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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Upton St Margaret


The Parish

The parish of Upton lies in eastern Norfolk about 8 miles northwest of the port of Great Yarmouth and just over a mile north of the large village of Acle. Upton is located about 2 miles north of the busy A47 road, which connects the city of Norwich with Great Yarmouth, and sits on the edge of the marshes bordering the course of the River Bure. Upton is a fairly large and compact village sitting largely around a crossroads of small lanes. Situated in the heart of Norfolk's Broadland Upton would have had a more varied economy than many Norfolk parishes, in addition to the usual arable fields, here less than a third of the parish acreage, it had grazing marshes by the Bure and the benefits of wildfowling, reed-thatch & with its own staithe a share of passing river transportation trade. The Bure drains Upton parish southeastwards towards the combined estuary of Breydon Water and thence through Great Yarmouth to the North Sea. Upton is sited at just 3 metres above the sea, a minor height change from the grazing marshes which are at and often below sea level, land is gentle around the parish with local heights rising to a little over 20 metres within a mile or two. Upton parish was fairly typically sized for a Norfolk parish, covering a little under 1,700 acres it would have supported a population of just over 500 parishioners. In Domesday times Upton was a fairly large community, one of the largest 20% of places recorded in the book, shared between 4 landholders including King William, himself, the parish could collectively offer 12 ploughs, extensive meadows and 2 salthouses.

The Church

St Margaret's church sits to the southwest of the main village centre on the western side of the lane which heads towards Acle and by Hall Farm. Outwardly St Margaret is a fairly typical Norfolk Perpendicular church but the building has been so altered by repair, restoration and rebuild as to almost constitute a Victorian replacement. A series of 19th and early 20th century changes saw the chancel restored in 1879, the nave and aisles in 1885, the southern porch in 1888, the western tower rebuilt in 1911 and again in 1931. Pevsner notes some reused materials of Norman Romanesque style as well as dating the tower base to the 12th century too but such features are rare survivors. Church Road heads southwest from the village centre and the church can be found just beyond the large buildings of Hall Farm, the churchyard is surrounded by a banked hedge with a small gate granting entrance at the southwestern corner, a small pull-in sits opposite with room for a single car. Once within the churchyard there are few obstacles to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 21st February 1757 - 25th November 1812 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/255/5 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 16th February 1813 - 14th March 1837 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/255/6 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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Horning St Benedict
Thurne St Edmund King & Martyr
South Walsham St Lawrence
Ashby with Oby St Mary
Burlingham St Edmund
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Clippesby St Peter
Fishley St Mary
Acle St Edmund

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 21/02/1757 Joseph MUNDFORD Single   Rebecca CURTON Single  
2 27/03/1758 Luke SMALLPAGE Single St Mary, South Walsham Sarah HILLING Single  
3 28/03/1758 George DOCKING     Margaret LITTLEWOOD Single  
4 16/10/1758 Robert LEIST   Salhouse Mary GODBOROH    
5 06/03/1759 John TONGATE Single   Margaret BETTS Single  
6 11/06/1759 John ULES Single   Martha NUDD Single  
7 16/07/1759 Abel RICHES Widower   Mary BURRAGE Single  
8 09/04/1760 John SMITH Single   Susannah RICHES Single  
9 05/11/1760 John MITCHEL   St Lawrence, South Walsham Amy LITTLEWOOD Single  
10 18/11/1760 George MODRELL     Elizabeth GRINT Single  
11 24/11/1760 Robert WILLGRESS Single   Amy TONGATE Single  
12 23/12/1760 Samuel BETTS Single   Mary TURNER Single  
13 05/07/1762 John MUTTON Single Lingwood Elizabeth WATERS   Fishley
14 18/09/1762 Henry WILLIS Single   Ann BARKER Single  
15 20/09/1762 John BACON Single   Sarah MEERS Single  
16 27/11/1762 William WESTGATE Single   Ann SHINGLES Single Rackheath
17 14/03/1763 John POWLE Single Ormesby St Margaret Margaret STANFORD Single Fishley
18 09/08/1763 Thomas JAY Single   Ann PROCTOR Single Martham
19 07/11/1763 Richard THIRKETTLE Single Beighton Mary SHRIEVE Single  
20 24/06/1764 John BRETT Single   Ann MERRYMAN Single Halvergate
21 22/09/1765 George KERRISON Single Moulton St Mary Phillis SHREEVE Single  
22 14/10/1765 Benjamin RUMBALL Single   Mary POSTLE Single  
23 23/06/1766 John BARKER Widower   Elizabeth SWASH Widow  
24 22/07/1766 William JARY Widower South Walsham Sarah JOHNSON Single  
25 24/11/1766 John TONGATE Widower   Ann MINNS Single  
26 08/12/1766 Thomas POSTLE Single   Elizabeth KIPPING Single  
27 21/01/1767 Simon RICHES Single   Sarah WOOLTERTON Single  
28 28/04/1767 John MACKY Single   Margery SMITH Single  
29 11/08/1767 Benjamin JILLINGS Single   Elizabeth MADDLE Widow  
30 27/01/1768 Edward WRIGHT Single Winterton Elizabeth SWARTHEN Single  
31 11/10/1768 William HARRIS Single   Ann HUNN Single  
32 11/10/1768 Robert SPANTON Single   Jane ROE Single  
33 21/11/1769 William HUDD Single   Frances TATE Single  
34 09/04/1770 James DAWSON Single Strumpshaw Mary HUMPHRY Single  
35 18/12/1770 Robert SMITH Single   Mary TEASDELL Single  
36 21/05/1771 George GRIMPSON Single   Frances CARTER Single Blofield
37 25/07/1771 Thomas BROWN Single   Hannah KITCHEN Single  
38 16/10/1771 William LEIST Single   Ann HILLING Single  
39 16/12/1771 William NEALE Single   Dinah BROWN Single  
40 26/05/1772 Robert WHAITES Single Witton By Norwich Bridget JOHNSON Single Fishley
41 20/07/1772 Joseph BROWN Single   Rachel DAY Single  
42 05/10/1772 John ADAMS Single   Martha DAY Single  
43 13/11/1772 David HENERY Single Rollesby Elizabeth NEWTON Single  
44 20/11/1772 John NICHOLS Single Horning Mary PYE Single  
45 25/05/1773 Robert JONES Widower   Mary MARSHAL Single  
46 24/11/1773 Gimpson CARTER Single   Mary WESTGATE Single  
47 24/11/1773 John RIX Single   Mary HOWES Widow  
48 24/06/1774 James HANTON Single   Susanna HEDDS Single  
49 12/10/1774 John HOLMES Single   Elizabeth GOATE Widow  
50 14/02/1775 Benjamin TUNGATE Single   Susanna JILLING Single  
51 14/02/1775 Nicholas JILLINGS Single   Mary BATCHELOR Single  
52 16/11/1775 James RUST Single   Elizabeth BARKERS Single  
53 27/05/1776 Sampson ADAMS Single   Sarah DAY Single  
54 07/07/1776 Francis NORTON Single   Mary BETTS Widow  
55 15/07/1776 Jeremiah CHAPMAN Single   Elizabeth BARRET Single  
56 21/10/1776 Benjamin DOCKING Single   Margaret SHRIEVE Single  
57 31/01/1777 James RICHARDSON Single Ranworth Margarett HEWITT Single  
58 09/12/1777 William DANIEL Single Hemsby Ann DAWSON Single  
59 11/01/1779 William MADDLE Single   Ann DOCKING Single  
60 22/02/1779 John NEALE Single   Elizabeth BROWNE Single  
61 16/11/1779 John CLARE Single   Sarah DOCKING Single  
62 28/09/1780 William CATOR Single   Ann DRAPER Single  
63 22/10/1781 John ELLIS Single   Rebecca BARRETT Single  
64 15/05/1783 Benjamin FRANCIS Single   Mary LYLES Single Burlingham St Andrew
65 13/10/1783 Michael BROWN Single   Elizabeth DAWSON Single  
66 29/12/1783 James PALEN Single   Elizabeth MARKS Single  
67 08/01/1784 John ELLIS Widower   Elizabeth CLARE Single  
68 23/02/1784 Jacob HILLING Single   Elizabeth AIMS Single  
69 17/08/1784 Edward GOFFEN Widower Shotesham St Mary Elizabeth HILLING Widow  
70 14/10/1784 Edward MILLER Single   Hannah DENTON Single  
71 08/11/1784 Thomas WRIGHT Single   Ann CUNNINGHAM Widow  
72 11/01/1785 John TUNGATE Single   Mary MINNS Single  
73 08/11/1785 Edmund CATOR   St Mary, South Walsham Elizabeth MITCHEL Single  
74 24/11/1785 Robert WESTGATE Single St Mary, South Walsham Elizabeth GOFFEN Widow  
75 26/12/1785 William READE Single   Hannah MUNFORD Single  
76 01/05/1786 John TEASEL Single   Elizabeth SUTTON Single  
78 01/05/1786 John CLARKE Single Henstead, Suffolk Ann JAY Single  
79 19/05/1786 Thomas MOORE Single Southwood Mary BURE Single  
80 25/06/1786 Christopher RICHES Single   Mary LUBBOCK Widow  
81 10/08/1786 Thomas DAWSON Single   Elizabeth MUNFORD Single  
82 13/11/1786 Edmund HARRISON Single   Elizabeth BALLS Single  
83 22/05/1787 Daniel READ Single   Judah FEANE Single  
84 15/10/1787 Thomas ROE Single Martham Sarah CATER Single  
85 14/10/1788 Robert TOWNSHEND Single   Elizabeth RIX Single  
86 17/11/1788 Henery DAY Single   Martha WEBSDALE Single  
87 19/02/1789 Henry MARSHAL Single   Sarah SCOTT Single  
88 30/10/1790 William CHURCH Widower   Elizabeth TRETT Single  
89 24/01/1791 William MAPES Single St Peter Mancroft, Norwich Ellenor GEORGE Single  
90 29/11/1791 Benjamin BRADFORD Single   Martha CLARKE Single  
91 16/08/1792 Thomas CARVER Single Ranworth Mary FRANCIS Single  
92 17/10/1792 Robert MASHAM Single   Elizabeth CHAPMAN Widow  
93 09/01/1793 Benjamin FROSDICK Single Burgh St Margaret Diana GAP Single  
94 09/12/1794 Henry SUTTON Single   Mary CLARK Single  
94 23/12/1794 John BRETT Widower   Mary JONES Widow  
95 13/10/1795 George HOWARD Single   Elizabeth DAY Single  
96 25/01/1796 Thomas BURGES Single   Eales GAY Single  
97 21/03/1796 James BEART Single Witton By Norwich Suzanna JILLINGS Single  
98 22/11/1797 James FULLER Single   Hannah FULCHER Single  
99 12/12/1797 Thomas DIAMOND Single   Sarah TICE Single  
100 08/05/1798 John RIX Single   Elizabeth TURNER Single  
101 07/05/1799 Adam WRIGHT Single   Rosette BAULS Single  
102 08/07/1799 George RICHES Single   Mary DAVEY Single  
103 10/03/1800 Robert DAVEY Single   Sarah HOWARD Single  
104 23/04/1800 Nicholas KERRISON Single   Elizabeth RICHES Single  
105 03/06/1800 Robert WEBSDALE Single   Ann WISEMAN Single  
106 13/10/1800 James BETTS Single   Judith BUSSEY Single  
107 26/05/1801 John CRISP Single   Elizabeth WISEMAN Single  
108 12/11/1801 Robert HENRY Single   Elizabeth GILLINGS Single  
109 16/11/1801 Edmund CLARKE Single   Hannah TONGATE Single  
110 12/01/1802 William SYMES Single   Elizabeth BROWNE Single  
111 23/03/1802 John DEANS Single   Elizabeth HAUNTON Single  
112 14/07/1803 George WILGRESS Single   Mary HOWARD Single  
113 28/07/1803 George HOWARD Widower   Martha ROOT Single  
114 18/10/1803 Thomas HALES Single   Mary HUDDS Single  
115 03/11/1803 Francis MAYES Single   Sarah TUNGATE Single  
116 29/11/1803 George ENGLAND Widower Ranworth Mary TANN Single  
117 05/01/1804 Sampson Mitchell LITTLEWOOD Single   Elizabeth HILLING Single  
118 25/06/1804 Samuel BUNN Single   Mary WILGRESS Single  
119 29/01/1805 John HOOD Single   Honour TILLETT Single  
120 04/12/1805 Joshua HASTINGS Single   Ann PORTER Single  
121 17/11/1806 John STARLING Single   Esther ENGLAND Single  
122 24/11/1806 George WILGRESS Widower   Anne SCOTT Single  
123 28/07/1807 James WILGRESS Single   Martha DANIELS Single  
124 23/02/1808 John TONGATE Single   Sarah RICHES Single  
125 08/03/1808 Thomas DIAMOND Widower   Susanna FYSH Single Streatham, Surrey
126 26/04/1808 John TONGATE Single   Esther HIGH Single Acle
127 25/10/1808 James MANN Single   Diana JILLINGS Single  
128 18/04/1809 Hennery SUTTON Widower   Ann BUNDY Single  
129 17/10/1809 Moses HIGH Single   Mary RICHES Single  
130 02/11/1809 William DAWSON Single   Maria RICHES Single  
131 20/12/1809 Joseph STOUT Single   Isabella ALLEN Single  
132 11/06/1810 James EDDRIGE Widower   Sarah MAYES Widow  
133 25/06/1810 William SMITH Single   Elizabeth CARTER Single  
134 20/09/1810 Robert HOWES Single   Susan WISEMAN Single  
135 09/10/1810 Charles FRANCIS Single   Elizabeth JILLINGS Single  
136 03/12/1810 Adam WRIGHT Widower   Elizabeth DYBALL Single  
137 01/08/1811 John BESSEY Single   Sarah CATER Single  
138 06/02/1812 Edward WRIGHT Widower   Elizabeth JONES Single  
139 25/11/1812 James RICHES Single   Elizabeth SHAVEN Single  
1 16/02/1813 Robert WATTS Single   Ann HANTON Single  
2 19/07/1813 William CHURCH Widower   Martha HOWARD Widow  
3 24/06/1814 Robert AGERS Single   Sarah SMITH Single  
4 22/08/1814 Benjamin HANTON Single   Criss TUNGATE Single  
5 18/12/1814 Samuel TUTTLE Single   Elizabeth MOOR Single  
7 19/03/1816 Richard EBBAGE Single South Walsham Ann TUNGATE Single  
10 06/11/1817 John RIX Widower   Mary BARBER Widow  
13 19/10/1818 Samuel WINTER Single Lingwood Lydia FANN Single  
16 31/05/1819 Mark PORTER Single   Mara RICHES Single  
17 15/06/1819 Robert WILGRESS Single   Ann READ Single  
18 19/10/1819 John RIX Widower   Susan CHARITY Widow  
19 28/12/1819 Isaac BRADFORD Single   Martha ADAMS Single  
20 22/05/1820 James HOOD Single   Susannah GIBBS Single  
22 19/09/1820 Joseph ALEXANDER Widower   Elizabeth THAXTER Single  
23 19/04/1821 William DIAMOND Single   Mary WESTGATE Single  
24 01/01/1822 Sampson ADAMS Single   Elizabeth RANDALL Single  
25 15/01/1822 Samuel HIGH Single   Charlotte HAMMOND Single  
26 05/02/1822 Benjamin TUNGATE Single   Rebecca BATLEY Single  
27 16/04/1822 Edward KNIGHT Single   Rebecca WISEMAN Single  
28 30/04/1822 Robert READ Single   Mary SUTTON Single  
29 27/04/1823 John OLLEY Single   Mary Ann READ Single  
30 25/10/1823 John EVERSON Widower   Ann TICE Single  
31 08/04/1824 John ALLAN Single   Ann BROCK Single  
32 07/05/1824 Simon ALLAN Single   Elizabeth BLAND Single  
33 12/10/1824 William TURNER Single   Elizabeth WATERS Single  
34 18/01/1825 John SIMMONS Single   Elizabeth WILGRESS Single  
35 23/05/1825 William WALLER Single Great Yarmouth Alice HALL Single  
36 24/06/1825 Robert CHAPMAN Single   Frances SKOYLES Widow  
37 09/09/1825 Robert CHURCH Single   Ann BETTS Single  
38 25/10/1825 John DAVEY Single   Sarah Wright TURNER Single  
39 30/03/1826 James DAWSON Single Burlingham St Andrew Hannah GILLINGS Single  
40 31/08/1826 William HARBORD Single   Theodosia STOUT Single  
41 14/11/1826 Enoch BROWN Single   Susanna HARRISON Single  
42 05/12/1826 William HALES Single   Ann MAYES Single  
43 22/12/1826 John COMAN   St Mary, South Walsham Hannah CHAPMAN Widow  
44 15/07/1828 Robert SHEERING Widower   Martha BRADFORD Widow  
45 19/10/1828 Joseph CURTIS Widower Acle Sarah HILLING Single  
46 13/11/1828 William WRIGHT Single   Sarah SMITH Single  
47 20/01/1829 Dougald CRAWFORD   St Lawrence, Norwich Sarah BUNN Single  
48 28/04/1829 Thomas WISEMAN Single   Sarah ARCHER Single  
49 06/12/1829 Joseph JUNGINS Single St Andrew, Norwich Jemima GEDGE Single  
50 23/04/1830 John WANT Single   Elizabeth HYE Single  
51 09/11/1830 William WESTGATE Single   Elizabeth FRANCIS Single  
52 02/02/1832 Thomas RICHES Single   Elizabeth LEMAN Widow  
53 27/03/1832 William BROWN Single   Elizabeth TUNGATE Single  
54 13/08/1832 Robert HENRY Single   Ann TOMPSON Single  
55 06/11/1832 George HENRY Single   Maria CHURCH Single  
56 22/10/1833 Robert TURNER Single   Elizabeth BEVERLY Single  
57 31/10/1833 William GILLINGS Single   Elizabeth EBBAGE Single  
58 10/12/1833 Robert DINGLE Single   Sarah RICHMAN Widow  
59 11/11/1834 Thomas COCKERELL Single   Mary CARTER Single  
60 26/11/1834 James GEORGE Single Potter Heigham Sarah WRIGHT Single  
61 26/01/1836 James BETTS Single   Elizabeth WARRANT Single  
62 14/07/1836 Adam WRIGHT Single   Sarah MIALL Widow  
63 14/03/1837 Henry Dawson BROWNE Single   Elizabeth TURNER Widow  

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