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Roydon by Lynn All Saints


The Parish

There are two parishes named Roydon in Norfolk, the qualifier indicating that this one is in western Norfolk about 6 miles east of the port of King's Lynn. Roydon sits about a miles south of the A148 road which links King's Lynn to the market town of Fakenham. Roydon is a rather scattered settlement almost merging with its larger neighbour (to its east) Grimston, the main settlements being gathered around a double crossroads with the Grimston-King's Lynn road and a parallel one further north. Roydon is sited on an area of heathland which formed on the sandstones of the Norfolk Carrstone, this rather infertile sandy rock was rather unsuitable for arable agriculture and at the time of this transcript sheep farming would have predominated. Nowadays the common (southwest of the village) is an important recreational area as well as a nature reserve for heathland species. Roydon is sited at a mere 15 metres above sea level, low hills rise to its east to the chalky ridge carrying Peddars Way whilst the plain descends to the Wash coast to the west. Most drainage is heading southwards to the Gaywood River which heads westwards to meet the Wash in northern King's Lynn. Roydon parish was a relatively small one covering just over 1,100 acres and it supported a small population of about 170 parishioners. In Domesday times Roydon was held by one Bishop Odo of Bayeux and supported a rather impressive 29 ploughs as well as meadows, woodlands, fisheries and salthouses; a counted of 13 mills is also impressive - it is clear that Roydon was a more significant settlement in those times than it is now.

The Church

All Saint's church sits just west of the northern crossroads alongside, appropriately enough, Church Lane. What appears to be a typical Norfolk church is in fact a Victorian rebuild dating from 1857. Pevsner searches for details kept from the original building and concludes that two doorways were Norman and western tower would have been 14th century. However he struggles to find anything good to say about the present edifice. All Saints sits on the southern side of Church Lane bordered by trim hedges of beech and hawthorn, a pair of metal gates at the western end of the site gives access to the graveyard. There are few restrictions to photography despite mature trees alongside Church Lane.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 3rd April 1755 - 25th December 1811 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/724/3 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 5 Register - the condition of this register is such that the transcript carries a "health warning" as to the likelihood of being substantially incorrect This register has suffered such damage through damp as to be unfit for production, fortunately a contemporary transcript was made by the rector as PD/724/4 and this mitigates the loss from view of the original and carries a Grade 1 rating
2 27th October 1813 - 23rd July 1836 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/724/5 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Castlle Rising St Lawrence
Congham St Andrew
Congham St Andrew
Castle Rising St Lawrence
Congham St Andrew
Grimston St Botolph
Grimston St Botolph
Grimston St Botolph

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 03/04/1755 Robert IVORY   Congham Elizabeth GYBES    
2 13/10/1755 John SOUTH Widower   Susannah ROBERTS Widow  
3 04/07/1759 Matthew CRUCKLING Single   Deborah PLAIN Single  
4 07/08/1760 John STOKES Widower Shernborne Elizabeth LEE Widow  
5 30/10/1760 Edmund TRUNDLE Widower Grimston Ann OLDMAN Single  
6 09/02/1761 Anthony ETHEREDGE Widower   Mary RIX Widow Fakenham
7 16/02/1761 Philip TAYLOR Widower   Ann Mary REYNOLDS Widow  
8 02/07/1761 Joseph SIMPSON Single   Margaret PINCHARD Single  
9 11/01/1763 William SEEL Widower Hindringham Catherine JAGGS    
14 14/04/1766 Thomas OLDMAN     Mary WHITTREAD    
15 03/11/1768 Richard CARTER Widower   Elizabeth ASHLEY Widow  
16 06/12/1770 Thomas BARWOOD     Martha FRIANCE    
17 21/10/1771 Robert FOX     Elizabeth WATTS    
18 05/11/1771 Thomas DISPELLING Single   Rose GUTTRIDGE Widow  
19 07/07/1772 Thomas GOLD Single   Elizabeth ARCHER Single Grimston
21 19/05/1777 John HAMSON Widower   Jane JERRY Single  
25/10/1778 John MINDHAM Single Grimston Elizabeth CARTER Single  
29/11/1779 John HEART Single   Lydia SMITH Single  
12/09/1780 Thomas BAILEY Single   Sarah DOYLE Single Middleton
29/03/1781 William LONG Single Tilney All Saints Mary HARWOOD Single  
30/10/1781 John ARCHER Single Grimston Margaret SERJEANT Single  
17/10/1782 Thomas SHALES Single Grimston Mary NICHOLS Single  
30/06/1783 John ALLEN Widower   Sarah TERRY Widow Grimston
05/01/1785 John WARNER Single   Mary DENNIS Single  
11/08/1785 John WORRALL Single Congham Elizabeth SLAFER Widow  
05/01/1786 William PAGET Single   Elizabeth BROOKES Single  
15/12/1788 John SERJEANT Single   Elizabeth ASHLEY Single  
12/07/1791 James GREEN Widower   Prudence ALEFLEET Widow  
14/10/1791 John DENNIS Single   Mary TERRY Single  
21/11/1791 William TUKE Widower   Elizabeth PAINTER Widow  
20/08/1792 John BUNKILL Single   Mary THOMPSON Single  
11/10/1792 James WILLIAMS Single   Frances TOMPSON Single  
30/06/1793 Edward PRESTON Widower Kings Lynn Ann OLDMAN Single  
30/01/1795 John PRATT Single   Dinah HOWARD Single  
10/12/1795 Thomas HOWES Single   Charlotte JAMES Single  
21/06/1797 George MAN Single   Mary BANYARD Single  
14/02/1798 William HAMMOND Single Southacre Elizabeth THOMPSON Single  
01/11/1798 Samuel PAINTER Single   Elizabeth WITHERED Single  
04/04/1799 Henry HARPER Single   Zinah HOWARD Single  
29/11/1802 John EAGLE Single   Ann WARNER Single  
24/01/1803 William BENNETT Single   Sarah NAPTHING Single  
09/08/1803 Thomas THOMPSON Single   Margaret GATES Widow  
25/10/1803 Anthony Abel BUNN Single Snettisham Sarah BURRELL Single  
10/10/1804 Leonard Claxton SMITH Single Grimston Elizabeth CATTON Single  
15/11/1804 John PALMER Single Congham Sarah CRAFER Single  
11/03/1805 James TUKE Single   Susan DECK Single  
14/10/1805 William HOTCHING Single Congham Ann TULET Single  
18/11/1806 Matthew BIRCH Single   Elizabeth HOWARD Single  
23/04/1807 William WRIGHT Single   Vine YOUNGS Single Swaffham
02/07/1807 Thomas PUNG Single   Sarah BAGGE Single  
13/11/1807 William BONNETT Single   Elizabeth LAURENCE Single  
21/10/1808 Augustus SAMSON Single Sedgeford Catharine BURRELL Single  
12/11/1809 William WRIGHT Single   Sarah BUNNETT Single  
06/08/1810 Samuel REYNOLDS Single Congham Jane MASON Single  
12/11/1810 William WARNER Single   Ann TRUNDLE Single  
03/07/1811 Samuel RIBBINS Single   Sarah BLAXTER Single  
25/12/1811 Thomas RICHES Single   Alice SAUNDERS Single  
1 27/10/1813 William REYNOLDS Single   Mary BRIDGES Single  
2 28/12/1813 John PAGE Widower   Mary FORD Single  
3 02/05/1814 John TWAITS Single   Elizabeth GOSS Single  
4 13/10/1814 Thomas CREAMER Single   Mary BARLOW Single  
5 06/11/1815 William TODD Single   Ann SAUNDERS Single  
6 10/11/1815 William CROSS Single Stowmarket, Suffolk Charlotte BURRELL Single  
7 23/11/1815 John CATTON Single   Ann RICHES Single Grimston
8 26/04/1816 John COLLINS Single Heacham Mary Ann OLDMAN Single  
9 17/10/1816 William SUCKLING Single   Elizabeth RABY Single  
10 25/12/1816 William SAUNDERS Single   Mary TOWNSEND Single  
11 30/12/1817 William BUNTING Single   Eleanor PRATT Single Grimston
12 26/02/1818 William HAMOND Single   Elizabeth HOWARD Single  
13 10/12/1818 Robert BALDING Single Grimston Elizabeth MANN Single  
14 08/07/1819 William FOREMAN Single   Mary DAMPLIN Single  
15 11/10/1819 Robert BUNNETT Single   Ann OVERSON Single  
16 04/06/1820 John YOUNGMAN Single   Sarah BACK Single  
17 10/09/1820 Robert ELFER Single   Sarah SHIN Single  
18 10/11/1821 John TODD Single Sandringham Phoebe MINNS Single  
19 18/11/1822 Edmund CURSON Single   Sarah FREARY Single  
20 06/01/1823 William PARR Single   Emma YOUNGMAN Single  
21 04/05/1823 John CURSON Single Grimston Jane FRIANCE Single  
22 27/10/1823 Thomas BATSON Single   Maria MINNS Single  
23 15/11/1823 William FAUX Single East Walton Mary WARD Single  
24 23/04/1824 Robert HARPER Single   Mary BOWGEN Single  
25 11/11/1825 James BARNARD Single Grimston Sarah HAMMOND Single  
26 05/02/1827 Francis COOK Single   Martha PRATT Single  
27 07/11/1827 John THACKER Single Middleton Sarah MINNS Single  
28 08/11/1827 Francis THOMPSON Single   Elizabeth TOOKE Single Grimston
29 28/12/1828 William COOPER Single Hillington Sarah HARRISON Single  
30 26/11/1829 William YOUNGMAN Single   Sarah WILTON Single  
31 06/03/1830 Samuel STIBBINS Widower   Ann SMITH Single  
32 25/06/1831 George BURCH Single   Sarah THOMPSON Single  
33 09/01/1832 Francis THOMPSON Widower   Anne DAVILLE Widow Kings Lynn
34 08/05/1832 William HIGH Single   Mary FIFE Single  
35 30/05/1832 John NAITON Single   Susannah MINNS Single  
36 12/06/1832 John PAINTER Single   Maria MAYES Single  
37 05/11/1832 James MINNS Single   Mary MINNS Single  
38 03/12/1832 Henry ADAMS Single   Jane MINNS Single  
39 07/02/1833 James SMITH Single Grimston Sarah RABY Single  
40 28/03/1833 John EMMERSON Single Castle Rising Barbara BERRY Single  
41 19/07/1835 Howard James LEONARD Single Grimston Mary Ann SMITH Single  
42 23/07/1836 Robert PAINTER Single   Mary HARPER Single  

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