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Horspath St Giles


The Parish

The parish of Horspath lies in central Oxfordshire about 4 miles east of the city of Oxford. Horspath is a substantial village which lies just over a mile east of the busy eastern ring-road of Oxford (here the A423), it has much expanded during modern times from what would have been a compact and mid-sized village. The village maintains it's distinct identity despite the ever expanding growth of Oxford, the busy dual-carriageway providing a barrier still between the city and its rural suburbs. At the time of this transcript Horspath would have been a farming village, on the heavy clay soils a mixed farming regime would have been in place. Modern developments did come to Horspath with the construction of a branch rail line from Oxford to Wheatley which is now disused. Horspath is drained southwards by the Northfield Brook which skirts Oxford to meet the Thames flowing thence through the capital to the North Sea. Horspath is sited at close to 100 metres above the sea in fairly gentle terrain, land rises to the north to almost 160 metres. Horspath parish was fairly typically sized for its area, covering just under 1,200 acres it would have supported a population close to 300 parishioners. In Domesday times Horspath was an equally unremarkable village, held by Roger D'Ivry in could offer just 5 ploughs and the usual meadows & woodland.

The Church

St Giles' church sits at the heart of the old centre of Horspath on the northern side of Church Road. The church has been modified substantially since its first construction but enough remains to identify the stages in its life. The building has its origins at the latter end of the Early English Gothic period of the mid-13th century, from this early period only it cruciform layout and the southern doorway and arcade remain. The build must have crossed into the next era of architectural style as the southern transept was completed in the Decorated style. The  crossing tower is of the 15th century and Perpendicular and reflects a rebuild of that period. It is, however, in the Victorian era that major changes took place; in 1840 there saw a complete rebuild of the chancel whilst in 1852 not only was the northern wall of the nave rebuilt but a northern transept added too. It is, however, internally that St Giles has its centrepiece, the extraordinary stone figures standing at either end of the tower arch, one playing a set of bagpipes and the other giving a gesture of amazement, are unique in this country. Church Road is narrow but carries little traffic and parking is acceptable, the church is enclosed within a local stone wall with a wooden gate granting entry, the church is rather hemmed in to both north and west but the better aspects are available to photographers.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
18th October 1755 - 20th April 1812
Oxfordshire History Centre - Reference - BOD140/C/3
Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page
Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads
2 2nd October 1814 - 26th December 1836  Oxfordshire History Centre - Reference - BOD140/B/2 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
27/01/1754 John WAGER Cuddesdon Phyllis HINTON
2 18/10/1755 Thomas DREWETT Headington Hannah STEDWELL
3 11/04/1756 Henry WITHERS Single Martha WHITE Single
4 02/01/1757 William COTES Single Berrick Salome Mary HINTON Single
5 13/04/1757 William KIMBER Single Elizabeth YOUNG
6 06/11/1757 John COLLAT Single Beckley Elizabeth EDNEY
7 17/11/1757 Thomas ROSE Elizabeth LOCK
8 04/04/1758 William HOSTLER Mapledurham Mary STYDMAN
9 06/11/1758 Thomas HADLAND Mary PETTIFER
10 29/11/1758 Richard SMITH Mary HARPER Garsington
11 22/04/1759 Richard MERRIOT Ann SMITH
12 11/08/1759 Henry GODFREY Headington Mary COOPER
13 13/08/1759 Thomas DUNSBY Yarnton Elizabeth MOORE
14 14/07/1760 Richard MAY Cuddesdon Ann ROSE
15 22/03/1762 John STEVENS Mary SALISBURY Headington
16 12/10/1762 Robert BIGNELL Mary TIMMS
17 17/12/1762 Thomas STEVENS Elizabeth COOPER
18 20/08/1764 Thomas SMALL Elizabeth STONE Cuddesdon
19 27/01/1767 Jonathan STEVENS Mary EDNEY
20 28/06/1767 Isaac LAURENCE St Michael, Oxford Mary TOWNSHEND
21 23/11/1769 John CHAINEY St Helen, Abingdon, Berkshire Susannah STEVENS
22 06/02/1770 John MILES Cuddesdon Sarah BROOKS
23 10/10/1770 John LOCK Mary TAYLOR
24 25/11/1771 Thomas FOX Tackley Ruth STEVENS Forest Hill
25 10/02/1772 William BUCKINGHAM Mary DANIEL
26 10/02/1772 John CAYDRAY Grendon Underwood, Buckinghamshire Elizabeth WHITE
27 16/02/1772 James MOORE Mary COOPER
28 13/05/1772 Richard LEIGH Mary GRIFFIN
29 10/10/1774 William ROGERS Ann CLANVILL
30 24/12/1774 John FIELD West Hanney, Berkshire Mary MALLAM
31 09/02/1775 Charles MOORE Single Ann ROBERTS Single Sunningwell, Berkshire
32 27/08/1775 John FREEMAN Single Mary GOULD Single Forest Hill
33 24/09/1775 Thomas SHORTER Single St Mary Magdalene, Oxford Mary TRAFFORD Single
34 18/02/1776 Thomas HORNE Single Margaret HEDGES Single Sunningwell, Berkshire
35 26/04/1777 John SILVER Single Ann HOLLAND Widow
36 30/05/1777 Richard SHILLINGSWORTH Single High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire Ann CARTER Forest Hill
37 23/06/1777 William ROGERS Widower Elizabeth HARRIS Single
38 04/10/1777 Jonathan COOPER Single Elizabeth SERMON Cowley
39 12/10/1777 John DANIEL Single Ester SERMON
40 31/10/1778 William PHELP Holton Mary WILKINSON
41 10/10/1779 John QUARTERMAIN Single Ann HARVEY Single
42 27/03/1780 John FREEMAN Single Mary HORNE Single
43 11/02/1781 Thomas GOSLIN St Clement, Oxford Anne WITHERS
44 25/03/1781 Richard SNOW Single Headington Elizabeth LAMBOURN Single
45 10/06/1781 William HARRISON Single Elizabeth GILES Single
47 14/10/1781 William CLANVILL Single Mary PRIOR
46 16/10/1781 Richard SERMAN Single Cuddesdon Elizabeth MALLAM Single
48 24/12/1782 Richard LEVERETT Single Sarah COOPER Single
49 12/10/1783 Thomas WHITE Single Susanna BRADBURY Single
50 11/07/1784 Edward MORRIS Single Elizabeth MARRET Single
51 30/08/1785 Aaron JEFFS Single Sarah CURREL Single Worminghall, Buckinghamshire
52 05/11/1786 Joseph HEDLAND Single Ann MARRET
53 13/03/1790 Thomas BARKER Single Sarah FIELD Single
54 23/01/1791 Henry WITHERS Single Anne MERROT Single
55 31/01/1793 John GIBBS Single Stanton St John Elizabeth KILBY Single
56 08/10/1797 John MORRIS Single Sarah BILLINGS
57 01/07/1798 James BRADBURY Single Anne HOLDER Single
58 29/05/1802 Henry TRAFFORD Single Martha NORRIS Single Headington
59 15/07/1802 William HURST Single Cowley Sarah SURMON Single
60 08/01/1804 Joseph HADLAND Widower Rebecca HARRIS Single
04/11/1804 John HORNE Single Mary COOPER Single
05/09/1805 John SHELDON Single Elizabeth FRANKLIN Single Haddenham, Buckinghamshire
21/07/1808 Joseph WARNER Mary PALMER
10/12/1811 John JUGGINS Single Headington Mary DANIEL Single
20/04/1812 Edward MORRIS Widower Mary SMALL Single
1 02/10/1814 Thomas SURMAN Single Ann WEBSTER Single
2 16/01/1815 Richard SLEMMACHER Single Sarah COLLETT Single
3 19/01/1818 James SURMAN Single Martha PUSEY Single Abingdon, Berkshire
4 22/09/1818 Charles TALMAGE Widower St Martin, Oxford Mary Godfrey BASLEY Single
5 31/05/1819 Robert SURMAN Single Sophia HAWES Single
6 21/10/1819 John FRUIN Single Toot Baldon Ideth KIMBER Single
7 30/07/1820 William MAITLAND Single Cowley Susanna BUSHNELL Single
8 31/07/1820 Job BUSHNELL Single Sarah MILES Single
9 22/10/1820 William SURMAN Single Ann HARRIS Single
10 07/05/1821 Jonathan STEVENS Single Sarah COOPER Single
11 01/01/1822 William SURMAN Single Great Milton Martha KIMBER Single
12 24/03/1823 Edward MORRIS Widower Mary WYATT Widow
13 09/06/1823 William KING Single Mary STRATFORD Single
14 01/01/1824 Jonathan KIMBER Sarah HARRIS Headington
15 10/05/1824 William HARRIS Single Anne HORN Single
16 11/04/1825 John CURRELL Cuddesdon Sarah TRAFFORD
17 18/09/1825 Thomas MILES Single Catharine KIMBER Single
18 19/09/1825 Thomas COPPOCK Single Harriot MILES Single
19 09/01/1826 Thomas ROBINSON Single Mary COOPER Single
20 15/05/1826 Jonathan COOPER Single Edith BUTLER Single
21 10/05/1827 James HARRIS Single Martha EDNEY Single
22 14/05/1827 William PETHER Single Margaret HORN Single
23 24/09/1827 Richard BURDEN Single Stanton Harcourt Maria ROBEY Single
24 27/12/1827 Henry NOBES Single Mary BUCKINGHAM Single
25 24/04/1828 Edward CARTER Single Anna SURMAN Single
26 27/07/1828 Michael PARKER Single Holton Martha COOPER Single
27 15/09/1828 Thomas COOPER Single Elizabeth MILES Single
28 05/10/1828 William MORRIS Single Lucy RIVERS Single
29 14/05/1829 Henry WILLIAMS Single Faringdon, Berkshire Anne JAMES Single
30 27/10/1829 William KIMBER Single Martha TRAFFORD Single
31 20/09/1830 Charles KING Single Susanna COOPER Single
32 24/01/1832 Jacob TRAFFORD Single Elizabeth BLANCHETT Single
33 05/11/1832 John RING Single Holton Christiana COOPER Single
34 26/12/1832 Henry MORRIS Single Lucy MORRIS Widow
35 18/02/1833 Henry TRAFFORD Single Charlotte BLANCHETT Single
36 08/10/1833 Thomas KIMBER Single Sophia DANIEL Single
37 13/05/1834 Valentine Horatio HEWLETT St Giles, Oxford Caroline TANNER Forest Hill
38 01/09/1834 Robert TAYLOR Single Charlotte PARTRIDGE Single
39 02/03/1835 William JUGGINS Single Anne HIGGS Single
40 06/07/1835 John SANDERS Chesham, Buckinghamshire Mary TANNER
41 26/12/1835 Charles KING Widower Elizabeth SMITH Single
42 26/12/1835 Henry SURMAN Single Charlotte TRAFFORD Single
43 10/05/1836 John BULLOCK Single Newton Longville, Buckinghamshire Ann HARPER Single
44 24/11/1836 Henry TRAFFORD Single Ann DAVIS Single
45 26/12/1836 Joseph KIMBER Single Elizabeth HORN Single

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