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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Swafield St Nicholas


The Parish

The parish of Swafield lies in northeastern Norfolk not too far from its North Sea Coast. Swafield lies about 1 1/2 miles north of the market town of North Walsham. Swafield sits at the point where the B1145 road, connecting North Walsham through to the seaside resort of Mundesley, crosses the infant River Ant. Swafield is a small settlement just a few properties strung along the B1145 either side of the Ant. At the time of this transcript Swafield would have been an arable farming community with small pastures alongside the river, today it is almost contiguous with the expanding town of North Walsham. The Ant drains the parish southwards to join the Bure to the east of Horning and finally exit the sea through the combined estuary of Breydon Water and the port of Great Yarmouth. Swafield is sited at between 15 & 20 metres above the sea, albeit the church, isolated to the north on a hill is some 35 metres above the sea, the landscape is best described as gently undulating, Norfolk is not flat but is hardly hill country; local heights top out at just over 40 metres within a mile or so. Swafield parish was small, even by Norfolk standards, it covered just over 800 acres and would have supported a population of just over 150 parishioners. In Domesday times Swafield was equally small, despite it's small size it was divided between three landholders but could only aggregate a pair of ploughs and a small meadow.

The Church

St Nicholas' church sits over a half mile north of the Ant's crossing on the western side of Trunch Road, the lane heading, as its name suggests, towards the village of Trunch. The church sits in splendid isolation of the crest of a low hill with extensive views all around. The western tower is oldest feature of the church, it is dated by Pevsner to either the late 13th or early 14th century. The remainder of the church was totally rebuilt during the great church-building era of the Perpendicular period. Both chancel and nave were rebuilt and, for safeties sack it is believed, the tower was given buttressing. As is usual the Victorians did their usual restoration, in this case in 1861 when the chancel roof and many windows were replaced. Restorations continued into the twentieth century as much timber required replacement, this being completed in 1958. The church sits back from the road with a hook-shaped access allowing parking on the verge, a few trees protect the site but otherwise the churchyard is open and with few obstacles to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 1st May 1754 - 12th August 1812 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/48/2 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 18th October 1814 - 12th December 1836 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/48/3 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Trunch St Botolph
Trunch St Botolph
Knapton St Peter & St Paul
Bradfield St Giles
Knapton St Peter & St Paul
North Walsham St Nicholas
North Walsham St Nicholas
Knapton St Peter & St Paul

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 01/05/1754 William PESTELL Widower North Walsham Sarah CARTER Single  
2 22/05/1754 Samuel THURSTON Widower   Mary KING Single  
3 29/09/1754 Andrew WOOD Single North Walsham Elizabeth FLEGG    
4 08/08/1755 William HANNARD Single Edingthorpe Diana KING Single  
5 12/01/1756 Samuel SAUL Widower   Elizabeth BETSON   North Walsham
6 30/12/1756 Henry MARTIN Single Gimingham Elizabeth GUNTON Single  
7 22/02/1757 John ARTIS Single   Sarah FULLER Single North Walsham
8 03/04/1758 William EASTBOURN Single North Walsham Elizabeth WOOD Widow  
9 06/04/1759 Samuel COCKMAN Single   Ann PYE Single  
10 08/11/1761 William WOODS Single East Dereham Ann PIKE Single  
11 22/03/1763 Edward MILLER Single North Walsham Mary GUNTON Single  
12 07/05/1764 Benjamin NEVE Widower Southrepps Mary BUNN Single  
13 05/05/1766 Robert BAYES Single Witton By North Walsham Mary Ann LONG Single  
14 21/05/1766 Thomas TIRRELL Widower North Walsham Elizabeth CORK Widow  
15 06/10/1766 Stephen BLOMFIELD Single North Walsham Elizabeth LINES Single  
16 11/04/1768 Christopher FORSTER Single Paston Sarah MARGETSON Single  
17 19/10/1768 Richard HUBBARD Single   Deborah LIGHTFOOT Single North Walsham
18 24/01/1769 John CROSS Single Scottow Elizabeth HANNANT Single  
19 04/10/1769 William BEAR Single Matlaske Ann JACKSON Single  
20 07/02/1770 Charles BAYES Single   Elizabeth CANE Single  
21 25/06/1770 Joseph HEPWORTH Single North Walsham Mary MARGETSON Single  
22 11/10/1771 Christopher PEGGE Single Buxton Susannah WEBSTER    
23 02/12/1771 John COOKE Widower Scottow Elizabeth GAY Widow  
24 11/12/1771 Robert HASTINGS   West Somerton Elizabeth AMPLEFER    
25 18/08/1772 William MATTHEWS Single   Jemima FLEGG Single  
26 23/10/1772 Thomas HANNENT     Elizabeth MARIS Single Bacton
27 02/12/1772 Thomas ALLEN Single North Walsham Elizabeth COLE Single  
28 13/08/1773 Robert WILKIN Single Gimingham Mary THIRST Single  
29 30/05/1774 John THAXTER Single   Ann PIKE Single  
30 09/10/1774 Robert THOMPSON Single   Sarah BULLIMAN Single  
31 24/12/1776 William CORK Single   Elizabeth YOUNG Single  
32 14/07/1777 Philip NEALE Widower Felmingham Mary NEAVE Single  
33 22/07/1777 John DUNN Widower Horsham St Faith Parnell LOYALL Widow  
34 13/12/1777 John FOREMAN Single   Elizabeth HARMER Single  
35 15/11/1778 William CHAPMAN Widower   Sarah GAZE Widow  
36 07/06/1779 Thomas GAMBLING Single Bacton Martha BREESE Single  
37 06/08/1780 William TURNER Single   Elizabeth PYCRAFT Single  
38 11/10/1780 John CROGGER Single   Frances HARMER Single  
39 05/11/1781 Thomas TURNER Single   Ann MORRIS Single  
40 10/10/1782 Joseph WALSINGHAM Single North Walsham Mary Anne GAZE Single  
41 18/11/1783 Henery WRIGHT Single   Elizabeth FOX Single  
42 19/04/1784 Richard Millison BOARDMAN Single Great Yarmouth Emma HUBBARD Single  
43 27/09/1784 John WILLDEN Single   Elizabeth STONEHAM Single  
44 01/11/1784 Robert THURSTON Single   Ann WILLDEN Single  
45 16/05/1786 William PIKE Single   Anne PIKE Single  
46 11/03/1787 Richard SUFFOLK Single   Maria JARVIS Single  
47 23/02/1789 John REYNOLDS Single   Sarah WRIGHT Single  
48 24/03/1791 John FIELD Widower Gresham Ann DYBALL Widow  
49 29/07/1794 William BURROWS Widower St Clement, Norwich Elizabeth BLACKBURN Single  
50 11/08/1795 David BOND Single   Martha BATENEY Widow  
51 07/11/1796 John FOX Single   Charlotte BARBER Single  
52 02/05/1797 Charles THORNTON Single   Elizabeth THAXTER Single  
53 13/10/1797 Leonard TOPPS Widower North Walsham Deborah LONG Single  
54 11/10/1798 Thomas PALMER Single Skeyton Anne MINNER Single  
55 21/10/1800 David DUCKER Single   Elizabeth CRANE Single  
56 26/12/1800 Samuel ALLISON Single Little Walsingham Margaret BLACKBURN Single  
57 25/10/1802 William PIKE Widower   Martha NEAL Single  
58 26/05/1803 William FAIRCLOTH Single St James Pockthorpe, Norwich Mary THAXTER Single  
59 18/11/1803 John WALPOLE Single   Phillis THIRTLE Single East Ruston
60 04/06/1804 Samuel HOULT Single   Sarah BALDWIN Single  
61 07/12/1804 John STEWARD Single   Emma THOMPSON Single  
62 01/02/1805 Stephen WINFIELD Single   Sarah GAZE Single  
63 09/10/1805 John NEAVE Single Gimingham Sarah HELSDEN Single  
64 05/03/1806 William SOWELL Single Honing Mary WATERSON Single  
65 21/07/1806 Robert DIXON Single   Mary SELF Single  
66 23/09/1808 William PYCRAFT Single Gimingham Phebe POOLEY Single  
67 03/10/1811 Edward LAMBERT Single   Elizabeth CROW    
68 12/08/1812 John WILLDON     Deborah NEALE   Trunch
1 18/10/1814 Elijah CODLING Single   Sarah MANN Single  
2 03/11/1814 James LUNDLE     Bridget MARTIN    
3 00/00/1815 John WILLDEN Widower   Elizabeth TATES Widow  
4 10/10/1816 Richard GATES Single   Elizabeth GOOSE Single Northrepps
5 07/07/1817 James BAILEY Single   Elizabeth HOWARD Single  
6 18/10/1819 Richard PYCRAFT Widower Gimingham Sarah GIBSON Single  
7 19/10/1819 Jonathan BOND Single   Sophia SEXTON Single  
9 12/10/1820 John CHATTOR Single   Maria POWLEY Single  
10 14/01/1822 John SLAPP Widower   Sarah HOOD Single Witton By North Walsham
11 01/05/1822 Thomas WITHERS Single North Walsham Melissa KEMP Single  
12 15/10/1822 Robert CULLEY Single Thorpe St Andrew Mary SMITH Single  
13 04/04/1824 John LAMBERT Single   Elizabeth PIERCING Single  
14 06/11/1824 William WEGG Single   Elizabeth LOUSE Single  
15 15/11/1824 William TOWER Single   Sarah BULLIMORE Single  
16 26/12/1825 Samuel BERNEY Single Skeyton Mary Ann WARNES Single  
17 03/11/1826 James BOND Single   Jane DENNIS Single Knapton
18 24/11/1826 William BENNS Single South Walsham Sarah STEWARD Single  
19 25/12/1828 John STEWARD Widower   Ann RIX Single  
20 26/10/1829 John MINNS Single Knapton Ann WILDE Single  
21 11/12/1829 John BAKER Widower Southrepps Maria COLK Single  
22 15/04/1831 James STEWARD Single   Elizabeth BATES Single  
23 09/11/1832 William BAYES Single   Elizabeth BECKERSON Single  
24 18/08/1833 George HEDGE Single North Walsham Eliza GARWOOD Single  
25 21/06/1835 Thomas CODLING Single   Christiana RICHES Single  
26 05/02/1836 Robert APPLETON Single Bacton Mary SLAP Single  
27 08/04/1836 John STEWARD Single   Ann HALL Single  
28 12/12/1836 Joseph LAMBERT Single   Mary Ann HOLT Single Honing

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