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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Geldeston St Michael & All Angels


The Parish

The parish of Geldeston is situated in the far southeast of Norfolk, indeed it forms part of the boundary with neighbouring Suffolk. Geldeston is located about 2 miles northwest of the Suffolk market town of Beccles and sits on the northern banks of the River Waveney which here forms the boundary of the two counties. Geldeston is a substantial village built at the break of slope and sitting just above the river flood plain, it sits in lanes a half mile south of the present route of the A143 road which connects Great Yarmouth with Diss, the road having been rerouted to the north of Geldeston in recent times. Geldeston would have had a mixed farming economy at the time of this transcript, arable above the river valley whilst grazing predominated alongside the river. The Waveney drains the parish eastwards to reach the North Sea through the port of Great Yarmouth. Geldeston is sited at just 5 metres above sea level, albeit the church is some 20 metres higher. Geldeston parish was small, even for a Norfolk parish, it covered just over 800 acres and would have supported a population of around 350 parishioners. There is no specific reference to Geldeston in Domesday Book.

The Church

St Michael & All Angels' church sits a quarter mile northeast of the main village centre, on the southern side of the former route of the A143, now the Old Yarmouth Road. The round tower immediately alerts to the age of the church, in this case Pevsner grants a 12th century date. The remainder of the church is, however, later. The nave and southern porch show the features of the Perpendicular period but later restorations have tampered with much of the dating evidence whilst the chancel and northern transept were completely rebuilt in Victorian times (1884-1886) making the present building. The church sits almost opposite the entrance to Geldeston Hall's grounds but has a small car park to the west and a pathway leading through trees to the church. A screen of trees masks the site from the road and trees cluster around the western end making some photographic angles difficult.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 10th December 1754 - 23rd December 1812 Norfolk Record Office - Reference PD542/5 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 9th February 1813 - 27th June 1837 Norfolk Record Office - Reference PD542/6 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Kirby Cane All Saints
Stockton St Michael & All Angels
Gillingham St Mary
Ellingham St Mary
Gillingham St Mary
Ellingham St Mary
Barsham Holy Trinity, Suffolk
Barsham Holy Trinity, Suffolk

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 10/12/1754 Robert READ Single   Sarah OLLYOT Single  
2 01/04/1755 Robert CATLINE Single Kirby Cane Frances BOWTAIN Single  
3 18/10/1758 William CATCHPOLE Single   Mary SMITH    
5 02/09/1759 John ALLEN Single Beccles, Suffolk Ann MOON Single  
6 31/08/1760 William SMITH Single   Lydia LARTAR Single  
7 18/11/1760 William HAYWARD Single Hardley Hannah RICHARDS Single  
8 11/10/1763 Philip BARNES Single Ellingham Sarah TUNGET Single  
9 07/02/1768 William CATLYN Single   Sarah HOLMES Single  
10 09/01/1769 Richard ANNESS Widower   Mary DOWL Single  
13 09/10/1772 Benjamin ATKINS Single   Mary CLEAR Single  
14 09/10/1772 William CHAPMAN Single   Elizabeth CUMBEY Single  
15 15/10/1772 John GRIMMER Widower Herringfleet, Suffolk Sarah BOON Single  
16 01/05/1775 Samuel HOLLAND Single   Elizabeth DAWSON Single  
17 22/07/1775 Robert BUCK Single   Susanna EDMUNDS Single  
18 05/10/1775 Nathaniel CHAMBERS Single   Sarah CACKAMOUL Single  
19 20/11/1775 Francis DABB Single Beccles, Suffolk Mary SMITH Single  
20 11/06/1777 William FISK Single   Elizabeth EMERIS Single  
21 06/11/1777 William BROWN Widower   Ann HOWSON Widow  
22 07/11/1777 John TODD Widower   Elizabeth PHILIPS Widow  
23 18/11/1777 Alexander WOODS Single Aldeburgh, Suffolk Sarah ALEXANDER Single  
24 27/04/1778 Thomas GARWOOD Single   Jane RISING Single  
25 28/04/1779 Mark MICKLEBURGH Single   Elizabeth TODD Single  
27 11/01/1780 Samuel HENSBY Single   Mary OLYET Single  
29 07/11/1780 William INGATE Single Worlingham, Suffolk Ann MALLOTT Widow  
30 08/05/1781 Gregory BENSTEAD Single   Susanna ELGATE Single  
31 03/09/1781 William CATLINE Widower   Jane PERISON Widow  
32 29/09/1784 Richard BOON Single   Mary WIGG Single Barsham, Suffolk
33 10/10/1784 Samuel WARD Single Raveningham Jesse MICKLEBURGH Single  
34 06/01/1785 Luke RAVEN Single   Sarah READ Single  
35 05/08/1787 John BALLS Single   Sarah SEAMAN Widow  
36 21/10/1788 Robert BOULT Single Wheatacre Elizabeth WIGG Single  
37 27/10/1788 Mathuselah COLE Widower   Elizabeth EDMUNDS Single  
38 18/02/1789 James GOODA Single   Susanna BARNES Single  
39 26/10/1789 Thomas CHAPLIN Single   Mary EASTOUGH Single  
40 18/01/1790 James CRICKMER Single Hales Hannah DOWSON Single  
41 27/06/1790 Axle CLARK   Cookley, Suffolk Sarah DOWSON    
42 05/11/1790 Emoch BOOTY Single   Ann DOWSON Single  
43 08/03/1791 Robert SMITH Single   Elizabeth WOOLARD Single  
44 23/06/1791 John DRAPER Single Oulton, Suffolk Sarah CULLHAM Widow  
45 13/03/1792 Robert SHERRINGTON Widower Great Yarmouth Dorothy RIDLEY Widow  
46 11/10/1792 Robert THEOBALD   St Peter Mancroft, Norwich Mary CLARK    
47 07/02/1793 Robert RADE Single Kirby Cane Mary ASHMANALL Single  
48 29/04/1793 Thomas BROWN     Sarah LEGGET    
49 24/10/1796 Joseph YOUELL Single Gillingham Sarah EASTER Single  
50 23/02/1797 George JOUNDY Single Hurley, Berkshire Hannah TOVELL Single  
51 09/04/1797 William GREEN Single Mutford, Suffolk Ann COOK Single  
52 15/06/1797 Jonathan MICKLEBURGH Single   Elizabeth WILSON Single  
53 12/10/1797 John GOULD Single Catfield Mary CHAPLIN Single  
54 13/11/1797 James NICHOLLS Single   Mary MERRY Single  
55 16/01/1798 William MERRY Single   Elizabeth MOORE Single  
56 20/02/1798 William HOLLAND Single   Charlotte BUCK Single  
57 31/07/1798 David TODD Single   Elizabeth BROWNE Widow  
58 02/12/1800 James EDMONDS Single   Elizabeth PIPE Single  
59 12/01/1801 William JERMY Single   Susan MICKLEBURGH Single  
60 23/07/1801 Samuel CARVER Single Beccles, Suffolk Elizabeth TOVELL Single  
61 06/07/1803 William DEVEREUX Single   Mary Ann CHAPLIN Single  
62 26/01/1807 John CUTLER Single   Mary ALLEN Single  
63 16/03/1807 John ROBERTS Single   Mary Ann SIMONDS Single  
64 16/07/1807 James BROWN Single   Elizabeth GURNEY Single  
65 19/11/1807 Robert BLUMFIELD Single   Mary TOVELL Single  
66 10/02/1808 Benjamin ADKINGS Single   Elizabeth FENN Single  
11/05/1808 Robert GOWEN Single Rollesby Martha MERRY Single  
12/10/1808 Robert BOGGIS Single Ringsfield, Suffolk Judith HOLMES Single  
18/09/1809 Thomas BROOKES Widower   Mary Ann THOMPSON Single  
31/01/1810 Jonathan HEWSON     Jane QUADLING   Beccles, Suffolk
24/04/1810 James FULCHER Single Beccles, Suffolk Charlotte BROWN Single  
05/02/1811 William SPANTON Single Gillingham Sarah ATKINS Single  
02/04/1811 James MOBBS     Sarah MERRY    
07/01/1812 William BALLS Single   Rebecca DARBY Single  
05/05/1812 James SHAW   Worlingham, Suffolk Hannah BOON    
18/11/1812 Abraham CLARKE Single Beccles, Suffolk Elizabeth BOON    
08/12/1812 Benjamin WARD     Mary ROUS    
23/12/1812 William SPAGETT     Susannah EDWARDS    
1 09/02/1813 Robert SPAGITT Single Gillingham Hannah EGLEN Single  
2 23/02/1813 Thomas TOVELL Single   Elizabeth SMITH Single  
3 17/03/1813 Edward BOON Single   Ann DENNY Single  
4 09/07/1813 William DEVEREUX Widower   Elisabeth TODD Widow  
5 07/09/1813 William CHAPLIN Single   Sarah SPATCHET Single  
6 16/03/1814 William SMITH Single   Susan CUSHEN Single  
7 07/08/1815 William COOKSON Single   Esther MAYERS Single  
8 11/12/1815 Robert FISK Single   Marianne CUSHEN Single  
9 08/07/1816 John HOLLAND Single   Mary MACKLEY Single  
10 05/03/1817 Samuel ABRAHAM Single   Emily PUNCHER Single  
11 28/09/1817 James CHILVERS Single   Sarah CRISP Single  
12 11/11/1818 John IVES Single Ellingham Sarah BURCHAM Single  
13 08/02/1819 William WOODS Single   Susanna GARMER Single  
14 07/05/1820 George HOLLAND Single   Elisabeth SIMMONS Single  
15 23/04/1821 Joseph BRADNAM Single   Dinah MORLEY Single  
16 11/06/1821 Robert ARCHER Single   Mary Ann KNIGHTS Single  
17 16/10/1821 Robert RONICALS Single   Susanna HOLLAND Single  
18 22/09/1822 George BROWN Single   Hannah SELF Single  
19 21/01/1823 Botwright BROWN Single   Rachel RUSHMER Single  
20 11/01/1824 James HARROD Single   Mary Ann REEVE Single  
21 19/02/1824 Benjamin KENT Single Beccles, Suffolk Hannah Mapes BRUNDELL Single  
22 18/10/1824 George KING Single   Lucy FLOWERS Single  
23 22/03/1825 Daniel GOBBET Single   Mary GODBOLT Single  
24 04/04/1825 James BALLS Single   Elisabeth BROWN Single  
25 16/11/1825 James READ Single   Sarah QUADLING Single  
28 29/01/1826 William BARKWAY Single   Hannah ABRAHAM Single  
26 13/11/1826 John TUBBY Single   Maria HOLLAND Single  
29 18/01/1829 William BALLS Single   Mary READ Single  
30 03/05/1829 Lewis PITT Single   Charlotte BRADY Single  
31 31/09/1829 Charles HALL Single   Mary Ann ATKINSON Single  
32 12/10/1829 Jonathan READ Single   Ann FOLGATE Single  
33 13/10/1829 William BROWN Single   Rebecca BALEY Single  
34 27/07/1830 Jacob HALL Single   Charlotte HOLLAND Single  
35 29/11/1830 James ALGAR Single   Jemima BECKETT Single  
36 14/12/1830 Thomas BOON Single   Mary Ann BROWN Single  
37 25/01/1831 Richard Randal BEART Single   Maria FULCHER Single  
38 29/03/1831 Charles HOLLAND Single   Susan PITCHERS Single  
39 28/10/1831 Anthony FISK Single   Mary CHAPLIN Single  
40 14/11/1831 Robert WEBB Single   Sarah EASTER Single  
41 27/08/1832 Henry OWEN Single   Maria BRIGGS Single  
42 20/11/1832 William BLOMFIELD Widower   Sarah MALLETT Widow  
43 20/11/1832 James DOE Single   Mary JORDAN Single  
44 26/12/1832 William WEBB Single St Peter Southgate, Norwich Susan CHASTON Single  
45 07/02/1833 Charles CHAPLIN Single   Elizabeth BALLS Single  
46 11/12/1833 Robert MILLS Widower   Elizabeth CRESTON Widow  
47 27/01/1834 James MANN Single Lowestoft, Suffolk Susan CHAMBERS Single  
48 18/03/1834 James TURRELL Single   Ann SHARMAN Single Gillingham
49 16/07/1834 James WEBB Single   Elizabeth REEVE Single  
50 10/11/1834 Luke MILLS Single   Eliza ADAMS Single  
51 16/04/1835 John COBB Single St Mary, Bungay, Suffolk Mary Ann OWEN Single  
52 29/11/1835 George BROWN Widower   Lucy NORMAN Single  
54 21/01/1836 Charles LIGHTNING Single Great Yarmouth Maria BALDRY Single  
55 15/02/1836 Abraham BRADMAN Single   Hannah WHINCUP Single  
56 26/07/1836 John ELMER Single St John Sepulchre, Norwich Hannah ELMER Single  
57 24/11/1836 John CHAMBERS Single   Ann KEMP Single  
58 27/03/1837 Robert REID Single   Rhoda BRADMAN Single  
59 27/06/1837 Stephen DILLY Widower   Mary JOHNSON Single  

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