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Shimpling St George


The Parish

The parish of Shimpling lies in southern Norfolk close to its border with neighbouring Suffolk. Shimpling lies about 4 miles northeast of the market town of Diss and just west of the A140 road which links Norwich with Ipswich. Shimpling's population live mainly alongside an east/west running lane which lies east of the Norwich to London railway line. This is prime arable agriculture countryside with the largely flat lands dominated by vast fields of grain, beet and oilseed - in the summer the large swathes of yellow dominate the scene. Shimpling lies at about 30 metres above sea level and what drainage there is heads southwards through field drains and ditches towards the River Waveney which forms the border with Suffolk and lies about 3 miles to the south. The parish is a small one, typical of the eastern half of Norfolk and covered about 800 acres, it supported a population of around 230 parishioners. In Domesday times Shimpling was obviously more important as the land was shared across no fewer than 6 separate entries in the Book, the parish then supported no fewer than 28 ploughs, a remarkable concentration in a small area; there was also land for meadow, woodland and 114 pigs!

The Church

St George's church lies to the south of the main centre of residence along a narrow concrete road which eventually becomes a footpath; it is not easily visible from public highways. This is because it was associated with the eponymous Hall and was sited in the grounds of that property. The church, with its round tower indicative of an early origin, has the usual mixture of dates. The tower is 13th century, although the octagonal top is 15th, the chancel is early 14th century and the nave later still. As is usual in Norfolk churches the building was heavily restored by the Victorians, this one in the 1860s. As stated access to the site is by a public footpath through farm buildings, which is clearly marked from the lane, the graveyard is largely open with few trees to obscure the views of Norfolk's big skies.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 23rd November 1756 - 4th March 1812 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/102/3 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 5th October 1813 - 4th May 1837 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/102/4 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Gissing St Mary
Gissing St Mary
Tivetshall St Mary
Burston St Mary the Virgin
Dickleburgh All Saints
Burston St Mary the Virgin
Thelveton St Andrew
Dickleburgh All Saints
Dickleburgh All Saints

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 23/11/1756 Robert BUSH Single Dickleburgh Elizabeth FRANCIS Single  
2 18/01/1759 Samuel FRANCIS Single   Mary SMITH Single  
3 07/11/1759 William ELLIS     Elizabeth WHITEING    
4 03/01/1760 John CARTER     Mary SHALEY    
5 27/01/1760 John BATES     Mary BRUNDLE    
6 16/09/1760 John WARD     Elizabeth BARKER    
7 17/10/1762 John VICE Single   Anne GARROD Single  
8 30/12/1762 William WAKE Single   Rebecca LANEY Widow  
17/10/1763 John BARTRAM Single   Mary JUBY Single  
9 27/05/1765 John MILLIGAN Single   Susan MARTIN Single  
03/03/1766 John SANDERS Single   Ellin WARN Single  
25/03/1766 John MUSKETT Single   Anne FROST Single Diss
31/10/1768 James CALEY Single   Jemima BRABBON Single  
16/11/1769 Thomas RANDAL Single   Rebecca LENNAY Single  
21/10/1771 James BARTRAM Single   Sarah EASTELL Single  
22/11/1772 Charles AYTON Widower   Rachael BUCK Single  
01/12/1774 Ruben BUSH Single   Ann FIRMIN Single  
06/12/1776 John ETHRIDGE Single   Elizabeth TODD Single  
12/10/1779 Samuel ELLIS Single Bressingham Mary WRAGG Widow  
28/08/1780 Robert STANNARD Single   Sarah DEBNEY Widow Needham
31/01/1781 John MILLER Single   Sarah PETTIT Single  
27/01/1783 William BRUNDLE Single   Elizabeth MOORE Single Dickleburgh
15/04/1784 William PAGE Single   Ann FENNING Single  
06/02/1786 Thomas ETHERIDGE Single   Elizabeth BACON Single  
04/07/1786 Robert CHATTEN Single   Temperance EMMS Single  
23/10/1787 Robert BARTRAM Single   Jemima HOWARD Single  
03/12/1787 William GOODERHAM Single   Anne TODD Single  
08/12/1788 Charles RUST Single St James, South Elmham, Suffolk Elizabeth BEE Single  
17/02/1789 Henry GRICE Single Dickleburgh Sarah DIXON Single  
15/08/1789 James COOPER Single   Anne GOODERHAM Widow  
15/12/1789 James FRANCIS Single   Rosamond BARFOOT Single  
08/03/1791 John FRANCIS Single   Hannah PRENTICE Single  
14/03/1791 James BUSH Single   Elizabeth FRANCIS Single  
16/05/1791 James CHATTEN Single   Sarah FRANCIS Single  
03/12/1792 James BARTRAM Widower   Elizabeth ETHERIDGE Single  
15/10/1793 Samuel LEECH Single   Sarah SPURDEN Single  
03/11/1796 Henry RYELY Single   Anne MULLENGER Single Dickleburgh
15/11/1796 John SHELDRAKE Widower   Sarah RAYNER Single  
07/11/1797 John CATCHPOLE Single   Mary COLEMAN Single  
06/05/1798 Robert LEATHERDALE Single   Esther JOHNSON Single  
24/10/1799 John KENT Widower Diss Frances CALVER Single  
08/12/1799 Charles SPURGEON Widower   Mary LEATHERDALE Single  
02/06/1801 John EIGHTEEN Single   Mary HARRIS Single  
27/10/1801 John GARDENER Single Billingford By Diss Elizabeth SMITH Single  
22/08/1802 William BRUNDWELL Widower   Elizabeth HOWEL Widow  
12/10/1802 Charles TOWNSEND Single   Pamela WILSON Single  
11/02/1803 William CHAPLING Single   Mary FOARD Widow  
08/11/1803 James FRANCIS Single   Elizabeth EIGHTEEN Single  
05/07/1804 Samuel CATCHPOLE Widower   Elizabeth BUSH Widow  
30/06/1806 Thomas BENNET Single   Sarah EIGHTEEN Single  
28/03/1807 John WOODS Single   Ann KELEY Single  
30/06/1807 Henry CORNELL Single   Charlotte CARTER Single  
05/05/1808 Edmund BRYANT Widower   Lucy WEBB Single  
26/09/1809 John POOL Widower   Elizabeth CARTER Single  
04/03/1812 John BOWEN   Dickleburgh Charlotte CATCHPOLE Single  
1 05/10/1813 Ezekiel SHORT Single Dickleburgh Rachel CARTER Widow  
2 07/10/1813 Charles CANN   Dickleburgh Frances CHATTEN Single  
3 18/10/1814 John DOWNING Single   Susan TURNER Single  
4 06/03/1815 Benjamin ETERIDGE Single   Mary SELF Single  
5 13/11/1815 James CATCHPOLE Single   Mahala CHATTEN Single  
6 26/12/1815 Cornelius GIBBS Single St John Timberhill, Norwich Mary WILLEN Single  
7 13/08/1816 Robert CLARKE Single Hunston, Suffolk Susannah KNIGHTS Single  
8 25/11/1816 John ANDREWS Single   Maria GORRAD Single  
9 23/06/1818 John SHILDRICK Single   Esther DIXON Single  
10 23/06/1820 John KEELEY Single   Harriet BUSH Single Palgrave, Suffolk
11 31/10/1821 George FORD Single   Elizabeth FARROW Single  
12 05/03/1822 Asa WEBB Single   Rhoda WOODROW Single  
13 03/07/1822 Thomas HOLMES Single Burston Elmira KEELY Single  
14 08/04/1823 William Fish CATCHPOLE Single   Hannah CRICK Single  
15 21/04/1823 Thomas BURROUGHS Single   Mary Ann WOODROW Single  
16 14/10/1823 John GORRAD Single   Eleanor WILSON Single  
18 09/11/1824 Daniel JAMES Single   Ann WILTON Single  
19 16/09/1825 Jesse WOODS Single   Elizabeth CRICK Single  
20 18/10/1825 John WITHERLOVE Single Burston Eliza COBB Single  
21 01/12/1825 John NEWBY Single Diss Sophia CHATTEN Single  
22 25/07/1826 James WOODS Single   Maria CRICK Single  
23 29/10/1827 William RUDD Single Shelton Charlotte KEELY Single  
24 22/10/1828 Samuel CATCHPOLE Widower   Elizabeth SOLES Widow  
25 08/06/1829 James BARKER Single Bressingham Hannah WOODS Single  
26 11/12/1829 Zacheriah CHATTEN Single   Charlotte WILTON Single  
27 09/05/1830 John MURTON Single Diss Mary WOODS Single  
28 04/07/1831 James KEELEY Widower   Ann BRUNDLE Single Burston
29 25/07/1831 William CATCHPOLE Widower   Elizabeth KEELEY Single  
30 28/08/1831 William COLE Widower   Ann HUNGLISH Widow  
31 09/04/1833 Phinehas WOODS Single   Phoebe WRIGHT Single  
32 12/09/1833 John PALMER Single Burston Mary WOODS Single  
33 18/11/1833 William CATCHPOLE Single   Eliza KEMP Single  
34 31/03/1834 Jeremiah WOODS Single   Marianne ETHERIDGE Single  
35 15/10/1834 Jesse WOODS Widower   Elizabeth FRANCIS Widow  
36 20/11/1834 Henry HARRIS Single   Mary BOYCE Single  
37 04/05/1837 Robert JEFFREYS Widower Dickleburgh Hannah WOODS Single  
38 04/05/1837 Edward MILLS Single Dickleburgh Harriot WOODS Single  

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