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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Babworth All Saints


The Parish

The parish of Babworth lies in north central Nottinghamshire about 2 miles west of the market town of East Retford. Babworth sits on the A620 road which connects East Retford with the A1 (Great North Road). Today Babworth is a small place, little more than a hamlet but at the time of this transcript it was a typical rural parish engaged largely in arable farming. Much of Babworth today is taken up with the grounds and house of Babworth Hall, whilst a prison occupies another part of the parish. Modern developments have come to Babworth, the Chesterfield Canel passed through the northern edges of the parish, whilst both the London to York and Sheffield to Humberside rail lines also pass through the edges. Babworth is drained northwards by small feeders to the River Idle, the latter joins the Trent and eventually reaches the North Sea through the Humber Estuary. Babworth is sited at around 20 metres bove the sea in fairly gentle terrain where local heights rarely reach much above 40 metres. Babworth parish was extensive, the northern parish within Nottinghamshire often are, it covered an area of almost 5,900 acres and would have supported a population of just under 600 parishioners. In Domesday times Babworth was a holding of one Roger de Bully and a larger holding for the King, collectively they could offer jusy 5 ploughs and the usual meadows, pastures & woodland.

The Church

All Saints' church sits close to Babworth Hall accessed by a metalled footpath heading northeast from the main crossroads of the A620. The church is a creation of the late Perpendicular period the earliest date mentioned by Pevsner places the church in the 15th century. The northern arcades with its octagonal piers is typical of that period. The church follows the standard layout of nave, chancel and western tower and is augmented by those arcades and aisles. The nave and northern aisle is dated to the 16th century placing them towards the very end of the Perpendicular period. The church has also been much altered since completion, initial work commenced in 1784 as part of the prettification of the hall and grounds which date from a similar period. The Victorian changes then followed in both the 1850 and 1870s to reach today's church. The lane to the church leaves at a footpath sign opposite the B6420 and has some limited parking at its start, a walk of some 400 metres to the churchyard is needed to reach what is a rather tightly enclosed church with only limited angles available for photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
8th November 1754 - 9th October 1768
Nottinghamshire Archives - Reference - PR/20430
Plain, unruled book, a continuation of the extant composite register in contravention of Hardwicke's segregation & wording requirements
Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads
2 23rd November 1770 - 21st December 1812 Nottinghamshire Archives - Reference - PR/20434 Plain, ruled & margined book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 26th November 1813 - 6th May 1837 Nottinghamshire Archives - Reference - PR/20435 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Poor handwriting towards the latter stages of this register raises a possibility of one or two misreads

Blyth St Mary & St Martin
Blyth St Mary & St Martin
Sutton cum Lound St Bartholomew
Worksop St Mary & St Cuthbert
West Retford St Michael
Ordsall All Saints
Eaton All Saints
Worksop St Mary & St Cuthbert
Elkesley St Giles
Gamston St Peter

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
16/01/1754 Samuel ASHFORTH Sheffield, Yorkshire Ann STORRS Sturton Le Steeple
24/03/1754 Robert SHAW Bawtry, Yorkshire Mary SCALES Bawtry, Yorkshire
08/11/1754 George BATTY Jane MARKHAM
13/05/1756 Henry HATFIELD Priscilla SCOT
31/05/1756 John RAYNES Askham Ann ATKISON
11/04/1757 John RIMINGTON Mary FRAMPTON Mattersey
02/10/1758 Thomas GORE Rotherham, Yorkshire Susannah METHERINGHAM
22/11/1758 George DAYKINS Worksop Ann HANCOCK
28/11/1758 William PEARSON Elizabeth CHESTER
05/11/1759 John KETLAND Single East Retford Gooday BINGHAM Single
07/01/1761 William JACKSON Single East Markham Elizabeth COGGING Widow
12/11/1761 James HOOTON Single Coventry, Warwickshire Margaret MELLERS Single
16/11/1761 Thomas TEMPORAL Single Elizabeth FOX Single Sutton Cum Lound
21/12/1761 James CRESWELL Single Helmsley, Yorkshire Ann MORTON Single
31/12/1761 John BARKER Single East Retford Mary MORTON Single
22/02/1762 John REDFERN Widower Worksop Ellenor RHODES Single
31/05/1762 Thomas NEWBOULT Single Stokeham Ann BAINS Single
13/01/1763 Joseph JUBB Single Ordsall Elizabeth MANUWELL Single
23/04/1764 Robert BAINS Single Mary GABBITUS Single Mattersey
07/07/1765 William GRIME Elkesley Hannah METHERINGHAM
17/08/1765 James BARROWS Coventry, Warwickshire Margaret HOOTON
25/11/1765 William JUBB Sarah BAILEY
24/11/1766 Thomas NEWSTEAD Dunham Lydia FENNY
15/12/1766 John TAYLOR Sarah CLARKE
10/02/1767 James RUSHTON Single Baslow, Derbyshire Mary SWIFT Single
18/03/1767 George BLAKEY Widower Martha REDGATE Widow Darlton
20/06/1768 Francis WALKLAND West Retford Ann BOLTON
09/10/1768 John TETHER Sarah CROOKS
23/11/1770 John HILL Elizabeth AUSTIN
28/06/1772 John WHITAKER Blyth Elizabeth SLACK
15/08/1772 Crispin HOLMS Jane SANDERSON
25/12/1772 John HODGKINSON Mary MELLER
17/01/1774 James BATTEY Hannah HAYWOOD
19/12/1774 William TAYLOR Elizabeth MAXFIELD
23/10/1776 William RICHARDS Elizabeth HILTON
04/12/1776 John STANIFORTH Ann CROWDER
20/12/1776 William MACHIN Worksop Ann LOCKWOOD
24/11/1777 Richard HICKTON Mary MARSHALL
10/11/1778 Guy FAIRFAX Wigan, Lancashire Henrietta Catherine KEARNEY Single
15/11/1778 Richard CUTTELL Margaret ROBINSON
01/02/1779 William GEE Elizabeth HOLMES
30/05/1779 John SIBERI Ann TAYLOR
01/05/1780 John CLAYTON North Wheatley Mary BURDEN
06/02/1781 James LONG Sarah BARLOW
05/08/1781 William MALLINDER Elizabeth PYE
05/03/1782 Enoch MASTIN Laneham Ann HUDSON
15/09/1783 Benjamin RICHARDSON Sarah MANIFIELD
15/03/1784 Francis CLAYTON North Wheatley Mary ROBINSON
07/04/1784 William BELLAMY Anne BAXTER
31/01/1785 John ROBINSON Mary MORRIS
18/10/1785 John GLOSSOP Eckington, Derbyshire Elizabeth ROGERS
30/12/1785 Robert TAYLOR Grove Mary TAYLOR
26/04/1786 John NEWTON Widower Ordsall Sarah KIRTCLIFF Widow
30/12/1786 Richard STANILAND Warsop Ann JUSTICE
31/12/1786 William SHIPSTONE Elizabeth STAINROD
24/06/1787 William COOK Elizabeth CATLIFF
28/08/1788 John TURNER Ann MANGHAM
16/05/1791 Thomas HUTCHINSON Ann HARRIS
13/11/1791 William WHITEHEAD Anston, Yorkshire Hannah STOREY
02/08/1792 John HOLLIDAY West Retford Margaret RICHARDSON
22/01/1793 John TEMPORAL Carlton In Lindrick Elizabeth TAYLOR
24/01/1793 Samuel VIZARD Ann STEVENSON
08/07/1793 John GALE Gamston Margaret TOMLINSON
01/12/1793 Benjamin ATKINSON Gamston Ann PAUSON
01/12/1794 William BOWER Single Elizabeth ASHMORE Single
12/12/1796 Thomas CHAPMAN Single Ann ROGERS Single
09/01/1797 John DENISON Ossington Charlotte BOTWICK
24/07/1797 William BROWN Single Gamston Martha GREGORY Single
25/12/1797 Andrew ELLIOT Elizabeth BLITHMAN
30/04/1798 Mathias CREASEY Thorney, Cambridgeshire Ruth TAYLOR
16/10/1798 William HODGKINSON Blyth Elizabeth HODGKINSON
14/05/1802 Stephen SCOFIELD Elizabeth SIMONS Gamston
07/09/1802 George NEAVES Blyth Mary BROWN
25/12/1802 Francis SNOWDON Bawtry, Yorkshire Martha CHAPPELL
27/12/1802 Richard GRANGER Elizabeth TURNER
07/02/1803 John BARNS Widower Newark On Trent Prudence DAVIS Widow
08/11/1803 Joseph PEARPOINT Everton Mary FOOTETT
22/11/1803 Samuel GIBBINS Ann HAVRET
28/11/1803 William FISHER Sarah HERRING
16/01/1804 George DAVISON North Leverton Cum Habblesthorpe Elisabeth WRIGHT
14/02/1804 Benjamin BELK Eaton Elisabeth DAKIN
06/12/1804 John READ Widower Elston Mary WHITE Single
11/12/1804 George BARTROP Mary GRAY
02/10/1806 Robert NORTON Single Elizabeth PARKIN Single
30/07/1807 Robert KAY Single Frances NEWTON Single Ordsall
23/11/1807 Daniel GRANGER Mary TURNER
13/06/1808 Samuel HEDISHER Mary RICHARDS
30/10/1808 William BELDAM Mary LINDLEY
07/11/1808 William GILBY Martin, Lincolnshire Sarah PARKIN
20/04/1809 William HEWETT Single East Retford Mary JONES Single
12/06/1809 William ARMATAGE Elizabeth GRANGER
25/07/1809 William ROBERTS Single St Michael, Stamford, Lincolnshire Ruth WARD Single
28/08/1809 Joshua MAJOR Isabella LAMBERT
23/10/1809 Richard ASHMORE Single Susanna MILLS Worksop
27/11/1809 William COCKING Ann DONCASTER
18/12/1809 William SHATTLIFFE Single Ordsall Mary TURNER Single
25/12/1809 John HURST Single Ordsall Mary DUNK Single
06/03/1810 William HIBBS Single Staveley, Derbyshire Martha GASCOIGNE Single
29/10/1810 Charles TOMPSON Single Mary HADWICK Single
26/11/1810 William ROE Single Mary WADSON Widow
27/11/1810 Stephen HURST Single St Mary, Nottingham Mary FRITH Single
11/12/1810 George BAKER Single Dinah NEWTON Single
11/12/1810 Shepley PEARSON Single Sheffield, Yorkshire Elizabeth PURDON Single
06/06/1811 James NAPIER Single Manchester, Lancashire Susanna FOSTER Single
11/05/1812 William BELL Single Sophia Susanna BROWN Single
14/12/1812 George GREATOREX Single Blyth Elizabeth SAWELL Single
21/12/1812 William RADFORD Single Elizabeth HACKING Single
1 26/11/1813 William SAXTON Single Blyth Ann SPIT Single
2 05/12/1813 Robert HARRIS Single Sarah BIDEL Single Ordsall
3 27/12/1813 William NORMAN Single Mary PARKIN Single
4 09/05/1814 George STUBBINGS Single Bothamsall Elisabeth SKINNER Single
5 18/09/1814 William CONDEN Single West Retford Frances PATTERSON Single
6 26/09/1814 Thomas HINSLEY Widower Elisabeth WAREHAM Single
7 04/10/1814 Samuel WILKINSON Widower Mary RICHARDSON Single
8 20/06/1815 Henry WILLOUGHBY Single Bilton In Ainsty, Yorkshire Charlotte EYRE Single
9 22/08/1815 George BEARD Single Sarah DIXON Single
10 05/09/1815 George LEVICK Single Eleanor MILLS Single
11 28/11/1815 William JOHNSON Single Worksop Ann BARLTHORP Single
12 02/12/1815 John FULLARD Widower Clarborough Sarah WHICKHAM Single
13 11/12/1815 William BUNTIN Single Hannah DUNK Single
14 18/12/1815 Peter ALLEN Single Jane BRUMBY Widow East Retford
15 16/01/1816 Joseph MORRIS Single Worksop Elizabeth BOWERING Single
16 22/02/1816 William HOLLAND Single Elizabeth WHITAKER Single
17 23/04/1816 Joseph NEEDHAM Single Sheffield, Yorkshire Mary BACON Single
18 07/07/1816 John HEPWORTH Widower Ann WILTON Widow Blyth
19 15/07/1816 Joseph BARLOW Single Mary GRAY Single
20 09/12/1816 Thomas BAXTER Single Rampton Sarah BIRD Single
21 20/01/1817 Henry MORRIS Single Catharine ANTCLIFFE Single Tuxford
22 04/03/1817 John ANDERSON Single Anne WARD Widow
23 27/08/1817 George TORR Single Elisabeth KIRTON Single
24 23/11/1817 William FELLS Single Mary HIGHFIELD Single
25 23/07/1818 John PLATT Single Wasing, Berkshire Ann DOLPHIN Single
26 24/05/1819 William HATRDY Single Sutton Cum Lound Sarah LANE Single
27 06/09/1819 John ROGERS Single Darfield, Yorkshire Anne BEAUMONT Single
28 27/09/1819 Jonas WARRICK Widower Eaton Elizabeth LOWN Widow
29 01/11/1819 William GEARVIS Widower Mary ALLEN Single
30 01/11/1819 Thomas BEE Single Sutton Cum Lound Mary SLINGSBY Single
31 25/11/1819 Henry HAMMONDS Single Mary MORRIS Single
32 25/11/1819 Richard ROE Single Mary CUTTS Single
33 25/11/1819 John BLACK Single Worksop Anne WINKS Single
34 25/08/1820 Henry Edmund BRIDGEMAN Single Marston Bigot, Somerset Louisa Bridgeman SIMPSON Single
35 19/02/1821 Thomas HABAJAM Single Ordsall Ann WILLIS Single
36 01/05/1821 Francis MARRIOTT Single Newark On Trent Elizabeth LOWN Single
37 13/08/1821 William SMITH Single Anne LENNEKER Single
38 07/02/1822 Joseph FISHER Widower Anne TRAFFORD Widow
39 02/01/1823 Stephen THEAKSTON Single Harrogate, Yorkshire Isabella SANDERS Single
40 02/06/1823 William GRANT Single Elizabeth DOBB Single
41 31/01/1824 William COCKRAN Single Ann WEIGHTMAN Single
42 14/07/1825 Benjamin FREEMAN Single Sarah ADCOCK Single
43 15/10/1825 Thomas HINDLEY Single Caroline Hawksworth DEAN Single
44 28/11/1825 John JEPSON Single Worksop Sarah GRANT Single
45 02/05/1826 George ROE Single Anne HARTLEY Single
46 26/11/1826 William FRYER Widower Tuxford Judith HARRISON Single
47 19/03/1827 Richard MOTTRAM Single Laughten En Le Morthen, Yorkshire Maria HAWSON Single
48 20/03/1827 William MORRIS Single Carlton In Lindrick Anne CHAPMAN Single
49 09/04/1827 William GRAY Single Anne HILL Single East Markham
50 16/04/1827 William COOKE Single Mary GIBBINS Widow
51 08/10/1827 James ATKINSON Single Elizabeth WRIGHT Single
52 20/11/1827 Christopher NICHOLSON Widower East Retford Mary ROLLS
53 27/11/1827 William MOORHOUSE Single Sarah PALMER Single
54 24/12/1827 George PICKERING Single Sally MORLEY Single
55 11/09/1828 William LISTER Single Elizabeth HAIG Single
56 14/09/1828 John RICHARDSON Single Eleanor GOLLAND Single East Retford
57 25/11/1828 William BARTHORPE Single Benedicta MASTIN Single
58 29/12/1828 Richard BARTHROP Single Millicent BATTY Single
59 29/12/1828 Edward KELK Widower Mary DOWLING Widow Ordsall
60 09/04/1829 Robert KITCHIN Single Ordsall Emma GANDY Single
61 02/03/1830 George CHAPMAN Single Hannah SWALLOW Single
62 12/04/1830 Thomas CHAPPEL Single Worksop Frances WINKS Single
63 21/06/1830 Benjamin RUSHTON Single Worksop Anne VERNON Single
64 29/11/1830 Edward MARLEY Single Mary FOSTER Single
65 29/11/1830 Philip BROWNLOW Single Elizabeth KIRTON Single
66 29/11/1830 William GABBETTAS Single Anne GREAVES Single
67 21/01/1831 William WRIGHT Single Frances SKELLETT Single Worksop
68 15/02/1831 William KIRK Single Rebecca LINEKER Single
69 17/11/1831 John PARSONS Single Anne BLAND Single
70 11/12/1831 John SWALLOW Widower Anne MORRIS Single
71 20/12/1831 John KITCHIN Single Blyth Sarah GREGORY Single
72 26/12/1831 John BLACK Single Ordsall Sarah THOMPSON Single
73 26/01/1832 John WEST Single Eaton Hannah FISHER Single
74 05/04/1832 Timothy WILSON Single North Clifton Jane GOLLAND Single
75 30/04/1832 William NORTON Single Blyth Elizabeth HOWARD Single
76 16/10/1832 George HILL Single Elizabeth SHARPE Single
77 06/11/1832 Samuel WILKINSON Widower Phoebe GABITTAS Widow
78 26/11/1832 Alfred SAVAGE Single Charlotte TURNER Single
79 25/03/1833 Samuel BELL Single Maltby, Yorkshire Martha NICHOLSON Single
80 10/09/1833 John GRANT Single Elizabeth CHAPMAN Widow
81 14/10/1833 John KIRK Single Elizabeth HEWETT Single
82 11/12/1833 James LUDLAM Single Blyth Martha CALEY Single
83 04/02/1834 John SHIPSTONE Single Mary FLEMING Single
84 15/02/1834 William BIRCH Single Mary LANDERS Single
85 22/08/1834 John CHAPPELL Single East Retford Anne SIVENDEN Single
86 27/08/1834 George JOHNSON Single Elizabeth WATSON Single
87 24/11/1834 John GREENSMITH Single Yorkshire Anne CLAYTON Single
88 25/11/1834 William WHELTON Single Martha GRAVES Single
89 15/12/1834 Benjamin HARTLEY Single Staunton Elizabeth HENTON Single
90 23/12/1834 Robert EDLINGTON Single Susan DIXON Single
91 23/12/1834 John HAWSON Single Mary JACKSON Single
92 27/04/1835 John TAYLOR Single Sarah WHELTON Single
93 12/05/1835 William WINKS Single Sarah BUCK Single
94 09/06/1835 Francis Gale DUFTY Single Ann BACON Single
95 28/12/1835 George SALMON Single Mary SHIPSTON Single
96 23/01/1836 John WOOLEY Widower Anne CHAPMAN Widow
97 14/04/1836 George KNIGHT Single Eaton Sarah HARTLEY Single
98 01/12/1836 John GRAY Widower Hannah KITCHING Single
99 27/03/1837 Thomas GRAY Single Ann BARKER Single
100 22/04/1837 John HAYLAND Single Sutton Cum Lound Harriet MORRIS Single
101 06/05/1837 William GREAVES Single Anne THOMPSON Single

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