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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Thurlton All Saints


The Parish

The parish of Thurlton lies in the extreme southeast of Norfolk, indeed it forms part of the border with neighbouring Suffolk. Thurlton is located about 4 miles east of the small market town of Loddon. Thurlton is a small and compact village lying in lanes about a mile north of the B1136 road which connects the A146 (Norwich to Beccles) road with the A143 (Beccles to Great Yarmouth) road. Thurlton sits on the very edge of extensive grazing marshes which spread out from the combined flood plains of the Rivers Yare, Chet & Waveney. Thurlton would have had a mixed economy at the time of this transcript, grazing and wildfowling as well as reed-cutting from the flood plains, a small river traffic from its staithe plus arable agriculture on the drier lands of the parish. Thurlton is drained northwards by Boyce's Dyke, a man modified tributary of the River Yare and reaches the sea through the port of Great Yarmouth. Thurlton is sited at just 5 metres above the sea, just sufficient to keep its feet dry above flood levels. Norfolk parishes are rather small and Thurlton parish was no exception, it covered just under 1,200 acres and would have supported a population of around 400 parishioners. In Domesday times Thurlton was shared by no fewer than 7 landholders, quite amazing as it was just a small place, collectively the holdings could offer just 3 ploughs and small very small meadows.

The Church

All Saints' church sits in the southeastern corner of Thurlton on the southern side of Church Road and opposite the village school. The church has its origins in the 12th century Norman period, the church retains its southern doorway from that period. Other than this early feature the church shows a mixture of two architectural periods. The chancel is from the late 13th century and shows the lancet windows characteristic of that Early English Gothic period. The nave, western tower and some replacement windows are all from the Perpendicular period of the 14th and 15th centuries and represent a significant rebuild of the church during that era. For once the Victorians made little impact in their restorations leaving a pleasant village church showing its age as a result. The church is screened from Church Road by a row of thick trees with a gravel parking area, access is by a pair of metal gates and a gravel driveway. The church is quite hemmed in by trees to its south but otherwise there are few restrictions to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 23rd September 1754 - 17th November 1812 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/638/6 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 12th April 1813 - 29th December 1836 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/638/7 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Norton Subcourse St Mary
Ellingham St Mary
Chedgrave All Saints (detached)
Norton Subcourse St Mary
Fritton St Edmund, Suffolk
Raveningham St Andrew
Toft Monks St Margaret
Haddiscoe St Mary
Thorpe next Haddiscoe St Matthias
Thorpe next Haddiscoe St Matthias

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
23/09/1754 John BUCK Widower   Mary PATERSON Single  
28/10/1754 William HORNS Single   Elizabeth REYNOLDS Single  
13/11/1754 Robert LAWNE Single   Elizabeth PAYNE Single Redenhall
12/03/1755 Jonathan FARROW Single   Sarah BATCHELDOR Single  
06/05/1755 William CURTIS Single Norton Subcourse Mary LAWNE Single  
27/05/1755 William ORRISS Single   Mary ELDON Single  
03/02/1756 Robert HARVEY Single   Anne HORNE Single  
29/05/1757 James RUSHMER Single   Margaret GARWOOD Single  
01/08/1757 John DENNY Single   Elizabeth PERKESLEY Single  
01/10/1757 James CURTIS Widower   Anne ALLEN Single St Peter Mancroft, Norwich
02/01/1758 Robert CREAKE Widower   Mary CARLOW Single  
10/10/1758 William GORBELL Single   Mary EASTER Single  
04/06/1760 Isaac CANDLER Widower   Elizabeth WIGG Single  
17/08/1760 William LAKE Single   Elizabeth HARBONE Single  
08/09/1761 Samuel SHARDELOW Single   Mary JOHNSON Single  
15/02/1762 Thomas KING Single   Susanna AUGUR Single  
06/08/1762 William SCURREL Single Thorpe Next Haddiscoe Mary GARWOOD Single  
17/10/1763 Philip GYTON Single Belton, Suffolk Mary GILLINGS Single  
24/04/1764 Peter KING Single Haddiscoe Anne LAKE Single  
22/04/1766 William CATCHPOLE Single Norton Subcourse Anne MINNS Single  
22/04/1767 John BUCK Single   Mary BARBER Single  
26/06/1768 William GILLINGS Single   Mary THURGILL Single  
13/02/1770 John CHAPMAN Single   Elizabeth GARWOOD Single  
21/07/1771 Lawrence EARNSHAW Single St Saviour, Norwich Hannah MOORE Single  
04/12/1771 John PLUMMER Single   Jemima MILAM Single  
18/10/1772 Richard GOODRICH Single   Elizabeth BURRELL Single  
22/08/1773 Samuel BEALY Single   Elizabeth EAGUS Single  
15/10/1773 Robert CANNELL Single   Mary CANNELL Single  
22/05/1774 William BUNN Widower   Sarah DARBY Widow  
07/03/1775 Jabez TAYLOR Single   Sarah GARWOOD Single  
04/04/1775 Thomas LINES Single   Mary SHALL Single  
01/07/1776 William PARKER Single   Sarah ATKINS Single  
02/12/1776 William BENNS Single   Susannah CATER Single  
27/10/1777 Thomas BRIDGEWELL Single   Elizabeth GIBBS Widow  
08/12/1777 Thomas CATCHPOLE Single   Ann HADNAM Single  
04/06/1778 John GOOCH Single   Christianna NEWSTEAD Single  
12/10/1778 Samuel LAWNE Single   Susannah MOORE Single  
13/06/1782 Thomas SEWEL Single   Elizabeth CANDLER Widow  
24/02/1783 Samuel ELY Widower   Hannah BIRD Single  
04/07/1783 Thomas TOVEL Widower   Mary MITCHELL Widow  
13/10/1783 Henry GROOME Widower Norton Subcourse Elizabeth SEWELL Widow  
16/11/1784 Thomas SPALL Single   Barbara SARDELOW Single  
19/04/1785 Christopher SPALDING Widower   Mary SMITH Widow  
07/06/1785 Henry HOWSE Single   Elizabeth SMITH Single  
16/11/1785 Henry BRABINGS Single   Susanna COUSSANS Single  
05/06/1786 William MIDDLETON Single   Elizabeth CLARKE Single  
27/08/1786 John FARROW Single   Ann HORN Single  
21/11/1786 John HUNT Widower   Mary HOLMES Widow  
03/12/1786 William POLL Single   Susanna GORBOLD Single  
06/05/1787 William JOHNSON Single   Hannah SMITH Single  
28/05/1787 John Fairweather HOUSEGO Single Kessingland, Suffolk Rosamund SEWELL Single  
20/11/1787 Lionel COLE Single   Sarah POLL Single  
13/01/1788 James BURTON Single   Amy REYNOLDS Widow  
14/10/1788 John HORN Single   Lucy SAGAR Single  
02/11/1788 William JAY Widower Loddon Mary MAYES Widow  
14/12/1788 William BRABINGS Widower   Mary GRIMBLE Single  
18/01/1789 May FARROW Single   Ann BECKET Single  
06/01/1790 Thomas WHITETON Single Loddon Sarah WALKER Single  
27/01/1790 Samuel SEWEL Single   Elizabeth GARWOOD Single  
05/10/1790 William ANNISON Single   Ann WIGG Single  
26/10/1790 Francis BLUNDERFIELD Single Heckingham Elizabeth REVEL Single  
07/06/1791 William THAXTER Single   Martha GEORGE Single  
07/01/1792 William BECKITT Widower   Ann CURTIS Single  
21/10/1792 William TAN Single Chedgrave Mary POOLEY Single  
20/05/1793 George SMITH Single Aldeby Catharine BORE Single  
28/06/1793 James FULLER Single Toft Monks Sarah BEXFIELD Single  
29/06/1793 James WESTHAM Single   Amy BURTON Widow  
16/12/1793 George SHARDELOW Single   Mary PANKS Widow  
21/10/1794 John POOLEY Single   Elizabeth OSBORNE Single  
1 06/04/1795 Richard GINNIS Single   Rose SPALLDEN Single  
2 24/09/1795 William CROWDER Single   Martha DARBY Single  
3 15/11/1795 Thomas BORE Single   Mary SHARMAN Single  
4 30/11/1795 William GATES Single   Elizabeth HAWSE Single  
5 07/12/1795 Philip HOLLIS Single   Mary LABORNE Single  
1 15/05/1798 John POOLEY Widower   Martha GATES Single  
2 26/12/1799 William GINNIS Single   Margaret HOOD Single  
3 13/04/1801 William BUCK Single Aldeby Mary PAGE Single  
28/04/1801 William FAYERMAN Single Norton Subcourse Elizabeth POPE Single  
31/05/1802 William BEALY Single   Susanna POPE Single  
09/11/1802 Thomas SEALES Single   Susanna GOODRIDGE Single  
12/12/1803 Thomas MUDD Single   Margaret SHREEVE Single  
06/01/1804 James CURTIS Single   Hannah FISK Single  
05/02/1805 William FULLER Single   Elizabeth GOODRICH Single  
08/05/1805 Heart BUMSTEAD Single   Elizabeth CLAXTON Widow  
01/10/1805 James GARWOOD Single   Elizabeth DOW Single  
04/02/1806 Robert CHANEY Single Norton Subcourse Sarah TAYLOR Single  
05/01/1807 James SHARMAN Widower   Elizabeth SYMONDS Single  
28/12/1807 John GOODRUM Single   Susanna CUDDING Widow  
05/12/1808 Robert Smith BRADSHAW Widower   Susanna HALLS Widow  
04/08/1809 James SMITH Widower   Elizabeth GENNES Single  
15/11/1809 Robert ROBERTS Single   Harriett HALLS Single  
08/10/1810 James WOOLLTORTON Single Denton Kerenhappuch BANHAM Single  
11/10/1810 Robert ALDRIDGE Single   Susan SMITH Single  
26/03/1811 Robert BROWN Single   Elizabeth SMITH Single  
27/05/1811 Robert BRABANS Single   Frances GRIMMER Single  
12/10/1811 Farrow BALDRY Single   Mary BUNN Single  
15/01/1812 George PURLAND Single   Mary MINISTER Single  
17/11/1812 William VARVEL Single Loddon Elizabeth REYNOLDS Single  
1 12/04/1813 Richard BUNN Single Topcroft Elizabeth BARNHAM Single  
2 04/08/1813 James SHARMAN Single   Mary ROBERTS Single  
3 29/12/1813 Robert GAYMORE Single   Elizabeth FORDER Single  
4 22/02/1814 Robert MINISTER Single   Sarah POPE Single  
5 20/04/1814 William POPE Single   Susan HUNT Single  
6 31/05/1814 Charles SEARL Single   Elizabeth LAWN Single  
7 30/06/1814 William WOODTHORPE Single   Sarah SHADELOW Single  
8 15/09/1814 William IVES Single   Charlotte BRABANS Single  
9 31/07/1816 John PINKNEY Single   Martha POOLEY Widow  
10 14/08/1816 William BACON Single St Peter & St Paul, Wisbech, Cambridgshire Mary SEWELL Single  
11 05/11/1816 James SHARDELOW Single Seething Mary Ann RUSHMER Single  
12 26/11/1816 James HOVELL Single   Mary HORN Single  
13 24/12/1816 John MINISTER Single   Susan BRABBANS Single  
14 11/03/1817 Ranshaw TOVELL Single   Sarah WARNS Widow  
15 18/08/1817 Richard DERBY Single Gorleston, Suffolk Mary SHARDELOW Single  
16 06/09/1818 William ROUNCE Single Carlton Colville, Suffolk Sarah MOOD Single  
16 06/09/1818 William ROUNCE Single Carlton Colville, Suffolk Sarah PICKERS Single  
17 22/06/1819 Thomas MINISTER Single   Mary LAWN Single  
18 05/07/1819 Edward THEDFORD Single Ellingham Elizabeth JAMES Single  
19 18/01/1820 Edward CONSTANCE Single   Martha BALDRY Single  
20 08/08/1820 William BALEY Widower   Hannah IVES Single  
21 29/09/1820 John SAYER Single   Mary RUSHMER Single Haddiscoe
22 21/05/1821 Owen BURROWS Single   Sarah READE Single  
23 08/08/1821 James WATSON Single   Mary WARN Single  
24 02/10/1821 Henry MOSS Single   Lydia WATSON Widow  
25 09/10/1821 John REEVE Single   Emila HORNE Single  
26 19/04/1822 John MARGETSON Widower   Ann MANN Single  
27 17/03/1823 Charles ROBERTS Single   Charlotte CHANEY Single  
28 13/10/1823 John GINNESS Single   Mary POOLEY Single  
29 11/05/1824 George GIBBS Single   Bridgment DICKERSON Single  
30 06/07/1824 John ESTHER Widower   Amy SMITH Single  
31 10/10/1824 John CHAPMAN Single   Lucy TAYLOR Single  
32 07/11/1825 William MEEK Single   Tamar GOWING Single  
33 05/01/1826 Francis SHADDELOW   Norton Subcourse Mary GIBBS Single  
34 15/05/1826 William SPON Single   Sarah HOLLAND Single  
35 29/08/1826 Jonathan Johnson GOFF Single   Mary WARNER Single  
36 13/09/1827 Francis POTTS Single North Cove, Suffolk Fanny ROBSON Single  
37 01/01/1828 James DICKERSON Single   Sarah HOLT Single Horning
38 22/01/1828 Noah NICHOLS Single   Sarah CURTIS Single  
39 19/05/1829 John GARWOOD Widower   Charlotte SAVORY Single  
40 08/06/1829 William WEST Single   Mary Ann SPURDEN Single  
41 01/10/1829 Samuel SEWELL Single   Mary RUSHMER Single Haddiscoe
42 12/10/1829 James FOLGATE Widower Toft Monks Elizabeth REEDER Single  
43 27/10/1829 William CABLE Single   Amy SMITH Single  
44 16/12/1829 Freeman WIFF     Eleanor WEST Single  
45 23/12/1829 Samuel BUXTON Single   Lydia BLOOMFIELD Single  
46 25/05/1830 Robert BECKAM Single   Sarah BURR Single  
47 20/07/1830 John CHAPMAN Widower   Elizabeth AUSTIN Widow  
48 09/12/1830 Jeremiah JAMES Widower   Mary Ann BARBER Single  
49 16/04/1831 Robert KNIGHTS Single   Maria Cracknell CHILDERS Single  
50 07/07/1831 Francis BARBER Single   Mary SMITH Single  
51 03/11/1831 John BEXFIELD Single   Jane BECKETT Single  
52 18/11/1831 Samuel WARNES Single   Maria HARVEY Widow  
53 21/11/1831 James SMITH Single   Mary CABLE Single  
54 29/12/1831 James DISNEY Single   Frances Ann HUNTER Single  
55 01/03/1832 Joseph JAMES Single   Mary Ann EDWARDS Widow  
56 13/03/1832 James BANHAM Single   Elizabeth GENNESS Single  
57 18/07/1833 William SPARKE Single   Mary KNIGHTS Single  
58 09/09/1833 Michael IVES Single   Mary Ann PLAYFORD Widow  
59 09/12/1833 George BARBER Widower Loddon Lucy STONE Widow  
60 31/12/1833 James PRESTON Single   Lydia SOANES Single  
61 06/01/1834 William SAYER Single   Amy HUNT Single  
62 13/05/1834 Robert FIRMAN Single Norton Subcourse Susann BLOOMEFIELD Single  
63 12/07/1834 John ROBERTS   Heckingham Harriet GALER    
64 20/08/1834 George CRACKNELL Widower   Mary Ann SMITH Single  
65 22/01/1835 Benjamin BOLDERO Single   Lydia BUNTON Single  
66 12/04/1835 William ROBERTS Single   Sarah HOBBLES Single  
67 20/04/1835 John HOUGHTON Single Herringfleet, Suffolk Charlotte KNIGHTS Single  
68 21/07/1835 John CURTIS Widower   Mary GARWOOD Widow  
69 03/02/1836 Benjamin HORNE Single   Mary BOWEN Single  
70 09/07/1836 Robert BOND Single   Charlotte HOVEL Single  
71 29/08/1836 John ABBY Single East Dereham Ann LONG Single  
72 30/11/1836 John CABLE Single   Elizabeth GOODRUM Single  
73 29/12/1836 James RAY Widower Walpole, Suffolk Charlotte RIVETT Single  

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