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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Cotgrave All Saints


The Parish

The parish of Cotgrave lies in southeastern Nottinghamshire about 6 miles southeast of the city of Nottingham. Cotgrave is a large village, almost a small town, lying in lanes just a mile west of the A46 road (the ancient Fosse Way) which connects Newark on Trent with the city of Leicester. The Grantham Canal which connects Grantham to Nottingham passes through the north of Cotgrave parish. Cotgrave is largely built around a crossroads of lane but has spread to the southeast in recent times with modern developments serving a substantial commuter population. At the time of this transcript Cotgrave would have been largely supported by arable farming, albeit the local limestone was quarried for building stone, the presence of gypsum within the Jurassic clays also provided some income. Cotgrave is drained northwards by a number of small streams all heading for the nearby Trent and eventually the North Sea through the Humber estuary. Cotgrave is sited at around 40 metres above the sea and land to the north slopes gently down to the Trent Valley, to the south local heights top out at just above 80 metres on Hoe Hill. Cotgrave parish was one of the larger in this area, it covered 3,500 acres and would have supported a population of around 850 parishioners. In Domesday times Cotgrave was shared by two Normans, Roger of Poitou & Ralph of Buron, the parish could offer 16 ploughs as well small meadows & woodland.

The Church

All Saints' church sits on the northwestern side of Cotgrave's main crossroads. The church has its origins in the 12th century albeit little of that period survives due to changes over the centuries. Pevsner sites the chancel arch, which also reveals that the nave has been widened from its 12th century size. The arcades are of the 13th century but much else come from a typical refresh during the Perpendicular period. The steeple dates from this period as well as most of the fenestration unless restored in the 1870s. All Saints sits in a slightly elevated position, an ironwork fence separating it from the roads. A lych gate stands by the junction and a rising tarred pathway leads through trees to the church. There are many trees around the building making for a tricky subject to photograph.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 22nd April 1754 - 30th May 1773 Nottinghamshire Archives - Reference - PR/7622 Nonstandard but preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register. It is nonstandard in having just 2 entries per page Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Fading of the entries makes for a challenging read and leads to a possibility of a few misreads
2 12th July 1773 - 22nd December 1812 Nottinghamshire Archives - Reference - PR/7623 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 5th January 1813 - 15th February 1837 Nottinghamshire Archives - Reference - PR/7624 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Holme Pierrepont St Edmund
Radcliffe on Trent St Mary
Tithby Holy Trinity
Tollerton St Peter
Plumtree St Mary
Cropwell Bishop St Giles
Owthorpe St Margaret
Plumtree St Mary
Plumtree St Mary
Owthorpe St Margaret

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
22/04/1754 Richard ARCHER     Mary VOUS    
02/06/1754 William THORNTON     Mary ARCHER    
29/09/1754 John MORRIS     Elizabeth TOWLE    
05/11/1754 Joshua MANN     Mary THORNTON Single  
07/12/1754 Samuel RICHARDS     Mary MAN Single  
22/10/1755 John RICK     Sarah HUGGINS Single  
06/02/1756 George WOLF     Ann COOPER    
08/02/1756 John LEATHERLAND     Elizabeth SEERS    
06/06/1756 John PEAT     Elizabeth RANDELL    
05/09/1756 Thomas BECKSON     Elizabeth ANNABALL    
04/10/1756 Richard BEET   Langar Elizabeth MARCH    
14/11/1756 Joseph MORELY     Elizabeth SANDY    
26/03/1757 William COPLEY     Margaret SCRIMSHIRE    
18/07/1757 Samuel WHITE     Susanna PARKER    
19/07/1757 William BOOT     Sarah MARSH    
07/08/1757 Gervase MAPLES     Elisabeth MORLEY    
30/10/1757 John CLEMENTS     Hannah DOUBLEDAY    
18/12/1757 Joseph CHAMBERS     Mary HUMBERS    
27/12/1757 Edward MORLEY     Elizabeth SIMPSON    
23/01/1758 Richard SMITH     Ann WIDOWSON    
05/03/1758 Timothy HIVES     Ann BIRCH   Rotherby, Leicestershire
16/04/1758 John BROWNHILL   Basford Ann HARDY    
07/09/1758 Thomas STAPLEFORD   Bingham Elizabeth PARNELL    
05/11/1758 Richard FLINDERS     Mary TAKES    
08/11/1758 William SQUIRE     Mary FOULDS    
26/11/1758 John HICKLING     Sarah WIDOWSON    
24/12/1758 Thomas RICHARDS     Martha SANDY    
08/07/1759 Thomas PALINGS   Hoby, Leicestershire Mary SANDAY    
04/11/1759 Richard COPLEY     Elizabeth ARCHER    
23/12/1759 Samuel ABBOT     Ann RICHARDS    
05/04/1760 John SANDAY     Elizabeth GRAY    
07/04/1760 James JACKSON   Harby, Leicestershire Jemima PARKER    
13/04/1760 Samuel CARRINTON     Elizabeth SMITH    
26/05/1760 John RANDALL   Ratcliffe On Soar Rebecca BAGULEY    
06/07/1760 John GUEST     Mary HOWIT    
07/09/1760 Richard BRALEY     Elizabeth WISHAW    
02/11/1760 Paul BASSFORD     Ann PARKER    
01/02/1761 John SHIPMAN     Mary HILL    
10/05/1761 John SIMPSON     Ann DOUBLEDAY    
08/06/1761 Joseph MILHOUSE     Mary ANABLES    
16/09/1761 Thomas WIDDISON   Shelford Betty HICKLING    
09/05/1762 William WILLSON   Langar Mary BURBAGE    
27/12/1762 William RAINER   Tollerton Margaret SHIPMAN    
13/02/1763 John PARKER     Ann PACY    
03/04/1763 Thomas JOHNSON   St Mary, Nottingham Elizabeth SHEPPARD    
04/04/1763 John COWPER   Burton Joyce Martha RICHARDS    
14/08/1763 William MABBET     Mary MORLEY    
27/11/1763 Andrew BUXTON     Mary SYLLS    
25/12/1763 Benjamin THEAKER     Esther SHIPMAN    
01/01/1764 John MORRIS   Queniborough, Leicestershire Mary ARCHER    
15/01/1764 John HIVES   Hose, Leicestershire Ann ALCOCK    
12/02/1764 Joseph CROSS     Ann PARKER    
21/02/1764 Thomas KENDALL   Long Clawson, Leicestershire Elizabeth SANDY    
04/03/1764 John GILES     Lydia SIMPSON    
22/04/1764 Thomas SCOTTORN     Alice HIVES    
06/05/1764 Thomas MORRIS   Gamston Mary HUTCHINSON    
04/11/1764 Robert SCRIMSHIRE     Mary COPLEY    
27/11/1764 William HART     Rachael WIDESON    
07/01/1765 John TUTBERRY     Ann ATTENBOROUGH    
21/01/1765 Richard LEECH     Mary ARCHER    
04/02/1765 William ARCHER     Mariner STANLEY   Cuckney
25/02/1765 Robert PYCROFT     Sarah SHELTON    
09/07/1765 William UPTON   Whatton Elizabeth PEIGHT    
21/09/1765 William ARCHER     Elizabeth MARCH    
27/10/1765 Thomas PARKER     Mary RANDAL    
05/11/1765 Francis SIMPSON     Hannah BECROFT    
21/12/1765 Richard HOWETT     Elizabeth WATSON    
27/12/1765 John HICKLING     Sarah RICK    
10/02/1766 Richard ROWLSTON   Ratcliffe On Soar Mary HOE    
24/06/1766 John WHITE     Elizabeth RICHARDS    
20/09/1766 George KEMP     Amy TURNER    
02/11/1766 Stephen TAYLOR     Catharine ALCOCK    
03/11/1766 William VAUSE     Margaret PLOWRIGHT    
03/12/1766 John RANDALL     Ann DICKMAN    
07/12/1766 Thomas HOWITT     Elizabeth OSBORN    
08/02/1767 John COOPER     Ann KETTLEBURN    
14/02/1768 Edward WILD     Elizabeth PACEY    
07/06/1768 William MORLEY     Ann HICKLING    
18/09/1768 Edward WARD     Elizabeth WARTENBY    
13/10/1768 James POTTER   Ilkeston, Derbyshire Mary RICHARDS    
07/11/1768 William SHIPSIDE     Elizabeth SUMMER    
10/11/1768 Samuel RICHARDS     Ann ARCHER    
26/03/1769 John SIMPSON     Elizabeth SHARP    
09/04/1769 Joseph SIMPSON     Mary LITHERLAND    
19/07/1769 Henry MANTLE     Mary HICKLING    
17/09/1769 George KEMP     Elizabeth LEAK    
20/09/1769 William COOPER     Elen PARKER    
06/11/1769 Samuel VAUSE     Mary HANBRAY    
06/11/1769 William WHITE     Elizabeth PARKER    
03/06/1770 Gervas COPLEY     Elizabeth HIVES    
26/08/1770 Francis SIMPSON     Ann HEYWARD    
03/10/1770 Theophilus RICHARDS     Elizabeth SCRIMSHIRE    
03/12/1770 Jonathan MARSHALL     Ann SMITH    
09/12/1770 John GILES     Elizabeth PYECROFT    
01/04/1771 James WARD   Owthorpe Winnefred SMITH    
07/04/1771 Henry ARCHER     Elizabeth ALCOCK    
10/06/1771 William DODSON   Ilkeston, Derbyshire Mary RICHARDS    
15/07/1771 John COLLISHAW   Hickling Dorothy BROWN    
13/09/1771 Thomas CHAMBERS     Elizabeth HOWET    
22/09/1771 William HOLMES     Mary SIMPSON    
09/12/1771 Benjamin TOMLINSON   Ratcliffe On Soar Ann ARCHER    
09/01/1772 Thomas WATCHAM     Elizabeth ATKISSON    
22/01/1772 William CHAMBERLAIN     Elizabeth VOSE    
05/11/1772 Timothy HIVES     Mary THORNTON    
01/12/1772 Samuel SIMPSON     Sarah MABBET    
11/04/1773 James SHARP     Elizabeth BAGGULEY    
30/05/1773 Jonathan NEWBURN     Mary SCRIMSHIRE    
1 12/07/1773 John NEALE Single Kilvington Fanny TEAL Single  
2 15/08/1773 Peter HEMSLEY   Kinoulton Deborah BRIGNALL    
3 31/10/1773 Thomas HOE     Sarah KETTLEBURN    
4 07/11/1773 Godfrey BURROWS     Ellen WATERS    
23/11/1773 William MILLER     Elizabeth MITCHEL    
05/04/1774 Thomas BIRD     Elizabeth AMBREY    
26/06/1774 Joseph SPENCER     Elizabeth HOE    
06/11/1774 George HICKLING     Elizabeth JACKSON    
08/11/1774 William MORLEY     Mary THORNTON    
01/01/1775 William DOUBLEDAY     Elizabeth HILL    
19/02/1775 John MACHIN   Beeston Hannah MITCHEL    
26/09/1775 Joseph ARCHER     Mary MORRIS    
03/06/1776 Samuel HAYWOOD   Radcliffe On Trent Sarah BENSON    
09/07/1776 William ARCHER     Jane COLLISHAW    
27/10/1776 William THOMPSON     Elizabeth CLARKE    
04/11/1776 William SIMPSON     Ann LEESON    
22/12/1776 Samuel PYECROFT     Ruth GOODDIN    
23/06/1777 William BESTALL   Holme Pierrepont Elizabeth THORNTON    
21/09/1777 Jonathan CLARKE   Kinoulton Mary WISHAW    
23/04/1778 Joseph BROWN     Elizabeth WITTINGTON    
21/01/1779 Thomas COLLIN Single   Mary DODSON Widow  
26/01/1779 Henry THORNTON     Sarah DADSLEY    
04/04/1779 Thomas PARKER     Elizabeth MORLEY    
17/04/1779 William WHITTLE     Elizabeth MORLEY    
25/05/1779 John GILES     Ann COLLISHAW    
02/06/1779 Thomas WHITEHEAD     Gwenney WHARMINGHAM    
30/11/1779 John ARCHER     Jane MORLEY    
18/01/1780 John BEESON   Radcliffe On Trent Fortune HICKLING    
07/02/1780 John CRAMPTON     Fortune KETTLEBAND    
28/03/1780 John GADSBY     Martha DOUBLEDAY    
04/04/1780 John WOODWARD     Ann BEET    
05/04/1780 Samuel PARR   Radcliffe On Trent Elizabeth MORRIS    
10/09/1780 John BODEN     Elizabeth BROWN    
06/12/1780 Samuel BAGGULEY     Elizabeth GILES    
15/01/1781 John HOPWELL     Elizabeth CULLY    
15/04/1781 Henry BROWN     Mary MORLEY    
08/06/1781 Thomas BARNES     Anne WILLOUGHBY    
21/10/1781 John CLEMENS     Elizabeth BOSWORTH    
31/03/1782 James EATON   St Mary, Nottingham Ann SMITH    
07/05/1782 John DOUBLEDAY     Mary CHAMBERS    
19/05/1782 Richard HOWITT     Elizabeth BESTALL    
02/06/1782 John HOWETT Widower   Ann KETTLEBAND Widow  
18/07/1782 Gervas COPLEY Widower   Lydia GILES Widow  
08/09/1782 William THORNTON     Mary BROWN    
09/09/1782 John HALLAM     Mary TOWLE    
04/11/1782 William BAGULEY     Mary VOSE    
17/12/1782 John PORTER     Susannah WHITE    
26/12/1782 William SMITH     Mary MILHOUSE    
25/02/1783 Isaac TAYLOR   Little Dalby, Leicestershire Elizabeth MANN    
03/03/1783 Henry ARCHER     Ann DAVY    
09/03/1783 Thomas HARDY     Hannah HOWETT    
06/04/1783 Samuel CARRINGTON     Jane WILFORD    
06/11/1783 William JULIAN   Granby Mary SHARPE    
27/05/1784 Thomas MORRIS     Elizabeth KENDALL    
27/05/1784 Kenaz SMITH   Kelham Charlotte KENDALL    
17/10/1784 William SQUIRES     Catharine ARCHER    
01/11/1784 Samuel STAFFORD     Jane WHITMORE    
29/03/1785 John MORRIS     Ann THORNTON    
25/04/1785 John WRITE   Cropwell Bishop Elizabeth FLINDERS    
05/07/1785 Samuel BRIGGS     Elizabeth BROWN    
26/12/1785 George HENSTOCK     Mary THORNTON Widow  
28/02/1786 James SHIPLEY     Mary LEESON    
06/08/1786 Samuel SANDAY     Margaret ATTENBOROW    
09/10/1786 James SMITH     Mary SHIPSIDES    
28/02/1787 William SCOTTON     Sarah UPTON    
24/03/1788 Richard PLOWRIGHT     Alice KETTLEBAND    
02/10/1788 Richard WISHAW   Burton Joyce Sarah ANNABAL    
04/11/1788 Edward JAMES   Bunny Mary HENSON    
24/11/1788 Luke FLETCHER   Annesley Elizabeth SHIPMAN    
24/11/1788 John SANDAY     Jane REYNHOLDS    
12/01/1789 William HEMSLEY   Bingham Ann WILD    
24/05/1789 Edward HICKLING     Mary HOWET    
31/05/1789 George HENSTOCK     Mary PEIGHT    
13/12/1789 William KING     Elizabeth GADSBY    
05/04/1790 William WRATH   Kinoulton Jane HOWITT    
16/05/1790 Samuel SANDAY     Emy KEMP    
23/05/1790 William THORNTON     Elizabeth MORRIS    
01/08/1790 John COOPER     Amey WILLIAMS    
08/08/1790 William PARKER     Ann WHITE    
24/10/1790 Samuel WHITE     Elizabeth BRIERLEY    
12/12/1790 Thomas HOE     Martha GADSBY    
19/12/1790 Thomas THUNBY     Sarah SHIPMAN    
26/12/1790 William SKINNER     Ann LEWIN    
28/12/1790 William SCRIMSHIRE     Ann RICHARDS    
06/03/1791 William HALL     Elizabeth RANDAL    
03/04/1791 Robert BUXTON   Ratcliffe On Soar Mary GREY    
27/11/1791 John GOODMAN     Mary DOUBLEDAY    
08/04/1792 Samuel THORNTON   Bingham Ann HOWET    
16/05/1792 Joshua MANN     Lucy KENDALL    
16/05/1792 William CRABTREE   Colston Bassett Frances KENDALL    
29/07/1792 Samuel VOCE     Sarah RANDAL    
04/09/1792 William MORRIS     Mary HOWARD    
27/11/1792 William HALL     Hannah GAMBLE   Risley, Derbyshire
26/12/1792 William SHAW     Elizabeth TUTBERRY    
31/03/1793 John HUNT   Elston Elizabeth PYCROFT    
30/04/1793 Thomas THURMAN   Tollerton Mary BRIERLEY    
09/07/1793 Robert TEBBUTT   Normanton On Soar Mary MORLEY    
11/08/1793 George HICKLING Single   Mary HIVES Widow  
22/09/1793 George ROWSON Single   Ellenor SIMPSON Single  
04/11/1793 John TAYLOR     Elizabeth INGRAM   Tithby
14/01/1794 John RANDAL Single   Ellinor WHITE Single  
09/03/1794 Samuel UPTON     Mary MORLEY    
05/05/1794 Francis HUCKINSON     Sarah BLATHERWICK    
01/09/1794 Joseph WILSON     Elizabeth TOWLE    
22/09/1794 William HICKLING     Sarah BARNET    
30/11/1794 Thomas COOP     Elizabeth WHITE    
01/12/1794 John SHIPMAN     Mary RANDAL    
29/03/1795 William PEET     Catharine CUMBERLAND Single  
27/03/1796 William MONK   Loughborough, Leicestershire Ann PARKER    
11/09/1796 William CROSSLAND   Burton Joyce Mary CHAMBERS    
04/10/1796 Joseph WILSON   Bleasby Mary HART    
25/10/1796 William HART Widower   Rebecca FALKES Single  
20/11/1796 Samuel HOLMES   Plumtree Mary HIVES    
24/11/1796 Thomas CLARK     Elizabeth UPTON    
02/01/1797 John ARCHER     Mary WHITE    
12/04/1797 John WELLS   Nether Broughton, Leicestershire Elizabeth KEMP    
03/07/1797 Jonathan NEWBOLD     Elizabeth PACEY    
31/07/1797 Thomas WHITEHEAD     Sarah SMITH    
31/07/1797 Matthew WIDDISON   Shelford Elizabeth VOCE    
02/10/1797 John BRIERLY     Elizabeth HEATHCOTE    
05/11/1797 William UPTON     Ann SHARP    
07/11/1797 Edward MORLEY     Ann CLIFTON    
24/12/1797 William SIMPSON     Elizabeth WHITE    
26/12/1797 William BONSER   Kinoulton Rebecca SMITH    
28/01/1798 John LEWIN     Elizabeth VOCE    
19/02/1798 John JACKSON Single   Ann VOCE Single  
29/04/1798 John TOWLE     Mary TUTBURY    
19/08/1798 Thomas SIMPSON     Ann SIMPSON   Cropwell Bishop
10/09/1798 John BARRAT     Mary WILLIAMS   Cropwell Bishop
02/12/1798 William HIVES     Mary HUBBART    
30/12/1798 William LEWIN     Mary VOCE    
11/08/1799 John MORLEY     Lucy ARCHER    
29/09/1799 William SMART     Damsin TOWLE    
09/12/1799 John COLLISHAW   Tollerton Fortune TOWLE    
15/01/1801 Matthew HART     Mary JOHNSON    
02/02/1801 John HOWIT     Ann HOWIT    
27/02/1801 Thomas CLARKE     Elizabeth MATTHEWS    
01/12/1801 William KELLAM     Ann FISHER    
28/12/1801 William UPTON     Elizabeth BAGULEY    
29/12/1801 Henry SMITH     Martha STREET    
12/01/1802 Richard GEE   Southwell Mary RANDALL    
09/06/1802 John MITCHELL   Edwalton Elizabeth BROWNE    
24/06/1802 John BARLOW Single Tollerton Mary GILES Single  
25/07/1802 John GILES     Elizabeth GILES   Car Colston
20/09/1802 John Jackson CLARK     Elizabeth MILLER   Cropwell Bishop
12/10/1802 John THORNTON     Jane KIRKLAND    
01/06/1803 John ARCHER     Ann MILHOUSE    
23/12/1803 Zadock WILSON     Jane CARRINGTON    
23/01/1804 Richard BURBAGE   Radcliffe On Trent Hannah KEMP    
05/03/1804 Edward MARSHALL   Plumtree Ann COOPER    
12/03/1804 Magnus JACKSON   Southwell Elizabeth BLEGBOROUGH    
01/05/1804 John COOPER     Elizabeth WHITE    
24/09/1804 James HUDSON   Plumtree Mary COOPER    
25/10/1804 Samuel RICHARDS     Martha SEAGRAVE    
10/12/1804 George ROLSON   Radcliffe On Trent Ann HICKLING    
10/02/1805 William HIVES     Mary WAITE    
17/03/1805 John HICKLING     Ann VOCE    
03/06/1805 John HICKLING Widower   Ann MORLEY    
07/07/1805 William Shipsides SIMPSON     Elizabeth HOWET    
13/10/1805 William SQUIRE     Elizabeth HOLMES    
02/11/1805 Henry SMITH     Martha HARWOOD    
04/11/1805 Thomas SIMPSON     Grace GELSTHORPE    
15/12/1805 John FRYER     Elizabeth SHARP    
07/04/1806 William GREAVES     Elleanor ALLCOCK    
05/05/1806 Thomas PARKER     Elizabeth HICKLING    
11/08/1806 Samuel SQUIRE     Jane CLIFTON    
11/08/1806 Robert CHAMBERLAIN   Owthorpe Elizabeth NEWBOUND    
11/08/1806 John HOLMES     Ann ATTENBOROUGH    
20/10/1806 Joseph SMITH   Owthorpe Elizabeth BRIGGS    
02/11/1806 Joseph VOCE     Sarah LEWIN    
30/11/1806 Joseph STOFFORD     Sarah HOE    
01/12/1806 Henry SMITH   Bingham Elizabeth PYCROFT    
25/12/1806 George HICKLING     Frances STARBUCK    
19/04/1807 Joseph HOWET     Mary HUDSON Widow  
17/05/1807 Daniel HOPKINS     Ann SMITH    
24/10/1807 John BATES   Radcliffe On Trent Sarah WILSON    
26/11/1807 William AUSTIN   Shelford Elizabeth MILLER    
06/06/1808 Samuel TIMMS     Mary BROWN    
13/06/1808 William LEVERTON     Martha BAKER    
04/07/1808 Daniel HOPKINS     Mary HOLMES    
19/09/1808 William MORLEY   West Bridgford Sophia THORNTON    
29/11/1808 William EGGLESTON   Keyworth Elizabeth MORLEY    
03/01/1809 Thomas SIMPSON     Mary SMITH    
18/04/1809 John CROSS   Keyworth Elizabeth SCOTTON    
23/04/1809 William WHITTLE     Mary TOWLE    
06/05/1809 William TOWLE     Martha PARNHAM    
08/05/1809 Thomas HICKLING     Anne SANDAY    
26/06/1809 Samuel BAGGULEY     Eleanor COWLISHAW    
23/04/1810 William BAGGULEY     Charlotte BIRD    
02/10/1810 William HAMES   Bunny Jane HOWIT    
15/10/1810 John SMITH   Langar Sarah THORNTON    
29/10/1810 William CRAMPTON     Ann FOG    
16/11/1810 George BALSHAW   Keyworth Elizabeth ARCHER    
24/11/1810 John TAYLOR   Bunny Elizabeth DRAYCOTT    
02/02/1811 Henry KIRTCHEN     Ann MITCHEL   Easby, Yorkshire
03/11/1811 Thomas SHIPMAN     Mary GADSBY    
30/12/1811 William COOPER     Mary WILLIAMS    
14/01/1812 Thomas HENSON   Bunny Mary THORNTON    
20/01/1812 John THORPE     Mary PARR    
17/05/1812 John FOSTER   Long Bennington, Lincolnshire Charlotte VOCE    
22/12/1812 Samuel SIMPSON     Ann THUMBS    
1 05/01/1813 Edward ARCHER     Mary THIRLEY    
2 18/07/1813 Henry SMITH     Elizabeth PARKER    
3 19/07/1813 William SCRIMSHAW     Sarah SIMPSON    
4 26/07/1813 William WRIGHT Single   Sarah UPTON    
5 25/10/1813 Richard CAPARN   Newark On Trent Mary SMITH    
6 07/02/1814 Thomas HENSTOCK     Mary PIKE    
7 04/04/1814 Richard GEESON   Redmile, Leicestershire Martha HOE    
8 28/11/1814 William STAFFORD     Ann BAKER    
9 02/10/1815 George HENSTOCK     Elizabeth HICKLING    
10 25/12/1815 John SHAW     Elizabeth SIMPSON    
13 18/01/1816 Isaac HOUGHTON Widower Grantham, Lincolnshire Mary MORRIS Single  
14 20/05/1816 Thomas MARSHALL     Ann CARRINGTON    
15 04/11/1816 John GADSBY     Ann PARR    
16 25/12/1816 Robert CARRINGTON     Ann PYCROFT    
17 07/01/1817 William SQUIRE     Mary CLIFTON    
18 02/02/1817 John SCRIMSHAW     Mary COOPER    
19 07/04/1817 John HODGKIN   Ruddington Rachel CHAMPION    
20 03/06/1817 John SMITH     Sarah PYCROFT    
21 05/06/1817 James Frederick BAYNALL   St Mary, Nottingham Elizabeth MORRIS    
22 13/07/1817 Theophilus RICHARDS     Mary MONKS    
23 27/07/1817 Thomas SCOTTON     Elizabeth UPTON    
24 03/08/1817 George BONNER     Elizabeth SHAW    
25 14/08/1817 William PYCROFT   Ruddington Elizabeth HICKLING    
26 01/09/1817 Joseph SIMPSON     Mary BRIGGS    
27 03/11/1817 John SHORE     Mary VOCE    
28 26/06/1818 William ARCHER     Mary BROWN    
29 11/10/1818 George HENSTOCK     Ann HICKLING    
30 12/10/1818 William VOCE     Ruth BEARDSMORE    
31 20/10/1818 Thomas COOP     Ann TYARS    
32 31/10/1818 William SHIPMAN     Ann HOE    
33 26/11/1818 Thomas MORRIS     Catherine MORRIS    
34 19/07/1819 Daniel WINTER   Newark On Trent Sophia SMITH    
35 07/08/1819 John ARCHER     Ann WAITE    
36 25/12/1819 Thomas BENNETT     Sarah PARR    
37 23/03/1820 William HOWARD   Hose, Leicestershire Elizabeth CLATER    
38 31/07/1820 Joseph GIMSON   Plumtree Mary HOWITT    
39 09/10/1820 William MARSHALL     Ann HOWITT    
40 16/10/1821 Francis BURROWS     Mary HOWITT    
41 05/11/1821 Thomas MONKS     Mary HICKLING    
42 02/12/1821 John DISNEY   Tithby Frances SHARPE    
43 09/03/1822 William WHALLEY   Radcliffe On Trent Hannah LEATHERLAND    
44 23/04/1822 John SCOTTEN     Jane PARKER    
45 29/07/1822 William INGHAM     Ann RICKS    
46 24/08/1822 Charles HOWITT   Radford Mary UPTON    
47 07/11/1822 Thomas HICKLING     Sarah WRIGHT    
48 21/06/1823 John BROWN     Hannah PECK    
49 24/08/1823 Thomas WATSON     Ellen PYCROFT    
50 24/11/1823 William CARRINGTON     Ann HEARING    
51 29/11/1823 William KIRKHAM     Ann VOCE    
52 07/12/1823 Samuel SCRIMSHIRE     Ann UPTON    
53 21/12/1823 William HART     Catherine PEET    
54 29/12/1823 William RANDALL   Ratcliffe On Soar Elizabeth GEESON Widow  
55 29/04/1824 Thomas VOCE   Screveton Martha MORLEY    
56 17/05/1824 Robert BREWSTER   Denton, Lincolnshire Elizabeth BRIGGS    
57 17/08/1824 John MARSHALL   East Stoke Mary MORRIS    
58 04/09/1824 Solomon SCRIMSHAW     Mary HERRING    
59 02/11/1824 John SIMPSON   Plumtree Susan PARKER    
60 15/11/1824 John BROWN     Ann NEWCOMB    
61 22/11/1824 William ROSE     Ann CARNILL    
62 27/12/1824 Samuel SKIDMORE     Sarah CLARKE    
63 31/01/1825 Thomas PEET     Ann PARKER    
64 21/02/1825 Benjamin SIMPSON     Ann THUMBS    
65 24/05/1825 William TIPPING   Attenborough Ann ARCHER    
66 08/06/1825 Henry CLATER     Sarah ELY    
67 13/06/1825 John UPTON     Sarah SHIPMAN    
68 07/11/1825 Theophilus WHITEHEAD     Mary GREGG    
69 07/11/1825 Thomas SMART     Ann MAYLEN    
70 29/11/1825 Benjamin BARLOW   Alfreton, Derbyshire Mary BEECROFT    
71 12/12/1825 Matthew STANLEY     Sarah SMITH    
72 19/12/1825 William HOWARD   Ratcliffe On Soar Dorothy SMITH    
73 28/12/1825 Thomas ROBINSON   Strelley Hannah KEMP    
74 16/01/1826 William PARNHAM     Martha PEET    
75 26/03/1826 George KELHAM     Elizabeth TOWLE    
76 01/05/1826 William SMART     Ann MONKS    
77 15/06/1826 Thomas FALCONBRIDGE     Hannah DISNEY    
78 30/04/1827 John NALL Widower   Ann ARCHER Widow  
79 03/07/1827 Frederick NEWCOMB     Ann SIMPSON    
80 04/08/1827 John COWLISHAW     Mary SHIPMAN    
81 24/11/1827 John HERRICK   Plumtree Ann CHAPMAN    
82 07/09/1828 Thomas BRADLEY     Sarah BUGG    
83 24/11/1828 Joseph RICHARDS     Elizabeth SKINNER    
84 12/01/1829 John ADAMS   Elston Martha BARKER    
85 07/06/1829 Thomas MARSHALL   Bunny Jane SANDAY    
86 09/06/1829 Robert STEEMSON     Jane SQUIRES    
87 20/07/1829 John MONKS     Elizabeth HENSTOCK    
88 20/09/1829 William ROWSON     Ann BRIDGETT   Gedling
89 26/11/1829 John SMITH   Sawley, Derbyshire Catharine HARDY    
90 16/05/1830 John BROWN     Mary STAFFORD    
91 21/06/1830 William TOWLE     Ann WILSON    
92 30/08/1830 Henry HEMSLEY     Elizabeth HARRISON    
93 27/12/1830 James WISHER     Susan SMITH    
94 03/05/1831 James HICKLING     Elizabeth SMITH    
95 22/05/1831 Samuel VOCE     Rebecca BROWN    
96 04/07/1831 William WILSON     Ann SIMPSON    
97 23/07/1831 John BAGULEY     Elizabeth NEALE    
98 28/08/1831 William BUXTON   Colston Bassett Mary HERRICK    
99 29/11/1831 William CUPIT   Holme Pierrepont Sarah RANDAL    
100 12/12/1831 John COOPER   Cropwell Bishop Mary SANDAY    
101 16/01/1832 Samuel FRISBY   Wysall Sarah THORNTON    
102 07/05/1832 William SIMPSON     Mary BURBAGE    
103 08/05/1832 John ROCKLEY     Mary HICKLING    
104 08/08/1832 William CRAMPTON     Sarah HARRIS    
105 17/09/1832 John SMART     Mary SIMPSON    
106 01/10/1832 George HOLMES   Plumtree Elizabeth THORNTON    
107 24/10/1832 Samuel TIMM     Ann ARCHER    
108 20/11/1832 John DISNEY     Ann SMITH    
109 09/04/1833 Thomas BROWN     Ann HUCKNALL   Woodborough
110 17/04/1833 Edward ASLING   Farnsfield Sarah WILLERS    
111 28/05/1833 James BATES     Mary SQUIRES    
112 11/09/1833 John MARTIN   Mitcham, Surrey Elizabeth Ann PROCKTER    
113 04/11/1833 John MAYLIN     Rebecca GEESON    
114 26/11/1833 Thomas WHITWORTH   Tithby Elizabeth WHITTAKER    
115 30/01/1834 Edward SIMPSON     Elizabeth CRAMPTON    
116 17/04/1834 James HOWITT     Harriet UPTON    
117 13/05/1834 Joseph HOLLAND   Edwinstowe Lucy LOWE    
118 19/07/1834 Thomas ARCHER     Elizabeth HICKLING    
119 04/04/1835 William THUMBS     Mary SMART    
120 04/04/1835 William BARRETT     Mary WHITEHEAD    
121 24/11/1835 William SCRIMSHAW     Sarah HICKLIN    
122 19/04/1836 Matthew LEE Widower Elston Mary MART    
123 18/07/1836 Thomas HOWETT     Mary MARSH    
124 19/07/1836 Thomas HICKLING     Sarah HICKLING    
125 01/08/1836 Thomas BUNNY     Mary WIDDOWSON    
126 21/09/1836 John HIVES     Elizabeth STREET   Kinoulton
127 03/10/1836 John HALLAM     Elizabeth WILSON    
128 03/11/1836 John MARRIOTT Widower Colston Bassett Frances SMITH Single  
129 07/11/1836 Thomas ALLEN     Sarah SIMPSON    
130 27/12/1836 John SKELTON   Gedling Catharine RANDALL    
131 28/01/1837 George SANDAY     Mary COOPE    
132 15/02/1837 John SPANAGE   Wilford Sarah SCRIMSHAW    

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