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Marholm St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Marholm lies in the extreme northeast of Northamptonshire in that peninsula of land that penetrates into the neighbouring counties of Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire & Huntingdonshire and includes the city of Peterborough, an area moved between counties in 1974 reorganisation. Marholm is located roughly 5 miles northwest of Peterborough and sits close to 2 miles west of the A15 road which connects Peterborough with Lincoln. Marholm remains a distinct village, a crossroads settlement, despite the growing expansion of Peterborough, nowadays only a half mile separates it from the newest housing developments of the city. Marholm sits where land begins to rise up from the Fens onto Jurassic iron rich sand & limestones, a feature of properties in the area, which determined a mixed farming regime in this otherwise arable area. Modern developments have come to the area, the main East Coat railway line from London to Edinburgh passes through to the east of the village. Marholm is drained southwards by small streams and field drains heading for the nearby Nene, which, after padding through Peterborough, heads across the Fens to reach the North Sea through The Wash. Marholm is sited at around 15 metres above the sea in gentle terrain which rises steadily westwards reaching close to 50 metres within a couple of miles. Marholm, whilst not tiny, was a small parish in extent, covering just 1,400 acres it would have supported a population of close to 200 parishioners. Marholm is not specifically mentioned in Domesday Book, its assets being recorded within nearby Milton manor which it shared with Castor.

The Church

St Mary's church sits southwest of the village centre in a parkland setting and accessed from the Castor Road by an unfenced and roughly surfaced track. Despite the lack of a mention in Domesday Book, the church dates back to immediately after the Conquest, the western tower being early Norman Romanesque in style and dating from the cusp of 11th & 12th centuries. The tower is short and stubby and contrasts markedly with the remainder of the church which is much later, the arcades & chancel arch are Decorated in style and date from the early 13th century whilst the chancel, perhaps the church's signature piece dates from close to the death of Sir William Fitzwilliam in 1534 and was constructed to house and honour his memorial. Of a similar date a Perpendicular style clerestory was inserted into the nave. Following a fire in the 16th century the arcades were for a long time blocked but during the Victorian restortion of 1868 they were reconstructed as part of a general refurbishment. From the Castor Road a small white sign and a cattle grid mark the start of the winding and sandy-surfaced lane which heads, unfenced, across fields to the church which has ample parking on the grass outside the churchyard. The parkland setting is typified by the ha-ha which surrounds the site permitting fabulous views uninterrupted by hedging or fencing. The photographer will find no obstructions to obtaining images.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
11th February 1755 - 5th November 1810
Northamptonshire Archives - Reference - 204P/03
Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page
Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads
2 8th July 1813 - 21st November 1836 Northamptonshire Archives - Reference - 204P/04 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

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Castor St Kyneburgha
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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 11/02/1755 Adam COOK Amy FELL Single
2 11/10/1756 William GRIFFIN Elizabeth SIMS Single
3 07/08/1757 Richard WHITWELL Single Paston Sarah CHAMBERLAIN Single
4 07/03/1758 Benjamin BULL Susan Edis MILLER Peterborough
5 08/10/1758 William GREEN Maxey Elizabeth FELL Single
6 19/10/1758 William WEST Elizabeth BROWN Single
7 07/11/1758 James WRIGHT Mary ARCHER
8 14/10/1759 Michael STANYAN Mary BONE
9 14/10/1759 John PACEY Elizabeth FELL
10 22/07/1760 Thomas HILLAM Mary WARD Widow
11 24/10/1762 Thomas RICHARDSON Castor Mary CHRISTIAN
12 11/10/1763 William ALLEN Elizabeth GUDGEON
13 01/11/1763 Edward LINCOLN Elizabeth LAMBKIN
14 25/10/1764 Samuel CHAPMAN Elizabeth JONES
15 21/05/1765 John READ Sutton Ann SAYLES
16 09/07/1765 Augustin FORSTER Mary CAPENDELL
17 19/11/1765 John TEBBS Catharine GUDGEON
18 24/11/1765 John BUTTRESS Ann JOICE
19 24/05/1768 John FELL Elizabeth BURTON
20 22/11/1768 William GRIFFIN Susanna RIDDLINGTON
12/06/1769 Joseph CHAMBERLAIN Widower Rose CHAMBERLAIN Single
16/01/1770 Arthur HOOTON Amey COOK Widow
30/10/1770 Edward HARE Mary KNOWLTON Single Castor
30/11/1773 Thomas GLITHEROW Etton Elizabeth WIGGENS
05/12/1775 William HARRISON Sarah SAYLES
08/11/1778 Charles KISBY Elizabeth RICE
16/12/1779 John BARROW Single Upwell, Norfolk Elizabeth SAYLES
14/07/1782 John DARKER Ann SAYLES
03/12/1782 Thomas SHARMAN Baston, Lincolnshire Mary PACEY
15/02/1783 Thomas JINKS Glinton Mary BALDWING
27/12/1784 Thomas Harful GRAY Eye Rose CHAMBERLIN
31/10/1786 Francis MALSBERRY Helpston Amey COOK
10/03/1787 Thomas LEES Jane JOYCE
10/04/1787 Arthur HOOTON Mary WOODWARD
06/05/1787 John BRACKEN Elizabeth ROUS
11/10/1787 Richard SEWELL Elizabeth BOSSDECK
12/05/1788 Robert EDIS Paston Susan FELL
12/10/1789 Henry MITCHEL Elizabeth ALLEN
29/10/1792 Parker CLARE Helpston Anne STIMSON
02/12/1793 William JOYCE Elizabeth PALMER
13/10/1794 Phillip WARD West Walton, Norfolk Elizabeth WISE
17/03/1795 John BURBIDGE Anne STANYON
27/10/1795 Edward JOYCE Orton Waterville, Huntingdonshire Elizabeth FELL Widow
10/07/1797 James DESBOROUGH Alwalton, Huntingdonshire Elizabeth BRACKEN Widow
12/10/1797 Thomas NEWCOMBE Susannah LINCOLN
19/11/1798 William DENNIS Soham, Cambridgeshire Mary MANN
15/10/1799 Peter COLLINS Elizabeth BRYANT
03/11/1800 Francis JACKSON Catherine ALLEN Single
13/10/1802 Milburn AVERY Farcett, Huntingdonshire Elizabeth GREEN Single
11/11/1802 Thomas KENDILL Anne CHAMBERLIN
10/01/1803 William BULLOCK Thornhaugh Elizabeth MANN
21/10/1806 William AVELING Sarah MAN Single
03/11/1807 Benjamin BODGER Uffington, Lincolnshire Frances MANN
04/01/1808 William MANN Single Jane LEES Widow
24/10/1808 John BARNES Kings Sutton Mary IRESON
05/11/1810 Thomas BRITTAIN Widower Elizabeth PACEY Single
1 08/07/1813 John MITTON Kettering Mary Ann LEACH
2 17/10/1813 Thomas MANTON Paston Mary LAXTON
3 19/09/1814 John HALFORD Bourne, Lincolnshire Sarah AVELING
4 22/11/1814 John BURGESS Wellingborough Harriet Rose LEES Single
5 13/02/1815 Thomas SPRIGEN Single Yaxley, Huntingdonshire Ann DAWKINS Single
6 14/10/1816 Edward PORTER Mary HOWSE
7 08/01/1817 Thomas MANN Sarah SMITH Ramsey, Huntingdonshire
8 30/03/1818 Anthony CLOW Elizabeth MITCHELL
9 20/04/1818 John DOUGHTY Sarah WRIGHT
10 16/06/1818 William LAXTON Elizabeth AVELING
11 09/11/1818 John SEWELL Dinah PORTER
12 29/07/1819 William MANN Sarah HALES
13 03/05/1825 Clement Thompson LAXTON Single Sarah MEASURES Single
14 23/11/1826 John WRIGHT Widower Sarah SIMPSON Widow Castor
15 28/11/1826 William BOLLANDS Maxey Lydia HENSON
16 16/10/1827 John BURBIDGE Mary Anne FOSTER
17 17/11/1828 Hodson LILLEY Thorney, Cambridgeshire Sarah FORSTER
18 12/10/1829 John GILFORD Mary SMITH
19 05/07/1830 Edward SMITH Deeping St James, Lincolnshire Jane RAWLINGS
20 04/10/1831 Francis RODGERS Catherine CHESTERFIELD
21 18/10/1831 John JACKSON Bourne, Lincolnshire Elizabeth PRICE
22 14/05/1832 John HULL Single Uffington, Lincolnshire Mary Anne RAWLINGS Single
23 10/12/1832 John BUCK Deeping St James, Lincolnshire Margaret EDIS
24 20/10/1834 Francis COATES Hannah BARNES
25 12/10/1835 Samuel WARD Sarah ASPITAL
26 11/08/1836 John HENSON Harriet EDIS
27 21/11/1836 William RAWLINGS Single Mary LANGFORD Single

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