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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Fring All Saints


The Parish

The parish of Fring lies in northwestern Norfolk not too far from its coast with The Wash. Fring is located about midway between the coastal settlement of Snettisham and the large village of Docking. Fring is a small and compact village built largely in the valley of the Heacham Brook in a delightfully rolling part of the county. Fring sits in lanes about 2 miles south of the B1454 road which connects Docking with Heacham. A feature of Fring is the ancient trackway of Peddar's Way which crosses the west of the parish, if studiously ignoring the village (it predates the village, of course), and is now one of England's National Trails. Today Fring is largely dominated by arable farming but at the time of this transcript a more pastoral regime would have been prevalent on the light soils (the area is underlain by chalk). The Heacham Brook drains northwestwards to reach The Wash through Heacham. Fring is sited at 30 metres above the sea but local heights of twice that height are nearby and Fring is quite indented into its little valley. By Norfolk standard Fring parish was of a fairly typical size, it covered just over 1,700 acres and would have supported a population of just over 150 parishioners. In Domesday times Fring was shared three ways, the majority being in the hands of Bishop William of Thetford, a smaller portion held by Count Eustace of Boulogne and a token portion by William of Warenne The parish could offer 23 ploughs, meadows and an impressive 5 mills.

The Church

All Saints' church lies to the east of the lane running northwestwards from the village towards Sedgeford, it is almost at the northwestern limit of the village area. Documentary evidence can date the building of the church to at least as early as 1327 and much of the building is 14th century in style. The church follows the standard design of that period namely nave, chancel and western tower. The principal change made by Victorian restorers was too re-roof and lower the pitch of the roof-line, the former angles can be seen in trace on the eastern face of the tower. The church sits quite a way back from the lane screened by some trees, a wooden gateway and sign marks the entrance where a gravel path passes through the screen of trees to the churchyard. Once through the trees the site is relatively unobstructed for photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 20th April 1754 - 12th October 1812 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/630/4 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 21st June 1813 - 5th February 1837 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/630/5 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Sedgeford St Mary
Sedgeford St Mary
Docking St Mary
Sedgeford St Mary
Snettisham St Mary
Docking St Mary
Great Bircham St Mary
Snettisham St Mary
Snettisham St Mary
Shernborne St Peter & St Paul
Great Bircham St Mary
Great Bircham St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 20/04/1754 Thomas HERRING Single   Sarah ELLSDON Single  
2 06/11/1754 James PLAYFORD Widower   Eve SANDERS Single  
3 01/04/1755 Robert TODD Widower   Jane DEARNES Single  
4 19/04/1756 Robert ALLEN Single Snettisham Mary CULHAM Single  
5 11/10/1756 Robert HUTCHINSON Widower Burnham Westgate Mary DEARNS Single  
6 07/11/1757 Richard RICHARDSON Single   Elizabeth PARNELL Single  
7 30/05/1758 Andrew HALL Single   Anne ELSING Single  
8 06/01/1759 William BOWGIN Single   Elizabeth BECKINGTON Single  
9 04/11/1759 John TILNEY Single   Mary TURNER Single  
10 11/02/1760 Thomas RIPPINGALE Single   Susannah KENDAL Single  
11 14/02/1760 William LAKE Single   Sarah CULLUM Single  
12 12/10/1761 Nicholas MITCHELL Single   Amy SEAMAN Single  
13 05/12/1761 Nicholas LEWIS Single Burnham Westgate Mary NELSON Single  
14 12/12/1761 William TIPPLE Single Little Snoring Mary HALL Single  
07/09/1762 Thomas HINDS   Anmer Elizabeth CULLAM    
23/12/1762 David TOMPSON   Anmer Mary NICHOLS    
02/12/1765 Ward PITCHER Single Docking Alice SHAUL Single  
31/12/1766 William HALL Single West Rudham Sarah HALL Single  
19/01/1768 William PLUMTON Single   Frances DRAKE Single  
01/05/1770 Thomas HERRING Widower   Ann COPPING Single  
02/10/1770 John DANIEL Widower   Elizabeth MERSON Widow Thornham
15/06/1772 William FLOOD Single   Margaret MOOR Single  
13/10/1772 John SOFLEY Single   Ann LILLISS Single  
04/11/1772 Matthew MITCHLEY Single   Ann COLE Single  
23/11/1773 John TUBBINGS Single   Mary MITCHLEY Single  
15/07/1777 Henry LACK Single   Sarah HARRISON Single  
11/11/1778 George BARRET Single   Ann SHELDRICK Single  
21/10/1779 John CLAXTON Single   Mary MARLER Single  
15/10/1781 John BUCKENHAM     Elizabeth DISPELINE    
06/05/1782 John PURDY Single   Mary PLAYFORD    
01/07/1782 John TUBBEN Widower   Alice HOLSEY Single  
11/10/1782 Giles BONE Single   Elizabeth DANIELS Single  
11/11/1782 Robert RUMBLES Single   Rose RIPPENGALE Single  
04/03/1783 James WAGG Widower   Ann POTTER Single  
22/04/1783 John HOLLING Single   Mary HARRISON Single  
15/07/1784 Nicholas EGMORE Widower Snettisham Eve PLAYFORD Widow  
15/07/1784 Robert JACKSON Single   Sarah WALKER Single  
24/11/1784 Robert DACK Single   Anne DANIEL Single  
04/10/1786 William MASTERS Single   Elizabeth SANDFORD Single  
13/10/1788 Peter PLAYFORD Single   Mary STANFORD Single  
01/12/1788 William BROWN Single   Mary ARNOLD Single  
21/04/1789 Robert FOX Widower   Elizabeth WARD Single  
15/10/1789 Mark WARNES Single Sedgeford Mary HOLLAND Widow  
26/04/1790 Richard PERKIN Widower Thornham Ann PLAFORD Single  
26/12/1791 William BUCKINGHAM Single   Rose PITCHER Single  
15/10/1792 William JICKLING Single   Ann FOX Widow  
24/12/1794 Thomas BARRETT Widower   Mary SPOONER Single  
03/07/1795 Robert RUMBLE Widower   Margaret GARARD Widow  
03/08/1795 Harvey FRARY Single   Sarah SOFTLEY Single  
14/10/1795 Daniel BARWICK Widower   Elizabeth FOX Widow  
21/11/1797 John SOFTLEY Single   Phoebe BROWN   Great Massingham
04/12/1797 William GEORGE Widower   Susanna CRAWFORD Single  
07/01/1799 Thomas JONES Single   Mary LACK Single  
14/01/1799 James LONG Widower   Ann WAG Widow  
11/10/1799 John BINKS Single Sedgeford Susanna SOFTLEY Single  
22/10/1799 Daniel GOLD Single   Ann GODLY Single  
15/11/1799 Thomas HENDRY Single Docking Amy HERRING Single  
31/12/1799 John FLOOD   Sedgeford Mary WHISTLER Single  
08/07/1800 William DODMAN Single   Elizabeth SHAFTON Single  
14/08/1800 Robert PACK Widower   Jane FISH Widow  
25/05/1801 John FRANCIS Single   Jane TUCK Single  
12/10/1802 William ETHERIDGE Single   Mary TWIDDY Single  
14/10/1802 John BRIGGS Single   Elizabeth DOWSING Single  
10/11/1802 Samuel SEAMAN Single   Lydia DIBLE Single  
30/12/1802 John LACK Single   Ann DEARNS Single  
11/10/1803 John SHELDRAKE Single   Jane BUCKENHAM Single  
17/10/1803 Thomas BASHAM Single   Alice HENDRY Single  
20/06/1804 William BUNN Single Wells Next The Sea Christiana BRIGHTMER Single  
25/06/1804 Robert BARRET Single   Mary SEXTON Single  
19/09/1804 Robert RICHARDSON Single   Ann WARD Single  
23/10/1804 John TUBBEN Widower   Jane DEXTON Single  
05/11/1804 Humphrey SKERRY Single   Winifred DIBLE Single  
05/11/1804 John WARD Single   Susan EDWARDS Single  
29/09/1806 William WHISSON Single   Maria MASON Single  
22/11/1808 Thomas MASON Widower   Frances STAINES Single Bircham Tofts
03/07/1809 Robert DADE Single Thornham Elizabeth DODMAN Single  
14/03/1810 Stephen JOURDAN Single Docking Mary TWIDDY Single  
07/05/1810 Robert SPANTON Single Great Bircham Frances UTTON Single  
08/05/1810 William CHESNUT Single Docking Maria TWIDDY Single  
11/10/1810 Henry PRATT Single Docking Elizabeth HORSELEY    
28/01/1811 James BOULTER Single   Ann Mary DODMAN Single  
01/10/1811 James HERRING Single   Susanna HUBBARD Single  
11/10/1811 Edward STRINGER Single   Mary BUCKENHAM Single  
30/03/1812 Nicholas CHASTENEY Single Docking Hannah TWEEDY Single  
18/06/1812 Miles HAWES Single Burnham Overy Mary SOFTLY Single  
12/10/1812 James MASON Single   Ann WALKER Single  
1 21/06/1813 Thomas PLUM Single   Sarah SPOONER Single  
2 00/10/1813 Richard POINTER Single   Mary Anne GARRETT Single  
3 10/11/1814 John EMMERSON Single   Frances KEMP Single  
4 30/11/1815 Nicholas DODMAN Single   Mary PILGRIM Single  
5 02/12/1816 William CALLABY Widower   Lucy STRINGER Single  
6 16/12/1816 John TWIDDY Widower   Sarah STURGIS Widow  
7 20/01/1817 Edmund HARE Single   Ann HOWARD Single  
8 18/02/1817 Thomas KEMP Single   Mary HARE Single  
9 13/11/1817 Edmund KINNEY Single   Elizabeth HARE Single  
10 30/12/1817 George SMITH Single Great Walsingham Mary Jane HASE Single  
11 24/03/1820 William FARTHING Single   Phebe VINCENT Single  
12 19/10/1821 John MASON Single   Elizabeth PEARCE Single  
13 12/10/1823 Charles WOODS Single Waterden Elizabeth CUSTONS Single  
14 24/10/1823 Robert MASON Widower   Bridget BROWN Single Snettisham
15 09/11/1824 William RUMBOLDS Single   Mary Anne HUNT Single  
16 23/11/1824 John SPOONER Single Westacre Sarah BARRETT Single  
17 03/01/1825 William DREW Widower Snettisham Julia GODBY Widow  
18 25/04/1826 Benjamin PAUL Single Snettisham Ann BACON Single  
19 04/12/1826 Thomas GREAVES Single   Jane RUMBOLD Single  
20 12/11/1827 George RUMBOLD Single   Elizabeth MASON Widow  
21 10/12/1827 Benjamin BEESTON Single Kings Lynn Mary Ann BARRETT Single  
22 02/01/1829 William WALKER Single   Jane LEEDER Single Hillington
23 17/11/1830 Henry HAWES Single   Jane GODBY Single  
24 07/01/1831 William UTTON Single   Mary HAMERTON Single  
25 10/11/1832 Henry PLAYFORD Single   Celia BAYS Single  
26 02/04/1833 John HOWARD Single   Elizabeth MASON Single  
27 09/11/1833 Robert WARNES Widower   Elizabeth ASKER Single  
28 01/09/1834 Thomas MASON Single   Mary DIXON Single  
29 13/10/1834 Robert WICKS Single   Elizabeth SANDS Single  
30 18/10/1834 Robert HARE Single   Mary DUFFIELD Single  
31 05/02/1837 Matthew JONES Single   Elizabeth CHASTNEY   East Rudham

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