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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Halvergate St Peter & St Paul


The Parish

The parish of Halvergate lies in southeastern Norfolk about 6 miles west of the port of Great Yarmouth. Halvergate is a small and compact village which sits around 2 miles south of the A47 road which connects the city of Norwich with Great Yarmouth. Halvergate was, in Roman times and the early mediaeval period, a seaport, the vast estuary which stretched inland as far as Halvergate having been diminished over the centuries by silting and deliberate man-made draining leaving the village high (relatively) and dry. Halvergate's economy was thus rather mixed for a Norfolk parish, there was, of course, arable farming on higher ground to the west of the village but the extensive grazing marshes provided variation, the close proximity of poorly drained land also enable wildfowling and reed for thatch to be important parts of the economy. Modern developments came to the parish but largely passed it by, the Norwich to Great Yarmouth rail line via Acle passing through the northern edge of the parish. Many manmade channels feed water into the Fleet which makes its way eastwards to Breydon Water and the Yare to reach the sea through Great Yarmouth. Halvergate is sited at around 15 metres above the sea, land is rather flat and plateau-like around here, once off the marshes, and local heights reach little higher for many miles. Halvergate parish was large for Norfolk and contained roughly 2/3rd marshland and reclaimed territory (the reclaimed land was spread amongst neighbouring parishes creating little exclaves of territory for many and complicating the parish maps for this area), covering just over 2,600 acres it would have supported a population of close to 500 parishioners. In Domesday times Halvergate was held directly by King William, a prosperous place of 15 ploughs, a small meadow and a salthouse.

The Church

St Peter & St Paul's church stands towards the western end of the village on the northern side of The Street. The church owes its origins to the early 14th century albeit little remains of that period. Most examples of this period lie within the nave a pair of lancet windows from the Early English Gothic period followed by another of the Decorated period convey the history despite the changes of later repair and restoration. The grand western tower, once a beacon for shipping coming to the port, stood in ruins at one time but has, thankfully, now been restored. There is much restoration throughout, a southern porch being added in 1867, the chancel rebuilt a decade later to leave today's building. The church sits slightly back from its road behind a low brick wall and some impressive trees, Once through that barrier the churchyard has few obstructions albeit trees crowd the eastern end of the church somewhat.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 10th May 1755 - 13th October 1766 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD354/1 Plain, unruled book, a continuation of the extant composite register in contravention of Hardwicke's segregation & wording requirements Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 5th January 1768 - 13th February 1812 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD354/4 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 18th January 1813 - 4th January 1837 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD354/5 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
31/01/1754 Francis JONES Single   Elizabeth MICKLEBURGH Single  
10/05/1755 William LARWOOD Single Moulton St Mary Hannah HUGGINS Single  
17/12/1755 Thomas BRINDRED Single Wickhampton Sarah WRIGHT Single  
19/04/1756 John DRURY Single Surlingham Mary SHREEVE Single  
20/04/1756 Robert WATTS Single   Mary DAVY Single  
19/01/1757 John BAILEY Single   Susannah BOULT Widow  
17/02/1757 Benjamin GRINT Single   Elizabeth DAVY Single  
24/02/1757 Jacob EVERSON Single   Sarah MACK Single  
01/08/1757 Charles COUSSENS Single   Mary BRINDRED Single  
12/10/1757 Robert BATELY Single   Elizabeth PARSON Single  
13/10/1757 Augustine CANE Single   Elizabeth TINCKLE Single  
14/03/1758 George FIELDING Single   Mary WADE Single  
08/05/1758 Isaac SHUCKFORD Single   Eliza GRINT Single  
15/05/1758 Richard CHAPLIN Single   Anne SHREEVE Single  
27/05/1759 William GEDGE Single   Mary SHEARMAN Single  
12/09/1759 Charles WARD Single   Lydia WILLIAMS Single  
09/10/1759 Roger ROBERTS Single Reedham Elizabeth SHUCKFORD Single  
31/10/1759 Stephen BATELY Single   Elizabeth DAVY Single Buckenham
02/11/1759 William DAVY Single   Elizabeth LARK Single  
19/01/1760 William COSSEY Single   Elizabeth NEWTON Single  
02/02/1760 Robert MACK Single   Sarah GODDARD Single  
01/04/1761 William BATELY Single   Mary GREEN Single Buckenham
07/07/1761 Simon HALESWORTH Single   Elizabeth MYHIL Single  
21/10/1761 Edmund BRANSBY Single   Elizabeth HEATH Single  
12/01/1762 John HARRIS Single Ranworth Frances HALL Single  
29/10/1764 Thomas WALTERS Single   Susannah FANE Single  
13/10/1766 John SAUNDERS Single   Rebecca WATSON Single  
5 05/01/1768 John BROWNE Widower   Winifred WATERS Single  
6 25/01/1768 Thomas HALESWORTH Single   Elizabeth ATKINSON    
7 16/11/1768 Robert WILSON Single   Penelope NORTON Single  
8 06/02/1769 Anthony ATKINSON Single   Elisabeth FARROW Single  
9 29/05/1769 Samuel PARSONS Single   Mary WADE Single  
10 08/10/1769 Thomas ENGLISH Single   Elizabeth WYAND Single  
11 22/10/1769 Stephen WILLIS Single   Elizabeth HARPER Single Lingwood
12 08/01/1770 Robert FLOWER Single   Ann PAIN Single  
13 21/08/1770 William HAWES Single Moulton St Mary Mary MANCLARKE Single  
14 04/11/1770 Edward PALMER Single   Mary PEARTT Single  
15 22/03/1771 Jeremiah VALIANT Single St Peter Mancroft, Norwich Mary GAMBLE Single  
16 15/10/1771 John WOODHOUSE Single   Abigail BAYS Single  
17 01/07/1772 James EVERSON Single   Elizabeth SKOYLES Single  
18 27/02/1773 Benjamin WYAND Single   Mary JULER Single  
19 23/08/1773 Nicholas BEVERLEY Single   Mary MOLLETT Single  
20 15/11/1773 James TUNGATE Single   Sarah HOTT Single  
21 09/12/1773 Robert ROPE Single Blofield Ann GILLETT Single  
22 10/01/1774 Thomas JONES Single   Elisabeth BROWNE Single  
23 10/04/1774 John BENSTEAD Single   Hannah SPOONER Single  
24 04/12/1774 John JACOB Single   Dinah STOAT Single  
26 24/07/1775 William EVERSON Single   Judith BEVERLEY Single  
27 01/08/1775 William GAMBLE Single   Anne DAVEY Single Lingwood
28 06/02/1776 Solomon MANNING Single Wickhampton Sarah MALLETT Single  
29 18/08/1776 Charles BARNARD Single Freethorpe Mary SHACKFORD Single  
30 06/10/1776 John READ Single   Elizabeth KERRISON Single  
31 16/12/1776 John WRIGHT Single   Sarah COLLINS Single  
32 03/03/1777 William COLLINS Single   Mary CAPPS Single  
33 18/11/1777 Roger SHORTEN Single   Sarah CHURCH Single  
34 05/10/1778 Samuel Wild PARSON Single   Susannah GAMBLE Single  
35 01/02/1779 William MOSS Single   Elizabeth DURRANT Single  
36 22/06/1779 Joseph MEEK Single   Sarah CHURCH Single  
37 24/06/1779 Abraham TONGATE Single   Elizabeth GRINT Single  
38 20/06/1780 William TYLAR Single   Mary LANE Single  
39 22/03/1781 William GILLETT Single   Mary SMITH Single  
40 01/05/1781 John ALLISON Single   Esther WYAND Single  
41 23/10/1781 William TUNGATE Single   Ann DAVEY Single  
42 02/12/1781 Robert RANDALL Single   Sarah SHACKFORD Single  
43 17/12/1781 George BROWNE Single   Mary BARWOOD Single  
44 09/09/1782 John BITTON Single   Amy WHALE Single  
45 04/08/1783 Samuel PITCHER Single   Sarah DAVY Single  
46 30/11/1783 Samuel ANDREWS Single Ormesby St Margaret Elizabeth FISH Single  
47 24/01/1785 John BARRETT Single   Elizabeth RANSBY Widow  
48 13/06/1785 John BROWNE Single   Mary WATTS Single  
49 29/11/1785 James GODFREY Single   Mary HALL Single  
50 25/05/1786 Joshua GIBBS Widower   Mary NEWTON Single  
51 10/10/1786 William FRANCIS Single   Elizabeth MARCH Single  
52 07/01/1787 William GOOCH Single   Margaret GATES Single  
53 08/01/1787 William SHACKFORD Single   Ann WILLIS Single  
54 10/04/1787 John EMSON Single Moulton St Mary Mary GEDGE Single  
55 21/01/1788 Robert TURNER Single   Susannah PARKE Single  
56 19/10/1789 Richard HALL Single   Anne SHACKFORD Single  
57 22/11/1790 William JACOB Single   Mary JACOB Single  
58 11/10/1791 John SHEPHERD Single   Elizabeth WYAND Single  
59 18/10/1791 John NICHOLS Single   Elizabeth BROWNE Single  
60 24/10/1791 John CHURCH Single   Mary PALMER Single  
61 15/04/1794 Robert PILE Single   Martha PARTT Single  
62 16/09/1794 James JACOB Single   Elizabeth WARNS Widow  
63 06/10/1794 Samuel WARNS Single   Rebecca JACOB Single  
64 06/10/1794 Jacob WARNS Single   Mary JONES Single  
65 12/11/1794 Solomon WEBSTER Widower   Hannah KERRY Single  
66 17/12/1794 George TUCK Single Coltishall Amy WALPOLE Single  
67 13/10/1795 Adam MALLETT Single   Elizabeth SAUNDERS Single  
68 07/12/1796 James MALLETT Single   Mariah BARNARD Single  
69 07/02/1797 James GOWEN Single   Elizabeth MALLETT Single  
70 11/10/1798 James MANTHROP Single   Lydia FLEET Single  
71 12/11/1798 John BROWNE Widower   Ann CLARKE Single  
72 23/04/1799 John MILLS Single Reedham Mary BROWNE Single  
73 14/11/1799 John GODDARD Single   Susannah FLINT Single  
74 04/03/1800 James WYMER Single   Rebecca GOOCH Single  
75 22/05/1800 Robert GILBERT Single Hardley Lucy GILLETT    
76 16/09/1800 John DAVY Single   Elisabeth WYAND Single  
77 24/09/1800 Stephen BATELY Single Tunstall Rose BOULT    
78 06/04/1801 Thomas BRINDED Widower   Jimmima MALLETT Single  
79 14/07/1801 Edward HEWITT Single   Amey CHURCH Single  
80 03/09/1801 John READ Single   Esther ATKINSON Single  
81 15/09/1801 Benjamin TURNER Single   Sarah MOLLETT Single  
82 06/10/1801 Benjamin ROWLAND Single   Mariah RANDALL Single  
83 02/11/1801 William RISEBROOK Single   Rosamond RICE Single  
84 09/11/1801 John WALES Single   Ann LITTLEWOOD Single  
85 10/05/1802 Daniel CHURCH Single   Susannah JONES Single  
86 07/06/1802 Samuel GIBBS Single   Elizabeth WARNS Single  
87 12/08/1802 John BARRETT Widower   Elizabeth WALES Widow  
88 16/09/1802 Robert WARD Single   Elizabeth ROWLAND Single  
89 16/06/1803 William WOOD Single Hackney, Middlesex Charlotte ALLISON Single  
90 20/10/1803 Thomas GRAVENER Single Moulton St Mary Elizabeth HIGH Single  
91 14/11/1803 Abraham BARNIBY Single   Elizabeth GOOCH Single  
92 06/04/1804 John READ Single   Mary MOLLETT Single  
93 07/05/1804 John COMAN Single Tunstall Susanna READ    
94 16/10/1804 John GEORGE Single Caister Margaret JONES Single  
95 06/11/1804 John WARNES Single   Hannah CLARKE Single  
96 08/04/1805 William SHORTEN Single   Averil BAISE Single  
97 19/11/1805 William COX Single   Martha PALMER Single  
98 01/01/1806 William BOULT Single   Mary BENSLIN Single  
99 18/02/1806 Robert FRANSHAM Single   Elisabeth ATKINSON Single  
100 24/02/1806 William BRACY Single   Elizabeth PITCHERS Single  
101 21/04/1806 Noah CURTIS Single   Susan GOOCH Single  
103 22/04/1806 John BEVERLY Single   Ann SHORTON Single  
104 06/05/1806 Robert CURTIS Single Lingwood Judith BEVERLEY Single  
105 17/07/1806 John PARISH Single   Mary WARD Single  
106 29/09/1806 John CLARK Single   Mary LAWN Single  
107 20/03/1807 John COCKERELL Single Upton Lydia BECK Single  
108 01/10/1807 Robert WARNES Single   Mary BEVERLEY Single  
109 12/10/1807 John CURTIS Single   Susannah MORSE Single  
110 20/10/1807 James BARRETT Single   Cecilia FEKE Single  
111 17/08/1808 Henry MASON Single Great Yarmouth Elisabeth CLARK Single  
112 06/09/1808 Thomas JOHNSON Single   Keziah WARNES Single  
113 19/10/1809 Edward CORY Single   Elizabeth GILLETT Single  
114 20/02/1810 Jeremiah FRANSHAM Single   Elizabeth PILE Single  
115 16/10/1810 John BECK Single   Mary MORSE Single  
116 28/01/1811 John WALES Widower   Mary CHASE Single  
117 22/05/1811 Anthony PILCH Single Acle Maria GOOCH Single  
118 23/06/1811 John SONES Single Tunstall Elizabeth WILLIS Single  
119 14/10/1811 William SPRINGALL     Mary WYMER    
120 04/02/1812 Thomas HUNT Single   Barbara BEVERLEY Single  
121 13/02/1812 William BLOGG Single   Susanna FRANCIS Single  
1 18/01/1813 John NICHOLS Single Freethorpe Emily BECK Single  
2 23/02/1813 John CARTER Single   Lydia HOWARD Single  
3 01/03/1813 Edward JONES Single   Ann COCK Single  
4 16/03/1813 John KITTON Single   Christian GOUCH Single  
5 10/05/1814 John MALLETT Widower Limpenhoe Susanna RUSHMER Single  
6 19/10/1814 John PRATT Single Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire Edna GILLETT Single  
7 02/01/1815 Robert TRETT Single   Susanna CURTIS Widow  
8 21/12/1815 Thomas Bird CROWE Widower Rockland St Mary Esther ALLISON Single  
9 03/06/1816 Michael DUGDALE Single Freethorpe Elizabeth LAWN    
10 11/11/1816 Christopher DISON Single   Elizabeth JONES Single  
11 18/09/1817 James RUSHMER     Elizabeth PALMER Single  
12 22/05/1818 William DIBLE Single West Somerton Elizabeth JACKSON Single  
13 23/11/1818 Edward JONES Widower   Harriet MYHILL Single  
14 14/12/1818 Robert WATSON Single   Elizabeth JARMYN Single  
15 04/10/1819 John BARLOW Single   Elizabeth SHORTEN Single  
16 03/01/1820 William TURNER Single   Sarah WALES Single  
17 10/01/1820 John SMITH Single   Maria MORSE Single  
18 16/10/1820 James MALLETT Single   Hester LAWN Single  
19 07/01/1821 Stephen HARPER Single   Amey CHURCH Single  
20 05/04/1821 Samuel SMITH Single   Helena SHEPHERD Single  
21 24/12/1821 John KITTLE Single   Sarah BROWN Single  
22 19/03/1822 John WEBB Single Wickhampton Dinah SHUCKFORD Single  
23 31/03/1822 John ROWLAND Single   Sarah PARSONS Single  
24 16/05/1822 Samuel YALLOP Single   Mary MALLETT Single  
25 28/05/1822 Barzillai IVES Single   Sarah CHURCH Single  
26 04/11/1822 John DINGLE Single   Sarah BECK Single  
27 17/11/1822 William YOUNG Single Freethorpe Mary MALLETT Single  
28 13/04/1823 John MALLETT Single   Mary WARD Single  
29 18/08/1823 Richard DAVISON Single   Ann BAKER Single  
30 15/02/1824 George TURNER Single   Maria ROWLAND Single  
31 12/10/1824 John READ Single   Frances WIGG Single  
32 21/11/1824 Samuel BROWN Single   Maria WELTON Single  
33 30/11/1824 William Barnes CROW Widower Wickhampton Ann RUSHMER Single  
34 24/04/1825 James MOSS Single   Esther NUMAN Single  
35 19/09/1826 Benjamin RUMBOLD Single   Lucy Ann POWLEY Single  
36 16/07/1827 John PITCHERS Single   Amy ATKINS Single  
37 13/10/1828 William TUNGATE Single   Jemima PALMER Single  
38 06/11/1828 Benjamin ROWLAND Single   Elizabeth YOUNGS Single  
39 14/07/1829 Francis CHESTER Single   Elizabeth RUMBOLD Single  
40 18/08/1829 Thomas STOLWORTHY Widower   Elizabeth HOWARD Single  
41 11/10/1829 Joseph POWLEY Single Tunstall Elizabeth HIGH Single  
42 22/12/1829 Joseph HOGGET Single Reedham Amelia PALMER Single  
43 24/02/1830 Aaron WARD Single   Sophia BECK Single  
44 10/03/1830 Stephen MOSS Single   Dinah MARSHALL Single  
45 31/05/1830 William JONES Single   Mary Ann EVERSON Single  
46 11/07/1830 William HOLSWORTH Single   Charlotte WELTON Single  
47 12/10/1830 William RICHES Single   Sarah PETTITT Single  
48 26/10/1830 Charles TURNER Single   Edna WARNES Single  
49 18/11/1831 William EVERSON Single   Sarah HUNTON Single  
50 04/03/1832 John RAVEN Single   Ann SADLER    
51 23/04/1832 John BENSTEAD Single   Mary BLEZAR Single  
52 23/04/1832 Tristram HARPER Single   Elizabeth PICKSTONE Single  
53 05/08/1832 Benjamin SADLER Single   Sarah Ann LANGLEY Single  
54 02/12/1832 James EVERSON Single   Maria WARNES Single  
55 11/08/1833 Robert BECK Single   Harriot KIRK Single  
56 20/10/1833 Noah RISBROKE Single   Maria SHORTEN Single  
57 20/11/1833 Charles BECK Single   Maria MALLETT Single  
58 12/12/1833 John TURNER Single   Betsy GALER Single  
59 29/09/1834 John JARMYN Single   Maria NEWSON Single  
60 18/11/1834 Robert BARKER Single   Elizabeth MALLET Single  
61 21/09/1835 Charles SADLER Single   Emily JONES Single  
62 01/10/1835 Robert WARNES Single   Sarah ANDREWS Single  
63 05/04/1836 Nathaniel SKIPPER Single   Mary WATTS Single  
64 05/04/1836 George WILGRIS Single   Mary Ann MALLETT Single  
65 15/11/1836 Robert BEVERLY Single   Frances FLINT Single  
66 04/01/1837 Samuel PITCHERS Single   Elizabeth WATTS Single  

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