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Sandford on Thames St Andrew


The Parish

The parish of Sandford on Thames lies in southern Oxfordshire about 3 miles south of the city of Oxford and forming part of the ancient border with Berkshire. As its name suggests Sandford on Thames sits on the eastern banks of that river and on the A4074 road which connects Oxford through to Wallingford & Reading. Sandford on Thames just retains a degree of separation from the city, which has nowadays expanded greatly in this direction with a small "airspace" of green belt between the two. Sitting on the floodplain of the Thames graced the parish with both rich pastures and also the motive power and water supply of a paper mill which employed many of the villagers not engaged in agriculture. The Thames drains the parish southwards and then east through the capital to reach the North Sea. Sandford in Thames is sited at around 60 metres above the sea and land is at and close to that height for at least 2 miles surrounding the village. There are quite a few parishes squeezed into this area making each rather small by Oxfordshire standards, Sandford on Thames parish covered just over 1,000 acres and would have supported a population of close to 300 parishioners. In Domesday times Sandford on Thames was a holding of Abingdon Abbey, a relatively small place offering just 7 ploughs, small meadows and woodland but did possess 2 fisheries.

The Church

St Andrew's church sits on the northern side of Church Road which runs from the A4074 down to the banks of the Thames and a former ferry crossing. The church has ancient origins having been founded here at the end of the 11th century. Pevsner does, however, lament the extensive Victorian restoration and "improvement" which, in his eyes, have detracted severely from the pure Norman church that once existed. The eastern and southern walls of nave & chancel are all that remain of the original fabric that has not been, at least, reused in rebuild. The whole of the remainder of the northern and western sides were completely rebuilt in 1865 along with the Norman-ised western tower which replaced the original timber structure and which is described as "aggressive" by Pevsner. Church Road is sufficiently broad to enable easy parking, the church sits within a local stone wall at waist height with metal gates granting entry. There are a few trees enclosing the western end rather tightly which do substantially restrict the angles available for photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 20th November 1754 - 2nd July 1812 Oxfordshire History Centre - Reference - PAR228/1/R3/1 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

NB the register has a printing error in that only the right hand pages are pre-stamped with the marriage grid the left being blank pages
2 9th June 1814 - 19th February 1837 Oxfordshire History Centre - Reference - PAR228/1/R3/2 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 20/11/1754 William WHITE   Iffley Elizabeth ROBERTSON    
2 22/07/1756 Thomas ROBSON   Iffley Ann HEDGES    
3 04/05/1760 John QUATERMAIN   Holton Mary HARVEY    
4 09/05/1760 John LANSBURY   Cowley Mary JACKSON    
5 13/09/1761 John FRANKLYN     Elizabeth BASDEL    
7 21/02/1762 Thomas BARRETT   East Hendred, Berkshire Rose PHIPPS    
6 28/02/1762 William BURRIN   Cowley Bridget KING    
8 12/06/1762 John WILLSON     Sarah LEAVER   Brightwell, Berkshire
9 03/06/1764 James MITCHELL     Martha PALMER    
10 06/07/1764 Richard LOVEJOY   Goring Mary PENDREY    
11 08/10/1764 Samuel GRIFFIN     Elizabeth PARNEUT    
12 08/10/1764 William ALLOM     Ann GULIVER    
13 08/10/1765 William CLARKE   St Mary The Virgin, Oxford Margaret DAVIS    
14 06/09/1768 Joseph BAKER Single Nuneham Courtenay Prudence EMLY Single  
15 10/10/1768 John DRUSE Single   Sarah PENDRY    
16 11/02/1769 Joseph PENDRY Single   Amelia HINE Single  
17 03/07/1769 John CLARKE     Ann WOODLEY    
18 18/04/1770 Jonathan HASTINGS Single   Elizabeth GREGORY    
19 16/09/1771 James TREACHER Single Pyrton Elizabeth COOPER    
20 14/09/1772 Richard BAKER     Ann FLETCHER    
21 07/01/1773 Henry EZARD   Sunningwell, Berkshire Alice PARSONS    
22 24/01/1773 John HASBEE     Mary QUARTERMAN    
23 15/03/1773 William WATSON     Mary BECKLEY    
24 30/06/1773 James EATON Single Stoke Talmage Mary KING    
25 28/07/1775 Joshua SWALLOW   St Michael, Oxford Elizabeth GODFREY    
26 01/10/1775 Richard WEBB Single   Elizabeth PENDREE Single  
27 09/10/1775 Thomas DEAN     Elizabeth GREEN    
28 16/10/1775 Thomas BISSEL   Chislehampton Mary DREWIT   Radley, Berkshire
29 15/08/1776 William DUFFEL     Ann GREEN    
30 08/10/1777 James GREENING     Sarah CROSS    
31 05/11/1780 Adam PAYNE     Joyce MILES    
32 10/05/1784 John TAYLOR   Tetsworth Mary CURREL    
33 29/07/1784 William BOWELL     Mary MILES    
34 21/11/1784 John HILSDON   Marsh Baldon Elizabeth FRY    
35 07/03/1785 William WILKINS   High Wycombe, Buckinghamshre Hannah CLARK    
36 29/06/1786 Thomas MARTIN     Mary HONEY   Sunningwell, Berkshire
37 11/10/1786 William DRUET Single   Ann WOODS Widow  
38 30/04/1788 William ALLMOND Widower   Mary NICHOLS Single Toot Baldon
39 02/11/1789 Benjamin HOBDAY Single Feckenham, Worcestershire Sarah BECKLEY Single  
40 17/05/1790 Adam PAINE Widower   Martha WHITE Single  
41 01/11/1790 William STACEY Single   Ann RIDDING Single  
42 27/11/1791 Thomas ROACH Single Hendon, Middlesex Susannah RITCHINS Single  
43 07/01/1793 John POWEL Single   Isabella LATHAM Single  
44 19/05/1793 Abraham WHEELER     Lydia EVANS    
45 04/11/1793 Thomas RIMAN Single   Martha HANKS Single  
16/04/1796 John CLARKE Single   Martha WILSON Single  
18/10/1796 James SPARKS Single Iffley Charlotte JENNINGS Single  
12/06/1798 John ALLEY Single Fulbrook Mary FRY Single  
23/09/1799 William MATTHEWS Single   Hannah PEATY Single  
07/10/1799 John GREENING Single   Unity MATTHEWS Single  
21/10/1800 James KENT     Ann DUFFEL Single  
09/04/1803 John WAKEFIELD     Mary DUFFEL    
29/04/1803 William HARDING   Birmingham, Warwickshire Mary MERRIMAN    
31/10/1803 Thomas CLARKE     Elizabeth HAWKINS    
17/01/1804 James SIMMONS     Elizabeth WALLIS    
17/10/1804 Samuel HICKS     Elizabeth EVANS    
17/12/1804 John BROWN     Sophia BEESLEY    
23/12/1804 James VENABLE     Mary LUCAS    
29/10/1805 William CARPENTER     Anne PERRY    
20/11/1805 William WALKER     Lydia MATTHEWS    
04/08/1806 Thomas DUNCOMB     Mary WINCHESTER    
15/12/1810 William WILLIS     Jane SYMONS    
02/07/1812 William COLLCUTT     Jane EVANS    
1 09/06/1814 James CLARKE     Sarah BENNET    
2 16/10/1815 James HAWKINS   Piddington Hannah MATTHIAS    
3 17/10/1815 Thomas GREENING     Sarah LEGG    
4 31/10/1815 Thomas DUFFEL     Sarah WEBB    
5 13/11/1815 Edward EDGINTON     Hannah DRUETT    
6 14/12/1815 George RANDALL     Sarah GRAY    
7 07/01/1816 Henry CLARK     Mary BROOKS    
8 02/06/1816 Thomas CLAY   St Helen, Abingdon, Berkshire Lucy DRUCE    
9 02/01/1817 John COX   Brightwell, Berkshire Ann WILLSON    
10 29/03/1818 Elisha WICKS     Charlotte CAWDRY   Iffley
11 28/04/1818 John William SHEARD   All Saints, Oxford Anne MARTIN    
12 22/02/1819 John MARTIN Single   Elizabeth CLARKE Single  
13 19/12/1819 John FAULKENER Single Radley, Berkshire Elizabeth MERRIMAN Single  
14 08/05/1820 William ABEL Widower Toot Baldon Mary DRUSE Single  
15 24/07/1820 William GREEN Single St Helen, Abingdon, Berkshire Mary Ann FRY Single  
16 25/08/1822 William WALTER Single Iffley Elizabeth WING Single  
17 17/01/1824 George PELFREY     Elizabeth PENDREY    
18 26/06/1824 James FOSTER Widower   Isabella EGENTON Single  
19 03/01/1825 Richard WATKINSON Single   Caroline REYNOLDS    
20 01/11/1825 Richard EVANS Single Iffley Anne SIMMONS Single  
21 21/11/1825 William LILLINGTON Single   Sophia CURTIS Single  
22 11/12/1825 John ROLINGS Widower   Mary Anne CLAYDON Single  
23 09/02/1826 William POLLARD Single   Hannah FRY Single  
24 09/04/1826 Robert SIMONS Single   Hannah GARDNER Single  
25 24/07/1826 Samuel Lee GALE     Sarah Caroline BADCOCK    
26 17/11/1829 Jonathan ASHFIELD Single   Ann SANDERS Single  
28 02/03/1832 Thomas SIMONS Single   Sarah HALL Widow  
27 06/03/1832 Eli ASHFIELD Single   Susan QUARTERMAN Single  
29 07/01/1833 Anthony CURTIS     Rebecca GODFREY    
30 21/07/1833 Charles FAULKNER     Eliza MANSELL Single  
31 21/07/1833 James HUGGINS Single   Caroline PECKOVER Single  
32 19/08/1833 John ALDEN Widower St Thomas, Oxford Caroline CABBELL Single  
33 30/12/1833 Augustus ROCKALL Single   Lucy COLING Single  
34 30/12/1833 David CURTIS Widower   Sarah ANDREWS Single  
35 02/02/1834 William GARDNER Single   Hannah ROWLAND    
36 18/05/1834 Robert HANDY     Mary MICHELL    
37 10/06/1835 John CARPENTER Single   Esther WOOD    
38 02/08/1835 William EDNEY     Elizabeth HONEY    
39 13/09/1835 Henry CROZIER Single   Rachel CHAMBERLAIN Single  
40 18/01/1836 Thomas JAMES Single   Mary HALL Single  
41 18/05/1836 William WISE Single   Sarah WELLS Widow  
42 10/07/1836 Henry SAUNDERS Single   Sarah HUTT Single  
43 17/07/1836 Richard GRAY Widower   Ann GRAY Widow  
44 18/07/1836 Thomas FRY Single   Mary LEWIS Single  
45 23/10/1836 Robert FOWLER Single   Maria Louisa THOMPSON Single  
46 19/02/1837 William SAVAGE Widower   Elizabeth WELLER    

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