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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Barby St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Barby is located in the extreme west of Northamptonshire, forming an extensive part of the border with neighbouring Warwickshire which surrounds the parish on 3 sides. Barby is sits about 4 miles southeast of the Warwickshire town of Rugby, in lanes roughly midway ( about 2 - 3 miles) between the A5 and the A45 roads. Barby is a large village with most properties grouped along a north to south running lane that forms the spine of the village. Modern developments pass through the parish, older is the Oxford canal running to Barby's west whilst the modern M45 passes just north. Barby would have earned its income from farming, a mixed farming regime dominated by cattle rearing would have been in place, today a more arable economy has appeared due to the use of heavy machinery. Barby is drained northwards by small tributaries of the Warwickshire Avon which is joined east of Rugby, thence westwards to reach the Severn and thence the Bristol Channel through the Severn Estuary. Barby is sited at around 150 metres above the sea sitting on something of a local high spot, land rises to 160 metres on Barby Hill but falls away in gently rolling countryside all around. Barby parish was fairly typically sized for its area, covering just over 3,300 acres it would have supported a population of around 650 parishioners. In Domesday times Barby was held by William Peverel and was a relatively small place offering just 5 ploughs plus some meadows & woodland.

The Church

St Mary's church sits at the heart of Barby, to the east of the main north to south running lane but surrounded by the lanes that encompass the main area of settlement. Whilst the church has its origins in the late 13th and early 14th centuries there is little that remains of that period due to the extensive alterations made in the 19th. A few Decorated style windows remain which can be reliably dated to that period as well as piers and arches internally showing that style. The restoration of the 19th century not only replaced almost all of the fenestration but also demolished and rebuilt the southern arcade giving a slightly skewed feel to the building. The church sits at the eastern end of Church Walk, which leads eastwards from the Daventry Road. A spacious churchyard sits enclosed by surrounding properties, it has a few trees gathered to the southeast of the church which do somewhat limit the best angles for photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 11th October 1754 - 4th November 1802 Northamptonshire Archives - Reference - 024P/010 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 24th March 1803 - 13th December 1812 Northamptonshire Archives - Reference - 024P/011 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 21st February 1813 - 19th May 1837 Northamptonshire Archives - Reference - 024P/012 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
02/01/1754 Edward WEELY     Ann ABBOT    
10/02/1754 William STANTON     Jane CHARLESWORTH    
1 11/10/1754 William REEVE     Ann MAGGIT    
2 27/10/1754 Thomas BARKER   Kilsby Mary WALKER    
3 12/06/1755 Thomas HENSON     Mary CLEAVER    
4 02/11/1755 Abraham CARTER   Kilsby Mary LUCAS    
5 10/02/1756 John FORSTER     Mary MAGGIT    
6 24/02/1756 William LEASON     Deborah LEY    
7 01/03/1756 John MIDDLETON     Ruth THOMPSON    
8 24/06/1756 William ABBOT     Catherine WOODFIELD    
9 22/07/1756 John ROBERTS     Martha TILLEY    
10 22/10/1756 Edward CATTLE     Abigail MUDDIMAN    
11 02/11/1757 Samuel NEWITT     Mary TILLEY    
12 25/09/1758 George SHORT   Badby Mary PITTOM    
02/10/1758 Edward BATEMAN     Mary HAMMONS    
26/12/1758 William HAMMONS     Elizabeth PEASNAL    
24/01/1759 John MOUNTGOMERY     Elizabeth CATTLE    
17/04/1759 William WHITMORE     Elizabeth GEORGE    
24/09/1759 John WILSON     Elizabeth TARRY    
03/02/1760 Bartholomew SALSBURY     Ann GARRET    
17/02/1760 Thomas PEW     Jane FORSTER    
10/04/1760 John MIDDLETON     Mary CROFTS    
28/07/1760 Joseph BUTLIN     Elizabeth SALSBURY    
14/01/1761 Samuel HOWARD     Mary LORD    
14/01/1761 John YOUNG     Martha BOTTEREL    
05/03/1761 Edward Masters HARRIS   Daventry Sarah THOMPSON    
23/03/1761 William PEASNAL     Elizabeth CHAPMAN    
25/03/1761 Thomas GRIFFIN     Elizabeth CARTER    
12/09/1761 William SAWBRIDGE     Elizabeth SPRIG    
08/12/1761 Richard KEMMIS   Dunchurch, Warwickshire Mary FORSTER    
13/04/1762 William RADBOURNE   Clifton Upon Dunsmore, Warwickshire Hesther ALLIN    
19/05/1762 William ALLIN     Mary KILLWORTH    
01/10/1762 Thomas WARD     Elizabeth CHECKLY    
14/10/1762 William ROGERS     Elenor OWENS    
23/05/1763 Rowland GREEN     Mary BUTLER    
25/09/1763 Samuel THOMPSON     Ann ABOTT    
29/01/1764 James TRICKEY     Susannah WHITE    
16/07/1764 William GARRET   Kilsby Mary LETTS    
04/10/1764 William BOSWORTH     Mary BAWCUT    
15/10/1764 David WHITMORE     Mary TWIGER    
16/10/1764 John COLES     Elizabeth JOHNSON   Daventry
10/12/1764 Edward JEFFERY   Staverton Elizabeth ABBOT    
26/12/1764 Thomas CHURCH     Elizabeth POOL    
06/01/1765 Thomas COLLEDGE   Kilsby Frances CLARKE    
12/01/1765 George WALPOLE     Mary BANNISTER    
02/06/1765 John LOW   Braunston Hannah BLICK    
06/10/1765 Thomas HOWARD     Ann BOTTERIL    
24/10/1765 Samuel BILLINGAM     Elizabeth CROFTS    
12/04/1766 Richard BASSET     Mary ODAMS    
03/06/1766 Richard CLEEVE   St Martin, Birmingham, Warwickshire Mary LEEDS    
29/06/1766 William CASTLE     Jane OWNER    
30/06/1766 Richard PITTOM     Alice BOYS    
15/10/1766 Robert SALSBURY     Alice THOMPSON    
18/10/1766 Thomas BREE     Mary WRIGHT    
22/01/1767 Richard LORD     Sarah WIGGINS    
03/03/1767 Richard SALSBURY     Elizabeth BASSET    
11/05/1767 Joseph MIDDLETON     Elizabeth PORTER    
02/09/1767 William REED     Mary PARKER    
13/10/1767 Joseph LEE     Mary BOYS    
27/04/1768 Stephen PEASNAL     Ann MOOR    
02/06/1768 John BRAMLY     Eve TILLY    
14/06/1768 James PETTIFER     Ann HARRIS    
15/10/1769 John BATCHELDOR     Martha HALL    
16/10/1769 Samuel HARRIS     Mary WALKER    
16/01/1770 John DANIEL     Sarah BASSET    
23/01/1770 Samuel BUTLER     Ann CLARKE    
07/08/1770 Isaac HOWARD     Mary WATTS    
16/09/1770 Thomas CAVE     Sarah SALSBURY    
25/10/1770 William ENOS   Dunchurch, Warwickshire Sarah WATSON    
07/01/1771 Richard HOWLET     Mary TAYLER    
21/01/1771 Thomas BATCHELOR     Elizabeth BAWCUTT    
01/02/1771 Zachariah CURTIS     Sarah WATTS    
24/03/1771 William SATCHELL   Kilsby Ann THOMPSON    
23/04/1771 John DENNY     Ann WRIGHT   Kilsby
09/05/1771 John ROGERS     Mary FORSTER    
30/03/1772 Isaac MAWBY   Lutterworth, Leicestershire Mary ELKINGTON    
22/04/1772 Thomas STONE   Kilby, Leicestershire Sarah BOYS    
18/10/1772 Joseph POOL     Ann CHAMBERLAIN    
23/02/1773 Zachary FORSTER     Elizabeth THOMPSON    
14/04/1773 Edward ELKINGTON     Elizabeth CLARKE    
12/10/1773 John BLICK     Ann PALMER    
30/12/1773 Thomas SLATER Single Doveridge, Derbyshire Mary BASSET Single  
11/10/1774 William BAWCUT     Elizabeth MIDDLETON    
27/10/1774 William SMITH     Ann LEE    
09/11/1774 Thomas BOYCE     Hannah PITTOM    
17/11/1774 William HINKS   Twycross, Leicestershire Mary HAMMONS    
24/01/1775 John COWLEY   Kilsby Mary WIGGINS    
20/04/1775 Thomas LORD     Mary ODEY    
29/06/1775 Samuel PERKINS     Lydia CARTER    
28/08/1775 Thomas DUNKLY   Wolfhamcote, Warwickshire Hannah HENSON    
17/10/1775 Mark HALL     Mary WARD    
13/11/1775 William WARRAL     Sarah BATCHELDER    
18/02/1776 Joseph LOWKE   Willoughby, Warwickshire Millicent GOODE    
09/04/1776 Samuel SALSBURY     Hannah WILLS    
09/04/1776 Edward BATEMAN     Elizabeth SALSBURY    
23/05/1776 Jeffery CHURCH   Swinford, Leicestershire Margaret NOBOLD    
13/10/1776 William POOL   Dunchurch, Warwickshire Elizabeth MASON    
03/11/1776 William CLARKE     Christian PITTOM    
02/02/1777 John THOMPSON     Mary WARING    
30/03/1777 John CARTER   Ravensthorpe Rachel HART    
31/03/1777 Richard BAKER   All Saints, Northampton Ann DENNY    
09/05/1777 Samuel BILLINGAM     Sarah MARRIT    
20/07/1777 Jonathan FORSTER     Ann BRADSHAW    
17/08/1777 John OLIVER   Welton Mary CLARKE    
27/10/1777 John MESSENGER   Sapcote, Leicestershire Sarah PITTOM    
16/11/1777 Richard SALSBURY     Elizabeth TUCKEY    
18/10/1778 Daniel ARCHER     Ann PARROT    
18/05/1779 Richard THOMPSON     Sarah CHAPMAN    
30/05/1779 John MIDDLETON     Mary TILLEY    
28/06/1779 Thomas ROGERS     Elizabeth NEWBOLD    
06/07/1779 William FARDEN   Hillmorton, Warwickshire Elizabeth HEWIT    
14/10/1779 William MARLER     Sarah CATTEL    
24/10/1779 William BAZELY     Mary DUNKLY    
25/05/1780 Harry PRATT   Newton Regis, Warwickshire Rebecca LORD    
06/02/1781 Richard BATCHELDER     Sarah HAYCOCK    
16/09/1781 Samuel PERKINS     Elizabeth LUCAS    
02/02/1782 Samuel GARRET     Mary BUTLIN    
04/05/1782 Samuel CLARKE     Ann ISHAM   Welton
06/06/1782 William ROBERTS     Jane FORSTER    
30/10/1782 Thomas ROBERTS     Sarah GOODMAN    
30/01/1783 Thomas LORD     Elizabeth PRAT    
25/05/1783 Griffith BARNET     Frances HALL    
21/07/1783 James BARROWS   Lutterworth, Leicestershire Sarah MARLOW    
12/10/1783 William WATTS     Ann HENSON    
26/10/1783 William THOMPSON     Mary BARNET    
13/10/1784 John MARLER   Willoughby, Warwickshire Ann BUTLER    
18/10/1784 James FRETTER     Mary WOLF    
09/11/1784 Jonathan FORSTER     Hannah MARRIOT    
19/01/1785 William CURTIS     Ann BATMAN    
24/04/1785 John DENNY     Sarah COLLINS    
28/04/1785 Richard PEASNAL     Sarah DUGLASS    
27/10/1785 John FORSTER     Mary ASHBY    
30/10/1785 William PERKINS     Judith FLAVEL    
23/04/1786 William ALLIN     Mary BOSWORTH    
23/07/1786 John DANIEL     Elizabeth BARFORT    
13/10/1786 John FLAVEL     Ann JOYNER    
16/10/1786 William AUSBAND   Hillmorton, Warwickshire Ann TURREL    
29/11/1786 Bartholomew CLARKE     Ann KILLWORTH    
09/12/1786 John BARRET     Mary HOLLOWAY    
25/12/1786 Edward ELLIOTT     Ann TOMPSON    
09/04/1787 Joseph HOUSE     Elizabeth HEYNES    
05/11/1787 Thomas COLEMAN     Pheby WATTS    
01/04/1788 Daniel HOWSIN   North Muskham, Nottinghamshire Margarett ODEY    
01/09/1788 Thomas TYRREL Single   Mary WALPOLE Single  
01/10/1789 Thomas PAGE Single   Mary BASSETT    
02/03/1790 Thomas TOMPSON Single Heyford Elizabeth ROBERTS Single  
17/03/1790 John RADBURNE Single   Sophia GRUNDY Single  
11/10/1790 Edward THOMPSON Single   Sarah GRAINGER Single  
12/10/1790 Thomas LISSAMAN Single   Elisabeth ALLIN Single  
09/01/1791 Thomas VOSS Single   Susannah WILSON Single  
24/04/1791 Thomas VINCET Widower   Elizabeth HAMMANS Single  
10/05/1791 Esmy Edward HALL Single Hanslope, Buckinghamshire Elizabeth KILWORTH Single  
29/05/1791 Joseph HILL Widower   Elizabeth WALKER Widow  
10/07/1791 William LINE Widower   Mary PALMER Single Crick
10/07/1791 John THOMPSON Single   Ann BENNETT Single Clifton Upon Dunsmore, Warwickshire
26/09/1791 William BASSETT Single   Mary ODAMS Single  
26/09/1791 William WARD Single Culworth Ann LANGHAM Single  
27/09/1791 John LEE Single   Elizabeth EASON Single  
09/10/1791 Richard FOSTER Single Kilsby Jane BRADSHAW Single  
23/10/1791 John ADAMS Single   Elizabeth MIDDLETON Single  
04/12/1791 Thomas CAVE Widower   Sarah ATKINS Widow  
06/05/1792 Richard BATCHELOR Single   Elizabeth CATTLE Single Willoughby, Warwickshire
04/09/1792 William ODEY Single   Mary HARRISON Single  
14/10/1792 John ROBERTS Widower   Mary NICHOLS Single  
11/04/1793 Thomas BAZELEY Single   Elizabeth HATKINS    
23/04/1793 Joseph POOL Widower   Hannah MERCER Single  
02/05/1793 Thomas HARRIS Single   Mary KILLWORTH Single  
01/09/1793 John WATTS Single   Emma MERCER Single  
29/09/1793 William SALSBURY Single   Elizabeth CLEAVER Single  
13/10/1793 Richard WATTS Single   Mary PERKINS Single  
24/10/1793 Daniel CHILD Widower   Mary DUNN Single  
20/04/1794 John ROBINSON Single Crick Mary CURTIS Single  
23/12/1794 Henry COLEMAN Widower   Elizabeth LORD Widow  
23/12/1794 Thomas PITTOM Single   Mary PRATT Single  
11/01/1795 Richard GOODE Single   Anne CURTIS Widow  
16/01/1795 Aron VOS Single   Catharine JEFFEREY Single  
13/02/1795 William COOK Single   Sarah BATCHELOR Single  
1 08/09/1795 Joseph MIDDLETON Widower   Elizabeth BATMAN Widow  
2 11/10/1795 Thomas LATTS     Anne HAROD    
3 19/10/1795 Thomas MALIN   Willoughby, Warwickshire Mary CLARKE    
4 05/11/1795 William SALISBURY     Mary DAVIS    
5 06/12/1795 John BATCHELDOR     Mary SMITH    
22/02/1796 Richard LEESON   Braunston Elizabeth CLARK    
26/02/1797 Zachariah FORSTER     Elizabeth TAYLOR    
01/06/1797 Thomas LEE     Sarah LORD    
28/08/1797 Richard BATCHELOR     Elizabeth BATCHELOR    
23/10/1797 Thomas OLIVER     Elizabeth THOMPSON    
17/12/1797 Richard SALISBURY     Mary CASTELL    
31/12/1797 William VINES     Elizabeth COLES    
08/01/1798 Joseph THOMPSON     Rebecca GARDNER    
16/04/1798 William BATCHELDER     Hannah WEBB    
19/05/1799 John WEBB   Long Buckby Elizabeth EMERY    
25/12/1799 Daniel GUPWELL     Mary MERALL    
31/08/1800 John SALSBURY     Jemima LYNE    
13/10/1800 Richard SMITH   Kilsby Hannah SALSBURY    
13/10/1800 William CURTIS     Sarah BARNACLE    
03/09/1801 Samuel CLARK     Elizabeth NORTON    
13/09/1801 Samuel HOWARD     Sarah OSBORN    
02/11/1801 John HADDON     Mary MESSENGER    
13/01/1802 William LILLY   Lutterworth, Leicestershire Susannah BRADSHAW    
22/02/1802 Thomas WIRE     Mary LINE    
29/06/1802 William CLEAVER     Ann SALSBURY    
04/11/1802 William NEWMAN     Hannah FORSTER    
1 24/03/1803 Richard Henry LANGTON     Mary WIGGINS Single  
2 25/10/1803 John WILSON   Church Lawford, Warwickshire Ann CLEAVER Single  
3 20/11/1803 John CHILD     Jane ROBERTS    
4 21/11/1803 William HALL     Ruth BAUCUTT    
5 01/04/1804 Richard LYNES     Sarah WORRALL    
6 07/05/1804 James HAMMOND     Comfort HARROD    
7 22/07/1804 Thomas CLARIDGE   Ravensthorpe Alice BERRY    
8 04/11/1804 John HALL   Weedon Bec Elizabeth WORRALL    
9 02/09/1805 Abraham CAVE     Elizabeth HALL    
10 13/10/1805 Thomas REYNOLDS   Woodford By Thrapston Alice HART Widow  
11 17/11/1805 Richard BATMAN     Ann CLARKE    
12 29/12/1805 William JEFFREY   Hillmorton, Warwickshire Elizabeth LETTS    
13 03/02/1806 Joseph BALL   Wappenbury, Warwickshire Elizabeth BROWN    
14 18/09/1806 Zaccheus ELLIOTT     Elizabeth PRATT    
15 19/10/1806 William WELLS     Jane GOODE    
16 07/12/1806 William FLAMEL     Sarah ARCHER    
17 31/03/1807 James SMITH     Sarah COOKE    
18 28/12/1807 Josiah GARDINER     Ann GREEN    
19 18/01/1808 Davis WEBB   Kilsby Elizabeth SALSBURY    
20 06/06/1808 William BARKER     Mary LORD    
21 28/08/1808 James FRETTER     Martha HAMMANS    
22 13/11/1808 James SALSBURY     Mary BASSETT    
23 24/11/1808 William CLARKE     Elizabeth SMITH    
24 28/02/1809 Edward THOMPSON     Mary PETTIFER Widow  
25 23/07/1809 George DICEY     Esther ADDKINS    
26 14/05/1810 Thomas FENNELL Widower   Ann TUCKEY Single  
27 26/06/1810 Samuel SMITH     Ruth CLARKE    
28 27/09/1810 William JEPHCOTT   Braunston Elizabeth DENNY    
29 29/11/1810 William WIGGINS     Elizabeth HART Single  
30 08/01/1811 Christopher CRAFTS   Daventry Ann ARCHER    
31 18/02/1811 William BRANSON     Sarah FORSTER Single  
32 10/04/1811 John FOSTER     Alice COREY    
34 06/05/1811 William HEWETT Single   Frances SMITH Single  
35 13/05/1811 Joseph CRAFTS   Crick Sarah SALSBURY    
36 25/08/1811 George WATTS   Newnham Ann FLAVEL    
37 02/09/1811 Thomas ROBINSON     Ann BATCHELDOR    
38 08/10/1811 William LADBROOK   Rugby, Warwickshire Sarah LORD    
39 13/10/1811 William BISTER     Hannah HUMFRIES    
40 13/10/1811 John SMITH   Crick Hannah LEATHERLAND    
41 27/01/1812 Thomas BASELEY   Welton Elizabeth THORNICROFT    
42 09/02/1812 John CADD     Mary FURLAND    
07/07/1812 John MUSSON Widower   Sarah COLE Widow All Saints, Aldwincle
05/08/1812 Joseph BUTLIN     Elizabeth GREY    
01/09/1812 William GRIMSHAW     Jane ROBERTS    
09/11/1812 Joseph FRENCH     Mary FORSTER    
13/12/1812 William HOLDIN     Ann CROFTS    
1 21/02/1813 Jeremiah HEATH Single Dunchurch, Warwickshire Grace THOMPSON Single  
2 10/06/1813 William HART Single   Sarah ELKINGTON Single  
3 18/07/1813 Thomas HARRISON Single   Mary MUSSON Single  
4 11/11/1813 Samuel BELLINGHAM Single   Hannah GRIFFIN Single  
5 20/04/1814 Edward FLECK Single   Hannah FORSTER   Southam, Warwickshire
6 02/06/1814 William HART Single   Mary COLEMAN Single  
7 23/06/1814 Thomas COOKE Single   Mary DICEY Single  
8 28/08/1814 Joshua SMITH     Anne HARE    
9 26/03/1815 Samuel CRISP     Jane PHILLIPS    
10 28/08/1815 Abraham CLEAVER Single   Fanny WORRAL Single  
12 00/09/1815 Thomas WITMELL Single   Rebecca WILSON Single  
11 03/09/1815 John FLAVEL Single   Sarah BAZLEY Single  
13 25/09/1815 Francis CLEADON Widower   Mary HODGKINS Single  
14 29/12/1815 Amos TINSIL Single   Esther RADBORNE Single  
15 04/03/1816 William SAVIN Single Swinford, Leicestershire Ann CARTER Single  
16 14/10/1816 Abram CLEAVER Single Leamington Hastings, Warwickshire Hannah LANSBURY Single  
17 21/11/1816 John SALSBURY Single   Martha YOUNG    
18 21/11/1816 John PITTOM Single   Sarah SALSBURY    
19 13/10/1817 Thomas BRADSHAW Single Hillmorton, Warwickshire Sarah OLIVER Single  
20 16/10/1817 Thomas FORSTER Single   Martha EMERY Single Swinford, Leicestershire
21 05/01/1818 Benjamin DICKSON Single Holdenby Mary ROBERSON    
22 08/03/1818 Samuel ARNSBY Single Fishtoft, Lincolnshire Elizabeth LORD Single  
23 31/08/1818 Thomas BACHELOR     Elizabeth GARRETT    
24 23/09/1818 Thomas FRANCESS   Braunston Elizabeth WAKELING    
25 01/11/1818 John PEPODY   Braunston Elizabeth RATHBONE    
26 09/11/1818 Joseph BROWN     Ann PERRY    
27 23/02/1819 William CAPELL   Kilsby Frances FLAVELL    
28 19/04/1819 William RADBONE     Mary CROFTS   Willoughby, Warwickshire
29 17/10/1819 William YORK Single   Mary FOSTER Single  
30 19/10/1819 Joseph BUSWELL     Elizabeth HODY    
31 11/11/1819 Edward CROFTS Single Harpole Sarah FLAVEL Single  
32 21/12/1819 Jonathan MAYNE Single Churchover, Warwickshire Lucy DENNY Single  
33 15/04/1820 John SMITH Widower Welton Temperance WALL    
34 15/06/1820 William ELKINGTON     Elizabeth COLEMAN    
37 00/00/1821 William CARTER   Dunchurch, Warwickshire Sarah BACHELOR    
35 01/01/1821 David JARVIS     Mary BACHELOR    
36 23/07/1821 Thomas GOODHALL Widower   Ann ALLEN Single  
38 11/04/1822 Edward JEW Single Swinford, Leicestershire Ann PEASLAND Single  
39 03/06/1822 James DURHAM Single All Saints, Northampton Jane EARL Single  
40 12/11/1822 William ROBERTS Single   Rebecca COLEMAN    
41 25/12/1822 Thomas COOPSON Single   Ann CURTIS Single  
42 08/05/1823 Thomas OGDEN Single Church Brampton Mary ODEY Single  
43 02/06/1823 Samuel BRUMAGE Single Ashby Parva, Leicestershire Ann OLIVER    
44 30/10/1823 Thomas COLEMAN     Mary BACHELOR    
45 04/11/1823 John BRADSHAW   Kilsby Alice FORSTER    
46 23/11/1823 David WOOD Single   Judith THOMPSON    
47 04/01/1824 William WHITE Single   Mary PERKINS Single  
48 31/01/1824 Robert WATTS     Hannah STEPTO    
49 02/03/1824 Benjamin WHITMORE   St Martin, Birmingham, Warwickshire Maria CHILDS    
50 08/03/1824 William DUNKLY   Yelvertoft Ann CLARKE    
51 13/05/1824 Thomas LEE   Welton Susannah WISE Single  
52 20/09/1824 John BASELY Single   Sarah LEE Single  
53 20/10/1824 John GOUDE Single   Ann CHATER    
54 23/12/1824 Richard COLEMAN     Elizabeth LEE    
55 31/12/1824 John JOHNSON Single   Frances BACHELOR Single  
56 16/06/1825 Abraham FENNIMORE Single Bermondsey, Surrey Mary Ann HARRIS    
57 20/07/1825 Thomas PITTOM Widower   Elizabeth HARRIS Widow  
58 29/08/1825 Joseph WEBB     Elizabeth RADBARN    
59 17/10/1825 William SPRAGGET   Southam, Warwickshire Catherine BACHELDER    
60 24/10/1825 George WATTS   West Haddon Esther PERKINS    
61 14/06/1826 Charles GILLBEE Single Holy Sepulchre, Northampton Maria Jane WILLIAMS Single  
62 03/09/1827 William FARN   Church Lawford, Warwickshire Mary PEASNALL    
63 04/09/1827 William GRIFFIN Single   Mary BASLEY    
64 24/12/1827 Richard SALISBURY     Mary EMERY    
65 15/04/1828 Jonathan JEPHCOTT Single Kilsby Sarah DENNY Single  
66 18/05/1828 John WATERS   Kilsby Sarah WEBB    
67 21/07/1828 John LOWKE   Willoughby, Warwickshire Elizabeth SALISBURY    
68 31/08/1828 John HOUSDON     Mary VAUSE    
69 22/09/1828 William BAIL     Elizabeth SWINGLER    
70 12/10/1828 Henry SIMPKINS     Mary WHITE   Bilton, Warwickshire
71 21/11/1828 John BLAND Single Daventry Ann WILLSON    
72 13/01/1829 John SMITH Single   Alice ROOT Single  
73 29/03/1829 Joseph BATEMAN Widower   Hannah MIDDLETON    
74 21/09/1829 William PEASNALL     Susannah WALLING    
75 19/10/1829 Thomas ROOT     Ann HOWARD    
76 10/11/1829 William CLARKE     Susannah WEBB    
77 19/11/1829 Sodin LAINE Single   Mary WATT Single  
78 29/11/1829 Richard BACHELOR     Ann HAMMONDS    
79 24/12/1829 Samuel ATKINS   Misterton, Leicestershire Ann Reeve WATTS    
80 12/01/1830 Richard BROMWICH Single Churchover, Warwickshire Hannah MUSSON    
81 09/03/1830 Timothy ROBERTS     Maria SALISBURY    
82 06/05/1830 Joseph VAUSE     Elizabeth FROST   Ashby St Ledgers
83 31/05/1830 John WEBB   Welton Elizabeth OLIVER    
84 12/09/1830 John BACHELOR     Sarah FROST Widow  
85 13/09/1830 Joseph BARRIT     Ann ROLLINS    
86 26/09/1830 Nathaniel ROBINSON     Sarah BURTON    
87 13/10/1830 James WARWICK     Elizabeth DANIELS    
88 25/11/1830 Richard LOWKE   Barkby, Leicestershire Alice SALISBURY    
89 30/12/1830 Joseph WALTERS Single Kilsby Sophia RADBONE    
90 09/01/1831 Thomas BOSWORTH Widower   Rebecca AKINS    
91 09/01/1831 John LENTON Single   Ann DUNKLEY Widow  
92 09/01/1831 Joseph PEASNAL     Elizabeth LUCAS Widow  
93 25/01/1831 William JEYES   Kilsby Lucy CLEAVER    
94 03/04/1831 Joseph HADDON     Hannah IRONS   Crick
95 07/04/1831 William ROBERTS Widower   Hannah BASSET Single  
96 25/04/1831 John WITMELL     Mezilla CHILDS    
97 12/09/1831 William ARCHER     Sarah EMBERY    
98 13/10/1831 John SALISBURY Single   Mary GRANT Single  
100 20/10/1831 Robert FORSCUT Single   Esther JINSELL Widow  
99 20/10/1831 Henry FLAVELL Single   Elizabeth FOSTER    
101 24/11/1831 Thomas BUTLER Single   Ann REYNOLDS Single  
102 28/05/1832 George HANCOCK Single Weedon Bec Mary WARING Single  
103 11/06/1832 John WEBB     Sarah Howard HART    
104 03/09/1832 Joseph LUCAS Single   Ann WEBB Single  
105 15/11/1832 Thomas HOPKINS     Christiana EVANS    
106 09/04/1833 Samuel HOWARD     Mary LEE    
107 25/06/1833 John HART Single   Elizabeth ELLIOTT    
108 29/07/1833 Samuel SALISBURY Single   Elizabeth DAVIS Single  
109 21/11/1833 John CLEAVER Single   Martha HEATH    
110 24/12/1833 Edward THOMPSON Single   Eliza MAWBY Single  
111 21/01/1834 George WOODCOCK Single Hinckley, Leicestershire Martha Elizabeth SODEN    
112 16/02/1834 John GARNER Widower   Susan ROOT Widow  
113 09/03/1834 Thomas POWELL Widower   Sarah HOBLEY Widow  
114 17/03/1834 Abraham GIBBARD Single   Mary MIDDLETON Single  
115 03/04/1834 John ROBERTS Widower   Mary POWELL Widow  
116 19/05/1834 Job HAMMONDS     Rachel MUSSON    
117 14/09/1834 John WARWICK Widower   Phoebe CAPEL Widow  
118 09/11/1834 Charles ROBINSON     Frances CLEAVER    
119 20/04/1835 Samuel GOODMAN   Stoke Prior, Worcestershire Hannah Pittom HADDON    
120 11/05/1835 William BATES     Mary Ann SMITH    
121 05/10/1835 Matthew CUFLEY     Mary CHAPMAN    
124 02/12/1835 Samuel SALISBURY Widower   Alice SMITH Single  
122 08/12/1835 William BURBIDGE Widower Great Packington, Warwickshire Mary SODEN Widow  
123 08/12/1835 George WILLIAMS Single   Esther BACHELOR Single  
125 11/10/1836 Thomas POWELL Widower   Maria CHOWN Single  
126 13/10/1836 Benjamin WATTS Single   Elizabeth BURTON    
127 18/12/1836 William HAMMOND     Elizabeth BISTER    
128 09/04/1837 William SMITH Single Bilton, Warwickshire Martha REEVE Single  
129 16/05/1837 John LABRUM Single Weedon Bec Jane PEASLAND Single  
130 19/05/1837 Thomas Hall SODEN     Ann IVENS    

Corrections to Tinstaafl Transcripts