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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Wallsend St Peter


The Parish

The parish of Wallsend lies in the extreme southeast of Northumberland, indeed it forms part of the border with neighbouring County Durham. Wallsend is located about 3 1/2 miles east of the city of Newcastle upon Tyne and sits on the northern banks of the River Tyne close to its mouth and the North Sea. Many A-class roads pass through the parish, the principal east to west running roads being the A193 & 187 both connecting Newcastle with the port of Tynemouth. More modern communications cross the parish, the Tyne & wear Metro having an east to west line also and just east of Wallsend the Tyne Road Tunnel brings the a19 across from County Durham. Wallsend parish included not just the large village of Wallsend but also the townships of Howden Pans & Willington, more than half the population lived outwith the village. Wallsend receives its name from it marking the eastern end of Hadrian's wall and the Roman port & station of Segedunum which received supplies from the wider Roman Empire and passed them to maintain the garrisons along the wall. Today little remains above the surface of these Roman features although the cross-country Hadrian's Wall trail does end at the site of Segedunum. Wallsend largely made its living through industry despite the good quality soils maintaining an arable farming community too. Coal mining, ship building & ancillary trades such as rope making as well as manufactories for earthenware and copperas provided major sources of income. Today Wallsend is contiguous with the great Tyneside metropolis, there being no gap between Wallsend and Newcastle upon Tyne. As a coastal settlement small streams and drains lead the short distance to the Tyne Estuary and the North Sea. Wallsend is sited at between sea level and 25 metres above it, the wider area is of only moderate gradient rising to local heights of around 60 metres or so within a few miles. Wallsend parish was fairly typically sized for the area, it covered just over 2,000 acres, its population was increasing rapidly through the period of this transcript from fewer than 1,000 folk at the start of the transcript period it had grown to 3,100 by 1801, to 10,500 by 1871 and reached over 50,000 by the middle of the 20th century. In common with most of Northumberland there is no mention of Wallsend in Domesday Book which did not cover this area of England.

The Church

St Peter's church sits on the southern side of the A193 as it heads eastwards from Wallsend towards Tynemouth. For much of the period of this transcript the marriages would have taken place at its mediaeval predecessor Holy Cross as St Peter was not completed until 1809, Holy Cross is a ruin just over a quarter of a mile northwest of St Peter, only a pair of battered arches and a few courses remain to be viewed from the western end of Valley Gardens. St Peter's origins are colourful, its funding being raised by a tontine whereby the last surviving subscriber gained the prize. Despite the Georgian origin of the church a major restoration was still undertaken less than a century later in 1892 when the style was changed to Gothic Perpendicular and the church greatly enlarged. In 1999 further work described by Pevsner as "reordered" also took place to result in today's building. The A193 is broad enough for parking without issue, the church sits behind a mid-height local sandstone wall and within a large churchyard with the best views available from the North Terrace side.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 18th May 1754 - 3rd June 1809 Northumberland Archives - Reference - EP/44/8 Plain, ruled & margined book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number The use of "white-space" to segregate entries is not especially good making for a slight possibility of accidental omission
2 14th June 1809 - 28th December 1812 Northumberland Archives - Reference - EP/44/9 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 9th January 1813 - 6th November 1830 Northumberland Archives - Reference - EP/44/10 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
4 7th November 1830 - 24th June 1837 Northumberland Archives - Reference - EP/44/11 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Longbenton St Bartholomew
Longbenton St Bartholomew
Tynemouth Holy Saviour
Longbenton St Bartholomew
Tynenmouth Holy Saviour
Longbenton St Bartholomew
Jarrow St Paul, Durham
Jarrow St Paul, Durham

1755 1760 1765 1770 1775 1780 1785 1790 1795 1800 1805 1810 1815 1820 1825 1830 1835

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
08/01/1754 William HARBOTTLE   All Saints, Newcastle Upon Tyne Elisabeth DOCKWRAY    
18/05/1754 Joseph TYZACK     Hannah COLLINS    
03/09/1754 Edward WARD   Morpeth Sarah STEWART    
05/06/1755 Thomas TAYLOR     Mary ROBSON    
16/06/1755 Andrew MORTON     Sarah BONNER    
18/10/1755 Joseph BROWN   Tynemouth Alice ELLISON    
26/02/1756 Thomas CHARLETON   Gateshead, Durham Mary DOCKWRAY    
08/06/1756 James CURRY     Anne CUTTER    
12/07/1756 Edward HORSELEY     Anne WILSON   Rothbury
20/07/1756 John HALL   Cramlington Mary GREEN    
01/12/1756 John DAWSON     Margaret REDHEAD    
29/12/1756 Joseph MARTIN   Shadwell, Middlesex Elizabeth FENWICK    
31/01/1757 William USHER     Anne RICHARDSON    
14/05/1757 John ROCHESTER     Margaret COULTHERD    
29/05/1758 William HUNTLEY     Eleanor CUTTER    
02/09/1758 Thomas TAYLOR     Jane ATKINSON    
02/11/1758 John GRAHAM     Ursula TYZACK    
08/01/1759 Edward OLIVER     Alice ROBINSON    
27/05/1759 Stephen HARRISON     Hannah HORSELEY    
10/06/1759 John PEARETH     Hannah EASMEHAND    
13/09/1759 George WAUGH     Ann TURNER    
22/10/1759 Adam HOPE     Ann ALEXANDER    
15/11/1759 George SIMPSON     Isabel BURLISON    
01/12/1759 Francis BURTON     Elizabeth NEWTON    
04/12/1759 Thomas SWAN     Margaret BONNER    
06/05/1760 Thomas BLACKBURN   South Shields, Durham Mary ROBSON    
10/05/1760 William BROWN     Hannah DUNN    
27/05/1760 William ENGLISH     Jane DODDS    
28/06/1760 Antony WILKIN   Earsdon Mary WATSON    
03/08/1760 William HILTON     Elizabeth DAVISON    
01/11/1760 Robert BURN     Elizabeth GASCON   Longbenton
17/03/1761 Thomas ROBSON     Anne WALLIS    
14/05/1761 William YOUNG     Julia THEW    
17/05/1761 John CUTTER     Susanna HOPE    
31/07/1761 William READHEAD     Jane WRIGHT    
06/08/1761 John FRENCH     Margaret ENGLISH    
22/02/1762 John BREESE     Mary NEWTON    
01/02/1763 John BERRY   Great Yarmouth, Norfolk Isabella COOPER    
08/02/1763 William BRYDING     Mary Isabella LATIMOOR    
14/03/1763 James BELL     Mary WRAY    
02/05/1763 John ATKINSON     Anne HEDLEY    
24/05/1763 William WETHERAL     Mary BOYD    
18/07/1763 John TYZACK     Margaret SURTEES    
15/09/1763 George IRVING     Sarah SADLER    
13/10/1763 William FOSTER     Catharine ATKINSON   Tynemouth
31/10/1763 John FIGG     Dorothy BROWN    
20/11/1763 George MADDISON     Anne ALEXANDER    
19/02/1764 William JOPLING     Anne AIRE    
23/05/1764 Thomas POTTS     Isabel CARR    
25/06/1764 John GREENER   Tynemouth Anne SWAN    
15/07/1764 Edward CHARLTON     Anne ENGLISH    
29/07/1764 William FEATHERSTON     Elisabeth DODDS    
12/09/1764 Robert HENDRICK     Christian SHARP   Gateshead, Durham
26/12/1764 Nicholas CHAPMAN     Margaret SAUNDERS    
06/05/1765 William HAILS     Mary ELSDON    
04/06/1765 Ralph TODD     Christiana CAIRNS    
08/09/1765 Edward ROBSON   All Saints, Newcastle Upon Tyne Hannah TWISELL    
14/09/1765 Matthew HOPLEY     Fanny FELHAM    
21/09/1765 James WALMSLEY     Mary JOHNSON    
19/11/1765 George WILLSON     Mary BULMAN    
08/03/1766 Joseph JOBLING     Anne REDHEAD    
08/06/1766 John HALSON     Mary HILLS    
22/10/1766 Chandler COOPER   Monkwearmouth, Durham Anne WRAY    
07/11/1766 William MATTHEWS     Jane SMITH    
22/11/1766 Robert JOBLING     Isabel JOBLING    
15/02/1767 Thomas MORGAN     Grace RUDD    
06/06/1767 John MAN     Elisabeth PYE    
08/06/1767 William HULBUCK     Elisabeth AKENHEAD   Tynemouth
22/09/1767 James MONCASTER     Elisabeth DALE    
12/01/1768 Thomas BAKER   Lamesley, Durham Isabella DOBSON    
12/01/1768 Joseph TWISELL     Anne TOWNS    
24/07/1768 William TULIP     Elisabeth ADAMS   South Shields, Durham
21/08/1768 James FENWICK     Jane TURPIN    
12/10/1768 Thomas PATTISON     Isabel NEWTON    
08/04/1769 Richard DOBSON     Elisabeth BAKER   Lamesley, Durham
15/05/1769 William MOWE     Elisabeth WOODNESS    
16/05/1769 Robert TURNBULL     Sarah SANDERSON    
22/08/1769 George STEPHENSON     Anne JAMES    
13/11/1769 Cuthbert FAWCET     Margaret HEAD    
09/12/1769 Thomas THIRLAWAY     Anne THOMPSON    
26/12/1769 George YOUNG     Anne DAWSON    
23/01/1770 Mark CLARK     Mary RUTHERFORD    
29/04/1770 Thomas PURVIS     Elisabeth MCLAREN    
11/05/1770 William WILSON   Gosforth Isabel SIMPSON    
16/06/1770 Joseph HEDLEY     Elisabeth HUDSBEATH    
22/11/1770 John TAYLOR     Elisabeth BENNET    
24/12/1770 Richard COWLEY     Mary TAYLOR    
08/01/1771 William MUDGE     Mary DOBSON    
09/02/1771 Samuel HALL     Margaret NEWTON    
16/03/1771 George BULMAN     Elisabeth ROBINSON    
20/03/1771 Matthew SMITH     Anne GRAHAM    
16/04/1771 Matthew WATERS     Mary WALKER   Tynemouth
18/05/1771 Robert RAFFEL     Martha HILLS    
14/09/1771 William KIRKLEY     Isabel SOPWITH    
21/10/1771 John OLIVER     Isabel SQUIRES    
22/02/1772 John ELDER     Catharine CLARKE   Earsdon
14/06/1772 Ireland BUTLER     Margaret BUTLER    
27/06/1772 George RUTHERFORD     Elisabeth HEDLEY    
20/08/1772 Robert NICHOL     Mary MOWAT    
11/10/1772 John ADAMSON     Elisabeth BONE    
12/10/1772 James WEEDEY     Mary PURVIS    
22/11/1772 Cuthbert MILLER     Margaret PURVIS    
10/02/1773 Joseph COLLESON     Anne WAKEFIELD    
14/03/1773 Thomas MADLEN     Mary JEFFERSON    
18/08/1773 Robert HARRISON     Ann SANDERSON    
25/09/1773 Robert PYLE     Mary METCALFE    
29/11/1773 John LIDDELL     Jane HILLS    
18/02/1774 Ralph BOLAM     Barbara ELLIOT    
24/02/1774 James DIXON   South Shields, Durham Isabel FINLEY    
05/03/1774 Richard KIRLEY     Anne WOLFE    
07/03/1774 Thomas SMITH   Tynemouth Jane DODDS    
10/05/1774 William HELMEROWS     Margaret WILSON    
15/08/1774 Peter FORSTER     Catharine BAKER    
29/01/1775 George WINTER     Jane HOBSON    
15/04/1775 Thomas CARR   St Nicholas, Newcastle Upon Tyne Isabella HANCH    
17/06/1775 William LEE     Elisabeth BOYD    
18/02/1776 William GALLON     Isabel HEDLEY    
16/05/1776 John PYE   Earsdon Mary PYE    
19/05/1776 Mark ROBSON     Frances PARKER    
30/06/1776 Robert LITHAN   Tynemouth Mary THEW    
07/07/1776 Thomas HALL     Mary STRAUPHAN    
07/08/1776 Mark WILLINS     Mary ALDER    
05/11/1776 Robert JOBLING     Elisabeth GILLEY    
06/11/1776 John MENNEM     Hannah JERJAIN    
19/11/1776 William THOMPSON     Isabella DODDS    
31/12/1776 George HECKELS     Isabella STAMP    
02/01/1777 Andrew BREWER     Alice GALLRICK    
04/05/1777 Thomas WILKINSON   Hartlepool, Durham Elisabeth CRAIKE    
18/05/1777 William TURNBULL   Tynemouth Tamar WHITE    
24/05/1777 Henry PINKNEY   Gateshead, Durham Isabella BAKER    
02/06/1777 John SCOTT     Mary BROWN    
03/06/1777 Robert GRAHAM   Tynemouth Mary REED    
07/08/1777 Edward ROBSON     Mary THOMPSON   St Nicholas, Newcastle Upon Tyne
06/09/1777 Robert KIRKLEY     Ann ATKINSON    
28/09/1777 Alexander WATSON     Elisabeth RUTHERFORD    
20/10/1777 Robert DAVIDSON     Sarah STODART    
15/11/1777 John RICHARDSON   Tynemouth Mary SMITH    
06/12/1777 Matthew PRINGLE   St John, Newcastle Upon Tyne Rebecca HALL    
26/12/1777 Matthew MORRIS     Isabel SCOTT    
28/12/1777 Alexander MONTGOMERY     Eleanor POTTS    
19/01/1778 Henry WILLIAMSON     Jane CUNNINGHAM    
03/02/1778 Henry FROWHETT   Tynemouth Dorothy MITCHESON    
14/05/1778 Andrew COMMON     Mabel TURNBULL    
17/05/1778 Matthew SMITH     Isabella SWAN    
06/06/1778 Thomas MILLER     Mary CLARKE    
05/07/1778 William COOPER     Ann RIDLEY    
30/07/1778 Robert TURNER   All Saints, Newcastle Upon Tyne Elisabeth PARKER    
15/08/1778 Ralph HARRISON     Ann WAKE    
06/11/1778 George AVERY     Margaret ATKINSON    
12/12/1778 Jonathan OLD     Ann ROBSON   Newburn
27/12/1778 William STAWARD   Earsdon Elisabeth BLAKEY    
06/02/1779 Joseph MORDUE     Isabella TURNER    
16/02/1779 John TAYLOR     Dorothy SANDERS    
20/03/1779 Francis JOHNSON     Isabella SMITH    
24/04/1779 Robert WINTER     Elisabeth GREY    
17/06/1779 Henry BUDGE     Jane BORTHWICK    
18/08/1779 James MARSHALL     Ann FORSTER    
19/08/1779 Nicholas THORNTON   St John, Newcastle Upon Tyne Ann MORDUE    
11/10/1779 James HAMILTON     Elisabeth THOMPSON    
20/11/1779 John LOWTHER     Ann PURL    
01/12/1779 George JOHNSTON     Mary ROBSON    
07/12/1779 Robert HUNTLEY     Mary ELLIOT    
13/12/1779 Ralph DIXON     Isabel COWLEY    
06/02/1780 John CAMPBEL     Jane MARLEY    
12/02/1780 Thomas LIDDELL     Jane WHITFIELD    
15/04/1780 Robert CAVERS   All Saints, Newcastle Upon Tyne Margaret JOPLING    
12/07/1780 John BERTRAM   Ryton, Durham Margaret HARRISON    
06/08/1780 William GAZE     Ann MAYTHER    
26/08/1780 Luke HEDLEY     Jane MILNE    
03/09/1780 William DREW     Ann NEWTON    
09/09/1780 William CHATER     Hannah ROBSON    
16/09/1780 Andrew RUTHERFORD     Elisabeth ENGLISH    
08/10/1780 William DALE     Margaret HESLOP    
14/10/1780 Thomas COX     Jane HUSH    
23/11/1780 Ralph ROBSON   Longbenton Elisabeth GOWINS    
09/12/1780 Thomas HALL     Margaret HILLS    
10/02/1781 James BARREN     Jane ELLIOT    
17/02/1781 Cuthbert MAUDLING     Margaret KEED    
04/03/1781 John TURNER     Barbara USHER    
29/04/1781 George SHANKS     Phillis RUTHERFORD    
19/06/1781 David HILLS     Jane ROBISON   Longbenton
19/08/1781 William WILSON     Jane BUGLE    
28/08/1781 James DONNISON     Sarah AKENHEAD   South Shields, Durham
09/09/1781 William HARPER   St Andrew, Newcastle Upon Tyne Mary MACKIE    
18/09/1781 Robert NESBIT     Elisabeth SWAN    
01/12/1781 Henry HALL     Eleanor WEST    
23/12/1781 James TENANT     Dorothy BOOKLESS    
28/01/1782 Ralph WATSON     Margaret ARNOTT    
11/02/1782 Robert BELL     Barbara CARR    
06/03/1782 William BOTHWICK     Isabella BURTON    
01/04/1782 John SMITH     Sarah REEDHEAD    
18/05/1782 James LUMSDEN     Jane BOYD    
08/06/1782 George ALLEN     Catarine MCNAB    
21/07/1782 Kenneth THOMSON     Margaret HEMSLEY    
19/08/1782 Richard CHARLETON   Morpeth Harriet POTTER    
25/08/1782 Robert CRADDOCK     Ann NEZBITT    
29/09/1782 Peter COCKRON   South Shields, Durham Ann HILLS    
18/11/1782 John COCKRAN     Isabel STEPHENSON    
30/11/1782 David RAMSEY     Elisabeth HILLS    
16/01/1783 Thomas BELL     Mary PHILIPS    
09/02/1783 Matthew HUTTON     Margaret HOY    
25/03/1783 William COUGHRON     Sarah WALKER    
04/05/1783 William COLLINGWOOD     Dinah MILLER    
17/05/1783 Henry ELLIOT     Margaret SCOTT    
19/05/1783 Andrew ARMSTRONG     Jane USHER    
17/08/1783 Thomas CLARK     Elizabeth BOWDON    
30/08/1783 Robert PATTISON     Elisabeth FORSTER    
01/09/1783 Edward CUTTER     Margaret FOGGAR    
26/10/1783 James LOWRIE     Mary MILLS    
03/11/1783 George ARMSTRONG     Ann USHER    
22/11/1783 William WIGHAM     Mary THOBURN    
26/12/1783 Henry PRATT     Martha MANGER    
17/01/1784 Jacob SAMSON     Jane JOPLING    
19/01/1784 Thomas SHAW     Ann PEAL    
12/04/1784 William SPEARE     Jane BROWELL    
24/04/1784 James DOBY     Sarah STEWART    
23/05/1784 Edmond OTTEY     Jane FINDLEY    
30/05/1784 George FORSTER     Sarah WILLIAMSON    
21/08/1784 Forster CROWSIER     Ann JOHNSON    
15/09/1784 Henry SKIPREY     Isabella ROBSON    
19/09/1784 William HAMILTON     Catharine GREEN    
06/10/1784 George AISBET     Ann HOPE    
20/11/1784 Alexander MENZIES     Margaret WANLES    
05/12/1784 Ralph THOMPSON     Margaret WARDELL    
29/01/1785 Robert BARROW     Jane ENGLISH    
30/01/1785 Robert HUTCHINSON     Ann WILLIAMSON    
03/03/1785 William DOUGLAS   Tynemouth Elisabeth SMITH    
08/03/1785 James RUTHERFORD     Margaret ELLISON    
09/03/1785 John PARSLOW     Elisabeth HALL    
22/04/1785 Joseph ELLIOT   Longbenton Margaret HALL    
03/05/1785 Charles WILSON     Dorothy ARCHER    
12/06/1785 William GREGG     Mary PEARSON    
29/06/1785 Ralph ALLEN     Dorothy HUME    
24/07/1785 William WRAY     Elisabeth BREEZE    
20/08/1785 John ROBINSON     Margaret RICHARDSON    
03/09/1785 John CARR     Elisabeth SCOTT    
17/10/1785 Isaac APPLEBY   Tynemouth Mary ROBSON    
12/11/1785 Thomas REED   Ryton, Durham Margaret DOUGLAS    
12/11/1785 Ralph MCKENNEY     Elisabeth SCOTT    
14/11/1785 William HALL     Pamelia HUDSON    
19/11/1785 George MITCHISON     Thomazin FOREST    
27/11/1785 Thomas HAMMOND     Barbara RICHARDSON    
12/12/1785 Anthony ARMSTRONG     Catharine BROWN    
24/12/1785 Thomas STEWART     Grace JAMESON    
02/01/1786 John HUNTER   Corbridge Mary MOFFIT    
02/02/1786 John KING     Catharine SWAN    
06/03/1786 William HUNTLEY     Sarah DINNING   Tynemouth
14/03/1786 John AINSLEY     Margaret HEDLEY    
17/04/1786 Henry GREGER     Sarah ENGLISH    
29/04/1786 William Ogle WALLIS   Tynemouth Mary HALL    
13/05/1786 Peter PRAT     Ann FORSTER    
21/05/1786 George CAR   Longbenton Elizabeth SANDERSON    
22/05/1786 John JOPLING     Isabella HEMSLEY    
25/06/1786 Samuel COOPER     Mary JEFFERSON    
01/07/1786 John WAUGH     Elizabeth BURN    
10/07/1786 Henry NESBITT     Jane CRADDOCK   Sedgefield, Durham
15/07/1786 Andrew STEPHENSON     Mary LOWRY    
25/11/1786 William COXON     Alice LAMB    
06/12/1786 George SMITH     Isabella DAWSON    
23/12/1786 George WATSON     Jane ETHRINGHAM    
07/01/1787 George TOWNS     Ann MCKENNEY    
14/02/1787 John WINSHIP     Elisabeth BROWN   Ponteland
20/02/1787 Andrew COMMON     Elisabeth HEIGHLEY    
04/03/1787 Matthew ENGLISH     Mary CODLING    
16/07/1787 George MADDISON     Ann DIXON    
21/07/1787 David JOLLEY     Susanna REDHEAD    
05/08/1787 James BULMAN     Hannah CARR    
14/08/1787 Henry GREGER     Alice DIXON    
25/08/1787 William GREEN     Ann HOPE    
03/09/1787 Archbold MITCHEL     Ann CARTER    
22/09/1787 George HEMSLEY     Hannah HALL    
27/10/1787 James RATLIFF   St Nicholas, Newcastle Upon Tyne Dorothy SMITH    
07/11/1787 Thomas DIXON     Isabella HECKLES    
07/11/1787 John MILLAR     Barbara WHITE    
19/11/1787 John FORSTER     Barbara HUNTLEY    
25/11/1787 Michael COOK     Isabella ERRINGTON   Longbenton
08/01/1788 John YOUNG     Catharine POTTER    
19/01/1788 Henry WEATHERELL     Isabella ROBSON    
27/01/1788 John MASON     Elisabeth ORD    
22/05/1788 John EDWARDS     Mary COATES    
24/05/1788 John GILCHRIST     Mary GREEN    
07/06/1788 Nicholas ELSTOB     Jane OLD    
10/06/1788 James DRYSAL     Jane DIXON    
23/06/1788 William ENGLISH     Margaret HUBBUCK    
24/06/1788 William COLLINGWOOD     Isabella THOMPSON    
05/07/1788 William BREWELL     Ann SURTEES    
03/08/1788 John SHARP     Jane BELL    
17/08/1788 George MURRAY     Mary WILKINSON    
31/08/1788 Joseph MADDISON     Ann WALTON    
21/09/1788 John BOLAM     Jane GARDINER    
26/10/1788 James COXON     Mary HEDLEY    
02/11/1788 Andrew THOMPSON     Jane MCKENZIE    
09/11/1788 James ROBSON     Margaret SWAN    
08/12/1788 Lancelot ERRINGTON     Margaret GILCHRIST    
25/12/1788 Joseph CORVY     Susannah GLEGHORN    
14/02/1789 George GREEN     Isabella HEPPEL    
14/02/1789 Thomas ORD     Rebecca HECKLES    
14/02/1789 John WATSON     Elizabeth DODDS    
16/03/1789 Henry WATSON     Mary LOWRY    
19/04/1789 Ralph HALL     Mary SHIPLEY    
25/04/1789 Robert BURREL     Jane KEER    
11/05/1789 John WIDEY     Ann FORSTER    
23/05/1789 William ENGLISH     Mary ADAMS    
31/05/1789 Andrew HALL     Mary MADDISON    
06/06/1789 William POTTS     Jane BOLTON    
07/06/1789 Charles TURNBULL     Jane MIDDLESMAS    
18/06/1789 Robert WILLIAMSON     Alice MCKENNEY    
20/09/1789 William PARKINSON     Mary THOMPSON    
10/10/1789 Thomas HANN     Sarah MADDISON    
06/11/1789 Matthew CLAVERING   Chester Le Street, Durham Jane BRODERICK    
22/11/1789 Ralph MIDDLEMAS     Eleanor TURNBULL    
24/11/1789 William SHARP   South Shields, Durham Catharine ALDER    
07/12/1789 Thomas CATCHERSIDE     Eleanor MONTGOMERY    
08/12/1789 Joshua WILSON     Ann PYE    
19/12/1789 John USHER     Henzell DIXON    
30/12/1789 John ARROWSMITH     Ann POTTS   St John, Newcastle Upon Tyne
28/02/1790 William GILMOUR     Ann PATTERSON    
01/05/1790 Thomas POTTS     Mary HAILSTONE    
02/05/1790 James HILL     Dorothy NICHOLSON    
27/06/1790 James JAMESON     Rachael HALL    
27/06/1790 Thomas FORSTER     Elizabeth WINTER    
10/07/1790 William SWAN     Margaret CUTTER    
15/07/1790 Edward HURST     Rachael GILHESPY    
01/08/1790 John MAUGHAN     Mary KILE    
15/08/1790 John MARSHALL     Thomason MITCHISON    
28/08/1790 Robert SANDERSON   St Bees, Cumberland Mary PARKER    
13/09/1790 William WILLIAMSON     Mary ADAMSON    
19/09/1790 James WADDELL     Sarah MOSSMAN    
26/09/1790 William TURNER     Alice COOK    
20/11/1790 George WRIGHT     Ann ROBINSON    
21/11/1790 Cuthbert SHIPSEY     Hannah WANLES    
22/11/1790 Luke STUART     Margaret BELL    
27/11/1790 Mark Albinus PELHAM     Mary NICHOLSON    
18/12/1790 Thomas LIDDELL     Mary BROWN    
27/03/1791 Philip ARKLEY     Elizabeth HEPPELL    
30/04/1791 George THIRLAWELL     Margaret ROBSON    
08/05/1791 Henry FREWITT     Mary TAYLOR    
22/05/1791 Robert SWAN     Elizabeth SIMPSON   All Saints, Newcastle Upon Tyne
25/05/1791 William MCKENNEY     Ruth PATTISON    
28/05/1791 Andrew SPENCE     Mable HALL    
26/07/1791 Thomas NIXON     Mary DINNES    
07/08/1791 John BATEY     Jane THOBURN    
27/08/1791 Robert RENNISON     Eleanor HUNTLEY    
22/10/1791 William ALLEN     Ursula POTTS    
29/10/1791 John MOOR     Elizabeth WRIGHTSON    
30/10/1791 William JOBLING     Ann WARDELL    
04/12/1791 George WEATHERELL     Mary HOLMES    
31/12/1791 Thomas OLD     Elizabeth CLARK    
25/02/1792 Edward FORSTER     Mary WRIGHTSON    
05/03/1792 Henry WILLIAMSON     Elizabeth WEATHERELL    
25/03/1792 Joseph PATTISON     Ann GRAY    
12/04/1792 John WOOD   St Andrew, Auckland, Durham Phillis BRYAN    
14/04/1792 Thomas MASON     Jane ELLIOT    
28/04/1792 James MCINTOSH     Margaret FRAZER    
12/06/1792 Robert DAWSON     Dorothy SHIELD    
17/06/1792 John COOPER     Margaret PATTERSON    
11/07/1792 John HUDSON   South Shields, Durham Mary CLARK    
28/07/1792 Peter KEERS     Margaret ROBINSON    
23/08/1792 William BROWN     Eleanor PATTISON   St Andrew, Newcastle Upon Tyne
28/08/1792 Luke STEWART     Margaret ATKINSON    
22/09/1792 James MOUTREY     Mary CRAGGS    
30/09/1792 John HOLLIDAY     Isabella SMITH    
21/10/1792 William NIXON     Isabella PURVIS    
01/12/1792 Robert WRIGHT     Elizabeth ROBINSON    
02/12/1792 Christopher DAVIDSON     Barbara WILLIAMSON    
15/12/1792 Thomas ASBITT     Mary GILES    
26/01/1793 Robert KEERS     Elizabeth DODGSON    
27/01/1793 James JOPLING     Jane JOBLING    
30/01/1793 William SMITH   Tynemouth Isabella MARR    
06/02/1793 John PETERS     Elizabeth ROBSON    
24/03/1793 Thomas FRAZER     Margery HILLS    
20/04/1793 Roger SPENCE     Jane ELLIS    
18/05/1793 John ARCHBOLD     Alice BARNES    
01/06/1793 John BROWN     Eleanor GLEGRON    
08/06/1793 George KIRKLEY     Dorothy BOLAM    
08/07/1793 Thomas PRESTON     Sarah SMITH    
10/08/1793 William MASON     Jane POTTS    
31/08/1793 George CORNER     Dorothy FORSTER    
23/10/1793 George MILLS     Elizabeth DIXON    
03/11/1793 Robert CAMPBELL     Hannah ADAMSON    
24/11/1793 James MAUDLING     Mary TAYLOR    
12/01/1794 Thomas DAKERS     Mary HANN    
12/01/1794 John JOPLING     Sarah MALHAM    
28/01/1794 Thomas MANN     Mary HEDLEY    
10/02/1794 David TINDELL     Mary HEPPELL    
02/03/1794 Thomas MOSS     Hannah ARNOT    
03/04/1794 William SMITH   Bedlington Mary HALL    
05/04/1794 Richard MANGER     Martha BROWN    
07/04/1794 William TATE   Longbenton Sarah FORSTER    
27/06/1794 Richard HEPPELL     Alice JOWSEY    
12/07/1794 John WANLAS     Eleanor FENWICK    
13/07/1794 George PENLINGTON     Mary HEPPELL    
19/07/1794 John SMITH     Mary TURNBULL    
20/07/1794 John WRAY     Margaret HUSK    
25/07/1794 William RANKEY     Ann LAMB    
19/10/1794 Noah EDWARDS     Jane PROCTOR    
29/11/1794 William HALL     Ann FENWICK    
06/02/1795 Anthony BOWDON     Frances WEATHERELL    
28/02/1795 William TAYLOR     Sarah RANKIN    
04/04/1795 Robert WHITE     Ann MORALEE    
17/05/1795 John EMBLETON     Jane WIGHAM    
30/05/1795 Edward COULSON     Jane HEIMERS    
30/05/1795 James ANGUS     Mary OLIVER    
06/06/1795 John DAWSON     Jane SCOTT    
27/06/1795 Henry GRAY     Margaret WRIGHT    
01/10/1795 John SIMPSON     Isabella GROWER    
17/10/1795 Thomas MCKAINE     Ruth YELLOWLY   Hexham
31/10/1795 Matthew COWENS     Jane LAWSON    
28/11/1795 Thomas BROUGH   All Saints, Newcastle Upon Tyne Frances LEAVISS    
19/12/1795 John MARSHALL     Dorothy ROBSON    
20/12/1795 George ROBINSON     Ann HINDMARCH    
25/12/1795 Robert JACKSON     Mary WALES    
20/01/1796 Roger HOPPER     Mary ARNOTT    
17/03/1796 William LINKLATER     Margaret SCOTT    
21/03/1796 Robert MORALEE     Ann REED    
26/03/1796 William CHARLTON     Alice CURRY    
12/05/1796 Robert CAMPBELL     Eleanor IRELAND    
21/05/1796 Edward GREY   South Shields, Durham Mary WHITFIELD    
12/06/1796 James JACKSON     Isabella SCOTT    
09/07/1796 Matthew BIRKLEY     Mary HUNTER    
20/08/1796 Thomas ROBSON     Jane ORANGE    
20/08/1796 George HOWE     Jane SCURFIELD    
18/09/1796 Joseph COOK     Elizabeth PELHAM    
18/09/1796 Joseph WRIGHT     Margaret TAYLOR    
28/09/1796 Henry Joseph HOUNSOM   All Saints, Newcastle Upon Tyne Mary HURRY    
05/10/1796 William GRAY     Sarah LAMB    
12/10/1796 William CROW     Eleanor HARDY    
29/10/1796 George STOKER     Jane DOUGLAS    
20/11/1796 Rewcastle ARMSTRONG     Dorothy BOLAM    
10/12/1796 Henry WARDALE   Tynemouth Elizabeth HALL    
14/12/1796 Robert HANN     Mary BAIRD    
24/12/1796 James GARDINER     Alice ROBSON    
02/01/1797 John PATTERSON     Ann CUTTER    
29/01/1797 William DAVIES     Ann MILLAR    
05/02/1797 John JOHNSON   St John, Newcastle Upon Tyne Mary TODD    
16/02/1797 John ROBINSON     Eleanor AINSLEY    
20/02/1797 William GUTHRIE     Barbara REED    
05/03/1797 William MARSHALL     Mary FORSTER    
19/03/1797 George DICKINSON     Dorothy CHAPMAN    
02/04/1797 John ORD     Jane COWLEY    
09/04/1797 John HUMBLE     Hannah CUTTER    
22/04/1797 Thomas NIXON     Mary BURN    
22/04/1797 Thomas HENDERSON     Jane SCOTT    
24/06/1797 William FENWICK     Eleanor DAVIDSON    
08/07/1797 Michael MORALEE     Mary REED    
15/07/1797 William JOHNSON     Mary BROWN    
03/09/1797 Matthew YOUNG     Ann HOULT    
28/10/1797 Benjamin JACKSON     Elizabeth HOPE    
05/11/1797 Joseph PATTISON     Margaret RUTHERFORD    
05/11/1797 Edward BURN   Longbenton Hannah THOMPSON    
02/12/1797 Ralph HALL     Ann HALL    
09/12/1797 Cuthbert BARRAS     Ann SMITH    
23/12/1797 James COXON     Dorothy SCOTT    
25/12/1797 Thomas GARDINER     Mary BEENS    
30/12/1797 Edward MIDDLEMAS     Ann ANDERSON    
11/02/1798 George BROWN     Elizabeth FINDLEY    
19/02/1798 John YOUNG     Elizabeth DONKIN    
08/04/1798 George WEATHERELL     Jane STOKER    
23/04/1798 Ralph FORSTER   Warden Elizabeth HALL    
28/05/1798 William HUNTER   Whitburn, Durham Sarah PELHAM    
24/06/1798 George FINLEY     Mary FRAIZER    
02/07/1798 John KENNEDY     Jane JOBLING    
05/07/1798 William WILKINSON     Mary HOWSTAN    
07/07/1798 Ralph WILE     Hannah JOHNSON    
08/07/1798 Jeremiah TROTTER     Eleanor SPENCER    
21/07/1798 Richard DOBESON     Jane POTTS    
29/07/1798 Francis FENWICK     Eleanor NICHOLS    
08/08/1798 John DARNELL   St John, Newcastle Upon Tyne Isabella SIMPSON    
12/08/1798 George HUNTER     Hannah GILMOOR    
13/08/1798 Thomas CROOKS     Elizabeth CHAMBERS    
16/09/1798 William PARKINSON     Jane ATKINSON    
25/09/1798 John GREGG     Ann PATTERSON    
29/09/1798 George JOHNSON   Jarrow, Durham Ann HUNTER    
27/10/1798 Thomas SIMPSON     Jane RODDISON    
11/11/1798 Henry SOPPIT     Jane COCKBURN    
11/11/1798 James HEDLEY     Ann HENDERSON   Tynemouth
12/11/1798 William USHER     Margaret STOKER    
24/11/1798 Matthew JACKSON   Longbenton Margaret NICHOLSON    
02/12/1798 Thomas BURDIS     Margaret DUNN    
08/12/1798 John COOK     Elizabeth LEE   Monkwearmouth, Durham
22/12/1798 Matthew ROBSON     Mary JOBLING    
14/01/1799 Richard HEPPLE     Mary HANN    
28/01/1799 Thomas HARKER   South Shields, Durham Frances Holmes ROBINSON    
10/02/1799 William MURTON     Margaret PURVIS    
20/02/1799 Robert INGRAM     Catherine HARDY    
26/02/1799 Matthew WILKINSON     Jane WILSON   Newburn
12/03/1799 Ralph SHORT     Margaret BOWSER    
23/03/1799 John FORSTER     Isabella HESLOP    
02/06/1799 John BROWN     Mary WILE    
17/06/1799 Thomas BILTON   St Margaret, Durham, Durham Margaret STOKER    
23/06/1799 Thomas SHEPHERD     Alice SCOTT    
29/06/1799 John NEZBIT     Hannah WATSON    
04/07/1799 Richard WOULDHAVE     Eleanor WHATLEY    
11/08/1799 Robert Wade WALMSLEY     Elizabeth HENDERSON    
11/08/1799 John KENNEDY     Hannah SMITH    
15/08/1799 George WEATHERHEAD     Elizabeth WEIGHTMAN    
16/08/1799 William CRAISTER     Martha JUBBS    
27/08/1799 Robert PAIN     Mary YOUNGHUSBAND    
07/09/1799 Robert STOREY     Ann NICHOLS    
26/10/1799 John CHARLTON     Isabella THOMPSON    
27/10/1799 John KENNEDY     Margaret WAUGH    
02/11/1799 James OLD     Sarah BROWN    
23/11/1799 Mark RUTLISH     Jane KILE    
22/12/1799 William ETTRINGHAM     Isabella HESLOP    
23/12/1799 William FOTHERGILL     Elizabeth JOPLING    
08/01/1800 Thomas PATTERSON     Grace COOPER    
02/02/1800 Patrick PYE     Jane BOWER    
02/02/1800 Reay JOHNSON     Mable HALL    
09/03/1800 George HORSLEY     Ann WALLACE    
15/05/1800 John SPARK   Tynemouth Dorothy SMITH    
19/05/1800 George HALL   Stamfordham Jane SMITH    
19/05/1800 Robert BOWDON     Ann THOBURN    
20/05/1800 Matthew MCGEE     Ann AINSLEY    
24/05/1800 Joseph LAMB     Ann HANN    
01/06/1800 Joseph CHAMBERS     Margaret NICHOLSON    
02/08/1800 Ambrose HUNTER     Mary SCOTT    
04/08/1800 Francis BURTON     Margaret HALL    
31/08/1800 John SMITH     Isabella ROXBY    
05/10/1800 Matthew STEWART     Elizabeth MASON    
12/10/1800 John HOGGET     Margaret RICHARDSON    
12/10/1800 John ROBINSON     Ann BOWER    
23/10/1800 John HALL     Elizabeth MORGAN    
25/10/1800 William DODDS     Ann SHANKLEY    
26/10/1800 Thomas SIMPSON     Jane LINDSAY    
15/11/1800 Alexander LISHMAN     Elizabeth HAILSTONE   Newburn
22/11/1800 Alexander BROWN     Hannah WILKINSON    
04/12/1800 Joseph BLENKINSOP   Tynemouth Jane HEPPELL    
06/12/1800 George KILE     Sarah HUMBLE    
06/12/1800 Robert MASON     Mary DAWSON    
20/12/1800 George HENDERSON     Margaret GILES    
20/12/1800 William BELL     Margaret MIDDLEMAST    
21/12/1800 Ralph TODD     Mary KING    
25/12/1800 Joseph ENGLISH     Catherine HAWDON    
03/01/1801 William WIDDRINGTON     Elizabeth DENT    
29/01/1801 David RAW   St Giles, Durham, Durham Ann HUTCHINSON    
22/02/1801 Benjamin CHAMBERS     Ann MILLAR    
25/04/1801 Thomas HUMBLE     Ann RICHARDSON    
24/05/1801 George RICHIE     Mary ARMSTRONG    
25/05/1801 John SHELDON     Elizabeth WATSON    
13/06/1801 John COXON     Jane HUTCHINSON    
21/06/1801 John HAYS     Eleanor DAWSON    
26/06/1801 George STEPHENSON   Whittingham Bell ATKINSON    
28/06/1801 Henry KINGSON     Mary GARDINER    
15/07/1801 Joseph IRELAND   West Rounton, Yorkshire Ann CUNNINGHAM    
19/07/1801 Joshua HARBOTTLE     Ann SCOTT    
20/07/1801 Luke HOPE     Hannah SMITH    
31/08/1801 Edward GIBSON     Jane BROWN    
12/09/1801 George LAWS     Margaret NUTTLE    
16/09/1801 George LAWS     Mary ANDERSON    
21/11/1801 William ATKINSON     Eleanor SCOTT    
22/11/1801 William HUTCHINSON     Mary MORPETH    
26/12/1801 Henry HAY     Jane SMITH    
24/02/1802 Peter HUNTER     Isabella ROBSON    
11/03/1802 Adam MILLS     Elizabeth PARKER    
23/03/1802 Thomas KENNEDY     Isabella DODDS    
25/04/1802 John DAWSON     Catherine DIXON    
22/05/1802 William SANDERSON     Ann SHIPSEY    
12/06/1802 Fenwick HORSLEY     Isabella SMITH    
12/06/1802 Edward THOBURN     Frances ORD    
13/06/1802 John FOTHERGILL     Margery CRAWFORD    
25/06/1802 Robert DOUGLAS     Barbara DUNHAM    
26/06/1802 Thomas DIXON     Dorothy BUTTIMAN    
27/06/1802 Richard WHITE     Ann OGLE    
30/06/1802 Edward BOGGIN     Mary HALL    
11/07/1802 Christopher HANN     Ann HORSLEY    
17/07/1802 George WALES     Margaret ERRINGTON    
19/07/1802 Jonathan WHITFIELD     Martha EMBLETON    
21/07/1802 William ELLIOT     Elizabeth CAR    
17/08/1802 James MILLAR     Hannah YARROW    
06/09/1802 William THRIFT     Sarah DAVIDSON    
23/10/1802 Thomas WILKINSON     Mary STOKER    
28/10/1802 John MERTHO     Margaret ALDER    
07/11/1802 Robert PARKINSON     Jane THOMPSON    
08/11/1802 Matthew KNOTT     Ann MILLAR    
14/11/1802 William MOULD     Elizabeth GASCOIGNE    
15/11/1802 William HALL     Elizabeth DAWSON    
20/11/1802 John HUNTER     Jane CUNNINGHAM    
24/11/1802 William WILSON     Elizabeth MANN    
28/11/1802 Thomas HOULT     Elizabeth BAMFORD    
28/11/1802 Robert BURN     Ann SCOTT    
04/12/1802 William ROGERSON     Alice SMITH    
20/12/1802 Cuthbert HOWSTAN     Elizabeth DOBSON    
25/12/1802 Joseph GRUNDY     Margaret CRAN    
29/12/1802 James ERRINGTON     Ann ARMSTRONG    
06/02/1803 Joseph HALL     Mary THOMPSON    
12/02/1803 William FENWICK     Eleanor GREAVES    
20/02/1803 Thomas VEACH     Elizabeth SMITH    
10/03/1803 Thomas POTTS     Elizabeth SHOTTON    
30/07/1803 John WADDELL     Mary SHIRWOOD    
15/08/1803 George SHAUGHAN     Elizabeth ANDREW    
30/08/1803 William CHILTON     Jane KILROY   All Saints, Newcastle Upon Tyne
06/11/1803 Edward ROBSON     Eleanor ERRINGTON    
06/11/1803 William DAVISON     Ann HARRISON    
19/11/1803 William HUNTER     Jane HEIMERS    
20/11/1803 Michael MOON     Jane LISHMAN    
13/12/1803 Archibald RONALDSON   Scotland Jane WEATHERLEY    
01/01/1804 John NICHOLSON     Ann MORRISON    
18/01/1804 Robert HILL     Ann COLLEGE    
28/01/1804 Robert ERRINGTON     Elizabeth VEACH    
29/01/1804 George HALL     Sarah WALKER    
08/02/1804 Ralph TURNBULL     Jane JAMES   All Saints, Newcastle Upon Tyne
14/02/1804 John ARCHIBOLD     Ann HILL    
18/02/1804 Thomas THOMPSON     Jane JOHNSON    
25/02/1804 William AUGHAN     Isabella TURNER    
15/03/1804 Matthew HETHRINGTON     Margaret HETHRINGTON    
22/03/1804 William HUME     Agnes HAIR    
24/03/1804 William NEWTON     Isabella SCOTT    
22/04/1804 John NESBIT     Martha GAZE    
28/04/1804 Robert OLIVER     Ann THOMPSON    
05/05/1804 Thomas WARD     Isabella LOUGH    
26/05/1804 Robert BOWMAN     Jane MAUGHAN    
24/06/1804 William ORD     Mary CAVERS    
25/06/1804 William HORSLEY     Dorothy KILE    
17/07/1804 John ROBINSON     Isabella WILSON    
28/07/1804 Thomas STOKER     Isabella BROWN    
08/10/1804 George BECKWITH     Ann SKIPSEY    
27/10/1804 John WANLASS     Mary LINSDALE    
07/11/1804 William LAWSON     Ann THORNTON    
18/11/1804 John HOGG     Jane HALLIDAY    
24/11/1804 William SHARP     Ann SHERIDIAN    
24/11/1804 James HERON     Mary ROBSON    
25/11/1804 George JOHNSON     Margaret HUMBLE    
01/12/1804 James JUBBS     Ann ANDERSON    
08/12/1804 Jonathan LORD     Elizabeth OLIVER    
09/12/1804 John AYNSLEY     Mary BENNET    
16/12/1804 George TAYLOR     Ann SANDERSON    
16/12/1804 Archbald BROWN     Isabella SKIPSEY    
23/12/1804 Patrick MOON     Isabella FERRY    

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