELER Single Roughton Eleanor BYGRAVE Single
86 29/01/1776 Giles WILKINS Single Neatishead Mary GEDGE Single
87 09/04/1776 George BELL Single Mary PAIN Single
88 15/04/1776 Edmund LITTLEBOY Single Elizabeth CODLING Single
89 07/07/1776 John RAMMONS Single Mary TEASDALE Single
90 23/09/1776 James MORRISON Single Mary KEELER Single Stalham
91 09/10/1776 William BUBBINS Single Happisburgh Roberta CROW Single
92 17/10/1776 James DOWNES Single Ludham Elizabeth PRATT Widow
93 25/12/1776 Samuel KEELER Single Sarah PYLE Single
94 25/02/1777 Abraham CALLOW Single Margaret TRORY Single
95 28/05/1777 Robert CROW Single Hannah BECK Single
96 01/07/1777 Edward FULLER Single Elizabeth HUGGINS Single
97 13/10/1777 Thomas LAWSON Single Great Massingham Elizabeth DAVY Single
98 14/10/1777 Robert TEASDLE Single Hannah WELLS Single
99 22/10/1777 Charles LONDON Single Mary ANDREWS Single
100 06/01/1778 James CLARKE Widower Sarah GAMBLE Single
101 23/02/1778 Thomas WINDES Single St Michael At Plea, Norwich Ann CROW Single
102 26/05/1778 William JAY Single Horning Sarah CUBITT Single
103 31/01/1779 Samuel BACON Single North Walsham Sarah LACY Single
104 27/04/1779 Joseph ARNOLD Single Irstead Martha KEMP Single
105 06/10/1779 Caleb TEASDLE Single Elizabeth HOWSE Single
106 26/10/1779 William MYHILL Single Ann CHASE Single
107 25/02/1781 Roger MACE Single Ann WRIGHT Single
108 28/05/1781 Edmund KNAPP Widower Strumpshaw Elizabeth STEWARD Single
109 16/10/1781 James WILKINS Widower Mary RICHES Single
110 17/10/1781 Robert PURDY Single Jane JEFFRIES Single
111 21/10/1781 Thomas STACKINGS Single Elizabeth CHASE Single
112 27/11/1781 John CROW Single Hickling Martha WELLS Single
113 04/03/1782 Henry PERKINS Single Coltishall Susan BOWMAN Single
114 23/06/1782 Nicholas GRAVENELL Single Ann LOWNDES Single
115 14/10/1782 William SPOONER Single Rackheath Rebecca JEFFRIES Single
116 18/12/1782 Benjamin BUGG Single Sarah MYHILL Single
117 25/12/1782 John GREENSMITH Single Elizabeth HOWSE Single
118 06/05/1783 Edward MYHILL Single Mary HILLING Single
119 19/04/1784 John ROOK Widower Cromer Elizabeth SEXTON Single
120 21/06/1784 Matthew WILLIS Widower Mary SMITH Single
121 25/10/1784 Samuel LINGWOOD Single Burgh St Margaret Elizabeth AMYAS Single
122 25/10/1784 William CALLOW Single Hannah AMYAS Single
123 10/11/1784 Martin CRANE Single Sarah HARBORD Single
124 06/01/1785 Jonathan AMYAS Widower Ann MAYES Single
125 28/07/1785 Lawrence ROGERS Single Ann ABIGAIL Single
126 15/01/1786 Lewis POTTS Widower Great Yarmouth Elizabeth WELLS Single
127 14/08/1786 William LINES Widower Sarah SALISBURY Widow
128 25/09/1786 John ROOKE Widower Mary WALPOLE Single
129 12/12/1786 Richard HOWSE Widower Dinah HUMFREY Single
131 21/04/1787 Solomon DOVE Single Phillis HOWSE Single
130 07/05/1787 George PRIOR Widower Mary HELSDEN Widow
132 15/10/1787 James WARD Single Sutton Sarah BECK Single
133 27/11/1787 Edward HOWSE Single Sarah CANHAM Single
134 20/12/1787 William JOHNSON Single Elizabeth HOWSE Single
135 17/08/1788 John BROOME Widower Elizabeth WARD Single Palling
136 16/10/1788 Joseph TYLER Single Sarah BETTS Single
137 20/10/1788 Jacob KNEVE Single Ann BECK Single
138 10/11/1788 James GOFFIN Single Ann PAGE Single
139 01/06/1789 John HOWSE Widower Susanna SMITH Widow
140 20/07/1789 Charles WRIGHT Widower Eleanor MACE Single
141 21/07/1789 William HOLT Single Great Yarmouth Sarah WELLS Single
142 13/10/1789 Augustine WORTS Single Elizabeth SYMONDS Single
143 29/10/1789 Richard NEWMAN Single Sarah HAYLETT Single
144 20/11/1789 Robert ADAMS Single Ann BLAXELL Single
145 03/06/1790 William BURGESS Widower North Walsham Martha LUSHE Single
146 04/07/1790 John COOKE Single Frances HOWSE Single
147 16/10/1790 William PYE Widower Mary CRANE Single
148 07/12/1790 John WILKINS Single Elizabeth WARNER Single
149 19/06/1791 William MYHILL Single Eleanor HARBORD Single
150 31/10/1791 Paul GYMPSON Single Mary BECK Single
151 22/05/1792 Christopher HARBORD Single Elizabeth SMITH Single
152 18/09/1792 William ROGERS Single Anna Maria BRADFIELD Single
153 22/11/1792 Thomas PAGE Single Elizabeth MOORE Single
154 13/12/1792 Laurence ROGERS Widower Mary BALDWIN Widow
155 20/12/1792 George BUGG Single Ann GEDGE Single
156 31/05/1793 Robert BESFOR Widower Mary GOFFIN Single
156 07/10/1794 William CROWE Single Mary KERRISON Single
157 04/11/1794 William WELLS Single Strumpshaw Charlotte WELLS Single
158 11/11/1794 Joseph CRISP Single Elizabeth CHAPMAN Single
159 09/02/1795 John HOSBORN Single Potter Heigham Rebecca BECK Single
160 19/02/1795 Henry VALE Single Great Yarmouth Ann WELLS Single
161 28/04/1795 James BECK Single Elizabeth NEVE Single
162 21/05/1795 Benjamin CLEMENTS Single Mary HARDING Single
163 22/06/1795 Simon ROGERS Widower Hannah DURRANT Single
164 07/07/1795 Samuel DAVY Single Margaret BOWMAN Single
165 21/06/1796 John LOWND Single Charlotte HOWSE Single
166 06/05/1798 Samuel John CROWE Single Susanna CROME Single Ludham
167 17/09/1798 Samuel BACON Widower Sarah CALLOW Widow
168 11/10/1798 Samuel WOLSTERN Single Elizabeth DURRANT Single
169 15/10/1798 Joseph LOWGER Single Ann NEAVE Single
170 14/01/1799 John SKOYLES Single Sarah BELL Single
171 28/02/1799 John LACY Single Ann JARY Single
172 09/07/1799 William HARBORD Single Mary BYGRAVE Single
173 10/07/1799 Robert FERRIER Hemsby Mary WELLS
174 10/02/1800 James ROWE Single Sarah CALLOW Single
175 22/10/1800 William EBBS Single Neatishead Keziah BYGRAVE Single
176 20/11/1800 Robert KNIGHTS Single Sarah HARDING Single
177 26/05/1801 William CALLOW Widower Ann CALLOW Single
30/06/1801 Abraham ALLEN Single Eleanor BYGRAVE Single
28/07/1801 Richard BYGRAVE Single Judith ENGLAND Single Ludham
19/07/1802 John MYHILL Single Susan DOVE Potter Heigham
19/10/1802 Richard CALLOW Widower Mary CRISP Widow
02/11/1802 Benjamin HARRIS Widower Ludham Elizabeth MORTIMER Widow
07/04/1803 John FOX Single Neatishead Sarah WOOD Single
06/06/1803 Thomas STARKINS Widower Elizabeth HALLAM Single
12/09/1803 William MYHILL Widower Elizabeth LACY Single
14/02/1804 George WELLS Single Joanna SMITH Widow
12/04/1804 Thomas BANYARD Single Ludham Susanna GOODINGS Single
25/06/1804 Robert WARSANT Single Burgh St Margaret Ann DOVE Single
25/09/1804 Henry BECK Single Elizabeth OSBORNE Single
15/10/1804 Simon BECK Single Susannah HELSDEN Single
15/10/1804 William LOWNDS Single Susanna BELL Single
18/10/1804 John CURTIS Single Biddey CUBITT Single
25/10/1804 Charles Gillett ROPE Blofield Catherine CROWE Single
31/12/1804 James SADLER Single Jemima CALLOW Single
02/01/1805 Robert HARBORD Sarah GREENSMITH
04/04/1805 Jacob BIRD Single Mary BELL Single
08/10/1805 John Riches AMIS Single Beighton Mary AMIS Single
24/11/1805 Joseph LARN Single Sarah BROWN Single
04/08/1806 James BECKET Single Elizabeth BELL Single
13/10/1806 Robert SOUTHGATE Single Ludham Mary WATERS Single
17/11/1806 Roger NAVE Single Mary TURNER Single
15/01/1807 James BETTS Single Holy Trinity, Colchester, Essex Sarah BOWMAN Single
03/11/1807 Benjamin KNIGHTS Single Sarah BROOM Single
27/11/1807 William CROW Single Edna CROW Single
02/08/1808 Samuel PRITTY Single Elizabeth BULMAN Single
18/10/1808 John JOHNSON Single Elizabeth GOOSE Single
04/07/1809 William LOYNES Single Emma SIZER Single
01/08/1809 John CUBITT Single Sutton Mary AMIES Widow
07/08/1809 James GOODINGS Single Potter Heigham Mary MUTSON Single
07/08/1809 Richard RICHES Single Sutton Willoughby ADAMS Single
25/09/1809 Henry HAWES Single Mary MYHILL Single
18/10/1809 John SAWYER Single Sarah JOHNSON Single
18/12/1809 Shadrach ADAMS Widower Elizabeth MYHILL Single
31/01/1810 Robert COLLS Single Potter Heigham Charlotte MYHILL Single
13/03/1810 John TURNER Single Edingthorpe Ann CROW Single
19/05/1810 Benjamin HASTINGS Single Ludham Elizabeth GREENSMITH Single
05/11/1810 George MYHILL Single Sarah MYHILL Single
13/11/1810 Joseph ADDEY Single Potter Heigham Sarah HOUSE Single
29/01/1811 Thomas GARWOOD Single Phillis DOVE Widow
20/02/1811 John BACON Single Mary JENNINGS Single
12/04/1811 James HICKS Single Filby Rose MYHILL Single
08/05/1811 Robert GREENSMITH Single Sarah HAMMOND Single
10/06/1811 James MACE Single Sarah ALLEN Single
13/06/1811 William MYHILL Single Ann SPALDING Single
13/06/1811 Robert HEWITT Single Elizabeth WHITWOOD Single
03/01/1812 George SMITH Single Ann TOOLEY Single Ludham
12/05/1812 John FISHER Single Rebecca LINES Single
28/05/1812 John NOLBROW Single Great Yarmouth Elizabeth HARBORD Single
22/06/1812 Thomas JOHNSON Single Hannah PEART Single Hickling
10/08/1812 George WATTS Widower Sarah CROW Single
28/09/1812 Daniel GEDGE Widower Elizabeth LACEY Single
20/10/1812 John CLIPPERTON Single Sarah BURTON Single Stalham
10/11/1812 Benjamin SKOYLES Single Mary ELSDON Single
19/11/1812 James CODLING Single Mary RICHES Single
1 02/03/1813 Robert SHEPHERD Single Great Yarmouth Harriet CROWE Single
2 29/11/1813 John PRATT Widower Smallburgh Sarah COALE Single
3 21/03/1814 William DAWSON Single Ludham Mary CROWE Single
4 02/05/1814 Benjamin Reuben BARNARD Single Winterton Ann BARBER Single
5 18/07/1814 Joseph LANE Single Elizabeth BROOKS Single
6 10/08/1814 James HUNTER Single Ann Maria SCARF Widow
7 18/10/1814 William CHAPMAN Single Mautby Ann MYHILL Single
8 27/12/1814 William SKIPPER Single Charlotte MYHILL Single
9 09/01/1815 John MACE Single Hannah BARBER Widow
10 27/02/1815 Samuel JOHNSONS Single Ann POSTLE Single
11 20/03/1815 Robert AMISS Single Ingham Elizabeth CROWE Single
12 21/03/1815 Thomas BURTON Single Ludham Elizabeth HOWES Single
13 29/05/1815 Robert WATERS Single Sarah KIRK Single
14 19/07/1815 Thomas HAMMOND Single Sarah LOADS Single
15 05/08/1815 Richard TUBBY Single Hannah GOSS Single
16 12/10/1815 Jacob NEAVE Single Ann VINCENT Single
17 13/11/1815 Robert GAMBLING Widower Frances AMIS Widow
18 07/12/1815 John CHAPMAN Single Great Yarmouth Sophia MYHILL Single
19 11/12/1815 Robert RANDALL Single Ann HENDRY Single
20 29/02/1816 Richard DYE Single Mary LOWNE Single
21 20/08/1816 Robert REYNOLDS Single Martha CROW Single
22 29/10/1816 Thomas WRIGHT Single St Mary, Thetford Charlotte CUBITT Single
23 30/01/1817 Thomas AMES Single Sarah BAKER Single
24 28/04/1817 William MYHILL Single Mary MARSHAM Single
25 04/06/1817 George HOLLIS Single Maria CROW Single
26 11/09/1817 David STORY Single Woolwich, Kent Ann Elizabeth CUBITT Single
27 13/10/1817 Benjamin HARMER Single Elizabeth HART Single
28 08/12/1817 John CUBITT Single Elizabeth HOWES Single
29 10/12/1817 John HOWLETT Single Mary BUGG Single
30 19/01/1818 Robert GEORGE Single Potter Heigham Mary SHEPHERD Single
31 26/01/1818 James BECK Single Ann HOWES Single
32 25/02/1818 Benjamin MYHILL Single Elizabeth BENDS Single
33 07/04/1818 Thomas CLEMENTS Single Lessingham Elizabeth SIZER Single
34 02/09/1818 Thomas NORTHGATE Single Mary SIZER Single
35 16/10/1818 Phillip PIGG Single Ludham Judith MACE Single
36 12/10/1819 Thomas SHREEVE Single Sarah ADDY Single Potter Heigham
37 12/10/1819 Royall GARRETT Single Ludham Hannah VINCENT Single
38 01/12/1819 John BELSON Single Ann PESTLE Single
39 27/12/1819 John FISHER Widower Elizabeth BARBER Single
40 02/05/1820 John COX Single Barton Turf Mary COOKE Single
41 16/10/1820 George WITTLETON Single Charlotte BECK Single
42 25/01/1821 Lawrence ROGERS Single Sarah HOWLET Single
43 29/01/1821 Thomas LYNN Single St Julian, Norwich Mary Ann DIGBY Single
44 05/03/1821 Samuel GIBBS Single Hickling Eleanor MACE Single
45 27/03/1821 George MACE Single Elizabeth DOY Single
46 25/06/1821 Thomas AMIES Single Rosetta KIRK Single
47 05/12/1821 James ALLEN Single Elizabeth GIBBS Single
48 20/05/1822 Samuel HENDRY Single Elizabeth EWELLS Single
49 21/10/1822 George BLACKBURN Single Biddy COLMAN Single
50 22/10/1822 William HARBORD Single Ann WOODS Single Martham
51 30/10/1822 Richard Howes LOWN Single Mary JOHNSON Single
52 12/05/1823 William ANDREWS Single Charlotte HOWES Single
53 26/05/1823 George MYHILL Widower Sutton Sarah NEAVE Single
54 09/07/1823 John WARD Widower Stalham Jemima CALLOW Widow
55 30/09/1823 William OSBORNE Single Stokesby Mary BECK Single
56 05/11/1823 James FLEURY Widower Diana HOWES Widow
57 10/11/1823 Simond BOYCE Single Potter Heigham Hannah BECK Single
58 09/02/1824 Robert MACE Single Margaret LOWN Single
59 04/03/1824 John BEAN Widower Hannah PYE Widow
60 28/10/1824 Robert TAYLOR Single Margaret SALMON Single Stalham
61 02/06/1825 John NUEMAN Single Sarah BELL Single
62 02/06/1825 Thomas GREEN Single Burgh St Margaret Mary PAGE Single
63 12/10/1825 James BELL Single Martha ROUS Single
64 12/10/1825 Robert WILKINS Single Sarah NEWMAN Single
65 22/11/1825 John MACE Single Jemima COOK Single
66 15/03/1826 Edward HOWSE Single Mary Ann NEWMAN Single
67 10/04/1826 John WARNE Single Mary KERRISON Single Rollesby
67 10/04/1826 John HEWETT Single Mary KERRISON Single Rollesby
68 12/10/1826 Robert CHAMBERS Single St Peter, Hoveton Maria GRAVES Single
69 23/10/1826 John SOUTHGATE Single Susan RUMP Single Ingham
70 07/11/1826 Thomas SADLER Single Paston Elizabeth NEAVE Single
71 04/02/1827 George GOFFIN Single Mary Ann GOODNESS Single
72 15/04/1827 William LACEY Single Martham Ann PAGE Single
73 24/04/1827 Thomas GARWOOD Widower Elizabeth HOWES Single
74 25/10/1827 John MOORE Single Maria CRANE Single
75 13/11/1827 Charles GIBBS Widower Frances HUNTER Single
76 22/11/1827 Lewis MYHILL Single Elisabeth AMISS Single
77 27/12/1827 Daniel CARDY Single Boxford, Suffolk Anne LENNY Single
78 24/04/1828 Thomas SKOYLES Single Mary MINNS Single
79 25/09/1828 Richard JOHNSON Single Lavenham, Suffolk Mary Ann CUBITT Single
80 31/10/1828 Thomas AMISS Single Lydia SALMON Single
81 24/12/1828 James BELL Widower Jemima NEAVE Single Sutton
82 17/03/1829 James THOMPSON Single Mary LOWN Single
83 16/04/1829 Robert HOWES Single Charlotte NEWMAN Single
84 21/05/1829 Robert BULLAMORE Single Sarah Ann GILLAM Single
85 28/07/1829 James LOWGER Single Ann GIBBS Single
86 30/07/1829 James LOADS Single Hannah BELL Single
87 17/08/1829 William CROWE Single Maria MASON Single Great Yarmouth
88 14/01/1830 Richard WILLIAMS Single Mary HOWELL Single
89 13/07/1830 Francis JARMY Single Maria GEORGE Single
90 04/08/1831 Thomas SOUTHGATE Widower Ludham Phoebe CULHAM Single
91 05/10/1831 William LOWGER Single Lydia SHREEVE Single
92 12/10/1831 William OSBORNE Single Ann THOMPSON Single
93 18/10/1831 Edward NEVE Single Harriett SHEPHERD Single
94 01/11/1831 William RICHES Single Maria OSBORN Single Hickling
95 01/12/1831 William RICHES Single Neatishead Sarah BARBER Single
96 01/05/1832 John HUDSON Single Wells Next The Sea Elizabeth Beevor PAGE Single
97 17/09/1832 Thomas PYECRAFT Single Sarah PASTOL Single
98 20/09/1832 William JERMYN Single Charlotte VINCENT Single
99 14/10/1832 John BACON Single Anne LAWRANCE Single
100 16/10/1832 Charles BENSLEY Single Potter Heigham Elizabeth MYHILL Single
101 17/01/1833 Robert MILLER Single Mary COLLS Single
102 14/05/1833 Robert RICE Single Mary Anne AMISS Single
103 21/05/1833 George RUDD Single Potter Heigham Elizabeth Brookes CROWE Single
104 04/11/1833 John BESSEY Single Ludham Hannah BUGG Single
105 18/06/1834 John GRAVENELL Single Ludham Mary POLLARD
106 11/10/1835 William RANDALL Single Hickling Hannah BUSH Single
107 25/04/1836 William DITCHAM St Augustine, Norwich Charlotte LINGFORD
108 17/01/1837 John BUGG Mary BELL
109 19/03/1837 James NEVE Single Ann BUGG Single

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