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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Thorpe Malsor St Leonard


The Parish

The parish of Thorpe Malsor lies in the northern part of central Northamptonshire. Thorpe Malsor is about 2 miles west of the town of Kettering. Thorpe Malsor lies just south of the major A14 route which crosses the East Midlands. There is little to Thorpe Malsor just a collection of cottages and farms gathered close by to its hall on a loop road south of the Kettering to Loddington lane. The landscape hereabouts is quite rolling with small fields dominated by pastoral farming albeit with a good portion of arable thrown in for variation. Thorpe Malsor sits at about 110 metres above sea level on a low ridge above two small reservoirs, Thorpe Malsor Reservoir to the north and Cransley Reservoir to the south. Both dam small tributaries of the River Ise a river which eventually flows through Kettering and joins the Nene at Wellingborough. The parish is a relatively small one even by southern standards being around 1,000 acres in extent and supported just under 300 parishioners. In Domesday times the parish was equally small, being held by one Fulcher of Paris and supporting a mere 3 ploughs.

The Church

St Leonard's church sits on the southern side of the loop road at the edge of the parkland of Thorpe Malsor hall, it is clear the hall had much influence in the parish, this was probably a closed parish as a result. Pevsner dates the building to a period covering the late 13th and early 14th centuries. The main style of the building is that of the Decorated period which places the building at an early phase of church building in the region. The rather tall spired tower seems to dominate being rather too tall for the rest of the building. The church was much altered by an 1870s restoration which added the north chapel and some features carrying Early English style details out of kilter with the rest of the building. St Leonard's sits behind a low local stone wall with entrance gained by a pair of iron gates leading to a tarred pathway. The site is open to the north but rather enclosed on the other sides making for tricky photography given the sun angles.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 21st September 1755 - 20th November 1811 Northamptonshire Archives - Reference - 322P/005 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 4th January 1814 - 5th June 1836 Northamptonshire Archives - Reference - 322P/006 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Rothwell Holy Trinity
Rothwell Holy Trinity
Rothwell Holy Trinity
Rothwell Holy Trinity
Loddington St Leonard
Kettering St Peter & St Paul
Loddington St Leonard
Cransley St Andrew
Kettering St Peter & St Paul
Cransley St Andrew

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 21/09/1755 John LINNELL Single   Sarah FLETCHER Single  
2 21/09/1755 John BARKER Single   Rebecca FLETCHER Single  
1 12/07/1756 John FORESTER   Rothwell Ann ROBINS Single  
1 23/08/1757 John KIRK   Little Oakley Mary WADKIN    
2 13/04/1758 Edward SERJEANT     Elizabeth BLAND    
3 23/04/1758 William MAUNSELL     Deborah FOSTER   Aldwincle
4 24/12/1758 James PERKINS     Mary CHAPMAN    
1 07/10/1759 William JARVIS     Mary BANKETT    
2 14/11/1759 Samuel LEWIS   Kettering Ann FRISBY    
3 05/05/1760 John JOHNSON     Judith BATES   Corby
04/06/1760 Richard COLLIER     Ann ATTESBURY   Little Houghton
28/12/1760 John WELLS     Sarah WILLISS Single  
18/01/1761 John CHAPMAN     Elizabeth GARRATT Single  
04/06/1762 John FLECKNEY Single Cransley Sarah HILL Single  
07/11/1762 Thomas WILLISS     Ann ANNES Single  
06/03/1764 Robert SUDKINS   Barton Seagrave Hannah TODD Single  
09/07/1764 William CHENEY Single   Elizabeth VIALLS Single  
08/10/1764 William IRONS Single Kettering Sarah REYNOLDS Single  
20/10/1766 Richard KING Single   Elizabeth WALKER Single  
21/06/1767 Clement COLLIER Single   Sarah HAYES Single  
14/09/1767 James ALLAM Single Brixworth Elizabeth THOMAS Single  
21/09/1767 William WILLISS Single   Elizabeth HAYES Single  
21/01/1768 Samuel LEWIN   Kettering Elizabeth SERGEANT Widow  
25/12/1768 Joseph MOOR Single Great Oakley Elizabeth HORTON Single  
03/04/1769 Thomas WYKES Single Loddington Mary CHENEY Single  
31/07/1769 John WEBSTER Single   Elizabeth WILLIS Single  
18/10/1769 Robert WEARSHALL Widower Cransley Mary HARRISON Single  
18/07/1770 John SERGEANT Widower   Ann HAYES Single  
01/09/1770 Humfrey STANLEY Single   Mary SMITH Single  
29/04/1771 Benjamin JOHNSON Single   Catharine BATES Single Corby
13/02/1772 James HUNT Single Draughton Elizabeth CHENEY Single  
24/02/1772 Joseph WILLIS Single   Sarah JAQUES Single  
02/08/1772 Thomas FORSTER Single   Elizabeth BURDETT Single  
10/08/1775 John STONTON Single   Elizabeth CHECKLEY Single  
03/09/1775 Richard HILLS Single   Hannah BURDETT Single  
11/10/1775 Robert GROOM Single   Hannah CHENEY Single  
03/11/1775 John BAFF Single   Elizabeth WEBSTER Widow  
03/12/1775 Samuel WILLIS   Broughton Elizabeth ANNIS Single  
14/06/1776 Richard SHARMAN Single   Sarah FERREY Single  
18/05/1777 Henry WILLIS Single Kettering Mary BEAL Single  
16/02/1778 Edward COE   Rothwell Hannah ROWLATT Single  
14/06/1778 John COOKE Single   Susannah SHARMAN Single  
13/07/1778 Samuel MEADOWS Single   Kezziah TAPP Single  
13/10/1778 Thomas WILLIS Single   Mary ESSEX    
25/07/1779 John WADKINS Single   Ann IRONS Single  
11/10/1779 Samuel CHENEY Single Loddington Elizabeth WARD Single  
07/02/1780 William DUNKLEY   Finedon Mary JAQUES Single  
27/06/1780 Samuel HAYES Single   Mary SHARMAN Single  
06/08/1780 John ANDREW Single   Elizabeth EAGLE Single Arthingworth
21/11/1780 Richard ALMOND Single Dingley Mary COOKE Single  
17/11/1782 Richard JOHNSON Single   Elizabeth GREEN Single  
11/10/1784 Robert ESSAM Single   Elizabeth VALENTINE Single  
27/03/1785 John ALLEN Single Brigstock Elizabeth LINNELL Single  
04/07/1785 John KNOWLES Single Kettering Sarah MORRIS Single  
12/07/1785 John HOBEY Single Rothwell Elizabeth ESSAM Single  
29/09/1785 Edward RYNOLDS     Sophia CHECKLEY Single  
16/10/1785 John WILLIAMS Single Loddington Ann CHENEY Single  
25/12/1785 John HAWTHORNE   Kettering Lucy BRADLEY Single  
12/06/1786 George WADKINS Widower   Alice WARDEN Single  
18/11/1787 Benjamin FALKNER Single   Hannah JOHNSON Single  
24/12/1787 William COOK Single   Sarah ANDREWS Single  
02/03/1789 Thomas FRISBY Single   Mary HAYES Widow  
10/05/1790 Nathaniel BENFORD Single Kettering Elizabeth HAYES Single  
03/01/1791 Thomas MORRIS Single   Ann PERKINS Single  
29/04/1792 Samuel HAYNES Single Kettering Elizabeth JOHNSON Single  
24/06/1792 John CHENEY Single   Sarah COLLIER Single  
20/08/1792 William COLES Widower Kettering Mary VALENTINE Widow  
14/10/1793 Thomas GOODMAN     Elizabeth PINNOCK    
30/06/1794 William DRAGE   Holcot Frances GARRATT    
07/07/1795 William HAWBEY   Broughton Ann SERGEANT    
19/08/1795 Christopher VALANTINE     Mary FERRY    
10/10/1795 Samuel CHEYNEY     Sarah PERKINS Single  
22/05/1796 Benjamin WILLIS Single Harrington Sarah WELLS Single  
17/10/1796 Thomas ESHAM     Frances STANGAN    
29/08/1797 John BITHNEY     Susannah PRICE    
08/01/1798 William Campin KNIGHT   Hannington Ann KING    
15/12/1801 James CHEYNEY   Great Gidding, Huntingdonshire Elizabeth CHEYNEY    
04/01/1802 George BASSETT   Rothwell Elizabeth ESSAM    
08/01/1802 Thomas ASBREY     Jane WILLIS    
12/10/1802 Benjamin JOHNSON     Dinah WILLIS    
10/02/1803 William ASHBY   Medbourne, Leicestershire Rachel STANTON    
28/04/1803 Joseph BRADSHAW   Harringworth Sophia STANTON Single  
18/10/1803 Henry MOOR     Sarah CHEYNEY    
28/05/1804 John ANDREW Single Great Doddington Hannah WILLIS    
15/12/1805 John DAINTY   Cransley Lucy WILLIS    
06/02/1806 George GOODWIN   Barton Seagrave Elizabeth HILL    
19/01/1807 Solomon THOMSON   Cransley Maria WILLIS    
05/01/1808 Peter LOAKES   Rushton Hannah CHEYNEY    
04/04/1808 Thomas SCULTHORPE   Cottingham Mary HAYES    
29/08/1808 Stephen BROWN   Scaldwell Ann WILLIS    
18/10/1808 Guy COLE   Langham, Rutland Elizabeth BETTS    
22/11/1808 John ANDREW   Loddington Ann ALLEN    
19/10/1809 Joseph COX   Kettering Elizabeth TOSELAND    
24/09/1810 Thomas WILLIS     Sarah ROBINSON   Kettering
13/10/1811 Charles WILLIS     Sarah HAYES Single  
20/11/1811 Thomas MARRIOTT   Little Houghton Ann COLLIER Single  
1 04/01/1814 Charles TYRRELL   Sywell Phoebe HILL    
2 16/05/1814 Thomas COX     Frances FOSTER    
3 07/11/1814 John BORRASTON   Barton Seagrave Elizabeth GLANNESTER    
4 13/09/1815 Joseph BALE   Market Harborough, Leicestershire Elizabeth BOFF    
5 02/11/1815 Richard ISON   Loddington Martha FRISBY    
6 01/01/1816 Thomas NICHOLLS   Harrington Sarah GINNS    
7 26/02/1816 Samuel BAMFORD   Harrington Frances BURDETT    
8 14/10/1816 Henry BAMBRIDGE   Rothwell Ann BAMBRIDGE   Wellingborough
9 18/11/1816 Charles ANDREWS     Elizabeth EAGLE   Cottingham
10 16/12/1816 John LAWRENCE     Elizabeth BAMBRIDGE    
11 29/06/1817 Robert WYKES     Sarah WILLIS    
12 13/10/1817 William STEVENSON   Moulton Jane BUSBY    
13 20/10/1817 Thomas WILLIS     Elizabeth TONGUE   Rothwell
14 29/01/1818 John FRISBY     Hannah SEAMARK    
15 15/02/1818 Richard JOHNSON     Elizabeth PAINE    
16 12/10/1818 William BEAL   Broughton Ann GIBSON    
17 25/10/1818 John WOFF     Sarah WILLIS    
18 16/11/1818 Henry ANDREW     Sarah GOODMAN    
19 26/03/1820 Thomas MORRIS     Mary MAWBEY    
20 29/05/1820 Thomas ESSOM     Ann FRISBY    
21 01/10/1821 Samuel JOHNSON     Mary CUSLEY    
22 28/10/1821 Michael HENSON   Kettering Sarah VALENTINE    
23 16/09/1823 Uriah CLAYSON     Hannah DEACON    
24 17/11/1823 Thomas JOHNSON     Ann STEVENS    
25 16/12/1823 Samuel FORSTER     Ruth ESSOM    
26 14/06/1824 Thomas STEVENS     Elizabeth ESSOM    
27 15/11/1824 John TEBBUTT   Kettering Elizabeth EDMONDS    
28 13/01/1825 George MOSELEY   Islip Rebecca STONTON    
29 13/01/1825 James ARNOLD   Fenny Drayton, Leicestershire Mary STONTON    
30 31/01/1825 John MOORE     Lucy STEPHENS    
32 09/06/1826 William TOY   Rushton Elizabeth CLARKE    
31 15/06/1826 William KNIGHT   Little Addington Mary DAINTY    
33 11/09/1826 Joseph CAVE   Weekley Sarah CROSS    
34 20/11/1826 Samuel WILLIS   Finedon Catherine JOHNSON    
35 16/09/1827 John JOHNSON   Cranford Ann JOHNSON    
36 19/11/1827 Samuel BUSWELL   Kettering Mary ESSOM    
37 02/06/1828 Thomas JOHNSON     Sarah BOLLARD    
38 20/11/1828 Richard BUTTON Single Kimcote And Walton, Leicestershire Jane COOPER   Loddington
39 08/01/1829 James GARRATT   Broughton Jane ASPREY    
40 19/01/1829 Thomas ESSOM     Mary WILLIS    
41 15/06/1829 Francis ESSOM     Sarah SHARMAN    
42 19/10/1829 Joseph GOODMAN     Mary COBLEY    
43 12/10/1830 Benjamin JOHNSON     Letitia NORMAN    
44 15/11/1830 Samuel GARRATT   Broughton Elizabeth CHAPMAN    
45 26/04/1831 James MATHIS   Cransley Louisa CLARK    
46 30/10/1831 William SMITH   Thrapston Elizabeth JOHNSON    
47 28/11/1831 Christopher VALENTINE     Elizabeth TEBBUTT    
48 18/06/1832 Robert BEMBRIDGE     Lucy ROE    
49 19/07/1832 John Allicocke YOUNG   Orlingbury Eliza YOUNG    
50 14/10/1833 Charles OULD Single Finedon Diana JOHNSON Single  
51 00/06/1835 Joseph Butler MEADOWS Single   Elizabeth Sophia STONTON Single  
52 29/06/1835 John JOHNSON     Elizabeth ROWLEY    
53 19/10/1835 Joseph CLERK     Sarah WARING    
54 22/10/1835 Thomas GRANT     Mary Ann LUMBERDANN    
55 26/04/1836 William CHEYNEY Single Harrington Mary Ann WILLIS    
57 05/06/1836 Nathaniel SMITH     Ann LOAK    

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