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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Clifton Hampden St Michael & All Angels


The Parish

The parish of Clifton Hampden lies in the extreme south of Oxfordshire forming an extensive part of the border with neighbouring Berkshire, a border, here, marked by the course of the River Thames. Clifton Hampden is a small and compact riverside village which lies around 3 miles east of the Berkshire market town of Abingdon. Clifton Hampden sits on the A415 road which connects Abingdon onwards towards Wallingford. The Thames performs an extensive westwardly meander here and Clifton Hampden, together with neighbouring Culham, occupy that insert into Berkshire's territory. Modern developments intrude slightly, the Oxford to London rail line cutting through the western portion of the parish. As a floodplain settlement Clifton Hampden would have had a mixed farming economy, pastures by the river and arable on higher ground. The Thames drains the parish eastwards, through the capital to reach the North Sea. Clifton Hampden is sited at around 50 metres above the sea in gentle countryside with local heights reaching around 80 metres towards the centre of the peninsula of land. Clifton Hampden was slightly smaller than many in the area, covering just over 1,200 acres it would have supported a population of close to 300 parishioners. Clifton Hampden merits no separate mention in Domesday Book.

The Church

St Michael & All Angels church sits perched upon a river-cliff high above the river and is perilously close to a sharp fall in height to that river. The church was extensively rebuilt in two phases, firstly in 1844, which constituted almost a rebuild, that work was extended in 1866 by a second restoration. As there was such extensive work done it is difficult to determine the original building. Prints show a small box topped by a wooden bellcote and Pevsner notes two 13th century lancets as well as one from the 14th, perhaps reused and indicative of a building of the Early English Gothic era. The remainder of the work is Victorian and makes for a picturesque building in a "theatrical" setting. There is parking on the southern side of the High Street where an elaborate lychgate grants entry. Five flights of steps rise to the church which is deeply enclosed within trees making for a subject best captured from the meadows below, a challenge indeed from within the grounds.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 26th December 1754 - 3rd April 1806 Oxfordshire History Centre - Reference - PAR69/1/R3/1 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 20th June 1814 - 26th May 1836 Oxfordshire History Centre - Reference - PAR69/1/R3/2 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

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1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 26/12/1754 James HORSLEY Single Long Wittenham, Berkshire Ann PEARMAN Single  
2 01/04/1755 Jonathan STEEVENS Single   Mary NUTT Widow  
3 20/09/1755 William WITCHELOW     Sarah GIBBONS    
4 19/10/1755 William GREEN Single Abingdon, Berkshire Martha GLANVILL Single  
5 04/11/1755 Charles HARDING Single Henley Sarah WALTERS Single  
6 08/03/1756 Thomas SLAYMAKER Single   Martha MORE Widow  
7 08/03/1756 Richard WELLS Single   Mary LAWRENCE Single  
8 05/08/1756 Edward SPINDLER Single Albury Frances EWIN Single  
9 16/01/1758 William WIXON Single   Jane GLANVILL Single  
10 15/06/1758 John RIGGS Single   Elizabeth GEERING Single Dorchester
11 20/06/1759 William CURTISS Single Sutton Courtenay, Berkshire Mary SIRMAN Single  
12 18/10/1759 Francis SAUNDERS Single   Elizabeth STICKLEY Single Upton, Berkshire
13 11/10/1760 Robert HONEY   Long Wittenham, Berkshire Jane WESTON    
14 15/12/1760 William BATHE   Cumnor, Berkshire Mary BERRY    
15 23/06/1762 Willis FAULKNER   All Saints, Oxford Frances POPE    
16 20/12/1762 William SLEAMAKER     Mary SAUNDERS    
17 10/11/1763 Samuel HENWOOD     Mary TURNER    
18 20/11/1764 Edward GLANVILL Single   Mary SAWYER Single  
19 25/05/1765 John WESTON Single   Mary WEBB Single  
20 22/06/1765 Richard WIXEN Single   Jane BROOKER Single  
08/07/1766 William NEWMAN Single   Mary WATERS Single  
18/11/1766 John SLAYMAKER   Little Wittenham, Berkshire Mary BARRET    
28/01/1769 Richard WRIGHT   Newington Mary PAIN Single  
25/06/1769 Thomas STREEMES   Dorchester Ann CLARK    
12/07/1769 Robert HENEY   Long Wittenham, Berkshire Mary CHERRILL    
22/01/1771 Thomas THATCHER     Sarah MASKEL    
24/09/1771 Thomas SLAYMAKER Widower   Viana BROAD Single  
05/12/1772 Richard SEAGROVE   Caversham Elizabeth SWAIN    
18/01/1773 John BAILEY     Rose SWAIN    
01/11/1773 John WIX     Sarah PEIRCE    
08/07/1775 Joseph JAMES     Dinah PITSON    
13/09/1775 William SNELL   Marsh Baldon Elizabeth ABELL    
18/10/1775 Richard EASON     Sarah BENHAM    
26/11/1776 Benjamin WHILLFORD     Ann TUCKER    
30/10/1777 William FIELD Single Dorchester Elizabeth CASEY Single  
10/08/1778 John CLARK   Nuneham Courtenay Frances CASEY    
28/09/1778 Joseph WEEKS     Elizabeth WICHELOW    
06/04/1779 Edward BROCKER Single Long Wittenham, Berkshire Martha WASTON Single  
20/09/1779 Thomas STEVENS     Mary TOWNESEND    
16/11/1780 James WETMAN   Long Wittenham, Berkshire Martha CHERRIL    
07/05/1781 William DAVIS     Sarah WICHELOW    
05/02/1782 John SHERRARD     Martha NUTT    
16/09/1783 Joseph WEBB     Martha CROOK Single  
15/05/1785 William GORDEN     Ann TOWNESEND Single  
02/07/1786 Thomas SQUIRES Single Sunningwell, Berkshire Anne WICKSON Single  
24/08/1786 James BAKER     Eleanor RIDGE Single  
19/08/1788 John COSTER     Philadelphia CASEY Single  
13/05/1790 Richard PIKE     Mary EASON    
09/12/1790 John CHERRILL   Dorchester Ann FAULKNER    
08/03/1791 James BARGUS     Elizabeth BLAKE    
24/11/1793 Thomas PAYNE     Elizabeth HOWSE    
12/10/1794 John WOODLEY     Mary SKINNER    
05/04/1795 James MUNT   Cholsey, Berkshire Mary MOORE    
03/10/1795 Moses BARNS   Long Wittenham, Berkshire Sarah BENET    
13/11/1796 James BELCHER     Elizabeth SKINNER    
03/10/1799 John ASHBY     Elizabeth LATHAM    
14/10/1799 Richard THOMAS     Mary BRAY    
10/12/1801 John EASON     Anne DAWKINS    
12/01/1802 John WILKINS   Culham Anne SPARKES    
16/07/1802 Benjamin JUBB   Warborough Martha GLANVILLE    
17/10/1802 William BENNETT Single   Elizabeth COLLY Single  
17/07/1803 William FOWLER   Watlington Elizabeth BENNET    
13/10/1803 Thomas SAUNDERS     Mary STALLARD    
03/04/1806 Robert GRIG   Lambourn, Berkshire Mary JORDEN    
1 20/06/1814 Boas STONE     Martha SEENY    
2 31/07/1815 Jonathan HOARE   East Hagbourne, Berkshire Maria STEVENS    
3 10/02/1818 Richard GIBBONS   Culham Hannah LESTER    
4 13/10/1818 James SQUIERS     Anne BENNET    
5 24/01/1819 Joseph SQUIRES     Martha MATTHEWS    
6 31/05/1820 Thomas CASEY     Mary HONEY    
7 17/07/1820 Richard BELCHER     Elizabeth BARGUS    
8 20/09/1820 Joseph BALLARD     Mary BUNYAN    
9 31/01/1822 Laurence BENNET     Hannah SHURY    
10 29/05/1822 James HOWSE   Dorchester Elizabeth GRIMSHERE    
11 16/06/1822 Silas VICARS   Marsh Baldon Elizabeth LESTER    
12 20/11/1822 John WITHERS     Martha BARGUS    
13 11/03/1823 Daniel GRIMSHER     Mary WILDER    
14 12/07/1824 John BENNET     Sally Matilda ELDRIDGE   Warborough
15 12/07/1824 Thomas HALL     Anne FRANCES    
16 05/07/1825 Mark HALL     Anne SQUIERS    
17 05/02/1826 William HAYNES   Littlemore Mary Anne HALL    
18 16/01/1827 Richard CASEY     Ann HICKMAN    
19 03/02/1827 Edward GARDENER     Mary STEVENS    
20 15/10/1827 William BALL     Catherine EASON    
21 12/04/1828 James BARGUS     Anne EASON    
22 04/05/1829 William HOLLIS   Dorchester Jane LESTER    
23 25/08/1829 Joseph CAUDWELL     Susan ODEY    
24 10/07/1830 Joseph HUGGINS Single   Elizabeth EASON Single  
25 12/03/1832 William WILDER Single   Mary GLANVILL Single  
26 13/12/1832 Thomas WOODLEY Single   Elizabeth DEADMAN Single  
27 03/08/1833 William MILLS Single Marston Mary EASON Single  
28 13/10/1834 John GLANVILL Single   Elizabeth STILES Single  
29 23/08/1835 James MONEY     Anne BENNETT    
30 22/10/1835 John CLIFFORD Single   Martha STEVENS Single  
31 26/05/1836 William DEDMAN Single   Harriett ENOCK Single  

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