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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Harringworth St John the Baptist


The Parish

The parish of Harringworth lies in the extreme north of Northamptonshire, indeed it forms part of the border with neighbouring Rutland. Harringworth is located 5 miles north of the industrial new town of Corby. Harringworth is a small and compact crossroads village sitting on the southern banks of the River Welland about a half mile south of the B672 which parallels the northern banks from Caldecott to Morcott. Harringworth stands in the shadow of the impressive Welland Viaduct built to enable the Kettering to Oakham rail line to cross the Welland's valley. Harringworth sits on good lime-rich sandstones and arable agriculture would have been the mainstay of its economy. The Welland drains the parish northeastwards to eventually reach the North Sea through The Wash. Harringworth is sited at around 50 metres above the sea and some 10 metres above the Welland, the area is gently undulating with local heights reaching just over the 100 metre contour. Harringworth parish was towards the larger scale for the area, it covered just over 3,300 acres and would have supported a population of around 350 parishioners. In Domesday times Harringworth was held by one Countess Judith and could offer 13 ploughs, some meadow and woodlands together with a mill.

The Church

St John the Baptist's church sits on the eastern side of the lane leading down to the Welland bridge. The church shows all of the evidence of a build or rebuilds lasting over 200 years. Pevsner identifies the western tower as the earliest part and indicates it was commenced around 1200. The chancel arch and doorway he dates as around 1300 but they are built into a rebuilt chancel of the Perpendicular era. Much of the nave shows the fashionable Decorated style of the early 14th century as do the southern aisle & porch and the northern aisle and the arcades. For once there is no obvious evidence of a Victorian makeover and the church is the better for that. The churchyard is surrounded by a chest height local stone wall and an arched pair of wooden gates grants access. The church is quite hemmed in from the west by trees but has open views from the eastern end of the churchyard.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 18th June 1754 - 1st December 1796 Northamptonshire Archives - Reference - 156P/005 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Poor handwriting may lead to a few misreads
2 20th April 1797 - 18th November 1812 Northamptonshire Archives - Reference - 156P/006 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 29th April 1813 - 13th June 1837 Northamptonshire Archives - Reference - 156P/007 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Seaton All Hallows, Rutland
Seaton All Hallows, Rutland
Barrowden St Peter, Rutland
Wakerley St John the Baptist
Gretton St James
Wakerley St John the Baptist
Laxton All Saints
Gretton St James
Gretton St James
Bulwick St Nicholas
Bulwick St Nicholas

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 18/06/1754 William BREWIT     Alice WATTS Single  
2 04/07/1754 Richard JACKET     Eleanor HACKIT    
1 14/05/1755 Joseph BEAUMONT     Elizabeth ELLIOTT    
2 26/08/1755 John MASON   Laxton Mary BREWITT    
3 20/10/1755 John CHAPMAN     Mary LETTS    
4 18/04/1756 William SMITH   Gretton Elizabeth TOMLIN    
5 17/05/1756 John ELLIOTT     Elizabeth HACKETT Widow  
6 26/10/1756 John WILLIAMSON   Lyddington, Rutland Mary VINES    
6 12/11/1756 Thomas GUTTERIDGE     Susanna WARD    
7 25/12/1756 John BRADLEY     Elizabeth CHAMBERS    
8 03/01/1757 John JOHNSON     Sarah LETTS    
9 10/01/1757 William WRIGHT   Ketton, Rutland Tabitha TEBBIT    
10 10/07/1757 Edward BARRET     Mary HOLIDAY    
11 04/09/1757 Thomas BELTON     Catherine BENE    
12 28/03/1758 John COUSINS   Seaton, Rutland Hannah BELTON    
13 10/10/1758 Robert HARRISON     Elizabeth GREEN    
17 12/10/1758 Matthew MARCH     Mary TAYLOR    
18 17/10/1758 William HICKLETON     Elizabeth HOLLYDAY    
19 19/10/1758 Thomas ANDREW     Mary CHAPMAN    
20 09/11/1758 Robert WYMANT     Ann ASLING   Sibson Cum Stubbington, Huntingdonshire
23/02/1759 John HOLLAND     Elizabeth BOON   Gretton
17/04/1759 Thomas CANT   Bulwick Sarah VINES    
01/10/1759 Henry ADAMS   Ketton, Rutland Christian ELLIOTT    
28/02/1760 Michael BERWIGE     Anne KNIGHT    
08/04/1760 John SISMORE     Grace SMITH    
27/07/1761 William MANTON     Alice BREWSTER    
16/10/1761 Thomas HACKETT     Hannah PITTS    
19/10/1761 Joseph STAPLETON     Mary LEWIS    
12/11/1761 William MEADOWS     Elizabeth LEE    
28/12/1761 William GLOVER     Mary ALLEN    
19/01/1762 Thomas PRIDMORE     Mary LETTS    
01/02/1762 John WEBB     Mary HOLIDAY    
22/06/1762 William LAXTON   Gretton Mary CURTIS    
22/07/1762 Thomas LETTS     Anne LAXTON Single  
30/09/1762 Thomas Clarke HAMES     Elizabeth POOLE    
12/10/1762 Edward MORRIS     Mary STAPLETON    
02/11/1762 Thomas DUNCOMBE   Bulwick Sarah BREWSTER    
23/11/1762 John BEEBY   Bulwick Elizabeth HACKLETON    
08/02/1763 Thomas NORMAN     Sarah HACKES    
12/05/1763 Henry BOULTON   Stanwick Elizabeth WYMAN    
16/05/1763 William VINES     Anne WHITEHEAD   Belton, Rutland
21/06/1763 Thomas BERRIDGE     Elizabeth UNDERWOOD    
20/10/1763 Francis NORMAN     Susanna TYRREL    
02/11/1763 Samuel HUGHSON   Cammeringham, Lincolnshire Mary RIPPON    
09/11/1763 Richard BLESSED   Seaton, Rutland Sarah REACHER    
19/03/1764 John BRADLEY     Mary WADE Single  
09/07/1764 Robert HUKS     Elizabeth HECKLETON    
31/01/1765 Thomas STAFFORD   Horninghold, Leicestershire Jane CHAPMAN    
07/07/1765 Simon GREEN     Sarah COTTERILL    
27/09/1765 William AVIS     Ann BRADSHAW    
15/10/1765 Edward MUGGLETON     Lydia BRADSHAW    
02/02/1766 Joseph ANDREWS     Sarah VINE    
03/02/1766 Thomas CUNNINGTON   Seaton, Rutland Rebeccah BRADSHAW    
06/10/1766 John BARNARD     Elizabeth ELLIOT Widow  
13/07/1767 Thomas BATES   Great Easton, Leicestershire Ann SLATER    
10/11/1767 William PALMER   Blatherwycke Mary SPENDELOW    
23/02/1768 John CHAPMAN     Elizabeth SMITH    
06/02/1769 John MACHIN   Cottesmore, Rutland Elizabeth PHILLIPS    
11/05/1769 Thomas WYMAN     Elizabeth SCULTHORP    
07/08/1769 Thomas FREER     Lydia HAMES    
12/11/1769 Daniel WHITE     Eunice MONK    
13/11/1769 Samuel FRISBY     Jane SMITH    
25/05/1770 William CHAPMAN     Sarah SANDERSON    
07/06/1770 Robert STABLETON     Sarah CRISP    
30/07/1770 William WADE     Sarah PICKARD    
31/07/1770 William LETTS     Elizabeth D'RIPPE Widow  
17/12/1770 James HUNT   Winwick, Huntingdonshire Elizabeth HACKETT    
10/01/1771 Edward ROWELL     Temperance WYMAN    
28/05/1771 Thomas POOLE     Barbary LETTS    
26/11/1771 James MUNTON     Elizabeth MUGGLETON    
25/12/1771 Richard ADDISON     Katherine WYMAN    
03/03/1772 Samuel BRUISTER     Mary BELL    
06/11/1772 Simon GREEN     Ann ELLIS    
02/02/1773 William MOYSEY   Great Doddington Lydia MUGLETON    
03/10/1773 Thomas JOHNSON     Ann AMIES Widow  
14/10/1773 Joseph HERBERT     Ann SPENDELOW    
22/11/1773 Timothy HARRIS     Eleanor MADISON    
24/04/1774 Thomas STANGER     Ann MARTIN    
18/05/1775 William WADE     Sarah WINDER    
05/06/1775 Charles FOWLER   Tickencote, Rutland Arabella DAVIS    
09/07/1775 Abraham SKELLUM     Sarah BELTON    
28/11/1775 William LATTYMER     Mary FRISBY    
25/01/1776 Saul CAVE   Bulwick Alice SCULTHORP    
18/11/1776 John LETTS     Ann VINES    
18/11/1776 Joseph STANGER     Elizabeth BANISTER    
06/01/1777 Joseph WOODCOCK     Hannah HARRIS    
27/01/1777 John BATES     Ann BREWETT    
06/05/1777 John GUNNELL     Ann ROBERSON    
05/10/1777 Edward TOMBLIN   Barnack Elizabeth DAVIS Single  
01/12/1777 Edward BARRAT     Mary BRUESTER Single  
19/02/1778 Thomas WADE     Mary HERBER Single  
25/01/1779 Thomas SMITH     Mary HARRIS    
23/05/1779 James BAILEY     Catharine LARRAT Single  
11/07/1779 Henry FOX     Ann CHARITY    
27/12/1779 Henry GLOVER     Mary VINE Single  
29/02/1780 John MUNTON   Laxton Elizabeth WHITE    
05/03/1780 William BRADSHAW     Mary CANT Single  
09/03/1780 Robert WALKER   Stockerston, Leicestershire Mary PRIDMORE    
13/11/1780 Samuel CHARITY     Ann DAVIS    
12/12/1780 John RUDKIN   Barrowden, Rutland Susannah FRISBY    
11/03/1781 John SCULTHORPE     Sarah CANT Single  
09/07/1781 Simon HARBERT     Sarah HARRIS Single  
14/10/1781 John SPENDELOW     Sarah OKELEY Single  
13/11/1781 Robert WARD   Glaston, Rutland Elizabeth JOHNSON    
26/02/1783 John SODDINGTON   Empingham, Rutland Mary HUDSON    
21/04/1783 John STAPLETON     Elizabeth BROWITT    
29/06/1783 Edward BARRATT Single   Sarah SMITH Single Thorpe Malsor
08/07/1783 Francis BAINS Single   Elizabeth SWEEBY Single  
31/12/1783 John WADE Single   Mary GLOVER Widow  
26/02/1784 Thomas MANTON Single Laxton Sarah BELL Single  
25/10/1784 George HALL Widower Glaston, Rutland Anne SCULTHORPE Single  
25/12/1784 Everard KING     Eleanor HARRIS    
17/01/1785 Edward MORRIS     Mary YOUNG    
17/02/1785 Robert WYMAN Single   Mary PLAT Single  
21/04/1785 John SPENDLOVE Single Deene Elizabeth MEADOWS Single  
25/05/1785 William BRADSHAW     Ann ANDREW    
14/11/1785 Samuel HARRIS Single   Elizabeth BARRALL Single  
18/12/1785 Richard BROWN   Ridlington, Rutland Sarah STAPLETON    
16/04/1787 John MUGGLETON Single   Sarah HARRIS Single  
12/08/1787 Thomas FREER Widower   Elizabeth WINGIL Single  
17/08/1788 John SMITH Single Laxton Hannah BELL Single  
24/08/1788 John ATKINS   Cottingham Susanna CHAPMAN    
10/09/1790 Thomas MILES Single   Elizabeth ANDREW Single  
16/11/1790 John WYMAN Single   Anne CARTER Single  
21/11/1790 Reuben IRESON Single Bulwick Catherine COX Single  
20/02/1792 John SODDINGTON Widower   Mary BAILEY Single  
21/10/1792 Stephen MEEKINS Single   Elizabeth WALTON Single  
13/11/1792 Nicolas BROWET Single   Elizabeth SESSON Single  
07/01/1793 John GUNNEL Widower   Elizabeth OLIVER Widow  
11/02/1793 Daniel PARKER Single   Elizabeth ROICE Single  
28/04/1793 Robert PRIDMORE Single   Sophia LETTS Single  
08/09/1793 John WALTON Widower   Anne HARBEY Single  
11/08/1794 John TRYON Widower   Anne CHAPMAN Single  
03/10/1794 Thomas GOODMAN Single Thurlaston, Leicestershire Mary HARRIS Single  
27/11/1794 William JOHNSON Single   Mary DRAKE Single  
13/04/1795 Henry ARNSBY Single Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire Elizabeth DUNFORD Single  
25/12/1795 William TOMBLIN Single   Mary HERBERT Single  
04/02/1796 William LETTS Single   Anne CLAYTON Single  
03/04/1796 William BUZZARD Single   Sarah MASON Single  
01/12/1796 Joseph GOODMAN Single   Sarah HARRIS Single  
1 20/04/1797 William BERRIDGE Single   Mary ROBERTSON Single  
2 20/08/1797 John FOX Single   Mary PARR Single  
3 03/05/1798 David WADE Single   Elizabeth THORPE Single  
4 08/07/1798 Thomas SMITH Widower   Mary GREEN Single  
5 09/10/1798 George HIVES Single West Deeping, Lincolnshire Catherine ADDISON Single  
25/08/1799 John DRAKE Single   Charlotte LETTS Single  
6 27/09/1799 Stephen COOKE Single   Catherine ROLLINGS Single  
7 03/03/1801 John BROWN Single Uffington, Lincolnshire Elizabeth STAPLETON Single  
8 18/04/1802 John JAKES Widower Gretton Jane FRISBY Single  
9 25/12/1802 Joseph BARNARD Single   Mary MUNTON Single  
10 18/07/1803 Richard ALLIN Widower Bisbrooke, Rutland Elizabeth HERBERT Single  
11 17/11/1803 Richard HIBBINS Widower Morcott, Rutland Elizabeth HARRIS Single  
12 28/11/1803 John SAUNDERS Widower Gretton Elizabeth COUSINS Single  
13 22/04/1804 Joseph RAWLINGS Single   Elizabeth LETTS Single  
14 28/05/1804 Charles HARRIS Widower   Anne POOL Single  
15 15/11/1804 John BAKER Single Preston Deanery Sarah STAPLETON Single  
16 11/11/1805 William HERBERT Single   Jane RICHARDSON Single  
17 17/02/1806 John HOBBS Single Morcott, Rutland Elizabeth SHARMAN Single  
18 13/10/1806 John CLIPSON Single Rockingham Susannah WRATT Single  
19 21/05/1807 Thomas SMITH Widower   Margarett PLUMMER Single  
20 20/09/1807 John DRAKE Widower   Rebecca SCULTHORPE Single  
21 20/10/1807 John BROOM Single Cottesmore, Rutland Mary LETTS Single  
22 14/11/1808 John HOPKINS Widower Gretton Elizabeth FORD Single  
23 06/12/1808 John ANDREW Widower   Anne TAYLOR Single  
24 14/03/1809 Samuel PARR Widower   Mary BURBIDGE Single City Of London
25 06/04/1809 Robert RIPPIN Single   Charlotte WADE Single  
26 24/04/1809 William SEATON Widower   Johanna HERBERT Widow  
27 18/10/1810 Joseph BRADSHAW Widower   Anne MUNTON Single  
28 19/10/1810 Joseph BARROW Single   Jane BARFIELD Single  
29 15/11/1810 John SKELLUM Single   Mary FRISBY Single  
30 24/10/1811 Charles BERRIDGE Single   Sarah MUNTON Single  
31 21/11/1811 John SCULTHORP Single   Sarah DRAKE Single  
32 20/01/1812 Richard BRADSHAW Single   Elizabeth KING Single  
33 04/02/1812 Joseph GLOVER Single   Sarah IRELAND Single Gretton
34 23/04/1812 William HIBBENS Single   Hannah HARRIS Single  
35 28/05/1812 William JOHNSON Widower   Sarah PARR Single  
36 16/11/1812 Everard KING Single Belton, Rutland Eleanor TAYLOR Single  
37 18/11/1812 Robert WYLES Single Gretton Sarah SKELLET Single  
1 29/04/1813 Tirrell MANTON Single Lyddington, Rutland Mary WYMAN Single  
2 08/03/1814 William CURTIS Widower   Elizabeth SWINGLER Single  
3 09/05/1814 George JOYCE Single Seaton, Rutland Elizabeth GATES Single  
4 24/04/1815 Luke CHARITY Single   Susannah BROWN Single  
5 19/12/1815 Edward WARD Single Ilston On The Hill, Leicestershire Sarah BRADSHAW Single  
6 27/06/1816 James SCULTHORPE Single   Mary Ann PRIDMORE Single  
7 29/08/1816 John ANDREW Single   Ann MEAKINS Single  
8 26/05/1817 Thomas BROWETT   Deeping St James, Lincolnshire Susanna BROWETT Single  
9 10/06/1817 John FALKES Single   Ann HERBERT Single  
10 14/08/1817 Thomas CHAPMAN Single   Charlotte PRIDMORE Single  
11 03/11/1817 Joseph ATKINSON     Eleanor HICKEY    
12 15/12/1817 Edward PAYNE Single Barrowden, Rutland Elizabeth CURTIS Widow  
13 18/12/1818 John BURTON Single   Mary FOX Widow  
14 01/02/1819 Lewis BERRIDGE Single   Jane BALDWIN Widow  
15 22/06/1819 Thomas LAXTON Single Uppingham, Rutland Charlotte SCULTHORPE Single  
16 02/11/1819 Thomas FOX Single   Frances COX Single  
17 01/02/1820 John EDIS Single Barnack Mary BELTON Single  
18 16/03/1820 Hugh CLARKE Single Lyddington, Rutland Ann WYMAN Single  
19 04/05/1820 Robert WYMAN Single   Frances CANT Single  
20 11/05/1820 Thomas WARD Single Medbourne, Leicestershire Susannah NORMAN Single  
21 18/08/1820 John PRENTICE   Preston, Rutland Mary BAINES    
22 26/10/1820 Henry CHARITY Single   Ann WYMAN Single  
23 18/12/1820 Simon WOODCOCK Single Gretton Mary MEEKINS Single  
24 09/07/1821 William RATCLIFFE Single   Elizabeth BUZZARD Single  
25 05/11/1821 Benjamin NEWELL   Foxton, Leicestershire Rebekah WADE    
26 16/12/1822 Samuel NORMAN Single   Hannah BERRIDGE Widow  
27 01/01/1823 Joseph HILL   Lyndon, Rutland Sarah PARKER    
28 26/05/1823 Thomas HACKETT Single   Mary PARR Widow  
29 18/12/1823 John WING   Glaston, Rutland Frances PARKER    
30 15/02/1825 Stephen MEEKINS Widower   Elizabeth BAINES Widow  
31 24/03/1825 William DAINES Single   Mary ANDREW Single  
33 07/02/1826 David BRADSHAW Single   Harriett BURTON Single  
34 06/04/1826 Henry FOX     Susannah CHARITY    
35 24/04/1826 Joseph HARRIS Single Thorpe Langton, Leicestershire Mary Ann BRADSHAW Single  
36 27/11/1827 Daniel WHITE   Wakerley Sarah HARRIS    
37 06/12/1827 William DUNCOMB     Elizabeth ARNSBY    
38 22/04/1828 Edward HORSLEY   Corby Alice SWANN    
39 29/09/1828 James KETTLE   Duddington Hannah BROWETT    
40 23/10/1828 John FREEMAN     Mary LETTS    
41 27/10/1828 Joseph STAPLETON     Catharine THORPE    
42 26/02/1829 William DRAKE     Sarah DUNCOMBE    
43 29/05/1829 Robert CANT   Houghton, Huntingdonshire Sarah Sculthorpe DRAKE    
44 16/05/1830 Thomas CHAPMAN   Weldon Ann NORMAN    
45 11/07/1830 William FREESTON Single Great Easton, Leicestershire Elizabeth SMITH Single  
46 24/08/1830 Daniel BURDITT   Sibbertoft Sarah SADDINGTON    
47 16/11/1830 Richard HACKETT     Sarah HARRIS    
48 21/11/1830 James TYERS   Uppingham, Rutland Elizabeth FOX    
49 06/12/1830 Edward VYE   Great Oakley Sarah DAMS    
50 08/02/1831 Joseph BUZZARD     Elizabeth SCAMPIN Widow  
51 18/09/1831 George FORD   Duddington Anna HACKETT    
52 25/11/1831 William HODGES     Elizabeth LETTS    
53 08/12/1831 John BAKER   Glapthorn Elizabeth DAMS    
54 06/02/1832 George WILLIAMS   Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire Sarah CANT    
55 16/08/1832 Matthew HACK   Brooke, Rutland Elizabeth CANT    
56 25/09/1832 John HOWKINS   Coventry, Warwickshire Catharine SHARMAN    
57 15/11/1832 Robert COLLINS   Uppingham, Rutland Ann TAYLOR    
58 16/11/1832 John BARNARD     Sarah SIMPSON    
59 11/04/1833 James BRADSHAW Widower   Leah PARKER Single  
60 12/04/1833 William DAMS Single Uppingham, Rutland Mary HARRIS Single  
61 19/08/1833 James BROWN     Ann COLE    
62 27/08/1833 Joseph GLOVER Widower   Catherine HARRIS Widow  
63 14/11/1833 Thomas CLIPSHAM Single   Mary HARRIS Single  
64 18/11/1833 Thomas CLOW Widower Medbourne, Leicestershire Mary SMITH Single  
65 14/07/1834 Thomas RUDKIN Single   Sarah SMITH Single  
66 02/12/1834 Thomas HALLAM Single Loughborough, Leicestershire Catherine ADDISON Single  
67 22/10/1835 William BRANSON Single   Mary CLIPSON Widow  
68 04/04/1836 Henry BARRETT Single Bulwick Mary CARTER Single  
69 13/06/1837 William VICCARS   Brigstock Eliza CLARKE Single  

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