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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Ketteringham St Peter


The Parish

The parish of Ketteringham lies in eastern Central Norfolk about 6 miles southwest of the city of Norwich and 3 miles northeast of the market town of Wymondham. Ketteringham is a rather scattered settlement with no clear defined village and dominated by the parkland of its hall. Ketteringham sits immediately south of the busy A11 road which links Norwich with Thetford and onwards to London. The parish is dominated by its hall and this gave the area a mixed farming regime with roughly half arable and pastoral with substantial proportions set to woodland and park. Nowadays arable farming predominates in this area. The parish is drained towards the northeast by a small tributary of the River Yare, this has been modified through the hall grounds to make for ornamental lakes etc. The Yare drains eastwards into the North Sea through the port of Great Yarmouth. Ketteringham is sited at around 50 metres above the sea and the land hereabouts is noticeably flat. Ketteringham parish was of a fairly typical size for this area of Norfolk, it covered just under 2,000 acres and supported a population of around 250 parishioners. In Domesday times the land was shared between one Roger Bigot and one Ranulf Peverel, the parish held 9 ploughs as well as small meadows.

The Church

St Peter's church lies within the grounds of Ketteringham Hall and is approached by a dead-end lane (Church Road). The building follows the standard design of chancel, nave and western tower and is largely built in the Early English style of the early 13th century. This makes it an early church for Norfolk which is dominated by the great Perpendicular period of the 14th/15th centuries. The building, however, has been much altered over the centuries, firstly the tower had to be rebuilt in the early 17th century and then the top was added in the late 19th. The whole building was extensively restored in 1837 and this altered much of the details. The main lane skirts the northern and western edges of the estate, Church road heads into the grounds and the church is open to visit. A set of wooden gates grants access and the site is fairly open and does not unduly restrict photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 20th December 1755 - 3rd June 1812 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/42/5 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 24th January 1813 - 19th January 1837 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/42/6 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Hethersett St Remigius
Hethersett St Remigius
Hethersett St Remigius
Wymondham St Mary the Virgin & St Thomas a Becket
Intwood All Saints
Wymondham St Mary the Virgin & St Thomas a Becket
Hethel All Saints
East Carleton St Mary
East Carleton St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
2 20/12/1755 Henry BENSLEY     Martha GHILIUS Single  
1 21/12/1755 John JOSSOP     Hannah SPAUL    
3 10/08/1756 Richard BAKER   Hethersett Mary HUGGINS    
4 12/10/1756 Robert JOLLEY Single   Sarah HUNTER Single  
5 16/07/1757 John SEWELL Single   Susanna RISING    
6 18/05/1759 Isaac LEMAN Widower Carleton St Peter Rachel DUCKER Widow  
7 16/10/1759 John BRINKLE Single   Mary LONG Single  
8 19/07/1760 Charles SPRUCE Single   Elizabeth MIDDLETON Single  
9 13/10/1760 William BREESE Single   Sarah BAKER    
10 26/01/1761 John WOODS Single   Rose CHAMBERLING Single  
11 12/10/1761 John LABOURNE Single   Mary SMITH Single  
12 06/12/1761 Thomas BETTS Single   Mary VINES Single  
13 11/12/1766 Edward BLYTH Single   Mary BAYLEY Single  
14 13/12/1768 John FUTTER Widower   Anne COOPER Single  
15 25/09/1769 John TANN Single East Carleton Mary BREESE Single  
16 22/07/1770 Francis HOWLETT Single   Rebeccah SMITH Single  
17 29/07/1771 John SPALL Widower   Mary CHAMBERLAIN Single  
18 01/06/1773 Robert GOOCH     Mary ELSY    
19 07/08/1775 Thomas BUNN Single Hockham Mary SEWELL Single  
20 11/08/1777 Ruben SMITH Single   Ann GALLANT Single  
21 12/10/1778 George WIFFEN Single   Elizabeth MOOR Single  
22 21/01/1779 John ALLEN   Mulbarton Elizabeth HOWLETT    
23 01/02/1780 Bailey LANGLEY     Catharine COOPER    
24 29/05/1780 John SMITH Single St Stephen, Norwich Elizabeth COOPER Single  
25 12/02/1781 John BATSON Widower Hethersett Ann SEWELL    
26 13/11/1781 James HUGGINS Single   Anne CANHAM Single  
27 25/04/1783 John BALE Single   Mary BUNTING Single  
28 01/06/1783 James FLINT Single   Elizabeth CLOSE Single  
29 27/10/1783 Robert WOODS Single   Amy HAWKES Single  
30 18/11/1783 Daveney VYNNE Widower   Esther SENDALL Single  
31 15/07/1785 Richard BISHOP   Islington, Middlesex Mary FUTTER Single  
32 05/01/1786 William JOLLY Single   Love WRAMPLING    
33 28/12/1786 Isaac DYE Single   Sarah WOODS Single  
34 05/08/1787 George TAYLOR Widower   Diana YOUELL Widow  
35 06/11/1787 George NORMAN Single   Love JOLLY Widow  
36 10/11/1789 James THORPE Single   Elizabeth WIFFEN Single  
37 01/01/1790 William HERRING Widower Ringland Elizabeth BORRETT Widow  
38 11/10/1790 William RAYNER Single   Mary CULHAM Single  
39 19/10/1790 William BAYLEY Single   Lydia GUELD Single  
40 04/11/1790 William CLARKE Single   Esther VYNNE Widow  
41 29/11/1790 John AUSTIN Single Wymondham Anne BETTS Single  
42 08/08/1791 Isaac DYE Widower   Mary BLACKWOOD Single  
43 26/09/1793 Thomas RACKHAM Single Intwood Ann FUTTER Single  
44 07/10/1793 James SEWELL Single   Ann DRIVER Single  
45 25/08/1794 Robert BLYTHE Single   Mary WARREN Single  
46 19/11/1795 William GRAY Single   Mary SEWELL Single  
47 08/11/1796 Robert ALGAR Widower   Mary HIPPERSON Single  
48 28/03/1797 George ROBERTS Single Wymondham Elizabeth HUGGINS Single  
49 11/05/1797 John COOK Single Intwood Elizabeth SEWELL Single  
50 11/10/1797 William LAND Single   Honour DAINES Single  
51 09/07/1798 John POWELL Single Hethersett Mary GROOM Single  
52 11/10/1798 Daniel SRAMPLING Single   Ann READ Single  
53 28/05/1799 John ANDREWS Single Bracon Ash Elizabeth CHILD Single  
54 06/08/1799 Edward HORSTEAD Single   Mary WOODS Single  
55 12/08/1799 John STONE Single   Lydia BREEZE Single  
56 29/10/1799 Stephen DENNY Single   Elizabeth FUTTER Single  
57 28/11/1799 Benjamin SWORD Single   Amy BRIGHT Single  
58 16/10/1800 John COOPER Single East Carleton Elizabeth GOOCH Single  
59 01/06/1801 John CANNELL Single   Susanna BASENWHITE Single  
60 02/11/1801 George COOPER Single Bracon Ash Elizabeth CROSS Single  
61 01/11/1804 Edmund BAILEY Single   Amy CARMAN Single  
62 25/11/1805 Thomas HALL Single   Mary BARKER Single  
63 15/10/1806 William COOPER Single   Hannah LEWIS   Hethersett
64 15/08/1808 William WALPOLE Single   Mary ALBOROUGH Single  
65 20/09/1808 William HOWLETT Single   Elizabeth SMITH Single  
66 14/04/1809 Isaac BALES Single Easton Elizabeth HARRIS Single  
67 06/10/1809 Robert LINCOLN Single St George Colegate, Norwich Elizabeth DYE Single  
68 25/10/1809 John BUCK Single Rockland St Mary Ellen LORD Single  
69 14/05/1810 James WALKER Single Hethersett Anne GROOM Single  
70 14/05/1810 Edward THOMPSON Single   Hannah FRANKLIN Single  
71 03/06/1812 Robert HORNER Single Wymondham Lydia WILSON Single  
1 24/01/1813 Noah NICHOLS Single   Mary HORSTEAD Single  
2 12/10/1813 Jeremiah CARMAN Single Hethersett Susanna DAWSON Single  
3 02/11/1813 George GROOME Widower   Elizabeth BEATON Single  
4 09/08/1814 Philip BARNES Single All Saints, Norwich Harriet FUTTER Single  
5 18/10/1814 George BRINGLOE Single   Elizabeth BAYNHAM Single  
6 30/04/1815 James HICKLING Single Hethersett Sarah GAUL Single  
7 28/09/1815 Richard VYNNE Single   Elizabeth FUTTER Single  
8 11/10/1815 George MILLER Single   Susanna PARFIT Single  
9 30/10/1815 Thomas HARTT Single Bawburgh Sophia CHAPMAN Single  
10 29/07/1817 James TROWER Single   Anne Eve MEEKE Single  
11 23/10/1818 Stephen BUCKENHAM Single   Mary MEEK Single  
12 16/11/1818 Henry ALDERTON Single Intwood Mary ALGAR Single  
13 25/04/1820 Daniel KEMP Single   Anne FLINT Single  
14 18/07/1820 George TROWER Single   Sarah ROLFE Single  
15 06/11/1820 John SPRUCE Single   Mary LAND Single  
16 06/11/1820 Samuel MILLER Single Hethersett Kezia LAND Single  
17 23/07/1821 Jonas ROBERTS Single   Hannah HOWLETT Single  
18 29/04/1822 Richard LIGHTWING Single   Charlotte LEEDER Single  
19 18/11/1822 Moses BANKES Single   Hannah HUGGINS Single  
20 11/12/1822 Tuttle MOORE Widower Warham St Mary Jemima SEWEL Single  
21 28/04/1823 James BARKER Single   Susanna COZENS Single  
22 30/04/1823 William CLEMENTS Widower St Michael At Thorn, Norwich Charlotte COOK Single  
23 22/10/1823 Henry CANHAM Single   Mary NORTON Single  
24 27/10/1823 John WRIGHT Single Carleton Rode Rebecca ABLE Single  
25 23/03/1824 James DANIELS Single   Sarah LEEDER Single  
26 14/04/1825 Edward BLYTH Single   Mary BOWDEN Single  
27 23/03/1826 Martin COOPER Single Wymondham Jane BLYTH Single  
28 26/03/1826 Richard COZENS Single   Esther SMITH Single  
29 12/05/1826 William COZENS Single   Sarah MOYSE Single  
30 02/11/1826 John BRIGGS Single Hethersett Susanna CANHAM Single  
31 10/09/1827 Thomas COUSINS Single Hethersett Hannah DANIELS Single  
32 14/03/1828 Thomas HORSTED Single   Susanna LAND Single  
33 04/05/1829 Robert DANIELS Widower   Mary NICKLESS Widow  
34 30/06/1830 William DANIELS Single   Anne BAKER Single  
35 15/11/1830 James LOFTY Single Hethersett Charlotte EMMS Single  
36 20/01/1831 John WEBB Single   Alice STIBBARDS Single  
37 07/06/1832 Thomas POOLE Widower Mendham, Suffolk Mehatabel READ Single  
38 12/06/1832 William BARRETT Single Hethersett Hannah HILLING Single  
39 23/07/1832 Henry BENNETT Single   Mary HILLING Single  
40 13/05/1833 James SCARLAND Single Palling Mary CROWE Single  
41 21/10/1833 William COOK Single Hethel Charlotte Royal WHITING Single  
42 02/11/1834 Aaron SMITH Single   Elizabeth ROBERTS Single  
43 19/07/1835 Daniel KEMP Widower   Mary BLANEY    
44 12/10/1835 Robert DUNNETT Widower   Elizabeth GREEN Widow  
45 05/11/1835 John CANNELL Single   Mary GOULTY Single  
46 19/01/1837 Samuel NELAND Single   Jemima COUSINS Single  

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