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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Stanford on Soar St John the Baptist


The Parish

The parish of Stanford on Soar lies in the extreme southwest of Nottinghamshire forming an extensive part of the border with neighbouring Leicestershire. As its name suggests the parish sits on the eastern banks of the River Soar which, here, forms the border between the two counties. Stanford on Soar is located about 2 miles north of the large Leicestershire town of Loughborough and sits, in lanes, about 1 mile west of the A60 road which connects Loughborough with Nottinghamshire. Stanford on Soar is a rather small place, not large enough to merit more than hamlet status which sits mere yards from the border, a farming community with pastoral farming forming the mainstay of the local economy. Modern developments have, however, intruded, the Loughborough to Nottingham rail line passing through the parish. The Soar drains the parish northwards to join the Trent and thence to the North Sea through the Humber Estuary. Stanford on Soar is sited at around 40 metres above the sea in gently rolling countryside that rises to 80 metres on nearby Stanford Hills. Parishes in this area of the county are all rather small and Stanford on Soar was no exception, it covered just about 1,500 acres and would have supported a population of just under 150 parishioners. In Domesday times Stanford on Soar was shared between William's son Robert and Roger de Bully, a mid-sized place of 11 ploughs, small meadows and a half share in a mill.

The Church

St John the Baptist's church sits on the western side of the main lane running through the hamlet (Main Street). Whilst the church has its origins in the 13th century it has been extensively restored over the centuries and only fragmentary details remain to prove that fact. The southern arcade is the principal evidence whilst a few minor fragments were reused in the vestry. The opposite northern arcade is 14th century so the original church would have been a mixture of Early English Gothic and its successor style Decorated. The major restoration, a typical Victorian intervention, came in the 1890 and was extensive to result in today's church. The church is rather screened by trees but immediately north of the site is a substantial pull-off with room for several cars, a pretty lychgate grants access to the churchyard, a lengthy pathway leads to the church which has a number of trees around making for a challenge to adequately photograph.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 31st March 1755 - 8th December 1785 Nottinghamshire Archives - Reference - PR/5804 Plain, unruled book, a continuation of the extant composite register in contravention of Hardwicke's segregation & wording requirements Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Poor handwriting in this register may lead to one or two misreads
2 21st April 1788 - 31st August 1812 Nottinghamshire Archives - Reference - PR/5805 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 21st March 1814 - 14th September 1834 Nottinghamshire Archives - Reference - PR/5806 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Normanton on Soar St James
Normanton on Soar St James
East Leake St Mary
East Leake St Mary
Normanton on Soar St James
Rempstone All Saints
Hoton St Leonard, Leicestershire
Dishley with Thorpe Acre All Saints, Leicestershire
Loughborough All Saints, Leicestershire
Hoton St Leonard, Leicestershire
Prestwold St Andrew, Leicestershire

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
31/03/1755 John GLOVER     Ann MARSHALL    
26/12/1755 Henry WEB     Mary STREET    
06/07/1756 William BROWN   Loughborough, Leicestershire Ann WHITBY    
25/10/1756 Henry FEWKES     Martha FELTON    
26/09/1757 Francis HARRIMAN     Dorothy BROMLEY    
22/10/1759 Daniel JONES     Mary BARTON   Wilford
23/11/1759 Richard SMITH     Elizabeth GRESLEY    
29/11/1759 George GLOVER     Mary DAY    
08/12/1760 Thomas YEOMANS   Kingston On Soar Elizabeth SHAW    
17/08/1761 Thomas FEWKES     Hannah CRAGG    
09/09/1761 Thomas WILDE     Ann COX    
22/02/1762 Thomas BISHOP     Mary DENNIS    
23/02/1762 Robert TEBBUTT   Kegworth, Leicestershire Dorothy FEWKES    
14/04/1763 Henry EMERSON   Prestwold, Leicestershire Hannah STORY    
30/05/1763 William WRIGHT   Aston Upon Trent, Derbyshire Elizabeth BOATHAM    
21/09/1763 John CLARKE     Christian TREECE    
12/04/1765 John WIDOWSON     Ann CLARK    
27/08/1765 John LEWIN     Anne BOOT    
27/01/1768 James BALL     Isabell DENNIS    
30/01/1769 Robert MEE     Sarah CHAMBERLAIN    
06/02/1769 Humphrey BARRATT   East Leake Sarah ROPER    
03/04/1769 Andrew GIRARDOT   St James, Westminster, Middlesex Elizabeth DASHWOOD    
28/08/1769 Joseph ROWORTH     Sarah CARTWRIGHT    
30/11/1769 Charles NORTH   Loughborough, Leicestershire Mary HARDY    
19/02/1770 John ALLSOP     Mary SUTHEREN    
02/12/1770 Philip CLARKE     Elizabeth LONG    
21/01/1771 William HANDLEY   Normanton On Soar Sarah CLARK    
10/02/1772 William CLARK   Normanton On Soar Mary SHAW    
06/08/1772 Walthall FENTON   Newcastle Under Lyme, Staffordshire Penelope POWELL Widow  
25/03/1774 Hugh BARKER     Mary SOARS   Loughborough, Leicestershire
24/05/1774 Thomas SIBSON     Mary WHITTINGTON    
24/11/1774 William HAWKINS     Elizabeth WAGSTAFF    
26/12/1774 Thomas GARDNER   Doveridge, Derbyshire Mary MAXWELL Widow  
30/01/1775 Richard GOYDER     Mary GREGG    
08/05/1775 Richard KIRK Single   Dorothy BURTON Single  
29/09/1775 Matthew SIBSON Single   Mary SMITH Single  
06/01/1777 Thomas ROBINSON Single   Elizabeth CANE Single  
08/04/1777 Henry LACEY Single   Mary WILFORD Single  
13/10/1777 George CLARK Single Normanton On Soar Elizabeth CLEMENTS Single  
02/12/1778 John BALL Single   Elizabeth COOK Single  
15/12/1779 John CARVER Single   Ann GLOVER Single  
24/01/1780 William ROWORTH Single Wymeswold, Leicestershire Ann PACEY Single  
06/12/1781 Charles BOSWORTH Single   Ann MARSHALL Single  
18/02/1782 John FALKNER Single St Mary, Nottingham Elizabeth BOWLEY Single  
18/02/1784 William BUCKLEY Single Normanton On Soar Barbara BOWLEY Single  
28/10/1784 John CARVER Widower   Martha HALL Single  
25/11/1784 Thomas LACEY Single   Alice HALLAM Single  
05/02/1785 John WOOTTON Widower East Leake Elizabeth SMITH Single  
04/04/1785 John COBLEY Single St Martin, Leicester, Leicestershire Mary BOWLEY Single  
24/07/1785 Thomas HICKINGBOTTOM Single Wymeswold, Leicestershire Elizabeth OLVEY Single  
08/12/1785 Joseph YATES Single   Ann SMITH Single  
1 21/04/1788 William JACKSON   Quorndon, Leicestershire Ann GREG Single  
2 07/07/1789 James BLACKBEARD     Susanna COX    
3 03/08/1789 Peter BROWN Single   Hannah FORKES Single  
4 14/12/1790 Isaac DUDLEY Single Humberstone, Leicestershire Sarah MARSHALL    
5 14/06/1791 John ROBINSON Widower   Ann PALING Single  
6 23/06/1791 John BUCKNALL   Hoton, Leicestershire Ann HEWETT    
7 26/11/1792 John WOOTTON Single   Elizabeth BUCKLEY Single  
8 27/11/1792 Richard ORSWIN Single   Mary SMITH Single  
9 01/01/1793 Joseph WALKER Single St Mary, Nottingham Mary WALKER Single  
10 01/12/1794 Edward SMITH Single   Mary WAKELING Single  
11 06/04/1795 Samuel White SHEBBLEY Single East Leake Elizabeth SMITH Single  
12 21/04/1795 John ABBEY Single   Elizabeth COATES Single  
13 29/06/1795 Thomas STURGES Single   Elizabeth BRANDROUGH Single  
14 02/11/1795 Thomas ANSON Widower Gotham Mary CARVER Single  
15 15/09/1796 William BISHOP Single   Mary BRADLEY Single  
16 04/06/1797 Thomas HALLAM Single Kegworth, Leicestershire Elizabeth HARRYMAN    
17 06/06/1797 Thomas DERRY     Mary MARSHALL    
18 03/08/1797 John ORMS Widower Barrow Upon Soar, Leicestershire Ann SARSON Single  
19 26/11/1798 Daniel WOODROFF Single   Elizabeth CLEMENTS Single  
20 00/06/1799 James HARRYMAN   Sutton Bonington Sarah BUXTON    
21 01/10/1799 Samuel HORTON Single Louth, Lincolnshire Hannah CROSS Single  
22 16/11/1799 Thomas SMITH Single   Mary BUXTON Single  
23 27/07/1801 Peter BRETLAND Single St Mary, Nottingham Elizabeth WALKER Single  
24 09/02/1802 William ROPER Single Normanton On Soar Mary CLARKE Single  
25 29/11/1802 Samuel HEATHCOATE Single   Ann PRICE Single  
26 15/08/1803 Thomas BRADLEY Single   Sarah WARD Single  
27 15/10/1804 John PEAL Single   Ann LEWIN Single  
28 06/11/1804 George SLATER Single   Mary CARVER Single  
29 29/11/1804 Joseph HART Single   Sarah BENNET Single  
30 23/05/1805 Thomas MARSHALL     Katharine HANCOCK    
31 30/09/1805 John SLATER     Mary WORTHINGTON    
32 21/10/1805 William BARRATT Single Kegworth, Leicestershire Sarah HARRIMAN Single  
33 20/10/1806 William TAYLOR Single East Leake Catherine KIRCHIN    
34 24/11/1806 Thomas TOPLEY     Ann GRETTON    
35 24/12/1806 Henry GRUNDY   Prestwold, Leicestershire Ann RAWORTH    
36 30/03/1807 William NEWMANS     Mary GREASLY    
37 29/11/1808 John BIRCH Single   Mary BREWIN Single  
38 31/10/1809 John BOSWORTH Single St Martin, Leicester, Leicestershire Sarah ROWLAND Single  
39 14/06/1810 George BARROWCLIFF Single   Amey MARSDIN Single Normanton On Soar
40 04/07/1810 Thomas SMITH Widower Normanton On Soar Ann BALL Single  
41 06/11/1810 Thomas SHARP     Elizabeth RICHARDSON    
42 27/05/1811 Thomas BEAVAN Single   Mary CRAMP Single  
43 01/07/1811 John FORD Single Loughborough, Leicestershire Elizabeth RAWORTH Single  
44 14/01/1812 John YATES Single   Ann KIRK    
45 06/02/1812 John WRIGHT Single Barton In Fabis Sarah WALKER Single  
46 14/07/1812 John BEVAN   Beguildy, Radnorshire Esther DENT Single  
47 31/08/1812 John THORPE Single   Margaret PIGGINS Single  
1 21/03/1814 Robert ELLIOT Widower   Elizabeth JAMES Single  
2 18/04/1815 Francis RAWSON Single   Martha HUDSON Single  
3 10/06/1816 William ORTON Single Hoton, Leicestershire Mary MACHON Single  
4 21/11/1816 John DEBELL Single   Ann JACKSON Single  
5 02/12/1816 Edward PIZER Single Plungar, Leicestershire Jane CROSS Single  
6 28/10/1817 Richard GARNER Widower East Leake Sarah HART Widow  
7 21/06/1818 William SMITH     Mary HARRIMAN Single  
8 29/11/1818 Benjamin SELBY Single   Martha BOTTRELL   Ragdale, Leicestershire
9 03/12/1818 Thomas LUTHER   Hoton, Leicestershire Susannah CROSS    
10 26/04/1819 John HARRISON Single   Mary STUBLEY Single  
11 22/09/1821 John HEWITT   Loughborough, Leicestershire Elizabeth PAWSON    
12 10/12/1821 Richard JULIAN     Elizabeth PEARSON    
13 17/12/1821 William PILKINGTON   Wilford Ann SMITH Single  
14 16/09/1822 Edward WOODCOCK     Millicent STOCKS Single  
15 02/12/1822 John HOTT     Ann HUMBER Single  
16 17/08/1823 William FOSTER   Clifton Anne TANSLEY    
17 10/10/1823 William MONK   Wanlip, Leicestershire Mary SIBEY    
18 06/06/1824 John CAWOOD     Mary MARSHALL    
19 06/12/1825 Isaac MOORE   Costock Mary WOODCOCK    
20 15/10/1826 Ralph ATKINS     Margaret BONSHER    
21 24/09/1827 Edward STOCKS     Mary WRIGHT    
22 26/11/1827 William JOYCE     Susanna MOORE    
23 09/03/1828 John CRAGG   Quorndon, Leicestershire Jane MERRIMAN    
24 05/06/1828 Samuel ATHERSTONE   St Mary, Nottingham Elizabeth WALKER    
25 01/12/1828 Thomas FUNNEY     Ann WARNER    
26 28/06/1829 Thomas MARSHALL   East Leake Alice TINKLER    
27 08/10/1829 Joseph Bankes WRIGHT   Upton Sophy DASHWOOD    
28 15/06/1831 George BIRCH     Lydia Diana DASHWOOD    
29 06/07/1831 Samuel BAXTER   Clapham, Surrey Jane WOODCOCK    
30 10/03/1832 Joseph WALLIS   Loughborough, Leicestershire Amelia WELLSMAN    
31 10/12/1833 John GARTON   Normanton On Soar Ann HARRIS    
32 14/09/1834 Samuel BETTS     Eliza TABBERER    

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