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Holme Pierrepont St Edmund


The Parish

The parish of Holme Pierrepont lies in south central Nottinghamshire and sits on the southern banks of the River Trent about 3 miles east of the city of Nottingham. Holme Pierrepont sits in lanes roughly a mile north of the A52 road which connects Nottingham with the Lincolnshire market town of Grantham. The former Grantham Canal also runs through the southern portion of the parish on its way to the same place. Today Holme Pierrepont is famous as the home of the National Water Sports Centre occupying former gravel extraction pits along the Trent's floodplain. At the time of this transcript Holme Pierrepont was a quiet rural backwater dominated by the estate of its Hall, the home of the the Earls of Kingston, and the agricultural needs of that estate. Hole Pierrepont is drained by the nearby Trent which heads northeastwards to reach the North Sea through the Humber Estuary. Holme Pierrepont is sited at just 20 metres above the sea and sits on the fertile floodplain, land rises to the south to local heights of around 70 metres in gently undulating countryside. Holme Pierrepont parish was fairly typically sized for south Nottinghamshire, it covered around 3,000 acres and would have supported a population of about 200 parishioners. In Domesday time Holme Pierrepont was also small, held by one Roger of Bully it could offer just 7 ploughs with a small meadow but did possess a mill.

The Church

St Edmund's church sits within the grounds of the hall and is accessed by the main driveway from the end of Adbolton Lane, The hall is now a wedding, event and seminar venue with the gardens open to the public on Wednesday afternoons. The church is unusual in being built in the 17th century, a rare century for church building. Built to carry the impression of representing the main architectural periods of the Gothic era, the main body is styled Perpendicular, the arcades mimic the Early English style whilst the 1878 addition of the chancel is Decorated. The presence of Tuscan columns in the southern porch is a quirky feature . In short a church constructed to offset the neighbouring hall which it does to good effect, its towering spire a landmark in the rather flat floodplain. The track turns left from Adbolton Lane into the grounds, the church coming just before the hall has some parking on the grass at its entrance, the churchyard has some mature trees which does somewhat limit photographic angles.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 18th November 1755 - 30th June 1812 Nottinghamshire Archives - Reference - PR/540 Nonstandard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register, it is nonstandard in being half size and having just 2 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 5th June 1813 - 21st June 1837 Nottinghamshire Archives - Reference - PR/543 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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Radcliffe on Trent St Mary
Edwalton Holy Rood
Tollerton St Peter
Cotgrave All Saints

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
18/11/1755 George CHAMBERLAIN   Radcliffe On Trent Sarah HALLAM    
01/02/1756 Matthew HARVEY     Elizabeth MORRIS    
17/03/1756 Robert SHEPHERD     Ann QUEENBOROUGH   West Bridgford
08/06/1758 Joseph WHITE   St Nicholas, Nottingham Sarah BUXTON    
25/11/1758 Robert SHEPHERD     Catherine STANFIELD    
21/02/1760 Charles GREAVES   Sheffield, Yorkshire Caroline BREDMORE    
23/02/1760 James WRIGHT     Elizabeth HALL   Radcliffe On Trent
14/04/1760 John RICHMOND   Radcliffe On Trent Mary ALLWOOD    
23/06/1761 Joseph MORLEY   Tithby Ann MORLEY    
11/01/1762 Thomas HIND   Arnold Cleare CLEWITH    
28/01/1762 John CRAFFTS     Mary BRETT    
07/02/1762 John LOWN   Attenborough Sarah BETTISON    
11/04/1762 James NORWELL   St Mary, Nottingham Mary JEPSON    
03/06/1762 John MORRIS     Ann NORMAN    
03/05/1763 Thomas SHEPHERD     Elizabeth DEVERALL   Bingham
30/05/1763 Thomas PEARE   Cropwell Bishop Mary MILNER    
14/08/1763 Samuel WOODWARD   Worksop Mary PLATTS    
30/08/1763 John GAUNTLEY     Mary HOOTON    
18/12/1763 William RICHARDS     Elizabeth MEE    
15/01/1764 William SANDAY   Cotgrave Elizabeth PETTY    
01/07/1764 John VICCARS     Jane GILBERTHORP    
08/07/1765 William PARRAT   Radcliffe On Trent Anne BLACKSHAW    
07/01/1766 John MARSHALL     Jane MILNER    
09/11/1767 Joseph PEET   Gedling Elizabeth MULLENS    
16/05/1769 John SCOTHERN   Bilborough Jane SADLER    
10/07/1769 John FEATHERSTONE   West Bridgford Mary KNAPP    
28/01/1770 George HILTON   Newark On Trent Ann WALKER    
14/06/1771 Richard WIGFIELD Single   Mary MORRIS Single  
30/07/1771 William DODD   Aston Upon Trent, Derbyshire Ann READE    
25/10/1771 Jonas BETTISON     Sarah WRIGHT   Burton Joyce
19/05/1772 William BEXTON     Mary BALEY    
05/07/1772 John LOWE     Elizabeth HULL    
01/12/1772 Richard BAILEY   Shelford Alice WALKER    
16/04/1773 John CLAYTON     Ann GRETTON    
31/05/1773 Samuel CLATER   Lowdham Mary HULL    
17/05/1774 Robert MAUL     Alice WEBB    
19/12/1774 William RICHMOND   Radcliffe On Trent Martha BEESON    
25/11/1776 William TYLER   Dishley With Thorpe Acre, Leicestershire Ann HULL    
26/11/1776 John CUMBERLAND     Ann LARGE    
27/07/1777 William WARREN   Edwinstowe Ann WINTER    
18/09/1777 Robert BURGESS   Ibstock, Leicestershire Catharine STUBBINS    
26/03/1778 Samuel BAXTER   Bingham Elizabeth SMITH    
09/06/1778 John DISNEY     Mary GAUNTLEY    
25/10/1778 Thomas WILSON   Plumtree Elizabeth HOWARD    
07/09/1780 Jonathan BURROWS     Mary BARKER   Radcliffe On Trent
21/11/1780 John SHELBOURN   Bingham Martha DISNEY    
25/02/1781 Samuel SMITH     Mary TAGG    
17/09/1781 William BARKER   Gedling Ann BLATHERWICK    
19/05/1782 Thomas BROWN   Cotgrave Mary GREGORY    
13/10/1782 John BROWN     Ann WHILEY    
19/02/1783 Thomas BATES   Radcliffe On Trent Martha TUGMAN    
11/08/1783 Joseph WOOD Widower Clifton Campville, Staffordshire Ann BRETT Single  
22/03/1785 John FLOWER     Sarah BONSER    
12/04/1785 Richard HARWOOD   Radcliffe On Trent Ann CRAFFTS    
14/07/1785 John RICHARDSON     Mary ROAKLEY    
05/12/1785 Henry DARNHAM   Whatton Ann SEARSEY    
07/02/1786 William TOWLE   Cotgrave Alice MORLEY    
18/05/1786 William MEE     Ann BARROWS    
23/09/1787 William SAUNDERS     Mary WIDOWSON    
04/12/1787 John HAWOOD     Elizabeth WIDOWSON    
26/08/1788 William SHIPMAN   Cotgrave Elizabeth CARRINGTON    
23/11/1788 William MATCHET     Mary HUSKISON    
24/02/1789 John GOODE   St Nicholas, Leicester, Leicestershire Sarah STUBBINS    
08/09/1789 William SMALLWOOD     Hannah WINTER    
22/03/1790 Francis CLARKE   Radcliffe On Trent Mary TODD    
01/11/1790 George CLIFTON     Jane HOWELL    
02/01/1791 William WATSON     Mary RICHARDS    
08/03/1791 Michael BROWN     Mary HARDY    
17/05/1791 William COLEY     Ann KNAPP    
22/12/1791 Joseph MEE     Elizabeth LEESON    
16/04/1792 Thomas GREAVES   St Mary, Nottingham Elizabeth ANSON    
17/10/1792 Stephen JOHNSON   St Martin, Leicester, Leicestershire Maria STUBBINS    
27/11/1792 William DICKINSON     Elizabeth BRIGGS    
13/12/1792 Jonathan PARR   Annesley Lidey ALLWOOD    
20/06/1793 Joseph KNIGHT   Burton Joyce Jane MILNER    
26/11/1793 Samuel MORLEY     Elizabeth FLETCHER    
11/02/1794 William WARD     Elizabeth CROFTS    
05/05/1794 William HAINES     Sarah BAILEY    
18/07/1796 James LINSDALE Single Ruddington Ann COWLEY Widow  
13/02/1797 John MASON   West Bridgford Ann REEP    
25/12/1797 William PRIDE     Mary RICHARDS    
26/04/1798 John CHARLTON   Lowdham Ann HOULSWORTH    
08/01/1799 Jonas BUXTON     Alice BAILEY    
09/07/1799 William SANDAY     Mary LOWE    
13/08/1799 James HARRIS   Bingham Ellen BROOM    
26/08/1799 Thomas HALL   St Mary, Nottingham Elizabeth ROBINSON    
25/11/1800 John KEYWORTH     Elizabeth HOLLAND    
27/04/1802 Thomas RANDLE   Radcliffe On Trent Ann WESTON    
16/05/1802 Septimus NEWCOMB     Ann MEE Widow  
02/09/1802 Edward WILFORD   Long Clawson, Leicestershire Martha HOLLAND    
02/12/1802 John KELHAM   Tithby Elizabeth BEXON    
08/02/1803 Nathan BAILEY   Shelford Hannah BECKSON    
05/07/1803 Robert MARSH   Radcliffe On Trent Mary KING    
29/10/1804 Benjamin BONSER     Ann FLOWER    
25/03/1805 Joseph HEMSLEY   Radcliffe On Trent Ann ELLERS    
06/08/1805 Richard GOODILL     Elizabeth INGHAM   Edwinstowe
23/03/1806 Samuel GREEN Single Orston Sarah RICHARDS Single  
18/05/1807 Samuel WHEATLY Single   Mary PRESTON Single  
18/05/1807 Edward GEE   Radcliffe On Trent Sarah BEESON    
06/07/1807 Thomas GILBART   Bingham Elizabeth SIMPSON    
12/10/1807 William WILSON     Mary MORLEY    
19/01/1808 John CLAYTON   West Bridgford Elizabeth KELLAM Widow  
25/07/1808 Robert BURGESS     Elizabeth DONNITHORNE Single  
01/05/1810 Robert WARREN   Lenton Mary DONNITHORNE Single  
11/11/1810 Robert FORSTER   Radcliffe On Trent Sarah BELL Single  
24/12/1810 Robert HALLAM     Jane BAILEY Single  
17/02/1812 William EASTWOOD   Radcliffe On Trent Mary COOPER Single  
30/06/1812 William SHATO     Mary PRIDE Widow  
1 05/06/1813 John GREEN Single Radcliffe On Trent Amy MORRIS Widow  
2 09/12/1813 John LOWE Widower   Mary FOX Single  
3 18/09/1814 John THRAVES     Mary MEE Single  
4 03/04/1815 John FRANKS     Sarah BOOT    
5 11/07/1815 Joseph BOTT     Mary SHAW    
6 17/07/1815 William CARTER     Jane RICHARDS    
7 30/10/1815 Thomas WHITE     Martha FOSTER    
10 29/01/1816 Thomas STANLEY     Ann HALLAM   West Bridgford
11 30/07/1816 John SHIPMAN     Sarah BURROWS    
13 03/08/1817 William CARNALL   Radcliffe On Trent Sarah MORLEY    
14 05/10/1817 Thomas MARSHALL     Ruth THAKER    
15 02/12/1817 Joseph CLARK   Epperstone Elizabeth BURROWS    
16 02/06/1818 Samuel WILSON     Mary GEE    
17 22/08/1818 John INGMAN   Radcliffe On Trent Ann MORRIS    
18 30/03/1819 John BURNSIDE   Plumtree Henrietta Ann Julia THOMPSON    
19 09/09/1819 William MARCROFT     Frances HARTLEY    
22 21/06/1821 John PARR Widower Radcliffe On Trent Mary BAILEY Single  
23 12/11/1821 William KING   Kinoulton Elizabeth PETERS    
24 15/01/1822 William AVISSON   St Nicholas, Nottingham Sarah SMITH    
25 29/04/1822 William CARLISLE   Owthorpe Mary PETERS    
28 14/01/1823 William TULL     Mary FRANKS    
29 12/10/1823 William ATTENBORROW     Ann LOWE    
30 24/11/1823 George PALETHORPE     Mary CLARKE    
31 06/06/1824 William TOWLE Widower   Mary GRAVES Single  
32 04/10/1824 William TOWLE   West Bridgford Hannah PIKE    
34 17/10/1825 William MIDDLETON   Radcliffe On Trent Rebecca FLOWER    
35 15/11/1825 Richard RAYNER   Cotgrave Sarah SPENCER    
36 01/12/1825 James PARR   Radcliffe On Trent Ann MOUTES    
37 17/09/1826 John NEWMAN     Mary HALLAM    
38 17/12/1826 Samuel EYRE   St Mary, Nottingham Ann PRIDE    
39 17/08/1827 John BONSER     Fanny MEAD    
40 10/12/1827 John BRADBURY   All Saints, Derby, Derbyshire Ann CRAGG    
41 22/07/1828 John WILSON   Selston Ann FREEMAN    
42 24/11/1829 Thomas GIMSON     Elisabeth LEE    
43 21/02/1831 George PARR   Cotgrave Elizabeth LOWE    
44 31/03/1831 John WHEATLEY     Sarah CROSSLAND    
45 18/09/1831 John WHEATLEY     Sarah PRICE    
46 01/12/1832 Thomas BUTLER   Radcliffe On Trent Mary HALLAM    
47 13/04/1833 William PIKE     Ann BOOT    
48 27/11/1833 Thomas NOBLE     Elizabeth WHATTON    
49 31/03/1834 William WINTERTON   Barrow Upon Soar, Leicestershire Sarah LAKIN    
50 16/06/1834 John PIKE     Sarah CLATOR    
51 30/06/1834 John WHEATLEY     Mary SLACK    
52 05/10/1834 John RAYNOR     Sarah MILLINGTON    
53 24/11/1834 William TAGG     Mary FLETCHER    
54 06/07/1835 William WHEATLEY     Sarah CLATOR    
55 21/06/1837 John GEESON     Sarah LACEY    

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