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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Runcton Holme St James


The Parish

The parish of Runcton Holme lies in western Norfolk, in the flatlands of Norfolk's Fens. Runcton Holme is located about 4 miles north of the market town of Downham Market. Runcton Holme is a compact small village built around a crossroads of lanes about a mile west of the A10 road which links Downham Market with the port of King's Lynn. Nowadays this is an intensely arable region, with big open fields of cereals, at the time of this transcript a more mixed farming regime would have applied. Runcton Holme is located close to one of The Fens greatest draining rivers, the Great Ouse, indeed it forms the western boundary of the parish. The Great Ouse heads northwards to reach the sea in The Wash through King's Lynn. Runcton Holme is very low lying, at barely 3 metres above sea level it is quite typical of Norfolk's Fens. Runcton Holme parish is fairly typically sized too, at almost 1,100 acres it would have supported almost 300 parishioners. In Domesday Times the land was held by the Abbey of Bury St Edmunds, it boasted 11 ploughs as well as meadows & woodland, a mill and a fishery making for a wealthy place at that time.

The Church

St James' church is located a quarter of a mile north of Runcton Holme's main crossroads and thence a few hundred metres west. This church is very early for a Norfolk church, much of the fabric and architecture is Norman in origin and style. Pevsner is clearly intrigued by the aging of the building finding anomalous features which suggest even a 12th century origin for some of the building. The tower clearly suffered some damage at one time and the brick top was rebuilt, according to documentary sources, in the 15th century. Like most churches the Victorians got to work with a restoration, this time of 1842 which added the brick chancel as well as few courses on top of the carrstone making up most of the nave. The church is approached along Church Lane, an unsurfaced track which heads westwards from the northbound lane. As can be seen a few well-manicured yews do little to restrict photographic opportunities.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 23rd April 1754 - 21st December 1812 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/501/6 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 25th June 1813 - 20th April 1837 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/501/7 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Wiggenhall St Mary Magdalen
Watlington St Peter & St Paul
Tottenhill St Botolph
Wiggenhall St Mary Magdalen
Shouldham Thorpe The Virgin Mary
Stow Bardolph Holy Trinity
Stow Bardolph Holy Trinity
Stow Bardolph Holy Trinity

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 23/04/1754 Henry ROBERTS Single   Elizabeth PARLET Single  
2 27/11/1754 John ASPIN Single   Sarah ASHLEY Single  
3 28/01/1755 John COCKER Widower Wormegay Ann CRISP Widow  
4 05/02/1755 James JERRY Single Castle Rising Margaret HARDY Widow  
5 29/09/1755 Thomas HARWOOD Single Gooderstone Elizabeth BROWNE Single  
6 17/10/1755 William TOWNSHEND Single   Catherine LAWRENCE Single  
7 21/10/1755 Thomas SHORTING Widower   Elizabeth KIDDLE Widow  
8 11/03/1756 Lawrence THURTON Widower Downham Market Mary CAMBRIDGE Single  
9 25/02/1757 Thomas OSBORNE Widower Hockwold Cum Wilton Mary WENN Widow  
10 24/06/1757 Cornelius ELSEGOOD Single   Elizabeth WICKEN Single Wiggenhall St Mary Magdalen
11 28/03/1758 Thomas LAVENDER Single Watlington Sarah BROWNING Single  
12 28/11/1758 William TRUNDLE Single Gaywood Mary DENCH Single  
13 05/02/1759 Thomas PALMER Single   Hannah CANEY Widow  
14 12/02/1759 Thomas PERRY Single   Elizabeth CERTIS Single  
15 01/05/1759 Thomas GOODALE Single   Jane COURAGE Single  
16 02/10/1759 Henry NORTON Single   Mary HARDY Single  
17 19/12/1759 Thomas BROWN Single   Mary LAWS Single  
18 17/09/1760 Matthias CAMBRIDGE Single   Elizabeth BECKETT Single  
19 11/01/1762 John STEPPHEN Widower   Ann PARLETT Single  
20 22/04/1762 John ASTLEY Single Thornage Catherine BELL Single Watlington
21 08/06/1762 Thomas DEWSING Single West Winch Anne WHAIT Single  
22 07/07/1762 Edmund SLAP Single   Mary CHANDLER Widow  
23 14/07/1762 Thomas BROWN Widower   Ann PROCTOR Single  
24 11/11/1762 William PERRY Single   Ann CURTIS   Tottenhill
25 18/04/1763 George CROSS Widower   Ann IRESON Widow  
26 03/05/1763 Walters REEVE Widower   Mary DARBY Single  
27 16/08/1763 Thomas BROWN Widower   Mary GOODALE Single  
28 11/10/1763 John COULSHER   Downham Market Ann MACKROW    
29 16/05/1764 William PORTER Single   Elizabeth BECKETT    
30 11/10/1764 Thomas ADDLINGTON Single   Elizabeth ROBERTS Widow  
31 16/10/1764 Michael GOODALE Single   Elizabeth HARDY Single  
32 29/10/1764 John BROWN Single Watlington Mary SUGERS Single  
33 14/11/1764 John YOUNG Widower Stradsett Ann DEWSON Widow  
34 17/12/1764 Christopher GREEN Single   Susanna HALES Single  
35 26/09/1765 William SAY Single Downham Market Elizabeth BELL Single Watlington
36 20/11/1765 John SMITH Widower   Ann WILSON Widow  
37 07/01/1766 Thomas HARDY Single St Margaret, Kings Lynn Ann SANDIVER Single Watlington
38 13/10/1766 William TYERS Single Downham Market Elizabeth SMART Single Watlington
39 05/01/1767 John HARPLY Single   Alice AGGAR Single  
40 11/10/1767 William COE Widower West Dereham Elizabeth PERRY Single  
41 14/10/1767 John LAVENDER Widower   Munns BARKER Single  
42 05/11/1767 Joseph BROWN Single   Hannah LAVENDER Single  
43 23/11/1767 Michael RICE Single   Ann HARRISON Single  
44 15/12/1767 Joseph OLIVER Single   Sarah ABBY Single  
45 31/08/1769 Edmund ELLIOTT Single Stow Bardolph Mary BEART Widow  
46 30/10/1769 Henry DINES Single   Catharine RULE Single  
47 20/11/1769 James HARDY Single   Elizabeth LAVENDER Single  
48 08/04/1770 William BLADE Single Wormegay Martha TOWNSHEND Single  
49 15/10/1770 William SAMPSON Single Downham Market Elizabeth SHUGARS Single  
50 16/10/1770 John SAMSON Single Watlington Elizabeth GRIXSON Single  
51 24/12/1770 Robert TOWNSHEND Single   Ann CHESTER Single  
52 14/02/1771 James ADLINGTON Single   Ann HUDSON Single  
53 03/04/1771 Robert SKELTON Single Watlington Sarah HEADING Single  
54 20/10/1772 John BOLDING Single   Lydia LAVENDER Single Watlington
55 18/10/1773 John BONE Single   Ann TOWLER Single  
56 20/12/1773 Thomas EBBAGE Single Watlington Elizabeth GROUT Single  
57 13/02/1775 Bernard DUCKLEN Single   Jane CATLIN Single Watlington
58 07/03/1775 Robert WILSON Single   Elizabeth MACE Single  
59 21/08/1775 Peter LEMMON Widower   Frances BRIGGS Single  
60 14/10/1775 James HAWKINS Single   Mary BIRGES Single  
61 07/08/1776 Thomas BROWN Widower   Mary WARD Single  
62 10/10/1776 William POELY Single   Munns FAIRMAN Single  
63 10/10/1776 James PROCKTER Single   Mary EVANS Single  
64 22/10/1776 John DIXON Single   Frances GEE Single Wiggenhall St German
65 11/11/1776 James BOUGEN Single Fincham Elizabeth GATHERCOLE Single  
66 19/02/1777 William PLUMB Single   Elizabeth ROBERTS Single  
67 24/02/1777 Thomas GREEN Widower   Mary ASHLEY Single  
68 10/03/1777 Thomas STIMSON Single   Mary WALKER Single Watlington
69 31/03/1777 Robert CONEY Single   Elizabeth ROOM Single  
70 22/10/1777 William STANHAM Single   Margaret HARDY Single  
71 12/11/1777 Charles BROWNE Single   Mary HEWET Single  
72 16/01/1778 John STEBBING Single Terrington St Clement Constance CRANE Single  
73 16/11/1778 John STANHAM Single   Tamerson HARDY Single  
74 02/08/1779 James JEARY Widower   Catharine HOLMES Widow  
75 02/09/1779 Robert BAMBRIDGE Single Norwich Mary WHIDBY Single Watlington
76 02/03/1780 William SLAP Widower   Alice PRESTON Single Watlington
77 16/05/1780 William LUNN Single   Hannah CANEY Single  
78 27/06/1780 James JEARY Widower   Ann STEWARD Widow  
79 23/10/1780 Edward AGGS Single Wiggenhall St Mary The Virgin Mary PARLET Single  
80 26/11/1781 James HARDY Widower   Susanna HOWES Single  
81 10/12/1781 William SAMSON Widower   Mary SHARPEN Widow  
82 07/01/1782 John BAGNAL Single   Lydia BOWLING Single  
83 05/02/1782 Thomas LOLHAM Single   Mary BECKET Single  
84 09/10/1783 Thomas LOLHAM Widower   Mary CAP Single  
85 10/10/1783 Charles MOLT Single St Margaret, Kings Lynn Ann GROUND Single  
86 01/03/1784 Francis WARD Single   Elizabeth PERRY Single  
90 18/04/1784 John START Single St Margaret, Kings Lynn Ann SHERWOOD Single Watlington
91 04/05/1784 John BARNS Widower   Mary DAVIS Single  
92 23/08/1784 John EGGET Single   Catharine DINES Widow  
93 14/09/1784 Clare LEVERINGTON Single   Anne JEARY Widow  
94 14/10/1784 Thomas BLAND Single Wiggenhall St Mary Magdalen Elizabeth SAMPSON Widow  
95 06/01/1785 Mark GODSELL Single   Martha ROW Single Watlington
96 02/08/1785 James DAWES Widower   Susanna CONSTABLE Single  
97 18/08/1785 William HARDY Single   Ellen HANDCOCK Single  
98 03/10/1785 Thomas EATON Single   Elizabeth COE Single  
99 03/11/1785 William HEADING Widower   Catharine OLIVER Widow  
100 22/11/1786 Samuel WEST Single   Anne GOODALE Single  
101 25/10/1787 John GRIGG Single   Sarah FIELDS Single  
102 04/01/1788 William STEVENS Single   Mary GORE Single  
103 13/10/1788 Richard TILSO Single   Elizabeth SEMAR Single  
104 13/10/1788 George SPARKS Single Shouldham Thorpe Margaret PERRY Single  
105 18/11/1788 William REEVE Single   Mary GOODALE Single  
106 05/01/1789 Edmund GATHERCOAL Single   Catherine CULLEN Single  
107 24/09/1789 Edmund GATHERCOLE Widower   Elizabeth ASHLEY Single  
108 16/08/1790 Henry DYNES Widower   Diana CROSS Single  
109 02/11/1790 Charles LAVENDAR     Elizabeth DARBY    
110 04/07/1791 John BROWN Widower   Martha HUN Widow  
111 04/08/1791 John UTTING Single   Mary CAPP Single  
112 02/12/1791 William PERRY Single   Sarah IRESON Single  
113 20/06/1792 Henry JACOB     Ann HANCOCK   West Dereham
114 26/11/1792 Thomas BRITON     Hannah COE    
115 28/03/1793 Samuel FOULGER Single Watlington Amy PERRY Single Watlington
116 04/03/1794 Richard WAKEFIELD Single   Ann BROWN Single  
117 16/04/1795 Richard TOWELL   Watlington Martha BLOMEFIELD   St Margaret, Kings Lynn
118 10/08/1795 Clare LEVERINGTON Widower   Elizabeth TILLSON Widow  
119 26/10/1795 Thomas EATON Widower   Ann HUTTON Single  
120 28/03/1796 John COE Single   Mary PARKER Single Watlington
121 14/07/1796 Samuel WRIGHT Single Northwold Susan SPINKS Single  
122 10/10/1797 Robert BANYARD Single   Elizabeth BRITON Single  
123 14/12/1797 John SPINKS Single   Jemima BECKETT Single  
124 09/01/1798 William FELTWELL Single Wereham Elizabeth GOODALE Single  
125 16/07/1798 John BRITTAIN Single   Elizabeth GATHERCOLE Widow  
126 11/10/1798 John LAVENDAR Single   Lydia POOLEY Single  
127 18/12/1798 Richard COE Single   Ann WEST Widow  
128 22/04/1799 Henry ROBERTS Widower   Susannah STILBEN Single  
129 25/04/1799 John BALDREY Single   Sarah STIMPSON Single  
130 11/02/1800 Samuel CARLEY Single   Susanna JAKES Single Watlington
131 27/02/1800 William BROWN Single   Mary NEWMAN Single  
132 24/03/1800 William SAMPSON Widower   Mary GATHERCOLE Widow  
133 04/04/1800 William WAGG Single   Mary REEVE   Watlington
134 26/03/1801 Samuel JAGGARD Single Watlington Elizabeth CAMBRIDGE Single  
135 17/09/1801 John TAYLOR Single   Ann ELMER    
136 05/11/1801 Thomas BANYARD Single   Mary BALDREY Single  
137 04/01/1802 Francis PALMER Widower   Susannah HARDY Widow  
138 14/07/1802 James GAY Single   Anne PARKER Single  
139 08/08/1802 John COOPER Widower   Mary AGGS    
140 13/10/1802 Thomas BUTTON Widower   Elizabeth BINEFER Widow Watlington
141 06/12/1802 William ELMER   Watlington Ann EATON Widow  
142 13/04/1804 Charles BAGNALL Single   Anne SEYMOUR Single  
143 18/04/1804 John SHARP Single Outwell Ann BROWN Single  
144 12/11/1804 Charles BROWN Single   Mary West GOODALE    
145 30/11/1804 William CLAXTON Single   Elizabeth VINCENT    
146 11/04/1805 Henry SEYMOUR Single   Esther RAM Single  
147 22/04/1805 Ishmael REEVE Widower   Sarah GUY Widow  
148 23/09/1805 John BARNES Widower   Elizabeth LAVENDAR Widow  
149 21/10/1805 Henry SNASDALE Single   Elizabeth GOLD    
150 25/11/1805 Robert VALES Single   Rebecca BROWN Single  
151 25/11/1806 Bennett BROWN Single Watlington Sarah SIMPSON Single  
152 16/03/1807 Thomas KENT Single   Ellen HUNT Single  
153 12/08/1807 Henry BENNETT Single   Elizabeth ACRES Single  
154 01/10/1807 John COWARD Single Watlington Maria FULCHER Single  
155 15/10/1807 Mark PROCTOR Single   Lydia LEWIS Single  
156 19/10/1808 John NAPTHEAN Single   Mary CHALLISS Single  
157 28/11/1808 Samuel BALDREY Single   Mary TOWSON Single  
158 29/05/1809 Samuel DIGINS Single Watlington Elizabeth HEADING Single  
159 17/10/1809 Charles BAGNELL Widower   Mary WOLMER Single  
160 07/12/1809 John RUSSELL Widower Shouldham Mary PROCTOR Widow  
161 10/01/1810 Robert STIBBORN Single   Catherine GRIMES Single  
162 19/04/1810 John LOLHAM Single   Elizabeth SAMPSON Single  
163 18/06/1810 Thomas CANEY Single   Sarah TILSON Single  
164 18/06/1810 William TUFFS Single   Mary CANEY Single  
165 17/12/1810 Ishmael BLAND   Terrington St Clement Elizabeth PLUMB Single  
166 22/01/1811 Alexander DIXON Single   Mary Anne PARLET Single  
167 14/10/1811 Roper WHITEMAN Widower   Maria WEST Single  
168 22/10/1811 William MONK Single   Hannah PAYNE Single  
169 06/02/1812 Richard SAMPSON Single   Sarah LOLHAM Single  
170 04/05/1812 John CAPP Single   Elizabeth LOLHAM Widow  
171 09/11/1812 William COLLINS Single   Hannah CANEY Single  
172 21/12/1812 Thomas POOLEY Single   Mary MONK Single  
1 25/06/1813 Mays PAGE Single Watlington Jane MANN Single Watlington
2 22/11/1813 Samuel WEST Single Watlington Frances HARRIS Single  
3 08/12/1813 James PLAIN Single   Sarah WYNALL Single  
4 14/02/1814 William PROCTOR Single   Phoebe EMBLING Single  
5 31/05/1814 Thomas WEYMAN Single Upwell Susannah PARLETT Single  
6 14/06/1814 Zacheriah KEMP Single   Elizabeth BLADE Single  
7 12/12/1814 Jeremiah JEARY Single   Elizabeth TILSON Single  
8 26/12/1814 George DAVIS Single March, Cambridgeshire Elizabeth STANHAM Single  
9 23/02/1815 John CHAMBERLAIN Single Wiggenhall St Mary Magdalen Elizabeth BRIGHTON Single Watlington
10 13/11/1815 Israel HOOK Single Stoke Ferry Frances LEWIS Single Watlington
11 27/05/1816 John STANHAM Single Stradsett Mary GATHERCOLE Single  
12 23/07/1816 David TURGOOD Single   Jemima COOK Single  
13 14/10/1816 Christopher GORDON Single   Anne JACOB Single  
14 06/11/1816 Edward WAKEFIELD Single Stow Bardolph Elizabeth CHALLIS Single  
15 19/12/1816 William SEALS Single   Susannah HOWARD Single  
16 05/04/1817 William HULL Single   Sarah UTTING Single  
17 08/11/1817 William COATS Single Denver Susannah SPARKES Single  
18 20/12/1817 James PLAICE Widower   Elizabeth REEVE Single  
19 28/05/1818 William JOHNSON Single Watlington Mary ADLINGTON Single  
20 03/07/1818 Thomas STEVENS Single   Mary CAPP Single  
21 24/10/1818 George COOPER Single Wimbotsham Elizabeth HILE Single Watlington
22 13/07/1819 John MONK Widower Wiggenhall St Mary Magdalen Esther TAYLOR Single  
23 17/11/1819 Thomas CLARKE Single   Sarah WADMORE Single  
24 29/04/1820 William SPINKS Single   Anne WORRELL Single  
25 30/06/1820 Robert SAMPSON Single   Mary HULL Single  
26 23/10/1820 John MANN Single Watlington Lucy BEALES Single Watlington
27 15/10/1821 George SAVAGE Single Great Fransham Sarah ATKINS Single  
28 03/11/1821 Richard NOBBS Single   Rebecca GUTRIDGE Single  
29 02/12/1821 Israel HOOK Widower Watlington Mary LEGGETT Single Watlington
30 27/12/1821 Thomas SAMPSON Single   Sarah MACE Single  
31 18/05/1822 Thomas BELE Single   Sarah STARNS Single  
32 20/01/1823 Henry LEVERINGTON Single   Susan ANDREW Single Shouldham
33 19/03/1823 John CARNELL Single Watlington Lettice LOVE Single  
34 26/05/1823 Thomas THOMPSON Single   Mary ELMER Single  
35 07/10/1823 Edward STANNARD Single Downham Market Elizabeth CARLEY Single  
36 28/02/1824 William JEARY Single   Jane BANYARD Single  
37 01/03/1824 Henry SCALES Single All Saints, Kings Lynn Anne MONK Single  
38 09/04/1825 John BALDREY Widower   Mary RUSSEL Widow  
39 09/04/1825 Edward LEECH Single   Sarah KILLINGWORTH Single Watlington
40 12/10/1825 Henry BENNETT Widower   Sarah THOMPSON Single  
41 19/11/1825 James BANYARD Single   Jane VEAL Single  
42 19/01/1826 Samuel LING   Watlington Lydia BRIGHTON   Watlington
43 18/03/1826 William COOPER Single   Maria CLAXON Single  
44 24/05/1826 Thomas BRITTON Widower   Susanna PARKE Single Watlington
45 30/10/1826 John VINCENT Single   Elizabeth JACKSON Single Watlington
46 24/11/1826 Thomas SPARKS Single   Elizabeth BANYARD Single  
47 02/12/1826 James SPARKS Single   Sarah TOWLER Single  
48 13/10/1827 Robert WOODARDS Single   Elizabeth THOMPSON Single  
49 03/11/1827 John BANYARD Single   Ann HARRISON Single  
50 16/11/1827 Thomas CLARK Widower   Elizabeth CAPP Single  
51 18/10/1828 Robert DICKERSON Single   Mary Anne UTTON Single  
52 24/11/1828 Thomas DICKERSON Single   Anne LAVENDER Single  
53 28/03/1829 Benjamin UTTING Single Watlington Mary SMITH Widow Watlington
54 15/08/1829 Martin STIMPSON Single   Mary BALDREY Single  
55 01/01/1830 Robert AYLMER Single Shouldham Thorpe Mary Anne GOODALE Single  
56 06/02/1830 Robert VALES Widower   Lydia PRESTON Widow  
57 14/11/1830 James BROUGHTON Single   Ann WOODWARDS Single  
58 18/12/1830 Robert MEEK Single   Alice LAVENDER Single  
59 29/01/1831 Peter GUTERIDGE Single   Catharine GREEN Single  
60 24/04/1831 Elijah BROWN Single   Elizabeth THURLOW Single  
61 05/05/1831 Robert GREEN Single   Sarah JERRY Single  
62 10/09/1831 John WEBB Single   Sarah SEYMOUR Single  
63 18/10/1831 William THURSBY Single West Dereham Elizabeth SPARKES Widow  
64 31/05/1832 Thomas WEST Single   Sarah SPARKES Single  
65 07/07/1832 Robert FELTWELL Single   Sarah HARDY Single  
66 08/08/1832 Peter HOOSON Single   Mary Anne SNASDELL Single  
67 01/11/1832 Thomas BEETLES Single Watlington Esther BENTLEY Single  
68 04/11/1832 Thomas NEVES Single Wiggenhall St German Rebecca WARD Single  
69 29/11/1832 Richard LOWDEN Single Tilney St Lawrence Mary MACE Single  
70 11/06/1833 John CAMMACK Widower Tilney St Lawrence Anne HULL Single  
71 03/10/1833 Daniel JARY Single Shouldham Thorpe Maria MACE Single  
72 01/11/1833 Robert WHISTLER Single Guist Eleanor HILL Single  
73 21/03/1835 William BANYARD     Elizabeth BROWNE Single  
74 03/08/1835 John HULL Single   Sarah WEST Widow  
75 30/09/1835 Robert ROBERTS Single   Ann GREENE Single  
76 17/10/1835 William GUTTRIDGE Widower Watlington Susan WARD    
77 31/10/1835 Thomas GUTTRIDGE Single   Elizabeth GUY Single  
78 07/11/1835 John WHITEMAN Single   Jane BECKHAM Single  
79 21/10/1836 Sampson GUTTRIDGE Single   Jane GUY Single  
80 18/03/1837 Aswell BROWNE Single   Pleasance BALES    
81 20/04/1837 William BROWNE Single   Mary Anne SEALS Single  

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