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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Little Melton St Mary & All Saints


The Parish

The parish of Little Melton lies in eastern central Norfolk about 5 miles west of the city of Norwich. Little Melton is a long straggle of a village which lies immediately west of Norwich's western bypass the A47 and a mile south of the B1108 which connects the city with Watton. At the time of this transcript Little Melton was just a small farming village, typically arable like so many in Norfolk. Its proximity to the city and in recent times its improved road links have made it a growth area for commuters attracted to a village setting yet working at the nearby University & Science Park, as a result modern developments have expanded Little Melton somewhat. A small parish with almost all land devoted to arable ceral production the economy would have been dependent on that harvest. Little Melton is curiously drained northwestwards by a small tributary of the Yare which is joined to the east of Barford, thence matters turn eastwards to reach the North Sea through the port of Great Yarmouth. Little Melton is sited at around 40 metres above the sea in gentle terrain where local heights do not exceed that level for some distance. Norfolk has many small parishes and Little Melton was one of the smaller, covering not much more than 650 acres it would have supported a population of a little over 300 parishioners. In Domesday times Little Melton was equally small and sleepy, held by a steward Godric (presumably a rare Saxon survivor) it could muster just 6 ploughs and an array of livestock.

The Church

St Mary & All Saints' church sits just beyond the western end of the village on the southern side of Mill Road and 200 metres west of the nearest village properties. The church has its origins in the early 14th century and shows evidence of having been built in a single campaign during the height of the Decorated style fashion. The church follows the standard layout of that time of nave & chancel with western tower and is augmented by aisles, in this case mismatched with 4 bays on the southern side yet only 2 to the north. There are some windows which indicate a refresh was carried out a little later, they show the style of the Perpendicular and probably date from less than a century after the initial build. Like most churches there was a restoration by the Victorians, in this case that was fairly late, in 1796, and mainly focused upon the roofing and flooring. The church is shielded by  large hedging and mature trees and is almost invisble behind this barrier, even the lychgate being embedded within hedging. There is parking on the verge opoosite the entrance. Once through the screening trees the churchyard is relatively free from photographic obstacles.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
12th April 1754 - 21st October 1782
Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/269/1
Plain, unruled book, a continuation of the extant composite register in contravention of Hardwicke's segregation & wording requirements
Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads
2 25th October 1785 - 29th June 1812 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/269/5 Plain, unruled & margined book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number This register suffers from bleed-through of backing entries making for a tricky read at times and raising the possibility of one or two misreads
3 10th June 1813 - 19th February 1837 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/269/6 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Bawburgh St Mary & St Walstan
Bawburgh St Mary & St Walstan
Colney St Andrew
Great Melton St Mary & All Saints
Colney St Andrew
Great Melton St Mary & All Saints
Hethersett St Remigius
Hethersett St Remigius

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
12/04/1754 William GIRLING Single Elizabeth BACK Single Easton
04/11/1755 Philip HEWETT Single Elizabeth DEAL Single
12/05/1756 John FOX Single Elizabeth SMITH Single
05/09/1758 Thomas PALMER Single Hannah DOUGHTY Single
05/08/1759 John CHILD Single Wymondham Sarah PALMER Single
07/08/1759 John BREESE Single Ketteringham Elizabeth TWIGG Single
16/04/1760 William HAYHOW Single Mary DRAKE Single
20/10/1760 John HILL Single Swardeston Elizabeth CLARKE Single
19/03/1761 John PARKER Single Elizabeth WRIGHT Single
10/10/1764 John FARROW Single Sarah CLARKE Single
14/11/1765 John SMITH Widower Mary LEECH Single
07/09/1766 John HOWLET Single Hannah PALMER Single
18/01/1767 Thomas BARKER Single Sarah SMITH Single
22/02/1767 Edmund BLYTH Single Easton Susanna COPEMAN Single
20/09/1767 George NORMAN Widower Ann LAWS Single
19/10/1767 Henry BURROUGHS Single Great Melton Elizabeth DRAKE Single
22/11/1768 Edward HOLYDAY Single Elizabeth BREESE Widow
14/09/1769 John DAVY Widower Hethersett Alice BLYTH Widow
26/06/1770 John HOWLETT Single Earlham Honor DADE Single
22/11/1770 Stephen DENNY Single Great Melton Sarah WRIGHT Single
02/04/1771 John DAINES Widower Costessey Susanna TURNER Single
09/11/1772 Roger REEVE Single Sarah HAYLETT Single
16/11/1772 Robert WADE Single Ditchingham Mary SMITH
26/04/1773 William DRAKE Single Sarah BENNET Single
28/09/1773 John VINCE Single Great Melton Hannah GIRLING Single
11/11/1773 Gilbert CUSHION Single Great Melton Sarah GIRLING Single
08/08/1774 Peter GOOCH Single Sarah MOOR Single
20/08/1775 William BISHOP Single Great Melton Susanna FOX Single
10/10/1776 Thomas KIBIT Single Sarah MARGERIM Single
10/10/1776 John TWIG Single Lucy FISHER Hethersett
17/10/1776 John DAVY Widower Mary WRIGHT Single
09/05/1777 George MOOR Single Elizabeth BAKER Single
11/09/1777 Thomas CASTLETON Single Elnor CLAXTON Single
11/10/1779 John PETTIT Single Sarah FOX Single
27/06/1780 William FOX Single Priscilla COPEMAN Single
03/11/1780 William PROCTOR Single Great Melton Ann DAVY Single
12/12/1780 Jeremiah DRAKE Single Ann COPEMAN Widow
26/02/1781 Robert PETTIT Single Elizabeth GOULD Single
09/10/1781 James PARISH Single Hannah BREESE Single
27/12/1781 Thomas DAVY Single Ann FISHER Single
26/02/1782 William DAVY Single Ann PALMER Single
18/07/1782 Thomas BARKER Widower Sarah DRAKE Widow
03/10/1782 William SMITH Single Elizabeth LOOM Single
21/10/1782 William GIRLING Single Elizabeth RUDD Single
1 25/10/1785 Isaac CANNELL Single Cringleford Elizabeth HIPPERSON Single
2 26/12/1785 Benjamin FOX Single Mary WOOLINER Single
3 24/01/1786 Robert WHAITES Single Runhall Mary RUDD Single
4 06/02/1786 John BENNET Single Finet SPALDING Single
5 06/02/1786 Michael POTTEL Widower Mary ROBERTS Single
6 20/09/1786 James LEGGET Single Hethersett Mary DUNNING Single
7 30/09/1786 Cornelius VINCE Single All Saints, Warham Elizabeth GIRLING Single
8 06/08/1787 Robert NIXON Single Mary SYMONS Widow
9 16/04/1788 Robert NIXON Widower Sarah BANES Widow
10 04/08/1788 Henry DADE Single Esther SPALDING Single
11 18/11/1788 John ISEN Single Dianah HAYHOE Single
12 17/10/1789 William MORTER Single Bawburgh Elizabeth BALLS Single
13 12/05/1791 Esau CANNELL Single Cringleford Sarah HIPPERSON Single
14 20/02/1792 William FOSTER Single Sarah PALMER Single
15 04/12/1792 Robert LORD Widower Bunwell Mary FOX Single
16 10/11/1793 Robert CLARK Single Sarah DAINS Single
16 05/05/1796 Samuel HIPPERSON Single Elizabeth GOWARD Single
17 21/11/1796 Thomas DUNT Single Lydia CLARKE Single
18 31/12/1798 Thomas FOX Single Barford Priscilla LEEDER Single
27/08/1799 Thomas CARMAN Widower Mary FIDEMENT Single
07/11/1799 John STOCKTON Single Mary COPEMAN Single
30/11/1800 Samuel BALE Single Phoebe FOX Single
15/03/1801 Charles CHILDS Single Honor COPEMAN Single
07/10/1801 Robert ALDOUS Widower Saxlingham Esther DADE Widow
16/11/1801 John HAYHOE Single Elizabeth BISHOP Single
06/10/1803 Samuel BRIGGS Single Harriet FOX Single
12/12/1803 William BISHOP Widower Jemima MAPES Single
28/09/1807 William GIRLING Single Cawston Mary GIRLING Single
06/10/1808 Thomas TRAXTON Single St Peter Mancroft, Norwich Ann CHILD Single
01/11/1808 Robert PETTITT Single Sarah SMITH Single
20/02/1809 Robert NIXON Single Hannah PARISH Single
01/04/1810 Matthew RAYNER Single Rebecca TOMPSON Single
08/05/1810 Robert BRIGGS Single Alice PETTITT Single
29/06/1812 James THOMPSON Single Sarah COPEMAN Single
1 10/06/1813 James RICHES Spilsby, Lincolnshire Judith SHEEN
2 08/11/1814 Robert SEWELL Single Mary LOFTY Single
3 05/03/1816 John CLARKE Single Elizabeth LEECH Single Hethersett
4 27/12/1816 William COOK Single Bawburgh Jemima JACKSON Single
5 26/10/1818 William PERKINS Single Mary CLARKE Single
6 22/10/1819 James LONG Single Henrietta SHEEN Single
7 22/05/1820 William LOFTY Single Hethersett Sarah REYNOLDS Single
8 12/12/1820 John SADLER Single St Giles, Norwich Eliza DAVY Single
9 01/01/1822 Samuel HIPPERSON Single Great Melton Ann FORSTER Single
10 23/04/1822 Robert COPEMAN Single Frances BAILEY Single
11 07/11/1822 William ROBERTS Single Sarah GOWARD Single
12 09/12/1822 John NORTON Single East Tuddenham Charlotte TOMPSON Single
13 13/03/1823 William GOWARD Widower Elizabeth BROWNE Single
14 28/10/1823 Thomas FORSTER Single Rebecca COPEMAN Single
15 15/11/1824 Charles FORSTER Single Mary ALLEN Single
16 26/10/1826 Charles BISHOP Single Mary Ann RAYNER Single
17 12/10/1827 Jeremiah WALDEN Single Hardingham Sarah HARVEY Single
18 11/03/1828 William SMITH Single Hethersett Sarah HIPPERSON Single
19 22/09/1828 Robert WITHAM Single Maria BAILEY Single
20 21/10/1828 John HARVY Single Sarah ROXBY Single
21 17/02/1829 Robert PETTIT Widower Charlotte CASTLETON Single
22 22/10/1830 James CLARK Single Stratton Strawless Sophia PETTIT
23 29/11/1830 Charles RICHES Single St Andrew, Norwich Elizabeth BISHOP Single
24 21/11/1831 John SMITH Single Ellen DUNNET Single
25 07/02/1832 John GAFF Single Barbara FORSTER Single
26 07/02/1832 James COLE Single Bawburgh Mary FORSTER Single
27 02/05/1832 William BLACK Single Bawburgh Elizabeth GIRLING Single
28 25/11/1832 John CHILDS Single Maria CUNNINGHAM Single
29 25/12/1832 Samuel COOPER Single Mary MORTER Single
30 21/04/1833 Henry DAINES Single Elizabeth RAYNER Single
31 25/11/1833 Hambleton BALES Single Mary STOCKINGS Single
32 01/07/1834 Edward BACON Single Charlotte RAYNER Single
33 17/11/1834 Thomas FORSTER Widower Elizabeth COPEMAN Single
34 25/11/1834 William BURCHAM Single Mary Ann Child COE Single
35 25/12/1834 Obadiah PETTIT Single Charity WISEMAN Single
36 28/12/1834 William COOPER Widower Elizabeth IVESON Single Eaton
37 03/02/1835 William MORTIMER Single Marlingford Hannah BALES Single
38 07/04/1835 Robert BAILEY Single Hannah PLUMPTON Single
39 08/07/1835 John RICHES Single Marianne DYE Single
40 17/03/1836 William BACON Single Elizabeth TUFFS Single
41 05/05/1836 William HUBBARD Single Rosetta AGUS Single Barford
42 27/09/1836 Thomas MIDDLETON Widower Matilda WISEMAN Single
43 17/12/1836 Matthew MASON Single Sarah CASTLETON Single
44 29/01/1837 John BACON Single Maria HOLMES Single
45 19/02/1837 George SYMONDS Single Hannah Ann MITCHELL Single

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