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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Swanton Abbott St Michael


The Parish

The parish of Swanton Abbott (the latter word often rendered with a single "t") lies in northeastern Norfolk. Swanton Abbott is located about 3 miles south of the market town of North Walsham. Swanton Abbott is a small and compact village sitting about a mile west of the B1150 road which connects North Walsham with the city of Norwich. Much of the property in Swanton Abbott sits along or around a broad lane running from northwest to southeast through the parish. Much of the area today is used for arable farming and, indeed, that would have predominated at the time of this transcript, a small population of weavers would have diversified the income of the parish. Swanton Abbott is drained to the southwest by a small tributary of the River Bure which it joins just north of Lammas, from there it makes its way to the North Sea through the port of Great Yarmouth. Swanton Abbott is sited at just 15 metres above sea level and the land rises gently to local heights of less than 40 metres nearby. Norfolk parishes, particularly in the area of The Broads, were small and Swanton Abbott was no exception, it covered just over 1,100 acres and would have supported a population of about 500 parishioners. In Domesday times Swanton Abbott was held by St Benet's Abbey and could offer 6 ploughs plus small meadows and woodland.

The Church

St Michael's church sits a little way from the village, to the north and accessed along the partially motorable Church Lane, it becomes a footpath beyond the church. With the exception of a few Decorated style windows the church is almost totally of the Perpendicular period and probably of the 15th century. The church follows the classic layout of that period with a western tower (Pevsner states 14th century so it is probably the start of the build), nave & chancel. A minor restoration of the 19th century replaced some windows and a major roof restoration was performed in 1953. The church stands at the junction of lanes and paths behind a neatly clipped hedge, a pair of metal gates at the southwestern corner of the site grants access. The church sits fairly closely to the southern edge of the churchyard which somewhat restricts the photographic angles available.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 25th June 1754 - 17th November 1812 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/146/5 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 19th April 1813 - 13th March 1837 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/146/6 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Skeyton All Saints
North Walsham St Nicholas
North Walsham St Nicholas
Skeyton All Saints
Westwick St Botolph
Skeyton All Saints
Scottow All Saints
Scottow All Saints

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 25/06/1754 Thomas DIBLE     Lidia DIBLE    
2 23/07/1754 Thomas BLAKE Single   Judith CLARKE Single St Mary In The Marsh, Norwich
3 26/11/1755 John GEDGE     Anne TEASDALE    
4 19/04/1756 Edward DYBAL Single   Anne HOWARD Single  
5 21/10/1756 Lawrence RANDAL Single Sloley Amy HAYNE Single  
6 25/04/1757 Joseph DYBAL Single   Jane WALKER Single  
7 26/04/1757 Joseph DEEKER Single   Mary RICE Single Scottow
8 14/11/1757 William HARMER Single   Mary BLOG    
9 22/11/1757 John THURSTON   Antingham Esther WELLS    
10 04/12/1758 John TURNER Single Scottow Elizabeth HOWARD Single  
11 11/01/1759 Robert IVES     Margaret BATTLEY    
12 19/01/1759 Edward SMITH Single   Mary DYBAL Single  
13 09/02/1759 William COOK Single Lammas Anne DEEKER Single  
14 01/05/1759 William COX Single   Anne BROWNE    
15 03/07/1760 John HOWARD Single   Rebecca SEAMAN Single  
16 17/11/1760 Charles BOWTHORP Single   Lydia DYBAL    
17 12/01/1761 Robert HARMER Single   Sarah TURNER    
18 30/01/1761 Edmund DOYLEY Single   Mary MASE    
19 03/02/1761 John GOTTERSON Single Skeyton Elizabeth BACON    
20 05/01/1762 Edward WOODHOUSE Single   Susannah DEY    
21 01/02/1762 William WRIGHT Single Hevingham Mary TURNER Single  
22 02/02/1762 Thomas BACON Single   Elizabeth STARR Single  
23 11/10/1762 Henry WRIGHT Single Scottow Hannah TROWSE Single  
24 11/10/1762 Richard BERRY Single Gimingham Elizabeth BRADDOCK Single  
25 16/03/1763 Abraham MUFFETT Single St Swithin, Norwich Elizabeth LAKE    
26 02/01/1764 Samuel HAYNE Single   Amy FREEMAN Single  
27 15/10/1764 Robert HAYNE Single   Mary CAVE Single  
28 18/01/1765 John DAVISON     Susannah COOKE    
29 06/04/1765 John RALPH Single   Elizabeth GOLD Single  
30 21/10/1765 Edward TROWSE Single   Elizabeth GARRARD Single Lammas
31 31/12/1765 George BOORNE Single   Frances BULLARD Single  
32 25/09/1766 Joseph COCKMAN Single   Elizabeth SIMS Single  
33 01/10/1766 Adam DEANE Single   Sarah OLLIE Single  
34 29/06/1767 Christopher SOUTHGATE Single   Martha MEEK Single  
35 31/08/1767 Thomas BURROWS Single   Anne STARR Single  
36 12/10/1767 William GEAGE Single   Elizabeth SPANTON Single  
37 03/10/1768 Stephen WARNER Single   Elizabeth BANYER Single  
38 10/10/1768 Robert TURNER Single   Sarah HUNT    
39 16/04/1770 John TUCK Single Worstead Mary DYBAL Single  
40 28/05/1770 Edward GREEN Single   Anne BACON Single  
41 06/07/1770 John SMITH Single   Keziah DUNTHORN    
42 24/07/1771 John DAVISON Single   Elizabeth PYCROFT Single  
43 13/10/1771 George COVELL Single Felmingham Sarah FARROW Single  
44 19/12/1771 Robert DANIELLS Single   Elizabeth WELLS Single  
45 24/12/1771 Edward WATTS Single   Martha BRADDOCK Single  
46 14/02/1772 John SHINGLE Single East Ruston Elizabeth DRAKE Single  
47 26/02/1772 John BROOM Single Coltishall Elizabeth ABRAM Single  
48 20/04/1772 James SEXTON Single   Sarah PRESS Single  
49 21/04/1772 William DIX Single   Anne STIBBON Single  
50 06/07/1772 John COOK Single   Ellen BLOGG Single  
51 05/11/1772 Edward HAYNE Widower   Mary ASHTON    
52 06/01/1773 John SOUTHGATE Widower   Lydia BOWTHORP Single  
53 01/02/1773 Thomas VINCE Single Buxton Elizabeth TROWSE Widow  
54 19/02/1773 John DYBAL Single   Margaret SADLER    
55 17/10/1774 Edward TICE Widower   Jemima GAY Single Scottow
56 23/11/1774 Francis DOWSON Widower   Susannah POWELL Widow  
57 25/11/1774 Michael COCKMAN Single   Elizabeth BACON Single  
58 07/12/1774 Thomas FISHER Single   Elizabeth SOUTHGATE Single  
59 24/01/1775 William DAWSON Single   Anne SCOTT Single  
60 08/11/1775 Robert GOOSE   Skeyton Anne BURTON    
61 26/01/1776 William HUNT Single   Mary WATTS Single  
62 15/04/1776 Jacob FULLER Single   Elizabeth CLARKE Widow  
63 16/11/1776 William CLEMENTS Single   Susanna BECK Single  
64 02/12/1776 Timothy GILES Single   Mary BOWTHORPE Single  
65 13/10/1777 John ALLISON Single   Susanna IVES Single  
66 16/12/1777 Valentine GOODWIN Widower   Susannah WOODCOCK Single  
67 07/01/1778 John CAMP Single   Elizabeth SHIP Single  
68 12/09/1778 William POOLY Single   Elizabeth WATTS Single  
69 09/11/1778 John ALDRIDGE Widower   Susanna WATTS Single  
70 23/05/1779 William BLOGG Single   Rebecca DAVISON Single  
71 26/01/1780 Joseph FARROW Single   Elizabeth STAMP Single  
72 09/08/1780 Thomas BANYER Widower   Susanna OLLEY Single Westwick
73 18/04/1781 John SOUTHGATE Single   Susanna LAMBERT Single  
74 04/06/1781 John CLEMENTS Single   Catherine CRANE Single  
75 07/08/1781 Paul WILSON Single   Anne BOWTHORPE Single  
76 29/10/1781 William SPANTON Single   Rachael SPANTON Single  
77 04/04/1782 Robert COOPER Widower   Amy BANYER Single  
78 08/05/1782 John DAVY Widower   Mary DOILEY Widow  
79 26/08/1782 John BURTON Single Aylmerton Mary PYLE Single  
80 24/09/1782 Richard DAVY Widower   Anne GREEN Widow  
81 13/10/1782 John PHABB Single   Mary HOWARD Single  
82 13/11/1782 James DALE Single   Anne DAVISON Single  
83 29/04/1783 Joseph TIMBER Widower   Elizabeth WATTS Single  
84 16/06/1783 Henry BOND Single Martham Anne DEEKER Single  
85 24/12/1783 William SLAUGHTER Single   Anne TURNER Single  
86 13/10/1784 Edward SMITH Single   Sarah HUNT Single  
87 01/11/1784 John BOYER Single   Mary BANYARD Single  
88 05/07/1785 Benjamin GAZE Single Honing Elizabeth BRIGHAM Single  
89 31/10/1785 Joseph SPOONER Single Skeyton Elizabeth POOLY Widow  
90 22/12/1785 Robert FARROW Widower   Anne ROBERTS Single  
91 07/04/1788 Thomas SMITH Single Aylsham Mary WATTS Single  
92 09/06/1788 John EVERETT Widower   Elizabeth WALKER Widow  
93 04/11/1788 William HAYNE Widower   Phillis SMITH Widow  
94 06/11/1788 Thomas HOWARD Single   Anne WINTER Single  
95 03/02/1789 William CUSHION Widower Worstead Judith PAYNE Single  
96 25/11/1789 Samuel FISHER Single   Sarah WATTS Single  
97 02/02/1790 John HUNT Single   Sarah COOK Single  
98 10/05/1790 John HOWARD Widower   Ann LAWRENCE Single  
99 18/08/1790 John Oliver OLLEY Single Happisburgh Elizabeth WARNER Widow  
100 29/10/1790 Joseph DUFFIN Single North Walsham Bridgett MURRELL Single  
101 27/06/1791 William SMITH Single North Walsham Margaret DURRANT Single  
102 28/07/1791 John DAVIDSON Single   Mary Ann BECK Single  
103 19/12/1791 Daniel DAVISON Single   Mary TAYLOR Single  
104 13/07/1792 Robert DAVY Single   Mary RUSSELS Single  
105 30/07/1792 John HOWARD Single   Sarah DURRANT Single  
106 02/10/1792 Thomas OLYETT Single Lakenham Mary WARD Single  
107 27/11/1792 John WATTLING Single   Anne SOUTHGATE Single  
108 05/02/1793 Thomas PYCRAFT Single Westwick Elizabeth DYBALL Single  
109 25/02/1793 Martin GEDGE Single Blakeney Mary Ann CLAXTON Single  
110 11/10/1794 Benjamin BARBER Single Great Hautbois Anne SPANTON Single  
111 03/02/1795 Martin SMITH Single   Sarah CLAXTON Single  
112 31/03/1795 Jeremiah FISH Single Marsham Sarah Elizabeth HAIRNS Single  
113 01/11/1796 William HUNT Single   Elizabeth BURROWS Single  
114 03/04/1797 John SMITH Single   Alice DYBALL Single  
115 06/06/1797 John ALLISON Widower   Mary LAIKMAN Single  
116 12/02/1798 Robert FISHER Single   Amy HARBORD Single  
117 10/10/1798 William WHITTLETON Single Worstead Elizabeth DURRANT Single  
118 19/10/1798 Charles HAYNE Single   Elizabeth NEVE Single Oulton
119 13/01/1800 Samuel COPEMAN Single   Amy PALMER Single  
120 16/02/1800 Charles DYBALL Single Scottow Elizabeth IVES Single  
121 22/05/1801 William HOWARD Single   Mary BECK Widow  
122 07/09/1801 James BECK Single   Mary GEDGE Single  
123 22/09/1801 William HARBORD Single   Elizabeth MITCHELS Single  
124 12/10/1801 Erasmus ANNISON Widower Westwick Elizabeth MITCHEL Widow  
125 16/11/1801 John BULLEY Single   Sarah SOUTHGATE Single  
126 11/01/1802 Robert BURROWS Single   Amy HUNT Single  
127 14/04/1802 James CLAXTON Single   Mary WATTSON Single  
128 12/07/1802 William DYBALL Widower Scottow Sarah COOPER Single  
129 25/10/1802 Daniel DAVISON Widower   Ann BACON Single  
130 31/01/1803 Robert SKIPPER Single Buxton Amy PICKEREL Single  
131 08/08/1803 James BARKER Single   Charlotte HARBORD Single  
132 29/11/1803 Robert DAVISON Single   Susanna WRIGHT Single Skeyton
133 25/01/1804 John CARTER Widower Scottow Ann POTTLE Widow  
134 13/03/1804 William BRETT   Plumstead Ann HAYNE Single  
135 30/04/1804 Edward BULLEY Single Dilham Judith HARDY Single  
136 20/05/1804 Charles WORTLEY Single St Saviour, Norwich Maria WRIGHT Single  
137 24/12/1805 Joseph SENDALL Widower   Mary Ann KEMP Single  
138 31/12/1805 Robert SMITH Single Hainford Mary Ann SEELY Single  
139 20/01/1806 John HUTSON Single Westwick Lydia DYBALL Single  
140 12/06/1806 Joseph WELDEN Single   Elizabeth PALMER Single  
141 18/07/1806 Samuel HOWARD Widower Tuttington Elizabeth WATTS Widow  
142 02/08/1808 John COOK Widower Skeyton Susanna SOUTHGATE Widow  
143 29/12/1808 Barnabas LEMAN Single   Ann JERMY Single  
144 09/01/1809 William DYBALL Single   Mary CLAXTON Widow  
145 12/09/1809 Samuel HOWARD Widower   Elizabeth PAIN Widow  
146 07/11/1810 William FABB Single   Ann ALDRIDGE Single  
147 14/11/1810 John HOLLEY Single Scottow Sarah PALMER Single  
148 23/09/1811 John TAYLOR Widower   Elizabeth COOK Single  
149 15/10/1811 Samuel FISHER Single   Charlotte ALDRICH Single  
150 24/10/1811 William JOPSON Single Skeyton Dinah BANE Single  
151 31/10/1811 Samuel BANE Single   Mary NEEL Single  
152 13/12/1811 Benjamin HOWARD Single   Elizabeth GEDGE Single  
153 12/10/1812 John HOWARD Single   Mary ALDRICH Single  
154 17/11/1812 William COOPER Single   Mary JOY Single  
1 19/04/1813 Robert PYE Single Scottow Elizabeth FISHER    
2 24/06/1813 Robert COOK Widower   Elizabeth RAYNER Single Redgrave, Suffolk
3 30/07/1813 Richard LOUND Single North Walsham Elizabeth SEWEL Single  
4 05/03/1815 Edmund WATLING Single   Elizabeth DAVISON Single  
5 12/10/1815 Robert JOBSON Single Skeyton Ann DAVISON Single  
6 04/06/1816 William PRATT Single   Mary FABB Single  
7 15/02/1818 Matthew PERT Single Palling Anne HOWARD Single  
8 05/04/1818 Matthew WELDEN Single   Sarah COPEMAN Single  
9 27/12/1818 Isaac DIX Single Scottow Martha HUNT Single  
10 01/03/1819 Joseph SPOONER Single   Sarah DYBALL Single  
11 10/05/1819 John AMIS Single Skeyton Elizabeth FARROW Single  
12 17/05/1819 John HOWARD Widower   Elizabeth TAYLOR Widow  
13 03/02/1820 Harold COOKE Single Honing Elizabeth HALFKNIGHTS Single  
14 10/02/1820 William DURRANT Single   Maria WRIGHT Single  
15 29/09/1820 Robert HUNT Single   Mary HUNT Single  
16 08/12/1820 William CLEMENTS Single   Phoebe HARDY Single  
17 10/03/1821 William JERMY Single   Elizabeth TAYLOR Single  
18 29/07/1822 Stephen HUBBARD Single   Sarah BIGNEY Single  
19 09/02/1823 William KEMP Widower   Elizabeth DUGDALE Widow  
20 24/02/1823 John WATLING Single   Sarah DAVISON Single  
21 13/04/1823 Edward GREEN Single   Elizabeth Ann HUNT Single  
22 04/05/1823 William HOWARD Widower   Joanna DAVISON Widow  
23 04/05/1823 Peter DYBALL Single   Emma HOOKE Single  
24 08/07/1823 William CROWE Single   Jemima WATLING Single  
25 11/10/1823 David DAVISON Single   Mary POINTER Single  
26 13/10/1823 John HUNT Single   Ann FABB Single  
27 27/10/1823 John BENNETT Single Marham Elizabeth HALL Single  
28 02/08/1824 Thomas CASE Single   Ann BANE Single  
29 31/10/1824 John NEWLAND Single Tunstead Mary WATLING Single  
30 13/03/1825 John HUNT Single   Rachael DAVISON Single  
31 17/09/1825 Benjamin MATHER Single St Martins In The Fields, Westminster, Middlesex Elizabeth BURKITT Single  
32 31/10/1825 Robert SCOTT Single   Mary DAVISON Single  
33 20/03/1826 Robert TOWER Single Scottow Rhoda ALDRICH Single  
34 28/03/1826 Joseph BIGNEY Single   Mary TOMPSON Single  
35 30/07/1826 Thomas HUNT Single   Ann FABB Single  
36 01/11/1826 James FABB Single   Susanna HUNT Single  
37 27/02/1827 Samuel Howard DYBALL Single Felmingham Ann MOY Single  
38 08/10/1827 Edward BARNES Single   Elizabeth ROADES Single  
39 09/10/1827 William MOORE Single Burgh Next Aylsham Elizabeth SMART Single  
40 19/11/1827 James RUMP Single Scottow Mary RICHARDSON Single  
41 26/11/1827 William HOWARD Single   Mary BELTON Single North Walsham
42 10/10/1828 Allen PYE Single   Amy WELDEN Single  
43 10/10/1828 James DYBALL Single   Sarah WATLING Single  
44 27/04/1829 David DALE Widower   Elizabeth PYE Widow  
45 01/06/1829 Robert MICKLEBURGH Widower Brooke Ann NEAVE Single  
46 20/07/1829 Thomas FOX Single   Elizabeth DROZIER Single  
47 03/08/1829 Samuel DRURY Single   Charlotte HOWARD Single  
48 05/10/1829 Robert SPINK Single   Ann WOODHOUSE Single  
49 23/12/1829 Martin PALMER Single Skeyton Elizabeth CLEMENTS Single  
50 04/01/1830 William MANNING Single Middleton Ann MASON Single  
51 01/08/1830 William HOWARD Single   Elizabeth SPINK Single  
52 06/08/1830 William MOORE Widower Skeyton Ann WELDEN Single  
53 28/12/1830 John BURROWS Single   Maria COX Single  
54 24/05/1831 Robert DAVISON Single   Maria JOBSON Single  
55 14/10/1831 John GOOSE Single   Sophia HUNT Single  
56 16/09/1832 Robert DENNIS Single   Ann HALL Widow  
57 01/11/1832 Charles WATLING Single   Phillis WATSON Single  
58 05/11/1832 John MILLER Single   Elizabeth HALL Single Felmingham
59 27/12/1832 Thomas HUNT Single   Hannah WELLS Single  
60 22/04/1833 Robert HARBORD Single Walcott Sarah GREEN Single  
61 22/04/1834 Randel Thomas GREEN Single   Sophia Postle BULLIMORE Single  
62 12/06/1834 Charles MASON Single   Sarah Ann KNIGHTS Single Westwick
63 10/07/1834 William COLK Widower   Margaret KEMP Single  
64 17/10/1834 William MOODY Single St Clement Danes, Westminster, Middlesex Mary Anne BIDEWELL Single  
65 04/11/1834 William DANIELS Single   Ann WRIGHT Single  
66 24/07/1835 George HUNT Single   Rebecca MASSINGHAM Single  
67 08/01/1836 John COOKE Single   Sarah BALLS Single  
68 26/12/1836 William HUNT Widower   Anne TAYLOR Single  
69 26/01/1837 George MOORE Single   Eliza WELDEN    
70 13/03/1837 Samuel BANE     Anne HUNT    

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