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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Pentney St Mary Magdalene


The Parish

The parish of Pentney lies in west central Norfolk about 8 miles northwest of the market town of Swaffham. Pentney lies south of the busy A47 road, between 1 and 2 miles south, which crosses Norfolk from Great Yarmouth to King's Lynn. Pentney is a long straggle of a village, most of the village lies along a stretch of east to west running lanes but there are scattered properties all the way to neighbouring Narborough and the A47. Pentney lies on the northern banks of the River Nar albeit with a degree of distance to it as the ground was once marshy and liable to flooding before man-made drainage. Pentney's origins lie with the foundation of the Augustinian priory roughly 2 miles west of today's village and sited much closer to the river. Pentney Priory, was founded by 1135 and held between 15 & 20 canons, today it is largely a ruin. Pentney's farming community, being sited on the Nar's flood-plain was rather more diverse than many in Norfolk,a roughly 50-50 mixture of arable and pastoral unlike most Norfolk's parishes. Modern developments did come temporarily to Pentney, the branch railway line between King's Lynn and Swaffham which once served the village is little more than a map trace having been closed and dismantled. The River Nar drains the parish westwards, running out into Norfolk's Fenland to join the Great Ouse and thence the North Sea through The Wash. Pentney is sited at just 10 metres above the sea in a rather flat area of the county where local heights barely rise to 20 metres within many miles.Parishes in the west of the county tend to be larger than those in the east and Pentney was typical of that trend, covering almost 2,500 acres it would have supported a population of just under 600 parishioners. In Domesday times Pentney was a holding of one Roger Bigot, a mid-sized place holding just 8 ploughs and a small meadow, more profitable was its 3 mills and 1/3rd share in a salthouse making for a valuable small holding.

The Church

St Mary Magdalene's church sits at the western end of the village where a complex junction of lanes is met. At its core is a small Norman Romanesque church which has been lengthened during later periods. That 12th century core of nave and chancel is visible internally where the former termination is marked by stone quoins within the extended nave. The church is built from a curious mixture of materials, Pevsner cites carrstone and clunch in addition to the normal flint and ashlar. The Decorated style western tower was built in the early 14th century at which point the nave would have been extended to join with it. Later still is the western window to the tower, a Perpendicular addition. For once Pevsner does not mention an extended Victorian restoration with work probably restricted to a general refresh and the construction of the rather dull uninterrupted slate roof covering both nave and chancel. The church sits on the northern side of Bilney Road at the junction with a triangular green opposite made suitable for parking. The churchyard has a mixture of borders, flint & brick wall in part and post & rail fencing to the west. The churchyard is open and uncluttered with no obstacles to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
23rd October 1755 - 26th April 1783
Norfolk Record Office
Bishop's & Archdeacon's transcripts on loose-leaf folios
Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads
The marriage register for this period is lost, these entries were taken from the extant BT and ATs which are seriously deficient in coverage and quality. Many marriages are lost to history
2 8th October 1784 - 14th August 1786 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD555/2 Plain, unruled book, a composite register in contravention of Hardwicke's segregation & wording requirements Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 4th August 1794 - 31st December 1812 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD555/5 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
4 19th April 1813 - 9th June 1837 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD555/6 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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Wormegay St Michael & All Angels & Holy Cross
Narford St Mary the Virgin
Wormegay St Michael & All Angels & Holy Cross
Marham Holy Trinity
Narborough All Saints

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
23/10/1755 Henry WRIGHT Widower Mary BATES Single
09/11/1755 Edward CHESSUN Hannah SEAMAN
29/11/1755 Thomas HODSON Mary WARNER
05/12/1757 Peter MARSON Single Ann ROULES Single
28/07/1760 Benjamin BART Single Wiggenhall St German Ellen BATTERBY Single
12/02/1761 Timothy BAKER Single East Walton Anne CRISPE Single
20/04/1761 Thomas CODMAN Single Elizabeth WEAKE Single
22/06/1761 Joseph POWLEY Single Rebekah LEVETT Single
21/07/1761 Samuel BROMSBY Single Elizabeth BRAY Single
03/08/1761 Thomas GRIEVES Widower Jane SHIP Single
18/06/1762 James CROWE Single Anne PRATT Single
18/10/1762 Bedingfield HUBBARD Single Rose HURN Single
08/12/1762 John HEWITT Widower Sarah ALLEN Single
03/01/1765 John MOULTON Middleton Frances HARVEY
29/10/1765 George NEWHAM Single Mary SOMMERIELD Single
08/04/1766 Richard HURN Single Mary HARPER Single
10/10/1766 Abraham BECKETT Single Jane RAVEN Single
17/10/1766 James PECK Single Bidwell BARNS Single
25/10/1766 John BAYES Single Elisabeth LAWES Single
28/06/1767 Robert GREEF Widower Alice LEWIS Single
06/01/1768 John DOBBS Widower Martha BUTLER Single
11/10/1769 Robert GROOME Single Anne GOODERSON Single
25/10/1769 James HASTINGS Single Frances CRISPE Single
31/10/1769 Thomas TAYLOR Single Anne RILEY Single
29/11/1769 Tillie HODSON Single Mary WRIGHT Single
21/01/1770 John FIRTH Single Mary PECK Single
12/02/1771 William BARBER Single Mary LANGMAN Single
04/11/1771 Aaron EMBLEN Single Mary PRIOR Single
12/12/1771 Abel JERMYN Single Rose PIGG Single
27/09/1775 Henry WRIGHT Sarah GOODRUM Single
20/11/1777 Robert FROST Single Elisabeth OVINTON Single
08/08/1780 James BAILEY Single West Bilney Sarah ROBERSON Single
26/02/1781 Martin KNOWLS Single Rose BRUNTON Single
03/12/1781 Francis COLVIN Single North Elmham Eleanor MAYES Single
27/02/1783 John MARKS Widower St Peter Mancroft, Norwich Rebekah HERRING Single
26/04/1783 George BEALEY Widower Susanna DREW Widow
08/10/1784 Caesar CURRY Single Frances GIBBON Single
18/10/1784 John CRANE Single West Bilney Hannah BRERETON Single
25/10/1784 Thomas TOOLEY Single Susannah COOPER Single
02/03/1785 Charles PARR Widower Jane EGGETT Single
22/07/1785 Joseph MILLS Single West Lexham Elizabeth PARR Single
14/08/1786 Henry DYE Widower Susannah SPARROW Narborough
1 04/08/1794 Thomas CULLUM Widower East Winch Sarah KNOCK Single
2 09/10/1794 William HARDY Single Elizabeth RIVETT Single
3 01/10/1795 James DREW Single Mary OVERTON Single
4 12/04/1797 Thomas HASTINGS Single Gayton Elizabeth HASTINGS Single
5 14/12/1797 William PECK Single Anne BELL Single
6 26/03/1798 William WEBB Single Anne MANN Single
7 24/09/1798 George HARDY Single Hannah JARVIS Single
8 30/10/1798 John CHESSON Single Elizabeth GIBSON Single
9 01/08/1799 Robert MELTON Single Mary FISHER Single
10 15/12/1800 Thomas HUDSON Single Wiggenhall St Mary Magdalen Susan CHESSON Single
11 31/08/1801 Robert MORTIMER Single Sarah RYE Single
12 29/10/1801 James BOUGEN Single Elizabeth MUNSON Single
13 03/02/1802 Thomas PALMER Single Reymerston Mary COPLAND Single
14 12/07/1802 John WINCH Widower Mary PEAKE Widow
15 23/02/1804 John SMITH Single Jane GARRATT Single
16 20/10/1804 Thomas HAMMOND Widower Beeston Next Mileham Mary HASTINGS Widow
17 29/10/1804 Mark ALGATE Widower Mary CLARKE Single
18 11/10/1805 Christopher MORTON Single Charlotte PILCH Single
19 14/11/1805 Rainer COPEMAN Single Sarah MORTON Single
20 04/12/1805 William FIRTH Widower Ann PEAKE Widow
21 23/06/1806 William DYE Single Mary BULLING Single
22 09/07/1806 Francis GIBSON Single Ann TUCK Single
23 09/12/1806 James FORD Single Kings Lynn Hannah LOOMB Single
24 13/04/1808 Paul PARKER Buckden, Huntingdonshire Elizabeth MERRISON
25 13/10/1808 James BLY Single West Bilney Elizabeth MORTON Single
26 15/11/1808 Robert MORTON Single Mary YOUNG Single
27 01/12/1808 John BALLS Single Sarah CHESSON Single
28 03/05/1809 James WARD Single Southery Mary SHORTON Single
29 12/10/1809 James WRIGHT Single Marham Ann KEENE Single
30 16/01/1810 William SKELTON Single Wormegay Dinah CHESSON
31 20/02/1810 Robert GARRETT Single Sarah WHATTS Single
32 16/11/1810 Edward CHAPMAN Shouldham Rachel CHESSON
33 21/01/1811 William CHESSON Single Elisabeth SHARPING Single
34 25/11/1811 James REGISTER Single Kings Lynn Jane LOOMB Single
35 26/12/1811 Thomas GARRATT Single Susan GARRATT Single
36 30/10/1812 John CHESSON Widower Mary BUNTON
04/11/1812 Charles PAGE Single Ann BUNNET Single
31/12/1812 William BAILEY Single Elizabeth WILSON Single
1 19/04/1813 John MORTON Single Mary GOODMAN Single
2 20/12/1813 Christopher MORTON Widower Hannah WRIGHT Single
3 11/07/1814 George AVES Single West Bilney Elizabeth PAGE Single
4 11/07/1814 Thomas BEAMAN Widower Sarah SHAREMAN Single
5 24/10/1814 William WINEARLS Single Marham Sarah CARTER Single
6 09/11/1814 James WILLSON Single Mary NOKES Single
7 05/02/1815 William BENNETT Widower Elizabeth LEWIS Single
8 18/09/1815 John DYE Narborough Rachel HOLLAND Mundford
9 05/08/1816 Charles HUBBARD Single Elizabeth KING Single
10 25/12/1816 William COPLE Single Hannah MORTON Single
11 24/07/1817 William COGGLE Widower Prudence MORTON
13 28/08/1817 James WILSON Single Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire Elisabeth CATER Single
14 28/08/1817 William PYE Single Barbara RICHES Single
15 20/12/1817 Benjamin HOLDEN Single Susannah MOLT Single
19 10/03/1818 James STUDD Single Narborough Ann HOWLETT Single
20 12/08/1818 Jeremiah RICHES Single Susan GARRETT Single
21 16/08/1818 William MILLER Widower Elizabeth NOAKES Single
25 19/10/1818 Thomas RUDDERHAM Single Mary ROWE Single
26 29/11/1818 William ALFLEET Single Susan DREW Single
27 07/12/1818 Joseph FLUKE Single Maria KNOWLES Single
31 05/11/1819 George SCOTT Single Elizabeth GARRETT Single
32 21/12/1819 Henry CODLING Single Elizabeth GARRETT Single
33 03/07/1820 William DEWING Single Elizabeth GRUMMETT Single
34 03/08/1820 Edmund SMITH Single Ann MORTON Single
35 18/11/1821 Thomas SHAFTON Single Ursula BORRETT Single
36 27/02/1822 John FLATT Single Ann LAWS Single
37 29/03/1823 John BONUS Wiggenhall St Mary Magdalen Mary FLATT
38 19/08/1823 Lionel HAMPTON Single Kings Lynn Frances LOOMB Single
39 28/10/1824 Charles ADAMS Single Frances OLDGATE Single
40 14/11/1824 Richard HAMMOND Single Ann LOOMBE Single
41 14/11/1824 Thomas GAGE Single Frances WILSON Single
42 09/12/1824 John NEWMAN Single Tilney St Lawrence Sarah CRANE Single
43 03/09/1825 Tillet HUDSON Single Mary YOUNG Single
44 26/12/1825 Matthew READ Single Hannah GILL Single
45 02/06/1827 John CHILVERS Single Susannah FIRTH Single
46 06/10/1827 John PARLETT Single Harriet WING Single
47 20/10/1827 Philip CHILVER Single Mary KNIGHT Single
48 20/02/1828 William WINNEARLS Widower Eliza HASTINGS Single
49 13/03/1828 Robert NORMAN Single Mary LUSHER Single
50 20/03/1828 Thomas WILSON Single Elizabeth PAINTER Single
51 16/10/1828 William DYE Single Rebecca POLL Single West Bilney
52 12/10/1829 James DIXON Single Marianne MARTIN Single
53 13/10/1829 John HAVERSON Single Elizabeth DYE Single
54 29/08/1830 Christopher LIFT Single Susan POTTER Single
55 26/09/1831 James HODGSON Single Mary FIRTH Single
56 25/02/1832 James TWINLEY Single Elizabeth HARDY Single
57 10/06/1832 Robert HODSON Single Belinda NEWTON Single
58 08/07/1832 James HARDY Single Mary AYLMER Single
59 27/12/1832 George Syder GRUMMETT Single Susan STRATTON Single
60 14/03/1833 Simon HUDSON Elizabeth FILBEE Shipdham
61 21/03/1833 John Mayes PALMER Single Rhoda HUDSON Single
62 11/09/1833 Robert ROAFE Single Amy DYE Single
63 21/08/1834 Robert FIRTH Single Mary HUDSON Single
64 21/08/1834 Robert BEETTON Single Jemima FIRTH Single
65 28/08/1834 William BARRETT Ann GARRETT
66 30/10/1834 Benjamin YOUNG Single Maria Shore LOYNES Single
67 08/05/1835 Henry MOUNTAIN Single Ann HARDY Single
68 15/10/1835 John FIRTH Single Martha MOUNTAIN Single
69 12/02/1836 Francis PECK Single Elizabeth MARTIN Single
70 23/07/1836 John CHAPMAN Single Susan COX Single
71 27/10/1836 Jeremiah DYE Single Frances FRETWELL Single
72 29/11/1836 James WING Single Hannah BLAZEY Single
73 16/02/1837 Robert DYE Single East Winch Hannah HOWLET Single
74 01/04/1837 James MARTIN Single Ann CLACKSON Single
75 05/04/1837 Charles EDWARDS Single Phoebe MUNDY Single
76 15/04/1837 James PRIOR Single Mary DIXON Widow
77 09/06/1837 Robert MUFFETT Single Susan HODSON Single

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