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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Long Buckby St Lawrence


The Parish

The parish of Long Buckby lies in western Northamptonshire not too far from its border with neighbouring Warwickshire. Long Buckby is located about 5 miles northeast of the large market town of Daventry and 8 miles northwest of the county town of Northampton. Long Buckby is a small town, formerly a market town, but little bigger than many large villages. Long Buckby sits on the B5385 road which forms a short link between the A428 (Northampton to Rugby) and the A5 (London to Holyhead) roads. The A5, the ancient Roman Watling Street forms the western boundary of Long Buckby parish. Today modern communications also follow this same Roman route, the Grand Union Canal, London to the northwest rail line and the M1 motorway all pass through or close by to Long Buckby's territory. Long Buckby, as its name suggests, is built for some distance along the route of the B5385 and in modern times has grown substantial developments to its east. Long Buckby's economy, at the time of this transcript, would have been dominated by agriculture, a mixed farming regime predominating, supplemented by shoemaking and the remaining legacy of being a small market town (it still possesses the infrastructure of such a town - market place, inns and many shops and businesses. Long Buckby is drained southwards by numerous small tributaries of the River Nene, this eventually making its way to the North Sea through The Wash. Long Buckby is sited on a small hill at around 140 metres above the sea, the land around undulating gently between 100 and 140 metres or so. Long Buckby parish was towards the larger end of the typical acreage of parishes in the area, it covered just under 3,500 acres and would have supported a population of just over 2,100 parishioners. In Domesday times Long Buckby was a small place, largely held by one Gunfrid of Chocques with a small holding for Count Robert of Mortain it could offer just 5 ploughs and a small meadow.

The Church

St Lawrence's church sits just north of the market square on the northern side of the narrow Church Street. The church's origins lie in the late 13th and early 14th centuries albeit the church has been much restored and this masks or causes doubt about the veracity of much dating evidence. Pevsner places the western tower as the earliest surviving portion and gives it a late 13th century date. Much of the windows indicate the remainder probably was built during the Decorated period of the early 14th century. Again Pevsner cites that date for the arcade, aisle walls and (with caveat) the fenestration of the chancel. The church has received 3 major restorations, the earliest in 1774, a second in 1862 and a third in 1883. Throughout the building makes great use of the local ironstone giving it a glow in evening light. The church sits in a slightly elevated site, the wall also of local ironstone, with an entrance of metal gates and kissing gate at the western end of the site. Recently planted trees will eventually surround the building restricting photography but at present there are few such restrictions.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 14th April 1754 - 28th August 1787 Northamptonshire Archives - Reference - 197P/009 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads The register is blighted by appalling handwriting leading to a likelihood of many misreads - users should treat with caution
2 22nd October 1787 - 21st December 1812 Northamptonshire Archives - Reference - 197P/010 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads The register is blighted by appalling handwriting leading to a likelihood of many misreads - users should treat with caution the period up to 1801
3 3rd January 1813 - 27th June 1837 Northamptonshire Archives - Reference - 197P/011 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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Watford St Peter & St Paul
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West Haddon All Saints
Ravensthorpe St Denys
Welton St Martin
East Haddon St Mary
Norton All Saints
Whilton St Andrew
Brington St Mary

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
03/02/1754 Thomas MABBITT     Elizabeth TOOBY    
24/02/1754 Joseph WRIGHT     Ann NORTON    
14/04/1754 Thomas COLEMAN   Broughton Hannah MABBETT    
15/04/1754 John HILL     Esther WRIGHT    
10/06/1754 John JAMES     Ann BOTTERILL    
26/08/1754 John MABBATT     Elizabeth ABBITT    
30/01/1755 Thomas BENSON   East Haddon Elizabeth HAMBIGE    
25/04/1755 John CLARKE     Hannah FACER    
04/05/1755 William BLAND     Susanna TOMALIN    
01/06/1755 George PERKINS   Brington Sarah CROSS    
20/06/1755 William TOMLIN     Jane BROWN    
20/07/1755 Thomas YATES     Mary BARBER    
13/08/1755 William MUSCOTT     Elizabeth WATTS    
24/08/1755 John DICKENS     Elizabeth LEE    
31/10/1755 John DEVEREUX     Sarah GOODMAN    
28/12/1755 John MOORE     Sarah CAVE    
26/01/1756 Peregrine OSBORN     Elizabeth KING    
20/04/1756 Robert ROBINSON     Mary LEE    
22/08/1756 Joseph WORLEY   Moulton Hannah HANWELL    
03/09/1756 Thomas GRIFFIN     Ann BURNELL    
09/10/1756 Joshua SMITH     Mary LOAL    
26/10/1756 Samuel YORK     Alice GEE   Guilsborough
25/12/1756 John BUNTING   East Haddon Elizabeth TOMALIN    
06/01/1757 Joseph POWELL   Crick Jemima REEVE    
17/01/1757 John CROSS     Ann BEULY    
24/02/1757 Thomas LEE   Market Harborough, Leicestershire Dorcas EYRE    
24/04/1757 Richard HENNELL     Sarah LEE    
16/06/1758 Thomas FORSTER     Mary WATSON    
15/09/1758 Thomas HARRIS   Kislingbury Elizabeth WALDEN    
09/10/1758 Richard Marriott WATTS     Elizabeth WATTS    
19/11/1758 Thomas YATES Widower   Grace GEORGE   East Haddon
04/12/1758 Edward EARLE   Daventry Martha MARKS    
25/12/1758 Henry MARCH     Sarah MUDDLEMAN    
19/01/1759 Arthur BLAND     Elizabeth ANDREWS    
20/01/1759 John NEWIT     Hannah BURBIGE    
22/01/1759 Robert ANDREW     Mary POOL    
06/02/1759 William CHAPMAN     Ann BROWN    
11/02/1759 William ABBIT     Elizabeth WADSWORTH    
14/04/1759 Edward TOMILSON     Alice DEVERIX    
14/05/1759 John HENNELL     Mary WILSON    
29/07/1759 Thomas HENNELL     Ann BIRCH    
12/10/1759 John PAINTER     Elizabeth BROWN    
15/10/1759 John BROWN     Ann WILSON    
25/10/1759 William BUNTING     Elizabeth LEE    
25/10/1759 Edward LOW     Mary CLARK    
02/11/1759 Benjamin FACER   Yelvertoft Elizabeth ALLEN    
04/11/1759 Richard BUNTING     Mary HENNELL    
09/12/1759 William ROGERS     Sarah KENNING    
29/12/1759 Thomas DUNKLY     Mary HIGGESON    
17/01/1760 William MARCH   Whilton Sarah HAMMONDS    
18/02/1760 Edward LANSBURY   Spratton Mary CROSS Widow  
21/03/1760 William EYLES     Elizabeth GREEN    
09/04/1760 Thomas BOYES     Mary WALDEN Widow  
14/04/1760 Samuel MABBIT     Ann ROBINSON    
00/09/1760 Benjamin GEORGE     Elizabeth WRIGHT    
31/12/1760 Robert WATSON     Mary ANDREW    
04/01/1761 William BOTTERIL     Martha EYRE    
22/01/1761 Joseph LEE     Ann FACER    
08/02/1761 Richard TEBBIT     Sarah WATTSON    
15/02/1761 Thomas ROGERS     Mary HAYNES    
28/03/1761 Joseph TOMALIN     Sarah ROBINSON    
01/06/1761 Edward ASTELL   Cold Ashby Sarah MORRIS    
06/06/1761 Sabin ELLERD     Sarah DARNEL    
08/06/1761 John SMITH     Frances HANNELL    
28/08/1761 John TOMALIN     Elizabeth BURBIDGE    
09/10/1761 John SMITH     Sarah WHIGSON    
12/10/1761 Richard SMITH     Jemmima FACER    
01/11/1761 John SABIN     Mary SMART    
30/01/1762 John HANWELL     Ann CHAPMAN Single Harrington
19/08/1762 Richard WRIGHT Widower   Sarah KIMBEL Single  
24/08/1762 William PARCIVAL     Ann ELLARD Single  
02/10/1762 John EYLES Single   Esther LUCAS Single  
10/10/1762 John MINARDS   East Haddon Sarah PORTER Single  
17/10/1762 Joseph NORRIS Widower   Ann TILLEY    
15/11/1762 Housen NEWIT     Elizabeth FLAVEL    
30/12/1762 William FLUDE   Thornby Mary GREEN    
09/01/1763 Joseph WORLEY   Ravensthorpe Elizabeth SMITH    
19/02/1763 William WATTS Single Guilsborough Mary ROGERS    
03/04/1763 John PORTER     Elizabeth WARD    
04/04/1763 William COLEMAN     Mary BUNTING    
13/07/1763 James ROBINS   West Haddon Mary EYLES    
13/11/1763 William BLENCOW     Ann MARRIOTT    
20/11/1763 John ROOKER   All Saints, Northampton Elizabeth FARRIN    
21/11/1763 Joseph SMITH     Mary LUCAS    
01/01/1764 Edward IYLES     Ann JAMES    
17/01/1764 William KILSBY     Sarah SMITH    
19/01/1764 William BLAND     Mary WADSWORTH    
27/03/1764 Thomas YOUNGERS     Mary COLLINS    
23/05/1764 William HADDON     Sarah SMITH    
07/06/1764 Joseph ADAMS   Napton On The Hill, Warwickshire Elizabeth ROBINSON    
25/06/1764 John GROOM     Ann BROWN    
16/07/1764 William EYLES     Sarah PAIN    
14/10/1764 Thomas ADAMS   Holdenby Leah WEST    
12/11/1764 William COOPER     Mary ALLEN    
09/01/1765 William WELLS   Duston Martha FENNEL    
25/08/1765 George SPOKES   West Haddon Dorcas BLUNDELL    
08/10/1765 John HIGGESON     Elizabeth CLARK    
11/10/1765 Joseph GREEN     Elizabeth SEAL    
12/10/1765 William STAFFORD   Moulton Mary GREEN    
01/12/1765 William NEWIT     Hannah WADSWORTH    
26/01/1766 John WARD   Lilbourne Sarah MONK    
19/05/1766 Thomas CROSS     Jane BICARS    
17/08/1766 Nicholas Gent MARRIOTT   Crick Martha LEE    
23/04/1767 Joseph TEBBITT     Elizabeth ANDREW    
24/06/1767 Thomas GREEN     Martha HANNELL    
02/07/1767 William STONY     Jemmima POWELL    
27/07/1767 John BARKER   West Haddon Sarah KENNELL    
04/10/1767 William DANNIEL     Sarah WILLSON    
17/10/1767 John TOMKINS     Esther HILL    
22/12/1767 Richard BUNTING     Elizabeth NEWIT    
25/12/1767 John BROWN     Mary BROMICH    
27/12/1767 Joseph LEE     Sarah BUNTING    
05/01/1768 Henry HUNDRILL   Crick Isabell GREEN    
08/01/1768 Thomas GROOME     Ann POWEL    
04/04/1768 James SMITH     Hannah TOMALIN    
03/06/1768 John HAYNES     Mary SMITH    
07/08/1768 Arthor BROWN     Hannah CARR    
30/10/1768 William BLUNDEL     Ann OGDEN    
22/01/1769 Edward CLARK     Deborah CHERRY    
05/02/1769 William TOWNSEND     Elizabeth BUNTING    
19/03/1769 Thomas MARRIOTT     Elizabeth WADSWORTH    
27/03/1769 John Emery SMITH     Lydia FACER    
02/07/1769 Christopher WELCH     Elizabeth HALL    
02/10/1769 John BODFISH   Ravensthorpe Kesia YOUNGERS    
12/10/1769 John ADAMS   Holdenby Susannah HANWELL    
16/04/1770 William TOWNSEND     Sarah YORK    
04/06/1770 Jeremiah BOSWELL     Rachael GATES    
04/06/1770 John HIGGESON   Watford Hannah TILLY    
17/06/1770 Richard CROSS   Brington Bridget VARNUM    
18/10/1770 Daniel POOL     Phoebe GIBBONS    
21/03/1771 Thomas BURBIDGE     Mary ANDREW    
31/03/1771 Thomas MITCHEL     Hannah MALKING    
02/05/1771 Mathew LANGLEY   Clipston Lydia ANDREW Single  
02/05/1771 William SAWBRIDGE Widower Barby Mary NORTON Single  
02/06/1771 Thomas FACER     Elizabeth CLARK    
26/07/1771 John BARKER   West Haddon Elizabeth ROOKER    
06/09/1771 John LANGFORD   Whilton Ann SPENCER    
10/11/1771 Robert ALLEN   Norton Elizabeth WOLDAM    
09/12/1771 William NORTON   West Haddon Hannah WILSON   Watford
29/01/1772 John ANDREW     Elisabeth MOBBES    
24/03/1772 John HODGE     Elisabeth LINNEL    
17/05/1772 John WILLSON   Ravensthorpe Ann WILLSON    
28/06/1772 George JOKEMAN   Flore Hannah TURRY    
03/07/1772 Thomas BLENCOW     Lydia WELLS    
11/07/1772 Thomas REEVES     Elisabeth RIGHT    
21/07/1772 William HANWELL     Mary WARD   Lower Shuckburgh, Warwickshire
24/08/1772 Robert RUSSEL     Mary CHATER    
05/10/1772 John NIXON     Elisabeth CARR    
07/10/1772 Thomas WADSWORTH     Sarah WADSWORTH    
29/10/1772 Thomas LUCK     Mary WELLS    
09/11/1772 William MARRIOTT     Grace ALLEN    
30/11/1772 John DODD     Elizabeth ELLARD    
03/01/1773 William COLEMAN     Elizabeth HIGGESON    
19/01/1773 John LAGOE   Rugby, Warwickshire Ann SMITH    
05/02/1773 Joseph GROOM     Jane WELLS    
18/04/1773 Edward SABIN     Elizabeth HAYNES    
17/06/1773 William HAYNES     Esther WADSWORTH    
22/08/1773 John GREENING     Sarah FLOYER    
07/09/1773 Joseph TEBBIT     Sarah ELLARD    
29/09/1773 William PORTER     Sarah NEWIT    
04/10/1773 George ALLEN     Elisabeth LEEMAN    
11/10/1773 John MILLER     Mary WORLEY    
11/10/1773 Edward POOL     Ann HADDON   Watford
21/10/1773 William MANNING     Mary LOW    
22/12/1773 Samuel MARRIOTT     Martha WADSWORTH    
13/01/1774 William LUCK     Mary COLEMAN    
06/02/1774 Edward CLARK   Wolfhamcote, Warwickshire Mary CAPELL    
10/02/1774 John NEWIT     Susannah HAYNES    
17/02/1774 William NORTON   Whilton Elisabeth ANDREW    
09/06/1774 Joseph KINNING     Mary GROOM    
31/07/1774 William JENNELL     Elizabeth COLLINS   Ravensthorpe
12/09/1774 Thomas SHEPHERD     Elisabeth HOLMES    
11/10/1774 John WRIGHT     Elisabeth BANNISTER    
20/10/1774 Richard GARLICK     Hannah REEVE    
04/12/1774 John GREEN   Watford Mary WILLSON    
20/12/1774 William MAWBY   Dallington Mary ROBINSON Single  
26/12/1774 Thomas STANTON   Spratton Elisabeth BUNTING    
04/05/1775 John BRADSHAW   Kilsby Ann BENCH    
09/05/1775 James HANNELL     Dorcas CLARK    
27/08/1775 Thomas YORK     Alice BOREMAN    
27/08/1775 Mark WHEATLY     Jane PORTER    
15/10/1775 William WELLS     Mary REEVE    
23/11/1775 John WILLSON     Mary HODGES    
20/01/1776 Joseph SABIN     Elisabeth HODGES    
12/02/1776 Robert PRICE   West Haddon Elisabeth MARRIOTT    
25/03/1776 Thomas DUNKLY     Elisabeth BENNET    
01/04/1776 John JENKINS   Harlestone Elisabeth MUSCUT    
08/04/1776 William BIRCH     Lydia TILLY    
09/05/1776 Joseph WRIGHT     Mary WEST    
18/07/1776 William WHEATLY   Naseby Ann PORTER    
04/10/1776 Thomas REEVE     Hannah MUSCOTT    
07/10/1776 Thomas BUCKLER     Jane COOKE    
07/10/1776 Thomas BUNTING     Elisabeth DARBY   Holy Sepulchre, Northampton
10/10/1776 Hail MARRIOTT     Mary BUNBURY    
14/11/1776 John DAVIS     Ann HALL    
21/11/1776 George JAKEMAN Widower Flore Elisabeth NORTON Widow  
09/01/1777 Thomas CLEWS   Boddington Sarah MARNOTT    
24/05/1777 Charles WILLFORD   Naseby Martha ALLEN    
29/09/1777 Thomas BARFOOT Widower Harlestone Ann CHAPMAN    
16/10/1777 Thomas GREGORY   Everdon Mary BURBIDGE    
25/10/1777 Platt WARREN   Wellingborough Lydia COLE    
25/12/1777 Joseph MUDDIMAN     Ann STAUGHTON    
02/01/1778 William PACKER   Desborough Sarah REEVE    
08/01/1778 John WARWICK     Elisabeth WILLSON    
18/01/1778 Joseph SMITH     Hannah SMITH    
26/04/1778 William BLUNDEL     Ann HARRIS    
26/12/1780 William WOOD   Watford Ann FENNEL    
26/12/1780 Charles BURTON     Martha FENNEL    
26/12/1780 William DICKSON     Mary ROGERS    
21/01/1781 John WADSWORTH     Mary BLAND    
25/02/1781 William BAXTER     Ann MABBOTT   West Haddon
06/03/1781 James SWINSEN     Elisabeth COLEMAN Widow  
30/04/1781 John KING     Jane HANWELL Single  
17/05/1781 Joseph PEBBODY     Ann GREEN    
05/06/1781 Edward ROBINSON     Grace SMITH    
29/06/1781 Robert FENNEL     Mary ROLL    
15/07/1781 John HOLLIS     Susanna COVIL    
19/07/1781 William COLE     Elizabeth MARRIOTT    
22/08/1781 William TOMBLIN     Mary LEY    
22/08/1781 Joseph WRIGHT     Sarah WRIGHT    
21/09/1781 Joseph CROSS     Mary MUSCOTT    
24/09/1781 Thomas KINCH     Mary REEVE    
14/10/1781 John WILLSON     Hannah CHAPMAN    
26/10/1781 William EYLES     Elisabeth LEE    
14/12/1781 Joseph WILLS     Sarah WILLS    
27/12/1781 John DICKENS     Sarah ROBINSON    
17/02/1782 Benjamin WEST     Ann DUNCKLY    
01/04/1782 John RASHALL     Ann LOW    
20/05/1782 Robert ASHBY   Walton On The Wolds, Leicestershire Elisabeth POWEL    
19/08/1782 John WATTS     Jane HOLMES   Watford
11/12/1782 John ROBINSON     Sarah JAKEMAN    
25/12/1782 Joseph VANN   Clifton Upon Dunsmore, Warwickshire Ann LEY    
09/01/1783 William DUNCKLY     Alice ANDREW    
16/01/1783 William NEWIT Widower   Jane CROSS Widow  
26/01/1783 Benjamin WARD     Ann BUNTING    
27/01/1783 John MOBBS     Ruth BURGES    
28/01/1783 Thomas NOON   Preston Capes Dorcas SMITH    
04/02/1783 Joseph HALBUTT     Sarah POOL    
04/03/1783 John NEWIT     Mary KINNING    
08/04/1783 George JUDKINS   Whilton Alice ROBINSON    
01/05/1783 William MUSCOTT     Sarah MARCH    
30/05/1783 Morris WARD   West Haddon Elisabeth ALLEN    
24/08/1783 Samuel YORK     Elisabeth INGRAM   Watford
11/09/1783 William COLEMAN     Ann SMITH    
12/09/1783 Robert TEBBITT Widower   Sarah KNIGHT Single  
29/09/1783 William MUDDIMAN     Sarah BARKER    
10/10/1783 William JESSOP   Westbury, Buckinghamshire Martha MARRIOTT    
17/11/1783 Joseph DUN     Mary DAVIS    
18/11/1783 William MARCH     Elisabeth LEE    
19/11/1783 Joseph LEY     Alice MONK    
24/12/1783 William WILLSON     Martha HOUGHTON    
29/01/1784 John ROBINSON     Sarah BLAND    
02/02/1784 Joseph BUNTING     Mary HINTON    
05/02/1784 John HORN     Grace WILLSON    
17/03/1784 William WRIGHT     Dorcas HANWELL    
24/06/1784 Joseph HAYNES     Elisabeth BLAND    
23/08/1784 Samuel DARLOW     Sarah ELLORD    
08/09/1784 George HOLMES   Watford Susanna ANDREW    
04/11/1784 William FENEL     Ann YATES    
28/12/1784 John WILLSON     Elisabeth CRISP    
01/02/1785 Abraham OVER   Leamington Hastings, Warwickshire Ann MARRIOTT    
04/02/1785 William MUDDEMAN     Ann COLEMAN    
20/03/1785 Richard HOUGHTON     Mary KILWORTH   Crick
28/03/1785 William MUDDEMAN     Ann COLEMAN    
10/04/1785 Thomas GROOME     Ann POOL    
06/06/1785 William PAINTER     Jane MARCH    
29/09/1785 William STUCKLERY   Buckingham, Buckinghamshire Elisabeth WEBSTER Single  
14/10/1785 John ALLIBONE   Rugby, Warwickshire Ann HORTON    
21/11/1785 Samuel LEE     Comfort ALLEN    
22/12/1785 William BUCKLER     Catherine IDENDEN    
06/04/1786 John GARLICK     Mary GREEN    
03/05/1786 William MILLER   Buckinghamshire Mary ANDREW    
31/05/1786 Thomas JOHNSON     Mary WADSWORTH    
03/08/1786 John ANDREW     Mary ABBOTT    
19/09/1786 Richard DEVONSHIRE     Martha BOYS Single  
09/11/1786 Samuel HODGE     Elisabeth BATTESON    
06/12/1786 Andrew CHATER     Sarah WATTS    
25/12/1786 William BREE     Ann DANIEL    
30/12/1786 William WYLES     Sarah JOHNSON    
29/03/1787 William HANNELL     Jane HASSALL    
10/04/1787 Edward EARL     Mary CROSS    
27/05/1787 John TOMALIN     Martha WADSWORTH    
25/06/1787 Benjamin BURDIT     Ruth WATTS    
25/06/1787 James BROWN   Ravensthorpe Hannah TOMALIN    
02/08/1787 John MILLER   Rugby, Warwickshire Ann WARD Widow  
28/08/1787 James DEAN   All Saints, Northampton Dorcas BLENCOW    
1 22/10/1787 Thomas BOYS Single   Sarah WADSWORTH Single  
2 08/11/1787 John BUNTING     Sarah GOODMAN    
3 11/12/1787 Joseph JOHNSON     Ann HANDLAND   Weedon Bec
4 13/12/1787 Bret WRIGHT     Elisabeth SMITH    
5 28/12/1787 Thomas ROBINSON     Elisabeth DEVEREUX Single  
7 02/01/1788 John GREEN   Cottesbrooke Lucy BURTON    
8 23/03/1788 Thomas MUDDIMAN     Ann KENNELL    
9 27/04/1788 William GOODMAN Widower Gumley, Leicestershire Sarah WATTS Single  
10 15/10/1788 Mathew MUSDEN Widower   Mary ABBOTT Widow  
15/12/1788 John DAVIS     Elisabeth BROWN    
21/12/1788 William TOMALIN     Hannah HANWELL    
25/12/1788 William HADDON     Ann BROWN    
08/02/1789 Benjamin BROWN     Ann WADSWORTH    
16/03/1789 William EDMUNDS     Mary CLARK    
14/04/1789 William BIRCH     Hannah MUDDIMAN    
07/07/1789 Thomas MABBOTT     Mary HILLYARD    
14/07/1789 Joseph FENNELL     Phoebe MALKIN    
26/07/1789 Thomas EYRE     Mary GROVES    
23/08/1789 Ebenezer WILLSON     Jane HANWELL    
27/08/1789 John DEVEREUX     Lydia WARREN Single West Haddon
14/09/1789 William GROVES     Ann TOWER    
04/10/1789 William EDMANS     Ann ROBINS    
07/10/1789 John WADSWORTH     Sarah MORRIS    
07/10/1789 William BUNTING     Elisabeth ROGERS    
11/10/1789 Joseph WELCH     Mary DANIEL    
13/10/1789 William CROSS     Frances TONKINS    
16/10/1789 William WADSWORTH     Jane GARRETT    
08/02/1790 Edward NETHERCOOTE   Theddingworth, Leicestershire Ann WATTS Single  
22/02/1790 Barker MUDDIMAN     Sarah WRIGHT    
01/03/1790 Thomas JENAWEY   Newton Regis, Warwickshire Elisabeth ROGERS    
12/04/1790 Thomas GEORGE     Hannah TOMALIN    
24/05/1790 John EYLES     Jane YOUNGERS    
17/06/1790 John EMERY     Mary MUDDEMAN    
18/06/1790 Richard LORD   Barby Elisabeth WELCH    
06/08/1790 John GROVES     Ann WALDEN    
09/09/1790 Thomas PELL     Martha MUDDIMAN    
19/09/1790 Thomas TOMALIN     Elisabeth BARFOOT    
08/10/1790 William COLEMAN     Elisabeth HANWELL    
26/12/1790 John DUNCKLY     Mary WRIGHT    
30/12/1790 Bayles GEDDES     Mary PORTER    
07/01/1791 Joseph LEE     Sarah GRAVES    
13/01/1791 Moses MARKS     Mary SMITH    
26/01/1791 John Freeman TAYLOR   Holy Trinity, Coventry, Warwickshire Charlotte GILBERT Single  
27/01/1791 Mathew STANGER     Mary WEST    
28/01/1791 James CROSS     Ann WELCH    
25/02/1791 William MEARIL     Mary BUNTING    
30/03/1791 Thomas HOLLIS     Elisabeth ENSLEY    
00/06/1791 Robert WELLS   Whilton Mary DICKENS    
09/06/1791 Mathew HILLIARD     Ann FLAVIL    
05/07/1791 Charles LUCK     Lydia BLENCOW    
05/08/1791 Adam NEWITT     Sarah LEE    
09/08/1791 John IVENS   Churchover, Warwickshire Hannah BLAND    
12/08/1791 John LONG     Elisabeth ABBOTT    
02/09/1791 John CLARK     Elisabeth ROBINSON    
14/09/1791 John NEWIT     Phoebe FENNELL    
10/10/1791 William MITCHEL     Hephzibah GRIFFIN    
11/10/1791 Joseph GREEN     Ann BROOKES    
11/10/1791 John RINGROSE   Thornby Mary TAYLOR    
13/10/1791 Thomas TOMISON     Mary BENNET    
28/11/1791 Thomas PALMER     Ann WARMON    
05/12/1791 Benjamin CRAPPER   Willoughby Waterless, Leicestershire Mary SMITH    
08/12/1791 William CLARK     Martha MANNING    
27/12/1791 Thomas WRIGHT   Norton Mary BLAND    
21/05/1792 Edward MATHEWS     Martha BATTESON    
02/07/1792 Robert ROBINSON     Susanna BROWN    
30/07/1792 Joseph YORK     Ruth LETTS    
02/08/1792 James FENNEL     Ann BLENCOW    
28/08/1792 Joseph SABIN     Elisabeth CLARK    
03/10/1792 Samuel LEWIS   Weedon Lois Elisabeth YATES    
12/10/1792 Edward WRIGHT     Mary WELCH    
15/10/1792 William LONG   Daventry Sarah MOTHEHAM    
26/05/1793 Thomas SABIN     Elisabeth GARRET    
30/05/1793 John BENNETT     Ann CLARKE   Watford
05/07/1793 William BLAND     Ann MORRIS Single  
10/10/1793 Thomas HOLLAND   Ravensthorpe Sarah DONYE    
13/10/1793 Joseph LANGHAM     Sarah HAYNES    
17/10/1793 Thomas YEATS     Mary SMITH    
28/10/1793 William LEE     Sarah BLAND    
27/11/1793 Thomas TILLEY     Mary LUCAS    
15/12/1793 Thomas BAUCUTT     Mary ANDREW    
31/01/1794 William WELCH     Catharine MARRIOTT    
06/02/1794 Edward SAUNDERS     Hannah WILLSON    
06/02/1794 John BUNTING     Susannah NEWITT    
01/03/1794 Henry WRIGHT   Watford Ann BAYLEY    
09/06/1794 William TOWNSEND     Lydia ROBINSON    
22/06/1794 William CLARK     Sarah ABBOTT    
02/10/1794 William RUSHAL     Ann HANWELL    
23/10/1794 John WALKER   Heyford Priscilla SPENCER    
17/11/1794 Edward CARVEL     Lydia SMITH    
25/12/1794 William TOMALIN     Ann MARRIOTT    
14/06/1795 John KIMBELL     Mary CLARK    
05/08/1795 William BROWN     Mary GRIFFEN    
01/11/1795 John MAWBY     Ann BUSWELL    
11/11/1795 Thomas PAINTER     Elisabeth BENNET    
12/11/1795 Thomas ABBOTT     Elisabeth CURE    
30/11/1795 Thomas TOWNSEND     Mary CHAPMAN    
10/12/1795 John ANDREW     Sarah JERVIS    
29/12/1795 Thomas THOMPSON   Kilsby Elisabeth MARRIOTT    
05/01/1796 John SMART     Mary MUDDIMAN    
07/06/1796 George MARSH     Hannah LUCK    
11/07/1796 William DRAPER     Elisabeth POOL    
10/08/1796 Moses MARKS     Mary MOORE    
03/10/1796 Thomas PELL     Lydia WORREN    
13/10/1796 Richard BUNTING     Jane ENGLAND    
17/10/1796 Edward LOW     Mary SMITH    
20/10/1796 Joseph FINCH     Ann BOLES    
23/10/1796 Thomas ADAMS     Ann BRADSHAW    
19/01/1797 Thomas MARRIOTT     Sarah ROGERS    
06/02/1797 John LETTS     Mary COLE    
08/02/1797 Richard GARRETT     Mary SWINDLOW    
20/02/1797 Alexander GUDGEON     Mary MAWBY    
27/02/1797 John BUNTING     Elisabeth BUNTING    
14/03/1797 Joseph PEADING     Ann FENNELL    
23/03/1797 John MERCER   Napton On The Hill, Warwickshire Dorcas GREEN    
30/03/1797 John DODD     Alice MASDEN    
10/04/1797 William REYNOLDS     Mary LEE    
17/04/1797 William SUFFIELD   Coventry, Warwickshire Lucy LUCKMAN    
07/06/1797 John WEST   West Haddon Elisabeth BLAND    
19/06/1797 John MARTIN     Mary NEWIT    
10/08/1797 Richard ANDREW     Sarah MATHEWS   Crick
10/10/1797 John HOWKINS     Sarah TOWNSEND    
16/10/1797 William ROGERS   Watford Rachael NEWITT    
20/11/1797 Robert BODDINGTON   West Haddon Elisabeth GROOM    
18/01/1798 John KINNING     Elisabeth BATTESON    
01/02/1798 John ANDREW     Hannah ROGERS    
19/03/1798 Joseph WILLOCKS     Mary BARKER    
19/03/1798 Joseph BUSWELL     Elisabeth ENGLAND    
13/05/1798 Samuel BIRD   Newnham Elisabeth MITCHEL    
13/08/1798 Joseph WATTS     Ann MUDDEMAN    
16/09/1798 James HERN   Ravensthorpe Mary PERRIN    
01/10/1798 John YATES     Ann SMITH    
15/10/1798 James SAVAGE     Hannah NEWIT    
15/11/1798 William PAIN     Mary LUCK    
24/12/1798 John WALE   South Kilworth, Leicestershire Elisabeth MORRIS    
25/12/1798 Martin BOUNDS     Mary HADDON    
23/02/1799 William SHREWSBERRY   Daventry Mary MARRIOTT    
31/03/1799 Job JOHNSON     Mary LEE    
13/05/1799 Joseph TOMALIN     Jane FARNDON    
10/06/1799 William GREEN     Elisabeth MANNING    
13/06/1799 Samuel MARRIOTT     Mary HAYNES    
24/06/1799 John COLEMAN     Mary WATTS    
14/10/1799 William LUCK     Mary JAKEMAN    
21/10/1799 Thomas STANTON     Anna Maria HARRIS    
27/10/1799 John LUCK     Martha FORSTER    
08/11/1799 William COOPER     Elisabeth NOON    
21/11/1799 Thomas GOODMAN     Elisabeth PRICE    
02/12/1799 Charles FREEMAN   Draughton Alice BLINKOW    
18/12/1799 William SMITH     Charlotte BORROWS   Watford

Corrections to Tinstaafl Transcripts