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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Sidestrand St Michael


The Parish

The parish of Sidestrand lies in the extreme northeast of Norfolk, indeed it forms part of Norfolk's North Sea coast. Sidestrand is located about 3 miles southeast of the seaside resort of Cromer. Sidestrand is relatively compact and small, forming a strip along the narrow coastal road and grouped around its hall. The area is largely devoted to arable farming, there being low sandy cliffs there has not been potential for seaside resort development. The coast here is rapidly eroding and several buildings have had to be moved or allowed to fall into the sea. Despite being only 1/4 mile from the sea Sidestrand is located at almost 60 metres above sea level, the cliffs being 40 metres high in places. There is little surface drainage due to the porous sandy soils but what water there is drains southeastwards to emerge at the North Sea through Mundesley. The parish is rather small, even for Norfolk, being a mere 440 acres, diminishing still with every winter storm, and it supported a little over 150 parishioners. In Domesday times the parish was held by one William of Warenne and supported 7 ploughs as well as possessing small meadows and woodland.

The Church

St Michael's church sits just alongside (on the eastern side) the narrow coastal road where a track leaves to go to the hall. There church is one of the buildings that have had to be moved inland due to imminent loss to the sea. In 1881 the building was rebuilt, mostly new but reusing much from the original building as well as replicating the style e.g. the round tower. The original site of the church is now beneath the North Sea. The church sits behind a rather neat brick and tiled topped flint wall, entrance being through metal gates. There are mature trees at the western end by the road but otherwise the site is very open making for easy photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 12th July 1757 - 27th November 1811 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/706/3 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 30th June 1813 - 17th April 1837 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/706/4 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Overstrand St Martin
Northrepps St Mary
Northrepps St Mary
Southrepps St James
Trimingham St John the Baptist

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 12/07/1757 Thomas SALMON Widower   Ann BEAN Single  
2 27/04/1759 Francis ALLORD     Elizabeth GREGORY Single  
3 18/10/1759 James CARTER Single Southrepps Elizabeth KNIGHTS Single  
4 27/10/1760 John BALLDEN Single   Mary SCOTT Single  
5 09/02/1761 John PYE Widower   Ann CORK Single  
6 01/02/1762 Joseph NEAVE Single   Martha PULL Single  
7 07/06/1762 Stephen BARNES Single   Rachael BUDDERY Widow  
8 27/12/1762 Joseph ROGERS Widower Overstrand Sarah GREGORY   Overstrand
9 19/01/1763 Thomas HERNE Single Southrepps Jane ALLARD Single  
10 15/08/1763 Edward CARTER Single Southrepps Faith KNIGHTS Single  
11 18/10/1763 Matthew DIGBY Widower Beeston Regis Ann LUBBOCK Single  
12 28/10/1765 John RICE Widower   Elizabeth GRIMES Widow  
13 07/12/1767 John KETTLE Single   Elizabeth CATTON Single  
14 28/12/1767 John THOMPSON Single Overstrand Susannah ROGERS Single Overstrand
15 08/02/1768 John PANK Widower Cromer Elizabeth KNIGHTS    
16 28/03/1768 Edward CHATTUCK Single Overstrand Sarah WHITE Single Overstrand
17 11/10/1768 Thomas RICHES Widower Thwaite By Alby Elizabeth SOUTHGATE Single  
18 08/10/1769 William ABBS Single   Hannah STAPLETON Single  
19 17/10/1769 William THURSBY Widower   Rachael BARNES Widow  
20 16/09/1770 Thomas HANNANT Single Little Barningham Elizabeth HEWITT Single  
21 24/09/1770 Charles TODD Single   Elizabeth DEXTER Single  
22 29/10/1770 William LONG     Hannah ROGERS   Overstrand
23 12/08/1771 Thomas FARROW Single   Mary SECKER Single  
24 10/02/1772 Thomas ROGERS Single Overstrand Mary RISEBOROUGH Single Overstrand
25 06/10/1772 Olley ROGERS   Overstrand Mary MILLER   Overstrand
26 02/06/1773 Richard RYALL Widower   Ann PARDON Single  
27 10/10/1773 John LATTEN Single   Sarah DUNN Single  
28 10/10/1773 Gilbert CATTON Single   Hannah PYE Single  
29 20/07/1774 Peter NEWMAN Single Overstrand Ann LOVE Single Overstrand
30 22/04/1776 John HOWES Single Northrepps Ann BACON Single  
31 11/11/1776 Richard STERLING Single   Sarah DUGDALE Single  
32 07/07/1777 Robert CURTIES Single   Mary HOWES Single  
33 24/08/1777 William LACEY Single Overstrand Ann RAMSDAL Single Overstrand
34 31/08/1777 John CLARKE     Sarah HOWSE    
35 21/10/1777 Gateson SCOTT Single Holt Elizabeth BLYTH Single  
36 30/12/1777 John WOODS Single   Ann ROYALL Widow  
37 11/05/1778 Robert MOY Single   Mary WARNES Single  
38 22/09/1779 Richard BATSON Single   Judith DIBALL Single  
39 15/08/1780 James LONG Single Northrepps Ann PLUMBLY Single  
40 30/10/1780 James GOODINGS Single Lammas Rachael BARNES Single  
41 31/10/1780 Matthew PANK Single Cromer Elizabeth DYBAL Single  
42 19/02/1781 John WOLLER Single Horstead Ann LOYNES Single Overstrand
43 07/11/1782 John BILLHAM     Elizabeth GOLDEN    
44 23/06/1783 John FULLER Single Overstrand Hannah ROGERS Single Overstrand
45 01/10/1783 Adam IVES Single   Elizabeth BURRELL Single  
46 26/03/1784 John TEASDALE Single Overstrand Mary ROGERS Single Overstrand
47 18/05/1784 James CLIPPERTON Single   Susannah BLYTH Single  
48 03/08/1785 Robert CURTIES Single   Jemima ELLIS Single  
49 15/11/1785 Suckling HOWES Single   Phillis NORTON Single  
50 31/12/1790 Jonathan GREEN Single   Deborah PARSON Single Runton
51 14/11/1791 John FLEWPOT Single   Elizabeth GREEN Single  
52 06/09/1792 Joseph COCKMAN Single   Phoebe BACON Single  
53 06/04/1795 John CLEMENTS Single   Mary GREEN Single  
54 18/08/1797 John CLARKE Single West Beckham Bridget FARROW Single  
55 24/09/1798 Thomas DOUGHTY Single Alby Mary WELLS Single  
56 24/12/1799 James WORNES Widower   Hannah NURSE Single  
57 25/02/1800 James GREEN Single   Sarah LATTEN Single  
17/09/1802 Robert ROGERS Single   Mary SCOTT Single  
02/11/1802 John WITTING Single Cromer Elizabeth WRIGHT Single  
59 17/10/1803 Thomas ABBS Single   Mary LONG Single North Walsham
58 02/12/1803 Thomas FARROW Single   Christiana ADCOCK Single Caston
60 27/12/1803 Robert CARTER Single   Ann LAKE Single  
61 13/08/1804 Robert OSBORNE Single   Sarah GREEN Single  
62 08/10/1805 Robert WORTLEY Single   Elizabeth CHAPMAN Single  
63 27/02/1806 Sexton ALLEN Single Cromer Phoebe ABBS Single  
64 10/04/1806 John HOWES Single   Elizabeth LOVE Single  
65 08/12/1807 George HEDGE Single   Susan NICHOLS Single  
66 22/12/1807 Francis NEVE Single   Elizabeth NURSE Single  
67 16/02/1808 William AMESS Single   Mary Ann LONG Single  
68 12/05/1808 Samuel NEAVE Single   Hannah AMESS Single  
69 25/10/1808 James EMERY Single Northrepps Elizabeth WORTLEY Widow  
70 24/10/1809 Robert BREEZE Single   Elizabeth MOY Single  
71 14/11/1809 Robert FARROW Single   Elizabeth HOWES Single  
72 18/10/1810 Edward SMITH Single   Mary PAYNE Single  
73 26/11/1811 Robert BELL Single Bacton Ann HOWES Single  
74 27/11/1811 John SECKAR Single   Ann BUDERY Single  
1 30/06/1813 Robert HOWES Single   Mary BRETT Single  
2 07/05/1814 John SPURRELL Single Bessingham Elizabeth JOY Single  
3 25/11/1814 William FULLER Single   Mary HOWES Single  
4 21/07/1818 Samuel LARK Single   Maria COE Single  
5 06/12/1819 John LONG Widower Trimingham Mary SHICKLE Single  
6 16/10/1820 John AMIES Single   Elizabeth HALL Single  
7 13/07/1821 William SHICKLE Single   Lydia SADLER Single North Walsham
8 27/07/1821 Dennis BLYTH Single   Mary PAINTER Single  
9 12/10/1821 Thomas SMITH Single   Martha PIKE Single  
10 25/12/1821 William PRATT Single Antingham Ann HOWES Single  
11 17/09/1823 Robert Warnes JARVIS Single   Rosamond NURSE Single  
12 14/11/1823 John BARKER Single   Mary FULLER Widow  
13 07/06/1825 Benjamin KIRK Single   Ann NICHOLLS Single  
14 17/10/1826 Thomas CHURCH Single Northrepps Elizabeth PAYNE Single  
15 15/10/1830 Thomas MASH Single Bradfield Deborah OSBORNE Single  
16 06/11/1830 William ENGLAND Single   Mary BLOGG Single  
17 15/09/1833 Joshua COPLAND Single Bacton Mary BELL Single  
18 18/03/1834 Joseph BULLEN     Hannah HARVEY    
19 22/04/1835 William CRASKE Widower   Elizabeth FULLER Single  
20 12/10/1835 Robert AMOS Single   Sarah CHADWICK Single  
21 17/04/1837 Richard Bayfield RANSOM Single Cromer Tabitha HEDGE Single  

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