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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Fulmodeston St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Fulmodeston lies in north central Norfolk about 5 miles east of the market town of Fakenham. Fulmodeston is a small crossroads village supplemented by the hamlet of Croxton which lies a half mile west. Fulmodeston sits in lanes equidistant from the A1067 (Fakenham to Norwich) and A148 (Fakenham to Holt) roads which form two sides of a triangle, Fulmodeston is roughly 2 miles from either. The area is almost totally devoted to arable farming, although at the time of this transcript there would have been a more mixed farming regime agriculture was ultimately the primary economic driver. The headwaters of the River Stiffkey drain the parish to the northwest before eventually reaching the North Sea through Stiffkey itself. Fulmodeston is sited at roughly 60 metres above the sea on a low ridge between the River Stiffkey and the Wensum valleys. Fulmodeston parish was quite large by Norfolk standards although parishes are larger in this area, it covered just over 2,300 acres and would have supported a population of just over 350 parishioners. In Domesday times Fulmodeston was held by one William of Warenne, it was quite a small place offering just 6 ploughs, small meadows and woodlands and a collection of enumerated livestock.

The Church

St Mary's church was abandoned in 1882 when the Christ Church was built to replace both St Mary and also Croxton St John. St Mary stands roofless and abandoned in a field a few hundred yards to the east of the lane which leads to Stibbard. The building had the usual structure of nave, chancel and western tower and was largely a construct of the Perpendicular period of church building. Nowadays it is ivy covered and the haunt of owls, foxes and badgers. The site is accessed by a short lane, not clearly indicative if there's a right-of-way, leading east alongside a small plantation. Once past the farm buildings the site is obvious.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 18th October 1754 - 6th August 1812 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/695/7 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Fading of the register makes for a tricky read and could lead to a few misreads
2 15th October 1813 - 12th January 1837 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/695/4 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Kettlestone All Saints
Barney St Mary
Swanton Novers St Edmund the Martyr
Kettlestone All Saints
Wood Norton All Saints
Little Ryburgh All Saints
Stibbard All Saints
Wood Norton All Saints

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 18/10/1754 Thomas DAVEY     Mary HEWIT Single  
2 11/12/1754 Thomas MUNTON   East Wretham Susanna DROSIER Single  
3 09/11/1755 John PECKOL Widower   Eleanor HASLETON Single  
4 11/12/1755 Anthony THOMAS Widower   Martha ANDREWS Single  
5 06/06/1756 Henry JEX     Mary HILL Single  
6 27/10/1756 Joseph JEX     Mary DIX Single West Rudham
7 02/01/1757 Thomas MENDHAM     Alice FROSTWICK Single  
8 24/10/1757 William JARVIS     Sarah KETTERINGHAM Single  
9 23/05/1759 James WALLER Single Barney Jane LEEDER Single  
10 11/10/1760 Francis CLARKE     Mary WATSON Single  
11 14/10/1760 William HILL Single   Eleanor ATTOWE Single  
12 12/01/1761 William BEAVIS   Sculthorpe Eleanor HOWMAN Single  
13 11/10/1762 Thomas HASLETON Single   Elizabeth HURREL Single  
14 17/11/1762 Thomas WILLIAMS Widower   Mary CRANE Single  
15 10/10/1763 William BARNES Single Barney Barbara ALLEN Single  
16 22/07/1764 John BLUMFIELD Single Wells Next The Sea Lydia PARKER Single  
18 12/05/1765 John WATERS Single   Mary JEX Widow  
19 17/07/1765 Richard CURLE Single   Susanna WOODS Single  
20 15/10/1765 Edmund STOLIDAY Single Stibbard Mary FROSTICK Single  
21 28/05/1766 Titus PILE Widower   Alice LEMON Widow Wood Norton
22 09/11/1766 Thomas WARNER Single   Alice WALLER Single  
23 11/11/1766 James LEEDER Single   Elizabeth BUNTING Single  
24 21/11/1766 John LEWIS Single   Alice OUGHTON Single  
25 13/10/1767 James Jackson BATCHELOR Single Kings Lynn Frances STURLEY Single  
26 03/05/1768 Robert LEEDER Single   Mary BATELEY Single  
27 28/06/1768 James WITHERS Single   Jemima DINN Single  
28 04/02/1769 Robert LYNN Single   Mary BURREL Single  
29 25/05/1769 James CHRISTMAS Single   Sarah HILL Single  
30 15/08/1769 John SARGENT Widower   Hannah REEDER Single  
34 25/10/1770 Thomas FARRER Single Guist Mary THAXTER Single  
32 01/11/1770 Robert BOYCE Single   Mary PHARREL Single  
33 06/11/1770 Jonathan MOY Single   Phoebe RICHES Single  
35 30/12/1770 William HICKLING Single   Hannah BAKER Single  
36 11/10/1771 John HASLETON Single   Margaret MOORE Single  
37 17/11/1771 John ATHER Single   Ann DAVY Single  
37 24/09/1772 William GIMER Single   Jane PARKER Single  
38 25/09/1772 John ELLIOT Single   Elizabeth POINTER Single  
39 15/10/1772 Benjamin RUSSEL Single   Susan EMERSON Single  
40 19/05/1773 Thomas UTTON Single   Ann WRIGHT Single  
41 05/10/1773 William BROWNE Single   Sarah DEWSING Single  
42 11/10/1773 John WILLIS Single   Mary LACY Single  
43 05/01/1774 James PURDY Widower   Catharine LEEDER Single  
44 11/10/1774 Robert DAPLIN Widower Thursford Esther TURNER Single  
45 10/10/1775 Mark KING Single Wighton Elizabeth WHITESIDES Single  
46 21/11/1775 John DIX Single   Hannah WILLIAMS Single  
47 19/12/1775 John OMPHRY Widower   Mary WILLIAMS Single  
48 29/10/1776 John ALLEN Single   Susan LANE Single  
49 05/11/1776 William WARNER Single   Hannah HICKLING Widow  
50 05/11/1776 Jeremiah DINN Single   Ann DUNTON Single  
51 01/12/1776 Joseph GODWIN Single Fakenham Mary JEX Single  
52 03/02/1777 John BROOKE Single Wood Norton Mary BROWNE Single  
53 17/08/1777 Robert BARNES Single   Ann SMITH Single  
54 10/10/1777 Thomas NEALE Single   Elizabeth CLARK Single  
55 14/06/1778 Henry BACON Single   Sarah ALLEN Single  
56 14/09/1778 Charles TWIDDY Single   Anne BETTS Single  
57 15/09/1778 Richard PAGE Single   Mary SECKER Single  
58 12/01/1779 Thomas KENDAL Single   Elizabeth LEEDER Single  
59 29/11/1779 Thomas SPOONER Single   Elizabeth ALLEN Single  
60 23/03/1780 Thomas PURT Widower Kettlestone Ann SHALLOW Single  
61 14/08/1780 John FISHER Single   Mary LYNN Single  
62 03/09/1780 William KENDALE Single   Elizabeth CLARKE Single  
63 05/12/1780 Edward FRARY Single Sedgeford Elizabeth BASTARD Single  
64 14/05/1781 John SMITH Single   Jane ADCOCK Single  
65 08/04/1782 John BUNTING Single   Ann BARNES Single  
66 22/08/1782 John AUSTEN Single   Mary FORBY Single  
67 14/07/1783 John BROWNING Widower   Elizabeth SMITH Single  
68 17/11/1783 Joseph BIRD Widower Barney Elizabeth HAGON Single  
69 18/03/1784 Edmund NEALE Single   Mary BASTARD Single  
70 23/11/1784 Edward RAMM Single   Ann PARKER Single  
71 22/02/1785 John FRARY Widower Hindolveston Elizabeth HIPKIN Single  
72 16/01/1787 John HUMPHREY Single   Catharine LYNN Single  
73 05/02/1787 William SMITH Single   Mary HUMPHREY Widow  
74 20/02/1787 Thomas MIDDLETON Single Barney Elizabeth EMERSON Single  
75 13/03/1787 James WORM Widower   Elizabeth PLOWRIGHT Single  
76 10/10/1787 John BRIGHT Single   Frances ATTHOW Single  
77 09/01/1789 Thomas WARNER Widower   Elizabeth BROWNING    
78 15/05/1789 Thomas WORSHIP Single   Hannah SADLER Single  
79 26/05/1789 George SMITH Single   Mary COOK Single  
80 14/07/1789 Timothy ROBOTHAM Single   Mary SANDS Single  
81 06/10/1789 William SANDS Single   Mary BENSLEY Single  
82 05/10/1790 William KENDAL Widower   Frances WILLIAMS Single  
83 04/11/1790 William SMITH Single Billingford By Dereham Mary WARNER Single  
84 29/03/1791 Henry PULL Widower   Hannah NEALE Widow  
85 14/06/1791 James SMITH Single Wighton Elizabeth KENDAL Single  
86 05/06/1792 John HUMPHREY Widower   Susanna FLUPOT Single  
87 15/11/1792 William KENT Single   Eleanor JECKEL Single  
88 18/12/1792 Robert BURTON Single   Rachel WALLER Single  
89 11/02/1793 Jeremiah DINN Widower   Mary WALLER Single  
90 26/03/1793 William COOPER Widower Costessey Mary JARVIS Widow  
91 20/05/1793 John ATTOWE Single   Alice TANN Single  
92 28/05/1793 James KENDAL Single   Elizabeth BOYCE Single  
93 17/12/1793 William EASTHILL Widower   Mary MIDDLETON Single  
94 09/07/1794 Samuel KING Single Wood Norton Phoebe SADLER Single  
95 09/12/1794 Henry JEWLER Single   Sarah BASTARD Single  
96 20/04/1795 John MORDY Single Little Walsingham Elizabeth ARMS Single  
97 25/05/1795 William ANTHANESS Widower   Susanna ENGLAND Widow  
98 22/09/1795 John GYMER Single   Ann ELLETT Single  
99 03/11/1797 Edmund MANN Single   Mary SMITH Widow  
101 23/04/1798 Robert WELLS Widower   Rebecca HUMPHRIES Single  
102 24/06/1800 Nicholas BAKER Single Oxwick And Pattesley Mary APPLEGATE Single  
103 16/12/1800 Robert TEBBLE Single   Elizabeth HAGEN Single  
104 21/05/1801 Isaac ARMES Single   Anne HAYLETT Single  
105 22/06/1801 William BETTS Single   Ann WARD Single  
106 16/10/1801 Francis GREENGRASS Single   Mary PLANE Single  
107 07/10/1802 Samuel ADCOCK Single Thursford Frances THURSTON Single  
108 08/11/1803 Nicholas Parker GYMER Single   Ann MANN Single  
109 21/07/1804 James TANN Single   Elizabeth MANN Single  
110 13/11/1804 William ROGERS Single   Elizabeth TAWELL Single  
111 06/05/1805 Martin HUMPHREY Single   Anne DYKE Single  
112 24/12/1805 Benjamin RUSSEL Single   Martha FARROW Single  
113 06/01/1806 James HAGON Widower   Sarah HOWMAN Widow  
114 21/10/1806 Robert GYMER Single   Anne GAGING Single Foulsham
115 24/12/1806 Paul NOBES Single   Elizabeth BARNES Single  
116 31/12/1806 John SCOTT Single Fakenham Mary ARMES Single  
117 23/06/1807 Robert YARHAM Single Stibbard Elizabeth SMITH Single  
118 05/06/1809 Robert APPLEGATE Single   Frances CORK Single Awre, Gloucestershire
119 09/10/1809 Edward KNIGHTS Single   Susanna WILLIS Single  
120 31/03/1810 James MOY Widower   Mary Ann CARTER Single  
121 11/06/1810 Henry LANGLEY Single   Ann BROWNING Single  
122 06/01/1812 Edward MASSINGHAM Single   Sarah GREENGRASS Single  
123 06/08/1812 John ATTOWE Widower   Elizabeth ELMER Single  
1 15/10/1813 Peter Elwin WRENCH Single   Johanna GOULDER Single  
2 01/11/1813 Robert ELLIOTT Single   Sarah TOWNSEND Single  
3 21/03/1814 Samuel CRASKE Single   Phoebe DOUGHTY Single  
4 30/05/1814 Michael TEBBLE Single   Catherine CUSH Single  
5 16/10/1815 Thomas BLADE Single   Elizabeth DOUDY Single Great Ryburgh
6 04/06/1816 John NEALE Single   Elizabeth WALLER Single  
7 14/10/1816 Thomas KENDAL Widower   Hannah BARTON Widow  
8 28/10/1816 James PHILIPPOT Single   Susanna KENDAL Single  
9 01/03/1817 Robert NEALE Single   Hannah SMITH Single  
10 27/05/1817 Robert REEVE Single   Mary JACKSON Single  
11 02/11/1818 Richard LINDSEY Single   Mary BUNTING Single  
12 23/03/1819 Robert EVERETT Single   Rose BARNES Single  
13 24/07/1820 Thomas NEALE Single   Elizabeth GRAY Single  
14 14/08/1820 Edmond NEALE Single   Harmand NURSE Single  
15 28/09/1820 George EMERY Single   Maria MIDDLETON Single  
16 06/11/1820 Richard SHELTON Single   Elizabeth WILMERSON Single  
17 13/01/1823 William GRAY Single   Elizabeth NEALE Single  
18 27/04/1823 James JULER Single   Honor MUNDFORD Single  
19 12/10/1823 George CANN Single   Mary RIX Single  
20 15/10/1823 David JENKINS Widower Eltham, Kent Mary GOSS Widow  
21 26/01/1824 James Riches MOY Single   Alice ATTOWE Single  
22 16/04/1824 James EMERY Single   Rebecca HILL Single  
23 14/06/1824 Charles DOY Single   Susanna BUNTING Single  
24 18/10/1824 John PHILIPPOT Single   Mary EMERSON Single  
25 08/11/1824 Thomas GOLDSMITH Single   Ann PHILIPPO Single  
26 29/11/1824 Henry ANDREWS Single   Sarah BUNTING Single  
27 10/01/1825 Jonathan BLADE Single   Lucy ARMES Single  
28 17/01/1825 Robert GIRDLESTONE Widower Great Snoring Jane PACK Single  
29 23/11/1825 Thomas EMERY Single   Elizabeth KIDDLE Single  
30 11/12/1826 Robert FARROW Single   Sarah GYMER Single  
31 24/12/1826 John TOWELL Single   Martha GOTTS Single  
32 02/04/1827 Thomas HOOD Single   Mary GRAY Single  
33 05/06/1827 John ATTOWE Single   Hannah HIGH Single  
34 02/09/1827 Thomas WHITE Single   Maria MANN Single  
35 13/09/1827 Robert WELLS Widower   Susanna HUMPHREY Widow  
36 12/01/1828 James COE Single   Mary JULER Single  
37 26/11/1830 George CREED Widower Little Walsingham Mary Ann YARHAM Single  
38 20/12/1830 William SHEPHERD Single Barney Charlotte JEX Single  
39 26/12/1830 Peter NOBES Single   Charlotte WESBY Single  
40 01/06/1831 James HURN Single Beeston Regis Maria BUNTON Widow  
41 10/07/1831 John MIDDLETON Single   Mary Ann MORDY Single  
42 25/12/1831 David EMERSON Single   Elizabeth BUCK Single  
43 08/01/1832 William TOWELL Single   Martha DENT Single  
44 22/05/1832 James MANSFIELD Single   Charlotte ATTOWE Single  
45 11/06/1832 Robert UTTON Single   Eliza WATERSON Single  
46 11/06/1832 William RUSSELL Single   Mary Ann GYMER Single  
47 16/10/1832 Thomas UTTON Single   Mary SMITH Single  
48 24/11/1832 James MOY Single   Susanna ATTOWE Single  
49 24/12/1832 Robert GYMER Single   Mary Ann UTTON Single  
50 11/06/1833 John HUMPHREY Single   Elizabeth BRETT Single Wighton
51 01/12/1833 Thomas WESBY Single   Hannah LEEDER Single  
52 13/07/1834 John ARMES Single   Mary Ann KENDLE Single  
53 21/12/1834 Henry GRAY Single   Susanna TUCK Single  
54 31/01/1836 Robert GREY Single   Rosetta BARNES Single  
55 15/03/1836 William UTTON Single   Caroline BARNES Single  
56 03/05/1836 William MANN Single   Mary Ann SAVAGE Single  
57 13/05/1836 Edward Barrett ADAMS Single   Matilda TUDDENHAM Single Little Snoring
58 06/11/1836 Robert ARMES Single   Ann MAYS Widow  
59 12/01/1837 Samuel BELL Widower   Barbara LITTELL Single  

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