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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Shotesham All Saints


The Parish

The parish of Shotesham All Saints, there are two parishes supporting the current village (All Saints & St Mary) and there were formerly 4, is located in southeastern Norfolk. Shotesham is located about 6 miles south of the city of Norwich. Shotesham is a small and rather linear village sited in the valley of a small tributary of the River Tas. Shotesham sits, in lanes, about 3 miles east of the A140 road which connects Norwich with Ipswich. The area, at the time of this transcript, would have been principally used for arable agriculture and little has changed the parish being dominated by large cereal fields. Shotesham is, as indicated, drained by a tributary of the Tas to the northwest, this flows onwards to meet the Yare south of Norwich before reaching the North Sea through the port of Great Yarmouth. Shotesham is sited at around 20 metres above the sea and the area is gently undulating to local heights of little more than 20 metres higher. Shotesham All Saints parish was of a fairly typical size for the area, it covered around 1,500 acres and would have supported a population near to 600 parishioners. In Domesday times Shotesham (including St Mary) has a formidable 13 entries reflecting the scattered nature of its holdings, collectively it could offer an impressive 48 ploughs, small meadows & woodlands plus 2 mills.

The Church

All Saints' church sits at the heart of Shotesham village in an elevated site at the junction of The Street and and Roger's Lane. Much of the fabric dates from the 14th century when the church was extensively rebuilt and masking earlier features, albeit the church certainly existed from before that date. The chancel was completely rebuilt at that date and the nave was also refenestrated. In the 15th century and also in the prevailing perpendicular style the impressive western tower was added. Like most churches the Victorians made their usual changes, here they were quite late and mostly sympathetic, the work being completed between 1898 and 1901. The church dominates the village, it's neighbour St Mary's being a half mile away, and its elevated position fronted by sloping lawns gives it a commanding view. Access is by a short driveway from the Street and the site is relatively open allowing good photographic angles.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 14th October 1754 - 10th August 1812 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/384/4 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number A florid handwriting style makes it possible a few misreads may have been made
2 8th November 1813 - 10th December 1835 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/384/5 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Shotesham St Mary
Stoke Holy Cross
Poringland All Saints
Shotesham St Mary
Howe St Mary
Brooke St Peter
Saxlingham Nethergate St Mary the Virgin
Hempnall St Margaret
Woodton All Saints

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 14/10/1754 James BLY Widower   Lettice CLARK Single  
2 03/02/1755 William HUNN Single   Mary CUSHION Single  
3 04/08/1755 Thomas GLOVER Widower Caistor St Edmund Elizabeth YALLOP Single  
4 14/10/1755 John MUFFETT Single   Mary HABBERTON Single  
5 24/11/1755 William KERRIDGE Single   Elizabeth DRAKE Single  
6 31/08/1756 Richard LOVEWELL Widower   Mary FRYAR Widow  
7 11/10/1756 Jonathan JOHNSONS Widower   Mary ADAMS Single  
8 12/10/1756 John STRINGER Single St Mary, Shotesham Sarah FLATTMAN Single  
9 16/11/1756 William SPARROW Single   Sarah MEADOWS Single  
10 19/01/1757 Thomas JONES Single   Elizabeth ROBERTS Single Hempnall
11 11/10/1757 John WOOLSEY Single   Mary CLARK Single  
12 18/10/1757 Henry WALKER Single St Martin At Palace Plain, Norwich Susanna CUSHION Single  
13 12/06/1758 Benjamin LAWSE Single St Stephen, Norwich Mary FORSTER Single  
14 12/10/1758 John PATRICK Single St Mary, Shotesham Mary CROWELL Single  
15 15/10/1758 James SHERWOOD Single Carleton St Peter Hannah GOLDSMITH Single  
16 10/07/1759 Henry THURSTON Single   Elisabeth WICKHAM Single  
17 01/10/1760 Thomas DICKINSON Widower   Mary RANDALL Widow  
18 29/01/1761 Robert EDWARDS Widower Metfield, Suffolk Mary FLATTMAN Single  
19 24/03/1761 Roger ADAMS Single St Mary, Shotesham Mary WAITES Single  
20 05/05/1761 Robert STEVENSON Single Wymondham Elizabeth SMITH Single  
21 12/10/1761 Robert MIDDLETON Single Eaton Hannah YALLOP Single  
22 27/10/1761 Robert PALFRY Single   Sarah AMYAS Single St Mary, Shotesham
23 05/11/1761 John MANN Single   Mary WARD Single  
24 24/11/1761 Joseph PARFITT Single Wilby Anne BECKETT Single  
25 31/12/1761 Samuel COOPER Single   Maria Susanna BRANSBY Single  
26 12/10/1763 Michael DUFFIELD Widower St Mary, Shotesham Mary HUNN Widow  
27 27/10/1763 Charles CAPON Single   Alice PETTO Widow  
28 16/10/1764 William CAPON Single Saxlingham Nethergate Elizabeth SHINN Single  
29 18/10/1764 John CUSHING Single   Mary AUSTIN Single  
30 13/11/1764 George BRERETON Single   Sarah SALLOWES Single St Mary, Shotesham
31 24/10/1765 John MANN Widower   Susan HOWARD Single  
32 20/02/1766 Daniel DAVY Single   Elizabeth FLATMAN Single  
33 21/10/1766 George LAWES Single   Ann GOLDSPINK Single  
34 21/10/1766 Thomas BROCK Single   Sarah SPOONER Single  
35 18/12/1766 James DENNY Widower Stoke Holy Cross Sarah DYBAL Single  
36 23/12/1766 William FAIRMAN Single   Elizabeth BECKET Single  
37 07/09/1767 John BRETTINGHAM Single   Mary Penelope ELLIS Single St Peter Mancroft, Norwich
38 20/10/1767 James MOYS Single   Elizabeth LAKE Single  
39 14/11/1767 John MOSS Widower   Mary GARTH Widow  
40 26/04/1768 Samson OLLYET Single   Mary AGGAS Single St George Tombland, Norwich
41 01/06/1768 David WINDET Single Kirstead Elizabeth YOUNGMAN Single  
42 11/09/1768 William TROWER Single   Mary OLLYET Single  
43 14/11/1768 James EDGE Single   Sarah CLARKE Widow  
44 30/04/1769 Robert FLATMAN Single   Elizabeth WORMAN Widow  
45 21/09/1769 James LAWES Single   Elizabeth HOWES Single  
46 21/12/1769 Isaac LOVEWELL Single   Mary LOVEWELL Single  
47 06/02/1770 William LONG Single Redenhall Martha PASCALL Single  
48 07/05/1770 James FROST Widower   Sarah BUSKARD Single  
49 05/08/1770 John SPORLE Single St Mary, Shotesham Sarah CUSHION Single  
50 04/10/1770 Robert FISHER Single   Sarah WILSON Single  
51 04/10/1770 Samuel SENDAL Widower   Ann Maria MINGAY Single  
52 10/10/1770 William SWORD Single Hethersett Susannah SPOONER Single  
53 04/11/1770 James RADE Single   Mary BROWN Single  
54 29/04/1771 Robert EMMERSON Single   Elizabeth PERKINS Single  
55 13/10/1771 Robert STONE Single   Alice HUGGINS Widow  
56 13/10/1771 James CATERMOLE Single   Elizabeth FULCHER Single  
57 05/01/1772 Thomas WRIGHT Widower St Mary, Long Stratton Ann ALLDOWS Single  
58 27/04/1772 John LANE Single   Barbara WHITING Single St Mary, Shotesham
59 04/05/1772 James RATTY Single   Ruth KEMP Single  
60 04/07/1772 Francis FORSTER Widower   Elizabeth BECKET Single  
61 10/09/1772 John Daniel DREYER   St Stephen Coleman St, City Of London Margeretta BRANSBY Single  
62 23/11/1772 Matthew ROLLIN Single   Hannah BARRET Single  
63 10/08/1773 Robert LOVEWELL Single   Mary CHALICE Single  
64 12/10/1773 Peter WAITS Widower   Elizabeth MASTON Single  
65 14/10/1773 Stephen COCK Single Heigham Elizabeth OLYET Single  
66 06/01/1774 William BURWOOD Single   Mary PUXLEY Single  
67 20/04/1774 George BRERETON Widower   Elizabeth MOBBS Single Pulham St Mary
68 28/06/1774 Jeremiah BALDRY Single Stoke Holy Cross Mary GOODRUM Single  
69 05/10/1774 Robert SCALES Single   Susannah MITCHEL Widow  
70 23/10/1774 John Mark MUSKET Widower   Mary SPURGEON Single  
71 21/01/1775 Thomas CHAPMAN Single Forncett St Mary Mary BECKET Single  
72 03/04/1775 Robert RICHES Single   Mary PARFITT Single  
73 23/05/1775 Charles HOWARD Single St Mary, Shotesham Martha LOVEWELL Single  
74 03/09/1775 Benjamin LAWN Single   Elizabeth PARFAIT Single  
75 17/10/1775 William REEVE Single   Elizabeth LAWES Single  
76 17/10/1775 William FELTOM Single   Mary BALDRY Single  
77 16/11/1775 John THRAXTON Single Stoke Holy Cross Sarah ALDRIDGE Single  
78 10/03/1777 John BURWOOD Single Kirstead Elizabeth BAKER Single  
79 06/05/1777 James LAKE Single   Judith TRUNDLE Single  
80 02/02/1778 Jeremiah BELL Single   Mary SHEPPARD Widow  
81 03/03/1778 Benjamin SPALDING Single   Elizabeth LOVEWELL Single  
82 08/06/1778 Robert ALDERTON Single St Mary, Shotesham Hannah RAWLIN Widow  
83 19/10/1778 William BETTS Single   Elizabeth STONE Single St Mary, Shotesham
84 15/12/1778 John HAMMOND Single   Susannah CRICK Single  
85 24/05/1779 William KERRIDGE Single   Bridget GOOCH Single  
86 11/10/1779 John ROBERTS Single Old Catton Sarah GILMAN Single  
87 18/08/1780 John BALES Single Wymondham Susanna SMITH Single  
88 09/10/1780 William WHITING Single   Sarah BARNET Single St Mary, Shotesham
89 27/12/1780 Samuel CAPON Single Mendham, Suffolk Martha BLYTHE Single  
90 10/05/1781 Robert CHITTLEBOROUGH Single Hempnall Mary MORTIMER Single  
91 29/07/1781 Robert MARTIN Single Trowse Sarah WICKHAM Single  
92 10/10/1781 David WALKER Single St Mary, Shotesham Mary ROBERTS Single  
93 10/02/1782 William HAWKES Single   Margaret CRISP Single  
94 17/04/1782 Joshua CATTERMOLE Single   Susannah DOVE Single  
95 01/10/1782 Thomas ALDRIDGE Single   Amy SPOONER Single  
96 16/10/1782 Samuel BECKET Single   Mary CRISP Single  
97 04/03/1783 John GOWARD Single   Sarah MOYS Widow  
98 10/10/1783 Robert SPRUCE Single   Ann KEMP Single  
99 08/03/1784 William BOILS Single Ditchingham Susannah BROWN Single  
100 22/03/1784 Francis BOYCE Single   Anna Maria PINCHIN Single  
101 01/04/1784 William HAWKES Widower   Ann DARBY Single  
102 24/06/1784 Mark BROWN Single   Ruth MADDIS Single  
103 15/11/1784 George LAWS Single   Hannah FLATMAN Single  
104 07/02/1785 Jonathan MADDERS Widower   Mary KING Widow  
105 15/11/1785 Anthony EVERETT Single   Sarah WHITING Widow  
106 03/01/1786 John HERROWEN Widower Brooke Sarah LAWN Single  
107 22/05/1786 William SIMONS Widower   Elizabeth FORSTER Widow  
108 29/01/1787 John JERMY Single   Elizabeth COWELL Single  
109 15/02/1787 Richard MITCHELL Single   Elizabeth CAPON Single  
110 02/07/1787 John LEBBLE Single   Susannah LOVEWELL Single  
111 11/10/1787 John LOVEDAY Single   Elizabeth NUDDS Single St Mary, Shotesham
112 11/10/1787 John BALDWIN Single St Mary, Shotesham Elizabeth WEBSDALE Single  
113 14/10/1787 James TODD Single St Mary, Shotesham Susan CANNON Single  
114 15/10/1787 John PLUMMER Single St Mary, Shotesham Elizabeth MADDERS Single  
115 16/10/1787 John READ Single Hempnall Margaret BETTS Single  
116 22/10/1787 William CATTERMOLE Single   Julian THURLING Single  
117 29/10/1787 Samuel BALDWIN Single   Elizabeth BURWOOD Single  
118 14/05/1788 Charles GREEN Widower Stoke Holy Cross Mary WOLSEY Single  
119 18/05/1788 William SPRUCE Single St Mary, Shotesham Hannah CRISP Single  
120 10/07/1788 William DAVY Single Forncett St Peter Elizabeth READ Widow  
122 13/10/1788 Samuel BOOTH Single   Mary NUDDS Single  
121 14/10/1788 Samuel DYE Single Newton Flotman Susannah PARFIT Single  
123 20/10/1789 James LAKE Widower Diss Mary HARVEY Single  
124 05/04/1790 John CUSHION Single   Mary SCALES Single  
125 11/10/1790 James GALE Single Tasburgh Sarah HARVEY Single  
126 22/03/1791 Benjamin HUNT Widower   Sarah FROST Widow  
127 17/07/1791 Robert BECKET Single   Mary BALDWIN Single  
128 16/03/1792 Robert RAVEN Single   Mary FOLKARD   St Mary, Shotesham
129 20/06/1792 Thomas NORTON Single   Elizabeth BUCK Single  
130 24/08/1792 William COLEMAN Single St Mary, Shotesham Mary WALKER Single  
131 08/10/1792 William GOSTLING Single   Susannah JUBY Single  
132 15/10/1792 Robert WATERIN Single   Margaret MORTIMER Widow  
133 28/10/1792 James ALDRIDGE Widower   Phoebe ADAMS Single  
134 26/03/1793 Robert LANE Single   Ann BURGESS Single  
135 13/10/1793 William DARBY Single Stoke Holy Cross Sarah PATRICK Single  
136 14/10/1793 George SPRINGALL Single   Mary MARTIN Single  
137 11/11/1793 Joseph YALLOP Single   Ann SALLOWS Single  
138 21/01/1795 Daniel SAYER Single   Sarah SPORLE Single  
139 05/05/1795 John BLANCKS Single Framingham Pigot Ann FULCHER Single  
140 20/04/1796 Edward WOOLSEY Widower   Ann FLOWERDEW Single  
141 02/05/1796 Jeremiah SPALDING Single Beccles, Suffolk Mary SPRINGALL Widow  
142 17/07/1796 Henry COWLING Single   Mary NORTON Single St Peter Mancroft, Norwich
143 24/10/1796 Thomas WOODS Widower   Jemima LAWN Single  
144 11/10/1797 John MANN Widower   Hannah SHEPPARD Single  
145 16/10/1797 James SPALDING Single Beccles, Suffolk Elizabeth MARTIN Single  
146 24/10/1797 James GRIMMER Single St Mary Coslany, Norwich Susan MANN Single  
147 15/03/1798 Samuel MURTON Single   Mary NOBBS Single  
148 10/10/1798 John CARR Single Saxlingham Nethergate Dinah NUDDS Single  
149 15/10/1798 Roger COCKERILL Widower Saxlingham Nethergate Elizabeth BALDRY Single  
150 29/10/1798 James TROWER Single   Sarah RUSSEL Single  
151 23/09/1799 John GUNTON Widower   Alice HOUCHIN Single Newton Flotman
152 14/10/1799 John MARTIN Single St Mary, Shotesham Elizabeth GRIGGS Single  
153 17/11/1799 John LINCOLN Widower St Michael At Thorn, Norwich Sarah CLACKSON Widow  
154 19/11/1799 Jeremiah MOORE Single   Lucy STONE Single  
155 10/06/1800 William TIBBENHAM Single   Mary JOHNSON Single  
156 22/06/1800 Richard CHAPMAN Single Swainsthorpe Elizabeth LAWS Single  
157 23/09/1800 James MORTIMER Single St Mary, Shotesham Sarah HAWKES Single  
158 19/07/1801 Samuel PYMER Single   Elizabeth BETTS Single  
159 16/08/1801 Charles LUBBOCK Single   Mary BURWOOD Single  
160 30/08/1801 Daniel BARBER Single Alburgh Esther BECKETT Single  
161 22/11/1801 James WHITING Single   Ann KERRISON Single  
162 06/04/1802 George BOYCE Single   Mary BRERETON Single  
163 12/10/1802 William BETTS Single Plumstead Hannah MEEK    
164 27/10/1802 James MUSKETT Single   Susan SCALES Single  
165 23/11/1802 James RAYSON Single Marsham Mary CLARK Single  
166 14/07/1803 George BRERETON Single   Elizabeth PERREY Single  
167 24/11/1803 James MUSKETT Single   Ann GOSLING Single  
168 31/01/1804 William ALGER Widower   Dinah GOWARD Single  
169 29/11/1804 Edward BLOOMFIELD Single   Margaret SUTTON Single  
170 03/06/1805 James BURWOOD Widower   Susan KING Single  
171 17/06/1805 Robert KERRIDGE Single   Jemima SMITH Single  
172 18/06/1805 Middleton DAWSON Widower   Susannah TROWER Single  
173 13/10/1805 Edward BALDWIN Single   Mary FRYER Single  
174 18/04/1806 Benjamin LOUND Single Upton Ann BROWN Single  
175 09/09/1806 Robert LIVOCK Single   Elizabeth HAY Single  
176 25/12/1806 Thomas TODD Single   Mary BLOMFIELD Single  
177 19/02/1807 William BETTS Single   Ann HAWKES Single  
178 18/05/1807 Zacheriah PERFECT Single   Allice KERRISON Single  
179 17/11/1807 Samuel LAMBERT Single Stoke Holy Cross Sarah BALDREY Single  
179 11/01/1808 William WARD Single Saxlingham Nethergate Mary REEVE Single  
180 27/04/1808 William OFFWOOD Widower   Lydia MARSHALL Single  
181 14/07/1808 Charles WHITE Single Loddon Sophia CUSHION Single  
182 02/04/1809 William SPRATT Single St Peter Mancroft, Norwich Emma SPRATT Single  
183 23/10/1809 John SPRATT   St Mary, Shotesham Caroline WOODS    
184 22/05/1810 Thomas BRIGHTWELL Single   Sally BRIGHTWELL Widow  
185 05/06/1810 John CULLING Single   Mary Ann WYARD Single Hempnall
186 12/10/1810 William LION Single   Maria REEDE Single  
187 10/08/1812 James STONE Widower   Ann PARK Single  
188 10/08/1812 Richard PEACHER Widower   Sarah STONE Single  
1 08/11/1813 Charles BOOTY Single Diss Ann WORMAN Single  
2 01/11/1814 Daniel ANDREWS Single   Sarah PAKE Single  
3 28/12/1815 Samuel HARWOOD Widower Tacolneston Sarah OSBORNE    
4 04/03/1816 John BARRETT Single   Mary WHITE Single  
5 15/10/1816 William HERNE Single St Mary, Shotesham Ann CUSHION Single  
6 05/11/1816 Charles DYE Single   Sarah TROWER Single  
7 27/11/1816 John LEWELL Single   Hannah MAYHEW Single  
8 21/01/1817 John BALES Single   Elizabeth WEBB Single  
9 14/08/1817 James WEBB Single   Susan DYE Single  
10 08/12/1817 James GOOCH Single   Martha SMITH Single  
11 07/01/1818 Richard BENNETT Single   Martha SAUNDERS Single  
12 15/12/1818 William FROST Single Broome Elizabeth HADINGHAM    
13 13/04/1819 John BETTS Single St Mary, Shotesham Elizabeth ALDRID    
14 21/04/1819 William HAWKES Single   Sarah DAVY Single  
15 05/05/1819 William TROWER Single St Mary, Shotesham Ann ELLIS Single  
16 31/05/1819 William GUNN Single   Mary OSBORNE Single  
17 18/11/1819 Thomas NASH Single Hainford Mary Ann RUMP Single  
18 28/12/1819 Richard MITCHELL Single   Elizabeth GOWARD Single  
19 20/03/1820 Edward BURWOOD Single   Hannah THORPE Single  
20 16/10/1820 George EDWARDS Single   Sarah BURWOOD Single Dunston
21 16/10/1820 James STONE Single   Hannah ADCOCK Single  
22 05/12/1820 Edward MOORE Single   Sarah CLARK Single  
23 27/12/1820 John YALLUP Single   Sarah GOODERHAM Single  
24 11/01/1821 Samuel BECKETT Single   Rebecca WHITING Single  
25 30/04/1822 James KING Single Poringland Anne LOVE Single  
26 19/11/1822 John ALGAR Single   Rebecca HOWES Single  
27 25/11/1822 Samuel SANDY Single   Mary BUCK Single  
28 06/11/1823 William HUNTER Single Swaffham Maria MITCHELL Single  
29 19/09/1824 Samuel JAMES Single   Elizabeth TODD Single St Mary, Shotesham
30 11/11/1824 Edward DANN Single   Maria BURWOOD Single  
31 30/11/1824 Thomas CROWFOOT Single   Ann BLOOMFIELD Single  
32 24/12/1824 James JENNINGS Single Mundford Elizabeth BOYCE Single  
33 24/12/1824 John STEVENSON Single   Mary BOYCE Single  
34 31/01/1825 Robert HAMMONT Single   Sarah CLARK Single  
35 07/04/1825 Samuel ALDIS Single   Hannah LOVE Single  
36 14/04/1825 William BROWN Single St Stephen, Norwich Maria MITCHELL Single  
37 23/06/1825 Benjamin BECKETT Single   Ann BUCK Single St Mary, Shotesham
38 29/03/1826 Samuel CULLING Single   Frances WHITE Single  
39 06/09/1826 John PEEK Widower Swainsthorpe Sarah HAWKES Single  
40 24/12/1826 James DANIELS Single   Charlotte GOWEN Single  
41 17/04/1827 John TIBB Single   Sarah NOBBS Single  
42 10/04/1828 John MOORE Single   Christiana HAMMONT Single  
43 17/08/1828 William CLARKE Single   Mary Ann MANNING Single St John Sepulchre, Norwich
44 24/10/1828 Charles SEWELL Single   Mary BROWN Single  
45 03/11/1828 Daniel BLOOMFIELD Single   Amy MORTIMER Single  
46 22/11/1829 Paul PAYN Widower Stoke Holy Cross Elizabeth ALDRIDGE Single  
47 08/12/1829 Richard Edward SQUIRE Single Wisbech, Cambridgeshire Eliza LEE Single  
48 14/12/1829 John REEVE Single   Sophia NORMAN Single  
49 19/01/1830 Samuel WHITING Single   Hannah GOODING Single  
50 19/10/1830 Scoiles BURWOOD Single   Elizabeth PITCHERS Single  
51 25/10/1830 William JOHNSON Widower   Charlotte GOLDSMITH Single  
52 15/02/1831 George CLARK Single   Amelia ALDIS Single  
53 03/03/1831 William BETTS Single   Esther DAYNES Single  
54 12/12/1831 James WHITING Single   Elizabeth DYE Single  
55 07/02/1832 William WEBB Single   Susan KERRIDGE Single  
56 03/04/1832 George TAYLOR Widower   Lydia THOMPSON Widow  
57 11/06/1832 Daniel CHETTLEBURGH Single   Louisa BLOOMFIELD Single  
58 11/03/1833 Charles FROST Single St Mary, Shotesham Maria LOVE Single  
59 28/03/1833 Robert SCALES Single Swainsthorpe Harriet PARFITT Single  
60 30/04/1833 William WRIGHT Single   Mary Ann SMITH Single  
61 16/12/1833 Samuel LONG Single   Elizabeth JAMES Widow  
61 16/12/1833 Samuel GREEN Single   Elizabeth JAMES Widow  
62 17/01/1834 John KEMP Single   Ann WHITING Single  
63 01/04/1834 Philip STONE Single   Mary Ann HERWIN Single  
64 20/10/1834 Robert SHILLDRICK Single   Mary LEMON Single  
65 20/10/1834 Benjamin LEMON Single   Lucy SMITH Single  
66 11/11/1834 George CHAPMAN Single   Sarah SPEARING Single  
67 23/01/1835 Robert JAY Single   Abigail KERRIDGE Single  
68 26/02/1835 John SELF Widower   Elizabeth BALE Single  
69 26/03/1835 Daniel CLARK Single   Mary Ann DAVY Single  
70 26/05/1835 William WARNER Single   Sarah Ann HUBBARD Single  
71 09/08/1835 William STONE Single   Emily AUGER Single  
72 25/10/1835 Mayes GOWING Single   Elizabeth HURREY Single  
73 10/12/1835 William AUGER Single   Anne STONE Single  

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