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Morley St Botolph


The Parish

The parish of Morley St Botolph, one of a pair of adjacent Morleys, lies in south central Norfolk about 3 miles west of the market town of Wymondham. Morley St Botolph is a small and compact village sitting in lanes about 2 miles north of the busy A11 road which connects Norwich with Thetford and on to London. Much of Morley St Botolph is built along the lanes which connects Wymondham with Great Ellingham. At the time of this transcript, and indeed still today, this would have largely been an arable farming district, today Morley St Botolph is surrounded with large fields of cereal, beet and oil seed. Morley St Botolph is drained eastwards by a small tributary of the River Tiffey which it joins near Wymondham, the Tiffey then turns northward to meet the Yare and eventually the North Sea through the port of Great Yarmouth. Morley St Botolph is situated in this shallow valley at around 40 metres above the sea in gentle countryside where local heights rise smoothly to just over 60 metres. Morley St Botolph parish was small even for a Norfolk parish, it covered around 800 acres and would have supported a population of around 300 parishioners. In Domesday times the Morleys were enumerated together, the joint manors being held by William of Warenne and Ralph of Beaufour, it is likely one refers to St Botolph, the other to St Peter. Jointly the Morleys could offer just 10 ploughs and small meadows.

The Church

St Botolph's church sits almost a half mile to the northwest of the notional centre of the village on a narrow winding lane and facing typical Norfolk arable fields. The details of the church are of the Perpendicular period but the building has been extensively restored following damage in the 1950s. Pevsner cites documentary evidence for much work in the mid-15th century which is consistent with the apparent period of the church. The roofing also has been renewed, again in the mid-20th century resulting in today's church. The narrow lane, Church Lane appropriately enough, heads north from the western end of the village and St Botolph sits on a sharp bend of that lane. The churchyard has a neatly clipped hedged boundary and access is through a nice lychgate where there is a small pull-off. The churchyard is fairly open and does not unduly restrict photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 10th January 1757 - 26th October 1812 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD3/5 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 7th February 1814 - 30th October 1836 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD3/6 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Deopham St Andrew
Deopham St Andrew
Wicklewood St Andrew & All Saints
Deopham St Andrew
Wicklewood St Andrew & All Saints
Deopham St Andrew
Morley St Peter
Morley St Peter

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 10/01/1757 Matthew JAMES Single   Bridget TALBOT Single  
2 07/02/1757 Matthew PULFER Single Hingham Mary NORTON Single  
3 12/07/1759 John LOVAT Single   Sarah CLARKE Single  
4 17/10/1760 Jonathan CLARKSON Single   Mary BETTS Single  
5 08/10/1761 Peter SUTTON Single Mattishall Lydda HARDINGHAM Single  
6 16/11/1761 William TILLET Single   Ann PEARCE Single  
7 27/10/1762 Thomas WOODHOUSE Widower   Mary BUXTON Single  
8 16/11/1762 Richard CULLUM Single   Sarah COSINES Single  
9 02/12/1762 William CLARKE Single   Thamesin DEY Single  
10 05/01/1763 John CUSHING   New Buckenham Martha TUTTLE    
11 28/02/1763 William EMES   Attleborough Sarah HUBBARD    
12 27/06/1764 John NORTON Single Hardingham Mary ANDREWS Single  
13 25/10/1765 John DANIEL Single   Sarah UNDEY Single  
14 20/09/1766 James HARPLEY Single   Sarah ROWLING Single  
15 29/12/1766 John TILLITT Single   Ann FENIX Single  
16 10/10/1767 John BURGESS Single   Sarah MEADOWS Single  
17 12/10/1767 Thomas WOODCOCK Single   Mary BALLS Single  
18 25/07/1769 Samuel GOLDSON   Hardingham Mary BENSLEY Single  
19 16/10/1769 John CROOK Single   Mary GARWOOD Single  
20 01/11/1769 John PITCHER Single   Mary PEARCE Single  
21 25/12/1769 Robert SPINK Widower   Jane ADAMS Widow  
22 23/01/1770 Barnabas BURROUGHES Single   Susanna BENSLEY Single  
23 25/09/1770 Robert GARRET Widower   Elizabeth WEBSTER Single  
24 18/10/1770 Robert TUBBY Single   Mary CALTHORPE Single  
25 06/11/1770 John HARVEY Single   Sarah CHAMBERLAIN Single  
26 07/05/1771 Samuel BIDELE Single   Alice MEEK Single Hempnall
27 16/02/1773 Samuel EDWARDS Single   Elisabeth CURSON Single  
28 28/12/1773 William FLINT Single   Ann RAVEN Single  
30 11/10/1774 John NICHOLS Single   Sarah CROOK Single  
29 12/10/1774 Thomas HARVEY Single   Sarah SEXTON Single  
31 05/03/1776 Richard SKIPPER Single   Elizabeth ELLET Single  
32 16/10/1776 Samuel GOLDSON Widower   Sarah FILBY Single  
33 20/06/1779 Robert CURSON Single   Jane SEWELL Single Wicklewood
34 14/11/1779 John LAIN Single Morley St Peter Anne GREY Single  
35 12/12/1780 William HEAD Single   Anne TILLETT Single  
36 29/10/1781 Henry ROSE Single   Hannah TOOK Single  
37 06/04/1784 Robert CURSON Widower   Elizabeth RICHARDSON Single  
38 23/04/1787 William HARDIMENT Single   Sarah LINCOLN Single  
39 28/01/1788 James PALLANT Single Wicklewood Hester SMITH Single  
40 02/10/1788 Peter MASON Widower Cranworth Mary PALMER Single  
41 09/02/1790 George SHAW Single Rickinghall Superior, Suffolk Elizabeth FAIRWEATHER Single  
42 02/05/1791 John NORTON Single   Mary BALDRY Single  
43 13/05/1791 Stephen SMITH Single Hingham Elizabeth WOODROW Single  
44 02/06/1791 Robert BURCH Single Deopham Ann WALKER Single  
45 16/11/1791 Robert LYSHER Widower   Mary DADDY Single  
46 16/10/1792 William DANIEL Single   Honor BOWDEN Single  
46 16/10/1792 William COLMAN Single   Honor BOWDEN Single  
47 03/12/1792 William TILLOT Widower   Frances GILDON Single  
48 13/07/1793 Richard TILSON Single   Anne CORBET Single  
49 06/12/1793 William TILLETT Single   Elisabeth LINCOLN Single  
50 09/09/1794 Thomas DETTEW Single Attleborough Orpah NORTON Single  
51 12/10/1795 John PATRICK Single   Elisabeth DOUBLEDAY Single  
52 14/06/1796 Edmund BADCOCK Single Deopham Sarah RICHARDSON Single  
53 23/01/1797 Timothy RICHARDSON Single   Mary LINDO Single Attleborough
54 28/09/1797 Caudell CLARKE Single East Harling Sarah GOLDSON Single  
55 01/01/1799 Edward BASSINGTHWAITE Widower   Mary TILLETT Single  
56 01/01/1799 George KETT Single Wymondham Catharine POTTER Single  
57 30/12/1799 William HUBBARD Widower   Jane WILDING Single  
58 23/08/1800 John DENNY Single   Esther HUBBARD Single  
59 07/01/1801 Edmet NORTON Single   Sarah OSBORNE Single  
60 02/11/1801 James CALLUM Single Bungay, Suffolk Rebecca COBB Single  
61 28/12/1801 William OFFORD Single Deopham Elizabeth EDWARDS Single  
62 07/06/1802 Charles ORSEBON Single   Mary NORTON Single  
63 07/06/1802 Thomas VINCE Single Brome, Suffolk Thamasin POTTS Single  
64 22/11/1802 Thomas EDWARDS Single Great Ellingham Rose KNIGHTS Single  
65 22/11/1802 Edward EAGLING Single Deopham Rebecca EDWARDS Single  
66 22/11/1802 Benjamin BROCK   Great Ellingham Frances FLOWERS Single  
67 15/07/1806 Robert CANHAM Single   Sarah DANIELS Single  
67 15/07/1806 Robert CANHAM Single   Sarah COLMAN Single  
68 02/12/1806 Undy DANIELS Single   Mary NICOLS Single  
68 02/12/1806 Undy COLMAN Single   Mary NICOLS Single  
69 20/04/1807 William BARKER Single   Mary FLINT Single  
70 27/03/1809 John GEORGE Single Deopham Abigail FLINT Single  
71 01/01/1810 John COBB Single   Anne RICHARDSON Single  
72 21/06/1810 Isaac COLMAN Single   Hannah MOORE Single  
72 21/06/1810 Isaac DANIELS Single   Hannah MOORE Single  
73 26/10/1812 William JACKSON Single Wymondham Sarah COBB Single  
1 07/02/1814 Fisher BRADFIELD Widower Wymondham Sarah Ann POTTER Single  
2 24/11/1814 Stephen COBB Single   Lydia BARLOW Single  
3 30/08/1816 William FLINT Widower   Honor DUFFIELD Single  
4 16/10/1817 Robert BARTRUM Single Foulden Mary DUFFIELD Single  
5 10/11/1818 Henry COBB Single   Martha DUFFIELD Single  
6 25/05/1819 Nathaniel ANGELL Single   Elizabeth BAKER Single  
7 24/08/1819 Robert BIRDWELL Single   Hannah CLIFTON Widow  
8 26/04/1820 William NORTON Widower   Diana BRUNTON Single  
8 26/04/1820 William NORTON Widower   Diana BASS Single  
9 12/10/1820 Thomas TILLETT Single   Elizabeth CHANEY Single  
10 13/12/1820 Henry BREESE Single   Ann LONG Single  
11 02/08/1821 Robert DOUBLEDEE Single   Elizabeth BUNNETT Single  
12 10/12/1821 Charles BARNARD Widower   Susannah LONG Single  
13 11/06/1822 John THURLING Single   Sophia OFFICE Single  
14 14/12/1823 Stephen CUTTING Single Honingham Mary KNIGHTS Single  
15 25/04/1824 William TILLETT Single   Mary STANLEY Widow  
16 25/12/1824 Samuel BYDWELL Single Morley St Peter Mary Ann TILLETT Single  
17 31/01/1825 John BROWN Widower   Eliza BARNARD Single  
18 28/07/1825 James BENNETT Single Attleborough Sarah DUFFIELD Single  
19 11/09/1825 James BARNARD Single   Elizabeth HARDAMENT   Morley St Peter
20 30/07/1826 Thomas TAYLOR Single   Maria BARNARD Single Morley St Peter
21 12/10/1826 Thomas THURLING Single   Harriot PATRICK Single  
22 12/10/1826 Robert PATRICK Single   Elizabeth THURLING Single  
23 26/04/1827 Robert CLARKE Single Morley St Peter Rebecca BARNARD Single  
24 21/11/1828 Edward BAYES     Rhoda THURLING    
25 15/09/1829 George PATRICK Single   Martha CARR Single  
26 12/10/1830 John RICHES Single   Emella RICHES Single  
27 23/11/1830 William WADE Single   Hannah DUFFIELD Single  
28 05/02/1831 William RICHARDSON Single Hackford By Reepham Eve LOVET Single  
29 25/02/1831 William CARTER Single   Rosemary DANIELS Single  
31 26/07/1831 Robert BLAZEY Single   Mary DANIELS Single  
32 27/12/1831 William BARNARD Single   Elizabeth BRIGHTON Single  
33 13/11/1833 Charles BARNARD Single   Sarah CHILDERHOUSE Single  
34 13/04/1834 Henry CLARKE Single Deopham Mary Ann COBB Single  
35 21/05/1834 Francis PATRICK Single   Sarah EVERETT Single Morley St Peter
36 01/12/1834 Righteous THURLING Single   Elizabeth SHARMAN Single  
37 18/10/1835 William PATRICK Single   Matilda BROWES Single  
38 24/11/1835 John SEWELL Single   Charlotte BORRETT Single  
39 04/04/1836 John LARN Single   Anne BUCK Single Morley St Peter
40 28/06/1836 Edward PLOWMAN Single   Priscilla BATTLEDAY Single  
41 30/10/1836 Thomas NELSON Single   Sarah TILLETT Single  

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