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Marriages 1754 - 1837
North Wootton All Saints


The Parish

The parish of North Wootton lies in the extreme west of Norfolk, indeed it forms part of Norfolk's coat with The Wash. North Wootton, at the time of this transcript, was a small village located about 3 miles north of the port of King's Lynn; in recent times North Wootton has grown substantially as a suburb of that port and hosing is contiguous with the northern edge of King's Lynn. North Wootton is located about 1 mile north of the A148 road which connects King's Lynn with the market town of Fakenham. North Wootton is sited on the edge of the coastal marshes for The Wash and there is much land to its west which has been reclaimed from the sea, the main economic activity would have been pastoral farming on these grazing marshes. As North Wootton was an edge settlement there is also a small area of heath & common on the poor soils of the local carrstone within the parish. A series of man-influenced ditches and drains take the run-off from the parish into both Wash and River Great Ouse. North Wootton is sited at just 5 metres above sea level and much of the western portion of the parish is at or even below that mark, the east rises gently but to no great height. The extent of grazing marshes made North Wootton a large sized parish for its area, it covered just over 1,800 acres and would have supported a population of just over 200 parishioners. In Domesday times North Wootton was held directly by the King himself; despite being a small place offering just 2 ploughs it had and impressive 14 salthouses in common with its southern neighbour, South Wootton with which it was returned.

The Church

All Saints church sits at the "T" junction formed by Station Road and the main lanes through the village (the King's Lynn to Hunstanton railway run just 200 yards to its west but is now long gone. Sadly the mediaeval church no longer remains and the present building was constructed, at the expense of the local Howard family, in the 1850s in a faux Early English style. The church clearly has little to interest Pevsner as he dismisses it in just 5 lines of text. A chest-height brick wall surrounds the churchyard and forms a largely square site with a number of wooden gateways granting access. There are a few trees within the site but they do not unduly inhibit photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 2nd October 1755 - 19th October 1812 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/614/4 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 11th November 1813 - 10th April 1837 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/614/5 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Wolferton St Peter
Wolferton St Peter
Castle Rising St Lawrence
South Wootton St Mary
Castle Rising St Lawrence

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 02/10/1755 George INGLAND     Anne WILSON Single  
2 26/08/1756 Robert HOWARD     Alice MILK Widow  
3 01/11/1757 Anthony MERRIKIN Single   Hannah PASSAR Single  
4 15/05/1758 Richard WATTS   Dersingham Ann DRACOTT    
5 11/11/1760 Edward CHAMBERS Single   Elizabeth COOK Single  
6 20/04/1762 Edward CHAMBERS Widower   Ann MINDHAM Single  
7 08/10/1762 Samuel MOBBS Single Wiggenhall St German Margaret ALEXANDER Single  
8 12/10/1762 Matthew CONEMAN Widower   Ann CLARRY Widow  
9 15/11/1762 John PASSAR Widower   Ann SEXTON Widow  
10 23/08/1763 William BLANCHFLOWER Widower   Mary ROLFE Widow  
11 08/01/1764 William WILSON Widower   Ann PETINGALE Widow  
12 29/10/1764 William GRANGER Widower   Ann LAWS Single  
13 31/12/1764 Andrew DIXON Widower   Mary SMITH Widow Kings Lynn
14 21/10/1765 John LOWLKS Single   Ann THURTON Single  
16 06/04/1766 Edward ROLFE Single   Susanna PLAYFORD Single  
17 26/05/1766 Richard WALKER Single   Margaret WALKER Single  
18 19/10/1767 Roger SAUNDERS Widower   Ann COPEMAN Widow  
19 03/01/1768 Thomas PLATT   Kings Lynn Rose THURLOW    
20 16/01/1769 John DRACOTT Single   Ann KIRBY Single  
21 17/10/1770 William CROWN Single Castle Rising Sarah JUDD Single  
22 12/11/1770 John SPOONER Single   Elisabeth SAUNDERS Single  
23 31/12/1770 John HORSLEY Single   Mary BIRD Single  
24 26/03/1772 John SPENTON Widower   Martha BOLDEN Single  
25 08/10/1772 George ENGLAND Widower   Sarah EMMS Single  
26 12/10/1772 Michael CREEK Single   Sarah SKONTS Single  
27 12/10/1772 John BETCH Single   Mary MASON Single  
28 16/10/1772 William POND Single Mintlyn Elisabeth EGGOT Single  
29 29/03/1773 Samuel SHARP Single Docking Catharine ENGLAND Single  
30 25/01/1775 William THOMPSON Single   Mary BAKER Single  
31 03/04/1775 Thomas ROGERS Widower   Ann REEVE Widow  
32 10/10/1775 Edmund SHAUL Single Flitcham Cum Appleton Ann NARBOROUGH Single  
33 28/06/1776 Thomas BEEGLEY Single   Ann SMITH Single  
34 21/11/1776 Thomas TAYLOR Single Northwold Elizabeth MOWER Single  
35 10/10/1777 Edmund SPARKS Single Kings Lynn Mary WYET Single  
36 24/06/1779 Henry LANE Widower St Mary, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire Mary STANDBANKS Single  
37 15/06/1780 John TALKS Widower   Anne CHAMBERS Widow  
38 05/07/1780 William MELTON Single   Mary PIERCY Single  
39 16/10/1780 William GREAVES Single Sedgeford Jane ENGLAND Single  
40 09/04/1781 Thomas RAINS Single   Elizabeth BAKER Single  
41 19/10/1781 Roger SAUNDERS Widower   Mary WALKER Widow  
42 20/12/1781 Thomas JACOB Widower Ellingham Hannah WILLIS Single  
43 18/12/1783 William OLIVER Widower   Mary BEVERLEY Single  
44 01/04/1784 William MABBOT     Catharine EGGIT    
45 27/12/1784 John ROFF     Elizabeth NEAVE Single  
46 10/01/1785 Thomas MASON Single   Sarah WARD Widow  
47 24/01/1787 James BOND   Great Massingham Mary GRANGE    
48 07/10/1787 Roger SANDERS Single   Elizabeth WEASENHAM Single  
49 05/06/1788 Burgess CLARKE Single   Ann ENGLAND Single  
50 20/09/1789 Simon COVINGTON Single Kings Lynn Elizabeth BROWNE Single  
51 17/10/1791 Michael CREAK Widower   Sarah SWINGER Widow  
52 22/05/1793 Benjamin LEGGIT Single   Jane GENT Single  
53 22/06/1793 Henry CRISP Widower   Elizabeth OEE Single  
54 07/11/1794 Francis CLARK Single   Phoebe GRANGE Single  
55 11/10/1797 John JAKES Single   Hesther WILLIS Single  
56 14/11/1797 Charles CARY Single Long Sutton, Lincolnshire Mary HORSLEY Single  
57 30/11/1797 James GRIFFIN Single Islington Elizabeth THOMPSON Single  
58 16/10/1798 Robert MALTBY Single   Mary CREAK Single  
59 17/10/1804 Reuben PARKER Single   Ann MELTON Single  
60 25/08/1805 John LACK Single Gaywood Sarah PEACOCK Single  
61 22/09/1806 James CRISP Single   Ann CREAK Single  
62 27/04/1807 Robert DREW Single Clenchwarton Elizabeth ROLFE Single  
63 09/02/1808 John MERRIKIN Single   Phoebe CLARK Widow  
64 21/04/1808 William Creasy DREW Single Bexwell Harriet Ann STANDBANKS Single  
65 22/07/1808 Edmund SHIP Single   Elizabeth CREAK Single  
66 21/05/1811 John ROLFE Single   Sarah CLARK Single  
67 20/06/1811 Thomas LAMB Single   Mary THOMPSON Single  
68 25/08/1811 Thomas LAMB Single   Mary THOMPSON Single  
69 02/01/1812 William MELTON Single   Ann MILES Single  
70 10/02/1812 Robert ENGLAND Single   Elizabeth YOUNGMAN Single  
71 20/02/1812 John CROW Single   Mary WOODHOUSE Single  
72 12/10/1812 William MOTT Single   Mary RAINES Single  
73 19/10/1812 John LENNEY Single   Mary ENGLAND Single  
1 11/11/1813 Joseph MERRIKIN Single   Charlotte LEGGETT Single  
2 26/05/1814 Samuel NIGHTINGALE Single   Mary FULLER Single  
3 27/10/1814 William RAINES Single   Sarah ALLISON Single  
4 23/01/1815 John REEVE Single   Sarah BOLDING Single  
5 26/10/1815 William SHIP Single South Wootton Mary MELTON Single  
6 12/04/1816 Thomas GRIFFIN Single   Rebecca HUMPHRIES Single  
7 11/07/1816 Crispin POWLEY Single Sporle Charlotte JARVIS Single  
8 14/11/1816 William PANKS Single Grimston Ann HARDY Single  
9 17/11/1816 Daniel Samuel BALDING Single Kings Lynn Ann PEACOCK Single  
10 31/12/1818 George HAYTHORPE Single   Mary NIGHTINGALE Widow  
11 13/05/1819 John CHAPMAN Single South Wootton Mary Ann GRIFFIN Single  
12 03/11/1819 William EMERSON Single Wormegay Rebecca GRIFFIN Widow  
13 28/09/1820 James RAINES Single   Mary WILKIN Single  
14 26/04/1821 Henry UMPHREY Single   Susan RAINES Single  
15 21/09/1821 Benjamin TAYLOR Single   Elizabeth ROUT Single  
16 15/10/1821 George WARD Single   Susan DYE Single  
17 17/01/1822 William LEGGETT Single   Sarah HARDY Single  
18 17/11/1822 Samuel HOLMES Single South Wootton Susan LEGGITT Single  
19 01/07/1825 John WOODHOUSE Single   Ann NEAVE Widow  
20 12/12/1825 Nicholas NORMAN Single   Elizabeth LEGGITT Single  
21 15/02/1826 Robert ROLFE Single   Sarah NAILOR Single  
22 28/07/1828 Akers HOWARD Single   Mary Ann PARKER Single  
23 07/08/1828 George HAYTHORP Widower   Ann Machin BALDING Single  
24 22/10/1828 Joseph ELMER Single Kings Lynn Ann NAILER Single  
25 30/10/1828 William DAY Single   Elizabeth HARDY Single  
26 21/11/1828 Anthony MORBY Single   Elizabeth CARMAN Single  
27 05/01/1829 John HARDY Single   Harriett GRIFFIN Single  
28 30/04/1830 Callar CREAK Single   Ann ROWE Single  
29 16/12/1830 John CHAPMAN Single   Susanna DREW Single  
30 15/04/1831 John FORSTER Single   Sarah PARKER Single  
31 09/04/1832 Thomas HAMMOND Single Castle Rising Ann TOWLER Single  
32 13/06/1832 Henry JEX Single   Harriett WANFORD Single  
33 11/12/1833 Francis HUMPHREY Single   Mary Ann DREW Single  
34 29/11/1834 John CROW Single   Susan SPARKES Single  
35 28/01/1835 George Money WALKER Single   Ann MALTBY Single  
36 31/05/1835 Henry BAXTER Single Terrington St Clement Amy CARMAN Single  
37 24/11/1835 William EBBS Widower   Mary NAILOR Single  
38 10/04/1837 Michael Creak MALTBY Single   Ann WRIGHT Single  

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