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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Woodborough St Swithun


The Parish

The parish of Woodborough lies in southern central Nottinghamshire about 7 miles northeast of the county town of Nottingham. Woodborough is a large village which stands, in lanes, about a mile west of the A6097, a link road between the A46 (the ancient Roman road of Fosse Way) and the A614 (Nottingham to Ollerton) roads. Woodborough has a centre grouped around the junction by the church yet spreads both east and west of that point for over a half mile in each direction. Woodborough's claim to historical fame is its location as the home of the inventor of the stocking-frame, William Lee in 1528; it is this frame work knitting that employed those persons not directly employed within the usual farming activities. Mills have been active in the parish since Domesday times and these powered the industry that provided the backbone of the local economy. The Dover Beck drains the parish eastwards, only a short distance to the Trent at Caythorpe thence to the North Sea through the Humber Estuary. Woodborough is sited at around 50 metres above the sea in rolling countryside with local heights reaching to just over double that height within a couple of miles. Woodborough parish was fairly typically sized for the south of its county, covering around 1,800 acres it would have serviced a population of around 800 parishioners. In Domesday times Woodborough was shared between no fewer than 6 landholders, remarkably 3 Saxons/Danes were still holding part of the parish despite the Norman invasion. Collectively the land could offer 16 ploughs, meadows and woodland and no fewer than 7 mills making for a profitable landholding.

The Church

St Swithun's church sits at the heart of Woodborough on the southeastern corner of the junction between Main Street & Lingwood Lane that forms the notional centre of the village. The church has Norman origins, a retained doorway, albeit reset, shows the Romanesque style of that period. The western tower was first built in the 13th century and shows early English Gothic styling amended by a Perpendicular refit. The bulk of the church is 14th century and Decorated in style, the chancel being the showpiece for this era. Built in the mid-14th century its five-light eastern window complete with flowing tracery is the centrepiece of the church. The latest part, in the late 14th century are the nave arcades which show the early Perpendicular style and are contemporary with the upgrade to the tower. AS with most churches some restoration took place in the 19th century but in this case it was sensitive and did not remove much historical detail. The church sits behind a low brick wall with entrances off both Main Street and Lingwood Lane, the church is flush with the western edge of the site making it better to capture the tower from outside the site, the churchyard, itself, has many trees and the optimal angles for a sunny day are restricted by these making for a tricky subject to adequately capture.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 19th September 1754 - 18th June 1812 Nottinghamshire Archives - Reference - PR/6129 Plain, unruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 31st October 1813 - 8th June 1837 Nottinghamshire Archives - Reference - PR/6130 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Arnold St Mary
Calverton St Wilfrid
Epperstone Holy Cross
Arnold St Mary
Epperstone Holy Cross
Lowdham St Mary
Arnold St Mary
Lambley Holy Trinity
Lowdham St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
19/09/1754 John GLOVER     Sarah DUFTY   Epperstone
21/10/1754 John MASON   East Bridgford Mary MARSHALL    
04/02/1755 Laurence BAGULEY     Jane BAGULEY    
04/02/1755 John ALVEY     Ann COOLEY    
06/02/1755 William JOHNSON   St Mary, Nottingham Elizabeth MEW    
20/07/1755 Joseph WHITEHEAD     Elizabeth HOLLOWAY    
02/12/1755 John CLAY Widower   Mary WILFORD    
01/01/1756 John COLISHAW   Burton Joyce Christian HUTCHINGSON    
08/06/1756 Daniel CLIFF Single   Ann OULDAM Single Farnsfield
25/09/1756 Robert OSBAND   Tuxford Mary ALVEY Single  
27/09/1756 Joseph SMITH     Ann WARD Single Bilsthorpe
25/12/1756 William DENMAN Single Farnsfield Mary LAMB Single  
07/11/1757 James HYNDE Single   Martha SCOTHERN    
01/12/1757 Thomas BINGHAM Single   Elizabeth CLIFF Widow  
14/11/1758 William WAINER Widower Gedling Anne HYNDE Widow  
02/01/1759 Thomas BROWN Widower   Mary WOOD Single  
13/10/1759 William WALLIS Single   Joyce COOK Single  
18/11/1759 Richard TORR Single Basford Mary NEWHAM    
16/03/1760 John FISHER Single Lowdham Mary GLOVER Single  
01/06/1760 Paul SIMSON     Mary WILSON    
11/07/1760 Robert HOLMES Single   Mary BARRETT Single  
07/10/1760 Joseph ROSE Single   Sarah NEEDHAM Single  
22/09/1761 Josiah BRANSON   St Mary, Nottingham Mary THORPE    
28/09/1762 John MELLERS Widower   Mary WHALEY Single  
04/10/1762 Samuel ALVEY Single   Mary HEARSON Single Oxton
30/11/1762 Thomas TOMLISON Single   Betty ROSE    
12/02/1763 William METHAM     Elizabeth WHITEHEAD Widow  
03/10/1763 Hugh MOUNTAIN Single   Mary CLAYTOR Single  
20/12/1763 John TAYLOR Single Hoveringham Mary THORPE Single  
14/01/1764 William RICHARDS Widower Oxton Ann ROBERTS Single  
18/06/1764 William ALVEY Single   Elizabeth FOSTER Single  
26/11/1764 William HYNDE Single   Sarah WATSON Single  
14/12/1764 William WALLIS Widower   Jane MANNACK Single Lowdham
19/02/1765 John ROCKLEY Widower Lowdham Elizabeth MARSHALL Widow  
28/12/1765 John THOMPSON Single   Mary BROWN Widow  
06/01/1766 Thomas DERNELLY Single Arnold Hannah SOUTHERN Single  
30/09/1766 John ASLIN Single   Milicent SCOTHORN Single  
12/04/1768 Mordecai GLOVER     Hannah BRADLEY Single  
21/11/1768 John SMITH     Elizabeth CLIFF Single  
20/02/1769 Henry COOK   Kirklington Elizabeth BLUNDELL    
27/06/1769 Thomas LAMB     Frances MACKINDER Single  
14/08/1769 George TAYLOR   Calverton Phebe ELLES Single  
27/11/1769 John MARSHALL     Sarah HEARSON Single  
11/12/1769 William PENDLETON     Elizabeth HAYS Single  
13/03/1770 Thomas ROSE Single Croxton Kerrial, Leicestershire Elizabeth SOUTHERN Single  
24/04/1770 Joseph ANDREWS Single   Mary SOUTHERN    
28/05/1770 Griffin KIRK     Alice HOLMS Single  
04/06/1770 Thomas SOUTHERN     Elizabeth MACHIN    
16/04/1771 Noah WOOD   Doncaster, Yorkshire Sarah ASHER Single  
21/01/1773 James WOOD Single   Mary FOSTER    
06/06/1773 John BARNS Single Gedling Sarah NORTHAGE Single  
23/05/1774 George GALLIMORE     Mary CLAY Single  
17/07/1774 John PECK   Hoveringham Ann BERRIDGE Single  
19/12/1774 Thomas DONNELLY     Elizabeth FERRY Single  
26/02/1775 Samuel MOOR     Elizabeth FLINTHAM Single  
07/11/1775 Hugh MOUNTAIN Widower   Catherine SELBY Single  
11/02/1777 John WHITTICAR     Elizabeth ALVY Widow  
07/07/1777 John RICHARDSON   Epperstone Mary ALVY Single  
24/11/1777 William BRAMMER     Elizabeth NEWHAM Single  
11/12/1777 John BLUNDALL     Ann BLACKNAL    
16/06/1778 John COLISHAW Single   Elizabeth LEE Single  
19/10/1778 William MORRIS   Holme Pierrepont Mary ROSE Single  
05/01/1779 John WHARTON     Sarah CLAY Single  
20/04/1779 William COLISHAW Single   Ann THORPE Single  
08/07/1779 John WORTHINGTON     Frances CLAYWORTH    
03/08/1779 William DENMAN Widower   Elizabeth WHITTICAR Widow  
16/12/1779 William SPENCER Single St Peter, Nottingham Mary LEE    
22/07/1780 James HEWES     Sarah OLDACRES    
13/11/1780 Joseph GOODWIN Single   Ann RIMMINGTON Single  
27/11/1780 John FOSTER     Mary BARKER Single  
22/01/1781 William RICHARDSON Single   Elizabeth HUCKNALL Single  
16/04/1781 John MORLEY Single   Elizabeth JOHNSON Single  
18/09/1781 John OSBORNE Single   Eleanor BLANKLEY Single  
10/04/1782 William KNUTTON Single Blidworth Mary WYLDE Single  
17/08/1782 William ROSE     Mary CLAY Single  
11/11/1782 George ALSOP   St Peter, Nottingham Ann WORKMAN    
25/12/1782 John SELBY Single Lambley Sarah GADSBY Single  
20/03/1783 John CULLIN Single All Saints, Derby, Derbyshire Mary DAVIS Single  
05/08/1783 John GADSBY     Ann BLUNDY Widow  
05/08/1783 James PENTEAZE   St Peter, Nottingham Ann STORY    
25/08/1783 William SINGLETON Widower Southwell Sarah DABILL    
01/12/1783 John HEROD     Elizabeth FOSTER    
17/02/1784 Joseph HALLAM Single   Mary DONNILLY    
18/09/1784 James CLIFF Widower   Ann MOUNTAIN Single  
06/06/1785 Richard WOOD Single   Hannah ALVY Single  
05/07/1785 Brian OSBAND     Mary SCRATEN    
13/09/1785 Robert STOKES Single   Hannah DRING Single  
21/02/1786 Robert ALVEY Single   Elizabeth MOSS Single  
16/09/1787 John MEADS Single   Susannah HOLMES Single  
25/10/1787 John RADDISH Widower   Sarah JAMSON Single  
16/12/1787 John HIND Single   Hannah BINGHAM Single  
18/12/1787 Samuel COLLISHAW Single   Ann ALVEY Single  
13/12/1788 John WIGHT Single   Mary MELLOWS Single  
29/12/1788 James GREEN Single   Mary MELLOWS Single  
03/01/1789 Thomas RAYNER     Ann OLDAMS    
16/02/1789 Joseph HUCKNAL     Sarah SWINSCOE    
11/05/1789 John ALVEY     Sarah HEARSON    
14/05/1789 John DRING     Alice BROWN    
18/06/1789 William EDGE     Mary PALIN    
31/08/1789 William LEAPER   Gedling Mary SWINSCOE    
21/11/1789 James ORME     Ann HIND    
14/02/1790 John SIMPSON     Sarah ROBBINSON    
01/03/1790 John ELLIOT     Elizabeth HOLMS    
10/01/1791 James HIND     Ann LEAPER   Gedling
09/05/1791 John BAGULEY     Elizabeth DONNELEY    
23/08/1791 John BROWN   Lowdham Hannah HUCKNAL    
21/11/1791 Matthew MEADES   Calverton Ann PENDLETON    
05/12/1791 Thomas WILLIAMS     Mary MOUNTAIN    
21/02/1792 John BISH     Elizabeth DONNELEY    
20/03/1792 Samuel FLINDERS     Mary THORP    
12/07/1792 Richard CLAY     Mary SOUTHERN    
06/09/1792 George MEADES     Ann DOOR    
13/11/1792 Thomas CARRINGTON     Mary SEVERINS    
13/11/1792 John TOPLIS     Ann SPENCER    
20/12/1792 Nicholas LEES     Mary JOHNSON    
13/01/1793 John FAIRHOLM   Lowdham Elizabeth WORTON    
03/04/1793 Thomas FOSTER     Ann CLAYTON    
18/04/1793 Joseph HUCKNALL     Mary LEALAND    
23/04/1793 Isaac HENSON     Mary DABILL    
15/09/1793 George RAYWORTH     Elizabeth TAYLOR    
24/12/1793 Joseph HALL     Ann DONNELY    
03/03/1794 Simeon CUNDY   Calverton Mary PENDLETON    
22/09/1794 John TAYLOR     Sarah MEADES    
02/12/1794 Richard WOOD Widower   Elizabeth KIRKHAM    
16/06/1796 William ALLIN     Hannah DONNELEY    
13/09/1796 James TAYLOR     Jane BAGULEY    
03/10/1796 Benjamin WAIN Widower Oxton Dorothy SHARP Widow  
17/11/1796 Lancelot CHAPMAN     Elizabeth WYLD    
18/04/1797 Thomas OSBORNE   Arnold Elizabeth GADSBY    
23/05/1797 William NEWBOLD   Lockington, Leicestershire Ann SOUTHERN    
31/10/1797 George SOUTHERN     Elizabeth MEADES    
16/11/1797 John ROSE     Sarah MORRIS    
27/11/1797 John GLOVER     Susannah JOHNSON    
19/02/1798 John CROPPER     Hannah ALVEY    
01/04/1798 Seth HURT   Edingley Maria BAUSOR    
11/06/1798 William BROOKS   Calverton Mary WATSON    
30/01/1799 William TOPLIS     Sarah DONNELEY    
24/06/1799 William BRADLEY   Gedling Ann MARSHALL    
09/12/1799 Thomas WOOD     Mary BARKER    
07/01/1800 Joseph HALL Widower   Elizabeth BURDIN Single  
15/06/1800 Robert PORTER     Hannah KEYWORTH    
26/01/1801 William BLACKNEY   Caunton Elizabeth RAYNOR    
04/05/1801 Thomas FLOWER   Ratcliffe On Soar Elizabeth RAYWORTH    
30/07/1801 John HOLLIS     Mary Millward WHYSALL    
28/09/1801 James HARRIS   St Mary, Nottingham Mary TAYLOR    
16/11/1801 Joseph DODD     Hannah CARTLEDGE    
14/12/1801 George RICHARDS   Holme Pierrepont Ann HOLMES    
20/04/1802 Joseph BAGULEY     Elizabeth SCOTHERN    
11/05/1802 William COOPER     Sarah WOOD    
12/06/1802 Thomas WILLIAMS Widower   Ann ALVEY Widow  
16/05/1803 John SMITH     Mary ALLIN    
04/08/1803 William ORANGE Widower   Sarah REDDISH Widow  
03/01/1804 Paul RICHARDSON     Mary ORMES    
30/10/1804 John CUMBERLAND     Ann WOOD    
27/11/1804 John HARRISON     Hannah FOX    
28/12/1804 Thomas TAYLOR   St Mary, Nottingham Sarah SCRATON    
11/03/1805 John STEVENSON   Kegworth, Leicestershire Sarah SPEECHLEY    
27/05/1805 Samuel WILSTE     Mary WOOD    
30/07/1805 John COLLISHAW   Oxton Mary CURSHAM    
22/10/1805 William CUMBERLAND     Ann RAYNOR    
06/01/1806 Stephen LEE   Calverton Martha ANDREWS    
17/02/1806 Benjamin ROSE     Ellen RILEY    
02/08/1806 John GRAY     Mary HALLAM    
03/11/1806 Edward HOFFEN   Lambley Elizabeth MORLEY    
21/12/1806 John KNIGHT   East Stoke Ann WYLD    
15/02/1807 Joseph MORRIS     Mary RICHARDSON    
28/03/1807 John BROWN     Mary DRING    
16/04/1807 Thomas HARDY     Mary HIND    
05/05/1807 Henry THOMPSON     Mary WOOD    
06/07/1807 Richard ROBINSON   Lambley Hannah SCOTHERN    
04/08/1807 Samuel SMITH     Hannah UPTON    
16/08/1807 Charles ASHMOOR     Meriam RICHARDSON    
25/08/1807 John BAGULEY     Ann HIND    
28/12/1807 William BEEBY     Mary WORTON    
19/04/1808 William CAUNT     Ruth RICHARDSON    
28/04/1808 John HOFFEN   Lambley Ann HIND Widow  
03/05/1808 John PENDLETON     Mary GUNN    
09/05/1808 Joshua BROWN Widower   Martha GRAVES    
29/12/1808 Charles DONNELEY     Hannah CAUNT    
06/02/1809 Joseph HIND     Elizabeth BAGULEY    
06/11/1809 George PARNAM     Mary LEE    
25/11/1809 John HIND     Ann ROE    
28/12/1809 John BURTON     Mary WOODWARD    
03/01/1810 John LAMBERT Widower Arnold Hannah GILSTRAP Widow  
10/06/1810 Mark BAGULEY     Sarah WEATHERALL    
12/07/1810 William PLUMB   Lambley Anna WORTHINGTON    
13/10/1810 Thomas SOUTHERN     Martha GILL    
28/10/1810 John WORTHINGTON     Frances JACKSON   Shepshed, Leicestershire
01/11/1810 William ROBOTHAM     Ann CUMBERLAND    
25/12/1810 Charles LOVETT   Lambley Sarah LEE    
21/01/1811 John COUPE     Sarah WINFIELD    
28/02/1811 John BARTERHAM     Hannah HUCKNALL    
01/09/1811 John CHAPPEL     Sarah BAGULEY    
01/09/1811 John ELLIOTT     Ann THORPE    
28/10/1811 Travas BATH     Harriott HIND    
20/01/1812 John MORLEY     Mary SCOTHERN   Lambley
17/02/1812 Samuel PLUMB   Lambley Sarah WORTHINGTON    
30/03/1812 George GREEN     Hannah MORRIS    
18/06/1812 William POOLE     Elizabeth WYLD    
1 31/10/1813 James SANSOM     Ann MORRIS    
2 16/11/1813 James CAUNT     Alice DRING    
3 22/11/1813 John RICHARDSON     Sarah MARSHALL    
4 12/04/1814 John HARTSHORN   Calverton Sarah RICHARDSON    
5 12/04/1814 James KIRKHAM     Maria ALVEY    
6 05/05/1814 William ROSE     Sarah WOOD   Calverton
7 22/05/1814 William HIND     Hannah THORPE    
8 02/06/1814 John HALLUM     Elizabeth BISH    
9 05/07/1814 John BURTON   Lambley Mary GILSTHORPE    
10 28/11/1814 Aaron RICHARDSON     Alice DRING    
11 08/12/1814 David Scothern SARDISON     Agnes HUTCHINSON    
12 02/01/1815 Samuel RICHARDSON     Maria HUCKNALL    
13 14/05/1815 Moses MEADS     Hannah DRING    
14 29/05/1815 Thomas HARVEY     Elizabeth SOUTHERN    
15 09/07/1815 George SMITH   St Mary, Nottingham Ann DRING    
16 29/01/1816 John WOOD   Screveton Mary BAGULEY    
17 26/02/1816 Richard WARTON   Calverton Mary THORPE    
18 02/06/1816 John STEVENSON   Calverton Frances BROWN    
19 12/11/1816 William WYLD     Elizabeth CLAY    
20 28/04/1817 Richard WYLD     Rebecca CHEETHAM   Calverton
21 02/06/1817 James ORME     Amy BROWN   Calverton
22 08/07/1817 Joseph SMITH   Epperstone Hannah WILD    
23 08/07/1817 Richard BAGULEY     Ann ORANGE    
24 01/09/1818 Henry ORME     Ann TAYLOR    
25 03/10/1818 John BRETT     Elizabeth FISHER   Long Clawson, Leicestershire
26 05/10/1818 John SMITH     Elizabeth MEADS    
27 03/11/1818 John TOPLIS     Sarah HUCKNALL    
28 29/12/1818 William HIND     Mary HUCKNALL    
29 06/06/1819 Matthew BINGHAM     Catherine WOOLLEY   Lambley
30 09/12/1819 William DUKE   Radcliffe On Trent Mary CUMBERLAND    
31 25/05/1820 James WIBBERLY   Calverton Sarah WETHERALL    
32 24/12/1820 William HARRISON   Lambley Miriam MEADS    
33 22/01/1821 Francis WILLIAMSON   Lowdham Sarah HOGG    
34 03/06/1821 George BROWN     Mary WYLD    
35 10/07/1821 John HAND   Blidworth Millicent ORME    
36 16/10/1821 William WOOD     Hannah DONNELLY    
37 26/11/1821 Benjamin RENNALS     Sarah PARR   St Mary, Nottingham
38 24/12/1821 Edward LEAFE     Eliza GRISE    
39 31/12/1821 William KENT   Nuthall Mary WOOD    
40 26/03/1822 William WRIGHT   Lowdham Hannah FOSTER    
41 08/04/1822 William CLAY     Mary HUCKNALL    
42 09/04/1822 John WATSON   Pentrich, Derbyshire Sarah DONNELEY    
43 15/04/1822 Joseph HIND     Sarah GLOVER    
44 30/04/1822 Stephen BLYTON   Lowdham Martha WOOD    
45 28/05/1822 John ALVEY     Fanny BURTON    
46 04/06/1822 James TAYLOR     Mary GADSBY    
47 14/10/1822 James STACY   Farnsfield Elizabeth TOPLIS    
48 25/11/1822 John PEARSON     Mary MOTTRAM    
49 06/09/1823 James ROE     Mary BEARDALL   Calverton
50 05/10/1823 John PARKS     Lydia BISH    
51 11/10/1823 James BAXTER     Elizabeth LEE    
52 24/11/1823 Samuel ORANGE     Ann BROWN    
53 08/12/1823 George HARRIS   Lambley Mary TAYLOR    
54 25/12/1823 John PINDER   Basford Elizabeth HALL    
55 01/03/1824 George JOHNSON     Elizabeth WINFIELD    
56 07/06/1824 James HAY   Averham Elizabeth SUMMERBY    
57 04/11/1824 John HARTSHORN     Sarah PEPPOE    
58 04/04/1825 John POOLE     Sarah HILL    
59 05/07/1825 Nathaniel PARKER   Oxton Ann BAGULEY    
60 12/07/1825 James SPOWAGE     Mary FLETCHER    
61 25/07/1825 John PEARSON     Hannah TAYLOR    
62 09/12/1825 Henry TOWLSON   Beeston Sarah FOSS    
63 03/02/1826 Thomas BROWN     Hannah SOUTHERN    
64 17/02/1826 James SCOTHERN     Ann BRADLEY    
65 30/03/1826 Thomas DONNELLY     Love GODFREY    
66 01/05/1826 John HANES   Linby Hannah GOODWIN    
67 07/05/1826 Charles DONNELLY     Mary STREETS    
68 06/07/1826 Henry MORRIS     Ann BROWN    
69 10/07/1826 John BURTON   Lowdham Mary BRADLEY    
70 11/07/1826 Samuel SCOTHERN     Mary BEARDALL   St Mary, Nottingham
71 15/10/1826 Abraham MEADS     Mary SMITH    
72 23/12/1827 Edward WYLDE     Sarah STANDLEY    
73 19/02/1828 Mark PIKE     Eliza LEAFE    
74 08/07/1828 Charles HOGG   St Mary, Nottingham Hannah WOOD    
75 11/01/1829 Samuel RICHARDSON     Hannah HALLAM    
76 22/03/1829 William LOCKING     Elizabeth BAGULEY    
77 25/07/1829 Joseph WILKINSON     Ann STATHAM    
78 25/12/1829 John HUDDLESTON   St Mary, Nottingham Elizabeth ORME    
79 27/04/1830 John BISH     Mary CLAY    
80 10/05/1830 John SMITH     Sarah WATSON    
81 15/07/1830 William FOORD     Sarah BOWLER    
82 15/08/1830 Joseph MARRIOTT     Elizabeth DONNELLY    
83 23/11/1830 Alvery Dodsley FLAMSTEED   Lambley Charlotte Catherine WORTH    
84 22/02/1831 William BRETT   Edwinstowe Maria BLOOM    
85 27/03/1831 John ORME     Rosetta ROSE    
86 22/05/1831 Henry SANDERS     Ann HALL    
87 04/07/1831 John BRADLEY     Elizabeth MARRIOTT    
88 04/07/1831 Thomas ROSE     Ann NIXON   Grantham, Lincolnshire
89 03/10/1831 William PALETHORPE   Lowdham Sarah TOPLIS    
90 24/01/1832 John LAMB   Oxton Sarah WOOTTON    
91 09/12/1832 Edward BYWATER     Elizabeth SCOTHERN    
92 28/01/1833 Robert DESBOROUGH     Pamela BURTON    
93 07/03/1833 William BROWN   Epperstone Ann PARKS    
94 02/12/1833 William POOLE     Frances PEPPER    
95 26/12/1833 Mark BAGULEY     Sarah HEROD    
96 03/03/1834 John BARNIS   Calverton Martha BROWN    
97 29/04/1834 Richard FOSTER   Epperstone Ann HOGG    
98 10/07/1834 Robert BLAKE   Edingley Elizabeth PENDLETON    
99 08/09/1834 John SMITH     Ann DONNELLY   Lambley
100 24/11/1834 William HAYES     Elizabeth CLARKE    
101 02/03/1835 Thomas BRADLEY     Mary GRETTON    
102 22/04/1835 John CUMBERLAND     Ann PEARCE    
103 23/04/1835 Markham HOE   Long Clawson, Leicestershire Catherine FISHER    
104 23/04/1835 Thomas MORRIS     Ann LEAF    
105 09/07/1835 William REVILL     Ann POOLE    
106 18/07/1835 John MORLEY     Frances JONES    
107 21/09/1835 Samuel CAUNT   Radcliffe On Trent Lydia BURTON    
108 24/07/1836 Alfred SCHOFIELD   Mansfield Frances HUCKNALL    
109 28/03/1837 John RICHARDSON     Louisa BAGULEY    
110 08/06/1837 Timothy LINDLEY   Mansfield Ann GREAVES    

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