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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Little Snoring St Andrew


The Parish

The parish of Little Snoring lies in north central Norfolk about 3 miles northeast of the market town of Fakenham. Little Snoring is a small and compact village lying just north of the A148 road connecting Fakenham with Holt & Cromer. Most of the properties in the village lie either along the lane which connects the A148 with its larger neighbour of Great Snoring or a lane which runs southeastwards off that lane towards Kettlestone. The area is almost totally dominated by arable agriculture with the notable exception of the land covered by Little Snoring's airfield, formerly a World War 2 air base and now a venue for light aircraft. The parish is drained by small tributaries of the River Stiffkey which drain northwards to reach the North Sea through the village of Stiffkey. Much of the area around Little Snoring is a fairly level plateau, the village sits at around 50 metres above the sea with the river valley some 15 metres lower but elsewhere there are few contours for many miles. Little Snoring parish was of a fairly typical size for a Norfolk parish, it covered just over 1,500 acres and would have supported a population of just under 300 parishioners. In Domesday times Little Snoring was shared between, the King, William of Warenne & Peter of Valognes and was a more substantial place offering 13 ploughs, small meadows and an array of detailed animals.

The Church

St Andrew's church lies to the northwest of Little Snoring's main centre on the eastern side of the lane which heads for Great Snoring. Pevsner describes the church as "an unsolved problem" as it appears to consist of the amalgam of two Norman churches potentially within the same site. The Norman tower, which is detached from the main body of the building is clearly a remnant of a different building which was earlier and subsequently partially abandoned for another essentially Norman church. Whilst the nave shows Norman features with later Decorated style modifications, the chancel is Early English Gothic. The major changes from later periods include the re-roofing of the nave in the 18th and chancel in the 19th centuries. The site is bordered by a brick-topped flint wall and access is through wooden gates at the southern end of the site. The site is quite open with no impediments to photographic angles.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 21st October 1756 - 6th November 1810 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/224/5 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 19th October 1813 - 23rd June 1837 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/224/6 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Great Snoring St Mary the Virgin
Great Snoring St Mary the Virgin
Thursford St Andrew
Great Snoring St Mary the Virgin
Fakenham St Peter & St Paul
Thursford St Andrew
Kettlestone All Saints
Fakenham St Peter & St Paul
Fakenham St Peter & St Paul
Great Ryburgh St Andrew
Kettlestone All Saints

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 21/10/1756 Blyford COOPER Widower   Elizabeth BEAR Single  
2 24/11/1756 Christopher HAWES Single   Mary PLOWRIGHT Single  
3 28/11/1757 Matthew BARNES Single   Ann WALKER Single  
4 16/10/1758 John COBOURN Widower   Hannah DODMAN Single  
5 00/00/1759 John BANFIELD Single   Sarah STAPLETON Single  
6 09/11/1759 William CLARKE Single   Mary BAGAMY Single  
7 19/02/1760 John OLLY Single   Elizabeth HARRISON Single  
8 29/01/1761 John HUMPHERY   Thursford Sarah BACK    
9 27/04/1761 William SEET     Margaret PANK   Fakenham
10 17/05/1761 Thomas RAM Single   Sarah BIRD Single  
11 04/08/1761 George PRESS Single   Margaret DUNN Single  
12 01/02/1762 John COPEMAN Widower   Elizabeth THOMPSON Widow Great Ryburgh
13 12/04/1762 Edmund OLLY Widower   Elizabeth CLARKE Single  
14 19/04/1762 Thomas ANTHONY Single Briningham Catherine THOMPSON Single  
15 09/11/1762 Robert ENGLAND Single   Susanna SMITH Single  
16 16/11/1762 Thomas TUCK Single   Elizabeth BARNES   Barney
17 23/01/1763 Robert GOOLD Single   Ann MOORE Single Briston
18 03/01/1764 John MATSELL Single   Mary SPRINT Single  
19 06/02/1764 Thomas DAPLING   Great Snoring Mary FRANKLIN    
20 14/05/1764 Jonathan DENNY Single   Alice TIDD Single  
21 05/06/1764 Richard SPOONER Single   Elizabeth WRIGHT Single  
22 09/04/1765 William DIXON Single Kettlestone Elizabeth FRANKLIN Single  
23 22/07/1766 George PRESS Widower   Elizabeth LEE    
24 11/08/1766 John OLLEY Widower   Ann WILSON Single  
25 10/02/1767 James NEWTON Single   Elizabeth OLLY Single  
26 06/10/1767 Richard COOPER Single   Mary BUSSEY Single  
27 20/10/1767 Benjamin CHAPMAN Single   Ann MALLAN Single  
28 24/11/1767 Samuel WRIGHT Single   Mary SIDGETT   Little Walsingham
29 03/12/1767 William OLLEY Single   Sarah SPRINGALL Single Sparham
30 20/01/1768 Thomas BURTON Single   Judith SAVAGE Single Houghton By Harpley
31 18/07/1768 Thomas RUMBAL     Mary BOON Single  
32 15/11/1768 William TUCK     Ann TIDD Single  
33 26/12/1768 William RUMBAL     Susanna BONE Single  
34 27/12/1768 George PRESS Widower   Sarah RUMBAL Widow  
35 06/03/1770 Edmund BUSSEY Single   Mary WRIGHT Widow Wighton
36 23/10/1770 Thomas WELLS Widower   Ann TUCK Widow  
37 20/11/1770 Augustus PARSONS Single   Martha RAM Single Hindringham
38 21/12/1770 Thomas SHERINGHAM Single Kettlestone Elizabeth BUSSEY Single  
39 20/04/1772 Nicholas PLOWRIGHT Single Great Snoring Elizabeth HEAGEN Single  
40 08/06/1773 John BIRD Single   Sarah BARNES Single  
41 12/06/1773 Thomas KING Single   Susanna FRAREY Single Little Walsingham
42 17/06/1773 John SULY Single Watlington Ann MASON Single  
43 08/04/1774 Francis GRANGE Widower   Ann BARNES Single  
44 11/10/1774 John SAINTY Single   Jane CHAPMAN Single  
45 04/11/1774 John SHERINGHAM Widower   Ann LAKE Single  
46 07/11/1774 Matthew CLARKE Single   Mary OLLY Single  
47 17/10/1775 Gam THOMPSON Single   Palgrave BONE Single  
48 05/02/1776 John JARVIS Single Calthorpe Elizabeth RAM Single  
49 20/02/1776 Robert THOMPSON Single   Martha MINNS Single  
50 15/10/1776 James TUCK Single   Hannah TIDGETT Single  
51 12/11/1776 John LEECH Single   Elizabeth STAPLETON Single  
52 26/11/1776 William LACK Single   Ann TUCK Single  
53 06/09/1777 William LEEDER Single Barney Ann SHERINGHAM Single  
54 28/10/1778 Matthew BUGDELL Single   Biddy BANFIELD Single  
55 23/03/1779 Matthew BLISS Single   Mary DICKENSON Single  
56 15/04/1780 Robert SPARKS Single   Martha RAINER Single  
57 07/11/1780 Samuel LAWS Single Hindringham Susanna SEEL Single  
58 16/01/1781 Henry TURNER   Mileham Elizabeth MOSBY Single  
59 24/03/1781 Jackson STIMPSON Single   Ann MILLIMIGHT Single East Barsham
60 03/01/1782 James TUCK Widower   Joanna DUNN Single  
61 11/09/1782 Thomas JEX Single Bittering Parva Mary WRIGHT Single  
62 30/09/1783 Joseph BOWLES Single Great Ryburgh Charlotte WRIGHT Single  
63 12/10/1783 Richard JERMY Single Fakenham Diana LANGWADE Single  
64 21/07/1784 John BAKER Single Brinton Mary THURSTON Widow  
65 06/09/1784 John LEACH Widower   Alice NEWTON Single  
66 15/02/1785 John PARKER Single   Sarah LAKE Single  
67 19/05/1785 Thomas LAKE Single   Elizabeth OLLEY Single  
68 08/11/1785 Edward ELLETT Single   Mary PALMER Single  
69 16/10/1786 William SIMONDS Single Kings Lynn Mary PARKER Single  
70 01/06/1789 David PEARCE Single   Mary CHAPMAN Single  
71 22/09/1789 Nicholas PARKER Widower   Judith UTTING Single Kettlestone
72 28/09/1789 Thomas RAMM Single   Mary HILL Single  
73 03/05/1790 Jonathan DENNY Widower   Elizabeth BIRD Single  
74 10/08/1790 Jacob TUCK Single   Sarah SHERINGHAM Single  
75 23/08/1790 William REEDER Single   Martha CORY Single  
76 17/01/1792 Thomas BARTON Single   Ann BARNES Single  
77 31/01/1792 Thomas NEWTON Single West Barsham Sarah PALE Single  
78 16/07/1792 John PALMER Single   Elizabeth BREESE Single  
79 16/10/1792 William BUSHELL Single   Rachel MAGNESS Single  
80 15/11/1792 Jacob FROST Single Houghton St Giles Ann WALDEN Single  
81 13/10/1795 Joseph HILL Single   Ann RAMM Single  
82 12/01/1796 Edward REED Single   Ann GOWERS Single  
83 08/11/1796 Thomas SHERINGHAM Single   Ann HARPLEY Single  
84 10/05/1798 James BUCK Single Great Snoring Elizabeth TUCK Single  
85 18/09/1798 John WHITESIDES Single   Lydia LAKE Single  
86 18/09/1798 Thomas LANE Single   Sarah RYE Single  
87 08/01/1799 William SMITH Single   Rose ROGERS Single  
88 21/01/1799 Richard COOPER Single   Ann PARKER Single  
89 16/04/1799 John PASTON Single   Mary SHERRINGHAM Single  
90 25/08/1799 Thomas PALMER Single   Mary RAMM Single  
91 19/11/1799 Augustus PARSONS Single   Sarah EVERITT Single  
92 11/03/1800 Rudd BONE Single   Phoebe GOWERS Single  
93 25/03/1800 Henry REEVE Single Horningtoft Mary KING Single  
94 01/04/1800 William TUCK Single   Susan NEWSON Single  
95 15/04/1800 William BENSLEY Single   Mary MOY Single  
96 10/06/1800 John WELLS Widower Fakenham Anne UTTING Single  
97 09/01/1801 William TUCK Single   Mary SHERINGHAM Single  
98 16/02/1801 William SHERINGHAM Single   Susanna HALL Single  
99 14/10/1801 Thomas MOORE Widower   Mary BATELY Single  
100 24/12/1801 William RAVEN Single   Bridget LONG Single  
101 11/05/1802 John ALLISON Single   Mary BURTON Single  
102 12/06/1802 John GRIFFIN Single Barney Dorothy DUNN Single  
103 12/10/1803 John TUDMAN Single   Sarah PALMER Single  
104 22/11/1803 Jarrett NICHOLS Single   Sarah BUGDALE Single  
105 17/02/1804 William DUNHAM   Fakenham Mary SMITH Single  
106 06/03/1804 Isaac NICHOLS Single   Hannah TUCK Single  
107 03/04/1806 Henry PARNELL Single Great Snoring Elizabeth WRIGHT Single  
108 28/03/1809 John BUGDALE Single   Mary BILLINGS Single  
109 09/08/1810 Jennis JEX Single Aylsham Eliza JEX Single  
110 25/09/1810 Robert SCRAGGS   Swaffham Audrey JEX Single  
111 06/11/1810 Thomas SHERINGHAM Single   Mary PARSONS Single  
1 19/10/1813 James NOBES Single   Elizabeth REEVE Single  
2 05/02/1815 William Newstead WALKER Single Aylsham Susanna PARKER Single  
3 29/05/1815 Thomas BOOM Single   Frances CUSHY Single  
4 10/10/1815 William WINE Single   Mary GOULL Single  
5 06/12/1815 Richard MAYS Single   Ann STIMPSON Single  
6 13/05/1816 William CRAWFORD Widower Kings Lynn Mary SIMONS Widow  
7 04/11/1817 William TUCK Widower   Mary WILKEN Single  
8 07/04/1819 Thomas BUGDALE Single   Ann DALES Single  
9 05/10/1819 William BONE Single   Sarah BUSHELL Single  
10 11/11/1819 William WHITE Single   Ann HALL Single  
11 15/08/1820 Daniel DOY Single   Esther JARRETT Single  
12 05/12/1820 James BOX Single   Elizabeth SHERRINGHAM Single  
13 23/01/1821 William BUSHEL Single   Elizabeth BATTERBEE Single  
14 08/04/1821 William JARVIS Single   Elizabeth BUSHELL Single  
15 15/07/1821 Robert BUSHELL Single   Ann COOKE Single  
17 02/11/1821 Thomas PARSONS Single   Frances KENDALL Single  
18 12/11/1821 William GENT Single   Mary MARCH Single  
19 28/12/1821 Benjamin BULLOCK Single   Ann PARKER Single  
20 21/01/1822 Martin DENNIS Single Binham Susan TUCK Single  
21 26/04/1822 Henry BARNES Single   Mary NICKOLS Single  
22 07/07/1822 John HALL Single   Ann BROWN Single  
23 01/09/1822 Thomas FRYER Single   Jane JEX Single  
24 23/01/1823 David BUGDALE Single   Elizabeth THOMPSON Single  
25 29/01/1823 Samuel DUNN Single   Phoebe GOULD Single  
26 08/02/1823 Amos PARSONS Single   Frances WALKER Single  
27 10/10/1823 Richard TODD Single Kings Lynn Mary PARKER Single  
28 11/07/1824 William NOBBS Single   Elizabeth TEDDENHAM Single  
29 29/10/1824 William PARKER Single   Ann Mary TUCK Single  
30 16/04/1825 John NOBES Single   Susan PARSONS Single  
31 02/01/1826 Henry NOBES Single   Ann MARCH    
32 31/01/1826 William Rowland SANDIFORD Single Fulmodeston Mary BROWNE Widow  
33 03/02/1826 William TUCK Single   Charlotte ALLISON Single  
34 09/06/1826 Richard COOPER Widower   Elizabeth WAKEFIELD Widow  
35 03/11/1826 Watts OLLEY Single   Mary NOBBS Single  
36 16/03/1827 John PARKER Single   Sarah BAKER Single  
37 27/05/1828 William TUCK Widower   Elizabeth DAWSON Widow  
38 23/10/1828 Isaac COMAN Single   Mary Ann GOLD Single  
39 28/10/1828 Robert NOBBS Single   Sarah PEGG Single  
40 30/12/1828 Marchant BAKER Single St James, Westminster, Middlesex Susan RICHES Single  
41 03/08/1829 John TUCK Single   Phoebe TUDDENHAM Single  
42 09/11/1829 Joseph WILSON Single   Eliza EVERARD Single  
43 05/11/1830 William SHERINGHAM Widower   Mary BUGDALE Single  
44 08/02/1831 William HARPER Single   Elizabeth PARSONS Single  
45 01/10/1831 James BONE Single   Georgiana SAVORY Single  
46 07/12/1832 James TUCK Single   Constance ALLISON Single  
47 08/12/1832 Charles HILL Single   Charlotte BACK Single  
48 04/01/1833 Robert FAIRCLOTH   East Barsham Mary POWEL    
49 17/02/1833 John BANYARD Single   Anne TUCK Single  
50 29/03/1834 Edward SHERRINGHAM Single   Anne NOBES Single  
51 06/02/1835 Thomas BUSHEL Single   Frances PARSONS Single  
52 06/11/1835 William MARCH Single   Charlotte FUTTER Single  
53 27/01/1836 Thomas SHERINGHAM Single   Elizabeth NICHOLLS Single  
54 29/02/1836 John TAYLOR Single Winfarthing Alice PILGRIM Single  
55 19/09/1836 Martin SHEPHEARD Single   Margaret POWELL Single  
56 08/10/1836 Thomas BARNES Single   Amelia HARMAN Single Wells Next The Sea
57 23/06/1837 Robert NICHOLLS Single   Elizabeth VINE Single  

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