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Britwell Salome St Nicholas


The Parish

The parish of Britwell Salome lies in southern Oxfordshire about 8 miles east of the town of Didcot. Britwell Salome lies astride the B4009 road that runs from nearby Watlington towards the Thames valley at Benson (Bensington). The parish is rather peculiarly shaped in that it occurs in two separate portions separated by a detached portion of Newington parish. The present village is small and built largely alongside the B4009 and also a lane which heads southwards from it towards the Chiltern escarpment. Britwell Salome is once of a series of settlements that sits at the base of this prominent ridge of chalk. The parish would have been dominated by cattle pasturing during the period of this transcript as the soils are heavy Oxfordshire Clays, however nowadays there is much arable as modern machinery helps to manage the soil. Britwell Salome sits at around 110 metres above sea level, land rises to the east to the Chiltern Hills at 230 metres and most drainage runs away fro the chalk northwestwards before joining the River Thame, a tributary of the Thames. The parish was very small even for a southern one at only a little over 700 acres, it supported in the region of 200 parishioners. In Domesday times the land was held by one Miles Crispin and supported 3 ploughs as well as small areas of meadow and woodland.

The Church

St Nicholas' church is hidden away from the centre of Britwell Salome down a lane which leads north and then east away from the B4009. The church itself was completely rebuilt in the 1860s and as such did little to excite Pevsner. As befits a small parish population the church building itself is also small with nave, chancel and a western bellcote. There are indications that the original building may have had a very early origin as a Norman doorway has been reused in the rebuilding. That the present building has little other architectural interest is indicated by the very short entry in Pevsner, a mere 6 lines. The narrow lane leads to the site of the church as well as a couple of farms. The graveyard is hidden behind screens of trees on southern and western sides of the site but access is by a short path to wrought iron gates. Once within the graveyard there are adequate views to permit photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 2nd November 1755 - 4th August 1812 Oxfordshire History Centre - Reference - PAR42/1/R3/1
Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 3rd May 1815 - 23rd October 1834 Oxfordshire History Centre - Reference - PAR42/1/R3/2 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

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1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
26/01/1754 John WEST   Bisham, Berkshire Mary MONDAY   Bisham, Berkshire
27/02/1754 William NAYLOR   Ewelme Ann BARBER Widow Watlington
1 02/11/1755 Francis BAISLEY     Margaret WEST    
2 18/04/1757 Moses WEST     Ann AVERY   Berrick Salome
3 31/05/1757 Thomas FLETCHER     Frances LUCAS    
4 29/10/1759 Randall BRADLEY     Elizabeth TURNER   Turville, Buckinghamshire
5 29/09/1760 Samuel BOWLER Widower   Elizabeth CHURCH Single  
6 19/01/1761 Thomas LLOYD     Ann BURREY    
7 14/06/1761 William ALDRIDGE     Elizabeth BARTLET    
8 11/07/1762 Richard HOWEL     Mary WILMOT    
9 11/10/1762 Thomas JOHNSON Single   Elizabeth WHITE Single  
10 06/11/1766 Thomas HASELL     Elizabeth SNAWSHALL    
11 08/02/1767 John CROWDAY     Mary VERNON    
12 21/03/1770 John GRAVES     Hannah TURNER    
13 25/06/1770 James ARAWING     Mary WALLIS    
14 11/10/1770 John PRIOR     Sarah PITCHER    
15 24/01/1771 William LOW   Pyrton Sarah WINCUT    
17 10/12/1771 Thomas BARTLET     Mary HONEY    
18 18/12/1773 John MUNDAY     Elizabeth GARDENER    
19 24/09/1775 Richard SPINDLER     Sarah SPRINGALL    
14/12/1777 Bangman CHENEY     Ann WINCKOT    
20/08/1780 John JOHNSON     Anne CARR    
30/09/1781 William HUTTON     Elizabeth KITE    
15/11/1782 Thomas WEST     Caroline NIGHTINGALE    
20/01/1783 John HUDSON     Sarah HILLIER    
19/01/1784 Thomas COLLET     Sarah PARK   Ewelme
07/08/1785 William HARDING     Harriot TOWNSEND    
27/02/1786 Joseph MERSAM     Anne KING    
08/10/1786 Charles WISE   St Mary, Wallingford, Berkshire Ann DAVIS    
29/12/1787 Stephen LAWRANCE     Margaret GARDNER    
21/08/1788 Andrew PRICE Single   Margaretta STOPES Single  
01/09/1789 William JOHNSON     Elizabeth STONEHILL   Watlington
20/09/1789 James MORRIS     Mary KLISBEY    
31/10/1790 Hugh HILLIER     Ann KEMBELL    
02/08/1791 William SLAUGHTER     Mary KEMBELL    
21/11/1791 Thomas FRANKLIN     Elizabeth WINGATE    
07/10/1793 Benjamin LODER Single East Hagbourne, Berkshire Sarah CLARE Single  
12/10/1793 Daniel SLATER     Dinah GARDENER    
02/12/1793 William KIMBELL     Sarah LOYD    
28/07/1794 William APPLEBY Single   Catherine HUTTON Single  
24/11/1794 Charles KIMBELL     Anne BOULTON    
02/07/1795 Edward RUDGE Single Ewelme Sarah STOPES    
13/07/1797 James AYNLABY     Mary HUTTON    
05/11/1798 James GERMANY     Frances CURTYES    
06/06/1802 John MUNDAY     Ann RICKETS    
13/02/1804 Joseph SPYER Widower Brightwell Baldwin Ann CHENEY Widow  
04/08/1804 James AVERY Single   Elizabeth LOYD Single  
20/05/1805 William EASON Single   Mary LOYD Single  
16/09/1805 James WHEELER Single   Sophia TOOVEY Single  
23/10/1805 James LERNO Single   Elizabeth SELLAR Single  
27/09/1807 John EASON     Ann PITKIN    
14/02/1809 John PAINTER Single   Ann MEAD Single Stokenchurch
20/05/1809 Charles COOK Single   Charlotte COPE Single  
11/04/1810 Edward RAYMOND Single   Rose MUNDAY Single  
13/05/1811 Daniel FRANKLIN Widower Shirburn Mary HARDING Single  
05/09/1811 William BARTLETT Single   Catherine TOOVEY Single Watlington
21/10/1811 Edward LANGFORD Single   Sophia WHEELER Widow  
01/01/1812 James HUTTON Single   Nelly STOPES Widow  
04/04/1812 Francis FIDLER Single West Ilsley, Berkshire Hannah BELCHER    
04/08/1812 Robert FRANKLIN Single   Mary MUNDAY Single  
1 03/05/1813 Matthew HASTINGS   Cherington, Warwickshire Elizabeth BARTLETT    
2 26/07/1813 John BOWDEN   Shirburn Martha MONTAGUE    
3 22/10/1814 Frederick CAMPBELL Single   Martha COWDERY Single Watlington
4 17/12/1815 Thomas WHITING     Mary HUTTON    
5 15/12/1816 Abraham QUARTERMAIN     Elizabeth Jemima HUTTON    
6 17/01/1818 James PICKETT   Hurley, Berkshire Mary FRANKLIN    
7 02/02/1818 Isaac ALEXANDER     Ann SUMPTER    
8 02/02/1818 Charles PLUMRIDGE   Great Marlow, Buckinghamshire Jane PAINTER    
9 28/04/1818 Abraham ALEXANDER     Mary SMITH    
10 29/04/1818 Solomon WISE     Sarah HARDING    
11 21/05/1818 James DICKERS   Blewbury, Berkshire Jane HUTTON    
12 09/08/1818 Avery GREEN   Pyrton Elizabeth FRANKLIN    
13 14/10/1819 Thomas KING Widower   Tabitha HARDING Single  
14 14/11/1820 Thomas ABBUTT     Sarah ALEXANDER    
15 14/05/1821 Thomas SHEPPARD     Ann FLETCHER   Chalgrove
16 22/07/1821 Francis WHITING Single   Sarah APPLEBY Single  
17 16/08/1821 John ALEXANDER Single   Mary HERRIDGE Single  
18 08/04/1822 Charles GOLDER Single   Mary SHEPPARD Single  
19 19/04/1822 Charles KIMBLE Widower   Elizabeth CARTER Single  
20 13/04/1823 Wright SLADE     Rose SLATTER    
21 28/11/1823 Richard JARVIS   Nettlebed Jane HERRIDGE    
22 07/04/1825 James AUSTIN Single Watlington Frances JERMY Single  
23 20/06/1825 Joseph HALL Single Kidlington Caroline STOPES Single  
24 14/07/1825 John CHESTERMAN Single   Mary MUNDAY Single  
25 25/01/1826 Richard COBB     Sarah FULLER   Watlington
26 26/09/1826 William GOLDER   Brightwell Baldwin Elizabeth BROADWAY    
27 21/10/1826 Edmond HERRIDGE     Esther SLATTER    
28 18/03/1827 Richard SQUIRES   Warborough Mary BROADWAY    
29 23/06/1828 William HEWITT     Keziah BROADWAY    
30 06/07/1829 James ORPWOOD   Towersey, Buckinghamshire Sarah BARTLETT    
31 14/01/1830 William HUTTON Widower   Mary CHAPMAN Single Watlington
32 25/11/1830 John LOWE Single   Martha LOYD Single  
33 26/03/1831 William JEFFRIES     Ann STEVENS    
34 07/05/1832 William SMITH   Brightwell Baldwin Maria SHEPPARD    
35 25/02/1833 Joseph MORRIS     Sarah BROADWAY    
36 09/03/1833 Thomas FLETCHER     Lucy MUNDAY    
38 08/10/1833 Job TREADWELL   Pyrton Emily HUTTON    
39 15/12/1833 William CROWDY     Mary PICKET    
40 23/10/1834 William MARKS Single Ipsden Ann STOPES Single  
41 23/10/1834 William GILES Single Ipsden Catherine STOPES Single  

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