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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Field Dalling St Andrew


The Parish

The parish of Field Dalling lies in northern Norfolk close to its northern coast. Field Dalling lies about 4 miles inland from the north Norfolk coast and around 5 miles northwest of the small market town of Holt. Field Dalling sits on a narrow lane that heads northwards towards the coast at Morston from the A148 road, a road which links Holt to Fakenham and onwards to King's Lynn. Field Dalling is a compact small village with most properties located either along the aforementioned lane or its side turning running eastwards. Field Dalling sits on a low ridge of land to the east of a small tributary of the River Stiffkey, this heads northwestwards to exit via the River Stiffkey at Stiffkey village. Field Dalling sits at around 50 metres above sea level and is surrounded by large arable fields typical of much of Norfolk. The parish is a fairly typical size for the area, Norfolk has a dense network of parishes, and covers around 1,600 acres, the parish supported around 400 parishioners. In Domesday times the land was split 4 ways, with the majority held directly by the King other portions being in the hands of Count Alan of Brittany, one Roger Bigot and Robert of Verly. The parish supported 6 ploughs and held small meadows and detailed,lists of animals.

The Church

St Andrew's church sits on the western side of the main lane running north to south through the village and is almost opposite the main junction of the village. The church is a mixture of two styles, chancel and tower being earlier and Decorated, nave and northern aisle being later and Perpendicular. These styles date the church into the main church building era for Norfolk and this is a typical example which has not been overly spoiled by Victorian restorations. The church sits behind a low brick-topped flint wall with access through wrought iron gates to a long access path running to the south entrance. The graveyard is fairly open, a few trees at western and northern sides, and there are few obstacles to deter photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 26th November 1754 - 31st October 1811 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/541/4 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 28th January 1813 - 31st October 1836 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/541/5 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Binham St Mary
Langham St Andrew & St Mary
Langham St Andrew & St Mary
Binham St Mary
Hindringham St Martin
Saxlingham St Margaret
Hindringham St Martin
Bale All Saints
Sharrington All Saints

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 26/11/1754 Edmund BALLS Single   Sarah DAPLIN Single  
2 16/08/1757 Robert WINN Widower   Alice CHILD Widow  
3 09/10/1757 John COE Widower   Alice CLARK Single Binham
4 06/11/1757 George WALKER Single   Clemence WINN Single  
5 22/12/1757 John ALLISON Single   Sarah WEBB Single  
6 29/05/1759 James BOYCE Single Langham Anne BENNET Single  
7 05/07/1759 James BROOKE Single   Lucy THURSTON Single  
8 04/05/1760 John THOMPSON Single Blakeney Sarah POOLEY Single  
9 21/09/1760 William COPEMAN Single   Anne LOADS Single  
10 13/10/1760 James REEVE Single   Jane STIMPSON Single  
11 23/11/1761 James STIMPSON Widower   Hannah YAXLEY Single  
12 07/12/1761 John PENTIN Single   Alice COE Single  
13 22/12/1761 James BULLEYN Single   Elizabeth HALFKNIGHTS Single  
14 01/12/1762 James WALLER Single   Margaret BARR Single West Beckham
15 27/04/1763 William GREEN Single Briston Mary CHRISTMAS Single  
16 18/12/1764 James NAILER   Holt Sarah DUCKER Single  
17 19/11/1765 John HALL Single Plumstead Anne FISHER Single  
18 31/12/1765 Richard LOADES Single   Mary SMITH Single  
19 11/02/1766 William KIRK Single   Elizabeth COE Single  
20 08/04/1766 Philip RIGHT Single   Martha STIMPSON Single  
21 13/05/1766 Adam STIMPSON Single   Anne WESTON Single  
22 02/03/1767 John GROUT Single   Lucy CHILD Single  
23 14/07/1768 William NEVE Single   Anne PENTIN Single  
24 02/04/1769 John THURGILL Single Gunthorpe Anne RUSH Single  
25 08/12/1769 Joseph PRESS Widower   Martha MOORE Widow  
26 25/12/1769 Theophilus MOY Single Binham Mary SPOONER Single  
27 22/10/1770 James LOOSE Single Binham Anne BROOKE Single  
28 01/12/1770 John MOY Single   Elizabeth FISHER Single  
29 22/04/1771 William SOWELL Widower Binham Alice WINN Widow  
30 23/08/1771 John EKEWELL Single   Lucy WEBSTER Single  
31 10/12/1771 John SHERRINGHAM Single Little Snoring Anne BELL Single  
32 24/08/1773 Richard DAVISON Single Morston Susanna SMITH Single  
33 12/10/1773 Thomas REYNOLDS Single   Elizabeth BULLING Single  
34 07/02/1775 Robert NORTON Single   Elizabeth BROOKE Single  
35 18/04/1775 Edmund CARTER Single Horsford Susanna HARVEY Single  
36 28/09/1775 James BOYCE Widower Binham Elizabeth RUSH Single  
37 04/03/1776 Thomas FISHER Single   Hannah ENGLAND Single  
38 28/10/1777 Edward GRESHAM Single   Elizabeth BULLING Single  
39 08/02/1778 John LEMMON Single   Anna Maria STIMPSON Widow  
40 09/11/1778 William LOADES Single   Anne COPEMAN Widow  
41 30/01/1779 Henry LANE   St Clement, Norwich Anne BALLS Single  
42 27/12/1779 William SHORTING Widower Langham Elizabeth LOADES Single  
43 05/02/1781 John PLANE Single Little Walsingham Mary MOSES Single  
44 11/10/1781 John BOYCE Single Bale Elizabeth BAKER Single  
45 26/11/1781 William MOORE Single   Lucy ENGLAND Single  
46 08/01/1784 William EASTHILL Single   Martha RUSH Single  
47 16/06/1784 James COPEMAN Single   Alice BALL Single  
48 13/12/1784 James ROWE Single Edgefield Hannah BARBER Single  
49 25/10/1785 Francis ENGLAND Widower   Sarah JARY Single Langham
50 08/11/1785 Thomas WICK Single   Mary RAYNER Single  
51 22/11/1785 John BRATFIELD Single   Elizabeth RUSH Single  
52 26/10/1786 Mark COE Single   Jane BELL Single  
53 04/12/1786 Andrew LOOSE Single   Mary Anne BOYCE Single  
54 04/12/1787 Henry BAKER Single Holt Elizabeth COE Single  
55 13/03/1788 John SANDS Single Fulmodeston Rose COPEMAN Single  
56 13/10/1788 John JARVIS Single   Rebecca BULLEN Single  
57 10/11/1788 Robert COOK Single   Ann RUSH Single  
58 10/12/1789 James PEARSON Single   Anne COPEMAN Single  
59 06/04/1790 Robert LOOSE Single   Susanna NEWMAN Single  
60 23/08/1790 Zibulon OULTON Single   Sarah SHERINGHAM Single  
61 14/10/1790 Thomas CAR Single   Susan DRAKE Single  
62 09/11/1790 John COE Widower   Rose MOY Single  
63 30/11/1790 John FLANDERS Widower   Anne REEVE Single  
64 20/03/1791 William STIMPSON Single   Jane REEVE Single  
65 31/03/1791 John TOOLEY Single Bale Mary COPEMAN Single  
66 13/10/1791 Richard RUSH Single   Mary COE Single  
67 31/01/1792 William BOGGIS     Elizabeth CUSSON Single  
68 23/10/1792 William NEEVE Widower   Elizabeth NORTH Single Langham
69 01/03/1793 William SHORTEN Single   Martha SHORTEN Single  
70 06/02/1794 Robert RICHES Single Barney Anne COE Single  
71 27/07/1794 John BOYS Single   Elizabeth BURREL Single  
72 14/07/1796 Robert HAMMOND Widower   Elizabeth WALKER Widow  
73 12/10/1796 John RUSH     Rebecca STANGROOM    
74 19/11/1796 Thomas RAYNER     Elizabeth BLY    
75 18/02/1797 William BULLEN     Ann DURRANT    
76 18/05/1797 John COE     Elizabeth MOY    
77 29/05/1797 Robert GIBBON   Binham Mary MONK    
78 13/06/1797 Joshua COE     Ann HERRING    
79 26/06/1797 Samuel LING     Sarah ENGLISH    
80 22/11/1797 William RIVET     Pheba RUSH    
81 13/11/1799 John CLARKE Single Gunthorpe Anne BURRELL Single  
82 18/03/1802 William HOLSWORTH Single   Mary GRAY Single  
83 11/03/1804 Thomas ALLEN Single Wells Next The Sea Anne NORTON Single  
84 16/10/1804 William WALKER Single   Mary LONG Single  
85 25/02/1806 William WALL Single   Elizabeth HURREL    
86 20/09/1806 Anthony CUSSONS Single   Mary PAYNTER Single  
87 10/10/1808 Henry PARK Widower Brinton Nell SKELTON Widow  
89 13/10/1809 Samuel CRITOPH Single   Elizabeth LOADS Single  
90 12/11/1810 William KEMP Single   Mary COE Single  
91 19/09/1811 Shakespeare Reynolds BELL Single St Michael At Thorn, Norwich Sarah LOOSE Single  
92 24/09/1811 Richard COE Single Binham Leah COPEMAN Single  
93 31/10/1811 Henry MOORE Single   Mary BURRELL Single  
1 28/01/1813 William HURLOCK Single Ely, Cambridgeshire Joanna ROYLE Single  
2 11/03/1813 Robert WOODS Single Aldborough Susanna LOOSE Single  
3 07/06/1813 Samuel HURRELL Single   Maria FROSDICK Single  
4 29/06/1813 William KNOWLES Single   Hannah JARVIS Single  
5 10/08/1813 Armiger CRISP Single   Ann SKELTON Single  
6 11/11/1813 Thomas JEX Single   Mary BOYCE    
7 12/05/1814 Henry SMITH Single Cley Next The Sea Una MARSH Single  
8 19/07/1814 Francis SHARPIN Single Saxlingham Mary Ann COOK Single  
10 06/11/1814 Benjamin RAINER Single Letheringsett Maria BALLS Single  
9 08/11/1814 Charles SENKLER Single Horningtoft Elizabeth ROYLE    
11 17/04/1815 Thomas RISEBOROUGH Single   Susannah FROSTICK Single  
12 25/06/1815 William DAGLESS Single   Lydia KENT Single  
13 15/08/1815 John TOOLY Single   Elizabeth OUGHTON Single  
14 14/10/1817 John WITHERS Single   Alice CADAMY Single  
15 29/01/1818 Henry HURRELL Single   Hannah WHITE Single  
16 06/10/1818 William Durrant BULLEN Single   Rodah RAVEN Single  
17 24/12/1818 James COPEMAN Single   Hannah WELLS Single Binham
18 16/11/1819 Robert BALLS Single   Mary NORMAN Single  
19 13/12/1819 William MOORE Single Oxwick And Pattesley Mary GOODMAN Single  
20 03/08/1820 John SPALL Single Shoreditch, Middlesex Frances FISHER Single  
21 25/12/1820 John BURRELL Single   Mary LOOSE Single  
22 29/05/1821 Robert WICK Single   Sarah HALL Single  
23 12/11/1821 William COE Single   Susannah UTTON Single  
24 22/11/1821 Thomas Bowers MASSINGHAM Single   Elizabeth WHITE Single Sharrington
25 04/02/1822 Robert CHILD Single Blakeney Martha LOOSE Single  
26 05/02/1822 Benjamin Bully MASSINGHAM Single Wighton Ann DENT Single  
27 08/04/1822 James MASSINGHAM Single   Rebecca THOMPSON Single  
28 07/10/1822 Samuel HURRELL Widower   Judith RAM Widow  
29 03/12/1822 Robert RUSH Single   Sarah MUSSETT Single  
30 18/07/1823 John CARR Single   Hannah REYNOLDS Single  
31 23/12/1823 John BECK Single   Lydia RUSH Single  
32 27/04/1824 John WHITE Widower Sharrington Christiana POINTER Widow  
33 11/10/1824 William KNIGHTS Single   Lydia LINCOLN Single  
34 28/10/1824 Zebula OUGHTON Single   Christiana ABRAHAM Single  
35 01/11/1824 William UPPSHA Widower   Anna Maria LECOUNT Single  
36 19/05/1825 James CRASP Single Binham Ellen CLARK Single  
37 22/11/1825 Thomas JARVIS Single   Mary Ann LEACH Single  
38 28/05/1828 Henry BARNES Single Saxlingham Mary Ann COE Single  
39 13/10/1828 Mark LEACH Single   Mary CODLING Single  
40 03/09/1829 Isaac CLARE Widower   Mahala PARRETT Single  
41 12/11/1829 Richard REYNOLDS Single   Elizabeth SKIPPER Single  
42 31/01/1831 Robert LYNN Single   Martha MASSINGHAM Single  
43 16/09/1831 James GRAVLIN Single   Mary Ann THOMPSON Single  
44 13/10/1831 Jackson STIMPSON Single   Rose TOOLEY Single  
45 19/12/1831 Thomas RIVETT Single   Ann MARGERSON Single  
46 27/07/1832 William MASSINGHAM Single   Mary LONG Single  
47 02/10/1832 Robert RISEBOROUGH Single Saxlingham Sarah WATTS Single  
48 29/10/1832 Daniel OUGHTON Single   Mary TOOLY Single  
49 02/12/1832 James CLARKE Single   Elizabeth WRIGHT Single  
50 18/12/1832 Robert BROUGHTON Single Holt Mary Ann WALKER Single  
51 28/05/1833 William POINTER Single   Mary Ann CLARK Single  
52 07/09/1833 George BROOKE Single St Andrew Undershaft, London Mary Ann UPJOHN Single  
53 10/10/1833 Thomas GRAVLIN Widower   Sarah Ellis DENT Widow  
54 16/10/1833 John MAYES Widower   Ann REYNOLDS Single  
55 07/01/1834 John REYNOLDS Single   Diana STAMP Single  
56 11/02/1834 Edmund MASSINGHAM Single   Sarah MOY Single Thursford
57 01/09/1834 James TUNGATE Widower Wighton Gusiver LEACH Widow  
58 30/10/1834 John ELLIS Single Weybourne Elizabeth DAGLESS Single  
59 03/02/1835 William CATTON Single   Ann POINTER Single  
60 26/06/1835 John REYNOLDS Widower   Ann BENNETT Widow  
61 23/09/1836 John STONEX Single   Mary JEX Single  
62 31/10/1836 John Thomas KNIGHTS Single   Susan FRANKLING Single Stiffkey

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