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Swainsthorpe St Peter


The Parish

The parish of Swainsthorpe lies in southern Norfolk about 5 miles south of the city of Norwich. Swainsthorpe sits just west of the busy A140 road which links Norwich with Ipswich and crammed in between that road and the main railway line from Norwich to London. Swainsthorpe is a compact village with a centre grouped around the church and is largely built on an east/west running lane and its associated side roads. The area , at the time of this transcript, would have been largely devoted to arable agriculture and this still predominates although Swainsthorpe has grown in recent times to absorb some commuters from the nearby city. Swainsthorpe sits on a low ridge to the west of the valley of the River Tas, this flows northwards to join the Yare and flows into the North Sea through Great Yarmouth. Swainsthorpe is sited at around 25 metres above the sea, land drops away to the east to the Tas. Norfolk parishes in this area are notably small and Swainsthorpe is typical, it covered just over 800 acres but would have supported just under 300 parishioners. In Domesday times Swainsthorpe was shared between no fewer than 4 landholders, although the bulk was shared between two (Tovi & Eudo the steward). Swainsthorpe could boast 18 ploughs as well as a mill and woodland and meadows.

The Church

St Peter's church sits at the heart of Swainsthorpe just to the south of the main east/west running lane (Church Road). St Peter's round tower immediately alerts to the early origins of, at least, this piece and indeed Pevsner dates the tower to the 12th century and the earliest remaining part of the building. Much else is of the standard church building period for Norfolk, namely the Perpendicular. Pevsner dates most of the remaining fabric to 14th or 15th centuries. Of course, the Victorians did their usual thing and in 1885 they replace many of the chancel windows, rebuilt the chancel arch and also rebuilt the southern porch. The church is accessed by a gravel path which heads westwards where the road bends slightly to the north to go around the site. A pair of wooden gates grants access to the churchyard, there are few restriction within that space to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 6th July 1755 - 13th November 1811 Norfolk Record Office Archdeacon's & Bishop's Transcripts on loose-leaf folios Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads The register covering this period does not survive in the public domain, Archdeacons & Bishops Transcripts of poor quality and many omissions were used to recover as many entries as possible. There is a likelihood of misreads due to the quality and a certainty of omissions due to the missing years.
2 20th June 1814 - 4th June 1837 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/76/3 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Swardeston St Mary the Virgin
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Dunston St Remigius
Mulbarton St Mary Magdalene
Stoke Holy Cross
Mulbarton St Mary Magdalene
Newton Flotman St Mary the Virgin
Shotesham St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
06/07/1755 Edward WIGG     Elizabeth RUMPE    
21/10/1755 John WOODS     Sarah GOOCH    
17/05/1756 William COCK     Anne RUST    
08/02/1757 John TILLS     Anne HOOK    
06/06/1757 William BRERETON     Sarah HUBBARD    
17/10/1757 John GRIMBAL     Mary BLUMFIELD    
30/12/1757 William DRAKE     Mary PRATT    
17/01/1758 John GOOCH     Elizabeth BUTCHER    
06/12/1759 John HOWES Single   Mary WOODCOCK Single  
21/10/1760 Henry ROBERTS Widower   Sarah SCOTT Single  
22/10/1760 Thomas WHITING Single   Amy BURR Single  
23/06/1761 John PARFIT Single   Susanna LEGGET Single  
12/07/1762 John BUTCHER Single Burston Sarah GROGRAM Single  
27/07/1762 Thomas HALSON Single Norwich Elizabeth TAINTON Single  
01/10/1762 Humfrey ANDREWS Single   Mary CARTER Widow  
26/09/1763 William MUSSON Single   Elizabeth HARE Single  
03/11/1763 Shirwood SMITH     Margaret GANDY    
29/09/1765 Robert BLOYE     Margaret RUMP    
15/10/1765 James COLEMAN     Sarah PIGOT    
22/10/1765 John GOOCH     Elizabeth BOZA    
15/06/1768 Anthony EVERITT Single   Mary MEEN Single  
30/01/1769 William Freezer MAYS Single   Ann HUBBARD Single  
25/05/1772 Henry ADAMS     Elizabeth DANN    
18/10/1773 Benjamin FULSHER     Sarah STEBBINGS    
30/05/1774 James MEEN Single Fritton Sarah WALLER Single  
10/10/1777 William PARSE Single   Mary BROWS Single  
08/06/1778 Robert GODFREY Single   Mary LONG Single  
14/06/1779 John WALLER Single   Abigail BARTERUM Single  
10/10/1779 James UTTON Single   Elizabeth CLARK Single  
02/11/1779 Edward LAWS Single   Sarah HUSON Single  
11/12/1781 Thomas WOODS Single Saxlingham Nethergate Deborah LUDBROOK Single  
12/10/1784 William BROWNE Single Mulbarton Susanna BURGESS Single  
11/10/1787 James BOWEN Single   Susanna GOOCH Single  
05/10/1791 Thomas COLMAN Single Wreningham Elizabeth Bidewell MAYES Single  
19/07/1796 John FRANCIS Single   Sarah BURGESS Single  
06/06/1797 Lancelot ATKINSON   St Peter Mancroft, Norwich Mary ALLEN Widow  
06/12/1798 William LIGHTON Single Hardwick Pleasance STONE Single  
30/06/1801 Thomas DENNY     Mary BUNN    
26/04/1803 Thomas HARRISON Widower   Eleanor LINCOLN Single  
11/11/1805 Robert SWORD Single   Sarah STONE Single  
17/01/1806 James MARSHALL Single   Hannah RIX Single  
17/06/1806 James MARCH Single   Hannah RIX Single  
14/10/1806 William BRIGHTON Widower Mulbarton Ann MAYES Single  
12/10/1807 William PERSE Single   Amy HILL Single  
12/10/1808 John BERRY Single St John Maddermarket, Norwich Susanna MAYES Single  
21/11/1808 James ALDIS Single   Judith STONE Single  
31/01/1809 Robert UTTON Widower   Charlotte HUNTER Single  
13/11/1811 James Harvey TIBB Single Woodton Ann PEARCE Single  
1 20/06/1814 John STONE Single   Hannah RUTHAM Single  
2 30/04/1815 George REEDER Single   Sarah MEAN Single  
3 09/05/1816 Richard WARMAN Single   Susan STONE Single  
4 23/12/1817 James HUGGINS Single   Mary SMITH Single  
5 20/07/1819 William WALLER Single   Mary BRAY Single  
6 14/10/1821 Charles WALLER Single   Ann BUSHEL Single  
7 10/07/1823 Robert BURROWS Single   Mary HILBY Single Mulbarton
8 07/02/1825 Samuel MYLES Single   Phoeby MADDIS Single  
9 25/10/1825 John ANDREWS Single   Mary Ann RICHES Single  
10 20/03/1827 John TURNER Single   Susanna BARTON Single  
12 00/00/1829 Samuel BURGESS Single Shotesham All Saints Hannah BUNN Single  
11 22/01/1829 Robert UTTON Single   Sarah ANDREWS Single  
13 11/07/1831 William GEORGE Widower   Martha RINGWOOD Single  
14 17/11/1831 Edward WICKHAM Single   Harriett HARRISON Single  
15 24/04/1832 William KERRISON Single Shotesham All Saints Maria ANDREWS Single  
16 10/04/1833 John WOODROW Single   Eliza RIX Single  
17 27/05/1833 William FEEK Single   Emily EASTOLL Single  
18 04/11/1833 Joseph KIRBY Single   Sarah FARRER Single  
19 10/11/1833 William SWORD     Mary Ann REEVE    
20 10/11/1833 James LOCK Single   Ann RIX Single  
21 11/08/1836 Charles RINGWOOD Single   Frances PITTS Single  
22 27/11/1836 Robert WANT Single Saxlingham Nethergate Mary HARRISON Single  
23 11/02/1837 George EASTER Single   Charlotte OLDMAN Single  
24 04/06/1837 Isaac CHAPMAN Single   Lydia PEARCE Single  

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