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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Walpole St Andrew


The Parish

The parish of Walpole St Andrew, part of the twin settlement with Walpole St Peter, lies in the far west of Norfolk, indeed it forms a substantial part of the border with neighbouring Lincolnshire. Walpole St Andrew is located about 8 miles west of the port of King's Lynn. Walpole St Andrew is a medium sized village built largely along a main lane with two southerly branches leading to its sister settlement of Walpole St Peter. Walpole St Andrew sits in lanes about 2 miles south of the busy A17 road which links King's Lynn with Sleaford in Lincolnshire. Walpole St Andrew's origins are reputed to lie with the reclamation wall built by the Romans and the large pool that formed as a result "Wall pool" being shortened to the present village name. The area is certainly dominated by largely reclaimed land and Walpole St Andrew would have sat on the edge of what was once the estuary of the Nene. Walpole St Andrew's economy at the time of this transcript was dominated by agriculture, the reclaimed soils being flat, easily worked and very fertile have led to a strong farming culture nowadays dominated by market gardening. Most drainage hereabouts is heavily man-influenced and Walpole St Andrew's drainage is largely led to the Nene through such channels. Walpole St Andrew is sited at just 3 metres above the sea and the landscape is flat and at or even below that level for many miles. Walpole St Andrew parish was fairly typically sized for this area of Norfolk, it covered just under 2,400 acres (including two small detached portions allocated from reclamation) and would have supported a population of around 550 parishioners. In Domesday times Walpole St Andrew was a tiny holding for John, the nephew of Waleran; it could offer just a half share in a plough.

The Church

St Andrew's church sits close by the main western junction within the village but tucked away behind fronting properties. The church has documentary evidence indicating that it was built largely in the mid to late 15th century and the styling details do not contradict those dates. There is much that is Perpendicular including most of the windows and the brick and stone dressed western tower. An unusual feature of the church is the little spires at junction of nave and chancel, these hold the stairs for the rood. St Andrew is a large church with 4 bay arcades seemingly too grandiose for the size of the congregation. St Andrew's is tucked away from the main street with an entrance off Kirk Road, the approach by the gravel footway grants access to the churchyard and passes through to matching entry on Wisbech Road. The site has some trees but they do not unduly interfere with photographic angles.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 4th February 1756 - 29th October 1812 Wisbech Fen Museum - No formal archival references used Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 12th August 1813 - 18th November 1836 Wisbech Fen Museum - No formal archival references used Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Tydd St Mary, Lincolnshire
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Long Sutton St Mary, Lincolnshire
Terrington St Clement
Tydd St Mary, Lincolnshire
Terrington St Clement
Walpole St Peter
Walpole St Peter
Terrington St Clement

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
2 04/02/1756 Thomas SHALES   Terrington St Clement Mary MALLARD Single  
3 18/05/1757 William INGRAM Single   Elizabeth HARRIS Single  
4 05/06/1758 Thomas JENNINGS Single Walpole St Peter Ann INGRAM Single  
5 05/06/1758 Jacob TORY Single West Walton Mary INGRAM Single  
6 19/05/1761 John DRIFFIELD Single   Elizabeth GRAVES Widow  
7 10/11/1761 John BOON Single   Ann SAUL Single  
8 28/10/1762 John WHEELER     Ann BAYLEY   Terrington St Clement
9 08/12/1763 John FLAREY Single   Margaret PERKINS Widow  
10 22/01/1764 Richard JEARY Single Terrington St Clement Mary REONALDS Single  
11 10/07/1764 John CORBITT Single   Ann ROBINSON Single  
12 14/11/1764 John BREESTON Single   Catherine SEEMAN Single  
13 15/11/1764 John DENNIS Single   Frances WOODROW Single  
14 24/07/1765 John RYLEY     Mary WOODWARD   Terrington St Clement
15 22/10/1765 John DAVIDSON Single Terrington St Clement Elizabeth ESAM Single  
16 25/11/1767 John INGRAM Single   Jane MAYNE Single  
17 15/11/1768 Robert GAGE Single   Mary ALDERMAN Single  
18 22/02/1770 William WARD Single   Esther MOFFET Single  
19 29/04/1772 George CATTON Single Gaywood Elizabeth MUFFETT    
20 03/01/1773 Thomas WHEELER Widower   Elizabeth INGRAM Widow  
21 27/09/1773 Joseph DORNALE Widower Clenchwarton Elizabeth CRABB Single  
22 09/12/1773 William SKIPPER Single   Lydia SAMPSON Single  
23 20/06/1774 Edward TIVES Single   Elizabeth SCUPHAM Widow  
24 28/11/1774 John HOLLAND Widower   Sarah COLLINGWOOD Single  
25 21/02/1775 John INGRAM Widower   Sarah WINTERTON Single  
26 28/06/1775 John TWIDDY Single   Frances BELL Widow  
27 17/05/1776 Thomas THRUSHER Single   Elizabeth TROUGHPHER Single  
28 23/11/1779 Robert WRIGHT Single Terrington St Clement Ann OSBORN Single  
29 04/02/1783 Edmund WILKIN   St Peter & St Paul, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire Elizabeth JOHNSON    
30 24/03/1783 William TURFITT Single   Elizabeth MARKHAM Single  
31 11/07/1783 Timothy FORSTER   Long Sutton, Lincolnshire Catharine COLLINGWOOD Single  
32 08/06/1784 John AIR Single   Mary OGLEBY Single  
33 08/06/1785 Joseph BARNES Single   Elizabeth HAYES Single  
34 31/03/1787 Henry BOULDER   Terrington St Clement Judith COLLINGWOOD Single  
35 16/10/1787 Walter ORANGE Single   Jane BENNETT Single  
36 24/01/1788 Charles BOON Single   Frances TWEEDY Widow  
37 10/07/1788 Thomas PEEL Single   Anne CLARKE Single  
38 02/03/1789 James TWEEDY Single   Sarah SPINKS Single  
39 29/03/1789 William GREEN Single   Esther WARD Widow  
40 01/04/1789 Robert TWEEDY Single   Anne DENNISS Single  
41 13/10/1789 John WARD Single   Mary LANCASTER Single  
42 05/02/1790 Benjamin WALKER Single   Mary PALMER Single  
43 04/05/1790 Richard COPE Widower   Mary GAGE Widow  
44 18/05/1790 Thomas DRING Single West Walton Mary BELL Single  
45 12/10/1790 Robert READER Single   Lydia DIXON Single  
46 22/08/1791 Robert HAMBLING Single   Mary JENNINGS Single  
47 31/12/1791 John FREEMAN Single   Ann BADGER Single  
49 10/10/1792 John HOUGHTON Single   Susannah HOOK Single  
50 18/12/1793 Robert RIPSHAW Single   Mary WARD Single  
51 02/06/1795 William OSBORN Single   Anne BARNHAM Single  
52 06/07/1795 Christopher MAXEY Single   Elizabeth DENNIS Single  
53 16/09/1795 William PERRY Single Kings Lynn Mary POINTING Single  
54 26/10/1796 John SKINNER Single Dersingham Margaret INGRAM Single  
55 01/02/1797 William BLANCHFLOWER Single   Anne WEST Widow  
56 07/02/1797 Henry BUTLER Single   Elizabeth WINKLEY Widow  
57 06/06/1797 John EMMETT Widower   Anne WINTERTON Widow  
58 19/10/1797 Daniel GREEN Single   Diana BAILEY Single  
59 20/01/1799 George ALDGATE Single Terrington St Clement Mary CLARKE Single  
60 11/10/1799 John TWEEDY Single   Frances DUCKINS Single  
61 11/10/1799 William KETTERINGHAM Single   Mary CURTIS Single  
62 01/01/1801 Mallard INGRAM Single   Ann BLAND Single Terrington St Clement
63 22/01/1801 John SUTCLIFF Single Terrington St Clement Susanna INGRAM Single  
65 09/06/1801 John COX Single Walsoken Mary INGRAM Single  
66 29/10/1801 Simon SYMMONS Single Walpole St Peter Alice INGRAM Single  
67 13/10/1802 Robert HAINES Single   Mary DILAMORE Single  
68 18/11/1802 Robert DOTTERIN Single Terrington St Clement Hannah THOMPSON    
69 13/12/1802 William THOMPSON Single   Lydia SAVAGE Single  
70 13/06/1803 John BAILEY Single Terrington St Clement Ann THOMPSON Single  
71 26/09/1804 William LITTLE Single   Ethelinda BAILEY   Terrington St Clement
72 22/10/1804 John ARMS Single St Peter & St Paul, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire Mary HARWOOD Single  
73 28/02/1805 William MARSHALL Single Walpole St Peter Elizabeth INGRAM Single  
74 12/12/1805 Abraham MAYHEW Widower   Mary JACKSON Widow  
75 14/01/1806 William GIDDENS Single Walpole St Peter Susanna BOON Single  
76 17/04/1806 Thomas JENNINGS Single   Mary BACON Single  
77 03/11/1806 John BLISS Widower   Frances BELL Single  
78 05/11/1807 John WARD Widower   Ann OSBORN Widow  
79 21/08/1808 Simon MELTON Single   Mary READER Single  
80 07/11/1808 Henry MASON Single   Elizabeth COKER Single  
81 20/09/1810 Brett FOLTON Single   Priscilla WRIGHT Single  
82 21/09/1810 Charles BOON Single   Hannah CROSS Single  
83 16/10/1810 Frederick MAIN Single St Peter & St Paul, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire Hannah Mayes OLIVER Single  
84 22/11/1810 James WEST Single   Ann ASHTON Single  
85 22/11/1810 James OLIVER Single   Mary MOULTON Single  
86 01/07/1811 John SCARNEL Widower   Catharine CHURCH Single  
87 04/08/1811 David ROBINSON Widower   Susannah WELBORN    
88 02/12/1811 Robert Birtch BILHAM Single   Frances POOLE Single  
89 12/10/1812 William REEDER Single Tydd St Giles, Cambridgeshire Ann TUFTS Single  
90 29/10/1812 John CARR Single Walpole St Peter Lucy WADE Single  
1 12/08/1813 Body HAMMOND Single   Susannah WINKLEY Single  
2 30/12/1813 John RATE Single   Mary SHORT Single  
3 19/05/1814 Thomas KING Single   Ann INGRAM Single  
4 22/08/1814 Richard REYNOLDS Single   Mary LARGE Single  
5 14/10/1814 William MINS Single   Susannah BRITON Single  
6 02/11/1814 James WINKLEY Single   Sarah ELY Single  
7 11/01/1815 Francis Henry STANLEY Single Fincham Susan Spinks TWEEDY Single  
8 06/08/1815 John HARMER Single   Maria SMITH Single  
9 07/09/1815 Charles GOODWIN Single St Clement Danes, Westminster, Middlesex Frances Catherine SAWYER Single  
10 13/10/1815 John WADMER Single   Ann HARWOOD Single  
11 24/10/1815 Edward ROLFE Widower   Mary RUDAGO Widow  
12 13/11/1815 John ALCOCK Single   Sarah RUSH Single  
13 08/08/1816 John BACON Single   Mary LANN Single  
14 12/08/1816 Thomas Wheeler MARTIN Single   Elizabeth JENNINGS Single  
15 03/10/1816 Thomas BELLAMY Single   Elizabeth WALKER Single  
16 13/10/1816 John ASHTON Single   Mary TOTTEN Single East Walton
17 01/11/1816 Robert REEDER Widower   Hannah BRINKLEY Widow  
18 08/01/1817 Thomas JENNINGS Widower Terrington St Clement Mary INGRAM Single  
19 13/01/1817 James LONG Single   Elizabeth MARSHALL Widow  
20 07/03/1817 George READER Single   Elizabeth HARWIN Single  
21 21/05/1817 Matthew WEBBER Single   Jane JENNINGS Single  
22 01/06/1818 William UPCRAFT Single   Elizabeth LESSON Single  
23 15/07/1818 John JENNINGS Widower   Mary DIGGENS Single  
24 23/07/1818 Robert COE Single Walpole St Peter Jane INGRAM Single  
25 16/03/1819 Samuel POLLIN Single   Hannah MAYHEW Single  
26 27/06/1819 Richard SMITH Single Terrington St Clement Catherine GREEN Single  
27 11/10/1819 Edward CRASK Single   Ann SHARPIN Single  
28 16/11/1819 Thomas JIMBY Single   Susan MARSH Single  
29 21/08/1820 Thomas CHURCH Single   Sarah PLUMMER    
30 26/10/1820 William OLIVER Single   Ann THICKPENNY Widow  
31 01/01/1822 George GREGSON Single   Rebecca RUDDERHAM Single  
32 06/02/1822 Thomas GUTRIDGE Single   Mary RUDDERHAM Single  
33 22/03/1822 William LEARY Single   Susanna BATTERHAM Single  
34 17/07/1822 John CARR Widower Walpole St Peter Mary ASHTON Widow  
35 21/11/1822 Thomas DAY Single   Mary INGRAM Single  
36 30/12/1822 William JENNINGS Single   Aza BUTTERS Single  
37 19/03/1823 Philip GRIFFIN Single   Susanna INGRAM Single  
38 25/04/1823 George BOND Single   Ann KIDD Single  
39 05/06/1823 Richard BUTLER Single Walpole St Peter Ann STEWARD Single  
40 11/07/1823 Thompson SAVAGE Single Terrington St Clement Maria HOWSE Single  
41 30/07/1823 James COLLISON Single   Mary DAY    
42 27/10/1823 William THOMPSON Widower   Frances TWEEDY Widow  
43 03/11/1823 William FOLLEN     Anne GREY    
44 26/02/1824 Robert GREEN Single Walpole St Peter Sarah RUDDERHAM Single  
45 20/04/1824 William INGRAM Widower   Maria Caroline ELLIOTT Single  
46 08/07/1824 Henry WALKER Widower   Mary MANSFIELD Widow  
47 08/08/1824 Thomas MARTIN Widower   Susannah BOWLES Single  
48 12/08/1824 Matthew WHITBY Widower   Elizabeth ENGLAND Widow  
49 21/09/1824 True GILDON Single Scarning Mary HARWOOD Single  
50 04/11/1824 William SPRAT Single   Susannah REEDER Single  
51 17/03/1825 John BONNETT Single   Frances Jane GIDDINGS Single  
52 25/07/1825 Henry ROLFE Single   Mary NEVILLE Single Kings Lynn
53 14/11/1825 John HARROWIN Widower   Frances MOORE Single  
54 08/02/1826 Joseph OGLESBY Single Walpole St Peter Sarah DENNIS Single  
55 25/09/1826 William HOWARD Single   Blyth BONNETT Single  
56 16/10/1826 James CAMMACK Single   Catharine HOWARD Single  
57 26/11/1826 Jacob SCARFF Single Terrington St Clement Susannah MANSFIELD Single  
58 28/03/1827 Robert FOLLIN Widower   Sarah COOK Widow  
59 04/05/1827 James NUDD Single   Sarah EASEGATE Single  
60 03/09/1827 William COPLEY   Pontefract, Yorkshire Anne EDGSON   Stamford, Lincolnshire
61 09/10/1827 John BUTCHER Widower Walpole St Peter Jane COE Widow  
62 03/12/1827 Isaac CAWTHORN     Charlotte ROBERTS    
63 06/03/1828 William JOHNSON Single Pontefract, Yorkshire Mary Anne LADDEN Single  
64 13/03/1828 Richard BUTLER Widower   Sarah Ann ROLFE Single  
65 15/04/1828 William JOHNSON Single Langtoft, Lincolnshire Ann GEE Single  
66 23/10/1828 Joseph RUDDERHAM Single   Frances DRING Single  
67 25/11/1828 Horace OUGHTON Single   Amy HARROWIN Single  
68 03/12/1828 John STOCK Widower   Sarah GREENE Widow  
69 17/01/1829 Robert SAVAGE Single Walpole St Peter Sarah HOWARD Single  
70 04/04/1829 Richard HAINES Single   Hannah WALKER Widow  
71 08/06/1829 Manwell BARNES   Barham, Huntingdonshire Maria GOODALE    
72 22/09/1829 John HADDON Widower Terrington St Clement Mary BARNES Single  
73 03/11/1829 John WARD Widower   Frances PEARSON Widow Walpole St Peter
74 03/11/1829 William HORTON Single Tydd St Mary, Lincolnshire Mary HORN Single  
75 07/03/1830 William IVES Widower   Elizabeth DIXIE Widow  
76 25/03/1830 Thomas JENNINGS Widower   Jemima BROWNE Single Walpole St Peter
77 01/06/1830 Richard BONNETT Single Leverington, Cambridgeshire Mary MELTON Single  
78 25/06/1830 James DELAMORE Single   Anne FOLLTHORPE Single  
79 24/11/1830 William BELLAMY Single St Mary, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire Eliza DENNIS    
80 30/11/1830 Thomas WILKINSON Single   Sophia THOMPSON    
81 25/12/1830 Thomas BOON Single   Maria DAPLIN Single  
82 21/06/1831 Mallard INGRAM Single   Elizabeth DAY Single  
83 22/07/1831 Isaac WOODARD Single   Mary HOWARD Single  
84 10/08/1831 James WATSON Single   Elizabeth KETTERINGHAM Single  
85 10/08/1831 John KETTERINGHAM Single   Mary DUNMORE Single West Walton
86 12/08/1831 Robert SHARPE Single   Elizabeth MELTON Single  
87 08/09/1831 John STRINGER Single   Sarah SIMMONDS Widow  
88 13/10/1831 John WALKER Single   Elizabeth ROBERTSON Single  
89 15/11/1831 John OUGHTON Single   Mary Anne SMITH Single  
90 04/12/1831 John WEAL Single   Susan HOWARD Single  
91 20/06/1832 Thomas JACKSON Widower   Ann LAWES Widow  
92 31/10/1832 James CHURCH Single   Mary WEST Single  
93 02/11/1832 Thomas KETTERINGHAM Single   Sarah WINTERTON Single  
94 15/11/1832 Prentice HOWELL Single   Mary BONNETT Single  
95 05/03/1833 John BECK Single   Anna Maria POWLEY Single  
96 22/04/1833 Henry GOSS Single   Charlotte CROXFORD Single  
97 02/07/1833 Edward WALKER Single   Mary CHURCH Single  
98 19/10/1833 John MORTON Single   Elizabeth DIGGINS Single  
99 31/10/1833 John INGRAM Single   Hannah MARSHALL Single  
100 05/11/1833 Robert ROXBEY Single   Mary Ann BOON Single  
101 23/12/1833 Matthew CREASY Single   Sarah WILSON Single  
102 25/12/1833 Robert MORRIS Single Kings Lynn Sophia MEADOWS Single  
103 23/01/1834 Edward KETTERINGHAM Single   Elizabeth BONNETT Single  
104 29/01/1834 John WADMORE Widower   Maria KETTERINGHAM Single  
105 23/07/1834 Matthew MELTON Single   Charlotte WILES Single  
106 05/11/1834 William ROUGHTON Single   Mary Ann CLIFTON Single  
107 07/12/1834 John Bradley SLATER Single   Elizabeth WATSON Widow  
108 03/06/1835 David TAYLOR Widower   Elizabeth IDE Single  
109 07/01/1836 Thomas OUGHTON Single   Amy FOX Single  
110 01/04/1836 George MEADOWS Single   Mary BUTTON Single  
111 12/10/1836 Thomas BLAND Single St Mary, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire Elizabeth COOK Single  
112 17/11/1836 Edmund COUSINS Single   Eliza PIGEON Single  
113 18/11/1836 Matthew WHITBY Widower   Mary WARD Single  

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