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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Lessingham All Saints


The Parish

The parish of lessingham lies in the extreme northeast of Norfolk barely a mile from its northeastern North Sea coast. Lessingham is located about 8 miles east of the market town of North Walsham and sits, in lanes, two miles east of the B1159 road which connects Stalham with the coast at Walcott. Lessingham is a small crossroads village sitting on prime arable land, fields of cereals, beet and oil seed dominating the local area. A geographical oddity drains the parish, the stream draining the parish away from the sea has its source just yards from Eccles beach yet heads southwards eventually becoming the Thurne before making its way to the Yare and the North Sea through the port of Great Yarmouth. Despite being a mile from the sea Lessingham is sited at sea-level with local heights not exceeding 10 metres with a couple of miles. Lessingham parish was tiny, even by Norfolk standards, it covered less than 650 acres and would have supported a population of just under 250 parishioners. In Domesday times lessingham was an equally small place, retained as part of the King's holdings it could offer 6 ploughs plus small meadows & woodland.

The Church

All Saints' church sits on the northern edge of the village, alone apart from a farm and fields with the skylarks singing high above. Not much remains of the mediaeval in this church, the western tower is from the late 13th century albeit the belfry windows are 14th century. The thatched nave was once contiguous with the chancel, sadly the latter is now a ruin. The nave, itself, was completely rebuilt in 1893. Where once an elaborate carved screen, separating nave & chancel once stood, the eastern end is now unceremoniously bricked up. Lanes lead west, then north and back east to reach the church with enough space for a car by the wooden gates at the western end of the site. The churchyard is open and with few obstructions, the eastern aspect is, however, best left out of any adequate photograph.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 15th May 1754 - 16th December 1811 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD274/3 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 2nd March 1813 - 11th June 1837 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD274/5 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Happisburgh St Mary
Happisburgh St Mary
Happisburgh St Mary
East Ruston St Mary
Hempstead with Eccles St Andrew
Brunstead St Peter
Ingham Holy Trinity
Ingham Holy Trinity

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 15/05/1754 David FROSGATE Single   Elizabeth WARNS Single  
2 09/10/1754 Clement JOHNSON   Ingham Hannah DRAPER    
3 30/06/1755 Richard COOK Single Happisburgh Mary NICKELS Single  
4 11/11/1755 Simon WISEMAN Single   Anne GAMBLING Single  
5 18/09/1758 Robert SLEG Widower   Elizabeth RUMP Single  
6 23/02/1759 John BALLS Single   Elizabeth BOND Single  
7 10/01/1760 William LACK Single   Elizabeth RUST    
8 20/10/1760 John COUSINS Single Happisburgh Susan WARNS Single  
9 04/01/1762 John BARKER Widower   Hannah RICHARDSON Single  
10 31/12/1763 Thomas SCARPE Widower Barton Turf Margaret GEE Widow  
11 13/08/1764 John CANNON Single   Elizabeth BARBER Single  
12 09/07/1765 Edmund ANTHONY Single East Ruston Mary TRACEY Single  
13 12/07/1765 Edmund ANTHONY Single Neatishead Mary DYBELL Single  
14 21/01/1766 John BALLS Widower   Elizabeth WINTER Single  
15 06/04/1767 Joseph TURNER Single   Sarah TWAITS Single  
16 12/06/1768 John SAUL Single Worstead Martha RUMP Single  
17 02/08/1768 John MOORE Single Brunstead Mary EMERSON Single  
18 25/10/1768 John AMOS Single   Rachel BRADDUCK Single  
19 11/10/1769 Briggs POSTLE Single   Elizabeth SLEGG Widow  
20 20/11/1769 Henry PYLE Single   Susannah SMITH Single  
21 06/02/1770 John RUMP Single   Mary AMOS Single  
22 25/06/1770 Richard PRATT Single   Elizabeth DRAKE Single  
23 25/06/1770 James GREGORY Single   Lydia HARRIS Single  
24 02/07/1770 Matthew SURFLING Single   Elizabeth PRATT Single  
25 21/07/1771 John PILGRAM Single   Mary BARTRAM Single  
26 22/07/1771 John COUSINS Widower   Mary DALE Single  
27 26/07/1771 John NAVE Single   Elizabeth WATERSON Single Hempstead With Eccles
28 19/08/1771 James WILKINS Single   Mary WRIGHT Single  
29 14/04/1772 Isaac SAUL Single   Elizabeth PEGGS Single  
30 27/09/1773 John LINDO Single   Anne ALLISON Single  
31 10/11/1773 Francis MAYS   Sutton Mary FOX Single  
32 19/04/1774 John SILCOCK Widower   Anne COLE Single  
33 27/09/1774 Robert BUSHEL   Trunch Mary WORTS Single  
34 09/03/1775 John BARTRAM Single   Mary NAVE   East Ruston
35 22/01/1777 Thomas HASTINGS Single   Elizabeth SAUL Widow  
36 21/07/1777 John BENSLEY Single   Mary SALMON Single  
37 27/04/1778 Thomas ELSDEN Single East Ruston Sarah BAKER Single  
38 11/10/1779 Samuel ALLISON     Sarah DIX    
39 03/01/1780 John WARD   Banningham Elizabeth SEAMAN    
40 21/02/1780 Benjamin WYAND     Ann HOWES    
41 21/10/1782 Daniel SMITH Single   Elizabeth FOX Single  
42 23/03/1783 Edmund NICHOLLS Single   Elizabeth ENGLAND Single  
43 22/04/1783 William POSTLE Single Smallburgh Ann WATTS Single  
44 16/06/1783 James THOMPSON Single   Elizabeth DOBBS Single  
45 21/07/1783 Isaac HULL Widower   Mary COUSINS Widow  
46 28/07/1783 Edward FROSTICK Single   Bridget MARTINS Widow Ingham
47 11/08/1783 William LACK Widower   Sarah PRATT Single  
48 10/12/1783 Robert GILBERT Widower Hellesdon Elizabeth SCOTTOW Single  
49 28/03/1785 John BALLS Single   Frances BARTRAM Single  
50 17/05/1785 Samuel JULER Widower   Hannah WORTS Widow  
51 11/10/1785 John NICKELS Single Happisburgh Elizabeth CUBITT Single  
52 24/10/1785 William FORD Single Hempstead With Eccles Anne BARTRAM    
53 02/01/1786 Robert STEWARD Single Walcott Ann SCOTT    
54 30/06/1786 Joseph CROWE Single East Ruston Hannah GRAVER Single  
55 13/07/1787 Thomas ELLSDEN     Mary WILLIAMS    
56 15/10/1787 Thomas DRAKE Single   Phillis GAMBLE Single Hickling
57 16/02/1789 Daniel SMITH     Anne HENDRY    
58 27/07/1789 Robert TOMPSON     Mary ALEXANDER    
59 24/01/1791 Samuel FROSTWICK     Mary MANN    
60 10/04/1792 John DOBBS     Mary HAZLE    
61 29/10/1792 John CATLING Single   Elizabeth PRATT Widow  
62 06/01/1794 William ALLISON Single   Mary HOWES Single  
63 02/11/1795 Samuel CANNON     Hannah BARRETT Single  
64 11/10/1796 Paul RANDALL Widower Ingham Sarah BOWER Single  
27/10/1796 Robert MYHILL Single Ingham Mary BARTRAM Single  
05/12/1796 John BANNIER Widower Walcott Elizabeth SURFLING Single  
08/10/1797 William ROLL Single   Elizabeth HARRINGTON Single Hempstead With Eccles
20/02/1798 William SUFFLING Single   Elizabeth PEGG Single  
15/01/1800 William SILCOCK Single   Ann WYAND Widow  
16/03/1800 Thomas HARRIS Single   Sarah DRAKE Single  
12/10/1801 William Rust LACK Single   Ann HARRIS Single  
22/10/1801 Samuel STARLING Single Sutton Eleanor BARTRAM Single  
05/06/1803 William BREEZE Single Ingham Elizabeth DRAKE Single  
13/06/1803 George HOWEL Single Ludham Maria RYE Single  
18/09/1803 John FROSDICK Single   Susan BESSEY Single  
18/12/1803 John READ Single   Anne WORTS Single  
13/08/1804 John CLIPPERTON Single Paston Anne CANHAM Single  
08/10/1805 Benjamin CUBITT Single   Elizabeth WORTS Widow  
09/11/1807 John BLOGG Widower   Rose CRANE Single  
07/03/1809 Edward FROSDICK Widower   Thomasin THIRSTON Widow  
24/07/1810 Thomas TRACEY Single   Elizabeth HARVEY Single  
19/11/1810 Samuel ABIGAIL Single   Elizabeth FOTT Single Great Plumstead
31/12/1810 James RYE Single   Mary STOREY Single  
31/12/1810 Samuel GIBBS Single Little Plumstead Sarah RYE Single  
19/02/1811 Thomas WILLETT Single Brandon, Suffolk Ann BUSHELL Single  
17/11/1811 Thomas EMERY Single Northrepps Ann BARTRAM Single  
16/12/1811 John SMITH Single   Jemima LEIST Single  
1 02/03/1813 William PLANE Single Horsey Ann RYE Single  
2 15/12/1813 Daniel SMITH Single   Sarah GRIFFITH Single  
3 11/10/1814 Peter RESTELL Single Stalham Mary BALLS Single  
4 31/10/1814 Daniel HUNTER Single   Mary GREEN Single  
5 11/06/1815 William SILCOCK Single   Elizabeth FLOWERDAY Single Stalham
6 07/09/1815 James AMESS Single Ingham Ann FLOWERDEW Single  
7 18/03/1817 John ADAMS Single   Sarah BREEZE Single  
8 10/04/1817 Benjamin PEGGS Single   Ann CLEMENTS Single  
9 10/08/1818 John SCOTTOW Single   Hannah KING Single East Ruston
10 26/11/1818 John FRARY     Elizabeth WHITACRE   Waxham
11 10/08/1819 Benjamin PERT Single Happisburgh Clara THOMPSON Single  
12 06/01/1820 William TIMBERS Single   Mary ELSDEN Single  
13 06/03/1820 Robert BATES Single   Sarah ROLL Single  
14 09/10/1820 Robert CONEY Single Shereford Ann Pootle WORTS Single  
15 19/11/1820 Edmund PREST Single   Mary ROLL Single  
16 04/03/1821 Joseph MANN Single   Elizabeth HUBBARD Single  
17 09/12/1821 James AMESS Widower   Elizabeth FENN Single Happisburgh
18 14/12/1821 Samuel NASH Single Ingham Elizabeth WORTS Single  
19 12/01/1824 Thomas BATES Widower   Susan DAWSON Single  
20 10/02/1824 Robert STRIKE Single   Sarah GIBBS Single  
21 25/03/1824 George John WATERSON Single   Maria WELLS Single Great Yarmouth
22 21/11/1824 Samuel GREENE Single   Elizabeth FABB Single  
23 21/01/1825 Samuel GIBBS     Mary LEIST   Ingham
24 24/07/1825 Robert STIMSON Single   Rachael KIRBY Single  
25 17/02/1826 Charles BARKER Single   Margaret SIZER Single  
26 14/03/1826 Robert JOHNSON Single Horsey Elizabeth SURFLING Single  
27 11/07/1826 William THIRTLE Single Ashmanhaugh Charlotte WATERSON Single  
28 19/10/1826 William LITTLEWOOD Single Hempstead With Eccles Elizabeth NICHOLS Single  
29 11/06/1827 James GREEN Single   Mary CLAXTON   Stalham
30 23/10/1827 Richard JOHNSON Single Horsey Sarah SURFLING Single  
31 14/04/1828 John SHREEVE Single   Ann COLMAN Single  
32 07/11/1828 Aaron HEWETT Single   Elizabeth HARRIS Single  
33 19/02/1829 Thomas HARRIS Widower   Mercy SURFLING Single  
34 15/12/1831 George MATTHEWS Single Ingham Mary NICKELS Single  
35 17/01/1832 William TUBBY Single   Susan SURFLING Single  
36 21/04/1833 John HAYNES Single Happisburgh Elizabeth GRIMMER Single  
37 03/06/1833 Robert NURSE Single   Elizabeth CLEMENTS Single  
38 03/02/1834 James LACK Single   Sarah EMPSON Single  
39 04/03/1834 Joseph COLE Single   Hannah ROLL Single  
40 18/09/1834 George ELLETT Single   Elizabeth AMES Single  
41 15/10/1834 Cubitt LACY Single   Mary MARTIN Single  
42 17/10/1834 John BELL Single   Maria BIRD Single  
43 12/11/1834 William POSTLE Single   Elizabeth CROXTON Single  
44 24/11/1834 Thomas WATTS Single Barton Turf Ann Gibbs HUBBARD Single  
45 30/12/1834 John GIBBS Single   Charlotte STORRY Single  
46 03/03/1835 John LUSHER Widower Ingham Elizabeth DUCKER Widow  
47 03/01/1836 William MASON Single   Anne SIMS Single  
48 14/10/1836 William LACEY Single   Susan BIRD Single  
49 14/03/1837 William STORY Single   Elizabeth GREEN Single  
50 11/06/1837 John MILES Single   Clarey PEGGS Single  

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