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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Nettlebed St Bartholomew


The Parish

The parish of Nettlebed lies in southeastern Oxfordshire not too far from its border with neighbouring Buckinghamshire and also close to Berkshire. Nettlebed is located about 5 miles northwest of Henley on Thames and sits on the A4130 road which connects Henley with Wallingford. Nettlebed in a small and compact crossroads village set in the southern fringes of the Chiltern Hills. The local economy of farming, a mixed regime in place, was augmented by exploitation of the local clay, which caps the underlying chalk, for brick-making and kilns for firing the same existed from the 15th century onwards. As Nettlebed sits on porous chalk there is little surface drainage, what there is heads eastwards to join the nearby Thames and thence through the capital to the North Sea Nettlebed is sited at 180 metres above the sea and sits on the ridge-line of the southern Chiltern Hills, a picturesque area of chalky valleys pocked with beech-woods and popular with hikers. Local heights rise gently northwestwards to reach just over 210 metres at nearby Nuffield before plunging to the Thames valley which forms an extensive loop around this tract of downland. Nettlebed parish was fairly small by the standards of the Chilterns range, it covered just short of 1,200 acres but with the employment in the brick-making business supported a population of close to 700 parishioners. Nettlebed is not specifically mentioned in Domesday Book.

The Church

St Bartholomew's church sits at the extreme western end of the village on the southern side of the A4130, here named High Street. Sadly St Bartholomew is not some mediaeval masterpiece but a Victorian rebuild constructed in the 1840s in the local grey brick. Pevsner's account of the church is terse, just 4 lines of descriptive text but scathingly describing the church as "prosaic". Clearly Pevsner was unimpressed with the work. A low waist high wall separates the churchyard from the pavement alongside High Street, a nice lychgate at the eastern end of the site granting access to a churchyard which is relatively free of photographic obstacles.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 20th June 1754 - 24th September 1812 Oxfordshire History Centre - Reference - PAR178/1/R3/1 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

NB this register has a printing fault in that only a single leaf of each double-page spread is pre-stamped with the grid for recording marriages & banns
2 27th February 1813 - 18th June 1836 Oxfordshire History Centre - Reference - PAR178/1/R3/2 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Swyncombe St Botolph
Swyncombe St Botolph
Bix Brand St James
Nuffield Holy Trinity
Bix Brand St James
Nuffield Holy Trinity
Nuffield Holy Trinity
Rotherfield Greys St Nicholas
Bix Brand St James

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
20/06/1754 Timothy PHILIPS     Hester LEWIS Single  
31/10/1754 Robert REEVES   Nuffield Elizabeth WEBB Single  
12/01/1755 Joseph WINTERBOURN   Swyncombe Mary WEST Single  
21/04/1755 Thomas WHITING     Elizabeth HUSSEY Single  
28/10/1755 Thomas WILLIS     Mary HAMOND Single  
02/11/1755 Robert MUNDAY     Mary CABBAGE Single  
10/11/1755 John STEER   Swyncombe Hannah WICHELOE Single  
16/02/1756 Edward PEWSEY     Elizabeth COX Single  
30/05/1757 Henry GIBBONS   Wooburn, Buckinghamshire Mary ROLL Single  
13/06/1757 Robert HOUSE     Ann WIGGINS Single  
12/01/1758 Robert GOMM     Elizabeth SEYMOUR Single  
12/06/1759 Thomas BLACKALL     Mary MINES Single  
04/12/1759 John DONEY     Chatherine JONES    
28/05/1760 Thomas QUELCH     Sarah HUMPHREYS    
09/06/1760 Thomas OWNOR     Elizabeth FISHER    
06/07/1760 Stephen WIXEN   Swyncombe Mary JEMMET    
13/12/1760 Richard BUTTLER     Ann PARKER    
26/01/1761 Solomon DENT     Mary GAY    
19/05/1762 John WEBB     Sarah DEAN   Turville, Buckinghamshire
31/05/1762 Robert WILLIS   Nuffield Nanny BROWN    
23/08/1762 Henry HERBERT   Shiplake Elizabeth JONES    
20/10/1762 John SEYMOUR     Mary GYMINGHAM    
13/12/1762 John COX Single   Ann ADAWAY Single  
03/02/1763 Robert STRANGE Single   Ann STEWARD Single  
05/04/1763 Samuel WILLIS     Mary MERCER    
03/05/1763 Peter BUTLER Single   Mary CURTIS Single Rotherfield Peppard
12/07/1763 Richard ALMAN Single Rotherfield Greys Chatharine LEE Widow  
03/11/1763 Francis PATRIDGE Single   Ann BISHOP Single  
07/11/1763 Nolten BUTLER Single   Ann DAY    
05/12/1763 Thomas BAREFIELD Single   Joyce HARMAN Single  
07/05/1764 Richard DEADMAN Single   Mary FIELD Single  
01/07/1764 Thomas PEARSEY Widower   Sarah FIELD Widow  
18/07/1764 John JOHNSON Single   Mary SARNEY Single  
28/07/1764 Jonathan STRANBROOK Single Sonning, Berkshire Elizabeth NUMER Single  
01/11/1764 William GUBBAGE Single   Mary PHILLIPS Single  
19/08/1765 Thomas GRIMSHAW     Elizabeth HESTER    
25/11/1765 John COATES Single   Mary HESTER Single  
05/05/1766 Thomas GREENWOOD   Bensington Mary COSTER Single  
10/08/1766 John WHITING Single   Jane NUMOR Single  
14/08/1766 John WICKS Single   Elizabeth GOODALE    
19/11/1766 James GOODCHILD Single Nuffield Frances HERBERT Single  
11/06/1767 John BUCKERIDGE Widower   Jane HOLLOWAY Single  
15/11/1767 Richard FASSET Single   Sarah JONES Single  
21/07/1768 William JONES Single   Elizabeth BERRIS Single  
02/11/1768 William GODFREY Single   Ann PARKER Single  
03/07/1769 Richard BURTON Single St Mary Magdalene, Oxford Elizabeth HUNTER Single  
27/03/1770 William BENFIELD Single   Mary NAILOR Single  
17/04/1770 David BUTLER Single Swyncombe Diana KNIGHT Single  
06/05/1770 Robert PARKER Single   Sarah HODGES Single  
02/07/1770 John PALMER Widower   Elizabeth HUBBARD Single  
29/10/1770 Plato SMITH Single   Mary GOODALL Single  
11/11/1770 William CUBBIDGE Widower   Sarah MAPLIN Widow Great Milton
02/12/1771 Nicholas LANKFORD Single   Sarah BUTLER Single  
28/07/1772 James HAMMONS Single   Mary JENNINGS Single  
17/10/1772 Thomas NAYLOR Single   Ann RAKESTRAW Single  
19/10/1772 Richard GREEN Single   Martha TAYLOR Single  
21/10/1772 William BERKSFIELD Single   Ann PERCEY    
09/08/1773 John CARTER Single Newbury, Berkshire Elizabeth NORCRAFT Single  
12/09/1773 George MUNDAY Single   Ann PETTEFER Single  
03/10/1774 William HARMAN Widower   Elizabeth HERBERT Widow  
08/10/1774 William JONES Widower   Frances FIELD Single  
15/10/1774 William COX Single   Sarah HILL Single  
03/11/1774 John HICKMAN Widower   Sarah FRYER Single Nuneham Courtenay
10/06/1776 James TALBOT Single St Leonard, Wallingford, Berkshire Elizabeth MUNDAY Single  
24/08/1776 John STONELY Widower Rotherfield Greys Mary PAGE Widow  
22/10/1776 Thomas REEVES Single   Mary KURK Single  
16/11/1776 John BOWDEN Single Rotherfield Peppard Ann HAYCOCK Single  
07/02/1777 Henry LOVEJOY Single   Rebecca TILL Widow Upton Cum Chalvey, Buckinghamshire
21/10/1777 William COMES Single Henley Martha WHITING    
07/04/1778 Phillip CUBBIDGE Single   Elizabeth POWEL Single  
20/07/1778 Richard GILL Single   Frances PEIRCY Single  
21/08/1779 Laurence HOLDING Single   Elizabeth BUCKERIDGE Single  
04/12/1779 Richard GOODALL Single   Ann GOMM Single  
07/07/1780 Francis MATTINGLEY Single Hurley, Berkshire Sarah PARKER    
28/10/1780 John GREY Single   Mary HILL Single  
03/02/1781 Thomas COTTRELL Single Swyncombe Mary WHITE    
11/05/1782 Edward SARNEY Single   Martha LEIGH    
13/10/1782 John MINES Single   Sarah HOWARD Single  
11/06/1783 John WICKS Single   Rebecca WILKINS Single  
19/10/1784 Robert SAUNDERS Single Shiplake Catharine EARLE Single  
10/06/1785 Richard BULLOCK Single Sonning, Berkshire Mary SIMMONDS Single  
14/11/1785 George BUTLER Single Great Marlow, Buckinghamshire Ann BURCH Single  
07/01/1786 Richard PEARCEY     Elizabeth CLEMENS    
17/07/1786 John CHURCH Single   Elizabeth SMITH Single  
08/01/1787 William AVERY Single   Elizabeth HOBBS Single  
15/04/1787 Robert WEBB Single Ewelme Mary BUTLER    
08/10/1787 William PIERCEY Single   Mary MUNDAY Single  
23/10/1787 John WOOD Single   Mary SHIPWAY Single  
04/11/1787 William PARTRIDGE Single   Mary EARLE Single  
10/11/1787 Henry GILL Single   Elizabeth ATTO Widow  
24/11/1787 George WEBB Single   Mary SMITH Single Rotherfield Greys
05/01/1788 Thomas COOPER Single Mongewell Mary SIMMONS Single  
11/01/1788 William WHITING Single   Mary ANDREWS Single Watlington
21/05/1789 John LOYD Widower   Hannah DARLING    
14/09/1789 Thomas PRESTON   Cookham, Berkshire Elizabeth BUTLER    
19/10/1789 Henery SIMMONS     Mary HEWETT    
27/03/1790 William FREEMAN     Ann COX    
16/04/1790 Dennis PERRIAM     Sarah LUCY    
15/05/1790 William SEEMORE     Judith VIXEN    
29/05/1790 John BUCKERIDGE     Ann WOOD    
16/08/1790 John EARL     Sarah DARLING    
11/09/1790 Benjamin TAYLOR     Fanny IRWIN    
27/11/1790 William GOODALL     Elizabeth SARNEY    
19/02/1791 John PEARCY     Ann EASTE    
20/02/1791 Benjamin READINGS     Ann SMITH    
04/06/1791 Charles BUTLER     Mary WIXEN    
27/01/1792 William JONES     Sarah HALLAWAY    
09/04/1792 Thomas HOAR     Mary GRAY    
02/06/1792 William IRWING     Lydia BUCKERIDGE    
13/08/1792 James DILLON     Kitty HUNTER    
29/12/1792 William FOWLER Single Hounslow, Middlesex Mary SIMMONDS Single  
26/01/1793 Thomas NORCOTT     Sarah WILLIS    
24/12/1794 George HYDE     Mary PEARCEY    
27/11/1795 Thomas BOYCOTT   Bensington Sarah HODGES    
30/11/1795 George COX     Elizabeth AVEREY    
27/03/1796 John PHILLIPS     Martha NEALE    
12/06/1796 William PERRIN Single   Ann PERRIN Single  
24/10/1796 James GODFREY     Mary BEATEY    
14/08/1797 Richard WOOD     Sarah WIXEN    
04/11/1797 John HUTTON   Newnham Murren Ann PALMER    
27/11/1797 Edmund BUTLER     Sarah TAYLOR    
11/12/1797 Castle WEBB     Sarah COX    
25/03/1799 William COATES   Sotwell, Berkshire Jane WILLIS    
26/01/1800 Henry DYER     Martha Earl BOOTH    
15/04/1800 Charles HOMES Widower Rotherfield Greys Fanny TAYLOR Widow  
29/03/1801 William MINES Single   Susannah CRADDOCK Single  
05/06/1802 Stephen PHILIPS Single   Elizabeth GOODALL Single  
16/08/1802 Thomas PRATLEY Single   Elizabeth MINES    
04/10/1802 David EARL     Mary COX    
29/11/1802 John NICHOLLS Single   Elizabeth HEATH Single  
20/07/1803 John EARL     Maria GIBSON   Ewelme
13/10/1803 John Ackworth OMMANCY     Frances AYLING    
04/02/1804 William WHEELER   Bix Brand Ann CLERK    
14/03/1804 Thomas BRYAN   Kensington, Middlesex Sarah WEBB    
30/07/1804 James CULLAM   Sonning, Berkshire Dorothy HUMPHREYS    
18/11/1804 William DARVILL   Cookham, Berkshire Sarah AMBROSE   Watlington
29/12/1804 Robert WILLIS     Rebecca STACEY    
23/02/1805 James POOL     Lucy FAWCET    
25/10/1805 Richard BENWELL   Henley Martha GILES    
01/02/1806 Thomas IRONS Single   Elizabeth HUNT Single  
24/05/1806 Thomas CARPENTER     Ann BURTON    
26/05/1806 Richard PRESTON   Swyncombe Rainy EARLE    
11/04/1807 John LOYDE     Elizabeth TAPLING    
09/05/1807 Joseph WILLIS     Elizabeth Sarney BAKER    
16/05/1807 Solomon SAUNDERS     Sarah REEVES    
16/06/1807 William BENWELL Single Swyncombe Elizabeth WILLIS    
01/11/1807 David FOSSETT     Elizabeth GOLDING    
10/11/1807 William THOMPSON   St Luke, Middlesex Sally WOODS    
26/11/1807 Isaac WHEELER     Hannah JACKSON    
06/06/1808 James DONEY Single   Sarah JARVIS Single  
10/07/1808 Francis PARTRIDGE Single   Catherine MOSS Single  
19/11/1808 Adam SARNEY     Elizabeth GILL    
12/12/1808 Richard NASH   St Peter, Wallingford, Berkshire Ann WEBB    
19/09/1809 John MAYLES     Elizabeth EARLE    
30/04/1810 Erasmus DARVILL     Elizabeth WELLS    
21/10/1811 Thomas COLLINS Single Brightwell, Berkshire Mary HIGLEY Single  
29/01/1812 Thomas WHITHEAD     Susanna BARTRAM    
13/06/1812 John GRAY Widower Henley Sarah POTTINGER Single  
21/06/1812 Edmund IVES Single Henley Mary BOWEN Single  
24/09/1812 Richard HARRISON Single Cookham, Berkshire Sarah WHITE Single  
1 27/02/1813 John HIGLEY Single   Elizabeth WHITE Single  
2 25/10/1813 George RANDALL Single Nuffield Lucy PIERCY Single  
4 05/02/1814 Charles WISE Single Rotherfield Greys Mary PEIRCY Single  
5 14/05/1814 James HEATH Single   Sarah LEACH Single  
6 21/05/1814 William WEBB Single   Mary GOULDER Single  
7 12/11/1814 William HONNEY Single   Jane MONDAY Single  
8 04/04/1815 John GOODEY Single   Maria WILLIS Single  
9 29/07/1815 James LAMBE Single   Bett CHURCH Single Henley
10 07/11/1815 John WOOLHOUSE Single   Olive BLUNDEN Single  
11 25/11/1815 John FAWCET   Wargrave, Berkshire Anne CARROD    
12 25/11/1815 John SERVICE     Mary SARNEY    
13 20/07/1816 Robert MONDEY     Sally PIERCY    
14 26/10/1816 Thomas WILLIS Single   Mary SHERFIELD Single  
15 26/10/1816 John KNIGHT Single   Sarah GODWING Single  
16 09/01/1817 John BENWELL Single Swyncombe Ann ROGERS Single  
17 21/10/1817 William GOODALL Single   Mary SUMMERS Single  
18 28/11/1818 John GOODALL Single   Hannah BALDWIN Single  
19 23/01/1819 John JONES Widower   Mary LOVEGROVE Single  
20 12/09/1819 Joseph QUARTERMAIN Single   Anne MONDAY Single  
21 14/10/1819 Lawrence POOL Single Bix Brand Ann BELL Single  
22 04/02/1820 William JARVICE Single   Sarah SMITH Widow  
23 03/05/1820 Eardley IVES Single St Leonard, Wallingford, Berkshire Ann WOOD Single  
24 20/05/1820 Charles SHURY Single   Susanna CLARKE Single  
25 03/07/1820 William DOBSON Widower   Elizabeth CHIPP Widow  
26 22/10/1821 Richard REEVES Single   Sarah HORNE Single  
27 17/01/1822 William WHITTICK Single Ipsden Mary Matilda WELLS Single  
28 09/03/1822 Edward GORE Single Swyncombe Sarah BUTLER Single  
29 20/06/1822 Timothy PHILLIPS Single   Jemima POLE Single  
30 12/11/1822 Solomon GODWING Single   Dinah WOODLEY Single  
31 25/12/1822 James WINNEY Single   Jane WILLIS Single  
32 26/12/1822 Edwin GOODALL Single   Dinah BUTLER Single  
33 12/04/1823 William HEATH Single   Frances PRIOR Single North Stoke
34 03/05/1823 William LEWIS Single   Hannah WOOD Single  
35 16/08/1823 Thomas EXLER Single   Ann BLACKALL Single  
36 16/08/1823 Thomas MINES Single   Maria WILLIS Single  
37 10/06/1824 Thomas FREEMAN Single   Frances SHARP Single  
38 19/08/1826 Charles BAILEY Single   Martha GILLETT Single  
39 24/12/1826 Thomas HUGHES Single   Jane KEATES Single  
40 04/04/1827 Michael LEWIS Single   Clarissa WOOD Single  
41 20/08/1827 Elias GARDNER Widower   Frances PHILLIPS Single  
42 08/04/1828 William PIERCY Single   Hannah MILES Single  
43 25/10/1828 Thomas PIERCY Widower   Elizabeth EARL Single  
44 29/01/1829 John FREEMAN Single   Mary TROTMAN Widow Bray, Berkshire
45 23/09/1829 Thomas BEASLEY Single Swyncombe Mary WHEELER Single  
46 07/11/1829 Thomas JONES Single   Frances WOODLEY Single  
47 09/12/1829 James MINES Single   Sally HAMMOND Single  
48 09/12/1829 John REEVES Single   Anne JONES Single  
49 10/04/1830 William NORCROFT Single   Sarah REEVES Single  
50 18/04/1831 Charles LEIGH Single   Anne DRAPER Single  
51 13/10/1831 William WOOD Single   Anne BUTLER Single  
52 19/10/1831 William Toovey HOPKINS Single Nuffield Jane TOOVEY Single  
53 22/10/1831 John WOOTTEN Single Bisham, Berkshire Mary PARTRIDGE Single  
54 26/11/1831 John Francis HEMMING Single St Barnabas & St Paul, Hackney, Middlesex Sarah SIMMONS Single  
55 07/01/1832 Thomas HOLLOWAY Single   Anne QUARTERMAN Widow  
56 21/01/1832 John LEWIS Single   Martha BALDWIN Single  
57 04/05/1832 Thomas NORTH   Towersey, Buckinghamshire Elizabeth YOUNG    
58 27/09/1832 Richard STRANGE Single   Mary Anne YOUNG Single  
59 08/11/1832 Richard BEISLY Single   Elizabeth PHILLIPS Single  
60 27/05/1833 Richard PIERCEY Single   Abigail WHILES Single  
61 07/09/1833 William TAPLIN Single   Elizabeth SMITH Single  
62 13/11/1833 James Steel PIERCY Single   Anne HEATH Single Bix Brand
63 12/04/1834 Richard GOODALL Single   Jane WHIPP Single  
64 22/11/1834 William PIERCY Single   Rebecca CLARGO Single  
65 22/11/1834 Joseph WILLIS Single   Sophia RUSH Single  
66 27/11/1834 William GIBBONS Single St Giles, Reading, Berkshire Mary PHILLIPS Single  
67 04/04/1835 Edward WHEELER Single   Elizabeth PRATLEY Single  
68 18/06/1836 William SARNEY Single   Jane BREWER Single  

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